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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  December 1, 2013 7:30am-8:31am PST

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sunday, december first. good morning, i'm anne makovec. i'm phil matier. i'm mark kelly. there s a lot to thank you for joining us. there's a whole bunch to talk about this morning. >> big week for high speed rail. looks like judge put the brakes on the project after the cost has ballooned from 42 billion to 68 million and as the price keeps going up, public support keeps going down. >> we're going to be live in studio with state senator who is the chair of the senate committee and has some questions about the railroad future. speaking of money, skyrocketing rent in the bay area. it's one of the signs of the
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problems of the up tick in the economy. we're going to sit down and talk about what can be done about that >> everyone rallied around that couple that faced eviction. we're going to talk about the pope. is pope francis going to be too political. >> good luck. let's take a peek outside. because it's a mild day and a nice day and a lot of people will be traveling back from the thanksgiving holiday plans. live look at the bay bridge, it's pretty clear, all be it a little chilly. 39 in concord. our cool spot in santa rosa 36 degrees here's what we can expect. clear start, chilly in spots, down to the 30s in some areas. plenty of sunshine throughout the day. mild temperatures and looking later on in the week, much cooler weather ahead. we'll have a full look at the weather forecast coming up.
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thank you. breaking news out of the bronx. 4 people died when a train derained there almost plunging into the hudson river. first responders are on the scene now. the train went off of the track this morning. 60 people were hurt. the passenger car stopped a few feet short of the hudson river new details in the death of fast and furious star paul walker in a car crash. speed was a factor. deputies found a porsche engulfed in flames yesterday afternoon. two people inside were pronounced dead at the scene. the 40-year-old walker was in the passenger seat. the car hit a light pole and a tree in the community. new this morning, the family of an elderly man detained in north korea reports that he appears to be in good health. they heard from the state
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department that the swedish embassador visited him at a hotel and he said he was being treated well they are urging north korea to let newman go especially given his age and the fact he's on heart medication developing news, a toddler is fighting for his life this morning. the boy almost drowned after falling into a vallejo creek saturday evening when a family fishing trip turned tragic. he was fishing with his grandmother when he fell off of the wall and tumbled into the water. the fire department arrived on scene immediately but took them ten minutes to locate the child. california was on track to have the first high speed railway in the nation >> they blocked it in billions of dollars in bonds >> he rejected the funding plan
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and said that it left the entire project in limbo. it stems from a lawsuit that the plan no longer complies with what was promised. no one knows exactly how much it will cost. >> megaprojects are not projects they start off as good ideas. to think of them as a project is just wrong. >> lewis is chairman of the peer review group he made a frank admission about the $68 billion program's true cost >> at this stage of the game, the possible outcomes are broad. it could be more or less, what we don't know is what it will cost >> reporter: that's a big problem because monday a superior court judge says that they cannot spend the bond money raised by proposition 1-a until
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it is identified >> the judge says it's not enough to say where the money might come from and just speculate or hope that it could come from somewhere, you have to have a financing plan which they don't have. >> he says that the initiative was sold to voters with a price tag and says that the price has escalated, public support has declined >> just go out and start spending until the project is done. >> the judge said that the state can spend $3 billion of federal money to begin construction and governor brown continues to push the project, some say to create a legacy for himself. without public support, he feels that the vision may be dead >> if you were to lay a bet, do you think that the system will ever get built? >> no. i think the odds are against
