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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  August 22, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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nobody is trying to own up, nobody is being held accountable, nobody is talking about what they seen or what they did. >> people wanting justice in the death of a san francisco man killed after a confrontation with police. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. right now, friends and family of alex nieto are gathering in
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san francisco. anne makovec is live with the action they are taking. >> reporter: a few dozen people right now starting to gather at the top of bernal heights park and they are going to make the three-mile walk to the federal building in san francisco, where a new lawsuit will be filed in this case. supporters of alex nieto gathered for a sunrise ceremony to mark five months since his death in the same place where he was shot and killed by san francisco police in march, bernal heights park. >> there is no reason for alex to have died. >> reporter: nieto was 28 and worked as a security guard. officers got a call of a suspicious person in the park. police say nieto pulled out a taser and that's when they fired, thinking it was a handgun. >> everybody in the community should be held accountable including police officers. they are here to protect and serve, not take our lives. >> reporter: lawyers for nieto's family will file a federal civil complaint today. they say a new witness has come forward in this case.
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>> all these cases with police brutality, we're not going to stand for it. we're going to fight back, not with violence but with peaceful protests. >> reporter: neither the san francisco police nor the city attorney's office would speak about this case. they said that's because of the ongoing litigation. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> and the officers in this case were put on paid administrative leave. the police department never released their names. bringing violent crime back to a low level. the big topic today at san jose city hall. this morning, members of the mayor's gang prevention task force met with a national forum on youth violence prevention. san jose still has one of the lowest crime rates among u.s. major cities but crime is going up as the number of police officers has dropped. >> we know that when we have the kind of success we have, that it's only temporary, that the gangs are out there. the problems are out there. and we have to be vigilant because we know that we can
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have a bad weekend and have a big spike in violence or a bad upon the or a bad summer like last year. but we are celebrating the numbers coming down from last year. >> san jose's task force was started in 1991 by the mayor then. it oversees several programs and services. a bart train headed to san francisco from the east bay was delayed late this morning because of a foul odor that forced people off the train. a passenger posted these photos on twitter of the evacuation process. it happened at the west oakland station around 10:30 a.m. some of the passengers complained of itchy eyes and irritated throats. the smell was gone when bart police arrived. the train was taken out of service and passengers boarded another train about 10 minutes later. no word on what caused the smell. a public hearing is under way in san francisco's city hall to discuss a plan to traffic changes for the van ness bus rapid transit project. the goal of the project is to make public transit on van ness
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quicker and more reliable. authorities want to create transit-only lanes from filbert to market street as well as ban left turns an u-turns at certain interseconds. the sfmta board will make the final approval based on today's hearing. remember this? this is interstate 280 in san francisco over the 4th of july weekend during majorette tro fit construction. more construction closures are coming over labor day weekend. northbound interstate 280 will be closed from highway 101 to downtown san francisco. the closure begins next thursday afternoon at 2:00 and will continue until 5:00 tuesday morning, september 2. more developments in the aftermath of that brutal killing of james foley. there are now growing concerns about the threat of isis, the terror group that's claiming responsibility. cbs reporter craig boswell has more on the plans by the obama administration. >> reporter: top u.s. officials say the islamic militants isis poses a terror threat unlike anything they have seen.
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>> they are an imminent threat to all our interests whether in iraq or anywhere else. >> reporter: armed with plenty of money and a brutal ideology, the group now controls territory in syria and iraq. in mosul, the militants stoned a man to death for adultery. the beheading of american journalist james foley has many asking if the u.s. is doing enough to combat this. the u.s. air strike campaign in northern iraq is aimed at supporting iraqi troops as they push back isis fighters. >> over 93 air strikes but that's not going what solves this problem. >> reporter: the top general says the group can't be contained without targeting its foot holds in syria. >> can they be defeated without addressing that part of their organization in syria? no. >> reporter: an email sent to foley's family before his execution read, you and your citizens will pay the price of your bombing, the first of which being the blood of the
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american citizen james foley. the group has also threatened the life of another u.s. hostage, steven sotloff. craig boswell cbs news, washington. it was a fairly peaceful night on the streets of ferguson, missouri about 100 people demonstrating. it's been almost two weeks since michael brown was killed by officer darren wilson sparking violent protests. with the new calm, national guard troops are expected to pull out of the area later this afternoon. brown's parents tell cbs news they want justice. >> he took my son away. [ crying ] >> for nothing. >> my son had his hands up. so that -- that -- that lets the world know that he's been taught to understand and -- and do the proper thing instead of [ indiscernible ] by a police officer. >> brown's parents are also calling for a special prosecutor for the case as well as officer wilson to be charged. napa valley is about to get
