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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  August 5, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the front tire. and then the passenger side front tire, they would go out. >> reporter: he pulls over and sees flames, shooting from the engine compartment. >> i would not be afraid of the carbon. seeing the flames, stemming from the whole windshield wipers. i grabbed the fire extinguisher. >> reporter: they captured this video on their cell phone as he was driving to work. >> and before we heard, it was the blowout from the time we parked, it couldn't have been, but two minutes. then all of a sudden that whole thing was engulfed. >> i grabbed the fire extinguisher. there was nothing i could do, you know. and what was i suppose to do with the fire extinguisher? >> reporter: it took them an hour to get it under control as the fire shut down two westbound lanes, bringing the bay bridge traffic to a standstill all day. and it is not over yet. >> we have cal tran here and they are going to be looking for structural damage once that vehicle has been removed from the road way. >> reporter: allan, we've had the big backups on the bay
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bridge. that's nothing new. but i mean here is a lesson that we have learned from all of this in a car pool lane right now. the bridge is absolutely full of people. nobody in the car pool lane, there hasn't been for several minutes. if you got sidetracked, you're way ahead of the ball game today. if you are just one of the regular drivers coming in with cash, then i hope that you would like the ride on into san francisco. enjoy the view. >> at least the weather is nice. it will take you a while. all right, thanks. of course, all of this without a bart strike too. and a rough compute in the south bay. a nasty accident on highway 85 near the creek. the top of the car, it looks like it was sheered off. the driver was rushed to the hospital with major injuries. >> as we mentioned, the commuters have bart for backup as the workers were set to walk off the job this morning. but governor brown stepped in at the 11th hour taking action to avoid the strike for the next seven days. kpi x 5 phil with more on the contract talks. >> that's a very interesting question as we pose it to the university of california.
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he is labor expert. and in his first question to him, okay, was this unexpected? >> what we're looking at is breakdown of the collective bargaining. we would have seen a strike. >> reporter: sources close to the talk tell kpix while there appears to be some movement on how much they need to pay for their health care, the two sides will remain far apart on both wages and their demand that the workers would begin paying into their pensions. so now the panel will need to take a look. >> what they are going to do is to look at issues dividing the party and analyze the character of the associations for them to date and then to give them a relation as to what they -- recommendation as to what they should do. >> one thing they will not do is settle the contract talks. >> this will not cut the deal, but it will give the parties the time for them to cut that deal. >> reporter: but if within a week they are too far apart, they could call for a 60-day cooling off period to keep
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trains from running -- to keep the trains from running into october. >> we're not sure as the mediators are suppose to get back to it. and like another day or so. >> maybe we don't need to get to the governor having to decide whether or not to do the cooling off in seven days. we're hoping to get to the table to hash out those differences. >> and if they can hash out the differences, then the governor could go ahead and order the cooling off period. it raises the stakes for both sides. one, it will make the union negotiations a lot more public. and two it is also going to bring it into october, which is the highest ridership month from bart and a strike then that could be even worse. elizabeth? >> yeah, it is hard to imagine it being worse. but i'm curious why the governor did not step in the first time. >> it is interesting as i find out that they were invited by one of the unions to call for a cooling off period for the first time as they decided against it as they were not sure if it was the right time for it. they could have gone out on strikes. this time they go that quest from bart themselves and they decided to go for it and that he is also giving it to them
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this week to try to work something out. he decided to pick up the hammer, whether he slams it down on this, it remains to be seen. >> all right, thank you. apparently not everyone got the memo about the temporary strike suspension. these ten shuttle bus drivers, they showed up for work at walnut creek before dawn, ready to strand the bart riders to san francisco. >> i was expecting to help bart out, you know, to pick up the people here and to take them to where they need to go. >> and they had planned to have nearly 100 buses available today for their free shuttle service. it's not clear why some of the drivers were not told to stand down. and stay with kpix 5 and for continuing coverage of the bart contract talks. now, it's not just the bart riders who have to worry, but this afternoon, ac transit employee unions, they delivered a strike notice to the agency. the bus drivers for the transit system, they could walk off the job as early as wednesday. and if their commands are not met. now, the strike would strand
