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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 29, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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so far. >> workers are angry. >> shows just how much is at stake in these labor negotiations. emotions are high for everyone. >> reporter: which is another way of saying, with another strike looming, the two sides are still far apart on key issues. >> bart's had a sort of laid- back approach to it which makes us suspicious of their intentions. >> reporter: one key challenge is pay. according to a recent analysis by the bear news group a bart union worker earned on average about $76,000. bart has offered a 5 to 8% raise on that. but only if the workers agree to pick up more of their healthcare and pension costs. unions have countered with a call for a 20% hike over the next three years to bring the average pay to $92,000 or more by 2016. >> that's going to cost our riders 18% fare increase. >> reporter: stuck in the crossfire are the daily commuters who rely on the system. >> i think that i'm more siding with bart rather than the
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people because they are well paid. >> they should come to a deal. >> reporter: do you know about another strike? >> definitely worried because it's going to just disrupt everything. >> reporter: and it will disrupt just about everything because although bart has gotten one extra ferry to start working the bay if the there's a strike and one extra bus line in from concord, it's still not going to move the commuters nearly as well as bart does on any given day. allen? >> phil, we're three weeks into a 30-day cooling-off period. things aren't cool. they are ice cold. there's no movement. >> reporter: no. there is not. not on the key issues. this is coming down to money, allen. and that's what's so difficult for both sides to deal with. on one side, bart is demanding that the workers start paying more and more into their pensions and healthcare. the workers are resisting that. on the other side the bart director saying unless they do, we won't approve the deal. so it's going to probably come down to the wire. it's going to be tense and in the weeks you're going to see a
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lot more of what you saw today as things heat up. >> you bet. the cloc ticking. fbi teamed up with bay area cops to take down pimps and rescue children forced to work as prostitutes. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo on the surprising faces of the young children forced into the bay area's sex trade. >> no child is for sale and we're going to do our best to stop this terrible crime here in our backyard. >> reporter: the feds say they stopped a small part of what's going on. >> it is a larger problem. >> reporter: they rescued 12 girls throughout the bay area, many in the east bay. in all, police arrested 21 pimps. we asked why the bay area saw 10% of this weekend's child prostitution arrests across the country. >> san francisco bay area is one of the largest urban areas in the united states. it's understandable why there would be an increase or large amount of these types of crimes. >> reporter: but experts say it's more than the bay area being a large metro area. >> clearly, it's a tourist town. there are a lot of folks from
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out of town. it really hinges on demand. >> reporter: the fbi also noticed a trend. these girls are not from other countries. they are from the bay area. that didn't surprise this woman, the head of san francisco's department on the status of women. >> this is a domestic runaway, foster kids issue, as well. >> reporter: she told us pimps target teens in tough situations. >> they have a choice, to go with a so-called boyfriend, who will put them up in a hotel and buy them fancy things, versus being at a group home where maybe they haven't made a connection with people there so it's really a problem. >> reporter: it's a problem the fbi says it will keep trying to solve. >> i say my success limit on this is one. if we can get one child off the street, that's a measure of success for me. >> reporter: ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> warning signs includes a girl always being checked on by a boyfriend and tv expensive things start showing -- and if expensive things start showing up out of nowhere. criminals are business isn't/peninsula. there's a jump in property
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crimes in san mateo county. the cops tell patrick sedillo they have a pretty good idea why. >> reporter: jo that's why there's a window left open, whether it's a rear sliding door, a side gate that provides them access where they can work on a locked window or door without being seen from the street. >> reporter: property crime is up 36% in san mateo county over the past six months. >> this is literally not only $800, but your entire computer in the palm of your hand. >> reporter: san mateo police chief susan manheimer says she thinks she knows part of the reason why her community is seeing the spike in crime. the release of low level criminals. >> since we started talking about realignment, we recognize that this wholesale release of 35,000 prisoners of the lower level was going to increase crime in our communities, no question. >> reporter: thefts of smartphones, auto break-ins and residential crimes are the top three crimes in san mateo
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county. one is posing as a salesman and doing the door knock. when they find no one is home they go through the back and find a way in. >> i locked up my apartment, secure it with a deadbolt. >> we have a few break-ins in the neighborhood. >> reporter: don kristofferson heard about the break-ins and knows what they are going through. >> it's creepy. i had a house break-in about three years ago in a different neighborhood and it's tough sleeping after that. >> reporter: chief manheimer says that strange people in the neighborhoods in san mateo often go unreported and wants to see a change. >> we want to know who is in your area, and we want to get in there. >> reporter: reporting from san mateo, patrick sedillo, kpix 5. other bay area headlines, the chp is investigating this deadly crash in richmond. officers say the car was speeding on highway 580 at the bayview avenue on-ramp late last night when it veered off the road and on to the railroad tracks. the only person in the car was ejected and died.
