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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  October 3, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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paratransit bus driver. the "pressdemocrat" gave us this bus surveillance video and you can hear councilman gary wysocki dropping a couple of f bombs. >> sure i which i hadn't used profanity but we're all human. >> reporter: wysocki says he is not sorry he confronted the driver. >> i was not wrong in pointing out unprofessional unsafe operation of a commercial vehicle, no, sir. >> reporter: the confrontation happened in june but the city just released the video. you can see the councilman riding his bike here. the bus pulled into the turn lane. the councilman says it got too close. >> close enough for me to feel endangered. >> reporter: so when they stopped at an intersection, the councilman approached the driver. >> do you realize how close you were? do you realize you're over the white line on the [ censored ] -- >> relax, dude. >> i know that. >> you ought to stay inside the lines! >> shut the [ censored ] up! [ laughter ] >> i don't think it's appropriate as an elected to be throwing that kind of language out. >> reporter: the santa rosa mayor says he is not surprised.
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in fact, the city had recently censured wysocki for abusive behavior toward employees. >> mr. wysocki frequently crosses the line with his interactions with members of our staff. >> i think it was purely political act. >> reporter: he says he doesn't have anger issues but some voters say he should lead by example. >> as the leader you would think hold on, let's go about this professionally. >> reporter: in santa rosa, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> now, the mayor says no action will be taken against the councilman but that contracted bus driver is in trouble. the city says as a professional driver, he should have de- escalated the confrontation. santa clara voters about to get a sample ballot in the mail that won't be much help for the november election. entire races and candidates are missing. len ramirez joins us live from san jose with a look at this major ballot blunder. len, how could this happen?! >> reporter: well, you never know when people are programming stuff in, things
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could get left out. and that appears to be the case here. so instead of concentrating on the november 4 election coming up, folks here at the registrar of voters are having to go back and fix an earlier problem. santa clara school board candidate says her email blew up when supporters couldn't find her on the newest sample balloted. >> they were saying why are you not on the ballot? >> reporter: several others were nowhere to be found on about 100,000 sample ballots mailed out by registrar of voters. instead, instead huge blank spots where the names and statements should have been. >> sometimes this is the only way to get candidates' names out. so being left off is a huge blow. >> reporter: especially in the pocketbook. candidates pay money to get the statements printed. >> $2,500. so $2,500 of grassroots
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fundraising kind of disappeared. >> there was a programming error that happened when our staff was setting up the election and our election management software. >> reporter: the spokesman says it's not something proofreaders picked up because those races were never programmed in. the county will now have to mail out new sample ballots and will be alerting voters by email and phone calls about the mistake. fortunately, it happened before people begin voting by mail, which begins next week. >> the corrected information is definitely going to beat the ballots out to voters so they will have the full information in their hands by the time that they cast their ballots. >> reporter: the registrar of voters say they don't know how much this is going to cost. they don't have an estimate on what it's going to take to fix it but you can only imagine the cost will be significant because 100,000 pieces of mail have to go out. there's printing costs and manpower costs. it's a big cost and embarrassment to the registrar of voters which has had a series of problems over the years with getting election results out in a timely manner
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on election night. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> len tells us the candidates who were left off the ballot will hold a rally tomorrow as a reminder they are still running even if the names aren't on the ballots just mailed out. the other big story today the bay area under a heat advisory. hot temperatures forcing people to find ways to stay cool. in fremont, we found people under the shade and staying close to the water to beat the heat. >> chief meteorologist paul deanno is in livermore. >> reporter: livermore playing football. the jv game just ended. they were sweating because we hit 95 in livermore today but really 95 out here is not that huge of a deal. what is a huge deal is the 92 that we had in san francisco today making today in san francisco the hottest day of
