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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  June 7, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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even that.. wasn't enough to it won't be a trim p crown this year. it's going to be close. it's going to be very close and
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tonalist got there. >> it's not going to be california chrome. the colt had the whole country behind him but that wasn't enough inform push him over the finish line. >> california chrome created lots of new horse racing fans though in the bay area. a huge crowd flocked to golden gate field this afternoon for their chance to be part of history. a lot of people sported purple and green, california chrome's colors. we even found someone wearing boots with the theme. i apologize you can't hear her co. social media might have helped build up california chrome's image. he is the first horse to make a run of at the triple crown since social media. >> they were cheering on their here oh but the -- hero but the
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cheers faded as the horses made the turn for home and it became clear he was not going to win. >> wendy, a lot of disappointment out there as well. >> yeah, good evening. certainly a very disappointing evening. i wish i had great news to share with you. the tense of -- tens of thousands of people came here hoping to see california chrome win the triple crown. they went home very disappointed. the bell mopt stakes came down to the wire. the horse tonalist took the race and took away california chrome's chance at the triple crown. he finished in fourth place. many in the crowd, including chrome's owner were disappointed. >> i thought he was gaining ground but he didn't have it in, unfortun. >> as they race for the turn --. >> the belmont is the most challenging because it's one and a half miles.
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the lopping es race these horses have ever run. the last horse to beat the odds was affirmed in 1978. >> horses now are bread for shorter distance, not the speed. stamina just isn't there anymore. >> the possibility of a triple crown winner created a sellout. some of these box seats went for thousands of dollars on reselling sites. >> for some, cost is no issue. >> this is my first horse race ever and to be able to possibly see a triple crown, i think it's something you can't put a price . >> a simple 2ed bet for california chrome but those who bet on the only is will get to the take home the money. >> to add insult to injury, race officials had underer people to take public transportation. a train platform broke and the trains are not running any longer and so now you have
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hundreds of people who are stranded here. so u disappointed and some angry fans to. >> taking the triple crown requires three wins in five weeks and the belmont is notoriously known as the graveyard for speed h. >> i think he had too many races in short period of time. it was tough. >> this is the second time the jockey victor espinoza had a shot at winning the triple crown. he came up short in 2002 with war emblem. talks between muni and its drivers have gone off track. we're told the union decided not to speed with an arbitrator as planned. the deadline is next sunday for a deal. workers aren't happy with municipality east latest
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niece latest offer. the law bans muni drivers from going on strike. the city says workers who called in sick but weren't, could lose thei. police are looking for a san francisco jail inmate who took out the trash and never came back. timothy midget was beg escorted into the basement of the jail on bryant street when he ran out an open door. he was scheduled to be released on july 24th. people are being asked to shelter in place after a fire broke out. a few appliances at simms metal broke out after two. they say nearby residents were never in danger. the shelter alert was just a precaution. still to come, a big bay area city takes a new approach to battling gra. they got knocked out of their ness the and made happy news. people were flocking to the
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beaches to escape the heat. details on weather as we look live toward mt. diabl broke. break.
