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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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any help and they say that someone else had to grab this man off him? i don't understand, why do a child have to be thrown up against the window, choke, hit? does that make sense? >> the school district says that the boy who was attacked told the principal at wilson elementary school about what happened. the principal then called the police. burnis hurd is in jail on child abuse charges. shocking surveillance video captures and oakland high school security guard beating a student in a wheelchair! the guard was fired immediately after he nched the student and dumped him on the floor. kpix 5's da lin with how state investigators are responding tonight. da. >> reporter: aside from the opd investigation, the state is also launching a new investigation into the attack. the department of consumer affairs could decide as early as next week whether to revoke the security guard's license. he was seen in a surveillance video beating up a disabled
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student. oakland union fight says he smacked the student across the head a few times before dumping him out of his wheelchair. now, the special ed. student francisco martinez has cerebral palsy. it happened at oakland high school on may 19. the district said the guard asked the freshman to go to class. when he refused, the guard handcuffed him and started pushing his wheelchair. after martinez spat in the guard's face, the district said the guard snapped and attacked him. now, despite the violent ak that, many students started a -- despite the violent attack, many students started a petition to bring back the popular security guard. they say the victim is a known troublemaker and provoked the attack. >> the boy spit on him. this would have never happened if the boy was in class in the first beginning. >> spit something a crime. >> students are envisioning themselves in the same situation but their situation is not equivalent to that of the security officer. he has a higher standard.
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he failed in the most dramatic way. >> reporter: i stopped by the security guard's house today to try to get a response. but no one was home. the guard is 23-year-old marcel mitchell. the district says he won't be coming back. he was fired right after the attack. students say mitchell is a very popular guard on campus. in fact, when that student, the victim, showed up to campus this morning, other students confronted that victim and he had to leave school this morning. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> marcel mitchell has made bail and is facing one count of child abuse. oakland unified hired him back in november. a bart police officer will not be charged for the fatal shooting of a fellow officer. the officers were searching a dublin apartment in january for a man wanted for several robberies. now, sergeant tommy smith and officers michael maes were inside but the d.a. says they weren't aware of one
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another. maes saw a shadowy figure with a gun and thought it was an armed suspect and opened fire. it turned out it was officer smith. he was the first bart police officer to die in the line of duty. one week after the isla vista massacre, a california lawmaker has announced a mental health gun bill in washington. the legislation would prevent people who are considered mentally unstable from owning guns. >> the legal process through the warrant process to be able to take guns away from those folks to ensure that they don't do any harm to themselves or others. >> last friday, a gunman killed six people in isla vista. the killer's parents told police that they were worried about their mentally ill son. this bill would give law enforcement the ability to intervene and remove any guns in situations like this. legislation would also prevent those convicted of stalking and domestic abuse from getting guns. there are calls tonight to help elderly from being evicted
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from a historic assisted living facility. kpix 5 reporter don ford tells us protestors say the move could mean life or death. >> stay here and prevent the eviction. we have to save our elderly. >> reporter: another city hall protest. but this one is different. >> save our homes now! >> reporter: senior citizens are being evicted from the university mound ladies home a facility that has cared for the elderly for more than 130 years is closing. >> we have to find another place to live. >> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: that's going to be hard. >> it certainly is. >> reporter: 53 seniors must move out by july 10. edie's mother is one of them. she says the move would be just too much. >> i am literally fighting for my mother's life. i don't want my mother to die. i don't want her to have to move to another facility.