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the calendar year. other highs vallejo 94. redwood city 94. oakland 93. santa rosa 97. another hot day at the beach pacifica officially 89 degrees. the heat is not going to end tomorrow. the heat advisory remains in effect through saturday evening. all of the bay area except for right along the coastline you will see a little cooling at the coast. so drink plenty of water, kids, pets, not left in the car even for a couple of minutes and relative to normal it won't be as hot. normal high in san francisco is 70 but tomorrow will be 80. remember it was just 92. the hottest day of the year in san francisco. hot in livermore. more on the football game and when we'll get relief coming up in about 10 minutes. see ya. >> thank you. the heat normally felt inland reaching into san francisco. kpix 5's ryan takeo live with how people are adjusting. ryan. >> reporter: yes. it reached low 90s here at golden gate park. we're here for the hardly
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strictly bluegrass festival. the weather team normally puts our microclimates under the microscope. throw that out today because it was baking everywhere. >> today, no escaping. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you couldn't run from the sun in san francisco's mission district. but at golden gate park, you could hide. >> it's been ridiculous lately. >> reporter: alvin and his parents sat in the shade even if it was a couple of football fields away from the stage at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. >> we could hear it, you know. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but you could feel it. the scorching sunshine no matter where you were across the bay area, not too hot for a sunny scroll at santana row where just about every outdoor dining table was taken during the lunch rush. no such thing as too much punch at central park in fremont. this october is feeling more like the dog days of summer. just try working in the heat like this guy washing windows in el cerrito in the blazing heat. he has to wipe himself down, too. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: back in san francisco, the free festival
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did come with a price, bearing the 92-degree heat, not a cloud in sight. they expect three-quarters of a million people coming to this free festival over the next three years -- three days, that is. now, they are trucking in 500 gallons of water at a time. that's only one water station. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> that will be interesting. all right, ryan, thanks. because of the heat, alum rock park in san jose will be closed tomorrow. remember, you can always check the forecast for your zip code by going to the number of enterovirus cases in the bay area is now up to 5. the newest case reported in san francisco. there are two cases in alameda county, one each in both solano county and in santa cruz. public health officials are telling parents what to look out for. >> if your child has any type of respiratory distress or breathing problem it's very important to seek medical care but otherwise the care that we recommend is supportive care
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where you help the child with symptoms, you know, have them rest, push fluids. >> there is no vaccine for this virus. but doctors say one of the best preventative methods is making sure that children wash their hands frequently. a big rig slams into a fire hydrant in downtown san francisco causing this. a water geyser almost as high as the building next to it. it happened on new montgomery street near mission street just before 2:00 this afternoon. firefighters were getting drivenched as they worked to shut -- drenched as they worked to shut off the water. but this wasn't the only water emergency. in the bayview district, dozens of people are cleaning up after several hours of flooding from a water main break. a 12" pipe burst at key avenue and keith street around midnight last night. water gushed out for five hours straight. a river of water flowed down the street and into people's homes. up to three feet in some areas. >> approximated a few million gallons at this point.
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>> i woke up to water rushing and my car being right in the mill of it. >> the water -- right in the middle of it. >> the aging pipe was replaced this afternoon and water was returned to all residents. el cerrito police looking for a couple of suspects in a pair of violent robberies. the separate incidents happened last night near the el cerrito del norte bart station. one man was beaten another shot in the leg. police believe the same two robbers are responsible for both incidents. an estimated 500 homeless people sleep in their cars every night in santa clara county. now the city of san jose is considering letting them stay in designated parking lots instead of going from place to place. kiet do has the story you will only see on kpix 5. >> reporter: welcome to butcher park in west san jose, part your bun oasis, part rv -- part urban oasis, part rv park.
