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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 7, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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weather on this last day of the workweek and lawrence, you're first. >> a whole lot of fog out there and some dense fog around the bay area. visibility down to less than a quarter mile in spots. watch out for that this morning. a lot of sunshine, how about the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. roadwork on the eastbound side from the sf anchorage to treasure island. two left lanes are closed. no delays westbound. we start off with a trouble spot south 680 at king an overnight accident should be clearing shortly. >> thank you, gianna. a navy seal says he is the one who killed america's most wanted terrorist, osama bin laden. he revealed his identity to the "washington post" after it was published on a military website this week. andrew spencer reports, a former navy seal suggests the man may have put himself in danger by claiming to have killed bin laden. >> reporter: former navy seal robert o'neill now works as a motivational speaker but at least one fellow former seal said -- >> i wouldn't be anywhere close to this guy.
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whether he is the real shooter or not, he put a bull's eye on his back that's bigger in a lot of ways than the bull's eye that osama bin laden had on his. >> reporter: national security analyst peter bergen doesn't think it likely that a jihadist would attack o'neill but the claim of killing osama bin laden does create another problem. >> it's the issue of going out and being public about it and secondly, there are people who basically are undercutting his version of events. >> reporter: reportedly part of the seal team which conducted the raid on bin laden's compound, o'neill claims to have shot him in the head first killing him instantly but sources say a wing man hit him before two other people hit him. >> there was a day and age when the silent professional was the person who did the job and didn't look for the glory. now what you have is classified information being used for power by politicians and money by some of the guys that have
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gone and done this. >> reporter: on october 31 the navy sent a letter to seals warni of judicial consequence for this type of action. some developing news in san francisco where investigators worked through the night on a police shooting that put a suspect in the hospital. two plainclothes officers went to check on five suspicious people in potrero hill. they say one of the five pulled a gun on one of the officers and was shot when he wouldn't drop it. the suspect is reportedly right now in critical condition. fbi agents swarming a san francisco home to arrest a man accused of crime online. kpix 5's cate caugiran reports feds say the suspect was taking in $400,000 a month in commissions. >> reporter: another silk road may turn into a one-way street to prison for this guy, 26-year-
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old blake ben thol. he sometimes wears shutter shades and goes by the user name def con. he is indicted for running silk road 2.0 from this victorian in the mission where security cameras kept an eye on things. >> the feds sent a small army to nab him. >> the block was closed. they were wearing bulletproof vests. >> reporter: the fbi says more than 100,000 people used it to drugs and fake passports, driver's licenses, and lessons on how to hack email accounts. silk road 2.0 bass hidden in the deep web operated on the tour network. the site sprang up after the
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feds busted the original silk road last year the alleged mastermind behind that site arrested inside the glen park library. he was found because he slipped up used his real name in a public message board and looks like blake made the same mistake. the fbi says 2.0 server was controlled and maintained by blake at reminding us of the popular saying, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it no matter how deep your web is. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> neighbors also told indicate that blake threw a lot of parties but said they were bible studies. a new report sheds light on why google gave up on its barge project. it was a mystery last year when it appeared in the san francisco bay. according to emails obtained by the "wall street journal," the coast guard considered it a safety hazard. the reason? too much fuel and other flammable materials would be on deck at the same time as a
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large number of people. the barge has been idle since march in the port of stockton. it is 4:35. a lot of dense fog. >> out the door, be very careful again this morning. the fog is thick in some of the valleys and along the coastline, too. so as we head toward the afternoon, we will find some sunshine and the temperatures going to be very mild. some 70s inside the bay. mid- to upper 70s in the valleys and 60s along the coastline. out over san francisco, couple of patches of fog especially into parts of south san francisco. temperatures are running in the 40s and the 50s right now. by the afternoon, enjoying a beautiful day outside. 72 in the napa valley. 74 in san jose. 7:0in san francisco. it's busy for a friday. we head to milpitas right now where we have reports of an accident involving two vehicles. chp and tow crews are on scene so they are just trying to
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clear things out of lanes south 880 right at 237 two left lanes are blocked until further notice. the connector road seems to show no delays right now. now, south 680 at king street in san jose we have reports of an accident still stuck in the right lane chp on scene there. a live look at the san mateo bridge, a little foggy in some spots around the bay area so limited visibility. use caution. elsewhere through the altamont pass, so far, so good. no major delays to report. we'll check mass transit in a few minutes. back to you guys. new this morning honda expanding its recall of cars that could have bad airbags. this recall involves some of the older models of honda's three most popular models, the accord, the civic and their crv. the airbags can explode with too much force and send shards of metal through the car. the recall is in eight southern states and five u.s. territories all in areas with high humidity. a chp motorcycle officer is recovering from injuries after a three-vehicle accident on interstate 680 in san ramon. it happened near crow canyon