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we are told a new eastern span of the bay bridge will definitely not open by labor day. a caltrans representative says the proposed quick fix to make the span safe in an earthquake would take weeks to approve and implement. but that means we could be driving on the new span sooner than december when the long- term repairs are expected to be complete. ken bastida in mobile5 is in livermore where a little league world series tournament could hit a home run for the local economy. kenny. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. you're right in the middle of a parade in downtown livermore on first street and these are all the teams that have showed up here for the little league world series intermediate division. that's going to happen all next week. they are going to be playing games with the culmination of the championship game on august 5. this is an amazing tournament just like the little league world series in williamsport, pennsylvania, except this is a different division. this is the intermediate
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division. the kids are a year older, playing until they are 13. the bases instead of being 60 feet are 70 feet and they move the outfield fences out because some of these kids can hit it up to 300 feet. that's a home run in this division of little league. livermore is hosting the inaugural world series for intermediate division. and dave, the world series tournament director, says he hopes to will put livermore on the international map. >> we're very excited about the tri-valley and the city of livermore. there's 10 teams coming into this event and four of them are international from japan, ecuador, puerto rico and canada and our six regional winners from the united states. so if you start to take a look at economics in regards to the hotels, the transportation, the restaurants, the shopping, we're very excited about what this is going to bring into the town over the next 10 days. >> reporter: yeah. what they're expecting is about 10,000 people. you can see first street is
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just jammed five, six deep in some places for this big parade. they took max baer field which has been here for years and years in livermore, they put $100,000 worth of improvements to host it and they are going to make the big team. they are going to be on espn 2, the championship game for the intermediate division of little league. back to you guys. >> that's fantastic. well, kenny, i know last year we had so much fun watching the team from petaluma do so well and the other little league world series, is there a local team playing in this world series? >> reporter: yeah. there's a local team that's actually the nationals in pleasanton which is the next town to the west here. they are fielding a team. there will be i think he said six domestic and four for team are here. what's fun is that the families are having a great time here in california for many of them their first trip here just having a ball. >> what a way to see it. all right, kenny, thank you. lost by passengers, found by a crook in the wake of the
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plane crash at sfo. coming up how investigators say an airline worker cashed in on disaster. >> how fine dining chefs in the bay area are changing the nation's fast food scene by tricking our tastebuds. >> strong onshore flow kept the clouds around. then we got the sunshine but something was different about the sunshine today. kind of hazy outside. i'll explain why and why the reason is several hundred miles away coming up. >> he is a very good kind man and i believe in equality for all. >> coming up at 6:30, why bay area catholics praised the pope after his stunning statement about gays. you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah!
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woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. pile of unclaimed luggage a the asiana airlines crash. k-p-i- an sfo baggage handler and wife are in trouble accused of stealing from a pile of unclaimed luggage after the asiana airlines crash.