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it's 7:00 in the morning and aleta has just finished making breakfast for her male companion. their social security and pensions add up to $2,800 a month not enough for rent. >> this is the bathroom. it has a shower and toilet and sink. >> reporter: so they bought this old rv and now rough it on the streets of san jose. butcher park is perfect because it sits along a main road and borders a long stretch of apartments. >> over here they have apartments so therefore they don't, you know, complain. >> they don't complain like residents do. >> reporter: so is that the idea to stay a couple of days don't overstay your welcome? >> then take off and find somewhere else. >> reporter: they often end up in the parking lots of big box stores. every night in santa clara county 500 people sleep in their cars. to some, it's an eyesore. to the city, it's an opportunity. >> this is a great population to work with because it might be a population that we can help get stable faster. >> reporter: san jose is now looking into converting city- owned land into temporary parking lots for up to 30 car campers, essentially a homeless
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drive-in with bathrooms, security and case managers. ray branson says car campers can get around more easily and tend to have some income. >> gives us a chance to bring them in, keep them safe while they're in that transitional period and then help them get back on their feet. >> reporter: the plan is in its earliest stages and both mayoral candidates support it. >> this helps keep people safe and in place where -- where they can get access to basic services. we should do it temporarily and then move people into permanent housing quickly. >> we should put it in public property so it's secure for a very short period of time. >> reporter: what aleta says she needs now is help not judgment. >> i'm a decent law-abiding person and i just need a chance to get into an apartment, that's all i wanted. >> reporter: this is a pilot project so they are looking at building at most two parking lots for now that will hold about 15 cars each. total cost of the project, they think, will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000. and it should be up and running
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in about 6 months. in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. still ahead, look out below! yeah. dozens of rattlesnakes once again slithering around in the wild and why they are being let go. >> a chance at college for students who may not have believed they could. the bay area school teaching a new kind of lesson. >> and later a hotel chain in big trouble. how authorities say it forced guests to pay for something they could have gotten for free.
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tim flannery waving him home throw to the plate is too late. >> saved by a mile. the giants score big this afternoon. taking at first game of the national league division series. baseball fans watched their home team the giants back in bars and restaurants all over
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the bay area. giants played the washington nationals a team that may be called the best of the eight teams remaining. but the giants came out on top. 3-2 win. fans are hopeful for another world series. >> my dream that comes true the giants already won it twice in my lifetime. and if they win it a third time it's like hitting at jackpot. >> they have beat washington again tomorrow night and get back home monday for game 3 against the nationals and beat them up again, then we'll see what we do if we can get that far. coming up in sports, we'll have a full breakdown of the big win. time now for "friday night lights." we have been featuring high school football matchups around the bay area over the pastfive weeks featuring powerhouse teams but last week it was the weather that took center stage. you might remember. a hailstorm in napa delayed the game between clayton valley charter and napa high school.
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>> from that severe weather to nice warm weather, paul deanno is live in livermore. hi, paul. >> reporter: yeah. this is pretty normal out here. it's abnormal in san francisco we hit 92 degrees but 95 they just shrug it off. that's not a big deal here. in livermore it is hot. we did hit 95 today. folks in white, yellow and blue, that's the number 2 team in the bay area, foothill high school out of pleasanton. they are only ranked behind de la salle. they play livermore tonight in livermore. we're at livermore stadium. we hit 95 degrees earlier but we are getting just a little bit of an ocean breeze cooling us off down to the upper 80s currently. highs around the region today, 105 in gilroy. that's a big deal but a bigger deal is the record high set at sfo. at the airport 95 degrees. the old record 94 set back in 1988. kentfield 92 degrees today. daly city you hit 92. hayward 89. richmond 88. it was warm. saturday and sunday perhaps not
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as hot but still you will feel it mainly sunny skies highs in the low to mid-90s. lots going on this weekend. hardly strictly bluegrass, golden gate park saturday and sunday. how about sunshine and 80 degrees? you do not need the jacket at golden gate park this weekend. and the sumo wrestling festival in japantown will be fun on sunday. highs in the mid-70s there. and the 9ers i'm going to make this claim now this will be the hottest home game for the 9ers hopefully sweating alex smith out of the place taking on the chiefs 86 degrees at kickoff temperature. big ridge of high pressure over the bay area. it's going to move a little bit and weaken a little bit so it may not be as hot but we're talking just a few degrees. it will still be well above average to the tune of 15 degrees above normal for most of the bay area this weekend. let's talk specifics now. san francisco not 92 like you had today but still warm 80 tomorrow. vallejo 90. livermore 94 once again. fremont 88. santa rosa 92.