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>> reporter: the home released a statement saying, umlh leadership is committed to finding suitable living alternatives for current residents. as we mourn the last of this special community, we also hope to honor and celebrate our history." the board of directors says, the money has simply run out. the seniors and their supporters want city hall to step in. supervisor david chiu says he wants to help. >> we are going to have to find some money and i'm happy to work with our colleagues and the mayor to do that. >> my daughter found this nice place for me. >> reporter: they will need a few hundred thousand dollars to stay open and there's only about 6 weeks left to come up with the cash. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. on the bay area watch we are learning tonight that construction workers on the bart-silicon valley extension project have found human remains on two separate occasions. it happened in october 2012 and
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most recently this past april. in all, the bones of 17 people have been found. bart believes they are probably native americans. the valley transit authority is in charge of the project and it's working with the native american heritage commission to respectfully handle those remains. a pleasanton teen got a nine-year sentence for crashing his car into a couple riding their bikes killing the wife. police say 19-year-old cody hall was going twice the speed limit when he lost control of his car last year. it happened along foothill road. 58-year-old deborah heresvoort was killed. her husband had a broken leg. prior to the accident, hall took to social media to brag about his speeding. prosecutors used his boasting in their case against the teen. a former tech ceo going after his old company. you may remember the story of [ indiscernible ] his story and his millionaire lifestyle featured on oprah. but he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of domestic
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abuse after what was described as a brutal fight with his girlfriend. afterwards, he was fired by radiumone. he says his board of directors broke a promise to support him if he took a plea deal. music lovers are in wine country now to catch some big acts this weekend. chopper 5 live over the bottlerock music festival. the event started last year and had a number of problems during and after the concert. traffic and parking in the area was a nightmare. the festival itself went bankrupt and vendors left to foot the bill. this year, new organizers are hoping things will get a little smoother. kpix 5's ryan takeo is live at the festival tonight. ryan. >> reporter: hi, liz. organizers from last year's festival, they are out of here, new owners are in. they have already made some pretty drastic changes like cutting the festival from 5 days last year down to three this year. last year there were a lot of complaints from neighbors because it was too crowded and the parking was an issue so
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this year the organizers, they have no parking all on this side of the street. we are going to show you some video of some of the traffic around here. really hasn't been all that bad. we heard horror stories of last year's event. a lot of complaints about overcrowding at the event and on the streets. but so far, it's nothing like last year. >> i mean, as for a crowd in traffic, it's a little bit less of a circus but it's not as packed. it's not as crazy and hectic and chaotic. >> they don't have no place for anybody here to park. my neighbors. >> reporter: that neighbor did not like the crowds from last year particularly on saturday. that's the main reason he doesn't want the festival back next year. tomorrow is going to be the big test. that's when organizers expect the largest crowd of the three days but they say they are selling fewer tickets than last year's owners because they want more crowd control and a better fan experience. live in napa, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. still ahead, long lines of people trying to travel
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overseas stuck waiting for their visas. why they have been getting the runaround for weeks now. >> plus, getting guaranteed prime san francisco parking for months, even years while the rest of us circle the block. >> the river of air known as the onshore flow rushed in overnight. this was the result, clouds, more clouds, more clouds heading from the golden gate toward berkeley. any changes for the weekend? will we see some sun? the answer next. ,, a ,, my dad worked as a short order cook. right here. my parents were immigrants.