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it. caltrans on the peninsula was banking on using part of the funds for the high-speed rail to upgrade to an electric line. at this point, without identifying any other funding source, i don't know how it would go forward >> the court determines it, we have to go to plan b >> do you have any idea what plan b might be? >> to go back to the voters. it may not be popular at this point >> would the voters ever go for this plan again? they adid approve in 2008, the project cost doubled to $68 billion. i don't know. what are your thoughts? >> it was a package presented
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to voters and approved by voters that had a lot of very specific clauses in it >> it seemed very exciting. everyone got onboard with this dream of high-speed rail, jetting down to los angeles in a couple of hours. we're talking about the train moving pretty slowly >> they're going to try to make it in time. there was questions about building in the central funding whether private investors can be brought in, otherwise taxpayers will pick up the tab. we'll have mark in here in a couple of minutes to talk about this and where we go from here speaking of california lawmakers, starting tomorrow, lawmakers and state-wide officials are going to see a bump in their paychecks >> the panel approved a raise for state lawmakers. the idea is to restore some of
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the cuts made during the recession. they will earn about $5,000 more per year, several lawmakers say it's wrong in light of the recent tax hike. it looks a little questionable, especially when we had the governor begging for money when it was on the ballot. now they have the money to give them a raise? that's shady >> the governor makes less than most of the mayors, that's the way things work. still ahead, the brutal fight at a bay area high school all caught on camera and it's caught the attention of a whole community. how they're teaming up to respond. plus, all eyes are looking forward the sky. agreement. bob s today on face the nation, the latest on the iran nuclear
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agreement. bob sits down with chairman of the senate forman committee it's all coming up at 8:30 following this newscast. we'll be right back ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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to address policies on bull and harassment. this comes after a fight at hercules high school ended n youtube. it shows three feme students attacking a fourth. punching and pulling hair. one of the fight at the high school ended up on youtube. it shows them punching and pulling her hair. the meeting happens at 6:30 at the middle school the site protest over a planned parenthood, a new clinic opens near by. they're serving women's reproductive health, it is
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scheduled to open tomorrow. they picketed across the street from the new location. they say having it in their neighborhood is going to lower their property value and will not serve the needs of their local community. >> the large amount of people that live here the up tick in soaring housing prices is contributing to evictions. >> they're being turned out under the ellis about that allows landlords to clear out the tenants. there's been 116 ellis about evictions. let's turn it over for more on
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the issue >> this spike in evictions isn't new this san francisco. it happens any time there's a big economic surge. what's the best way to get more affordable housing on the market and slow down the rate. >> what is your take for the solution of the evictions that appear to be going on at an increasing rate? >> i agree with you. i think it's about time that san francisco takes a look at 35 years of housing policies and maybe we look at the rent control laws and some of the others not serving owners very well in san francisco. >> affordable housing is the top concern in just about every pole in the bay area.
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how do do you get more for the middle? you have for the rich people and then for the poor. what about the middle? >> the whole idea is to build housing around transit quarters that's what we need to do. in san francisco specifically, we have overregulation of housing. we need to do some easing up and community input >> when it comes to input, a lot of people don't like the idea of big apartment complexes going in. transit, that could be next door to where you're living and the community objects to it >> the community may object.