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san rafael 89 degrees. saturday and sunday 90s inland. cooler at the coast. tomorrow and sunday down to the site of. onshore flow gets stronger by tuesday inland areas down to the 80s. by wednesday and thursday near the bay struggling to make it to 70. this heat wave will be over after this weekend. back out here live, we're looking at a packed house. we have the chuckwagon, they are serving up some food. we have hundreds of people already here. and we're still 40 minutes until kickoff. we have foothill against livermore tonight. it's hot and the game will be hot, as well. back to you. >> thank you. bay area fishermen are speaking out against proposition 1. the state water bond. at a gathering at pier 45 in san francisco this morning the fishermen said building more dams to hold water is not the answer. and that state leaders are not using the water we have properly. >> the reason why our reservoirs are empty is not necessarily because we have a drought going on in california. the reason why our reservoirs are empty is because our legislators have oversubscribed the water that we have here on
6:19 pm
an annual basis by about 5 to 7 times. >> the fishermen say they are given out too many water rights to irrigators. prop 1 proposing expanding reservoirs and building new dams. dozens of rattlesnakes are being released into the wild tonight. a bay area company captured the snakes in residential neighborhoods where they don't belong. new at 6:00, kpix 5's don ford takes us up north to the geysers where the snakes will be getting ready for winter hibernation. >> reporter: he is not a pet. he is a western diamondback rattlesnake and he means business! [ rattling ] >> reporter: did you miss that? lightning fast! here it is in super slow motion. this snake is just one of more than 250 snakes the sonoma county reptile rescue has collected this year from homeowners, construction sites and public places. now some of them are going for
6:20 pm
a ride. >> today we're going to let a lot of 'em go. >> reporter: 60 snakes are being released back to the wild and it's serious work. >> body armor and multiple first aid kits. >> reporter: after an hour's ride, these rescued rattlers are being released high above sonoma on a huge private ranch. on a spot far from humans. the first bunch are young but they can still bite. >> a bite is a bite. but the good thing is, a third of the bites are dry bites. >> reporter: not good odds in my book! but for the first bucket of adults, i'll wear special gloves and incredibly he reaches into the bucket. >> give you guys a new home here. >> reporter: the last bucket has the largest longest male even al handles these guys one by one. >> just say hi to me. one time. >> reporter: al says this rocky ridge is perfect for these rattlesnakes. plenty of food and still some water deep down in the cracks. they say if you are bitten by a
6:21 pm
rattlesnake, you won't die. >> all the hospitals in this area have antivenin so you just go to the hospital. >> reporter: i'm hardly reassured. [ laughter ] >> reporter: more than likely, these will be the last rattlesnakes you will see for the year because even though it's pretty warm today, in a couple of weeks, they will be hibernating for the winter. in sonoma county, don ford, kpix 5. >> the rescue group's website says rattlesnakes are one of nature's forms of rodent control and play a vital place in the balance of the environment. the non-tradition national path to academic success. >> how one school is tailoring lessons for students who struggled in the past. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
learning d getting into college can be hard enough but for students with a significant learning
6:24 pm
disability, school can quickly become a spiral of frustration, low self-esteem and ultimately low expectations. elizabeth cook shows us how a campus in san mateo is working to change that. >> in the past, i never really fit in. then when i came here, i just feel like i belong here. >> reporter: for jasmine wong school used to be a nightmare. >> i have trouble socially. i don't do well around big groups of people. >> she is like a lot of our students, very bright and talented, who have had a really bad experience in a past school. >> reporter: that's because every student at compass high school faces his own unique learning challenge. >> so our students with learning disabilities and high functioning autism. >> reporter: compass was an anecdote for the one size fits all experience. here classrooms have as few as five students and teachers build lessons specifically tailored for each one of them. >> we look at our individual students' needs and bring to them something that works well
6:25 pm
