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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a tour guide taking a bus fl of people around san franciscos off on a racist rant. it was all caught on tape. andria borba has more on the uncomfortable ride that too ugly turn at chinatown. bleeped nats with enough f-s to make george carlin blush tour bus guide supposedly working on her last day, bo of some kind in hand...let'e tourists know *exactly whae thinks of chinatown. nats 30.19.24 at first we saw it thought it was a joke the v appears to be no joke...muc it not safe for tv. 15.03.1 when you come to america yot to assimilate a little bit. here in america we don't eat turtles and frogs. but, they bring that here to america. gotta assimilate a little chinatown in the guide's crosshairs...salons...the sidewalks...the food...the language barrier. david
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chiu\president, sf board of supervisors 26.54.08 we're l incredibly sad and disappoi that in 2014 someone would r these very stereotypical and racist comments about a mine into the video ---listen closely...that's applause nats applause 27.57.10 i hope that we lea that they didn't understand what she was saying and th'e not native english speakers expletive laced rant doesn't stop there -- up next a war never to move to chinatown. we have a china in my hometown of los angel that is way cleaner, way be restaurants not as many peo this is a horrible place to live. if you are considering moving to san francisco, although this is the cheape neighborhood, do not live h i have learned my lesson. t people wake you up at 6 in e morning we were unable to identify tour guide or what bus compy
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we were unable to identify tour guide or what bus compy she worked for. supervisor david chiu says he expects apology. the giants come home to san francisco after splitting t first two games of the world series in kansas city. ...20:30:19...royals take ge two... the giants bullpen lost con in the sixth inning. the ro
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scored five runs.. tim linc pitched the seventh.. but in the eighth, he had to lee because of back strain. "have you suffered this typ injury before?" "yeah you kw growing up i've always kind of... not always but random run into back issues here a there but it's nothing that hadn't overcome or dealt win the past." the royals win game two, sen to two. one giants fan in san franc made his own jumbotron... a invited all the neighbors to come watch. he projected the game on the side of his house in bernal heights. here's the rest of the sche: the next three games are at- and-t park... friday, satury and sunday. then it's back to kansas city if necessary. anchors ad-lib on world sers a c-h-p officer could be chd with stealing naked photos woman he took in for drunk
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driving. the contra costa t reports officer sean harrin pulled the woman over on 68 san ramon. he's accused of finding six photos on her i-phone.. and sending them himself. that was in august. this month, investigators found the photos on harrin's phone and laptop. a decision on charges against is expected this week. meanwhile, a c- h-p officern the south bay got caught in middle of some reckless dri. kpix five's joe vazquez hase video.. standup: joe vazquez / milp the video was shot right up there -- 680 at the montague expressway. investigators ss many as 50 bikers were on t highway at once. :19 nats / biker doing a wheely some of them popping wheelies . som them taunting a lone chp officer. :47 nats (speedingy the cop) ross lee / chp the behavior displayed by the rs on the motorcycles was extry reckless. the youtube video shows a group of bikers pla cat and mouse with a chp ofr ... nats accelerating the c now explains, the officer w trying to pull one guy overd then another. but each time, fellow bikers would move in. ross lee / chp the officer d been behind the bikers and trying to make a stop. the riders, as he would get behd one, would move back into ak and so he was unable to get of the riders that he was attempting to pull over to to the shoulder. 1:18 nats cop yelling . (slow down?) p says the officer was tryingo tell the bikers to slow dow. but watch what happens ... e biker with the camera that s shooting the video - waves the officer ... as if telli him to go away. the cop dris off, without pulling anyone else over . the bikers
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celebrate. nats ross lee / p he made a determination and judgment call based on his n safety as well as the safet the general public who was the roadway at the time. standup: joe vazquez / milp no arrests yet. the chp says they're combing the video tg to find out who exactly was responsible. in milpitas, j
