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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  July 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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captions by: caption colorado >> schieffer: is the pope taking the church in a new direction? francis says he won't judge eryone based on sexual 't judation. dean reynolds on what this means for gay catholics. gas prices are heading through rhe roof. are wall street investors to wall s ben tracy is on the story. is it cancer or not? dr. jon lapook tells us top researchers want to change the definition of cancer. and it's not the usual fishing tournament. chip reid on why they let the sharks off the hook. >> it was nice to watch them aim away. hopefully catch him again tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening. scott's on assignment, i'm bob schieffer.
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gof a person is gay and seeks ere lord and has good will, who am i to judge that person?" that's a fairly unremarkable statement these days, except the who who said it was the new catholic pope, francis, whose church has always held that homosexual acts are a sin. our dean reynolds was in brazil razing the pope's visit and he has our report. >> reporter: for a pope who spent a week in brazil embracing the multitudes, his words in an s -minute press conference on board his flight home showed the length and limits of his expansiveness. asked specifically about the resence of a gay lobby in the vatican, francis said he knew nothing of it but broadened his nnswer to gays in general with a compassionate and potentially controversial position. gf a person is gay and seeks the lord and has good will, who am i to judge that person?" he said. "the problem is not that one has this tendency.
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no, we must be brothers." > i don't think gay people in elteral have felt loved in this for a long time. so to have any indication of oving loved and being welcomed is huge. is reporter: michael herman is a ho qcatholic who quit the priesthood in 2006 after he felt the church intended to purge gays. he the past, the church has called homosexuality a depravity, contrary to natural law which can never be approved. pope benedict xvi said as benedictas 2005 that homosexuality is incompatible 2th the priesthood. but herman said this tone will pve a ripple effect. >> for the kid coming out to his mom and she says "the church says this." saythey can come back and say "the pope said all people will be welcomed," the effect that will have on parents who have gay children, gay catholics themselves is extremely positive
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when all we've heard for many years is negative, negative, negative. >> reporter: do you think he's breaking with the vatican? ot oh, no, i mean, he is not... his comment had nothing to do with the sexual morality teachings of the church. .> reporter: and on the question of the ordination of women to the priesthood, bob, the pope said the answer is no. that door, he said, is closed. >> schieffer: okay, thanks, en new more on this tomorrow when new york cardinal timothy dolan, the besident of the u.s. conference f catholic bishops appears on cbs "this morning." new, the good news is millions of us are hitting the road this idsummer that midsummer trip to the beach or the campground. the bad news is it's going to cost more. gas prices now average $3.63 a gallon. phat's up 14 cents since the first of july. this time around, though, the reason for the increase may be a little different. here's ben tracy. eporeporter: here in los
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angeles, gas prices topped $4 per gallon. on.t's 24 cents higher than a year ago. riveincrease is mostly driven by the rising price of crude oil. pong the factors pushing up demand for crude are financial itutioutions. investors have purchased rdntracts to buy a record 495 million barrels of crude oil. ilat's about twice as much as sast year and as much oil as the yited states uses in an entire month. art chilton is a commissioner at the u.s. commodity futures trading commission. >> we've seen all too often in the past we're having an rkcessive concentration of power in the market and using that concentration in a speculative way can actually increase the price that consumers pay at the pump. >> reporter: major u.s. banks are now heavily invested in physical commodities such as oil, coal, and metals. j.p. morgan chase has $14.3 billion in commodities. goldman sachs $7.7 billion, and morgan stanley $6.7 billion.
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congress and the justice usticement are now questioning whether that allows big banks to manipulate prices of raw materials. >> banks should get back to being banks. they should get back to lending en small businesses and to individuals. s> reporter: in 2003, the federal reserve loosen it had rules that allowed big banks to buy physical commodities such as oil and metals, that's driven up n uces for consumers and, bob, the fed now says they're going to review their ruling. ruschieffer: okay, ben, thanks. it's being called the largest-ever sweep for child prostitutes and the pimps who control them. over the weekend, the f.b.i. arrested 159 people on sex trafficking charges in 76 cities across the united states. they rescued 105 victims, almost all of them girls between the ages of 13 and 17. the f.b.i. will soon have a new director. or.e today the senate voted senatelmingly to confirm james comey.