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you can't have lower rent without building more housing or we have to control it to our area which is something that won't happen >> getting back to the target here. when you say affordable housing most say affordable more me and a lot of people working here, older people feel like they are getting priced out. they need to let them know that we want to build more housing it's a simple supply and demand. the only way we'll have lower prices is to build more rental housing we do a good job in san francisco of building million dollars condos and taking care of the poor. >> how many units would it take to be built to drive down the middle? >> last year we put 120 rentals on the market and added about
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53,000 jobs. we have 6000 rental units coming online. some mid-market have come online and we've already started to see rents drop up to $500 per unit. >> how many are we going to need bay area wide? >> there's no estimate of how many. maybe we can build ourselves out of it but we can build to a lower rent level >> this issue is not going away. this is going to be a driving force. >> thank you thank you. back to you guys. let's check out the weather today. it's going to be pretty calm all around the bay area. good travel day as we mentioned earlier. cool this morning. we'll see the cool spot up in
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the north bay. 36 napa. inland, 40 degrees in livermore. upper 60s almost everywhere. 69 down in san jose. looking at the five-day forecast, we have some changes in store coming on tuesday. even the possibility of rain and it's going to cool down significantly and stabilize through next weekend. some folks in a quiet neighborhood are atwitter. >> bird watchers claiming their next straining to catch a glimpse of something rarely seen in northern california. what all of the fuss is about. >> it's a sound that has berkeley bird watchers flocking to this tree. an extremely rare visit >> he's not supposed to be here at all. the only place i've seen them
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is in southeast arizona. >> more than rare, they say it's the first time ever that a painted red start has been spotted in northern california. here's what the little visitor looks like. black hood, white under its eyes. in the tree, to an untrained eye, almost impossible to see. everyone speaks in hushed tones >> he's back in the same spot now >> okay. >> i still can't see him, but two weeks ago, while drinking coffee on her deck, katy was the first to spot them >> i look over and see this bright red thing and i went, what the heck? >> reporter: bird watchers are friendly, they keep trying to help >> he just moved out a little firth to the right >> they look like dots flying around >> absolutely. >>reporter: he stays in the same block. they say he likes the neighborhood, but still, arizona is a long ways from here
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>> how did they get here? >> how did it get here? >> reporter: yeah, how did this bird get here? >> he flew. he flew. >> reporter: it only eats insects and doesn't eat from a bird feeder. bird watchers say they're impressed that they came through last week's storm pretty well and they hope it hangs around for the upcoming christmas bird count. >> it's typically seen in the southwest it was spotted in auburn in 2010. the comment that has some catholics where the pope is taking the catholic church. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it features carly ray jetson. 49ers legend will be there. the ceremony starts at 5:00 p.m. and it's all free the pope made headlines when he bashed trickle down economics >> this statement from the holy father is the most recent in a long line of controversial positions since he took the helm >> we asked two priests if pope francis is getting too political >> reporter: the pope laid out his 224-page paper laying out his beliefs like on abortion and church hierarchy, but this one stole the show. some people continue to defend trickle down theories it's a crude and naive truth in
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those wielding economic power. we asked father john is if he's getting too political >> i don't think so at all >> reporter: he says it didn't surprise him >> he's concerned about, especially helping the poor people to be able to get out of their particular circumstances >> reporter: political or not, the statements are earning him browny points with the faithful. in a recent poll, 79% gave him a favorable score. but that same poll shows a likable pope doesn't translate to more perish centers in the pews. at st. paul, the father hears only praise of the pope >> i think what he's about is what we need >> reporter: the father says that the pope using modern
7:55 am
phrases like trickle down economics is the -- >> what he's saying is, god has blessed you, use what you have, not just for yourself, but for others >> some catholics are unhappy with the new pope, fearful he's taking it down a nontraditional path. >> concern for the poor, the whole idea of social justice, if that by definition some how indicates liberal, if that's the definition of what you mean, then yes >> that's not the first controversial topic he has tackled. he says if someone is gay and searches for the lord and has goodwill, he added that
7:56 am
homosexuality is a sin but they should be part of the society >> could they still -- >> big challenges looming we have the question about priests and the scandals involving priests >> and letting women have a higher position in the church >> he's not the first pope to wade into the arena. remember pope john paul had some harsh words and the reason why the system changed. it will be interesting. he would like to see more out on the streets and a little less inside politic >> that's a little lifting of the veil. >> this guy will make more new >> what led to a firey crash
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killing a superstar. >> a tough scary 20 minutes, you think about your mortality during that time >> one of our own made a pilgrimage to the philippines and explained the terrifying moments when he was trapped in the biggest storm in history. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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morning. the time is _ _ _. good morning, i'm phil mati. this is kpix news welcome back to kpix 5 this
