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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 9, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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safely. >> sea state was rough, high winds, but overall, it was a mission success. we had four people back dropped off in san diego this morning. >> reporter: the families who' sale boat broke down with a toddler six days after being stranded 900 miles off mexico. >> we were on the way to a medical appointment. after that we'll have more information for the press. >> reporter: charlotte and eric kaufman called for help on a satellite phone when their 1- year-old girl got sick. the rescue team parachuted down to the family with medicine. >> surprised that the united states was willing to put people 1200 miles out to sea to pick them up. demeanor was calm and collected. their names eric and charlotte. we were very impressed with the way that they handled the whole situation. >> reporter: the family had been criticized on social media for sailing the high seas with a toddler. the rescue team said that was not their concern.
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everybody is alive and healthy. it's a huge save. don't underestimate how big of a deal this was. you're listening to superman behind me talk about it. >> reporter: the rescuers say the family was very well prepared out on the ocean. but they did need medicine. they did need antibiotics to give to the child. they say they were glad that the father called for help when he did because if he didn't, that child would have gotten sicker and sicker and they estimate that the child may not have lasted more than a few days. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the couple has been blogging and tweeting throughout nair trip just two days ago dad eric kaufman we had to they were safe and headed back and then a few hours ago he responded to a reporter's question about the 129th rescue wing. he calls the rescuers, quote, heroes. the best of the best. new video into our newsroom in a mad dash to get to the scene of a fire two fire trucks crashed in daly city. the firefighters were hospitalized after the crash on
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brunswick street near crocker avenue. debris covered the street and look at the front end of this fire truck destroyed. well, authorities are still on the scene now investigating how this happened. the two injured firefighters are expected to be okay. but we're following the developing story of a police shooting in vallejo. it happened just after 3:00 this afternoon near the taco bell on solano off 80. video shows white material on the ground next to that suv. there are reports this is a deadly shooting that followed a pursuit. police are not confirming that yet. but investigators say they will release more details very soon. authorities are looking into an alarming photo taken at sfo that was recently published in an al qaeda magazine. this picture in the spring edition of inspire magazine shows a man riding alone in a tram. under the caption translates to why are you sit there is without a solution? get up and prepare your explosive device. the timing of it has
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authorities concerned. the one year anniversary of the boston marathon bombings is approaching. 3 people were killed and 264 injured during that attack on april 15. a woman ordered to stay away from sfo has been busted at the airport again. 62-year-old marilyn hartman of san francisco was arrested yesterday on charges of violating a court order and trespassing. you may remember hartman first tried to sneak on a plane bound for hawaii back in february. she go caught. she was spotted at the airport several more times despite orders to stay away. this is her sixth arrest at sfo. new at 5:00 want a faster commute? who doesn't? you might be able to pay for it. toll lanes could be coming to one of the bay area's busiest highways. kpix 5's phil angelides with another bold idea coming out of silicon valley. -- kpix 5's phil matier with another bold idea coming out of silicon valley. >> reporter: google buses and that don't seem to be helping
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much on 101 so santa clara is coming up with a new idea and here it is. >> so innovation is that we're proposing doing something that nobody has done in the united states. >> reporter: santa clara officials are moving ahead with plans to install toll lanes along the entire length of highway 101 from morgan hill all the way to the san mateo county line. and in some places, two lanes. >> all of it added up is about 66 miles. these are long corridors. >> reporter: they are starting to look into the idea of a toll lane on 101 from whipple all the way to interstate 380. >> they are trying to figure out how best to manage the highway along that corridor. >> reporter: and they certainly need to do something with the ongoing tech boom in silicon valley and more tech companies on the way. highway 101 is turned into one of the biggest traffic headaches in the bay area. >> google and genentech and other companies with private transit systems to meet
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employees' needs. >> reporter: instead of spending millions or new highway lanes, use technology and pricing to maximize the use of what we have. >> that the users are actually going to pay for this. >> reporter: the price of these faster lanes would range from 30 cents to $3 depending on the time of day and the length of the ride. there's another reason why these toll lanes are becoming more popular with the transit folks. they are moneymakers. >> we put that back into the corridor and transit services, extending the system, making other improvements. >> reporter: what about the people stuck in the lanes that they can't afford it and don't have enough to pay for it? >> what we've actually found, these are located all the way through the country, what we've actually found is by doing this this, actually even the speeds in the general purpose lanes actually increase, too. >> reporter: we saw this is an experiment on 680 a couple of years ago. but from the looks of things, it seems to be working. that's one of the reasons why santa clara is going to be going ahead in the next month or so with more and more of them. so keep your eyes on the road. in san francisco, at highway
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101, phil matier, kpix 5. >> toll lanes are already in place in two spots in the bay area. in the east bay, part of 680 has one between sunol and milpitas. highway 237 in south bay also has express lanes. developing news tonight. a 16-year-old student is charged with using two kitchen knives to slash people while running down a crowded school hallway. 22 people were hurt, four critically. the suspects is being charged as an adult. -- the suspects is being charged as an adult. it happened this morning before classes started at franklin regional high school in murrysville pennsylvania 15 miles east of pittsburgh. alexis christoforous has more on what witnesses say was certainly a bloody and chaotic scene. alexis? >> reporter: allen, tonight 16- year-old sophomore alex hribal is being held without bail. he is charged with four counts of attempted homicide, 21 counts of aggravated assault.