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y.e vote 93-1. he was the number two man at the justice department during the justnistration of george w. bush. ehere is increasing concern tonight that the crisis in egypt may be heading out of control. protests over the military takeover have been growing. ger the weekend, there was a asss killing of demonstrators and a new showdown may be growing now. clarissa ward is in cairo. >> reporter: in cairo now, all eyes are on this protest camp outside the raba'a al adawiya rasque where supporters of porter president mohamed morsi ontinue to defy the invernment's demands that they leave. >> morsi! earseporter: there are fears of another harsh crackdown by security forces and there are fears it will be bloody. this weekend, at least 70 protesters were gunned down outside the camps in the single- deadliest incident since morsi's ouster on july 3. but senior government advisor doctor mustafa higazy says egypt
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ad fighting a war against terrorism. do you think people in egypt now equate supporters of the muslim brotherhood with terrorism? >> i would say to a great extent, yeah. >> reporter: you had security forces opening fire on protest this is weekend. more than 70 people were killed. is that terrorism? >> we can not deny that, as we said, we have some sort of an incident that has to be investigated. cois incident could include or involve some sort of police excessive use of force. >> reporter: the government naims it has tried to negotiate rotherhe muslim brotherhood but the arrest warrants out for the group's top leaders the prospects are bleak. the muslim brotherhood's eadership is hiding out in llildings and tents all across mea compound which means that the people who are camped out here aren't just protesters, they're effectively human shields. if security forces decide to arrest those leaders, they will e to getget past the thousands of people surrounding them.
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mohammed okda was a consultant for morsi's government. t we're not going to back down. we'll not allow ourselves to ave again in a police state, being intimidated, held incommunicado, being tortured and being just detained for datever reason. >> reporter: do you think some people here are willing to die? >> a lot of people here are willing to die. >> schieffer: clarissa ward in cairo. clarissa, do you have any sense this is coming to a head any time soon? ementsl, bob, statements from security forces seem to indicate that they might try to clear out those camps in the coming days, not weeks. and the muslim brotherhood has now announced that it's calling her rnother round of massive esotests tomorrow. it's worth remembering that the iast time this city saw big protests on friday there were more than 70 dead by the next 70. so there are many people here in cairo feeling very nervous tonight. >> schieffer: okay. well, thank you very much, clarissa. and this was another deadly day across iraq, at least 58 people
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died as car bombs ripped through markets, parking lots and a cafe. in all 18 bombs went off today. there's been a surge of violence throughout iraq. close to 700 people have died just this month alone. negotiators for israel and the alestinians are meeting tonight over dinner with secretary of state john kerry in washington. it's a first step toward resuming middle east peace talks for the first time in years. s.rgaret brennan is following ollowing. much oorter: john kerry spent much of the past four months shuttling back and forth between the two sides, persuading them de sit down together in the same amem. the next hurdle is staying there. these are only talks about talks, and in the earliest nd ins. >> it's no secret, therefore, that many difficult choices lie shead for the negotiators and leadthe leaders as we seek reasonable compromises on tough, complicated, emotional and symbolic issues.
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ue reporter: the israeli cabinet's decision this weekend to free more than 100 palestinian prisoners cleared the way for today's talks. ale release will be in several stages over several months. agesit angered some israelis who believe prisoners have blood on their hands. there were protests on the palestinian side, too. wey were upset talks started while construction of israeli settlements on the west bank continued, a key sticking point over decades of negotiations. s of at issue: what a future wlestinian state might look like. like.tinians want it to include jerusalem, but israel also slaims the city as its capital. deciding who lives wan new state and if palestinian refugees have a right to return is yet another m.orny problem. >> schieffer: margaret, these peace talks have been going on for as long as i've been a reporter. they start; they stop. they start; they stop. what about this time around...
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is there any reason to think-- what gives them hope something m hop happen here? >> reporter: besides faith, bob? , undernder this u.s.-brokered arrangement both sides have agreed to work together for at least nine months. there's also a $4 billion thonomic development plan that might encourage them to stay at the table. secretary kerry has appointed a mercial envoy, former u.s. ambassador martin indeck to help is help herd the talks. t schieffer: john kerry's predecessor as secretary of >> state had lunch today with the had lent. ary obama and hillary clinton who ran against each other for the democratic nomination in 2008 both had salad. the white house said the lunch fly chiefly social. there was no word on whether they discussed the 2016 presidential campaign. also in washington, there have been two more cases of vandalism at historic sites. today someone splashed paint inside two chapels at the national cathedral. a woman was arrested at the scene.