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their algebra-two finals -- cheating. teachers at palo alto high kp talk about a short summer break. dozens of bay area students will
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have to retake their algebra two finals for cheating. teachers at school got suspicious after students got correct answer without showing their work. someone took a picture of the test and sent it out before the exam. oakland is trying a new tactic in it's ongoing war on graffiti. city leaders and volunteers are taking a do it yourself approach. >> 8808 is oak lands welcome mat. the first sight cars see when they enter the city and it needs a good cleaning up. >> oakland has a bad name as it is. why make it look filthy? >> we think oakland should be a beautiful . >> they used their weekend to pick up trash and paint over graffiti. inches from the freeway, volunteers had to be careful; one eye on traffic, the other on the paint, but they say it's
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worth the effort. >> taking way the eye sores in the community, we were both born and raised here, so this is just our way of giving back. >> oakland is not the only city battling graffiti. in san jose, to keep this bridge above 280 graffiti three, caltrain built a third fence. so far the third fence is working. it's stayed graffiti free for an entire year. >> so far it's been successful and we hope it continues to be successful. >> oakland city councilman hopes the oakland drive will be successful too. the fear is this is just a band-aid. only time will tell if taggers return and leave their mark once again on oak lands front door. >> so we've cleaned it up and perhaps tomorrow we'll come back and somebody already started tagging. this thing has been going for years, and unless we do it ourselves, the government is not going to do it and so that's why
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we're here . >> that's like a high wire act right next to the freeway. the plan is for oakland artists to develop a new welcome to oakland sign along 80. . veterans and volunteers came together today to built new park trails. they worked at five different locations in marin, san mateo, san francisco counties. it's a unique way to give back to the community, while supporting the golden gate national park. >> it's so rewarding for me to get out help, meet other veterans, community members, and do some good. >> trails are such a connecting force to our communities, our park lands and it's wonderful that everyone is here today. >> the new trail will connect the medical center to the legion of honor. we have no capacity to fend it off. >> as if drought and fire danger weren't enough, tonight a new
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threat to california's cash crop.
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sky-high fire danger. now.. there's a new threat to the state's forests.. and farmsd danielle nottingham shows u no one california's already facing a crippling drought and sky high fire danger and now there's a new threat to the states e forests and farms. nobody knows how to stop it. >> california is a state known for its wood lands and whil majestic redwoods along the northern coast tend to get most
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of the attention, it's the trees in the southern part of the state that are now under attack. >> on the property, in 200 acres, we have over 700 species of large tree, woody tree. of those, fully one third, over 200 different kinds, different species of trees, have proven to be invaded or impacted by this spoer. >> that bore is a tiny grain sized beetle first discovered in the area two years ago. it drills a hole in the heart of the tree and deposits a fungus that it carries in its mouth. that blocks water, nutrients and in some cases kills the tree. >> you can't hold off the beetle. this is a discoloration because of the fungus they are carrying. >> the pest was first discovered in avocado trees. they have since spread and he
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fears could be unstoppable. >> the main problem is this is an invasive exotic beetle which means we don't have any established enemies that could keep this population down. >> they tracked the bug to southeast asia but are still unsure how it got to the u.s.. >> here this is the beetle. >> you have no known treatment? >> we have no capacity to fend it off. >> it has the potential to create a nationwide crisis as the beetle spreads. tinder drive forest land and agricultural plants. >> if we cannot stop it, it can go as far as the beetle and fungus can su. some baby her ons knocked out of their ness the by a bay area tree trimmer were released back into the wild today. we're told it will be too difficult to reunite the two
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chicks with their colony, so instead of returning to their original net tinge spot, they were let loose in the marsh land along the shore. the feds decided the tree trimmer will not face any charges. >> i guess the tree trimmer helped in the cost of rehabilitating the birds. weather this weekend is going to get even warmer for sunday. expect hot times ahead. it already happened today. in the east bay, the numbers are mostly in the 80s, closer to the shoreline in the 60s. if you're heading out to the giants, it's going to be crisp, 59 combres. it will be cool and breez 15 minutes. they're playing tomorrow as well. right now, san francisco 64, santa rosa 74 and concord has 89 degrees. 8:00 o'clock tonight, temperatures in the mid 50s along the shoreline with some
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fog and low clouds. 67 degrees around the bay and in the mid 70s inland and here's how it looks for the san mateo county all weekend long, 84 degrees, a little bit warmer tomorrow. high pressure is just parked over the west coast. we get 100-degree temperatures inland. along the shoreline, it will be relatively cool. next, highs 100 degrees inland, 70s near the beaches, cooling midweek, even inland. sfo, 82. winds kicking up. denver, a few thunderstorms, chicago has rain, and 63 degrees. back in the bay area the numbers sky rot i can to 76 for menlo park, 88 degrees and los altos.
