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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 23, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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board of supervisors. the never publicity shy david chiu wouldn't talk until he knew the cameras were rolling but wouldn't take a stand. is the chief's job in jeopardy? >> i certainly right now don't believe it is. >> reporter: but joanne hayes- white has little backing among her rank-and-file. the letter was drafted by leaders of every faction of the union. in the long history of the san francisco fire department that has never happened. it calls for the department to return to the levels of excellence which, quote, can only happen with a change in our current leader? in. will you resign? >> i'm not at this point thinking about resigning. >> reporter: in the shark- infested waters of the big city fire department hayes-white has lasted longer than any other san francisco chief. but the heat is on because of dangerous ambulance response times up to an hour in some cases. that's because of lack of equipment and personnel. the chief and mayor say things are getting better after more rigs are on the street and more emts are hired. >> i have confidence in the
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chief and working hard particularly on this ambulance response time. >> reporter: think there's something more to this than just ambulances? there are discipline cases that i think there are people not happy with doing things differently than my predecessors would have done but it's the right thing to do in this day and age. >> reporter: a firefighter was said to have been drunk going to a call driving a rig and hitting a motorcyclist and then there was an alleged cover-up and, in fact, she was dealing with that today. this is -- she is trying to douse the flames as best she can. veronica? >> all right, mike, thank you that letter is expected to be delivered to the mayor tomorrow. new at 6:00, scientists have said it, sea levels are rising and parts of the bay area are more vulnerable to flooding. kpix 5's ann notarangelo on the historic steps san francisco is taking to protect valuable
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property. >> reporter: mission creek is one of the lowest lying spots in san francisco so it will be hit first in flooding and hardest, if nothing is done to stop the rising sea level. what makes mission creek picturesque is also what makes it vulnerable to what scientists say is the gradual inevitable rising of the sea. >> there are some places where you could have water five feet deep. >> reporter: what's good for the sand crabs isn't good for people. this port of san francisco map shows the nuisance flooding facing the city's waterfront today. by 2050, the encroaching waters are predicted to flood farther inland affecting even bart and muni. and look what's forecast for the end of the century. if nothing is done, mother nature will have reclaimed her land potentially flood back to the city's original shoreline. and that doesn't take into account what happens when the bay area gets a storm surge. >> we're envisioning creative solutions to create resilience in the area. >> reporter: he is part of a
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citywide team brainstorming ideas to protect people and property from the expected flooding. >> when looking at the waterfront of san francisco that's part of the resource, it's one of the things that makes san francisco what it is. we need to think short term, medium and long term. >> reporter: there are thoughts of levees, tidal creeks or closing off the area. >> it's too early to say what the best solution is but there's everything from building a wall to much softer solutions that actually incorporate land and water and rising seas. >> reporter: something like a levee covered in grass with a path and a playground. this photo could be wishful thinking if nothing is done but san francisco has committed to doing something even if it's not clear what. >> think about what's likely and think about kind of worst case scenarios because we need to be prepared for both. >> reporter: and we should point out that the experts have decades to prepare for flooding. the project that we're talking about today will likely
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continue into the next century. in san francisco, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> experts say preventing flooding could cost between one to five billion dollars but because there are no plans drawn up, it's only a guess at this point. while san francisco looks at flood prevention plans, there's nothing stopping massive mudslides happening now around mount shasta. tonight at 11 on kpix 5, a firsthand look at the melting glacier that's causing a phenomenon we haven't seen in a century. we are get, word of a scary kidnapping -- we are getting word of a scary kidnapping incident in contra costa county this afternoon. elizabeth cook has late details from the newsroom. >> reporter: veronica, this appears to be a harrowing ordeal for a woman and it all started in her front yard. walnut creek police say she was confronted in front of her home on the 400 block of muller road. a man with a gun approached her and forced her to drive to her bank. police say she was ordered to
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withdraw money from a downtown bank of america branch. now, there is good news in all of this. the woman was released unharmed. knew, because this went down in the middle of the day, police are looking for witnesses and they want neighbors to check home security systems to see if there's video of the incident. live in the newsroom, elizabeth cook, kpix 5. students are back at a hayward elementary school after it was fumigated for there's. ruus elementary school was closed yesterday for fumigation to kill the fleas. making matters worse there was flooding in a boy's restroom that had to be mopped. parents saw the evidence of the flea problems. >> a few students have bites but they are minor maybe one on each hand we observed today but nothing major to where they had to go to be hospitalized or anything like that. >> students will likely have to make up the missed schoolday later in the year. in the north bay animal control officials have ordered tests on meatballs found in santa rosa dog park.