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kpix 5's mike sugerman is at the airport with the story of the couple who authorities say tried cashing in on the tragedy. mike. >> reporter: well, liz, yeah, the timing couldn't have been worse for the people who losses their luggage and some who may have tried to take it. after the asiana crash, bags piled up at sfo. they made it here. their people didn't. they had been diverted to some other airport. most got their bags, eventually, at least four did not. >> through surveillance footage we saw him rifling through bags. the footage also showed the bags being passed off to two women, one of them being his girlfriend. >> reporter: sean crudup and raychas thomas have been arrested. he works for united airlines as a baggage handler charged with handling the bags in a very illegal way. the charges grand theft and burglary. >> the items went to -- some of
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them returned to nordstrom's. our victim is well known in nordstrom's. the person who returned them had no association with the victim. >> reporter: in other words, the female suspect allegedly tried to return some stole- items from the bags but they belonged to a popular shopper at the stoneridge mall and clerks knew something was wrong. the pair never made a planned getaway. >> we arrested him at the gate leaving for a flight to hawaii with the girlfriend and two kids. >> that's disgusting. people collecting their bags today couldn't believe the insensitivity of the crimes. >> why would somebody want to do anything like that? you know, considering the fact that some people lost their lives and they have a guy going after their bags? that's despicable. >> reporter: officials say the sort of thing happens on a not unusual basis but they aren't sure they are going to change procedure because of it. at sfo, mike sugerman kpix 5. >> the san francisco police
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department has a division dedicated to stopping baggage theft at the airport. the faa is now advising all international airlines to use gps systems when landing at sfo. the "chronicle" reports the guidelines went into effect last weekend in the wake of the asiana airlines crash. the new policy is designed to address a growing trend of go- arounds of foreign carriers landing at the airport. >> when i get on a plane, i expect them to know what they are doing. you trust them with your life. >> i'm told that in asia they use the gps system pretty regularly so they should have one here. the system has been down since june. >> this month's deadly plane crash expose the difficulties some foreign pilots have at landing at sfo. some aviation experts say foreign pilots who solely rely on automated skills don't have the skills needed to land manually. fast food is getting a makeover in the united states and fine dining chefs are
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having a hand in the transformation. kpix 5's ann notarangelo takes us to the culinary institute of america in st. helena to show us how it will work. >> reporter: the same chefs at the culinary institute of america graystone who cater to those with discriminating palates are also now indirectly serving the masses. >> i really, really applaud a lot of fast-food restaurants and a lot of organizations that are trying to buck the trend in trying to make their food healthy. >> share these beautiful ingredients with the world, show them you're changing, they're going to love it. they won't even believe it's taco bell. >> reporter: taco bell is already jumping on the healthy food bandwagon. this teaching chef says healthy fast food doesn't center to be an oxymoron. it's about taking wholesome food and not adding unhealthy ingredients like salt, fat and sugar. more and more companies and
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restaurants are turning to the prestigious cia to learn how and attending sold-out conferences and asking for private consultations. just last month, 30 scientists and chefs from pepsico were in the kitchen testing out new recipes. >> to research flavors, and basically see if there's a healthier way of doing something. >> reporter: but americans are picky eaters who don't like change. we want the same thing day in and day out. remember new coke? so it's a complex approach to fool our finicky tastebuds. >> using other techniques to enhance flavors by layering flavors or other ingredients. >> reporter: it's not just about taste. >> aroma was one of the things they were testing for and they had the entire kitchen here censored for aromas. >> reporter: the industry is changing and those on the forefront are eager to respond to consumer demand. >> when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and lite we were like, sure, no problem! >> reporter: there is a concerted effort to make many
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convenience foods healthier although it's probably a stretch to call them healthy. >> they are doing small things to create the perception -- or meeting the expectation, that's a gray area. >> reporter: are we going to say it's healthy or less unhealthy fast food? >> i think that there's a way to get to healthy fast food, yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: his hesitation isn't just from the fact that companies are watching their bottom lines but the consumer is far from sure. we say we want healthier but do you think we're going to buy healthier? >> this generation? probably not. the next generation, i think a little bit more. >> reporter: for now, the one thing they can guarantee is they are serving food for thought. in st. helena, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> if you are looking to make some changes in your own kitchen, the chef told anne easy ways to add flavor, use citrus or different kinds of vinegar, olives or smoking
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techniques. paul, it's been like soup weather frankly. we are used to eating hot dogs and hamburgers in the summer. >> have to cancel the barbecue for a few days. even where it was sunny it was chilly and cloudy. where you got sunshine, it wasn't full sunshine. lots to talk about weather- wise. typically a bore time this time of year but not so today. an action packed two minutes here. what's wrong with the sunshine? it's a white milky colored sky. let me show you some video from some forest fires burning several hundred miles to the north across the california- oregon borden towards josephine county and douglas county on i- 5 through ashland, medford, grants pass. it's just north of there. all of that smoke from those fires as we come back to the weather computer, is coming from the north to the south. that smoke is making the journey into the sky above us. so that's why even where it was sunny, it was pretty hazy today but most of you didn't even get that. you had a lot of cloud cover out there. there's that layer of haze and
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smoke from our mount vaca cam. highs today were kept down by the cloud cover and by the haze and smoke. livermore 81. gilroy 80. concord and napa only 72 degrees, about 10 degrees below average. san francisco 64. hazy or cloudy. it's not wet. we have nothing on kpix 5 high- def doppler radar. death valley got some rain over the weekend. did a little math. since the beginning of march, there has been more rainfall in death valley than there has been in livermore. one inch for livermore. an inch and a quarter for death valley. that's how dry we have been around here. this particular pattern is not going to be wet. we are not going to see any rainfall from it but certainly cloudy, cooler with drizzle along the coast. as low pressure system moves out that's what gave us the onshore flow over the weekend a new one is stronger and will keep the onshore flow around until friday, saturday, we won't see a big jump in temperature until sunday until the end of the weekend.