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about $200,000 daily riders. the workers have been without a contract since july 1. one year ago tomorrow an explosion at chevron explosion sent the toxic big black smoke into the sky. they went to the local hospitals. 19 employees, they were injured. and today, they have agreed to pay about $2 million in fines. kpix 5 just spoke with the district attorney. anne? >> reporter: and elizabeth the district attorney said that he wanted to get this settlement made today because tomorrow the one-year anniversary affects their limitation running out for some of the charges, calling today's agreement historic. >> and they came in today and plead no contest to six criminal charges. that is very rare in the state of california and probably the national league. >> reporter: the settlement with the d.a. and the state attorney general's office confirms that chevron committed labor, health and safety standard violations, and they failed to correct the
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equipment. they failed to prevent the employee exposure to the hazardous conditions. they determined that the fire was caused by their hype that has been recommended for the replacement several times over the previous decade. they have now inspected 16,000 pieces of pipeline. in this statement they agreed to inspect every piece that was identified to make sure they were not worned down. >> the people may have gotten more money from chevron, but it's not about the money. we could have found tens of millions of dollars. but that's not what we're trying to achieve. by the terms and conditions of the probation, we think that we have achieved or we're going to hold them accountable to being in a safer refinery. >> reporter: in a written statement today, they would choose to focus on what they have done with the fire. working to address the issues and spend nearly $2 million repairing and improving the accrued unit. they said that they will be conducting the comprehensive reduction of the finery.
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they say, "we have rewomen used community members and local government agencies in richmond and other counties for medical and response-related costs." they go on to say that they are implementing a multi-million dollar system of their monitoring system. they will begin a 3.5-year long probation period. they pleaded no contest to these charges, which is not the same as pleading guilty. ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> they say this is a historic settlement because they agreed to do even more than what is required by law. after a horrifying hit and run in southern california, the quest remains, why. tonight, what witnesses are saying about the driver. a-rod's long-awaited season debut for the yankees tonight and the timing couldn't be worse. it has been chilly out there for ten straight days, including today with a high of 75. one of the warmest spots i could find, hitting the mid to
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upper 50s. yes, we've got the sunshine. a live look outside. but we'll talk about if this chilly august pattern is going to be going away or not. and i get what they are trying to do. i think it's a good idea. it is a little bit creepy. a hot new dish shaking up the world. but wait until you hear where the beef will come from. ,,,,,,,,
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for alex rodriguez. he'll be benched for using performan- enhancing drugs. the new york yankees third baseman has been suspended without pay major league baseball handed down a suspension for alex rodriguez. he has been suspended without pay for the remainder of this season in all of 2014 as well. 38-year-old rodriguez says he plans to appeal and can play until that process is complete. 12 other players targeted for illegal drug use have accepted the 50-game suspension. los angeles man is being held on a $1 million bail after the horrifying scene in southern california over the weekend. surveillance video captures the
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driver plowing full speed into the beach goers at venice beach, killing one person, injuring 11 others. he swerves around the barriers, leaving quarter mile of the destruction. and the suspected driver, the 38-year-old nathan campbell turned himself in a couple hours later. >> and they just drove and took that left field down to the board walk. and they started driving. and the bodies were scattering about, flying in the air as people were screaming. and it was absolute mayhem. >> the 32-year-old italian woman was killed. she was on her honey moon. her new groom by his side when she was hit. and in the middle east, it's been increased. following the threat posed by the al qaeda group in yemen. 19 united states embassies will remain closed through next saturday. sources say that the recent chatter indicates a large scale attack that might be eminent. but the specific target is not
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known. >> we're going to keep doing the progress and make adjustments where we need to. but overall what we're doing, we're taking the precautionary steps out of the abundance for them to protect our people for them at the facilities and the visitors to those facilities overseas. >> many of the 19 diplomatic post like this one would have been closed a part of the weekend anyway because of the muslim holiday ending the days. local authorities are also taking the terror threats seriously. >> we are taking a proactive measure. we are asking the patrol officers to go around in the infrastructure here in san francisco to make sure that thecitizens and the structures are safe. >> police will not say which ones they're keeping an eye on, but in addition to the high-profile landmarks, they're watching the transportation hubs. it looks like a burger and cooks like a burger, but this beef was grown in the lab, not a cow. taking road rage to a whole