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a dog owner reported finding eight meatballs over the weekend. they are being tested for poison. so far, there have been no reports of animals getting sick. sadly, we have seen this in other parts of the bay area. in july of last year a dog died after eating a suspected poisoned meatball and there has been other incidents, as well. we have a list of the poisoning cases and the neighborhoods affected on our website. it is day one of the folsom street off-ramp closure and so far, commuters seem to be adjusting. the folsom street off-ramp from the bay bridge is being reconfigured to make room for a 56-story high-rise. signs warning drivers about the closure have been in place for weeks. commuters were surprised by the route. use harrison or fremont as alternates to get back to folsom. the closure will last six months. a fight over whether to tax
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sugary drinks is heating up. those who want to tax are angry that the american beverage association has just donated another half million dollars to the "no on d" campaign. that's on top of a $300,000 donation earlier. they are urging everyone to fight big lobbies. >> they are associated their product with a feeling and image and they are selling an image that's so opposed to the reality of the health consequences of the overconsumption of sugar- sweetened beverages. >> reports show that sugary drinks are linked to diabetes. no comment from the aba. today coke, pepsi and dr. pepper said they will work to reduce the calories americans get from beverages by 20% over the next decade. they say they will do that by marketing smaller sized bottled water and diet drinks. still ahead, it sounds like something out of a movie. cars stolen from dealerships all over the bay area and
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tonight, clues that this was no coincidence. >> thousands more firefighters called to the front lines. how weather today is playing a role in getting the flames under control. >> and departments get new tools to fight wildfires like that one. but they come with a catch. >> september is historically one of our driest months in the bay area. but for the second time in two weeks, there is a cold front and rain headed toward the bay area. yes, i said rainfall. we have the fog right now over san francisco. we'll talk about when the rain gets here and how much will be in your backyard that's coming up in about 6 minutes. ,, ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show.
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don't forget gone in 60 seconds. it took these guys just 39 seconds to take off with some high-end luxury cars three dealerships hit and we don't know if they are connected yet.
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kpix 5's len ramirez is learning more about how sophisticated these thieves really were. >> reporter: this may be the work of a professional ring. certainly the owner of this lot in san jose feels that way based on how they were able to break into his dealership last fright. it happened at 3:30 in the morning. seven men whose face you can see clearly on surveillance video went straight for the cabinet and started identifying the high-end cars they wanted to steal by pressing the key fobs which flashed the cars' lights. the cars were off the lots in seconds. the owners said thieves must have had tools for removing a large glass window so they wouldn't have to trip the door alarm sensors. >> this glass here, they were able to move -- somehow to remove the seals undo it and get the glass to go down, um, without even breaking the
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glass. so went flat out. once they opened the glass they jumped over and they ran in to the back. they ran in and grabbed the keys of the cars they wanted. >> reporter: a mercedes deal in santa clara had 12 stolen and one in belmont lost 9 cars. out 2692 cars that have been stolen over the last few -- of the 22 cars that have been stolen over the last few days, several have been recovered including two stolen off this lot. one of them was found on the side of a freeway in oakland apparently after running out of gas. len ramirez, kpix 5. meanwhile, police have arrested two suspects for burglaries from san mateo auto dealerships. detectives are working to determine if these suspects were also involved in the car theft in belmont. firefighters battling the king fire in the sierra are in for rough conditions in the next few days. it is getting hotter and the
