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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 28, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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slumming. >> i was sleeping in. >> yeah. it was nice. >> isn't it nice to see the clouds back in the bay area? now if we could squeeze rain out of the clouds we would be happy. it's getting close. the best chance of rain, weather we expect it coming up. >> i drove in on 280 through peninsula. fog was an issue. it wasn't it so bad this morning. you can see traffic very light at the bay bridge toll plaza. a good start to the morning commute. thank you, liza. breaking news out of the police are looking for a where missing autistic teenager there. 16-year-old tyler simmons was last seen about 7:00 last night at the ralston middle school. he attends carlmont high school in belmont. police are looking for him near the school. he is 6 feet, 140 pounds, brown curly hair, green eyes with a
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thin goatee last seen wearing a gray sweater, black jeans, white shoes. a man is in stable condition after being shot in a walmart parking lot. he was taken to the hospital at 9:00 last night. police blocked off the parking lot but the store stayed open during the investigation. officers placed yellow evidence markers on the ground indicating several shots were fired. happening tonight, the mayor of san francisco will be among special guests president obama's state of the union address. the mayor will sit with the philippines. also invited a former pro basketball player in stanford who revealed last year that he was gay. the white house released this photo showing the president putting final touches on his speech yesterday. among the items on the president's agenda, an extension of unemployment benefits and increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour and expanded access to early
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childhood education. live coverage begins tonight on kpix 5 at 6:00 this evening. if you are not around television at that time, you can log on to a san francisco firefighter is suing the fire department for defamation after the asiana airlines crash. kpix 5's phil matier reports, elise duckett claims she was falsely identified to the media as the person for running over the survivor, ye meng yaun who died at the crash site. the department is discriminating against her, she says, because she is a black lesbian. any searches that require bart officers to enter homes require written approvals by a deputy cheech every chief. sergeant tom smith was killed during a search in dublin last week. his partner mistakenly shot
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him. >> mike maes is an experienced well trained officer. obviously something went wrong. >> detective mays is maes is on administrative leave and is expected to attend tomorrow's funeral for sergeant smith. police in pennsylvania say they now know how a san carlos man got the materiels for a weapon of mass destruction. kpix 5's brian webb reports collecting the materials was not difficult. >> reporter: carlmont high was buzzing monday, the first day back at school since a former classmate was accused of making a weapon of mass destruction. >> wow, i can't believe it. kind of quiet but yeah, surprised. >> reporter: 19-year-old vladislav miftakhov now a penn state engineering student was first arrested for a marijuana growing operation. but when altoona, pennsylvania,
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police searched his apartment, they say they found a suitcase with a bomb and bomb-making materials like potassium nitrate, fuses and containers of compressed air. the russian born person lived in san carlos with his family for years. friends and neighbors called him kind, quiet and weird. >> he is weird. >> he is not weird. >> i don't know. >> i like him. >> reporter: pennsylvania police say miftakhov told them he ordered the materials off the internet to blow things up but planned to do it in an open field not to hurt anyone. >> he was like gentlemanly, a kind person. i don't think he would try to hurt people. i think he was intrigued with the whole chemistry and all that and it just led him down the drain. >> reporter: police in pennsylvania wouldn't provide us any details about any bombs that might have been detonated in california and san carlos police didn't return my phone calls. we're told miftakhov's parents are now with him in
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pennsylvania. reporting from belmont, brian webb, kpix 5. >> miftakhov's bail is set at a half million dollars. he is due back in court next week. some brothers from san jose are behind bars for allegedly killing a man at a birthday party. 18-year-olds are accused of stabbing a 22-year-old man. the victim was trying to break up a fight sunday morning when he was killed. >> having identical twins poses a problem obviously. but again, i think that through independent interviews, suspect interviews, and then evidence that was gathered at the scene, i think that we're confident that again that we have the individuals that were responsible. police say the identical twins were not invited to the party but tagged along with a friend who was invited. south san francisco police are hoping someone will recognize a flasher. the man in this sketch is accused of walking into a girl's locker room naked #south