for them. >> reporter: that includes cutting edge software that can tell where a student is struggling and how a teacher can help. >> we just present it in a way that's catered to the educational needs of our particular students. >> reporter: but that specialized curriculum doesn't mean lowered expectations. >> we try to have very high expectations for our students, but using nontraditional way to get there. >> reporter: in fact, this is a college preparatory school. for a student who might otherwise have struggled to escape high school. and a big part of that is getting each student to find out what works best for him. >> we really focus on strategies, you know, what can you do, what are the physical things you can do to make that goal a reality? >> reporter: when something doesn't work? >> i don't ever get judged at all. >> these kids are completely capable. they're capable of achieving so much. all we are doing is giving them the tools to do that. >> reporter: elizabeth cook,
6:26 pm
kpix 5. >> one year at compass will cost $34,000. the school is drawing students from south san jose all the way to vacaville. two stanford professors have earned the nation's highest honor in science and engineering. they were awarded the national medal of science today. president obama says the men have expanded our understanding of the world and made invaluable contributions to science. the professors will get their awards later this year at a white house ceremony. coming up in our next half- hour, a family fights for their daughter declared brain-dead. the new signs they say are enough to prove she is alive. >> keeping young athletes safety from big hits on the field. the new gear some wear to reduce the risk. >> a hotel chain paying the price what it do to get more money from its guests. ,,
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a bay area family wants that ruling reversed. kpix 5's linda yee shows use video that jahi mcmath's fay ... is proof she i now at 6:30, months after several neurologists declared they are brain-dead a bay area family wants that ruling reversed. kpix 5's linda yee shows us the video that jahi mcmath's family
6:30 pm
says is proof that she is alive. linda. >> reporter: ken, the video clips do show movement. but are they what some neurologists say are spontaneous reflexes common in brain-dead patients? or is it truly a miracle? [ talking to jahi ] >> reporter: she moved her foot on command, says jahi's mother, and as the days pass, there was more. >> very good! very good, jahi! >> reporter: she has been by her daughter's bedside for the past nine months. >> i said, okay move your thumb if can here me. so she moves the thumb again. she knows the difference between left and right and fingers. if i say move your legs that's something she can do with no issues. >> reporter: the family's attorney shows brain scans and eeg results to bolster their argument the neurosurgeons at oakland's children's hospital were wrong they they said jahi
6:31 pm
was brain-dead and a panel whom they describe as experts with the international brain research foundation spoke of the findings by phone. >> and we know that at least part -- parts of the brain are functioning. >> so we think that this young lady also has the potential to gain more function. you know, no certainly hopes, no guarantees, of course. >> reporter: his colleague a neuroscientist insists more could be done to help jahi. >> obviously, we're dealing with someone that's alive. >> reporter: questions have been raised about his doctorate. it was from an online university and he was fired from a university hospital over a controversial therapy for autistic children. but jahi's mother believes the findings and hopes it will bring her daughter back from
6:32 pm
the new jersey facility that cared for her since january. >> i'd like to see her back in california. i'm so homesick. [ crying ] >> reporter: she believed her child could get therapy here but not until a judge reverses the ruling jahi is brain-dead. a stanford medical person says it's not an independent reputable institution. >> i would think they would at a minimum need an independent court appointed competent qualified neurologist to verify that all the previous independent neurologists who have done an evaluation did so in error. >> reporter: the family's attorney denies that the newest legal option is all about money but said jahi would be eligible for the same state benefits as any other person who is not brain-dead and on a ventilator. that would be taxpayer-funded full medical care. >> thank you, linda yee. if you want to take a closer look at all this, we
6:33 pm
have posted the new video of jahi mcmath on our website, a new place to stay for members of a dallas family quarantined because of the ebola virus. they had close contact with thomas eric duncan. the first man to be diagnosed in the united states. those four people will still be monitored in isolation. but they are now in a private home. meantime, hazmat crews worked at their apartment where duncan stayed before he went to the hospital. they got rid of things he came into contact with. this weekend and nbc photojournalist will be flown back from the u.s. from liberia to receive treatment for ebola. he will be treated in nebraska. he was covering the outbreak when he got sick. and in washington, d.c., there is another patient being monitored for the virus. the numbers are out for september's jobs report and it is showing positive results. the labor department said 248,000 jobs were added in september.