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and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state. female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic
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go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ than just the "i voted" sti. tonight -- the move to givey getting a little bit more than just the i voted sticker. tonight the move to give away free medical marijuana for people who cast their ballots on tuesday. >> kpix 5's len ramirez with the plan and the backlash. len. >> reporter: we are talking about free pot for people who voted. you know, a lot of folks have been trying to get younger voters to turn out at the polls
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for a long time. but this is probably not what most people had in mind. >> reporter: people who buy pot at this san jose marijuana dispensary can run up quite a tab. but on a election day next tuesday, this club and others like it will be giving away pot for free. that is, if you have a marijuana card and prove that you voted. >> it's always good to be politically active for any issue not just this one. >> reporter: pot clubs have been feeling the squeeze from city hall and by coincidence, the city council is voting on tough new regulations on the same day voters go to the polls. >> these are the candidates recommended by the coalition. >> reporter: pot clubs endorse candidates considered cannabis- friendly. >> to offer somebody a drug to induce them to vote doesn't seem right to me. >> reporter: city councilwoman and mayoral candidate rose herrera isn't on the cannabis- friendly list. >> i'm going to move to ban them. i think the county and cities are moving in that direction. do we want to be the capital or
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silicon valley or the capital of marijuana central? >> reporter: perhaps nowhere is the issue more heated than at the shopping center on tully road where there are two dispensaries mixed in with dental offices. dr. victor enriquez called the giveaway a bribe. >> it highlights the fact it's just a recreational drug. >> reporter: one 18-year-old who just picked up hypotennesee marijuana wax didn't give him name but will come back tuesday. >> i might come back and get some free pot. >> reporter: the big question tonight is whether or not this pot giveaway is legal. the silicon valley cannabis coalition says it doesn't know for sure and neither does the city council. the san jose city attorney is now looking into this. we should know by election day. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the silicon valley cannabis coalition will decide on month which dispensaries can give out the free pot. they say getting there is half the fun. but for a lot of international travelers, just getting a visa is turning into a long
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miserable journey. and kpix 5's brian webb reports, it's not over yet. >> my advice if you don't need to travel, stay out. >> reporter: before you can get to india -- >> 1.2 billion indians in the world. >> reporter: -- you're going to need the proper travel documents but just last week, the consulate general hired a new company to process those requests and almost immediately, the system fell apart. >> everything was massive. >> apparently, those guys just lost me passport for the first couple of days. >> at the last minute they returned my whole -- the whole application to me without refunding the fee so now i have to start all over again with a new agency. >> reporter: that new agency cox and kings global services has been overwhelmed by large and frustrated crowds. so today, they took control of the situation by turning away walk-ins and sending others here the indian consulate. >> i spent almost three or four
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hours in personal with the agency and now i'm here. >> reporter: and this is where we heard the real horror stories, travelers who can't travel -- >> i myself spend about $2,000 with airline cancellation fees. >> reporter: and those who had to travel just to untangle paperwork stuck in the system. >> flew up to san diego to try to minimize the damage. i'm my own courier even though i paid to be for the courier to do it. >> reporter: for its part, the embassy says it's doing the best it can while the service provider catches up on the backlog. >> but there should be some -- they need some overhauling. >> given the rush hour and the travel season, the [ indiscernible ] translating the agency to a new company. >> reporter: as for when cox and kings will have things straightened out. >> monday will be better. that's what he said. >> promises are made. reality is -- you see the line out there. >> this is my fourth day. i'm waking up at 5:00 in the
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morning preparing victor's lunch. my son is going to fall ill because of all this. >> we asked cox and kings for a comment when we visited their office today, we were told, quote, we don't want you here. parking is not easy in san francisco. add big construction projects taking up prime curb space and you have a bigger problem. with the city's building boom, temporary no parking signs are popping up about everywhere. this home in the richmond district near 26th avenue and california is taking up curbside spots six days a week. a neighbor says the sign has been there for four years. >> it's gotten very frustrating for a lot of us in the neighborhood. it doesn't make sense to the average person trying to find parking in their neighborhood. >> no parking construction zones have shot up around the city by more than a third in the past two years. a lot of building going on. the city says the construction zone permits have to be renewed
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every six months. if you like san francisco type weather, that kind of cool cloudy kind of foggy atmosphere, you're in luck. >> we found it. today was the coolest day of the month. >> i felt it, yeah. >> 58 degrees for a high today in san francisco. didn't feel very warm but a lot of folks come here from around the world. i want to cool off in may and june. you can do that here because we sit next to a very large air- conditioner. we call it the pacific ocean. here's a peek outside today. we're looking live at sfo in the background which has been cloudy all day with temperatures there only in the mid-60s. what a change over 24 hours. coldest day since april 25. sonoma 71. concord 75 was 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. much cooler in oakland today. yesterday you hit 77. today because of the onshore flow, 14 degrees cooler. so something certainly changed. the fan from the pacific ocean has been turned on. now, most of us did clear out. we had cloud cover in the morning. i'd say 90% of the bay area got