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wind is picking unfortunately. nearly 2,000 more -- the wind is picking up. nearly 2,000 more firefighters are being sent in, in preparation for the erratic winds. >> more sunshine makes more winds because the surface heats up. >> thousands of homes are threatened. 12 homes and 140 square miles have burned. the fire is 35% contained. check out this satellite picture from nasa. it shows smoke from the "king" fire drifting over a wide area. smoke has even drifted to other states including nevada, utah and arizona. several communities throughout the state are getting new weapons to fight wildfires. reporter ron jones tells us some were hand-picked to receive new fire engines but they come with a catch. >> this is not just a free gift. there is a commitment they have to make to the state. final check before hitting the road. the state office of emergency services is issuing these brand-
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new fire engines to communities in need. >> these engines are replacement engines for engines in service now a little over 15 years. >> reporter: four engines costing taxpayers $380,000 apiece are going to agencies in northern and southern california. >> they are eased for everything from structure protection to wildland fires to urban search-and-rescue. >> kind of a win-win situation for everybody. >> reporter: any local fire agency in california can request one of these new engines. the state will approve it based on the needs of the local department and their willingness to help in a state emergency. the agency must make the engine and their crew members available to attack wildfires anywhere in the state. >> sometimes even out of the states we'll go. >> reporter: the state program has been around for decades. with the fires burning in our area, it's timeless. >> we have to replace 7 engines a year. >> that was ron jones reporting. the agencies that received new
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fire engines today from from visalia and several other counties. the state has budgeted about $3 million a year for replacement fire up engines. let's take a live look now at the "king" fire burning in el dorado county. you can really see that thick smoke that's just been hanging around in the air for days. let's go ahead and check in with paul deanno now. >> is the smoke in the east bay going to continue? it's going to get worse, warmer and windier tomorrow. the winds pick up tomorrow. then we get rainfall there and that will really help out the hundreds of firefighters trying to get a handle on that king fire. here's a peek on what's going on now. it's nothing but sunshine. it looks absolutely positively nothing like parts of the bay area that will receive rainfall tomorrow. it's coming. palo alto, fremont, 80 today. campbell, pittsburg, 85. richmond you had sunshine for a while high 71.
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daly city one of the cooler spots 67. rainfall in september. we get it but not that much. less than a quarter in. for the entire month in both san jose and san francisco and less than one half of one inch in santa rosa. so this is a rare treat what's coming and considering how bad our fire danger is throughout the entire state this is excellent news. look at the rain that's already falling in the pacific northwest. and look at that huge counterclockwise strong area of low pressure. this guy is heading toward the pacific northwest. we'll receive the front that sags with it. so 95% of the rainfall will miss us. we are not talking about a big rainmaker but any little bit of rain we get, which will be about .10" of rainfall on average, decreases our fire danger around here. it will make it to the sierra foothills for the king fire. new computer forecast information every two hours and new numbers. so let's pick towns. about 8th inch of rainfall by thursday afternoon for santa
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rosa. less than a tenth for you in the south bay. less than a tenth for concord. but our computer says some parts of the peninsula redwood city could see more than .2" of rainfall. so rain is coming. it will get here tomorrow night. most of tomorrow is dry with santa rosa being the exception. but we will go cloudy in the afternoon. fremont cooler. 0 san francisco. napa 78. san jose you're one of the sunniest spots with a high of 880 degrees tomorrow. another wet morning thursday. friday sunshine cool. saturday through next week back to the sunshine 80s inland, 70s near the bay. humidity and wind changing helps the firefighters. by far what helps the most is rain. we need rain and thankfully we're going to get some. >> and ken is excited. >> i am because we need it. >> have you been dancing again, ken? [ laughter ] >> um, okay. >> as long as mother nature knows, then we're fine.