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poster, butix5.poster, but' heard back. this morning... president obama's security is back in question. another man jumpee fence at the white house. but as susan mcginnis repor. this time secret service ag were able to bring the intr down quickly. :00 washington, dc :20-:26 n mcginnis / cbs news washing dc 1:02-:104 julia pierson / former secret service direcr (pkg script:) the streets ad the white house are quiet ts morning.. a lockdown was li at about 9'30 last night.. a couple of hours after (:10 - no excerpting) 23 year old dominic adesanya of belair maryland, jumped the north e line at the white house. fox news video shows him being quickly apprehended by secr service agents and their do. (standup) the secret service says adesanya -wasn't- armed when he jumped this fence . unlike another incident here last month. (gonzalez fencep tues 367 1:07 ) on september 19, omar gonzalez jumped the white house fence, armed wi knife.. and made it much farther. (gonzalez tues367 still photo gonzalez) the ay vet made it through the fro door of the white house and the way into the east room before being apprehended. it was the latest in a string embarrassing incidents for e secret service.. (file obama cdc) including a security l days earlier when a contracr with prior convictions reportedly rode an elevatorh the president during a tripo atlanta, armed with a gun. o hearing ) the events led to congressional hearings and e resignation of ss director a pierson. (pierson 103507) 's clear that our security plan was not properly executed. (clancy) the agency is now g run by joe clancy, who came of retirement to become actg director. (tues432 this is a still of obama on phone sep ) unli gonzalez incident in sept the white house whe the fencewashington. canada't be intimidated
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minister says his country wl not be intimidated by terrorists. michael za-haaf be-bow ( mie zehaf-bibeau) was shot and killed by an officer after opened fire at country's parliament in ottawa yester just before that attacked... be-bow allegedly shot and kd a soldier at the national war memorial. president obama spoke to canada's
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prime minister last night. (sot president obama / no cn necessary) "i pledged as al to make sure that our natiol security teams are coordina very closely. the suspect was a recent cot to islam. investigators have not ruled out the possibility the gunman may have been inspiry terror groups like isis. a man is accusing l-a clipps power forward blake griffinf attacking him in las vegas. alleged victim told t-m-z tt griffin slapped him across e face at a nightclub on sund. the man claims the fight was over a camera. no charges he been filed against griffin. it could be years before there's a final decision onn francisco's new "tenant relocation ordinance." the city attorney plans to appeal tuesday's ruling agat the ordinance. a local couple sued after learning it would cost them more than 117-thod dollars to evict a tenant. e ordinance says landlords have to help tenants with t rents for two years after evicting them. city
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attorney dennis herrera saye ordinance is "legimate and lawful" -- given the regio' housing crisis. the attorney for the couple who sued is disappointed the ruling will be appealed. he says the city should spe its energy coming up with solutions to the affordable housing crisis that are constitutional. 27- thousand voters in berk got some bad information in mail. there's a big mistake on the vote-by-mail return envelop they received. look closely. they say election day is november 5-. it's actually the 4-th. the printer has taken responsiby for the mistake. the votersl get a correction in the mai time is 4: athletes at the university of north carolna were coasting through class. how the school may have held their sports teams win... by what's cool about your school? you can e-mail your nominaton to us at: cool scs at kpix- dot-com. michelle come by and help you with yr alegebra ii homework. new this morning:
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another american wins the f against ebola. doctors at emory university hospital in atlanta say then no longer detect the virus amber vinson's system. she was one of two nurses that down with ebola while caring for thom eric duncan in dallas. duncan, who contracted the virus in lib, died earlier this month. no word on the second nurs' condition. meanwhile america's ebola cr has a lot of work ahead of he has been tasked with coordinating and improving e government's response to new cases in the u-s and west africa. the total number of ebola cases -- worldwide -- is approaching the 10-thousand mark. about half of those result death. back home: the state's health department has creatn ebola hotline. health workers will answer any questions or concerns you m have. there are no suspected cases of ebola in californi drinking water will be test again in north san jose tod. that's after three people g
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sick because of ecoli contamination. the water company has been out flushing and chlorinati the lines in a three block near the milpitas border. 3 homes and a school are still under a 'boil water order. time is 4-- here's meteorologist lawrence with check of weather. the city of davis is returna 700- thousand dollar armored vehicle.
