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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 23, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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s gel'a look at weather and traffic. here's meteorologist lawrence.
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turtles and frogs. but, they bring that here to america. gotta assimilate a little chinato that's a tour guide going on a racist rant in san franc's
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chinatown. the woman supposedly working on her lt day. she also appears to have a bottle of some kind her hand. she goes on to warn the tourists not to moo chinatown. we have a china in my hometown of los angel that is way cleaner, way be restaurants not as many peo this is a horrible place to live. if you are considering moving to san francisco, although this is the cheape neighborhood, do not live h i have learned my lesson. t people wake you up at 6 in e morning at one point some people on bus actually clapped. we were unable to identify
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tour guide or what bus compy she worked for. san francisco supervisor david says he expects an apology. a lone c-h-p motorcycle officer... outmatched as he tries to stop a group of bi riding recklessly on a bay freeway. ".nats of vroom .." this video was taken from of the biker's helmet cams. yon see dozens of motorcyclists.. some of them popping wheelies on interste 680 in milpitas earlier this month. the c-h-p officer... with s blaring.... tries to pull or the lead biker who's ignori him. the officer then sets s sights on a second biker.. that's when a third biker zooms right pasm doing a high-speed wheelie. the rider with the camera eventually pulls up to the officer. the officer makes a gesture as if to say knock off. the officer.. concerned for safety decided to get out oe area. no one was cited. new this morning... lockdowns in california pri
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are changing. prison officials agreed to end a py that segregated inmates basn their race, after a riot. in 2008, inmates sued over e segregation policy. from no, when a riot breaks out, prisoners can be locked dow the affected area. or instigators can be separated from the others. the california governor's re is not quite as lop- sided t once was. a new poll finds incumbent y brown's lead is down to 16 points, from 21 in septembe the survey by "the public py institute of california" shs 52 percent of likely voters support brown. thirty- six percent favor republican challenger neel kashkari. it has happened again. another man jumped the fenc the white house. but as susan mcginnis reports... ts time secret service agents quick to react. :00 washington, dc :20-:26 n mcginnis / cbs news washing dc 1:02-:104 julia pierson / former secret service direcr (pkg script:) the streets ad the white house are quiet ts morning.. a lockdown was li at about 9'30 last night.. a couple of hours after (:10 - no excerpting) 23 year old dominic adesanya of belair maryland, jumped the north e line at the white house. fox news video shows him being quickly apprehended by secr service agents and their do. (standup) the secret service says adesanya -wasn't- armed when he jumped this fence . unlike another incident here last month. (gonzalez fencep tues 367 1:07 ) on september 19, omar gonzalez jumped the
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white house fence, armed wi knife.. and made it much farther. (gonzalez tues367 still photo gonzalez) the ay vet made it through the fro door of the white house and the way into the east room before being apprehended. it was the latest in a string embarrassing incidents for e secret service.. (file obama cdc) including a security l days earlier when a contracr with prior convictions reportedly rode an elevatorh the president during a tripo atlanta, armed with a gun. o hearing ) the events led to congressional hearings and e resignation of ss director a pierson. (pierson 103507) 's clear that our security plan was not properly executed. (clancy) the agency is now g run by joe clancy, who came of retirement to become actg director. (tues432 this is a still of obama on phone sep ) unliz incident in september, te house when the fence was breangton. people in
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cancanada are in shock afte yesterday's violent terror . michael za-haaf be-bow ( michale zehaf-bibeau) was shot and killed by an offic after he opened fire at the country's parliament in ottawa yester just before that attacked... be-bow allegedly shot and kd a soldier at the national w memorial. president obama s to canada's prime minister t night. (sot president obama / no cn necessary) "i pledged as al to make sure that our natiol security teams are coordina very closely. the suspect was a recent cot to islam. investigators have not ruled out the possibility the gunman may have been inspiry terror groups like isis. time is 5: multiple people and a baby stranded after a cable car they're in gets s. why bad weather is to blame this terrifying situation. weather ad libs traffic ad libs
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i'll have your complete fort in just a few minutes. it must have been a terrifyg three hours for six people riding a gondola across the rhine river in germany. a strong wind hit their gondola car... and one wheel jumped off the wire tt supports it. two cousins from the united states, and family of four were aboard. high- altitude rescuers were called to get everyone to safety. apple pay is having problem its first week of operation. some people using the new smartphone payment service spotted "double charges" on
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their bank of america accou b-of-a is apologizing and correcting about a thousand transactions. google is offering a soluti for users who are buried in g-mail. the new app is called inbox sorts and turns e-mails into reminders... it highlights important information so you don't have to read the enti message. the app launches today -- but it's invite on for now. cancer is so common that one in three people is affectedy it in some way. so to raise awareness...the student council at a redwood city school came up with a unique idea to honor those fighting the disease. this week's cool school is roy cloud elementy
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what's cool about your scho? you can e-mail your nominato what's cool about your scho?