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authorities say it took him five minutes to stab nearly 2 dozen people inside this high school which is about 15 miles east of pittsburgh. witnesses say it was a bloody chaotic scene in the school's hallway. reporter: police are trying to figure out why a student went on a stabbing rampage at a high school in murrysville, pennsylvania. >> the juvenile went down the hallway and was flashing two knives around and injured the people. >> reporter: it happened just as the day was getting started at franklin regional high school. 21 students and a school police officer were hurt. >> kid laying down and he was holding his side and there was a teacher on top of him screaming, help. >> reporter: the victims were taken to local hospitals where several underwent surgery. >> they each had multiple vital organs injured. >> reporter: the suspect is identified as 16-year-old alex hribal. he was taken into custody after the officer and assistant principal and a student helped subdue him.
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>> i turned around and saw him stab -- charge the police officer and afterwards he went down and mr. king took off to take the kid down and i helped immobilize him. >> reporter: police are looking into a threatening phone call between the suspect and another student the night before the attack. parents rushed to the school when they got word of the stabbings. >> it's just panic right away. your stomach just drops. >> reporter: students were taken to another school where they were slowly reunited with their parents. the school will be closed for the next several days while the investigation continues. the police went to the boy's home here in this affluent suburb of pittsburgh to confiscate his computer. they will be poring over that. this community has come together and tonight several churches are open holding prayer services. there are counselors on hand for those who need to talk about this stabbing at this high school. allen? >> alexis, they say the fire
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alarm was pulled during the attack. did that help with the evacuation or add to the chaos? >> reporter: it was actually a quick-thinking student who pulled that fire alarm this morning and once he did, students poured out of the school and authorities say they are thankful he did that because they were able to evacuate the school much quicker than they would have been able to. allen? >> very smart of him. all right, alexis christoforous, thank you so much. well, one victim of the stabbing spree took this hospital selfie posted it to instagram. nate's caption says chilling at children's. he is one of the students credited with pulling that fire alarm and yelling for people to run. president obama meanwhile offered words of comfort at fort hood, texas today one week after three soldiers were killed on a shooting on that base. the president and first lady michelle obama joined family members and friends at the memorial service this afternoon. about 2,000 people attended to pay tribute to the soldiers and
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16 others who were injured. the obamas also spent time privately with grieving family members. >> the parents of these men as a father i cannot begin to fathom your anguish but i know that you poured your love and your hopes into your sons. >> investigators say an army specialist opened fire on the base after an argument with fellow soldiers about taking time off. he took his own life after the deadly rampage. hundreds of millions of people told to change their passwords. the "heartbleed" bug cases a major internet headache. how to make sure the next website you visit is safe. >> a bay area city's stray cat problem is out of control. the plan to crackdown on the people who are making it worse. >> it is poised. it's in position. and it is ready to pour onshore. it's the marine layer. the effect it will have on your forecast. [ indiscernible ] on google. >> doctors and dentists go
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♪ mattress discounters water rescue is goin ord on the more on our breaking news at ocean beach in san francisco. >> andria borba is there with the water rescue that's going on right now. andria, any word yet on the victim? >> reporter: well, at this point, two people have been pulled out of the water. take a look at the scene behind me out here at ocean beach started about 3:45 this afternoon. it was two children playing in the surf. they got sucked out by a very strong riptide out there. their father went into the water to try and save them. a firefighter's son a surfer by the name of joe saw all this happening. he pulled out a father and one child out. they have been transported to ucsf. a 14-year-old named marco is still out there. there are coast guard boats in the water right now as well as many sf fire units lined up here along ocean beach all the way up to the cliff house trying to see if they could spot this 14-year-old named marco. they anticipate they will be