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>> whatever it takes. thanks, paul. here at kpix 5, we heard from a flurry of viewers after one of our weathercasts this weekend. >> seems that we hit a bit of a nerve in the city of vallejo. so we sent our own john ramos there to find out why. >> reporter: sometimes big things can come from the smallest gesture. >> and in beautiful downtown vallejo, 75. >> reporter: when kpix 5 anchor brian hackney said those words on saturday's weathercast he inflamed the passions of an entire community. brian was flooded from people not used to hearing anything good about their city. >> i said, sent him a thank you. and i guess a lot of people did. >> reporter: and she put the request on social media. she lives in a magnificent victorian home in an area called the heritage district. it's not the kind of thing the public ever sees when the media shows up for the latest crime story. >> sometimes when you mention you live in vallejo, you go like oh, okay, what about the crime, no policemen there?
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>> they believe that the town does get a poor reputation within the media but they are very proud of the accomplishments the city has made. >> reporter: vallejo has had persistent problems with crime and budget cuts. but they are making real progress. a downtown decimated by the recession is showing signs of life. a renovated theater offers live music and storefronts are being revived by artists fleeing the high rents of other bay area cities. >> we're doing what we do no matter what people say. when you get a pat on the back and a little recognition like anybody you say wow, that was really nice. >> reporter: while it's important to feel good about yourself -- >> and in beautiful downtown vallejo, 75. >> reporter: -- it's flies to hear it from someone else, as well. in vallejo, john ramos, kpix 5. >> thank you, brian hackney! i totally applaud him. >> awesome city, vallejo. my dad used to take me there when i was a kid to see the submarines at mare island. >> i think he should say beautiful oakland because there are beautiful parts of oakland
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and i think oakland also gets a bad rap. >> start that right now. >> beautiful oakland. and we are all set to talk about one other bay area city getting recognized for its character and charm. beautiful pleasanton. >> oh, beautiful. >> three national surveys of best places to live "money" magazine recognized the city twice on its best places to live list and as one of the top earning towns. the magazine noted pleasanton's high median household income and top-notch schools. >> hence the name pleasanton. [ laughter ] still ahead, taking the guesswork out of water conservation. >> the one bay area agency's smart method to help you save the precious drops.
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gate bridge district that workers are again buzzing a a strike. we are getting word from the golden gate bridge district that workers are again buzzing about a strike. a district spokesman says they are hearing from workers that a strike is possible sometime this week. the exact details are unclear. we just heard back from union leaders who did confirm for us that a strike this week is, quote, very likely. it appears the union is arranging a press conference to get the details and we'll, of course, keep you posted. it seems every bit of information is at our fingertips these days but not the case when it comes to tracking water use. new at 6:00 ryan takeo shows us how an east bay utility is uses
6:24 pm
smartmeters to help customers conserve. reporter: across our state the message is clear. the drought means every drop is precious. the problem is, conservation is normally a guessing game. >> people have asked, you know, if you can give me more feed back i can make my adjustments in realtime. >> we obviously don't have a lawn. >> reporter: judy was like most of us waiting for the water bill every two months to check out how much she used. now it's a click away for dublin-san ramon service customers and judy is obsessed with it. >> probably twice a day i'm on there. is it changed? >> reporter: she cut her water use and her bill in half. >> this sends a continue because read. >> reporter: the smart system constantly updates online but only one in ten water utilities uses this technology. why? the cost. >> it wasn't a cheap system. >> reporter: dublin-san ramon spent 3 1/2 million. a lot of money for a small water district. but the bill came at a good time. the utility had to update its water use data collection
6:25 pm
system anyway so leaders upgraded to the latest technology. >> it's really changed the way we do things with watered. >> reporter: but judy says it's now a necessity eliminating the guesswork and helping her cut back. in dublin, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the state water efficiency manager thinks water suppliers are watching to see how these programs work, then he says as money becomes available he cease smartmeters becoming the norm. coming up in our next half- hour u.s. airstrikes in syria taking center stage with world leaders. how scenes like this are striking a nerve with syrian americans in the bay area. >> stepping up security after a guy made his way over the fence and into the white house. >> plus, a new take on rising temperatures in california. why humans are not solely to blame.