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92 at campbell, 96 down 101 at morgan hill and gilroy. as we head up the east bay shoreline, the numbers close to the water will be in the 80s. 96, walnut creek and concord. wine country looks warm. 95 at napa. 104 in ukiah. 89 for novato. stinson beach, nice, 73 degrees. 78 downtown san francisco. extended forecast, warm tomorrow, warm again on monday. then tuesday, high pressure breaks down, and numbers begin to cool. wednesday through friday we'll be down to the low 80-degree. bear with us and you'll get some
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reheef ary round livermore, co. we're all talking about horse racing, but soccer is fascinating today, baseball. >> stanford baseball and two major baseball games coming up. stanford in a must win game as they try to reach the world series. disappointment in best mont as california chrome fails to win. hear what the owner has to say, coming up. i want to tell you about a unique group of people.
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this afternoon... trying to become i know tonalist's owners, the jockey they're happy he won but that's it. everybody else was hoping for a triple crown. >> california chrome chasing history this afternoon, trying to become the first triple crown winner in 36 years. it just wasn't meant to be for the california red horse as he fell short in the belmont. >> it's up to you, new york, new york. ♪. >> more than 100,000 packing belmont park to see if california chrome could win the triple crown. chrome in the second post position gets off to a nice start in this race out of the gate and is able to move all the way inside to the rail, which is where he wants to be, but as the race went on, he was maneuvered outside. chrome is on the far outside lane down the stretch, and here's the finish. >> and they're into the stretch.
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it's general a-rod, tonalist, california roam on the far outside, and he's an if you remember long from i am mortality. he is up on the outside of commissioner. here's wicked strong in the center of the track. commissioner, california chrome on the outside. tonalist, tonalist commissioner. it won't be a triple crown this year. it's goeb to be close! it's going to be very close! and tonalist got there. >> the triple crown drought continues. tonalist hadn't raised in the previous two triple crown races and drew harsh criticism from chrome's owner. >> i'll never see a winner because of this. it's not fair to the horses that have been in this race since day one. it's all or nothing because ice not fair to these horses that have been running their guts out. if you've got a horse that
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hearned points running the can i derby rnths those -- kentucky derby, those horses are the only ones that are eligible. this is the kourdz way occurred's wa. cardinal and vanderbilt, stanford the designated home team up 3 to 1 in the bottom. doubled into left field. band e rallies, down 4-3. come door, turner gets hit by a pitch, allowing the tying run to score. stanford would get the final shot. >> that ball is popped deep to right. this game is over and stanford has done it again with yet another walk off. >> second time in the tournament the cardinals have won in a game
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winning home run. game three is tomorrow with the winner going to the college world series. maria facing in the open. seeking her second french open title. this was a tough match for her. 22-year old is an in a final for a major for are the first time in her career, battles back. back and forth in an impressive rally. she goes on to take the second set, 7-6. championship point. hal up ends up hitting this shot a little wide and share poe have a wins her second open title and fifth overall. 27 minutes, toronto with a
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pk. germane, right past john bush. only goal. toronto wins 1-0. u.s. soccer playing nigh -- nigeria in the last game before the soccer cup. 1-0 usa. second half, michael broul e with a nice pass up the defense. he scores again. nice touch on the ball there as the ball goes in. u.s. goes on to w1. >> i talked to a lot of people who are rearranging vacation schedules. >> it's going to be a goody vent to watch. >>. we need to talk about weather again because it'. >> tomorrow is going to be even warmer than it was today. we'll get close to a hundred degrees. we won't get significant relief until tuesday. wednesday, we kick in cooler
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weather, sea breeze kicks in nicely. tomorrow by the shoreline will be pretty good. >> another spare the air day tomorrow. if it keeps up, we might have a couple. >> thanks for watching us. we'll see you back here at 11. >> we'll see you at 10:00 o'clock on the tw at 11 on channel 5. >> good night. ,, ♪ ♪ ,, thank you!
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. i'm on the big sur coast in california. where a big bird can be seen soaring over the cliff and into this gorgeous setting. that's my plan for the california condor. >> the first sight was in 1602 in mon ray bay. in 1905 lewis and clark reported a sighting of the bird. a few decades later something changed in california that made seeing this bird a


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