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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 13, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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nd... [tom]and they'll tell me..."you oughta quit." [chris] not so. just tell them you're ready to quit. then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you? are gearing up for the tea' rival 49ers are just one win away from returning back to the super bowl, and all over the bay area, fans are gearing up for the team's big game against the rival sea hacks. hi everyone. good afternoon.
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49er fandemonium kicked into high gear after yesterday's win. >> reporter: frank, as the team gets ready for sunday, the fans we spoke to say they're getting geared up literally before sunday's big game. >> go niners. >> reporter: 49er faithful wasted no time grabbing jerseys, hats, all the essentials for sunday. >> they have plenty of stuff. but like i said again. >> this one counts a little more. >> this one counts more, correct. >> new merchandise, hats, shirts, jerseys. the coolest thing is for us to be back on top of the nfl. >> reporter: the excitement hasn't died down yet, and niners fans say it probably won't. >> one of the best teams i've seen. i've actually never seen a team this good. >> reporter: the team had its own postgame celebration in the locker room, before coming home
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to a crowd of fans hoping to get a glimpse of the players. now the focus is the battle in seattle, as the niners make its third straight season appearance in the championship. >> watch out 12th man, we're coming. >> reporter: at the westfield valley state mall, they say at the 49ers store, things were pretty quiet on sunday. but as soon as the niners won, that's when the fans came in, trying to buy up that flux of merchandise. getting geared up for sunday's game. >> they were all watching the game. live for us down in santa clara. tickets for sunday's game went on sale today, but not to 49er fans in california. here's the deal. centurylink field put in a rule saying they're only going to sell to people with billing addresses in the pacific northwest and parts of canada. 49er diehards tell us, this little rule won't keep them out of the playoffs though. >> it's important to show our
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support. >> easily $1,000. tickets are like around 400. plus the hotel and everything. >> one way to get tickets is through the secondary market like stubhub. another way, some family and good friends. we've been asking you to send in your 49er faithful photos. look at that little guy. everything from two little babies to decked out families, and pets. the whole shebang. click on my picks to upload your photos. right now, the search for a serial arsonist is ramping up, after a rash of fires in san jose. since wednesday, there have been more than a dozen fires within a small radius on the eastern edge of downtown. >> have you heard about the arsonist? >> no. >> okay, there's an arsonist that's been hitting all of
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these neighborhoods downtown. >> yesterday, volunteers went door-to-door informing people of the situation, and handed out flyers of a sketch of a person of interest. the sketch is based in part on surveillance video of a suspicious looking man near one of the fires. >> we know the arsonist will continue to do this until he's caught. we want to make sure the police get him sooner rather than later. mayor ed lee's pushed to clean up the homeless population in the mid-market corridor is pulling in business, but the homeless still have to go somewhere, and other neighborhoods nearby are now dealing with that reality. >> in the shadow of city hall, where tour buses drive by, and folks stop to take in the sights, the homeless population is on most every corner. some say dirtying up the streets for the rest of us.
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>> people sleeping. it's not a lot of bad things. >> reporter: construction started booming, residents have seen homeless migrate to the civic center. lower knob hill resident, brett schultz has taken notice. >> you can push people out as far as you want until you get to the ocean. where are you going? >> reporter: the police chief has stationed a permanent officer at the library and at the plaza to control the homeless population. at the same time, the mayor's office is taking a fresh look at laura's law. a state law that gives california counties permission to force treatment on the mentally ill. san francisco resident, stephanie ring believes more job training is the key to cleaning up the homeless. >> so that some of these people that are out on the street, can actually get a job, and get off
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the street. >> reporter: san francisco's next challenge is where to allow the homeless in a city stuffed with people. >> after serving 40 years in congress, bay area representative, george miller announced his plans for retirement this morning. he is a senior democrat from contra costa county. he says he won't seek reelection next fall. he was elected to the house back in 1974. >> i've tried to repay them with their confidence by working hard every day to make our country a better place. and what a wonderful experience it has been. >> miller says his top accomplishments include helping to craft and pass the affordable care act. foster farms is voluntarily closing down its chicken production plant in livingson. the usda shut it down last week after a cockroach infestation.