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bringing media and technology together for you. community tell us... they're torn about the united stat u.s. airstrikes in syria striking a nerve here in the bay area. members of the syrian-americans community tell us they are torn about the united states action. welcome back. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida.
6:29 pm
the pentagon is calling last night's american led offensive against isis and other terrorist groups, quote, very successful. u.s. leaders praised the five arab countries who participated calling then friends and partners. >> last night's strikes are the beginning of a credible sustainable persistent campaign to degrade and ultimately destroy isil. >> reporter: the pentagon insists that u.s. participation will be limited to air strikes. no troops will be going in on the ground. of course, there's a lot of concern among the local syrian community worried about friends and family back home. john ramos spoke with a man who is also worried about what happens next. >> reporter: those who decided to launch missiles against isis in syria obviously think it
6:30 pm
will help. but at this restaurant in san francisco, there is no such certainty. >> i welcome that, you know, this group to go out but i'm afraid from the results from past experience. >> reporter: would you rather we had not done this? yassir doesn't know what to think. his family fled syria in 1994 and opened a restaurant in the haight. they love living here and worked hard to build a new life free from the corruption of the assad government. >> i want a fresh start. >> reporter: but yassir knows there are no easy answers. he considers the islamic militants to be an even greater threat and he appreciates the united states wanting to help. >> but they are not doing their job at the same time. they're not studdying the people. they are not studying the area. they are not studies the aftermath. they just, okay, let's do it. >> reporter: like a lot of syrians, yassir fears the u.s.' policy of air strikes only. >> while you doing that you gonna take a lot of innocent
6:31 pm
people life along the way by the name of, you know, casualty of war. and that is not right. >> reporter: he feels no boots on the ground simply means no commitment. and a possible further spread of isis. >> if he don't help 100%, stay out of it because that's what it needs. >> reporter: but after iraq and afghanistan, the country has lost its appetite for nation- building leaving the people here with very little hope. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. more fencing has gone up around the white house. the secret service put the barriers up in the wake of two trespassing incidents. the fence is shorter but to keep pedestrians, tourists and fence jumpers another 12 feet from the original fence. security is tightened after a man jumped the fence and ran through the front door of the white house last week. this is cell phone video of the man running across the white
6:32 pm
house lawn. 42-year-old omar gonzalez is in jail. the secret service says he had a small knife on him and more than 800 rounds of ammunition in his car. his family says he suffers post- traumatic stress following his tours in iraq. president obama says the u.s. is taking the lead to combat global warming and at the united nations climate change summit today he urged other heads of state to follow. >> yes, this is hard. but there should be no question that the united states of america is stepping up to the plate. we recognize our role in creating this problem. we embrace our responsibility to combat it. >> a recent study claims natural changes in the wind may be responsible for most of the warming along north america's west coast not human caused climate change. the analysis published by the national academy of sciences challenges some long-standing assumptions about the effect of greenhouse gas build-up. it found weaker winds actually accounted for a large portion
6:33 pm
of the warming trend in the pacific northwest over the past century. and that's because weakening winds resulting in less evaporation and altered ocean currents. getting bag to another live look at the smoke from the "king" fire burning in el dorado county. look at all of that smoke. air quality a big concern for days now. and businesses in the sierra foothills say the nearby king fire is choking off the tourist traffic. owners of the high hill ranch at apple hill say the skies have been clear there but apparently not everyone realizes it. they say they have seen a drop- off in customers since the fire started. but they say the smoke is not an issue in that area. >> smoke is pretty much confined in american river canyon areas, the lower lying areas. but apple hill now the weather is beautiful up here. >> the ranch has set up a webcam for customers to monitor the conditions at apple hill. still ahead, bank accounts drained. the ripple effects now emerging
6:34 pm
from the home depot security breach. >> plus, shopping made easy. how a bay area company claims to take the hassle out of it and give you just what you want. ,, ,, ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever?
