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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 15, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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west wind at 14 miles per hour. this wind is not going anywhere any time soon. it may subside after sunset, but we have about three hours until then. so plan on wind coming the west toward the east for at least the next two or three hours. >> paul deanno, thank you. we will look for you in a few minutes. we were just commenting a few minutes ago, liz, how the firefighters were getting on top of that building. obviously, they were successful. >> it is amazing how successful they have been. that fire was really center on the top just a -- centered on the top of that building. any fire in san francisco, the biggest issue you have is fire spreading to other buildings. >> we can see flames coming out. they have to vent that, if they do, they certainly will. fire got started about 35
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minutes ago in this apartment building. we will bring you updates as we get them. more breaking news. a heavy police presence near the site of the finish line to the boston marathon. officers are investigating two unattended back pacs. our affiliate in boston reports a man was wearing a black vail and yelling boston strong before leaving those back backpacks. >> it has been a day of tributes and remembrance honoring the victims and lives lost. kpix 5's ken bastida with a look ated to's ceremonies. >> reporter: -- today's ceremonies. >> reporter: yeah. the people came to honor the three people who died and the more than 260 who were wounded there. it was a day of resilience ringing true to the statement boston strong. >> the city of boston stopped
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to observe a moment of silence at the time two bomb went off at the marathon finish line last year. church bills rang to honor the victim -- bells rang to honor the victims. a powerful quiet moment. little crane richard stood on the spot where she lost her leg and her big brother martin a year ago -- jane richard stood on the spot where her she lost her leg and her big brother martin a year ago. >> we chose to run toward smoke and danger. we chose to utilize our belts and purse straps to create tourniquets. we chose to hold the injured in our arms. >> vase president joe widen said america will send the world and terrorists a message when the 118th boston marathon steps off. >> we will never yield. we will never cower.
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america will never, ever, ever stand down. we are boston. we are america. we respond. we endure. we overcome, and we own the finish line. >> runner johanna suffered broken bone and a traumatic brain injury when the bomb went off last year. >> i have to be here on the anniversary to show that, you know, we are not going to be defeated. >> an attitude the people of boston plan to take to this year's finish line. >> president obama observed a private moment of silence at the how today. he released -- white house today. he released a statement today saying the country recognizes the courage and leadership of the people of boston. martinez bombing victim aaron
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hearn is back in boston with his new baby sister. the 12-year-old was standing at the finish line waiting for his mom who was three months pregnant to finish the race u. second bomb went off nearby. aaron had major injuries to both his legs. after a year of recovery, his friends and family say he is back to his old self. again, breaking news. we have video of two suspicious packages, we were told. back backpacks found near the fin -- backpacks found near the finish line. police kept everybody out. this is exactly where the other backpacks went off last time a year ago today. so they are checking that out. the bomb squad is on the scene right there. we also will keep an eye point. >> unbelievable somebody would do that. >> crazy. people saw, again, a suspect, a
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suspicious person wearing a black vail shouting something and then leaving them there and taking off. we all know the pressure cookers and all that were hidden inside the backpacks a year ago. >> all right. ken, thanks. >> reporter: okay. new at 5:00, a growing corruption scandal. investigators are digging dapper into the leland employee case. kpix 5's linda yee reports one city leader just made a bomb shell confession to kpix 5. linda. >> reporter: liz, the fbi is widening its political corruption investigation in san francisco. now leaders in city hall will be meeting with agents this week. an fbi spokesman says it is part of the on going operation that has already snagged state senator leland employee. >> all city supervisors have been asked to voluntarily meet with the fbi. agents want more information on an alleged china town crime
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sunday cat -- syndicate. the charges are murder for hire, drugs anemone laundering. the supervisor says he will help the fbi. the supervisor dealt with shrimp boy in the past and felt threatened. >> you have a little bit of a history with mr. chou. there were issues around city funding of his organization in 2009. there was some issues between them where he had police protection for a couple months after that. >> chou was in court to enter a plea in the corruption scan crystal. his attorneys insist he is innocent. >> he did not do any of those things. it is that easy. if you read the indictment
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carefully. >> the scandal has led some china town leaders to distance themselveses from employee. they say in part t -- the fall out will not set back the progress of others who fought so hard to be political leaders. it was saned by the chinese community members and merchants. linda yee kpix 5. >> more charges are possible in this case. last week, prosecutors said they wanted to revise the at the same time. an ac transit official is on paid leave after being charged with taking more than half a million dollars from his church. lewis jr. has been the cfo since 208 of. the prosecutors say -- 2008. the prosecutors say the crimes were committed away from his church. we went to his home in vallejo
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today to get a response to the charges but no one answered the door. coming up, who could refuse walter white? >> if you don't go to the prom, maybe your best course of action would be to tread lightly. >> how a bay area's life has changed since his breaking bad prom selection. monitoring our breaking story. another look now as firefighters hit that fire hard in san francisco. we will update it. ,, ,,
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safeway gets that staying on budget can be a real bear. that's why they've got lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. for easter, get a safeway spiral sliced ham, for just $1.99 a pound. cadbury mini eggs are only $2.69. talk about a sweet deal. and arrowhead water is just $3.33 a case. there's more savings to love at safeway. ingredients for life. fire investigators say the mission bay fire was accide. the preliminary report says new details about last month's inferno at a construction site. firefighters say the mission bay fire was an accident. the preliminary report says flames started on the top
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floor. a hot or smoldering object ignited wood on the outside of the building. and flames completely destroyed the complex causing $40 million in damage. a six-alarm, $40 million fire in the mission bay was ruled an accident what is not an accident is how the business across the street is being treatedded to. >> we expected more trouble makers them. shame on them. >> the store itself wasn't damaged too much, but health concerns were left behind. john and his partner saw stuff coming through the vents.