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morning. the time is 7:59. good morning. >> first day of december, we have a lot to talk about in the next half-hour. president obama visited the bay area last week. today is also the deadline for his health care web site to start working. we're going to cover where things stand now with president obama and the fairly interesting reception he got here when he visited high-speed rail. okay, the trains, are they running as fast as they should? is the plan running as fast as it should? a judge puts the brakes on it raising questions about the funding. we'll ask what the future may be for the high-speed railroad >> today is world aids day, we look back to see how far we have come when it comes to fighting aids and hiv. first let's check in with mark. we have breaking news out
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of the bronx. at least 4 people died when a trail rerailed almost plunging into the hudson river. first responders on the scene now it went off of the rail this morning and at least 60 people were hurt. a passenger car stopped just a few feet short of the hudson river new details of the death of the fast and furious star walker. speed was a factor. deputies found a porsche engulfed in flames yesterday. walker and his driver were pronounced dead at the scene. >> releasing a statement saying everyone at the company is
8:02 am
heart broken. the actor was just 40 years old. in developing news, a vallejo toddler is fighting for his life this morning. the boy almost drowned after falling into a vallejo creek saturday evening when a family fishing trip turned tragic. he was fishing with his grandmother when he fell off of a wall and tumbled into the water. the fire department arrived on scene and it took them ten minutes to locate the child. he's listed in critical condition the family of an elderly man detained in north korea learned that he appears to be in good health. they heard from the state department that the swedish embassador visited him at a hotel and the 85-year-old said he was being treated well.
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>> it's a nice day around the bay area. looking at the bay bridge e . 40s in most places. san francisco at 50 degrees. cool center the north bay and today we see the clear start continuing. chilly in spots but plenty of sunshine. temperatures fairly mild. much cooler weather ahead as we look over the next few days we'll have more details coming up in a few. the bocock baa -- the department of health and human services says that is up and running 95% of the time and that pages are crashing less. the government says 50,000 people can log on at the same time and 800,000 can shop for insurance each day.
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president obama promised it would be working more smoothly by the weekend and the president started the week in the basically. he got a warm reception for his comments about limiting iran's nuclear program >> tough talk may be the easy thing to do politically, but not the right thing for the security >> he put focus on immigration reform but the speech was interrupted by hecklers. >> most importantly, we will live up to our character. that's exactly what we're talking about here.
8:05 am
>> he was willing to engage in the conversation, but relatively speaking when it comes to other places in the country, seems to be more bad blood than we have seen over the years >> i don't know, but there's definitely a history on both sides with the misstatements and statements going out there. we sat down with former willie brown who was the first to bring him to the bay area and how the white house is reacting to the first accident with heckler >> the white house is livid. i am told that they can't understand how the process would have allowed anyone other than friends and relatives to be on the stage behind the president. >> but these were supposedly friends >> but the white house -- >> the white house didn't do the vetting. the vetting was done locally by
8:06 am
people here. so instead of having all 5 members of the board of supervisors who were asians up there -- >> they stacked it >> they didn't stack it completely the fact you let one slip through, more than one, a whole host of them. what did you think of the president's reaction? >> i thought he was a genious when he turned and said we're not kicking him out. let him have dialogue with me. it changed the nature of the meeting and caused even the guy's buddies to shut up and pretty soon he shut up and that means, as he left, the same people speaking against him on the stage were outside protesting >> what is it about san francisco and obama? the two doesn't seem to mix? >> the city considers itself so much more liberal than any other place in the country and they
8:07 am
hold obama responsible for not meeting their standards. it's unfortunate that the expectations for him and his capacity of president is all of these people who have never been able to put the votes together for anything they advocate for instantly want him to do it and he's not up to that. he is basically a moderate person >> you have to be moderate. he does have the rest of the country to answer to >> but when you drop into san francisco, people get vocal here. that's one of the reasons why some presidents keep a tight reign and stick to the small dinners instead of the public
8:08 am
appearances we'll be right back ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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heist at an east bay verizon store. theives broke into the stor
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christy street thanksgiving day. we're learning about a major heist at an east bay verizon store. thieves broke in on thanksgiving day they got away with 62 i-phones worth $62,000. none of the phones have been activated libraries are temporarily changing the way they collect fines for overdue books and videos. through december, patrons can settle up with donations of nonperishable food instead of paying with cash they ran the same last year and collected more than 25,000 pounds of food. 3 weeks after supertyphoon haiyan roared through the philippines and those who have seen the devastation says it's indescribable >> he made a pilgrimage back to his roots and says the island
8:12 am
will be recovering for at least another year. but there's no lack of determination among those hit hardest by the storm >> worried about the glass shattering, the building going to collapse it was a tough 20 minutes you think about your mortality during that time. they have always had it rough but they always have a smile on their face. they work hard and take care of their families >> the red cross is still accepting donations they need volunteers and simple manpower. the brakes have been put on the high speed rail project approved back in 2008. a judge decided to block access to billions of dollars in bonds to build the bullet train.