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so get used to this. not cold but below average. clouds tomorrow in san jose 76. napa 78. san rafael 70. i know it's not cold but it is well below what is average for this time of year. we are going to wrap up july, start august on the same cloudy cooler note. we'll turn the corner on friday turn the corner and gain some speed by sunday and then next week is a different ballgame with highs near 90 away from the water. cool and cloudy pattern will be with us for a few more days. >> a little june gloom. it's almost august naturally. >> of course. >> did i mis the calendar? ? we are used to seeing these kinds of birds in the bay. how an unusual sight is creating quite the buzz. >> they represent their city proudly and they do a great job at it. >> and we sent our vern glenn to the white house to show us how the struggling san francisco giants get a little pep talk from the president. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and tonight, we have photoso prove it. witnesses say the san francisco bay is being visited by a very unusual and frankly out of place creature. tonight we have photos. this pink flamingo is shocking hikers and birdwatchers as it mingles with the usual sea birds off the bay trail in sunnyvale. the exotic birds a few thousand santa miles away from its typical tropical home in africa. the local zoos say they aren't missing any pink residents and some suspect it might be an escaped pet. >> we guarantee it's not plastic. hey, there haven't been many highlights for the giants recently but today certainly tops the list as the team returned to the white house. we sent kpix 5's sports reporter vern glenn to
6:24 pm
washington and pennsylvania avenue to tag along. >> reporter: here the giants have been here two out of the last three seasons. but the way 2013 is going, in last place after a sweep of the cubs, a visit today couldn't come at a better time. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. >> reporter: president obama entered the south lawn flanked by giants president larry baer and manager bruce bochy one two-time winner to another. >> some things apparently don't change. the giants still won behind stellar pitching, and smother defense, and timely hitting. and even though they used a different closer down the stretch this one still had a beard to fear. [ laughter ] >> reporter: bay area-born white house staffers kendra and shannon gillson weren't going to miss this one. you're on have a situation, right? >> i'm on vacation . >> you're on have a situation, right? >> i'm on vacation. i flew back from san francisco to come here to see the ceremony. >> reporter: was it one of
6:25 pm
those, what, the giants back they white house? get me on the next flight out of here. >> had to make it. it was cool. huge giants fan. grew up going to the stick. then they moved. so it was wonderful to be here and experience it. >> reporter: it was all over in about 12 minutes. perhaps a 12-minute therapy session for a team sitting in last place of the division losers of seven of eight including four in a row with a series starting in philadelphia tomorrow. at the white house, vern glenn, kpix 5. >> and coming up in sports, you can hear more of vern's report from the white house including his interview with buster posey. >> that's the ultimate pep talk. >> from the president, you better pay attention. >> even though he is a white sox fan. >> we won't hold that against him. coming up in the next half hour the surprisingly candid comments regarding sexual orientation and religion. >> it's a great modern way to look at things especially for the catholic church. >> how the pope is reaching out to gays. >> developing news out of
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hawaii where tonight, tropical storm flossie threatens to bring flooding and powerful winds. >> and how a single robber got away with $136 million worth of jewels. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bay area catholics... after pope speaks openly about homosexuality. evangelical means equality. >> now at 6:30, a surprise after the pope speaks about homosexuality. the statement by pope francis caught reporters and catholics off guard. on the papal plane as he returned to the vatican from rio, the pope held an impromptu news conference. and in a dramatic shift in "tone" the pontiff reached out to gays. when it comes to pope francis, what could possibly top a seven- day tour de force appearance in brazil in try the flight home. on board the papal plane the pope threw a press conference. one surprise, his remarks on gay priests and homosexuality. if a person is gay, the pope is saying and seeks god and has good will, who am i to judge
6:30 pm
him? not only that, the pope continued, gays are other brothers and should not be discriminated against. it's the first time a pope has spoken openly about the topic. >> i think this is a big step forward. >> reporter: father reese is a jesuit visiting scholar at santa clara university. he says the pope's remarks show progress in a church that once denied any of her priests were gay. >> he has made very clear that, no, it doesn't matter whether a person's orientation is homosexual or heterosexual, what matters is that the person is a good priest, a loving priest who is trying to be close to god, close to his people and practice celibacy. >> reporter: bay area catholics like what they heard. >> i agree with pope francis. >> i think it's very good for the church. i think he is limited by his position, but it's a clear indication that it's time to modernize and move on. >> reporter: while the tone