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it was donated by the government. there's been a backlash in communities aft police in ferguson, missouri used the equipment during protests over the shooting michael brown. san jose is considering returning its equipment. san francisco jail inmates e getting some high tech help. about 100 of them are being given i-pads to do homeworkr prepare their criminal case the inmates only get accesso four secure websites. it's part of a two-year, 275- thousand dollar pilot progr developed by new york-based american prison systems. student- athletes at the university of north carolina got a's in classes... that r existed. now the u-n-c chancellor is apologizing a some staffers have been fir. cullen browder has the stor --reporter pkg-as follows--
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(carol folt, unc chancellort was an inexcusable betrayal (tom ross, unc president) 'm sad, and frankly, i'm angry the report hit u-n-c's alrey damaged reputation like a g- punch. (kenneth wainstein, independent investigator) "e was an organization, a very complex organization, and it needed oversight at every sp of the way. and it didn't exist." former federal prosecutor kenneth wainstein tracked the origin of the no-show paper classes to de crowder, a long-time assistt in the african and afro-amen studies program with a softt for struggling student- athletes. wainstein's report shows department head julius nyang'oro kept that practice going. in all, the report f the paper classes went on f8 years, ending in 2011. student-athletes filled the roles, although not a class, by disproportionate numbers. interviews and e-mails conf counselors steered those athletes. (kenneth wainstei independent investigator) " of these counselors knew exy what was going on. and theyk affirmative steps to take advantage of them. they ste a number of their student-athletes to these classes because-- specificay because they were easy, specifically because they we in their terms, gpa-booster" as a result of this report,e u-n-c employees are being disciplined or fired. the chancellor said they failed students, staff, and the university's integrity. (cal "i think if we learn nothing elswe w everwith the best interest of was cullen brow
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reporting. the investigation showed studen athletes who stayed eligible because of fake classes plad football, men's and women s basketball and olympic spor. time is 4: real grass.. versus fake turf. why one bay area group claims the artificial stuff, is harmfu san francisco mayor ed lee he is standing by the fire chief.,,,,,,
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nom the jalapeño double, try it now for just $2 on mcdonald's dollar menu and more. it's economnomnomcial. ♪ nom...nom...nom... lopreventable medical errors,hey all lnow the third leadingse of cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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money. in the annual "wastebook" -- senator tom coburn gives us breakdown of the top 100 examples of questionable spending. from 10 thousand dollars for a children's the production of "zombie in love"... to 80 million for iron man suit in developmenr the department of defense... and millions more for luxury homes for temporary border patrol age (sot: sen. tom coburn/(r) oklahoma) "so if we're watc. and we're holding people accountable we'll get better value for the taxes that we pay." every dime you're spending. every dime... is having to be borrowed and will have to be paid back wh interest the "wastebook" examples ad to 25 billion dollars. congress approves some of the spendi- but other projects get the go-ahead from individual
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government agencies. it may look good but a local watchdog group says "no" to plastic grass on playing fi in golden gate park. they're suing the city of s francisco because they say e decision to install artificl turf on is illegal. the group "sf ocean edge" argues the plan was never approved through the permitting syst. they insist the turf is tox and pollutes the water shed. @ 24:37:10...a permit can oy be obtained afgter an investigation into what's gg to happen to this substances far as water in san franciss concertned...the watershed itself" san francisco voters will g their chance to weigh-in on matter next month. there are competing measure the november ballot. it's 4-- a giant loss in game 2 of the world series. after the break-- the late chaos that knotted things u one game a piece... and-- another man jumps a f
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at the white house... causi major security scare... det this morning on how the sect service handled it. good morning. i'm michelle griego. ,,,,,,,,
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bring them all to the table with the kfc favorites bucket. 8 pieces of chicken with 12 hot wings or 6 extra crispy tenders. ♪ mallicoat is off today. the world series is tied upt one game each ... and comin san francisco. kansas city took game two.. with most of the damage coming in a five- run sixth inning. tim lincecum pitched a scoreless seventh but he had to leave the gam the eighth because of back strain. "have you suffered this typ injury before?" "yeah you kw growing up i've always kind of... not always but random run into back issues here a there but it's nothing that hadn't overcome or dealt win the past." final score in game two: the royals seven, giants two.
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s gel'a look at weather and traffic. here's meteorologist lawrence.


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