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sunshine in the afternoon. the exception will be right along the coastline from bodega bay and point reyes all the way down to half moon bay. we have stayed cloudy or foggy all afternoon long. kind of sounding more like summer, isn't it? the summer-like weather pattern will be with us for one more day. low pressure sitting offshore piping in a southwest flow. anything with the westerly component to the wind is considered an onshore flow. but it's a southwest flow that gives us the most cloud cover and the most humid air. we had that today. we'll have that again tomorrow. it will be a cloudy morning to start off your weekend. then by sunday, things change. low pressure moves out. high pressure builds back in. more of a northerly influence to the wind. that means earlier sunshine and warmer weather for the second half of your weekend. a lot of 70s out there tomorrow with afternoon sunshine including napa, santa rosa, concord and fremont. san francisco is only 62. oakland 68 and pacifica 59 for a high. warmer choice over the weekend, definitely sunday. we cool back down on monday and tuesday, and then toward the end of next week, we'll get
6:19 pm
near 90 by next friday inland. who knew you can go on a roller coaster ride without going to the amusement park? temperatures going down, back up. 'tis summer. >> we're long for the ride. why not? >> yup. >> thanks, paul. hundreds of east bay students are left cramming again. the tests they will have to retake because the school didn't follow the rules. >> plus a thumbs-up for facebook's founder. the huge donation he is dropping right in his own backyard. ,, saderstands you got to make every dollar count these days. that's why they have lots of ways for you to save.
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placement tests will have t thrown out... because certa 't followed. st officials at a pleasanton high school say it's their faulted that dozens of tests will have to be thrown out. parents are outraged. >> they are getting punished for something they didn't do wrong and the schools cannot do anything about it. >> reporter: she is a parents of a junior at amador valley. yesterday, her son and 400 other advance placement students were told the ap test
6:22 pm
they took last month wasn't valid because of, quote, seating irregularities. this all came to light after an anonymous person reported a concern a student cheated which was later declared not an issue. but as part of the investigation, the educational testing service asked, how were the student placed? rules state, students must be seated five feet apart. >> we were two inches under the required distance between students in one case and in another instance, we didn't have all students facing in the same direction. so based on that, they nullified all of the exams within the classroom. >> reporter: amador valley high school and the pleasanton unified school district admitted this was their fault. >> we acknowledge our role in this whole process and we apologize. we feel deeply sorry for the position that we're in. and our hearts go out to all our students who have been impacted by this. >> it's disappointing. we have to probably restudy a lot of the things that we forgot over the last few weeks, but shouldn't be too bad. >> reporter: senior danny
6:23 pm
olenic has to retake one test but chung sun has to retake three, the same weeks as his s.a.t.s and fines. >> they say it's their fault but i don't care. i don't care whose fault it is or who is accountable. i just want them to fix this. >> reporter: amador valley high school administrators and the district said they tried to fight the college board's decision several times. but the board ultimately decided the school was out of compliance and their only option was retesting. in pleasanton, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> students can retake the exams next week. they should be submitted in time for scoring without impacting the students' college acceptance. there was a rally today outside a catholic high school in opposition for a morality clause. ♪[ music ] >> students, parents and alumni demonstrated outside oakland bishop o'dowd against a clause in a new teacher contract that requires them to sign a pledge
6:24 pm
to abide by church teaching in their private lives regardless of whether they are catholic. >> we are certainly considering and have already gone on record as saying that we will not be able to, uhm, give the kind of pledge money for various things that we do each year to the school beyond tuition. >> now, technically, that would mean teachers could be fired for being gay, have been sex outside of marriage or using birth control. in the wake of the controversy, the oakland bishop says that he is working on amending the contract to address those concerns. facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife are getting a lot of likes for their most recent donation today. the couple pledged $120 million to help bay area schools in low income communities. some of the money will help districts like ravenswood city school district start a new public and charter schools that offer a higher quality of education. >> what we need to do is -- it's been very difficult to
6:25 pm
find the resources to actually initiate all the changes that we need to make to provide the kind of education that our students need. >> the announcement comes at a time when silicon valley and some affluent tech workers have drawn fire from critics who accuse them of driving up real estate prices and giving very little back to the community. coming up in our next half hour, a huge shake-up at the department of veterans affairs in the wake of that scandal involving hospital care. we'll look at the issues our bay area veterans are dealing with. >> plus, the latest chapter in the donald sterling saga. what he is now demanding from the nba. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets.