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san francisco high school on b street. he is believed to be in his 40s, 5'10. the man exposed himself allegedly to a group of cheerleaders on january 13, then took off. metered parking in san jose about to get more expensive. the city installing some new smartmeters that allow drivers to pay with credit cards and phones. drivers will have to pay for the 1.3 million upgrade. parking rates will go from $1 an hour to $2 an hour. still, san jose remains one of the most affordable u.s. cities for metered parking. i think i was here in san francisco the other day, i put a quarter in and got two minutes. two minutes for a quarter? come on. >> you have to carry a whole roll of quarters for just 20 minutes. a chance of rain coming our way. we could see a couple of sprinkles out there today. yup, we have a lot of clouds rolling by right over the top of the ridge of high pressure. so not the best scenario for
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rain but there's enough moisture in the afternoon we may see rain to the north. let's check the hi-def doppler radar. it remains fairly quiet although there's even a better chance of some snow over the high mountains over the next few days. 6 to 1"6 to 12" of snow in the high country. partly cloudy skies, mild temperatures, upper 40s and low 50s. toward the afternoon numbers down especially in the north bay with the cloud cover there and a chance of a couple of sprinkles, 62 in santa rosa, 64 san jose, and 61 degrees in san francisco. coming up, we'll show you a better chance of rain on the weather. let's check on traffic with liza. >> welcome back, lawrence. good morning, everybody. we'll talk about the morning commute where it is light traffic for the commute leaving oakland heading into san francisco. there is roadwork on the bay bridge. caltrans is expected to clear the span and have all lanes open at 5:00 this morning. right now, the roadwork isn't doing anything to slow down
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that commute. if you are heading for the other bridges, 880 between the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge is looking good. no major construction projects for this stretch of 880 right here as it rolls through oakland. san mateo bridge westbound 92 fine. through hayward and you pause to pay some money before you cross the bridge, there are no delays once you get into the peninsula both 280 and 101 good options for you. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to michelle. it was quite the spectacle in sonoma county. a real-life bull running amok on the streets. the bull was finally corralled in santa rosa but as kpix 5's joe vazquez reports, it was not an easy task. >> he saw us coming and put his head down and charged us. >> reporter: for more than an hour this afternoon, some santa rosa firefighters turned cowboy to try to corral a raging bull. >> we obviously got to close and he charged us. we decided to stay back.
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>> reporter: the owner tells authorities the animal escaped from a ranch a few miles away near the casino in rohnert park. he had been wandering around all day and was in traffic on 101. no one was hurt. the road was closed. he took the exit and got on todd road. >> he was like a jogger just running down the side of the road not in the road but just kind of moseying his polite way down the road. >> reporter: some construction workers got involved, then rincon valley firefighters. the chase was on. they steered it into a field behind the firehouse. >> we got him away from people. he also made another charge at the owners and subsequently knocked one of this em down. >> reporter: a firefighter shot this video of the ranchers whirling a lasoo. he charged again at a ranch hand this time knocking him down. an animal control officer fired his 22 rifle three times. the bull was dead.
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>> in the state he was in, he was agitated so if he did get out he was going to hurt someone. >> reporter: the owner gave permission for authorities to put the bull down. he was then loaded up and taken back to the ranch. joe vazquez, kpix 5 a lawsuit fired by a raiderette is drawing criticism from one other cheerleader. kpix 5's andria borba explains why the women disagree. >> reporter: retired raiderettes are breaking formation and crying foul at a lawsuit claim the oakland raiders paid below minimum wage. the suit was filed last week in alameda county superior court by a married stay-at-home mothers and former raiderette. >> only hearing one little fish in the sea. >> reporter: loreen lee was a rate read from 2000 through 2006. she says lacy claims the raiders only paid them $1,200 for the whole season was just the base pay and doesn't take
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into account promotional events and calendar sales that netted dancers more cash. loreen says the base pay doesn't factor in free trips to hawaii, japan and mexico. what's more, loreen says the low pay claims for the raiderettes is simply untrue. >> actually, we were the highest paid at the time that i cheered we were the highest paid out of all the nfl girls even above dallas cheerleaders. >> reporter: lorraine tells kpix 5 she and fellow cheerleaders are most upset that they are being lumped in with lacy t's vendetta. >> if she wanted to sue them, she should have represented herself and not involved any of us. >> reporter: lorraine says the six seasons she spent cheering for the raiders including their super bowl season were among the greatest years of her life and that many other former nfl cheerleaders feel the same way. >> out of all the cheerleaders in the nfl which are many, if there were people who were really, really this dissatisfied, you would have