6:31 pm
shifted, nothing has changed. the church still opposes gay marriage and teaches homosexual acts is a sin and the priesthood is not for women. >> no! >> reporter: even so, the pope said women need to play a bigger role. >> the way he described it is that, you know, the church is just not the church without women. it would be -- it's like the 12 apostles without mary. >> that press conference was unprecedented. it lasted for nearly 1 1/2 hours. the pontiff stood the entire time answered all the questions candidly and without any notes. no topic was off limits and no question was pre-screened. developing news out of hawaii where tonight, dangerous surf is pounding the islands as tropical storm flossie starts to make landfall. the storm has weakened a bit but it still packs a powerful one-two punch of rain and wind. chief meteorologist paul deanno is keeping an eye on the storm. paul. >> some family friends just moved there, they are thinking
6:32 pm
we didn't sign up for this. this is the first time in two decades that a tropical system will make a direct landfall on one of the hawaiian islands. it's not the biggest or strongest storm. but it is hard to hit those islands. those islands are tiny when you're talking about the entire pacific ocean but we're looking at strong winds and rough surf and a tremendous amount of rainfall for every island in hawaii and all of this is happening right now. here's a look at what's going on. people on oahu are stocking up on water, batteries and gas as there may be 15" of rainfall, powerful wind and dangerous is your. >> we could get storm surge that could come on the beaches. >> reporter: emergency plans are in effect and shelters are open just in case. >> it's just in preparation. we're not saying the storm is getting worse but we believe that people need to plan and should there be localized
6:33 pm
flooding or wind damage you want to be sure that people can go to a shelter. >> reporter: the coast guard is urging voters to get their vessels out of the water. >> we also do internal training within the coast guard so we can respond. but we're not always going to be able to respond. sometimes the weather is our enemy and we're not able to get to you. that's why it's important for mariners to be prepared. >> and there are a lot of boats in the hawaiian islands. the center of the storm is likely going to pass right over top of the big island, happening right now. that's where we'll see the heaviest rain totals and then it will skirt to the south of honolulu but usually it's the front right quadrant of the tropical system that has the most wind and rainfall and that will move over the islands so a lot of folks going there on vacation, this is not going to be the best week to be at the beach because chances are they won't let you on the beach for the next 24 to 36 hours. that's what's going on in hawaii. our local forecast in 10 minutes >> thank yo. breaking news in the south bay. a brush fire closed several
6:34 pm
lanes of 880 in san jose. this is happening in the northbound lanes near bascomb avenue. the flames are by the side of the freeway. only the far left lane is getting through right now. a real traffic mess there. we'll have more information on this fire as it comes in. tonight, top israeli and palestinian negotiators are taking a step toward peace. they have accepted secretary of state john kerry's invitation for dinner and peace talks. cbs reporter danielle nottingham has details from the u.s. state department. >> reporter: israel's chief negotiator made a stop at the united nations on her way to peace talks in washington. secretary of state john kerry is hosting senior israeli and palestinian officials for their first face-to-face meeting in nearly three years. >> it's no secret that this is a difficult process. if it were easy, it would have happened a long time ago. >> reporter: the issues separating the two sides:
6:35 pm
defining the borders of a palestinian state, halting thing about of israeli settlements, allowing palestinian refugees to return and whether to share the city of jerusalem. >> i know the negotiations are going to be tough. but i also know that the consequences of not trying could be worse. >> reporter: president obama's trip to the middle east back in march kicked off this latest push. kerry has been working for months to get talks off the ground. in jerusalem, optimism of a peace deal was muted. >> we don't have much expectation but we still have hope. >> reporter: former state department advisor aaron david miller says there's reason to feel hopeful. >> if in fact the secretary of state can not only resume negotiations but sustain them, i think he actually might have something. >> reporter: both sides are agreed to talk for at least nine months starting with dinner monday night. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the state department. >> these talks come after
6:36 pm
israel met a long-standing palestinian demand and released 104 long-term palestinian prisoners convict of deadly attacks. it's one of the biggest heists of its kinds in years, maybe ever. coming up how a single thief managed to steal $136 million worth of jewels. >> certainly not handled with care. how fedex reacted to this video in an attempt to win back your trust. ,, ,, geico's defensive driver, enginegood student andke 13. multi-policy discounts could save you hundreds of dollus.