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you can e-mail your nominato us at: cool
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schools at kpix- dot-com. wy come and feature your schoo the show. a child's halloween costume has some parents up check out this baby marijua costume that has parents in fit. a southern california company does millions in sas each year of unique designs. their hottest seller this year: the ebola hazmat costume. toss traffic toss traffic toss traffic toss traffic warriors fans... this is wh
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you've been waiting for. the boys are
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back. they're holding an open practice today. you can check them out for free at e oracle arena at 6 tonight. and let's check in with oury own athlete roberta gonzales live in mill valley. and roberta this morning w'e talking about curing aches d pains that most of us and professional athletes have being active. it's 5: one of the worlds fastest and most
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our play of the day comes fm the world series... the ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gregor blanco hit it sharpl the third inning. but kansas city first baseman ec hosmer made a diving stop. then he made a dive to the just in time to get blanco running down the line. eric hosmer helped the royals be the giants .. and earns pla the day honors. we've got thursday night football tonight on kpix 5. san diego chargers take on e denver broncos. kickoff is 5-25 that's followed the bye fifth quarter it's 5-- an investigation finds thousands of students enrolled in phony courses aa major university.. coming up at 5:30-- the high numbe student athletes involved...
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a man is in police custo,,
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knotted up at one game a pie in the world series... we're jumping a fence at the white house.. details on how prep the secret service was this time around. and-- things are knotted upt one game a piece in the wor series... we're live with ak at the late play that evenet the series. weather ad libs traffic ad libs good morning. it's thursday, october 23 i'm michelle griego.
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and i'm brian hackney, in f frank mallicoat the giants still have home d advantage in the world seris they come home from kansas . kpix five's kiet do is at a-t-and-t park... where thet three games will be played. we are being told that the players won't be arriving ul sometime between 11am and 2 today. their flight hasn't t st. louis yet, so they still have a couple more hours len enemy territory to get overt happened last night. sixth inning, rookie pitcher hunter strickland on the mo strickland served up his 5th home run of the postseason omar infante, and it gave t royals a 7-2 lead... as the runners got to the plate, strickland began screaming sal perez. the royals almost seemed confaused about why strickland was so upset. strickland left the game and had this to say afterward. (hunter strickland: like i i just fell like i was you i wasn't happy with myself e i haven't been performing ty ability and just upset and e team and that's the way i fl and i guess there was some miscommunication between usu know, and it's more or less was just mad at myself) tim lincecum looked good, pitching nearly two clean innings, but then left the with a strained back. his status is unknown. giants come home for game t on friday. tickets are still available, running anywherem $500 to $700 what are san francisco poli
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francisco police saying abo spikes in crime during home games? here's the rest of the sche:
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the next three games are at- and-t park... friday, satury and sunday. then it's back to kansas city if necessary. let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's meteorologist lawrence karn. a c-h-p officer out-numbered out-matched by a group of r bikers. check it out.
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".nats of vroom .." this video was taken from of the biker's helmet cams. th happened on interstate 680 milpitas earlier this monthe c-h-p officer... with siren blaring.... tries to pull or the lead biker... who ignor him. so the officer sets his sights on a second biker.. that's when a third biker zs right past him doing a high-speed wheelie. the rider with the camera eventually pulls up to the officer. the officer makes a gesture as if to say knock off. the officer.. concerner his safety decided to get of the area. no one was cited. a tour guide taking a bus fl of people around san francio
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goes off on a racist rant. it was all caught on tape. andria borba has more on the uncomfortable ride that too ugly turn at chinatown. bleeped nats with enough f- bombs to make george carlin blush...a tour bus guide supposedly working on her lt day, bottle of some kind in hand...let's the tourists kw *exactly what she thinks of chinatown. nats 30.19.24 at first we saw it and thoughtt was a joke the video appear be no joke...much of it note for tv. when you come to america you got to assimilate a little bit. and here in america we don't eat turtles and frogs. but, they bring that here to america. gotta assimilate a little chinatown in the guide's crosshairs...salo ns...the sidewalks...the food...the language barrier. david chiu\president, sf board of supervisors 26.54.08 we're l incredibly sad and disappoi that in 2014 someone would r these very stereotypical and racist comments about a mine into the video ---listen closely...that's applause nats applause 27.57.10 i hope that we lea that they didn't understandt she was saying and they're t native english speakers the expletive laced rant doesn't stop there -- up next a war never to move to chinatown. we have a china in my hometown of los angel that is way cleaner, way be restaurants not as many peo this is a horrible place to live. if you are considering moving to san francisco, although this is the cheape neighborhood, do not live h i have learned my lesson. t she worked for. supervi in t
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rto identify that tour guide or
