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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 28, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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kpix five's cate cauguiran t one of the traffic trouble s
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this morning... in daly cit live: it's already a super soaker. something to note: r the most part we had a pret dry yesterday but that meane oil and grime from yesterd's traffic is now resurfacing n the wet roads. so this is t day you want to keep your distance on that morning commute. we've already seene accidents on near this streh of 2-80. and unfortunately won't be the last. so as yo heading out something to mindful of on that morning commute. speaking of. let'st a check on that kcbs traffic with elizabeth. the storm is moving east to the sierra nevada this morn.
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weather may have played a re in the crash of a big rig, pasadena last night. it happened in a tunnel along interstate 210. and there a mandatory evacuation orders a thousand homes, in eastern los angel county. authorities are concerned the storm will cae flooding and mudslides... on steep mountain slopes, burny a wildfire last month. for up-to-date weather information, around the clo. go to "k-p-i-x dot com." california lawmakers have approved a 687- million dolr drought relief bill. it pasd yesterday with only three dissenting votes... and it w
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goes to the governor. the plan is designed to help farmers who aren't getting y state or federal water allotments this summer. san francisco's police chief says his department has been shaken... with six officers under indictment. kpix 5's a yee has the surveillance vio that's coming back to haunt the department. the visual proof: surveillae videos released by the publ defender three years ago... undercover cops allegedly barging into tenderloin hot rooms without a warrant.. in some cases ... stealing
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the other was arraigned yesterday, and is out on ba. a stretch of interstate 580n castro valley is open for ts morning's commute... after a shooting forced it to shut
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yesterday afternoon. the shooting left this vehie with at least three bullet holes. the c-h-p says someon a silver ford focus pulled and started firing... on westbound 580, around four o'clock. all westbound lanes were cl for about an hour, right at castro valley "y." that caused a huge backup. officers searched the scene, looking for shell casings a other evidence. they're sti trying to track down the shooter. chopper five captured image of what appears to be the driver, another adult and t kids. no one was hurt. castro valley was also the e of an accident, that sent a pedestrian to the hospital. the man was struck by a carn stanton avenue, about seven yesterday evening. the c-h-p arrested a woman, on suspicion of drunk driving. the victim's injuries were described as "serious".... a san jose man who dreamed joining the taliban... has w been sentenced to 15 years prison - for trying to blowa bank. matthew aaron llaneza was arrested last year -
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outside this bank of america building in oakland. the 29-year-old thought he was detonating a car bomb... bue f-b-i got to him first.. and supplied him with fake materials. in addition to g to prison - llaneza agreed get psychiatric help. so many people wanted to len about video surveillance in fremont, they had to move a meeting last night. more people are on the lookout f criminals. kpix five's bettu reports police say that has helped cut down on crime. . whenever you drive into sco creek terrace, you're being watched, your license plate recorded. you can almost ma out who's in the car. checks out in our kpix live truck
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million dollars, to san francisco's
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"muni" transit system. the money will pay for two s of free transit passes for income kids. mountain view- based google has been a rect target of hostility in san francisco... because its pre employee shuttle service us muni bus stops. 15:49:38 i think this is a time for the city, and i thk google is getting it, it's t it. i just kinda want to si my very great appreciation r taking their very first ste hopefully a number of stepst will help assist us as a cio make this place more affordable..more compassion. more inclusive.. 15:50:00 the google donation is one the largest-ever private contributions to san francio services. it's seen as an effort to cb protests. google is among several tech firms, recently targeted by protesters... w blame the companies for dri up the cost of living in san francisco. there's a new rule of the rd in california. turns out.. drivers can use their cellps while driving, but just for
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thing. before you do it, th -- see what kpix five's anda borba found out: you can always tell when a driver isn't paying attentio the road. they have that tell-tale blue glare up on r face. well now one court sa that is perfectly ok as lon they're looking
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while stuck in traffic. i got high without always thinking about the harm that it could do. time is 4: president obama has a heart to heart with mf color in america. the point he was driving home when he admitt he's been high before. the latest round of rain is under way. here's a live
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look at daly city this morning... ,,
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where already, the slick ros have caused accidents. k-p-i-x five's roberta gonzs is in marin county... roberta, you've seen some flooding along lucky drive? here's meteorologist lawren with a check of weather.
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yahoo is accusing american d british spies of a whole new level of privacy violations.
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the guardian newspaper says british version of the n-s- with the help of the n- s-a itself, snapped photos from- point-8 million users' webc videos... including intimatd naked ones. it was part of a facial recognition experiment, codenamed "optic nerve." yahoo says it had nothing t with it. president obama admits he w not a perfect kid. he opened up about his past at white house yesterday, duri speech about "my brother's keeper"... a new program to help reverse underachievement among young black & hispanic males. "i made bad choices, i got without always thinking abo the harm that it could do. i didn't always take school as seriously as i should have. made excuses. sometimes i sd myself short." the president told the younn his story is not much different from theirs. but cautioned them not to make excuses as he said he did is youth. the program aims to
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partner government and business... to connect younn of color with mentoring networks. oakland mayor jean quan waso at the white house. the city will soon launch the program locally. now there are more places f scientists to try to find "" nasa says it's discovered 7 new planets. it's the biggest single discovery of planets ever made. the ay used the kepler space telescope... and verified t planets using a new techniq. four of the planets could potentially support life. na expects the next batch of da will reveal even more plane. time is 4: subway says it got rid of it.. but now a chemical used in yoga mats s just been found in hundredsf more popular foods. developing news in ukraine. troops have taken control oe two main airports in the,,,,
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crimean peninsula... but i' unclear where those troops e from. dozens of armed men are patrolling one airport... a are blocking access to anot ukraine's interior ministers the troops are from russia... but russ denies that. russian military exercises along the border continue to draw expression concern from the u-s. (sot: jay carney/white house press secretary) "we urge tm not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted or lead to a miscalculation during a very delicate time." a statement from the kremlin says president vladimir put wants to maintain contacts ukraine's new government. m putin also says he wants tod consultations with other countries and the i-m-f on providing financial help to
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ukraine. workers at a nuclear waste dump in new mexico are undergoing tests... after a radiation leak exposed more than a dozen employees. the underground plant near carlsbad is a dug ground... for contaminated waste, left over from nucle bomb-making. safety systems detected the leak two weeks. this is the first time on record, that radiation made way above ground at the facility. last month we warned you abt a chemical in yoga mats -- was also found in bread at subway. subway has since red the chemical from its bread but an environmental group s now released a list of foods that have the same chemical least 130 brands are named,m pillsbury to "little debbie with almost 500 products on list. it's 4-- ... five san franco police officers are set to appear in federal court this morning... coming up: the allegations and the video evidence against them. good morning. it's friday,
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and i'm frank mallicoat. pouring rain and high winds hitting the bay area this morning. we're in desperated of the wet weather, but we e seeing some problems along it. kpix has live team coverage. cate caugariun is out on the roads where we've already sn several accidents this morn roberta gonzales is in the h bay -- where problem areas e flooded once again. and elizabeth is keeping an on all the trouble the morng commute. but let's begin with lawren --- tracking the storm on hh def doppler radar.
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let's get outside, into the weather.. kpix five's cate cauguiran is in daly city...


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