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engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineer: if you could accentuate the "r" sound of "dollars." are...are... arrrrr. arrrrr. arrrrrr. someone bring me an eye patch, i feel like a bloomin' pirate. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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millions of dollars in gemsm a hotel. as cbs reporter sh tells us: french investigators are scratching their heads after a jewel thief made off with tens of millions of dollars in gems from a hotel. as cbs reporter alfonso van marsh tells us, it's one of the biggest jewelry heists in europe in recent years. >> reporter: police in france are trying to figure out how a lone robber walked into this
6:39 pm
upscale hotel in cannes, france and stole an estimated $136 million in diamonds and jewels. local media reports the gunman hit up a temporary jewelry exhibit at the carlton hotel stuffing a suitcase with the gems. the robbery took place in broad daylight around noon and police say the thief made a quick getaway. >> this is somebody who has been -- knows exactly what he is doing, and he knows exactly where the goods are going to go to. >> reporter: the carlton hotel on the glamorous french riviera was the setting for alfred hitchcock's thriller "to catch a thief." the heist comes a few days after the pink panther jewel thief gang escaped from prison in switzerland. the thieves made off with millions of dollars in stolen gems around the globe. police have not linked the gang to this latest holdup. if the value of these stolen jewels is correct, then sunday's heist is one of europe's biggest. around this is not the first
6:40 pm
time robbers have hit canne this year. in may thieves tore a safe from a hotel wall and got away with a million dollars in jewels. robbers also stole a $2.6 million necklace from a different hotel. the stones in this robbery belonged to an israeli billionaire diamond collector. his company is cooperating with the investigation. alfonso van marsh, kpix 5. >> sounds like a movie plot. experts say it is unlikely police will ever recover the stolen diamonds and jewels because thieves can easily sell them. they are trusted to handle your deliveries but fedex is doing damage control. how the company handled a situation to try to win back your trust. >> nothing is fragile in that, right? here's a peek of what's going on outside. our atmosphere is having a lot of things thrown at us. we have a strong onshore flow and look what's behind me, all that haze. how long will the smoke from oregon continue to hang out?