8:13 am
>> an ambitious land and now the price tag is up >> 68, came town to 38 now, who knows >> and went back up again? >> to be determined >> okay. one of the big questions is where the is money coming from? the idea was california bond money and then federal money and private investment money. what seems to be lacking? all of the above. money, the state doesn't have enough money. we have the bond but we're $300 billion short, to try to come up with new money, i don't know where it's at
8:14 am
>> going to beginning building it in the central valley >> you have to come up with a financing plan. you can do the environmental work. that's all they can do. >> what about that famous one stretch in the central valley people calling it nowhere. the idea to build it with federal money and expand. is that on hold? they made it look like they were going ahead with starting it >> until they identify the financing that the voters approved when they approved the bond allocation. >> where do we go from here? >> we have to revisit the project. we have to be thoughtful about the needs of transportation and how we build the infrastructure for an economy that needs greater mobility >> they already approved it. the voters went along with it. how is one judge going to stop something this big? >> the judge says they violated
8:15 am
high-speed rail. you can't lie to the voters. >> the the judge says no and the ruling stands, what about getting approval, they needed high speed rail money to stay viable. i believe that other systems including muny here is going to get a slice of the pie, or were >> that was part of the blended system, which is administration did a good job. i voted against it. but they did come towards us by doing the blended system. if this money is not approved, we have to look for other funds >> what does it say for big projects? people from oxford all told us that the big projects are way over budget and rail projects are over budget all over the
8:16 am
world. >> i understand you get a raise >> 5-point 5% >> that's after we took a 23% cut the last few years by an independent commission. we don't get to do it >> you don't get to set it, but you get to have it >> we got to have it taken away too. we weren't let you out of the studio without asking about that >> he has a good point looking at the weather, the temperatures now are cool, 37 in napa. concord 42. let's look at the highs today. santa rosa, you can expect 70. redwood city 69 degrees and mountain view 68. over the next 7 days, beautiful today. we're going to see a change at
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the start of the workweek and by tuesday, a chance of rain at 58 degrees >> today is world aids day. a chance to remember friends lost to aids and looking forward to prevention and a cure >> a lawsuit was filed ask if a doctor can refuse to treat people with aids. >> it was scary. a new disease attacking gay men >> there were a lot of concerns about getting infected without knowing it >> it was aids, a virus that shut down immune systems and causing patients to suffer from a rare cancer or pneumonia without cures >> people were downright scared and afraid of dying >> the death rate was doubling every year and the fear caused some doctors and dentists to
8:18 am
refuse care to aids patients >> i'm sympathetic to those afraid and would rather not take care of aids patients back then, but as health care officials, that's what woe do. >> reporter: he cofounded the clinic in 1981, the clinic and the hospital eventually became the model for aids care. he remembers how even media was scared. one time he brought a patient to a local tv station for an interview and the sound person wouldn't put the mic on. it was embarrassing and showed the fear that was so out there at the time. >> reporter: health officials and the san francisco aids foundation worked hard to educate the public that aids does not spread by casual contact >> the fear made sense the more we understood it was true
8:19 am
knowledge is power >> reporter: he still treats aids patients in san francisco. the battle against fear is over, treatments are better and there's hope >> we're talking about a cure again. if we treat enough people like everyone infected in san francisco, can we stop it by stopping transmission? that's a real possibility. >> ceremonies start at 11:30 and go until 1:30. the many things this person does for people with special needs. we'll be right back ,,