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the fallout from the home- t data breach has begun. as consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells : fallout from the home depot data breach has begun. as kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us, fraudulent purchases are now popping up all over. >> reporter: it was only a matter of time. it's estimated 56 million home depot customers were affected making it one of the largest retail breaches in history. "wall street journal" reports fraudulent transactions are appearing on customer cards in some case draining people's bank accounts. the criminals are using stolen card information from buy everything from electronics to groceries. banks are now rejecting charges that are unusual.
6:37 pm
a reminder, check your credit card statements closely. in other consumer news, apple is making a killing on the iphone 6 plus. now, it only cost the company about $15 more than the regular model to make the iphone 6 plus. but it sells for $100 more on the market now for almost $750. more than 10 million of these new iphones have been sold since friday. some are now bending. reports are surfacing from users who say their iphone 6 plus developed a slight bend after putting it in their pocket. some call it bend-gate. an update tonight -- ba da bump -- and the candlestick parking debacle that caused 5,000 people to miss that paul mccartney concert at candlestick. some fans are fuming blaming the promoters' parking attendants for hours-long traffic jams that kept them out of the show. now, even though the promoter another planet refused to refund customers, one of our
6:38 pm
consumerwatch volunteers has finally convinced them to make good for one couple. they agreed to give this couple tickets for another concert. but it says it's only doing this on a case-by-case basis. if you have a consumer problem call our hotline 888-5-helps- u. >> just one couple? that's it in. >> just one so far. >> the bending phone thing. we heard that before? is that new? >> we haven't heard t obviously, this phone is very slim. it's one of its selling points. >> these aren't the people putting it in the microwave? >> that's a different group. i don't believe they are connected. but apparently they are putting it in their back pocket and from what i understand it's all day use in the back pocket. so walking around all day sitting on the phone, um, apparently is bending the phone. >> so we're talk a combination of a thin phone and thick -- >> pocket? >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> wow. >> just trying to figure it all out. >> i have not confirmed this.
6:39 pm
i have not personally seen any bent phones. this is all hearsay. i'm supporting it. be careful if you carry your phone in your pocket. >> probably good advice >> thank you, julie. >> thank you. it is shopping without the hassle of the mall. andria borba shows us a bay area company that is on trend. >> reporter: sharon hates going shopping for clothes. >> i'm lazy, i don't want to go to the store. i don't want to go through racks of clothes. i don't want to dress myself. >> reporter: so now she has someone else pick her clothes for her. she signed up with stitch fix. customers fill out a survey with dozens of questions including age, size and projects and pick out your style. a computer algorythm then
6:40 pm
crunches the data. every month a stylist at stitch fix sends her a box with clothes and accessories plus instructions on how to wear them together. >> reporter: they offer personalized shopping and retailer and it's a growing trend. >> it's something that's becoming more mainstream more established as retailers see the opportunity. >> reporter: nordstrom sees the opportunity. it recently bought the men's personal shopping site trunk club for $350 million. >> icp i like it. >> reporter: barrow says she keeps about 90% of what she sent which costs her about $250 a month and she can ship back items she doesn't like free of charge. andria borba, kpix 5. >> on most personalized shopping sites customers have the option to buy clothes on a regular basis or even just one time. google tops the list of companies that most college
6:41 pm