6:41 pm
the answer in the forecast coming up. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the giants go from the doghouse to the white house. >> i hope that, you know, this does lift them up a little bit. >> why this fish has the russian president in some hot water. >> a softer side to the new cal head football coach. >> it's all puppy dogs and rainbows right now. >> all coming up in just a couple of minutes. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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burning along side 880 in s jose. earlier it had closed and we have some video to show you now regarding the breaking news in the south bay. our first look at the smoke caused by a brush fire that's burning alongside 880 in san jose. now, earlier it had closed several lanes going northbound. this is happening near bascomb avenue. the flames are actually burning near the side of the freeway very close to o'connor hospital. this is as close as we are loved to get to the location. on 880, the far left lane is open. but that's the only one. traffic is very slow through there. another concern, we are told that the flames had spread to a power pole. crews did have to wait until pg&e got there to get in close
6:45 pm
to fight the flames. so we'll keep an eye on it get you updates as soon as we get the info. fedex is trying to win the trust of consumers by firing an employee. and how many seconds does it take the new electric bmw to go from 0 to 60? here's consumerwatch reporter sue kwon. >> reporter: on the consumerwatch, apple is sending auditors from the bay area to china to investigate possible abuse of workers in factories that produce iphones. peg ga tron a tie juan niece company employs 70,000 factory workers. they assembly apple models in shanghai and another town. china labor watch a group out of new york issued a report accusing pegatron of withholding pay, forcing overtime and discrimination against women. apple is investigating and is committed to providing safe and fair working conditions, they say. and federal express issues an apology to customers and fires an employee after this viral video surfaced on youtube showing her hurling boxes into
6:46 pm
the back of a fedex truck. now, fedex handles 10 million packages a day and this video hit one million views in five days. the man in the video who appears to be getting a throwing lesson was not an employee. >> and move over, tesla. bmw is entering the electric car race today. the german carmaker unveiled the i3. now, it's small but packs a punch. its battery pack runs up to 100 miles per charge which takes up to three hours. bmw will go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds. super light at 2700 pounds. the cost, $41,000. that's about $30,000 less than the tesla model s. got a consumer problem you want us to resolve? call us at 888-5-helps-u. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> that electric bmw goes on sale in spring. paul keeping an eye on the brush fire in san jose.
6:47 pm
how is the weather affecting it? >> winds picking up in the afternoon not extraordinarily strong 15 to 20 miles per hour par for the course when you get the onshore flow. but it's been so dry. we have known for months this is going to be a high fire danger kind of summer and we are seeing a lot of these grassfires. chopper 5 is up and the proximity of this fire to the highways is not a good thing for everybody trying to get home in the south bay. that's right up against 880. that's why we have roads closed, i believe i heard bascomb avenue closed there. down in the south bay we have seen only about 2" of rainfall since the beginning of march in the south bay. that's dry. and this is the peak of the fire season now. brush fire on 880 in the south bay currently. now, a lot of you aren't getting the sunshine. you have been stuck with the onshore flow. look at the golden gate. that's typically cloudy but those clouds have pushed inland for the past several mornings and we'll do that again tomorrow. what you see there from our mount vaca cam is some haze. that's from wildfires burning to our north. we have a lot of stuff coming at us. the onshore flow from the west,
6:48 pm
the mid levels of the atmosphere we have a northerly flow bringing smoke from fires in oregon. with the stronger onshore flow, concord is cooler than oakland. that doesn't happen in the summertime but it is right now. 65 concord, oakland 66. livermore and san jose warm at low 70s. san jose made it to 80 today. five straight days at 79 or 80. you will be a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow. you want to talk about the fires and the long- range forecast this kind of june gloom in july and august? this wednesday, 7:00 we are having a facebook weather chat on my facebook page. paul deanno, kpix 5, head there wednesday night. bring any weather questions. i'll be there to answer them for an hour. if you are wondering what the forecast will be in redwood city, you don't have to wait until wednesday, here it is now. tomorrow and wednesday lots of morning clouds, some afternoon sunshine, and much cooler than normal with a high of only 75 degrees. over the weekend, we had a strong area low pressure down to our south and west which gave us the onshore flow and gave us cool temperatures.
6:49 pm
that's moving out. there's a new improved area of low pressure coming down from the north. this will last five days and keep the flow from the chilly pacific ocean and we'll stay below normal temperature-wise likely for the entire workweek, perhaps until sunday. sunday may be the next time the temperatures are above normal. so if you have had the drizzle the past couple mornings, you will continue to. if you have had the fog in the morning you'll continue to. if it's cloudy, it will continue. basically stratus quo, which is what we'll have out there stratus clouds for the entire week back to normal temperatures not until sunday. highs tomorrow san francisco 62, average is 66. livermore 80, 7 degrees below average. san jose 8 degrees below average at 75. redwood city 75. cupertino 72. a lot of clouds even up and down 680 including san ramon with a high of 78. pleasant hill 78. benicia only 73. vallejo 74. san rafael in the low 70s. 61 though for daly city.
6:50 pm
san leandro only 66 a foggy start and windsor and santa rosa below normal. extended forecast stuck in this, this june gloom as we wrap up july start august. all the way through thursday, we'll be a little bit sunnier and milder friday and saturday. sunday that's the day we get back to normal. upper 80s inland and around 70 near the bay. so staying chilly and cloudy for a while. we have sports coming up next.