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uninsured residents will be able to shop for the policy. now, the powerful lawmaker visited the bay area to drive home the point. today they were on a mission. touring a clinic in oakland. and then the senator threw a press conference to where she counted obama care, performing the rhetorical surgery on those that seek to appeal it. >> just this past friday, republicans in the house voted for the 40th time to dismantle the law. and in other pointless votes. >> reporter: when it comes to the obama care, a lot is riding on california. heavily invested in making sure that the new exchange will be covering california and showing them how it works. beginning on october 21, individuals and the small businesses can shop on the exchange for a policy. more than 2 million californians will qualify for a federal subsidy. >> families may be between $33,000 to $230,000. individuals making between
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$16,000 to $45,000. >> young healthy americans, will enough of them enroll in the exchange to keep the financial structure working? she thinks to think yes. >> i think that once the young people seat advantages, just as they do when they get auto insurance, they wouldn't think twice on getting behind the wheel without it. i think we're going to be okay. >> under obama care, the community health care clinics like the one that senator boxer visited in oakland received grants to expand facilities so they could serve more patients. to find out if you qualify for a federal subsidy, go to click news links and numbers. scientists have created a new dish that could change the way the world eats. it looks and tastes like a hamburger, but kpix 5 tells us that this meat was made in a lap. >> it's what's for dinner at the frankenstein palace. >> he's alive!
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>> it is fantastic color. >> reporter: born in the lab from one stem cell. that will be here in london. >> from one cell, $40 billion. -- 40 billion cells in that hamburger. >> we like the real ones a lot and will probably keep eating them. >> this is just to show that we can do it. the technology is there. >> that's if you get the money. they cost a lot for the first day. $330,000. make it down to $30 a pound. but it did not taste that good. >> the texture to be right here to get right back to it. >> it was not love at first bite. and then the it factor. >> you need a test tube hamburger? >> i get what they are trying
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to do. >> there is one group very much in favor of that thing. cows. they expect to be serving up the sliders soon. scientists say it could take 10 to 20 years. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> they hope to enhance the flavors by adding fat cells and to create the thicker cuts of meat like that there. >> you could always be a vegetarian. they will be cracking down on the abuse of the behavior, creating a new button to help users create the threats. and this is in response to recent rape and bomb threats, tweeting the female politicians and the journalists in the u.k. the abuse button, currently available here on the mobile versions of twitter, but it will be added on the web and other applications by next month. >> and the drivers in russia, they issued a chance to turn off their dash cameras before doing this. the officer was trying to take the man here from making the illegal turn. but instead the driver plowed into him and then took off.
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his own dash camera recorded the officer clinging to the hood of the car here and pleading for the man to stop. want point you could see cat fly off as they will take that there. and the police officer, they held on for half a mile before they finally shook him. he survived without any serious injuries. the driver was surprisingly arrested. carrying all the evidence that police needed. >> and now i was stuck on the traffic in the bay bridge. it was a little bit here. >> no one was going that fast. >> no. >> and that is a mixed chance. >> they will not do it today. that'll be number one for them. >> well, that is the top of it. >> it has been chilly. is it nice out? this has been a great day that has been ten days now. and i will see seven more coming. i don't see a break on that strong on shore flow and a big levator for them with the
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sunshine. you can see it sitting at the coast all right. and about an hour or so. the high temperatures, they were kept way down by the marine in san jose, the 70s in santa rosa, not hitting 80s this afternoon. and downtown san francisco, 6 f 0. five more chilly days in san francisco downtown. z yesterday and today, only 61 the average high is 67. you have not hit that for one month in the city. and 6:18. overnight lows, they are pretty average in the mid-50s because of all the marine air that will level off in oakland andlivermore tomorrow. it's the afternoons that will be much different because of the persistent and the area of the low pressure off to the west. not giving us rain, just a little bit of the drizzle. that's what they are doing. and also the southwest component. that will be the juiciest flow that you could get at this time of the year. and keep the morning fog around and keep the temperatures down.