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after an investigation reve some vet tonight, veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki is out after investigation revealed some vets were forced to wait months for hospital care and false data was put in to try to cover it up. >> in public remarks he took responsibilities for the conduct of those facilities and apologized to his fellow veterans and to the american people. and a few minutes ago, secretary shinseki offered me
6:29 pm
his own resignation, with considerable regret i accepted. >> president obama acknowledged that shinseki had started firing many of the people responsible and canceled bonuses for senior va executives, deputy secretary sloan gibson will now take over as acting secretary of the va. kpix 5's linda yee is live with the issues many bay area veterans are dealing with. linda? >> reporter: well, liz, there are a lot of problems that are similar to the veterans that we have been hearing all along but i have to say that many of the veterans i spoke to here today are not very happy with the removal of the secretary and you'll find out why in just a few minutes. but i have to say in the spirit of full disclosure i am personally affected by these issue through my own father's trials in trying to get his veterans benefits. some veterans call the removal of secretary eric shinseki more of a witch hunt. >> there's always room for improvement in the government. >> reporter: navy veteran charles thompson says the blame for the problems in the healthcare system should be spread around.
6:30 pm
>> our politicians shut the government down for two weeks unnecessarily. that was -- through sequestration. that was time lost that could have been given to our veterans. so the blame should go around to everyone not just the secretary. >> reporter: in fact, some of the unhappy veterans here at the san francisco va medical center blame middle managers. >> i believe it's bureaucracy lie the directors that sit on these offices, they get these six-figure dollars. they are the ones that have to go. >> reporter: marine veteran complained about medical treatment and he believes that got him blacklisted from further care here. administrators here insist veterans are getting the best care and safeguards to prevent the scandalous treatment delays at the troubled phoenix medical center. >> our average is 22 days. >> reporter: are you happy with that? >> i think we can always do better. and it is an average. so we know that in areas where
6:31 pm
we need to get people in quickly, we can. >> reporter: but the va has other struggles, too. the backlog in processing veterans disability claims continues to be severe at the northern california regional center in oakland. a veterans advocacy group says wait types average 618 days. >> the secretaries for many generations have failed. it's absolutely not a new problem. and the backlog is a huge problem. really what used to happen is that we need to hire more rate- ers to rate claims. they can't be waiting that long. it's unacceptable. >> reporter: the state assemblywoman nancy skinner has been working to relieve the backlog. strike teams were sent to regional offices to help with benefit reviews and they say there has been some progress but more work has to be done.
