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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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park, killed. ,,,,,,
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good a city worker runs over a woman in a bay area park and takes off. >> this all happened at holly park. and tonight, some neighbors are telling linda yi, it was only a matter of t >> reporter: they are not surprised that this accident happened. more than once they have complained about how some of the park workers drive their vehicles too fast. the people here didn't know the young mother, but they say it could have been any one of them. >> reporter: police picked through the blankets where a woman and her 11-month-old baby
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girl were lying on the grass. a worker suddenly turned onto the grass and headed straight toward the family. one witness yelled for him to stop. the worker drived right over the woman -- drove right over the woman, killing her. the baby unhurt. one witness tried to chase him in his own car, but lost him in traffic. >> reporter: he has been arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run. he had worked with the department since 2006. regular park-goers say he's the gardener. >> he's drives a little too fast in the park. >> reporter: peggy said she had a close call with him. >> i had to holler at him. he almost hit me. >> reporter: this is it a neighborhood popular for families with young children.
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and many have complained for years about the workers driving dangerously. >> when they come around the park, they cut through the grass down there. >> reporter: the people believe the mother who was killed recently moved here from europe. police continue to talk to their suspect tonight. a big e on 680 in >> and supervisor david campos is promising a full investigation. a big rig caught fire tonight stopping traffic for hours. >> reporter: this is 680 southbound just north of sheridan road exit. and this truck behind me caught on fire. look at the intense damage here to the cab! the driver we are
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told has significant burns to his hands, face, legs, and police say when he emerged from the cab, his pants were on fire! they're investigating the cause of the fire as they work to clear the scene. a cal fire helicopter worked to clear the scene. we're just a month away from the next bart strike deadline! the cooling off period ends october 10th. but the two sides are going nowhere fast. >> reporter: both both sides ska they have not met -- say
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they have not met once. >> we haven't felt them c down into the settlement zone. >> reporter: that was the charge from the bart board of directors today. bart management blamed the unio not responding. >> we tried to meet with the district since august the 12th. they have refused to meet with us. >> reporter: the unions have tried repeatedly to meet with bart over the past three weeks. they showed me e-m requesting that bart get to the bargaining table. but the response from the bart's chief negotiator said face-to-face meetings would not be fruit >> i think the feeling that we have made a good faith effort is true. >> when you dak -- take
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into the contribution into retirement, the raise equals to 1% over the next few years. them less th >> and the two sides are supposed to get back to negotiations a week from to thal leave them less than a month. police say six suspects broke into a home last night to rob it, but it turned into a gun battle. one of the vic pulled a gun and shot all three intruders, one of whom died later. >> it was loud. it sounded like they were firing back at each other.
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-- a live look at downtown san francisco this evening. not hot this evening, but just wait! >> we're going to see a change from the near normal temperatures. 70s for petaluma and san jose. we will be leaving that comfort zone. we have had a light to moderate onshore flow. when that moves out, that's going to allow high pressure to move back in. and that's going to warm us back to the level some of us have not seen this year. not 100 day for this year! in comparison, concord has had seven.
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president obama is in russia at the g-20 summit trying to convince internati leaders to support a strike on syria. but he's also working the phones calling lawmakers in wush wash. -- in washington. >> what's coming in is overwhelmingly negative. that's no question about that. but see, they don't know what i know. they haven't heard what i heard. >> a senate committee already approved a resolution for military action. mr. obama will face a tough fit to get approval in the house. russia says it wants hard evidence that the syrian government was behind the chemical attack before signg off on any military action. president obama has canceles trip to california next wee focus on syria. now we know what caused that president obama has canceled his trip to california next week to focus on syria.
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the forest service says a bow hunter lit an ill campfire which got out of trial. tonight, it is still burning. it is unclear what punishment that person will be facing. the rim fire is 80% contained tonight. big money on line in fantasy football. >> and an insurance policy at the bar! >> and even julia child got it wrong.
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quarterback peyton manning a great night both i and tonight, peyton manning had a great night in reality and fantasy! he throws 7 touchdown passes to crush the ravens. >> and fans who have him on their team have started this year way, way ahead. >> the tight end in motion and
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the pass >> reporter: it's the 2013 nfl season opener. >> the way things are happening with the mobile devices and everything else, it's just a different ball game! as we evolve more and more, people are going to come into it. >> reporter: fantasy football with profits last year of a billion dollars. and no wonder. since 2006 the number of players has more than quinn tupled.
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>> reporter: levi stadium has plans for a fantasy lounge. same for atlanta and jacksonville. this fan was cheering for baltimore, specifically no. 27, rice. >> i do prefer a middle player. it's better than gambling on the games. >> reporter: 9er fans rooting for ravens? a fantasy indeed. >> they can make thousands of dollars depending on the league they join and how well the teams do. google is fighting to snoop through your e-mail. the suit claims gmail suzerce don't know their -- users don't know their e-mails are being scanned. google says the practice is legal. but producer say the company is violating privacy laws.