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now, this low is not moving tomorrow or wednesday. and if anything as they approach the middle of the week, it will be getting closer to us, getting more of that influence for them. dropping the temperatures down further and keeping it cooler than normal for them going. you'll get the sunshine in the afternoon unless you're at the coastline in the city. but the temperatures, they will be well below where they should be for august. and in the tune of 5 to 15 degrees below average. and for the chilly pattern, they will continue to get the clouds in the morning and the drizzle in the morning with the afternoon sunshine. and look at the city, only 5 degrees below average. that's 78. and these are your highs for tomorrow with a lot of afternoon sunshine. and not even 70. but san jose, you'll hit 75. we won't hit 80 inland tomorrow. and walnut creekbrentwood, 79. mill value lee 69 degrees -- mill valley, 69 degrees. only in the upper 60s here. you'll need to go all the way
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up to the counties to see the lower 90s. wednesday, we'll bottom out. upper 70s inland near the bay. it will be a slow climb back to normal, even this weekend getting back to near 70s at the bay. and still that's below where we should be for the early august. it's not cold. >> no. >> it's not bad, but certainly chillier. >> yes, expecting those beach temperatures. >> exactly. the desert beach, bring a sweatshirt. >> right. just for snow. >> exactly. >> all right, thanks. thinking of buying a new bike? don't get taken for a ride. the three things that every bicycle buyer should know when buying two wheels. ,,
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bicycle recently, you know: selection has gotten pretty. and, in many cases, so have prices. so, most buyers could use some help getting steered in the right direct sue kwon on the consumerwat with the best places to buy wheels. from "bart," to san we've got some of the best places to buy two wheels. >> reporter: from bart to san
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francisco, suddenly bikes, they're everywhere. and in the issue, they rated seven bay area bike shops, finding some surprises. first, there is a lot of price variations for your bikes. in other words, according to the checkbooks, most stores, they'll sell the same bike for roughly the same price. >> the bike manufacturers have done a good job eliminating the price competitiveness among stores. >> go to a store with high ratings in service and repairs. this is one of the highest rated bike stores in checkbook survey. >> they've been around since 1976. >> reporter: the manager carroll and pat say that whether it is an altering road bike or a cruiser, it is critical to find the right type of bike for you. >> and something that feels right for your body type. >> reporter: and make sure that it is fitted correctly. they don't recommend purchasing bikes online or by mail order. make as many adjustments as
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necessary. >> we want to get equal weight distribution between the palms, the seat while you're pedaling. you might get the most comfortable ride possible. >> and while they may not range too much from the store to store, the cost of accessories and the service, they could vary widely. and so ask if the store will be price matching. many will, hoping that your good experience will mean more business down the road. >> they just want to make people really love the experience of riding their bicycle. >> reporter: they say that the absolute cheapest place to buy accessories is usually online because online retailers, they'll sometimes sell the accessories below cost or offer up the special discounts. we've put a link to consumers checkbook's bike buying articles on our website. go to, click on news and then consumers. i'm sue kwon for consumer watch.
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hi allen and liz, alex rodriguez, the highest paid player leaves the majors in the days suspended without pay in the doping scandal. we'll have a full report tonight on baseball's hall of shame. and plus, we're learning more about the intercepted order from al qaeda that lead to the shutdown of the u.s. embassies and a worldwide terror alert. that's tonight on the cbs news at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,, could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. but as the trains roll...whf new at 6:00 tonight, bart
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workers and managers return to their corners as the train roll. we'll take a look at the numbers and the claims of danger. and a pricey preschool preparing to open in the south bay. we'll show you what 22 -- what $22,000 a year in tuition buys your 3-year-old. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> way more than what they could appreciate. that's what i'm thinking. >> wow. >> the best crayons ever. every color you would ever want. if you saw the sun today, i hope you took a picture and put it on instagram. it's been cloudy, drizzly in the morning. i don't see an end in sight. we'll get the afternoon sunshine. take a look at the extended forecast. each of those days, all seven days will be below normal. a little milder back to the mid- 70s. a chilly pattern is not going away. >> all right. thanks for watching the cbs evening news is coming up next.
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>> tonight, one for the record books, alex rodriguez, baseball's highest paid player leads the majors in days suspended without he doping scandal. don daaler in the hall of shame. bob orr an intercepted message from al qaeda that led to the shutdown of u.s. embassies. notorious wildfire. know carter evans tells us his widow is fighting a battle over her own. >> i said to them "my husband was a full time employee. he went to work full time for you." bruins and the power of a picture. >> that looks pretty rundown. ea


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