6:32 pm
in the meantime, we know that the swords to plowshares groups are disappointed with shinseki leaving because, liz, what they say is he was the first one to actually help homeless veterans. >> looking at that backlog of paperwork, it is just unbelievable how much work needs to be done. >> reporter: yes. >> all right, linda. thank you. politics likely played a huge factor in what happened but a bay area lawmaker says now is not the time for a political blame game. >> so you can do a lot of finger-pointing. the most important thing we need to do, though, is fix the system. and that means a wholesale review of how we go about establishing performance goals for the physicians. >> congresswoman jackie speier is planning to hold town hall meetings to address the problems with the va. late today the nba said it will allow the former ceo of microsoft to buy the los angeles clippers. but donald sterling isn't letting go so easily. now he says he is going to sue
6:33 pm
the nba. kristy fajardo on the latest round of drama. >> reporter: the l.a. clippers may soon be steve balmer's clippers. late this afternoon, the nba issued this statement. the clippers will be sold to steve balmer pending approval by the nba board of governors and the nba will withdraw its pending charge to terminate the sterlings ownership of the team. shelly sterling negotiated the $2 billion sale of the clippers. a source close to her said she has sole control of the team because her estranged husband donald was diagnosed with alzheimer's after being evaluated by two neurologists this month. the source did not provide proof to back up the claim. >> donald could not go to court and challenge what has been done. >> reporter: the estate law professor at usc says the sale is not a done deal. in fact, today donald sterling's attorney responded calling the diagnosis a, quote, vast overstatement and that the 80-year-old only has, quote, a modest mental impairment and is
6:34 pm
slowing down. mccatch friendly fun says those are all things a court would consider. >> the question is how severe is it, how advanced is it? does he have mechanisms to deal with it such that he can make decisions about some aspects of his life? >> reporter: shortly before the nba made its announcements, donald sterling filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the league alleging that the nba had violated his constitutional rights antitrust laws and breach of contract. it's not clear how the latest lawsuit will affect the sale of the team. outside staples center, kristy fajardo, kpix 5. >> three-quarters of the nba board of governors would have to okay the deal to sell the team to balmer. the numbers you dial on your phone could put out more info than you expect. what they may be revealing without your knowledge. >> and save your pennies. how much more it will cost you to travel this summer. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the holes in tillamook swiss cheese are actually little black holes. never. ever. stick even your pinky finger into one of them. yay! be history. at least here in the united states. d-con says it wi in consumerwatch a powerful poison that killed hundreds of animals will soon be history
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here in the united states. decon says it will pull 12 of the most toxic rodent poisons off the store shelves. they killed at least 300 foxes, hawks and other endangered species that ate the rodents which ate the rat poison. and if you want to get away this summer you better be ready to pay. this year's travel season will be one of the most expensive. according to the american express survey, it will cost about $100 more with the average cost of vacation now at $1,246. airfares are up 6% over $400 for a roundtrip fare. hotel costs are up 5% with average room rates at $115. and you can blame those price hikes on business travelers and the booming economy. seems like the little things like the numbers you dial on your cell phone may actually be revealing a lot more about you than you know.
6:38 pm
sumi das found out that metadata could be putting your personal information out there. >> reporter: it's just metadata. that's been a popular defense of the nsa surveillance program. but one that many computer scientists dispute. >> there will be quite a lot you can learn about the ordinary american. >> reporter: metadata includes details like the number dialed, the time of the call, and duration. just how sensitive is that information? according to research done by stanford ph.d. student jonathan mayer and his partner, very. they created an android appear metta phone that asks users to volunteer their phone records to learn what can be uncovered from metadata. more than 500 people signed up. >> we began by identifying the organizations associated with the phone numbers in our dataset and we did that primarily using phone books provided by yelp and by google totally public and easy to access. >> reporter: with the help of facebook's phone directory feature, people searched services and google more than 90% of the numbers were quickly
6:39 pm
identified. >> we noted when a business was a firearms dealer. we noted when a business was a health service provider. >> reporter: users also placed calls to religious organizations, financial services and marijuana dispensaries. it all raises very real privacy concerns about what happens when our phone records and public information reveal very personal affairs. in stanford, i'm sumi das for cbs news. a bay area student connects her deaf mom and dad to the world. >> my responsibility at home is basically being like a parent. i'm like a parent to my parents. >> she has grown up as their interpreter, their guide. coming up, how she made the tough decision to leave home for college. >> it's back! the onshore flow returns, lots of cloud cover, temperatures way down. just before the weekend, will it continue on both saturday and sunday? the answer is next.