6:51 pm
[ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way? first wait till summer. then get the cars ready. now add the dodge part. ♪ ♪ the dodge summer clearance event. right now get 0% financing for up to 72 months and no payments for 90 days
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did you know there were giants fans at the white house is this. >> no clue. but they got the ultimate pat on the back. >> the giants were going there to look for a presidential pardon. they have been so bad. >> about da bum. the second time in three years the giants were at the white house to receive accolades from the president. kpix 5's political correspondent vern glenn was there. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the giants have lost seven of eight, or ten games out of first place, and were just swept by the cubs. but leave it up to a chicago native today to help them forget about that for just a little while. president obama came in with positive energy a struggling team could use. he called them a second half team and reminded them of his
6:54 pm
2012 campaign and its uncanny knack for comebacks. >> in all, this team faced elimination a total of six times in the play-offs. it's no wonder that your own fans still refer to giants baseball as torture. [ laughter ] >> there are some new faces standing behind me, some new nicknames. we got the reverend, we got blockbuster, we have even got new haircuts. where's tim? [ laughter ] >> there he is. don't even recognize him anymore. >> reporter: the crowd of white house staffers ate it up and it also permeated through the team. >> with what we're going through right now, i hope this does lift them up a little bit because we really have had a tough time recently. and something like this can pick them up a little bit to remind them that, hey, they're good. >> we think we have pressure and the job we do. but this guy is the leader of the free world. >> reporter: it was a big
6:55 pm
november month for the 2012 world series champs. but it was quickly pointed out today that it was also a celebratory month for president obama who was re-elected. in washington, at the white house, vern glenn, kpix 5. staying with the political theme, the giants minor league affiliate in richmond, virginia, the flying squirrels, will hold a salute to scandal night featuring one dollar hot dogs in honor of new york mayoral candidate anthony weiner. add your own punch line here. nfl training camps are in full swing and college football is not too far behind. but bay area coaches aren't getting caught up in the hype. >> one season doesn't mean you'v arrived. we know that. in the first time meeting i addressed entitlement and complacency two cancers in a program that can nip a successful program from continuing on. >> we don't worry about what other people say about us because last year we were
6:56 pm
supposed to be terrible, the year before that we were supposed to be good and the year before that we were supposed to be terrible so for us the expectations and preseasoning rankings don't matter. >> we will find out about the team and we'll see how we'll handle it because, you know, it's all pickupty dogs and rainbows right -- puppy dogs and rainbows right now. >> they needed a fifth day for the british open. langer melted down on 18 and didn't improve today. he missed the putt on the fifth play-off hole making mark wiebe the winner. good night! that is a huge fish. >> did you guys see this? russian president vladimir putin pulled in a 46-pound pike. now, some members of the local media aren't taking the bait saying it was staged. the kremlin insists it's all legit. by the way, in 2011, putin discovered ancient green urns during a diving trip in the black sea. the kremlin later admitted the treasure had been placed in
6:57 pm
shallow waters -- [ laughter ] >> -- for him to find. true story. if you were busy camping over the weekend, i wonder if you too discovered the world's first campfire singing dog. ♪[ music ] [ dog howling ] >> tell me the story. >> was that the strangest sportscast you have ever seen? that dog's name was huckleberry and the owner, john lampkin, pulls out, you know, a harmonica. and the dog starts holding a tune with the harmonica. >> excellent. >> huckleberry hound. >> thinking about an old girlfriend or something. >> yeah. >> thanks. captions by: caption colorado licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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>> judge judy: mr. fields? >> yes, ma'am? >> judge judy: you're an idiot. >> announcer: brutal honesty gives him a shock. >> judge judy: should have come in and played it straight. you would have done much better. >> announcer: but what misdeed... >> judge judy: you played it like a wise guy... >> announcer: ...set off the judge? >> judge judy: ...and i don't like when people play like wise guys in my court, 'cause this is my playpen. >> sometimes i'm an idiot. >> judge judy: but i'm not. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution robia anthony and her daughter, 21-year-old lovie sanders, are suing lovie's former friend, 20-year-old lanika carter, for stealing $700 from them. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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