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been hearing about lawsuits a long time ago. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> loreen lee has not been asked to join the class action lawsuit and never met the cheerleader behind it. as for the raiders, they have no comment. time now is 4:42. almost three years after the fukushima disaster in japan, we get a rare look inside the nuclear plant still emitting radiation. >> with the winter olympics a week away, the mayor of sochi, russia is raising eyebrows with his controversial comments about his town. coming your way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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people in his city. mayor anatoly (an-uh-toh-le pakhomov (pah-koh-mahv) tola b-b-c report of mayor of sochi, russia the host of the winter olympics says there are no gay people in his city. he told a bb reporter, we don't have them in our town, he told a bbc reporter. but a local drag queen says there is a gay community in sochi. in june, russia passed a law banning gay propaganda. nearly three years after the fukushima nuclear disaster
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in japan, the crippled plant is getting emitting radiation. seth doane reports. >> reporter: three miles from the plant roads are still closed, radiation level soaring 100 times higher than normal. once, this was the heart of a radioactive no go zone. now it's "safe" enough to spend a few hours inside. the company that owns the crippled plant is still struggling to deal with the disaster. all four reactors are still emitting radiation. but tepco has made progress. this is what they want us to see the heart of the decommissioning work taking place here in reactor 4. following the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, hydrogen explosion tore off the roof of the reactor. >> at the time, reactor 4 was not in use but that explosion
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sent debris and chunks every concrete into the pool where the nuclear fuel was being stored. we were abled watch the delicate and dangerous work of removing some of the 1500 radioactive fuel rod assemblies. if they break they could release more radioactive gases. they have removed 15% of the fuel from reactor 4 but it will be far more difficult to retrieve fuel from 3 other reactors that melted down. those are so radioactive that the technology to dismantle them does not exist. tepco injects hundreds of tons of water daily into the reactors to keep them cool but ground water is pouring into the damaged reactors and has to be pumped out and stored. they can't build these tanks fast enough. an additional 400 tons of contaminated water needs to be stored every day. that's as much water as the
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average american household uses in a year. at the end of the tour we were checked for radiation exposure. in four hours i received the equivalent of less than a chest x-ray. >> that was seth doane reporting. the clean-up is expected to cost upwards of $100 billion and it could taken 40 more years to complete. 4:47. let's check the weather. it's so nice. >> it has been really nice but things are changing. feels good to have the clouds rolling in. something like you're supposed to get in wintertime. finally seeing that move along the shore now. there's a chance we have rain on the way, too. that's exciting. haven't been able to say that for quite a while. let's check out your hi-def doppler radar. we are scanning the skies looking for raindrops this morning. so far we can't find any yet. there is a chance we could see sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge later on. high pressure in place but a lot of clouds around the bay area staying mostly cloudy except to the north. and then i think another storm
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is going to roll in request a better chance of rain for everybody on thursday. how about that? that would be very nice. all right. here we go. finally that big blocking ridge that was set right here. that is all gone. still the ridge down to the south. you see the clouds beginning to encroach on the bay area. the rain line staying north of the jet stream. so we have to wait until the jet goes south and we'll see better chance of rain for everybody. if you are looking for rain around the state, ukiah expecting rain about 62. 55 rain in eureka and about 66 degrees in redding. computer models showing you most of the chance of showers staying to our north and really just light activity through tomorrow. that's all going to start to change and we are going to see more substantial system and the jet stream dipping on thursday with a chance of rain for everybody. east bay numbers up in the 60s today in many spots. so still fairly mild for this time of year but cooler than it's been, 59 in daly city, 61
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san francisco. the next couple of days unsettled chance of sprinkles to the north, better chance of rain thursday, slight chance of showers on friday. another chance of rain on sunday. we are looking at typical slow traffic at this hour for drivers headed for the altamont pass. have ever very down the altamont pass. picking up through pleasanton. heavy down the altamont pass. no backups approaching livermore and pleasanton and no major delays for 580 down the dublin grade. you can see from our live pictures still light traffic leaving oakland heading into san francisco with those no
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major accidents for bay area freeways. no major construction projects in the silicon valley. 101 looking good. that's "kcbs traffic." now to frank. >> thank you. 4:50. wall street hopes to bounce back from recent losses today and futures trading look promising. wendy gillette from cbsmoneywatch says the fed is about to say good-bye to ben bernanke. >> reporter: investors are eyeing the federal reserve's two-day policy meeting beginning today. the central bank could decide to further scale back its huge bond buying stimulus program which kept long-term interest rates low. it's ben bernanke final meting as fed chair. the sell-off continued yesterday here or wall street although monday's losses were more modest than those late last week. the dow lost 41 points. the nasdaq dipped 44. apple is losing some of its