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road during yesterday's afternoon commute. investigators say the driver of a van abruptly switched lanes while trying to avoid hitting a car but ended up in the officer's path. the accident prompted a temporary shutdown of all northbound lanes backing up traffic for miles. an update on races. dave chiu beat david campos. both men are democrats on the board of supervisors in san francisco. chiu's margin of victory less than 4%. in san jose no official winner in the mayoral race although sam liccardo has declared victory. david cortese not ready to concede because thousands of mail-in ballots are still being counted. he said yesterday low voter turnout may be a reason he is trailing. the other close high- profile race in the silicon valley 17th congressional district, long-time representative the incumbent mike honda still leading the
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challenger fellow democrat ro khanna although honda's lead is more than 4%. thousands of ballots still need to be tallied. so far no one is saying why it's taking so long to count all the ballots in santa clara county. but kpix 5's len ramirez discovered the registrar's head of information information technology equipment the day before the election. >> reporter: the systems manager at the registrar of voters was a no show on election morning. he is a key member of the registrar of voters staff. in fact he supervises all the computers and, quote, all aspects of vote counting during an election according to the registrar of voters website. the key question is, what impact did his sudden absence have on the accuracy and speed of vote counting in this election? >> that has not affected us at all. >> reporter: the question is raised that because this person was unhappy with the working conditions here that he may have left behind some problems
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for people to fix. >> um, well, those may come to be seen. i have not heard -- encountered any problem that anyone here can't handle. >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix 5. >> now on to the nation's capital. president obama will meet with 16 top ranking lawmakers to search for areas of common ground and compromise. yesterday the house speaker delivered a public warning to the president. don't use exec of it authority to pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> when you play with matches you take the risk of burning yourself. and he is going to burn himself if he continues to go down this path. >> there will be plenty of things to disagree about but if there's an opportunity to find common ground let's make sure our differences don't get in the way of making progress for americans. >> today's agenda includes unfinished business that congress must finish this year before the republicans take
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over in january. happening today san antonio is upping the stakes in its bid to land the raiders. the city's mayor and other officials have come to oakland. they are supposed to make a pitch today to the raiders brass and they want the team to play at the alamodome. >> there's going to be a small group of dedicated people that understand what an nfl can do for a city and we're going to give our best pitch. >> raiders owner mark davis went to san antonio to check it out as a new home. the delegation from san antonio is expected to have results of an online survey about the possible move. time now 4:40. million-dollar homes aren't that unusual in the bay area. but this northern california house could set a new record. how much and what you will get for it coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. last night's bengals and brs
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game. leah still helped done more than 1.3 million dollan the fight against pediatric the four-year- an nfl player stole the show at a game. [ indiscernible ] donated $1.3 million in the fight against pediatric cancer. the 4-year-old is getting treatment for stage 4 cancer right now. her dad wore lliyah strong under his eyes. fans held signs and wore his jersey, as well. >> credit goes to her because what i'm doing is easy talking about a story what she is doing is the hard part. >> leah's tumor was removed weeks ago. her chances of beating the cancer are 50/50. she was all smiles last night though waving to everybody in the crowd. >> sweet that everyone showed support. a 2-year-old texas girl is stunning the world with her incredible knowledge of the human body. >> i guess. the toddler can identify each part of the body and exactly
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what it does. >> reporter: little elizabeth christiansen wants to fly. >> how old are you? >> 2. >> reporter: considering what she can already do. >> this is a [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: who doubts that she someday will? >> reporter: this youtube video shows her ability not only to identify? >> it was? >> reporter: but also explain each organ in the human body. >> show me where your kidneys are? >> right there. >> what >> reporter: did you set out to create an overachieving kid? >> no. all we wanted to do was keep her occupied. >> reporter: elizabeth's parents credit a nearby library in plano where they have been taking their two children since they were able to walk. >> what's inside of his headed
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? >> the brain. >> those kits were new at the library. we thought it would be fun to look at. >> that's a liver. >> it cleans your blood. >> reporter: i didn't know that. it didn't take long for this toddler to learn more about anatomy. >> there's no gall bladder in here. >> reporter: than some adults. what is this thing? >> the diaphragm! >> reporter: how do you know what a diaphragm is? so are you smart? >> i taught myself things. ♪ here we go >> reporter: she is now learning how to play the piano. not bad for a kid who is just starting to spread her wings. >> whoo! nice. >> oh, my goodness! >> that is adorable. >> isn't that cute? the video has more than 80 million views on youtube. i think she is going to be a surgeon? >> a little doogie houser. >> yeah. >> she can tune up a car, too. they didn't say that part.