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what bus company she worked. supervisor david chiu says expects an apology. this morning... president obama's security is back in question. another man jumped the fenc the white house last night. unarmed maryland man didn'te it far. he was quickly taken down by secret service agents and their dogs. this follows a incident last mon when omar gonzalez jumped t white house fence, armed wi a knife.. and made it all wo the east room. canada's prime minister says country will not be intimid by terrorists. michael za-haaf be-bow ( michale zehaf-bibeau) was shot and killed by an officer after opened fire at country's parliament in ottawa yester just before that attack... be-bow allegedly shot and kd a soldier at the national w memorial. president obama called prime minister steph harper to remind him of america's solidarity with his country. more rules for people coming into to the u-s from ebola stricken countries. starting monday they will c in with health officials and take their temperature twica day for 21 days. president
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obama discussed the govern's efforts to contain the disee after meeting with ron klain - hiw point-man on ebola. (sot-obama)"the public heal infrastructure and systems we are now putting in place across the board, around the country, should give the american people confidence we are going to be in a posn to deal with any additional cases of ebola." meanwhile doctors at emory university hospital in atlaa say they can no longer detect the vis in amber vinson's system. she was one of two nurses tt came down with ebola while caring for thomas eric duncan in dallas. duncan, who contracd the virus in liberia, died earlier this month. the other nurse is in stable condition. it's 5: one of the worlds fastest and most luxurious cars is coming to u-s.. how much it will costo you to drive it off the lot. time is 5-- i'll have your complete for,
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jill schlesinger. thanks. if you've got more than a million bucks to spare, he'a novel idea. it's called the "million-dollar morphsuit." it's literally dripping with diamonds -- a 70-thousand of them. the skin-tight spandex costume covers the entire body with jewels... and will cost one million british pounds... that's about one-point-six million dollars there's a new italian sportr coming to america. and it's likely to turns heads on the road.. this is the 2 million dollar
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pagani huarya the 12 clyinder engine can t out over 700 horsepower. the bos made from carbon fiber and carbo-tanium. that's carbon fiber mixed with titanium. w that's a car that would turn heads on your morning commu. time is 5-- let's get a check of traffic.
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student- athletes at the university of north carolina got a's in classes... that r existed.
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now the u-n-c chancellor is apologizing and some staffe have been fired. cullen browder has the story. --reporter pkg-as follows-- (carol folt, unc chancellort was an inexcusable betrayal (tom ross, unc president) 'm sad, and frankly, i'm angry the report hit u-n-c's alrey damaged reputation like a g- punch. (kenneth wainstein, independent investigator) "e was an organization, a very complex organization, and it needed oversight at every sp of the way. and it didn't exist." former federal prosecutor kenneth wainstein tracked the origin of the no-show paper classes to de crowder, a long-time assistt in the african and afro-amen studies program with a softt for struggling student- athletes. wainstein's report shows department head julius nyang'oro kept that practice going. in all, the report f the paper classes went on f8 years, ending in 2011. student-athletes filled the roles, although not a class, by disproportionate numbers. interviews and e-mails conf counselors steered those athletes. (kenneth wainstei independent investigator) " of these counselors knew exy what was going on. and theyk affirmative steps to take advantage of them. they ste a number of their student-athletes to these classes because-- specificay
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because they were easy, specifically because they we in their terms, gpa-booster" as a result of this report,e u-n-c employees are being disciplined or fired. the chancellor said they failed students, staff, and the university's integrity. (cal folt, unc chancellor) "i thk if we learn nothing else fr these pasope what we will takein and it must end with the best that was cullen br
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reporting. the investigation showed studen athletes who stayed eligible because of fake classes plad football, men's and women s basketball and olympic spor. time is 5: does the government really need an in man suit? the stunning list of items that billionsf your taxpayer dollars are b spent on. a vote of confidence this morning from mayor ed lee f his fire chief. ,,,,,,,,,, a vote of confidence this morning from mayor ed lee f
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can't say thank you enough. a vote of confidence this you have made my life specialf by being apart of it.,,,,,,,,
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chief joanne hayes-white has been under fire from unions have called for her to stepn -- citing delayed ambulance response times and a lack of confidence in her decisionse mayor says response times a improving, and blamed slow ambulance times on growing demand. oklahoma senator tom coburn has released his annl "wastebook", a breakdown of top 100 examples of questioe federal spending. it includes 10 thousand dol for a children's theatre production of "zombie in love"... 80 million dollars for an in man suit in development for
5:55 am
department of defense... and millions for luxury homes f temporary border patrol age (sot: sen. tom coburn/(r) oklahoma) "so if we're watc. and we're holding people accountable we'll get better value for the tas that we pay." every dime you're spending. every dime... is having to be borrowed and will have to be paid back wh interest the "wastebook" examples ad to 25 billion dollars. congress approves some of t spending -- but other projes get the go-ahead from indivl government agencies. it's 5-- in the next half hour: the newest reserve sergeant for the l-a county sheriff's department can t e in a car... or even get people in trouble. but you'll see how this camel ld in the guiness book of world records. 10p_giants royals #2 kpix0g8 "we got action in game 2"
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and i'm brian hackney, in f frank mallicoat
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let's check in with liz for check on our morning commut let's get a look at weather. here's meteorologist lawren karnow.


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