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a day later, they shut its doors again. the closure will last a few more days. the family of a 23-year-old santa rosa man who died from the h1n1 virus, wonders if a quicker diagnosis might have saved his life? they say matthew walker went to kaiser hospital the day after christmas, feeling sick. he was diagnosed with pneumonia, then sent home. the next day he had breathing problems and was admitted to the hospital. still, his swine flu diagnosis didn't come until he was in a medically induced coma. walker died last wednesday. kaiser says it can't comment because of patient confidentiality. the state senate could vote on a bill that would ban transit workers from going on strike. bob huff wrote the bill after two b.a.r.t. strikes last year caused major problems for commuters around the bay. a hearing is scheduled for 2:00
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this afternoon. a 21 member task force meets for the very first time tonight. 13-year-old eddie lopez was shot by a sheriff's deputy back in october when his toy gun was mistaken for a real weapon. task force will explore options for community policing and provide feedback to the board as well. a california teen has punched her ticket to the olympics in sochi, russia. one of three u.s. women to make the cut. she finished second at saturday night's u.s. figure skating championships in boston, and was officially named to the olympic team yesterday. a southwest airlines plane nearly runs off a cliff after landing at the wrong airport. >> some new developments in a chemical leak that left hundreds of thousands of people in west virginia without any drinkable water. the very latest coming up next.
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>> kpix weather center, temperatures could soar near record levels, the fire danger also running high. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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an intense wildfire destroy hundreds of firefighters in australia are battling these flames this morning. an intense wildfire destroyed almost 50 homes over the weekend in perth. a city on the west coast. a 62-year-old man died on the roof of his home. he was believed to be hosing water on his roof to protect it from the flames. the fire has burned 865 acres. it's been fueled by 100-degree temperatures and strong winds. world leaders gathered for the funeral of former israeli
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prime minister, ariel sharon this evening. sharon died on saturday at the age of 85 after spending eight years in a coma from a stroke. hundreds of international dignitaries were in attendance today, praising sharon as a towering, political leader. he was a very divisive figurer though. many in the arab world refer to him as a war criminal for his iron fisted rule. developing news in the west virginia chemical leak. a couple of hours ago, the governor lifted a ban on tap water there. tests show the water in several counties are safe to use again. there are still questions, though, but how and why a licorice smelling chemical leaked into the charleston river. southwest is under investigation after a plane landed at the wrong airport in missouri. but for those onboard, that
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wasn't the scary part. >> reporter: 124 passengers aboard this southwest airlines jet made an unexpected stop on their way from chicago to the branson airport in missouri on sunday. >> we landed at the wrong airport. >> reporter: southwest airlines touched down miles away from where it was supposed to land. >> we were the only plane out there, it's hard to think they thought we should have landed there. >> we kind of were pushed forward, and almost hit our heads on the seat in front of us. we were very lucky indeed. >> reporter: eventually buses came to pick everyone up, and take them to the correct airport. >> when we got off, it was a surreal scene, with all of the flashing lights. >> reporter: southwest airlines said the landing was uneventful, and all passengers
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and crew are safe. >> no one really knows exactly what happened, if it was a mistake. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration is investigating. >> most of the passengers were heading from branson down to dallas. they eventually made it to their final destination, but they were about five hours late. a live look. the dow jones is down in a big way. down 170 plus points. no pants? not a problem if you rode b.a.r.t. yesterday. >> several riders decided to go without pants yesterday. all part of the annual no-pants subway ride. a facebook page says people take part in 25 countries. >> most years that wouldn't work, but this year, that is perfect. boy, the weather has been very, very nice around the bay
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area today no exception. those temperatures are going to soar near record levels. i think hitting some records toward the next several dailies. plenty of blue skies and sunshine around the bay area. i wish we could get some rain in here. high pressure sitting overhead. that's starting to crank up the temperatures already outside. many spots moving up into the 60s right now. the warm spot in oakland at 66 degrees. 61 in san jose. 61degrees in redwood city right now. looks like we're going to see very nice weather as we head throughout the afternoon, with some of the temperatures getting near record levels. i think tomorrow, we've got to wait for that to happen. tomorrow, breezy red flag warnings. then sunny skies ahead, with possible record breaking temperatures. high pressure building in overhead, sending the storms well to our north now. that's the way it's going to stay, not only this week, but i think through next week. if that happens, we'll have a record dry january. unfortunately, no storms lining