6:34 pm
unemployment rates fell to a six-year low 5.9%. wall street noticed the improvements. stocks were up today, dow, nasdaq, standard & poor's 500 all saw gains. charging for wi-fi can be a big moneymaker for hotels, but on our consumerwatch, julie watts says one hotel chain went a little too far. >> reporter: yeah. that's according to the fcc fining the marriott for blocking personal connections to wi-fi in an effort to force people to pay as much as $1,000 per device for hotel wi-fi. investigators say it happened last year at a convention at a national marriott hotel. the fcc found hotel employees jammed personal wi-fi signals in the hotel convention space. that's a violation of the communications act. so the fcc fined the chain $600,000. it's ordered all marriotts to stop doing it and split compliance reports. marriott said it didn't break the law. u.p.s. is begging retailers to avoid last-minute christmas sales
6:35 pm
this year. that's right. [ laughter ] >> it's already begun, folks. along with fedex they hope to avoid a repeat of last year's shipping melteddown when millions of gifts never made it under the tree. here's a list. hold the biggest sales in mid- december instead of two days before christmas and free overnight shipping offers as late as december 23rd and stagger sales geographically. for example, offer that big gopro deal in california one day and then in new york the next. now, so far, stores aren't buying. [ laughter ] >> most say they are sticking with their scheduled sales. so that is something to keep in mind. just because the store offers guaranteed overnight shipping does not mean that you will get it. you have to plan accordingly. >> well, maybe u.p.s. won't buy it but maybe santa will? maybe santa's up for negotiating. >> there is always santa as a last resort. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> never lets you down.
6:36 pm
still ahead, reducing the risk of concussion and other injuries. >> see the new gear that some bay area high school players are using to try to stay safe. ,,,,,,,,,,
6:37 pm
insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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the 16 year old football pl died this week after takingt was described as "a big hit" during a game. hundreds of students, paren and teachers in long islandd tribute to the athlete l stained a head tom cutinella died after a big hit during a game. hundreds of students, parents and teachers in long island paid tribute to the athlete last night. he sustained a head injury during the game and died at the hospital. a recent study in the american journal of sports medicine reports an average of 12 high school and college players die every year. tonight kpix 5's juliette goodrich shows us what some bay area high school football players are now wearing and what they are doing differently on the field to try to prevent concussion. >> reporter: when the mission san jose high school football team hits the practice field in
6:39 pm
fremont, each is wearing some of these $1,000 worth of gear issued to every player. the helmets alone cost about $300. >> there's the most critical piece of safety equipment we have. >> reporter: the head coach chooses which models to use based on a ratings system produced by virginia tech university. >> it's the only thing we have outside of the vendors to go by to rate a helmet to make sure we're doing everything we can to put our kids in the safest equipment out there. >> reporter: virginia tech has produced the helmet ratings for four years now on a scale of one to five stars from worst to best for reducing head acceleration and, therefore, they say reducing the risk for concussion. >> that risk is dramatic. if you move from a one star helmet to some of the better four and five-star helmets, you cut your concussion risk in half. >> reporter: virginia tech researchers say when they launched the ratings, only one
6:40 pm
manufacturer made a five-star helmet. now there are nine five-star helmets made by four different companies. but he is not ready to say helmets are the first key to safety. >> the rules and the coaching are the most important. the equipment is really the third layer of protection. >> reporter: on the field at mission, all varsity players wear five-star helmets. everyone else has at least a four-star. but the coach agrees the helmet isn't everything. >> and what we found is it didn't matter what helmet we put the kid in, it came back to the technique that the kid was using. [ whistle ] >> reporter: so the warriors adopted a heads up tackling system. and watched their concussions drop from 6 in a season to 1. >> the hip in the head back. >> reporter: players are taut to adopt a defensive body posture, lowering themselves before they make contact with an opponent. they swing their arms from back to front, the momentum carrying their hips forward and head back, out of the way.