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bite. the world's most valuable company sold a record number of iphones and ipads in the last quarter but sales were below expectations. its stock fell almost 8% yesterday to $506 a share in extended trading. apple hit a high of $700 per share a year and a half ago. and tickets are not as hot for sunday's first outdoor cold weather super bowl. according to stubhub, the average resale price on the secondary market for the broncos/seahawks game is more than $3,000. that price has dropped more than a third since last weekend. the cheapest price for nose bleed seats is still over $1,000. that's your moneywatch. for more, log on to at the new york stock exchange, i'm wendy gillette. time now is 4:51. an oakland woman is getting a lot of attention for her work with homeless felines. coming up, meet the woman who calls herself the crazy cat lady. >> and some good news about that poodle puppy found on a
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conveyor belt at a san francisco recycling plant. tell you about that next. ,,
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hey, headed to the high country the next couple of days, get the chains ready to go! rain turning to snow overnight on wednesday, expect a snowstorm on thursday! >> our first bart trains are out of the yard on time. local transit doing great. we have not had any major delays called in on bay area ferries, caltrain or the altamont commuter express. i'm have more "kcbs traffic" coming up. an oakland woman calls herself the crazy cat lady. kpix 5's christin ayers caught up with the person who searches for roaming felines.
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>> reporter: ellen is doing what she has done most nights for more than two decades. >> i trap about three nights a week and sometimes more often. >> reporter: trying to lure a colony of feral cats to safety. >> i drove by on my bike and saw a kitten, this poor little baby on the sidewalk. >> reporter: the kid en was part of a pack of feral and abandoned cats just off the port of oakland. so cathy buckley called the woman who has no problem describing herself this way. >> i'm truly a crazy cat lady. >> reporter: the real estate agent by day traps and feeds oakland's feral cat oakland population by night. >> i'm feeding about 100 cats, yeah, in oakland. >> reporter: first on her own, then as a part of a nonprofit called fix our ferals. the cats lynch traps have often been abandoned and left to fend for themselves. she says the cats on this block are a few of thousands of abandoned cats all over oakland. her goal tonight is to trap them, neuter them and release
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them. it doesn't take long. first she captures this kitten. and then a cat. >> the feline is flustered but will be fed and fixed and if possible put up for adoption. >> i see the cats, spayed, neutered and safe place where they can live their lives. and get the adoptable ones out. i feel good about it records in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> lynch says one out of four of the cats that she traps are not fully feral and can be adopted. she would like to see oakland pass an ordinance requiring animals to fixed. remember jim the poodle puppy found on a conveyer belt? he is now ready for adoption. she became known as a trash pickup put when she was found at the recology center just before the holidays. san francisco animal care and control now says gem has fully recovered from that ordeal. 4:56 right now. ambitious agenda. what president obama is willing to do to achieve his state of
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the union goal. >> reporter: we're live in belmont where police are trying to find a missing autistic teen who was just last seen ten hours ago of his disappearance coming up.
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griego. search dogs spent the night looking for a missing autistic teen. tyler edward simmons was last seen about 7:00 last night at ralston middle school. >> we'll hear the president i think express his frustration with some of the things that haven't happened. but we finally have a budget and an appropriations bill. >> the president is expected to highlight his plans for a year of action in tonight's state of the union speech. >> got a pen and i have a phone and that's all i need. >> i think he was just intrigued with the whole chemistry and all that stuff and it led him down the drain, you know? >> new details surrounding what a teen with bay area ties allegedly planned to do with a weapon of mass destruction.
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>> she wanted to sue them, she should have represented herself, not involved any of us. >> raiderettes throw the challenge flag on a fellow cheerleader who accuse her of not playing fair. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's tuesday, january 28. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 on your tuesday. and we begin with some breaking news as you wake up. kpix 5's cate caugiran is in belmont, where police dogs are searching for a missing autistic teen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are at ralston middle school. this is where the teen was last seen. we know that he has been missing for nearly 10 hours now and the first 24 according to police is the most crucial to finding someone who is reported missing. now, let's take a look at this photo. this is 16-year-old tyler edward simmons. he is a student at carlmont high school, was last seen monday night at ralston middle school by a custodian. his father says he was supposed to be at the belmont public lay


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