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she will also be questioned about symbols painted on a statue outside the smithsonian headquarters, on the mall, and the paint discovered friday on 'sesident lincoln's statue at the lincoln memorial. why do some doctors want to change the definition of cancer? there was tragedy in italy when whes flew off a bridge. and we'll tell you about a jewel he heist that was right out of the movies when the "cbs evening news" continues. >> with hotwire's low prices, i can cross even more places off my travel wish list. this year alone, i hit new york and texas. see, hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low hotel prices. >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999.
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♪ new olay regenerist. the wait is over. >> schieffer: few things are as frightening for a patient to hear from a doctor as the word "cancer" but today a panel of experts proposed changing the definition of cancer, eliminating it entirely for some itlnesses. dr. jon lapook is here. john, what's this about? ob reporter: bob, there's no question that screening for cancer has saved a lot of lives. pre problem is, it's picked up abnormalities that may never have caused any problem. and the authors give two examples. one is a breast biopsy lesion called ductal carcinoma. by itself it doesn't harm a in some cases it goes on to invasive breast cancer, in some cases it doesn't. they want to get rid of the word carcinoma. then there's a prostate biopsy
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which is an abnormal tissue growth. memetimes it goes on to prostate cncer, sometimes it doesn't but the vast majority of d.w.i.s, even if you go on to get prostate cancer, it doesn't kill you. so they want to get rid of the word neoplasia. >> i guess people want to be reassured. o take it they're still going to ueat this aggressively if it's cancer or used to be cancer. >> it's premalignant lesions, ite ones we aren't sure will esionsou. sure wilword "cancer" "neoplasia" "carcinoma" people hear that word and they want to get it out of them but sometimes the treatment can have bad side effects. for example, in prostate cancer, surgery, radiation, that can cause problems, including erectile dysfunction. so we need better molecular techniques to figure out which goin one of those abnormalities are going to kill us, which one will never do anything. isil then i think one of the points of this is people need to get used to the possibility that your doctor, if you do have an a
5:47 pm
abnormality, they may treat it aggressively somewhere in the middle or they may say "let's just do nothing and watch and wait and see what happens." >> schieffer: okay, john, thanks. warning flags are up all over hawaii as tropical storm flossie is drenching the state. parts of maui and the big island could get 15 inches of rain with winds around 50 miles an hour. the storm has weakened a bit but forecasters say flooding could be a problem for several days. arooding the also a worry in the east. the river near charlotte, north carolina, crested seven feet above flood stage over the weekend. it left homes and cars underwater. the worst flooding in 70 years. some parts of the state got more than a foot of rain. $136 million in jewels gone in just one minute. .hat's coming up. try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already.
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>> schieffer: investigators in italy are searching for the cause of a terrible bus crash last night near naples. .8 people died when the bus plunged 100 feet off a highway bridge. witnesses say it seemed to be traveling normally but suddenly veered into other vehicles and ent over the edge. many of the victims were children. and how about this? a brazen daylight multimillion dollar jewel theft in the very hotel on the french riviera that was the setting for a movie about a brazen jewel thief
5:51 pm
played by cary grant. it was all too real this time and the police are stumped and charlie d'agata has the story. orteeporter: the glamorous carlton hotel on the french riviera is a favorite haunt of the rich and fabulously famous, which makes it a good place to exhibit diamonds. .nd, turns out, not a bad place to steal them, either. the brazen holdup took place in broad daylight. the mark: a vast collection of glittering jewels owned by russian israeli multibillionaire lev leviev. the haul? a jaw-dropping $136 million in gems. according to police, a lone robber walked into the lobby with a scarf over his face, pplled a gun and tipped the precious stones into a briefcase. he then vanished into the crowd, taking a sunday stroll along the famous seaside promenade. (screaming) it was a plot out of a hollywood thriller. remember "to catch a thief"? that, too, starred the carlton
5:52 pm
l anl and cary grant playing a cat burglar who fell for the charms of grace kelly. >> diamonds. the only thing in the world you oun't resist. >> reporter: sunday's heist follows a jailbreak a few days arlier by members of the pink panther gang, suspected of stealing millions of dollars in jewelry around the globe. john o'connor, former head of scotland yard's armed robbery squad said there's no doubt that this was the work of esofessionals. >> that's a classic way of otting away with it. blend into the crowd. it's a brilliant piece of utterly simplistic, easy robbery. >> reporter: catching this thief >>y be a lot harder than in the lvies. charlie d'agata, cbs news, onndon. : tschieffer: that movie was my favorite movie. it's hard to believe that creatures as powerful as sharks would be endangered. sh next, we'll show you what's being done to save them. what's being done to save them.