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and high school st more and more skidsing -- kids picking up smoking. the percentage of high school and middle school students picking up e-cigarettes doubled. it's a scary thought. having an illegal drug slipped into a drink at a bar or night club. karen andersonhe new and simple way to make sure you're drinking what you think you're drinking. >> reporter: the night can get crazy. >> are you concerned someone can slip something into your drink? >> definitely, definitely, something everyone should be
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worried about. >> it's easy for something like that to happen. >> reporter: small amounts knock out unsuspecting s. the victim is unconscious in 15 minutes and can stay that way for up to 14 hours. >> i went to the bar to get my first drink of the night, and not long after that, started to feel much more like my 15th drink. >> reporter: that's prompted him to create this. this company demonstration shows how they warn an unsuspecting drinker of tampering. >> pour some of this i drink. you can see that the strips have changed color.
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>> reporter: scientists develop -- scientists developed to the particular noelg. >> -- technology. >> it's not expensive. >> reporter: >> the products are expected to be widely available by next year. imagine driving cross-country without putting a single drop of gas in your car. he's going to drive his model s from l.a. to new york city. he's trying to promote his network of superchargers.
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it's going to get pretty toasty out there. even 80 for san francisco. we're looking at triple digits inland. it will be about 10-15 degrees above normal. you may be completely cloud-free all the way until physical. we have comfortable nights and hot afternoons: san rafael 57. san jose 59. san ramon our microclimate forecast up.
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sunny and warmer tomorrow, back to the 90s. close to 100 degrees on saturday! big-time storms for portland, mroi -- olympia, and seat once that's gone, it's all about -- and settle. likely tomorrow, until next tuesday will be 10-15 degrees above average. no widespread record daily highs. but we will be above average for tomorrow. start with 93 in liver more tomorrow. san 87. fremont 85.
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sun start to finish , for for you -- for you. weekend, hot, inland, and how about the coast? head to the beach! you'll be in the upper 70s over the weekend. cooler, cloudier. >> and hydrate for the soccer games on saturday. >> they need the water, yes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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every single counts! they got to beat texas, detroit, then they can settle down because houston is coming to town. well, after beating up on two of the best teams in
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baseball, they open up a series against the worst in baseball. it was the defense that would eventually cost him and his team. altuve, then cespedes, the a's found themselves 3-0 hole. they are down 3-1 in the 8th. here comes the throw to the plate. ken? >> he's safe. >> he is safe! it was three3-2. but the a's got no closer. they are back in the ame league west. giants and diamondbacks, sandoval coming off a 3-home run night last night. tied in the 5th. giants lose to the
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diamondbacks 4-2. nfl, peyton manning warming up with wes welker! looking to get payback for the double ot loss. welker for the easy tick. then a few series leader, he finds him again. he goes off for 452 yards. touchdown! 7 touchdowns! broncos rout the ravens. we asked jim harbaugh what feeling he had before christmas. >> i wouldn't compare it to christmas. at least as a co maybe the players feel that way. i look at it like i'm going to the dentist. >> ouch!
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the former doubles pa roger federer hits to his first grand 4. trevathan probably would lo do over on this one....he h pick six...but wait..he dro the ball before he crosses.k again...manning would eventy punch one in.... number two..this youngster in tennessee...knew right wheno press the correct button on video game controller here..check it out agin..leaping over the defe en route to the endzone for t-d. and at number 1... east coast league....and we got a collision at the plate.....ouch....he can't d onto it...they both would gp on their own accord. east coast league, got a collision at the plate. ooh! >> oh, jeez. >> he can't hold onto it. even the um pire took a shot on that one. both got under their own power. >> no.
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1 play of the day. >> he's got to be in front of the plate. >> got to be aggressive though. the mistake most of us make when cooking chicken, coming up. ,, ,,,,
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♪ [ music ] ♪
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sue kwon shows us what you' not supposed to when it comes to cooking chicken, most of us are not doing it correctly. >> wash the chicken. >> reporter: she may have been an authority on cooking chicken, but when it comes to washing tshe's got it -- she's got it wrong. a new campaign is convincing americans not to rinz the poultry before -- rinse the poultry. we could be spraying the kitchen with bacteria. >> once you take it to the sink and start washing twhatever germs are -- it, waver germs have gone on the faucet handle, the sink.
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>> rinsing it will not kill the bacteria. >> reporter: the safest way to get rid of the bacteria is by cooking it. >> we kill the bacteria by cooking the chicken. and you can measure the temperature at 165 fahrenheit. >> reporter: what about the juice that accumulates in the plast-wrapped chicken? if doesn't have to be rinsed off. >> the juice in the pan? it's estimated that 90% of people rinse their chicken. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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the tourists this weekend, it's like hawaii! they know to come in september! >> have a great night!
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