6:41 pm
the coach isn't looking at it like just another style but a new era to the game he loves. he won't put players on the field who don't do it and won't hire coaches who don't teach it. >> we just have to be able to put our ego on the shelf and allow the game to change so that it's safer that more people can enjoy it long after we're gone. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> we contacted more than 150 bay area high schools to ask what football helmets they use. many use highly rated helmets but not all of them. to look up what rating your school's helmet has go to website, still ahead his family thought they would never see it again. >> a classic harley stolen more than 40 years ago. how it was finally spotted and returned to its rightful owner. >> after a 95-degree day, it is time for "friday night lights" in livermore. we have foothill, we have livermore high school, we have the heat to talk about, as
6:42 pm
well. your complete forecast with the cooldown that's coming up. >> straight ahead in sports, baseball, baseball, baseball! a giant step for the men in orange and black. >> we felt really good. >> what's up with the a's general manager on the defense? i have those details coming up after weather with paul deanno. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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love? want someone young? employed? tonight: the bay ar all you single ladies, listen up. are you looking for love? do you want someone young, employed? well, tonight the bay area county bursting with eligible bachelor's. we are going to show you which one coming up tonight on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on the cw. a son gets to take part in some unfinished business by his late father. this 1954 harley-davidson motorcycle was stolen from his family's backyard in north carolina 42 years ago. it belong to his dad who died four years ago. he was a police officer and regretted never being able to find it. now decades later, that motorcycle has been tracked
6:46 pm
down and seized at the l.a. long beach seaport. it was returned to the rightful owner, a son who says both he and his father are so thankful. >> beautiful. beautiful. beautiful bike. time for a look at weather. paul deanno live for us in livermore for friday night football. hey, paul. >> reporter: yes. "friday night lights" and we're thankful that that light in the sky, the sun is down. it's been warm. foothill and livermore the host team tonight. livermore in the green. 95 for a high but it will be very comfortable with the sunset and a little breeze. temperatures this evening in the 70s and 80s cooling off efficiently this evening. current temperatures tonight still hot in san bruno 90. 85 san francisco. today the hottest day of the year officially in san francisco. we're still 90 in santa rosa. 89 in oakland. 91 in livermore. we are actually a -- we had a small earthquake about an hour
6:47 pm
and a half ago, 2.9 at 5:14. maybe you felt it on the east side of livermore. mid-50s in vallejo overnight. 51 santa rosa so we'll cool off oakland down to 58, livermore 57, san francisco warm at 62. big ridge of high pressure has been giving us the heat and the offshore wind will continue to do so over the weekend for most of us temperatures will remain ten to 15 degrees above average. one spot will be the exception to the rule. that will be along the coast because as futurecast shows you there is a marine layer that will begin to build tomorrow. this is the embryonic stage if you will of the end of our heat wave. you will see that marine layer begin to move into the coastline tomorrow evening. it will take until monday or tuesday to make it to livermore or antioch or places like that. but we will see that marine layer beginning tomorrow evening. tonight, we're clear. it will be a mild evening, beautiful friday night outside. warm to hot for most of us this weekend. but there will be relief beginning at the coast tomorrow
6:48 pm
in the 70s. let's talk specifics. san mateo 88 tomorrow. campbell 93. milpitas 90. still hot just not as hot as today. 93 in pleasanton tomorrow. novato 90. san leandro 84. mill valley 89. windsor 95 degrees tomorrow so up north still hot. 90s inland over the weekend. near the bay down to the 80s by sunday. at the coast we are in the low 70s. and then monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week here comes the onshore flow. here comes cooler weather. inland highs down to the low 80s. near the bay in the low 70s. in the coast, low 60s. the band is rocking! 11 minutes away from kickoff. we have a lot of folks here, livermore hosting number 2 foothill high school the second best football team in the bay area playing here tonight. "friday night lights" and the weather is good. we have sports coming up next.