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some local competition from the south bay. santa clara valley wine trail officially opens today. it's a trail that directs tourists and residents through several south county wineries, local farms and orchards. the wineries in and around morgan hill and gilroy hope the new effort will boost tourism and provide a more affordable wine tasting alternative. >> the general public will discover what many residents have known for years, that our award winning wineries are one of the best kept secrets in the south bay. >> officials say one of the benefits of the wine trail signs is that it will help drivers stay on course to some of the more rural areas there where gps may not be reliable. there are as many as 20 santa clara wineries on the route. check it out. south bay principal had a surprise for his students this morning. >> ah! >> dr. fisher from williams elementary school in san jose participated in the als "ice bucket challenge" to raise
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awareness and research donations for lou gehrig's disease. williams dedicated the challenge to a former williams elementary teacher who died from als. something is washing ashore on the beaches of southern california and it's not the color of this creature that's causing concern. it's who it's related to. we'll explain. >> and an amazing rescue and it's all caught on camera. what came falling from a tree and how firefighters managed to save his life. coming up. >> temperatures were falling across the bay area today. good afternoon, everybody. sure, it is cooler today than yesterday. but it will be warmer tomorrow! that full weekend forecast as the news continues after this. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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old this just in to the
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newsroom now. the coroner has identified the two men found dead in marin county yesterday afternoon. they were killed from gunshot wounds their bodies in neighboring backyards in the strawberry manor neighborhood of the mill valley area. investigators won't say if this is a double murder or murder- suicide. but they are calling this an isolated incident. the city of chicago is dealing with much more than wind right now. heavy rains from last night ended today leading to flooding in the nation's third largest city and surrounding areas. three inches of rain fell at midway airport during a short span of time this morning. and flooding caused a problem for firefighters in central indiana. a fire broke out at blackford county today after parts of the area received 10" of rain overnight. floodwaters made it impossible for firefighters to get near the flames. a stunning rescue caught on camera as firefighters in australia saved the life of a koala after being hit by a
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vehicle. it hid up in a tree that white flag you're seeing a special device firefighters had to use to get the animal down, landing in the parachute below. he wasn't responding so rescuers actually performed cpr cpr. >> come on -- >> you tell us all. >> how about that? that sound was actually coming from the koala. it was grunting as it started to breathe again. the animal was dazed and a bit shaken up but is expected to be okay. how about that? >> kind of sounded like a snore. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> alive and well. something is washing ashore on the beaches in southern california concerning swimmers. it's blue jellyfish, related to the portugese man-o-war, the world's most deadly jellyfish but these are actually benign and not a danger to humans. time for weather now. and roberta joins us. you're a big ocean swimmer.
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you bump into any of those before? >> that totally freaks me out! whenever i do swimming in maui, i always get stung but those are not lethal, as well. but boy, just looking at them, they look scary. right? >> yeah. >> always four days before and four days after a full moon is when you see the most jellyfish in the water. take it from me. hi, everybody! let's step outside right now. look at this at the beach no jellyfish in view there. but what you do see a lot of clouds. it is socked in and currently the air temperature right there at ocean beach at 63 degrees. it's in the mid-60s in the city by the bay. san jose to the south 77 degrees. to the north, upper 60s in santa rosa. and due east this is what it looks like as we take a view towards mount diablo there. we have a temperature at 80 degrees. clouds hanging tight to the coast today. otherwise, we'll be revealing steady temperatures all weekend long and a warmer week ahead. we'll share that seven-day forecast with you, but right now, there you have the cloudage along the seashore.
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take a look at the futurecast. i wanted to see just how far inland the clouds go and check that out. at least a good 50 miles towards, let's say, tracy in the overnight hours. it's going to take a while for those clouds to retreat tomorrow morning. here's the deal. this right here, this area of high pressure, it continues to build in, enhancing that marine layer; but as it sits over the state by monday and tuesday, we have warmer weather in the offing. today, forecast high 99 degrees in fresno. low 70s in the greater lake tahoe area. if you are heading to half dome and yosemite, 90 degrees there. and upper 60s in monterey bay. let's kick-start with a look at the peninsula into the mid-70s today, 80 degrees in san jose. that's slightly below average for this time of the year. and, in fact, typically we should be at 87 degrees in livermore. instead, today 84. the record for this date was 103 set back in 1969. 75 today in mill valley. otherwise, 60s and 70s, a few low 80s well north. and san francisco with a high of 68 degrees. tonight the sun will go down at
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7:54. and tomorrow morning, by the time it comes back up at 6:31, we'll be cloudy again until those clouds push back to the coast. here you have your weekend forecast. as we begin to march towards that labor day holiday, not a raindrop in sight. and temperatures above average. today, the good guys, they are in town all weekend long in pleasanton. 80,000 people expected. temperatures going up over the weekend. today's high of 83 degrees. >> nice car. >> i was there yesterday. so many beautiful cars out there! i have a great new appreciation for all those classics. >> we know where you are right now but this morning you were somewhere and we need to know where you were. >> it was so exciting because today we are going to take you behind the scenes of "when the game stands tall" and that's in this week's edition of "where's roberta?" >> reporter: inspired by eye true story, "when the game stands tall" -- inspired by a true story "when the game