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>> watery eyes. there is something that started after the fire. >> and just as they were shaking off the dust from the fire hoping the developer bre would provide some kind of relief, it looks like they will be buried in legal paperwork by a big law firm. >> they basically told us it could be from five other projects in this area. and it has nothing to do with the fire. >> you don't buy that. >> we don't buy that. >> on top of all that, they say the clean up has cleaned out most of the customers around here. the fire may be out, but a mess is still left behind. >> it is a disaster. it has been devastating. >> brian webbs, fire investigators say the reports will be released in the next few weeks. a mom's quick thinking helped save seven children in a burning home in san jose. the children two adults were in bed in this house when flames broke out early this morning. it was mom who heard the fire alarm, grabbed her baby and woke up the rest of the family. the fire spread from the garage to the home's second floor
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destroying everything. >> everything is lost. everything is lost. like i said, we left with nothing. my kids have no shoes on their feet. some of them have no socks. my son had no pants on. >> red cross is working with the family to help find them a place to live. fire investigators are still trying to figure out how that fire started. an excavator is removing debris from a building that burned to the ground on sunday in san jose. it was the old site of the kmtv studio. once the debris is cleared, cadaver dogs will be looking for anyone who may have died in the fair since squatters had been living there. no word on the cause. >> i was really just traying to get a prom date out of it. a bay area teenager's breaking bad surprise. what i was going through his head when walter white helped him land a date? ,,,,,,,,,,
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he got a famous actor to he get him a prom date in a video went wild on a walnut creek teenager took a chance and it paid a. he got a famous actor to help him get a prom date and the his video went wild on the internet. kpix 5's len ramirez talked to the young man who is now over the moon. >> he is going to the prom, but the story of how their big date came about is already an epic at the high school and it is going viral every where else. >> i was really just trying to get a prom date out of it. >> montana was in new york city visiting colleges with his mom when they went to see a show. >> we went to cy-pres the january's show all the way on broadway. >> but he is better known as walter white in the wildly popular show breaking bad. >> i'm just getting started.
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>> the idea struck staffen, what if he could get -- steven to help him get a prom date. >> if you don't go to the prom with stephen, maybe your best course of action would be to tread lightly. >> mattie, would you go to the prom with me. >> i was really in shock. it took me five times to watch it. >> once the shock melted away. >> it was probably the most surprising thing that's ever happened to me. and, i mean, i couldn't say no. it was just incredible. i was so impressed by stephen. >> mattie and i are huge fans of the show. i knew it would be extra special for her. >> now he has his dream date. len ramirez, kpix 5.
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>> the prom is this weekend. you have just a few hours to get your taxes in the mail. if you procrastinated, some post offices will be open later than normal. the main office and the san jose office both will stay open until 8:30 tonight. the last collection from the mailboxes will be at 10:00 p.m. in just about 15 minutes, a bob cat nursed pack to health after a pretty bad jury will be released into the wild -- injury will be released into the wild. >> it was tricky but worth it. >> it has been a long five months for this bob cat who broke her leg when a car hit her in san jose. >> when we receive the cat we determined that she did have two fractures. so we rushed her over to the animal hospital where the doctor, a sea lion specialist, she plated the leg to where the two fractures fused back together. >> after that surgery, getting this girl pack on her feet was
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a challenge. for eight week, staff here at the wild life center of silicon valley had to give this wild cat a daily dose of anti biotics and pain meditation. >> pretty difficult to deal with, to say the least. she is an adult bob cat. >> feisty and ready for a second chance. >> she can hunt, she can hide, run, climb. everything that a wild bob cat does. so we feel that she is ready to go. >> that bob cat is set to be relayed at 5:30. let's go back to -- relayed at 5:30. firefighters working to put out massive fire at an apartment building. we know one man ran out of the building with his cat. he is okay. we do not have any reports anyone was actually injured. this fire started just before
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5:00 at the building at 87 delores street near 14th. this is live chopper view. it appears that fire is mostly out. fire crews still surveilling the scene. we do have a reporter on scene and will have a complete update tonight at 6:00. >> they made quick work of that one. that's what they do. and good thing because the wind was blowing. >> yeah. >> the wind is rarely a firefighter's friend. >> i am sure they do specialized training for the wind. >> reporter: 15, 20, 25 miles per hour. much like today, it is an on shore flow. the clouds have cleared. the saw -- view looking south is an excellent one. we have livermore at 78. the cool spot would be san bruno at 62. san jose in the low 70s. lafayette, we can tell you the