grads want to work for. surprise, huh? research firm universun global surveyed more than 2,000 business and engineering majors from 12 countries. the majority listed google as their top choice. other top companies have made that list including apple, microsoft, ernst & young and coca-cola. still ahead, ken's favorite story today, coffee made to taste like beer. [ laughter ] >> all right. plus old school meets new school. as polaroid works to compete with gopro for a practicaltion of the price. >> calendar says fall just began but the pattern being picked up on satellite now it's something we see in the winter. the rainfall won't stay in the pacifi northwest. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, what a 49ers opponent said that has colin kaepernick in hot water. >> i didn't say anything racially derogatory to him. >> the hot story in oakland
6:42 pm
belongs to one of the good guys. >> i'm very, very grateful and very appreciative of it. >> and giants fans won't appreciate what we have to report on one of their best players. the bad news minutes away. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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standing there. we'll e imagine ordering pizza, opening the door, and then seeing police officers standing there. yeah. we're going to explain on bay area nightbeat coming up tonight at 10:00 on the cw. just in time for the holidays, spirit airlines is raising its checked bag fees. according to its website, spirit is taking on an extra $2 for checked bags on flights booked for december 18 through january 5. typically spirit's checked bag fees range from $30 when done in advance to $100 at the gate. new action camera on the market and the brand name may actually surprise you. it's polaroid. the company is jumping on the trend of recording light from different perspectives. tech experts say it's not quite up to the standard of capturing extreme action like the gopro. but they say it's good, very
6:46 pm
good, for casual use. the cost, about $100. and move over, pumpkin spice latte. had one today. starbucks is testing a coffee that tastes like beer! that's right. tastes like guinness. the dark barrel latte made with espresso is a chocolaty stout flavored sauce topped with whipped cream and caramel. despite its flavor, there is no alcohol in it. you know, sometimes it's okay not to mix things up. you know what i'm saying? beer is beer. coffee is coffee. >> i thought you liked that story. >> the two shall never mix. we're going to talk to him next week and he is going to tell us when he came back -- [overlapping speakers >> what's happening around here is good. we have some rainfall coming in. this is great news. good news, weather wise. not tonight. not even tomorrow night for most of you but we have rain moving in before the week is
6:47 pm
finished. cool time lapse from a couple of hours ago from the exploratorium. great shot perfect sunshine then here comes the cloud cover. it will be a foggy evening anywhere near the water and likely fog spreading inland overnight tonight. foggy already at sfo. temperatures there in the upper 60s. 65 in downtown san francisco. we have cooled off to the 70s in livermore, santa rosa 73. san bruno 69. oakland 74 degrees. very wide view of kpix 5 hi-def but for good reason. we're already tracking some of the rainfall that we'll see right now off the northern california southern oregon coastline. it's coming here slowly. fremont 62 tonight, livermore 62 tonight. another humid cloudy warm night, even san rafael staying around 60 degrees overnight tonight. that's the low. that's not what it will be at midnight. it will still be 70 degrees. big storm heading toward the pacific northwest looking at flood issues there. we go very quickly from drought to flood there. we'll stay in our drought here
6:48 pm
for a while but any rainfall is welcome because it helps out with our fire danger. that's exactly what will happen beginning tomorrow up toward mount shasta in the city of weed and here in the bay area as the front finally makes it here. we'll see rain wednesday night, there is morning. that's why we have futurecast to show you the timing. we have a clock and we have the blobs of rainfall out here if you will. we go cloudy tomorrow afternoon but rain confined to the far north bay. you see the green coming south at midnight. then thursday morning, the heart of the morning commute, that's when the front moves through. that's when we likely will see the most rainfall. there will be a high impac thursday morning for the commute. tomorrow afternoon cloudy, showers move slowly from the north to south with the biggest impact with the weather thursday morning's commute another soggy one for the second straight week. concord tomorrow 82 cloudy in the afternoon. san jose 80. campbell 81. 78 mountain view.