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stands tall" brings to light the inning streak of the bay area's own -- the winning streak of the bay area's own de la salle team. 151 victories straight. the coach emphasizes. >> the winning isn't the aim. it's the process to get to winning and putting yourself into a position where winning is possible. >> reporter: they came to you and said they wanted to make a movie about the team and also about you. how did that feel? >> it felt strange. people said it was a good deal story to tell and roll with it, so that's what i'm doing. >> reporter: it wasn't all fun and games. >> this pall just was over this time that was incredible. >> reporter: during the trials and tribulations, dave lewis, professional bear sportscaster, called many play-by-play -- bay area sportscaster called many play-by-plays for the spartan team and witnessed coach ladoucer in action. >> to get people to sacrifice is an artform and if everybody could do it everybody would win 151 games in a row. >> reporter: peter guber,
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coexecutive. golden state warriors and ceo -- of the golden state warriors and ceo of mandalay entertainment tells the story. >> the heart of the story is the narrative of this man's journey with his team, with his school, and with his family and these players' journey and how they had to overcome adversity in the face of all that. that combination is what drove us to feel there was a real powerful narrative. >> i thought they did a really good job of trying to capture the heart of what we do and the spirit of our program so i was happy with it. >> reporter: i'm not sure the lead actor is as handsome as you. >> oh, yes, he is, way. >> turned the corner lungs for the flag lunges for the end zone! >> after meeting them, i bought my ticket today and i will be seeing that movie because it opens up today not only locally but across the entire country "when the game stands tall." and i hope you get to see it,
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too. if you want more information about de la salle, that he academic program, which is incredible, visit us online at now about their program. >> i know about de la salle and carondelet. >> he is now assistant coach because his tenure was done and he teaches world religions and physical education and a fundraiser, as well. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,,
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favorite animal and put the rian dr. jill chase. your pet owners and pet lovers out there, every friday we take your questions about your favorite animal and then put them to veterinarian dr. jill chase. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. >> many people they treat their pets like members of the family and then when they get sick and they need care, it can be pretty expensive. so we all want to know how to keep our pets out of the vet's office. >> yeah. actually i'm completely a supporter of that. so i think the most important thing i could tell you about how to do that is animals tend to mask their symptoms. so owners often times when they first notice a symptom, it's probably been going on longer sometimes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months. so my recommendation to my owners which works really well is to make sure that if there's a change, no matter what it is, a change in appetite, change in energy level, water consumption, urination, doesn't matter, there should be a phone call within 24 hours that just says, i think there's something up. you told me to call, here's the
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deal. sometimes i'll say that's great, not a problem, other times not. >> you need to pay attention. >> that's correct. so by using that, that is a great way of getting them in early and making sure that you're not spending a lot of money because you're able to catch it really, really early. and then i would say annual exams are very important. a lot of times owners are wondering why we should take the pet in every year because when we are looking at the animal and listening to its owner, we can pick things up early. so it's important. and animals over 8 years old should get blood and urine as well as the regular exam. >> when you are familiar with the pet and you have seen this pet every year and you know -- that's easier for you, right? >> actually, it's really nice if you have a good veterinarian that you see every year with your pet because they do have memory that veterinarian has memory when they're looking and they remember your pet and they can tell the changes. yeah, that's ideal, actually. >> and food really makes a difference. >> right. i was going to mention, it's
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really great to feed a veterinarian-recommended diet. i think we are going to talk about that in the future in another segment, different foods and what we recommend. but excellent nutrition is great. calling your vet is great. staying on top of things is really good. >> so don't feed your pet potato chips. >> no, we're not big on people food. that's a problem. >> all right. you always give us good tips. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. we want to hear from you, too. email your questions to post them on our facebook page, just search "kpix." frank? >> all right. michelle and dr. jill, thank you. your toast and crepes may be in danger because of a shortage of a sweet treat. what's quickly becoming hard to find on store shelves. coming up next. stay right there. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your toast and crepes might be in danger because of a nutella shortage. there aren't enough hazelnuts to meet demand. bad weather in countries that produce the nuts are driving up the price of the nuts to the highest it's been in years. nutella currently uses 25% of the world's hazelnut supplies. >> who knew? >> do you eat it? >> no. >> roberta has a hand up over there i. >> know. >> i tried it. i don't use it that much. i didn't know it was that popular. >> it is in crepes. well, thieves breaking into cars without leaving any trace. how high-tech burglars are getting inside with just a
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click of a button. that story at 4:30 right before game, a special newscast. >> we have the game. raiders-packers today at 5:00 right here on kpix 5. "5th quarter" dennis o'donnell and the crew after the game. >> do you know what player from de la salle plays for the raiders? >> i don't. >> i was hoping you knew. >> named maurice. >> number 21! >> lawrence karnow is putting the face paint on as we speak! enjoy the weekend, folks. captions by: caption colorado
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>> bill: come on, liam. congratulate the bride. you can do this. >> wyatt: i'm glad you came, liam. everyone, actually. you know, it's good to be back and celebrating with you all. uh...what a trip, huh? [ chuckles ] >> bill: that's the way to do it -- quick and easy elopement.


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