6:40 pm
>> and straight ahead, one nba coach you can't call mr. happy. the top-ranked high school softball team is closer than you think and a check of one local golfer on the outside looking in but doing all she can with a little help from her friends.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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two minutes away from all right. do you need some friday inspiration? we are about two minutes away from introducing you to a young student balancing more than just homework and exams. she is the lifeline for her parents and her story is coming up. meanwhile, bring your sweater this weekend. pack accordingly going out. >> what if there was an air- conditioner out there that was like 2,000 miles long by 5,000 miles wide and mother nature decide to flip on the fan? we have that air-conditioner today, the pacific ocean. the bay area, we are sensitive
6:44 pm
when the wind changes. that happened. livermore 85 yesterday, today 65. oakland down to 62. san bruno 59. san francisco 56. the fan is coming on from the chilly pacific ocean. we don't have much to drop tonight to get down to the low 50s but we will. fremont 52. san jose 52. napa 51. san francisco 52 degrees. this time of year is always 75 for a high somewhere. it's a moving target depending on the wind. tomorrow, it's petaluma your high 75 degrees. the reason why it's not along the coastline is because of the onshore flow. that big l i have painted on the your television screen, on our weather map, that's off to the west. winds go counterclockwise around areas of low pressure so when it's off to the west it feeds in some southwest flow feeds in that chilly that humid pacific air. we call it an onshore flow for short. you call it cloudy and cooler. we had that today and will have it again tomorrow. then the low moves, our wind
6:45 pm
direction changes. high pressure builds in from the south. a tiny change makes a difference. the sun is out earlier, more sunshine, temperatures go up by 10 degrees away from the water on sunday. so if you want the warmer day over the weekend absolutely sunday, you want the cloudier cooler foggier one, hang out and enjoy tomorrow because that certainly will be -- everybody will be cloudy or foggy to start tomorrow morning. we are setting into the summertime pattern where the wide temperature spread from half moon bay, say to antioch that will be there every day for the next several. san francisco chilly, cloudy, 62. average 65. concord and san jose will hit the 70s. it will be cloudy in the morning. oakland tomorrow 68. sunnyvale hit 73. fremont foggy start, 71. walnut creek hitting 79. we are mild and sunny in the
6:46 pm
afternoon. bottlerock 78. alameda 67. you want to warm up, clearlake 86 saturday. summertime pattern does continue with sunday being a little warmer monday and tuesday chilly warming up wednesday, thursday and friday. hello, june. and hello summer weather. that's your forecast. we'll be back in a couple of minutes. right now over to wendy. >> thanks, paul. like most of our students who rise above, the teenager that we meet today will be the first person in her family to go to college. but that is not what makes her unusual. as wendy tokuda explains. >> reporter: right. she is graduating from richmond high with almost perfect grades. but her biggest accomplishment may be at home where she has grown up with the responsibilities of an adult. it's quiet in her kitchen. even when she and her parents are bustling around. they are both deaf and mae is
6:47 pm
their connection to the outside world. >> my responsibilities at home is basically being like a parent. i'm like a parent to my parents. >> her parents depend on her. they have both deaf and they can't really navigate outside of their household. >> the hardest part of taking care of my folks would be trying to translate to them and over and over and they still don't understand. >> reporter: as they get older, meuy says their english skills are slipping, getting more isolated and her mother is mute, as well. >> she can't speak which makes it difficult for her because, uhm, sometimes she is scared to be by herself. >> reporter: but her extra responsibilities at home have given meu. why a confidence that most kids don't have. >> she is so bold a little firecracker. she speaks her mind. she doesn't hesitate. she is not shy. >> reporter: it took confidence for meuy to venture into the college and career center at richmond high. she never expected to go to
6:48 pm
college until angelica planted a seed. >> kids worry about not being able to afford it. >> reporter: college. >> having to take out loans. but we walked into that college center, the people that's in there, they change your whole mindset about it. >> reporter: the college is real program at richmond high battles not only poverty but the lack of expectations it creates. >> there's too much people dying. not enough people graduating. the graduating class which meuy is part of, there was 440 kids last year in that class and now it's down to 352. >> reporter: meuy has a very practical reason for going to college. >> i'm tired of having to depend on social security checks and food stamps. i want to give myself a better life and my parents a better life. >> reporter: she can't afford a computer or internet at home. so meuy stays late at school to do her homework.