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with 5 perfectly sweetened whole grains, you can't help but see the good. look for big g cereals with money saving offers
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heard one of these announcers for an unnamed network that carried the game today said the giants stole one. [ laughter ] >> how do you steal a game when you're leading from start to finish? >> the giants got some of the
6:52 pm
2010, 2012 little world series elixir and just boom. shazamm! they just keep on picking up where they left off in even number years. in the nation's capital, somewhere between heavy underdog street and didn't see it come boulevard! the giants took a big step toward the league championship series. nationals ballpark, just waiting for this one. division series opener. top third joe panik off steven strassberg scored ishakawa to get on the board. san francisco got the leadoff man in five innings. here's brandon belt in the fourth. they are not going to get hunter pence. forget it. 2-0 giants. giants starter jake peavey pitched 5 2/3 shutout innings gave way to rookie hunter strickland. big out of desmond with the bases loaded in the 6th and peavey says attaboy! next inning, buster posey singles and here comes joe
6:53 pm
panik who earlier tripled. it's 3-0. now the nationals 7th. bryce harper went in at 98 miles per hour and went out at 110. that's a big, big fly! two solo homers cut it to 3-2. bottom of the 8th a grounder ends the inning. casilla the save. giants took game one 3-2. ninth straight post-season win. >> these little things add up when you're into tight ballgame and, you know, these guys, you know, they are used to it and, you know, that's always nice to have that experience to draw on. >> we have the ability with some veteran hitters in the middle of their line-up that are battle-tested to drive runs in. we saw that with buster today. so, you know, they are tough to beat. >> it comes down to the same game just have to be more fine with all the little things and you have to stay within yourself with the pressure and
6:54 pm
all the hard work in the off season comes down to this point. >> to us to come in here and i guess the best team in the national league to get game one is -- we feel really good. we understand that it's just one game and we got an uphill battle still. supermodel kate upton, ken. that's girlfriend of tiger starter justin verlander in baltimore. and he got some alds game two- run support from nick castellano in the fourth. puts detroit ahead 5-2. but the tigers bullpen couldn't close. delmon young a bases-clearing cup 6-4 deficit becoming a 7-6 lead the final score baltimore now 2-0 series lead. >> she didn't help. >> not at all. hey, after tuesday's wild card exit, a's fans wanted some answers. top of the list, the july 31st trade of yoenis cespedes for
6:55 pm
jon lester. now, after the trade the offense arguably still the best in baseball struggled. and lester who pitched well in oakland couldn't hold it down in the wild card loss to the royals. a's general manager billy beane was an open target for making the deal. no regrets he says on the damon bruce show. >> we don't make [ indiscernible ] in a perfect world, you would like to have both of them but we weren't going to get lester without cespedes. we are still talking about a .250 hitter. offense was heading south before that point. and, you know, we sent him to the club and there was only i think that one club actually had a worse offense in august than we did and we had, you know, the ball in jon's hand in the 8th inning of that one game play-off and given that trade- off i'd take it anytime. >> segue nfl. last sunday hall of famer deion sanders said the 49ers players wanted jim harbaugh out as head coach! last night on cbs thursday
6:56 pm
night football pre-game show sanders reiterated his remarks. >> i have sources that wear football uniforms, coats, suits and ties. yes. and this is real. you talking about trent -- -- we know there's a rift between he and harbaugh. there's trickled down into the locker room. not only are my sources correct i checked three insiders from three networks. it's 100%. you can shoot the messenger but the message is real. >> dion talks to the players. the plot thickers bun the 49ers play the chiefs on sunday. it's big. where's the game? right here on kpix 5. >> i'll tell you what will stop all that talking if they start winning. >> yeah. >> we'll pick it up on nightbeat. thanks, vern. have a good weekend. the bacon in no time. ou'll be be sorry. get a free quote at
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: yeah. we got this. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. thank you very much. this is a big one. i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. today is one of those days that we play the game for. we got a family here returning for the fifth and final day with a total of $22,570. from fort lauderdale, florida, it's the champs. it's the hatcher family. [cheering and applause] and from glendale, arizona, it's the cole family. [cheering and applause] but, remember, today, if the
7:00 pm
hatcher family wins the game, they are going home in that brand-new, head-turning ford fusion right there. that's the car. let's play "feud," everybody! give me camilla. give me diane. let's go. ["family feud" theme playing] ladies, we've got the top 5 answers on the board. here we go. we asked 100 married women, name something about which you've never been 100% honest with your husband. camilla? >> past boyfriends. [cheering and applause] steve: past boyfriends. >> whoa! >> i didn't say that. steve: no, you--heh! >> that was not me. steve: she said, "look, i was-- i'm the first part. i'm before the slash. i got a couple exes, never mentioned it, but the other th


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