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up right now. 65degrees in the sacramento valley. about 69 degrees, mostly sunny skies in monterey bay. about 50 degrees in lake tahoe. those winds are going to be whipping, but especially over the mountain tops. down in the valleys, not so much. but you'll start to see yellows, oranges, even reds in the mountains. a red flag warning going up in the north and east bay hills, including the diablo range. could see winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. not the strongest winds we've ever seen, but still dangerous. the humidity dropping down to below 25%. around the bay area, the numbers as high as 69 degrees in morgan hill. 64 in pacifica. about 66 degrees in hayward. those east bay temperatures running well into the 60s in the afternoon. 67 in antioch. 66 in walnut creek, and 66 into vallejo. 69degrees in santa rosa. looking out over the next couple of days, plenty of
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sunshine coming our way. these temperatures moving up into the 70s in some spots. then slow cooling, but no rain in sight right through the weekend. fire alerts go into effect later tonight for some parts of the bay area, due to dry conditions. >> reporter: definitely some high fire danger. due to a very strong offshore flow. we drove mobile weather up to the oakland hills today. just outside of the oakland zoo. you want to see what an offshore flow looks like? take a look at this. from oakland to san francisco, you can see the beautiful skyline of the city. pristine conditions. all due to a northeast, and east wind up to 15 miles an hour. great visibility. but the air mass is definitely drying out, due to that offshore flow. when we drove up earlier today, we saw this sign that was hoisted by this city of oakland, and it says that the fire danger is high today right here for the hills of oakland.
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the city of oakland does like to continue to monitor the situation, and alert its neighbors of the high fire danger, because we take you back to 1991. the oakland firestorm that killed 25 people right here in these hills. and damaged, or destroyed thousands and thousands of homes. mind you the conditions were during the autumn months. but nevertheless, very similar to today, where we have very low relative humidity, very gusty eastern winds, and temperatures that are unseasonably mild for this time of year. the record for this date, 69 degrees in oakland, established in 2009. probably won't break it today, but i bet you we'll see several of those records shattered tomorrow. for more on your local weather, it's an unexpected visiter is causing quite a stir in one neighborhood in canada. the story coming up next.
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so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat...
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around calgary, canada. the moose took refuge in thi we've got a moose on the loose. yeah, it remain rhymes, and it's stirring up excitement around calgary, canada. the moose took refuge. the wildlife officers say the moose is about 2 years old, and in very good health. they plan on taking it away from the city to release it back in the wild. looks a little hungry. a little bit. tony and stephanie are mixing up something healthy in the kitchen today. it's a salad with a twist. >> it's four bean salad.
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healthy, and delicious. now the beans that we have are red beans, kidneys, the difference in the red beans, and the chick peas. >> the other trick is to drain them and rinse them. the sodium in there is going to kill the flavor. >> i'm going to add a little bit of course salt, some dried oregano. >> adding chopped celery. >> all right. >> it's got a nice crunch. >> parsley. >> scallions. >> okay. >> some carrots, now we're going to squeeze some lemon on here. >> instead of balsamic for the acidity, we're going to add the lemons, and also -- >> a little bit of olive oil. >> that's right. >> rosemary. fresh oregano. >> beautiful. >> and we have some thyme. >> i'm going to serve some right here for us.
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coming to the bay area. ho's cted to be a boost coming up tonight at 5:00, there's nothing else like it in the u.s. an asian themed shopping mall coming here to the bay area. much more coming up tonight at 5:00. a higher power may have helped the 49ers seal the deal yesterday. >> a pastor dedicated his sermon, or lack thereof to the team. >> there is a football game coming up in a few minutes.
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i was thinking we might have just an abbreviated service. would you all like to be forgiven for your sins? that's great, you are. >> well, he flew through the message in less than a minute. mocking cam newton's superman celebration, and said, it's game time, let's go. >> no kidding, that was great. >> that was it, he was out of there. have a great afternoon, everyone. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ telephone beeps ] >> katie: uh, excuse me. yes? uh, he is? um... bill's here. >> ridge: i'll leave. >> katie: yeah, uh, tell him i'm finig up something, and then he can come in. >> ridge: thank you. [ door closes ] >> bill: i've made a decision. >> katie: okay. >> bill: i want you back. >> katie: what? >> bill: you, will, our family. no lies, no games.


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