6:49 pm
they live in the projects. meuy worries about her safety and how isolated her parents will be when she goes to college. >> my main concern is i'm scared to leave my parents. i'm scared life is going to be different, that they are going to show even more but then again i need to do this for myself. >> reporter: and your family. >> yeah. because if you don't, they're going to keep living the same way forever. >> all i can think is how selfless she is to really take on the role without complaining or without thinking, my life is so difficult. >> reporter: meuy is making plans to get other relatives to help her parents out when she goes to cal state northridge in the fall. she can't afford to go to college on her own. if you want to help her and other kids like her, go to, for students rising above. >> a lot of people watch the news wendy and this is nothing
6:50 pm
new. or will come up to us and say i don't like watching it. i feel helpless. there's nothing i can do about. they can do something about this. they can get involved. >> reporter: it's the great thing about this and they're all local. they're from our neighborhoods. you know, they're our kids. so yeah, it's the power of it. it's -- i have watched it change lives. they really have. >> what did you call her spark plug? >> firecracker. >> i like that. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back. ,,
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
push his starts back so muc was finally placed baseball up top. injury bug keeps smacking the giants. they could only push the starts back so much. matt cain finally on the dl with a strained right ham string. they are hopeful he can pitch next week at home. buster posey out of the line-up again tonight at st. louis. it's okay. the giants are up 5-0 in the fifth. 49er buzz for you of vernon davis hanging out his own jamba juice franchise instead of showing up at the team's volunteer otas. reportedly the tight end wants a new contract. there is a mandatory one in mid- june where davis said, quote, he might be there. what does it take to make gregg popovich enjoy the
6:54 pm
process? his first of a 3-2 series lead in the western conference fines his team just won by 28 points over okc. but a question about why every game in the series has been a blowout from a reporter afterwards brought out the anti-mr. happy. >> to us who don't really know the game, how do you explain that? >> you're serious? you really think i can explain that? >> in simplest terms. [ laughter ] >> i know you can. the question is will you? >> good lord. and they pay you, don't they. >> very little. [ laughter ] >> thus the question. >> i think it's great. he just messes with him all the time. hey, high school softball takes center stage in the east
6:55 pm
bay tomorrow. granada and amador valley go for the division one section title. >> amador! >> amador valley of pleasanton. look at them rake. they would finish the season a perfect 27-0, a ton of talent on the team. four of their seniors are going on to -- they are going to play at stanford, ucla, davis and lehigh out in pennsylvania. according to, they are the number one ranked team in the nation. >> so fun. how many people get to say that? but it's not like we say it a lot. i remember my sophomore year what is the first time the rankings came out with us on top. it was a rumor and coach called us in, guys, i don't want us to dwell on this. we're the number one team in the country and, like, everyone cheered and that was it. that was the last time anyone thought anything about it.
6:56 pm
>> she was on the golf fastrak but like the song references, she got knocked down but has gotten back up again. and she is better than ever. let's take you to the east bay. we last saw casey chiu two years ago. the san leandro product was on her way to cal state east bay on a golf scholarship with a dream of turning pro in her sights. but the ncaa had other ideas and questioned her academic transcripts when she missed much of her senior year for required jaw surgery. >> it was horrible. the only reason i wanted to go to college is to play golf. >> reporter: she lost her scholarship. with no money and no backup plan. then it got worse. a series of unfortunate events drove her from her east bay home. so for a while, her house this two-door car.
6:57 pm
>> that was bad. like right now, i'm shoulders and back hurts a little bit but [ indiscernible ] helped me. >> reporter: crossfit stepped in and gave her the will, the training and more importantly the support to carry on. more backing came from lpga golfer natalie. frequent playing partner jerry rice got her practicing on courses she only dreamed of playing. she started winning. won four of six amateur events, a 7th is monday. >> 265 yards. she is eyeing the lpga. captions by: caption colorado "switch to progressive , h"
6:58 pm
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