6:49 pm
81 san ramon tomorrow. cloudy afternoon in pittsburg, fairfield low 80s. mill valley 77. morning fog, afternoon cloud cover in san francisco so two layers of clouds for you and windsor 75 with evening showers for you tomorrow. thursday cooler cloudier. there will be showers out there. friday we clear up but stay cool. but the weekend looking good sunshine low 80s inland, mid- 70s near the bay. rain arrives tomorrow night. dennis and sports, he arrives in three minutes. stick around.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
if the giants are going deep in the play-offs they will have to do it without their leadoff hitter angel pagan who is done for the year. manager bruce bochy said he will have back surgery on thursday in los angeles with a recovery time of about three months. he hopes he will be ready for spring training. the giants' record without pagan in the line-up is 29-36. for more on the battle for the national league west, here's jim hill at dodger stadium. >> reporter: all right, dennis. thank you very much. you know, while everyone else is talking wild card, the giants actually believe they can still win the national league's western division. >> i think it showed a lot about the guys we have in this room when you place that long and that kind of a ballgame
6:53 pm
with 53,000 or so people they announced tonight, most of them pulling against us. to stay as strong as we did as a club. >> reporter: madison baumgarner going against the dodgers. >> we don't want them thinking they can win. >> reporter: i bet i know what you want for your 30th birthday. >> a win would be a great birthday gift. >> reporter: the champagne is on ice in the dodger locker room and that's where the giants want it to stay. back to you in san francisco. on the wild card front, the brewers lost to the reds so giants can clinch a wild card spot with a win tonight. the a's cannot win the american league west but they are closing in on a wild card spot with the hope of hosting
6:54 pm
that game one week from today. closer sean doolittle was named the winner of the a's good guy award which is given to the player voted by the writers as the most accommodating. and believe me, not everyone wants a microphone and a pen in their face after blowing a save. >> i think a big part of it is, you know, being able to stand up and be accountable and explain yourself when given the opportunity maybe after a game didn't go the right way. and, you know, kind of standing there having to face the music and for me i found that its part of the kind of the healing process if you will. >> the a's haven't won three consecutive games since early august and people keep looking for the signs, wow, they're back. how close do you think they are to being the team we saw earlier? >> i think we're really close. i think over the past couple of days with the obviously the big walkoff win on sunday, big win
6:55 pm
over the first place team yesterday, um, this is the most fun it's been around the team in the locker room, the loosest it's been in a while. >> now, seattle has lost tonight. the a's magic number is three to get to the wild card spot. they are one game up on kansas city. they lead the indians 7-0 in the 8th inning. this week is also the final week of derek jeter's hall of fame career and he is going out on top. his number 2 jersey the top seller of all time. today he was given the commissioner's historic achievement award. the highlight was jeter's reaction to major league's goal to speed games up next year. >> i don't know. i'll b gone. [ laughter ] >> that's a great answer. >> funny. colin kaepernick's quote- gate is back in the news today. initially, both kaepernick and bears defensive end lamarr houston claimed nothing was said by the 49ers quarterback
6:56 pm
in san francisco's loss to chicago. the referee is reportedly now saying that kaepernick used the "n" word and today, lamarr houston changed his storytelling reporters that kaepernick used the "n" word. kaepernick has been fined $11,000 but denies saying anything. >> there's video of you saying something, doesn't appear to be a racial slur but it shows you saying something to lamarr houston. >> i didn't say anything racially derogatory to him. >> reporter: but you said the other day you didn't say anything. [ pause ] >> i talk on the football field, yes, i do. >> that video that you saw kaepernick speaking was shot by kpix 5. we have looked at it numerous times. i can't see the use of the "n" word there. so if he said it, it had to be with his back turned to the camera. >> all right. for news throughout the evening the latest is always on good night. captions by: caption colorado ,,,, ...we need to break up.
6:57 pm
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: hey, welcome to the show. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thanks, everybody. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and as always, we got another good one for you today. we got a family returning for the second day. from washington, d.c., it's the woodland family. and out of charleston, south carolina, the home of shrimp and grits, baby, it's the eggerud family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, stylish ford fusion hybrid. let's play "feud." give me yasin. give me joe.
7:00 pm
all right, fellas, here we go. top 7 answers on the board. name a circus performer who, if they sneezed in the middle of their act, might die. joe. >> tightrope walker. steve: tightrope walker. pass or play? >> we'll play. steve: they're gonna play. >> joe. steve: hey, joe. nice to meet you, man. good. fine family. where you from? >> we're from charleston, south carolina. steve: that's right. yep. well, joe, what do you do? >> i work in new york. i work for a fashion company. i work for givenchy and do some events and assist the president with them. steve: for givenchy? >> for givenchy, yeah. steve: that's a big brand. >> i love it, yeah. it's amazing. the met gala, beyonce last week. incredible. steve: she was wearing givenchy? she was wearing-- >> she was wearing givenchy. steve: really? >> yeah, naomi campbell, all of them. steve: really? aw, well, that's good. let's play.


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