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temperature. currently 71 degrees. a light wind out of the southeast at two miles per hour. relative humidity sitting at 50%. tomorrow morning the kids are going back to school. lows around 50. oakland 51. mountain saw 51. napa 48 degrees -- mountain view 51. napa 48. we have a large ridge of high pressure off to the south and west. it is not just that we have a ridge of high pressure. now it really matters where the ridge is center because winds flow clockwise around the ridge. the fact that it's centered to our south and west means that on shore flow will continue. we will have lots of fog. lots of low cloud cover in the morning. but once that burns off, you get plenty of blue sky because of the all the activity will be kept to the north. the active weather stays away. but the foggy weather we will
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certainly have everyday for the next several. so, if you live near the water, your mornings will be cloudy. your afternoons will be very comfortable. very sunny. cloudy starts to each day. look at the highs tomorrow. 9degrees above average for you in concord and san jose. oakland 72. 80 in campbell tomorrow. gilroy also. mid 70s for you in san mateo. redwood city also. fremont 74. i believeland high with less -- inland high with less cloud cover. antioch 79. near san francisco, a high of 66. petaluma, your high 76. lakeport, 79 degrees for your high tomorrow. your extended forecast, we are looking pleasant. around 70 near the bay. the next several days are looking sunny andre. that is your kpix 5 forecast.
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>> thanks, paul. there is still hours left to get your hands on google glass. coming up, consume herb watch is tackling your questions about the most controversial -- consumer watch is tackling your questions about the most controversial toy in tech.
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company is not revealing how many it sold today--- parently it wasn today was the big public release of google glass. >> now the company not revealing how many it sold today, but apparently it wasn't the slam dunk as some expected. google did say it had sold out of the white. other color options were still available. the company says it could extend its one day sale of the $1,500 wearable computers. >> julie watts says the launch is leading to a lot of questions. some were wondering what these things are. >> reporter: absolutely. people are asking about everything from privacy to strategy. we got this question from twitter. asked about google's p one day release strategy. they say google is likely trying to get rid of old
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inventory before releasing a new version to the public later this year. the most common question we hear is exactly how does google glass work. >> okay glass. take a picture. >> with voice command, a swipe of the finger or nod of the head, the internet connected head setover lays the internet with the world around you. also allows hands free access to make a call, take picture, record video. that's largely what is leading to privacy concerns. businesses like this bar in san francisco outlawing the glasses. there has been attacks on people wearing them. >> there is no etiquette that exist around google glass. google, i think has been a little bit lax in teaching people who are responsible ways to use it and what aren't. and it is a challenge for the legal system to figure out how this technology that's being invented as a very rapid pace can intersect with the law in a way that's fair to both parties. >> it is a privacy issue.
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>> california is a two-party consent state, which means you do have to agree to have your conversation recorded. if you're whispering or having a conversation that you believe is confidential, then you technically shouldn't be recording. but if you're in public place or crowd like in a bar and you know that people around you can overhear your conversation, then it is legal for someone to record it. another common privacy question we're getting, is google recording everything that glass sees? well, seen it says no. there is no live feed or stream. even if they could be hacked, the battery on google glasses really doesn't last that long. ghoul has applied for a patent that allows google glass to have google contacts.
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>> wow. >> imagine google contacts. this is just the beginning. the law will have to catch up. >> julie, thanks. now for a look at what's ahead on the evening news. >> scott pelly in new york. boston one year later. the nation remembers the loss and pace tribute to the survivors of thing bombing. plus, we will catch up with danny, the young man that was kidnapped. and we will speak with fbi agents. those stories tonight on the western edition of the cbs evening news at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the way for prote i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, paving the way for protest. the bay area city finally getting its first dedicated bus lanes. how that comes with a consequence that critics call a sneak attack. it's a story you'll see only on kpix 5. and, jumping into the wine business. how east bay wineries are making a name for themselves. and, we will have the latest on that apartment fire. scary scene this afternoon. smoke and flames coming from the roof. we will have a live report ahead coming up at 6:00. allen, liz. >> thank you for that. thanks for watching. cbs evening news with scott pelly, next. >> and remember, the latest always on our website
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>> pelley: tonight, bost america rising. >> ♪ what so proudly we hailed... ♪ >> pelley: one year after the rsmbing, the nation remembers the loss... >> our guardian angels-- linzi, sean, krystle, and martin. >> pelley: and pays tribute to the survivors. >> proof that america can never, never, never be defe. >> pelley: jeff glor on the solemn anniversary. >> this is the intersection right up here. >> pelley: chip reid with danny, the carjacking victim who led police to the bombing suspects. holly williams is in ukraine, where the government is fighting back against pro-russian forces. eed elaine quijano on the bond between the people in these pictures and the photographer who snapped them one year ago.


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