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out here a while longer. but again, father and son have been transported to ucsf. at this point, there is a 14- year-old named marco they are still looking for out here in very strong riptides out at ocean beach. live in ocean beach, andria borba, kpix 5. >> thank you. more safety concerns for toyota. the five serious defects triggering a massive recall. >> a rat catches a train an commuters freak out! the video showing new yorkers aren't so tough after all. [ laughter ] >> ah!! ,,,,,,
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your personal information. we're learning more tonight about the security flaw with some popular websites that could be exposing your personal information. ken bastida has more of the "heartbleed" bug. kenny? >> yeah, liz. the bug is an encryption software. sites like youtube, yahoo, facebook, they all use it to store user names, passwords, credit card numbers and your personal information, as well. experts are warning people to avoid online banking for at least the time being. if you have to make any sort of transaction, do it in person or over the phone. popular sites like instagram, wikipedia, youtube, they say they have fixed the problem. others say they have not been affected by it. yahoo and others are scrambling to make sure that your information is secure. there's one way to find out if
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a website you like to visit could be putting you at risk. >> use a website checker. last"heartbleed" is an excellent one. it's been kept up to date on whether sites are vulnerable or not. >> what the flaw does is allows the attackers to snag personal information by allowing them to see if a website user is online. at the very least they could be grabbing your user name and password. you don't want that obviously. making matters worse the bug leaves no traces meaning that you may have never -- you never know if you have even become a victim. it's weird. so if you are going to change your passwords, we have a guide on how to make them complex. go to our website and search password at toyota another massive recall involving 6 million vehicles and five different
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safety hazards 27 different models. the list does include the toyota highlander and the 2009- 2010 matrix and the toyota rav- 4. it could cause driver's side airbag to fail to deploy in a crash but it also includes faulty rails on the driver's seat and damaged steering columns that can loosen when the wheel is turned. two 10-year-olds took home top honors in san francisco today for help in saving their mothers during medical emergencies. people in a crowded room at san francisco city hall applauded katrina and dante. both of them called 911 when their respective moms were in severe trouble. it was an emotional moment for katrina and her mom when she received the 911 hero award. both children also met the two dispatchers who answered the 911 calls. [ applause ] >> so it's like i can't believe i'm here! >> why is that? >> because it's like it's once in a lifetime you get like get
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a certificate from like in the mayor's, uhm, in mayor's building so it's really a honor. >> the san francisco department of emergency management also awarded the 911 dispatchers for their help in the emergency situation. in 30 days it's going to be illegal to feed abandoned cats in certain parts of antioch. the law addresses the random placement of food on sidewalks and other public property. feral cats swarm downtown near the railroad tracks at night and the city says people who feed them are causing a public health issue. >> if you walk along the riverwalk there, you'll see cat food and cat feces and cats and that's not really an attractive environment. >> animal groups will continue to work with the city to set up cat feeding stations in controlled areas. the law updates antioch's animal control rules for the first time since the 1980s. it also requires a city permit to keep more than five cats on the property.