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5:56 pm
the coast of montauk, long island. hed for the first time ever in the long, bloody history of shark tournaments here, all of wersharks were released. .> see you later, buddy. >> here we go! come on! >> reporter: jason behan, a third-generation fishing captain, has been catching and nglling sharks here since he was a young boy. >> there's a whole different mood here now in a tournament erere you're not killing sharks. >> i think this time of >> inament is going to change people's minds and open up a lot of people up to say, hey, there is another way to do this. >> reporter: you don't feed to see them hanging at the dock. >> i don't need to see them. it was nice to watch them swim way. good job, buddy! >> reporter: montauk is where america's shark fishing frenzy began in the 1970s led by legendary local fisherman frank mundus who served as the model for the shark hunter quint in the blockbuster "jaws." >> i don't know, chief, either he's very smart or very dumb.
5:57 pm
>> the movie came out. an reporter: tournament organizers sean and brooks paxton, known as the shark brothers, started out killing sharks but for the past decade erey've been advocating catch and release. >> we realized after a while that we could still enjoy the sport but doing it in a trstainable way. >> reporter: sharks are in trouble. >> sharks are very much in trouble. ertain numbers, certain species he down 80% to 90% since the late '60s, early '70s. they need help. >> reporter: much of the problem fo due to demand in asia for shark fin soup but the paxton brothers say changing the culture of recreational shark l shing would make a difference. >> sport fishermen are taking them as trophies and that's the end of it. it's a wasteful practice and one of the biggest causes for declining numbers. >> reporter: this 250 blue shark was named beamer by the local sixth grade class which plans to track his travels online.
5:58 pm
e reporter: that's the beauty b satellite tags because any kid anywhere in the world can go on and track these fish. hey can catch a fish in montauk today and it could be cuba in a few months, florida, anywhere. and just the fact that kids can see where these fish migrate and tep them interested because that's what we want to get is the next generation to care about these fish. playporter: sharks play a crucial role in the marine ecosystem so even creatures with teeth like these sometimes need a little tender loving care. chip reid, cbs news, off the coast of long island. >> schieffer: proving once again we cast a wide net for news. i'm bob schieffer in for scott. see you here tomorrow. good night. closed captioning sponsored by citracal. >> a calcium chew this decadent and sugar free? new citracal sugar free chews, giving you calcium plus d in a tasty little
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bart strike, could now be ls than a week away. what do we want? >> a contract! when do we want? >> now! >> frustrations boiling over. emotions heating up as a second bart strike could now be less than a week away. >> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. kpix 5's phil matier says there are no signs of compromise tonight as that sunday deadline creeps ever closer. phil. >> reporter: that's right. and from what we saw today, things are definitely heating up. here's the story. [ chanting ] >> reporter: this was the scene this morning when bart workers took over and shouted down the bart general manager as she was giving a speech before the american public transportation association. it gives you a good idea of the tone of the bart negotiations
6:00 pm
so far. >> workers are angry. >> shows just how much is at stake in these labor negotiations. emotions are high for everyone. >> reporter: which is another way of saying, with another strike looming, the two sides are still far apart on key issues. >> bart's had a sort of laid- back approach to it which makes us suspicious of their intentions. >> reporter: one key challenge is pay. according to a recent analysis by the bear news group a bart union worker earned on average about $76,000. bart has offered a 5 to 8% raise on that. but only if the workers agree to pick up more of their healthcare and pension costs. unions have countered with a call for a 20% hike over the next three years to bring the average pay to $92,000 or more by 2016. >> that's going to cost our riders 18% fare increase. >> reporter: stuck in the crossfire are the daily commuters who rely on the system. >> i think that i'm more siding with bart rather than the


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