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horse riding lessons, a peninsula teenager made a discovery that would change life. sharon chin has been profilg
8:22 am
these jefferson award winne since 2008... she joins us with this wee' story. teenager made a discovery that would change the rest of her life >> and she joins us with this week's story. >> reporter: riding less sons first drew her to this foundation, a horse rescue center in half moon bay >> if there was no school, i'd be here all the time >> reporter: then the senior fell in love with the adaptive writing program. it serves dozens of kids with autism and other challenge >> the kids here are so special that i wouldn't want to not be here. >> that is much better, don't you think? >> throughout high school, she has volunteered as a teacher every weekend. in the summer, he leads camp six days a week. >> they judge so hard in the
8:23 am
outside world, that when they come here, it's an hour and a half that they can do whatever they want. >> reporter: rachel is a compassionate friend. they call her a role model >> she has said, maybe when i grow up, i can help others learn how to ride horses >> rachel is invaluable. >> as he progressed through high school. i seen her leadership skills just blow me out of the water. >> volunteering has kept her pretty busy. in addition, she's been a cochair for the relay for life >> i'm helping other people and it makes life richer >> with more than 450
8:24 am
participating raised $45,000 at the relay event. for teenager, volunteering is a way of life. >> i go home at the end of the day and i'm happy. >> for her latest as teacher and fundraiser, the award goes to rachel. rachel says volunteering keeps her grounded and thankful and lets her work with horses and children. >> finding your passion and going with it. it's helping her and others as well. >> more look at the top stories ,,,,,,,,
8:25 am
last night in a car crash. paul crouch..the trinity broadcasting founder passedy at age 79. paul walker, the fast and furious star died in a car crash last night. he pass -- tomorrow, cyber
8:26 am
monday, one of the busiest days for online shopping everyone is gearing up for that. in auburn, the football team beat number-one ranked alabama to clinch the west division. and smart wigs sony has a patent for a wig that can check your blood pressure and detect objects around you >> that's a little crazy. you can follow those stories and more on twitter. the weather forecast today, it's going to be mild. a lot of people traveling today. going home from the holiday festivities going to be in the 60s. not a lot of fog to contend with throughout the day. as we get into tuesday, it's going to cool down more. chance of rain on tuesday but then sunshine rounding out the rest of the week getting a little bit warmer, but a dip towards the middle of the week is going to feel chilly.
8:27 am
time to pull out the winter coats. it's december. >> it's december and it's the season and santa is coming to town in a few weeks we understand that while he still uses his sleigh, he has other methods of transportation >> from the ocean to the aquarium, santa also likes to take a dip and traveled beneath the sea in south carolina wearing a special mask to talk about what was happening. >> the next went to the indy race. he made a pit stop at the children's museum. >> thank you for joining us. face the nation next. we'll jumping over to 44 cable 12. have a good one. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> dickerson: today on ""face the nation" dues the nuclear weapons deal with iran make america safer? is the obamacare website finally fixed? thus our thanksgiving book panel. the president heralded the agreement forged last weekend with one of the west's biggest foes, for the first time in a decade we halted the progress on iran's nuclear program. >> dickerson: but there is bipartisan disagreement in congress that the deal can work. we'll talk t two critics of the top senators on foreign relations committee, senator bob menendez and bob corker. we'll talk politics with wisconsin governor scott walker. and ask about his new book on his controversial actions against unions and his message for his party and the nation. some republicans think he could be candidate for the white house in 2016. we'll get analysis from former obama white house


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