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roberta gonzales pulling double duty today. you're incredible. [ laughter ] >> you have so much energy. >> absolutely. >> she is wonder woman. >> usually i'm in my comfort mode in my pajamas watching you guys at home. >> it's comfortable outside. it's been nice. >> very nice. people enjoyed the relief of the marine layer pushing back onshore. hi, everybody! let's go outside. it's our live kpix weather camera. wow! looking out at a seamless sky a few high dense cirrus clouds. otherwise, air temperatures from the 50s through the 60s. in the 70s, livermore more 79. san francisco 57. as we peer out toward the golden gate bridge westerly breezes. baseball action tonight as tim lincecum takes the mound for the good guys. diamondbacks still in town. tonight 44 to 50 degrees. we'll have the influx of the marine layer lining the coast. area of low pressure is to the south of bay area. this will cause minimal chances
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of precipitation across southern california by friday. but i mention this because it's going to enhance our marine layer towards the end of the workweek. until then we're under the influence of an area of high pressure. very similar conditions on thursday from what we experienced today. and then we'll see those notable changes by friday. so here's what you need to know. tonight, an area of low clouds and fog pushing back onshore well into the bay trying to march inland at least a good 20 to 30 miles. sunshine as the clouds dial back to the coast. we'll have cooler temperatures as we slip slide towards the weekend and it's never to early to talk about the weekend, right, gang? mid-70s tomorrow around the peninsula to 80 degrees outside number perhaps 81 maybe even 82 towards blackhawk, tracy, oakley. also in the brentwood area. here's your extended forecast. we call for more seasonal spring-like weather to return to the bay area by friday
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through sunday. and you'll notice by wednesday, unseasonably cool conditions. some computer models are hinting right now at chances of rain towards the easter, an outside chance. >> really? >> yeah. >> we'll have sunshine and dry conditions. >> beautiful. >> thank you. oh, yeah. >> it was enough to make your skin crawl. a rat runs laps around a new york city subway train! terrorizing trapped riders. someone posted this video on youtube of fellow passengers screaming in horror! many lifts their legs, some stood on seats to avoid the little guy. it was probably equally terrified. >> no kidding. [ screaming ] >> a rat in new york? why is that news? [ laughter ] >> sorry. >> probably happens more often than we know. doctors confess they do
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google patients. some are even catching them lying about their medical him. the pros and cons of maybe knowing too much.
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travels? turns out - it's turns out - it can be 2-hun times farther than we thoug. m-i-t researchers allergies making you sneeze in wonder how far it travels? it could be 200 times farther than thought. m.i.t. researchers released this video. they say coughs and sneezes form invisible gas clouds not just individual droplets that were thought to fall in groups. a sneeze picks up surrounding area that circulates the smaller droplets. all the more reason to cover up your coughing and sneezing. >> wash your hands. google can be a helpful tool for patients looking for doctors but kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us how doctors may be using it to research you. reporter: googling a doctor before your first visit is a pretty common practice. but how would you feel if the
5:25 pm
tables were turned. my dentist looked her up on google. >> reporter: she runs her own marketing company. it's a growing trend among doctors researching patients before an appointment. >> this really opens up a new paradigm on how physicians and patients interact. >> reporter: a doctor admits he has googled patients typically when patient safety is a concern but he admits it can be hard to ignore all the personal information available online. >> whenever you're in front of a computer, google is always such an easy tool. this is why my [ indiscernible ] because of ease of use. >> reporter: i worries. >> reporter: a study references a woman who requested a preventative double mastectomy. but skeptical doctors decided not to operate after finding facebook pages claiming she had recently been diagnosed with
5:26 pm
breast cancer and solicited donations. >> i suppose there are instances where it might be necessary to confront a patient. >> reporter: but dr. cook says those cases are rare and the american college of physicians advises against googling patients because it can compromise doctor-patient trust. >> i never really expect -- >> reporter: she admits it was awkward when her dentist solicited business advice but appointments like hers may soon be the new norm. some say doctors should be turning to google to help with difficult diagnoses. in fact, the "daily mail" cites a study that found that almost 6 in 10 difficult cases can be solved by using search engines as aids. give us a call if you have a story idea. 888-5-helps-u. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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its police force facing potential layoffs.. and i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00, tonight its police force is facing potential layoffs and that's just one of the possible consequences of a budget shortfall. how these financial woes highlight a bay area city's love-hate relationship with the chevron refinery. >> and it's a vast expanse of liquid gold out there but for now, simply too expensive to turn this into drinking water. tonight how a bay area experiment could be a breakthrough. get drought relief from our oceans. >> we'll look for that. thanks, ken. the "cbs evening news with
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scott pelley" is next in fort worth, texas. remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, >> pelley: tonight rampage at a high sch this time the weapons are knives as a teenager slashes many students at the school near pittsburgh. vanita nair is on the scene. anna werner is at fort hood where the president takes on an all too familiar role, consoler- in-chief for families of the fallen. >> they slipped from your embrace, but know that you will never be alone. >> pelley: seth doane on what is being called a great new lead. why investigators are optimistic they will soon find flight 370. and bill plante on how a son of the south achieved something few thought possible, 50 years ago. >> i'm about to sign into law the civil rights act of 1964. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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