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>> and a piano, too. >> amazing! weather-wise we have the weekend. >> do we have the weekend coming up? >> we do, it's friday. >> already. >> thick fog in spots. into san francisco parts of south san francisco we have some fog traffic overhead visibilities down to a -- stretching overhead, visibilities down to a quarter mile or less. be careful out the door. a transitional day. think i we'll see more sunshine a little less fog over the weekend and some warmer temperatures but today starting out with some of that dense fog watch out for that this morning. sunny skies and mild temperatures this afternoon. some of these temperatures in the low 80s. high pressure in control. storm system off the coastline not going to get here. high pressure overhead and air quality suffering. moderate air quality as it looks like we are not going to
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see much mixing in the atmosphere today. 67 and partly cloudy into monterey bay. starting out with low clouds and fog this morning. lingering clouds this afternoon. mostly sunny in the bay and valleys. temperatures should be a comfortable day numbers running above average. 73 in fremont. 68 in pacifica. temperatures as high as 78 in livermore. 77 in pleasanton. 757 in concord. and 75 in pleasant hill. the weekend is looking good. plenty of sunshine coming our way, 80s inland. 60s at the coastline. some sunshine there, too, then we cool off there's a hint that maybe we see some rain return late thursday night into friday. that's the latest forecast. back to you. >> the rain will be good and bad for the roads. jumping to the freeways right now, a couple of trouble spots in the south bay the first off
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south 680 at king street chp still on the scene of this overnight accident in the clearing stages but still blocking one lane. reports of a gravel spill that's south 280 between wolf and saratoga. so that may slow you down. working your way south 880 at 237, we have reports of an accident blocking at least two lanes. tow crews are on scene. not affecting the connector road things are smooth there. here's fog westbound san mateo bridge. limited visibility use caution as you work your way across the span. no delays. 14 minutes between 880 and 101. seeing a bet of a backup in some of the cash lanes at the bay bridge. but overall a light ride into san francisco. no delays and soupy conditions and foggy as you work your way
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into san francisco. altamont pass as you work your way westbound 14 minutes between the altamont pass and 680 along 580. gets a little better at the 680 interchange. no delays on mass transit. >> the >> the taxi drivers might be dropping off your holiday gifts this year. amazon is working with the app flywheel to schedule deliveries. cab drivers would pick up orders headed to the same area and deliver them. amazon came up with the idea after customers complained about shipping delays last year. the service is being tested in san francisco and los angeles. home designed by the same company that came out with the layout for apple stores can finally be yours. 13,000-square-foot home is for sale for the sacramento area. it has two kitchens. if you are into wine plenty of storage in the two-story wine cellar and if you don't like stairs take the elevator. the asking price $6.5 million.
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>> it's $500 a square foot. and luxury homes selling well above that right now in sacramento. >> so it's a bargain. the owner built the house with a living outdoors feel in mind. that explains the guest house that feels more like a treehouse in the backyard. it's very contemporary. >> it is. >> yeah. 6.5 million doesn't go quite as far in san francisco. the largest home we saw listed on zillo had a little more than 8300 square feet. for a little less than $6 million in menlo park with 5900 square feet of space. if you would rather live in los altos his you could get a 6900- square-foot home for that amount. >> anything under 300,000? >> that's a garage. [ laughter ] it's a beautiful place to live in the bay area and just named the most dangerous. why some people are fine with the title. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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checking out the bay area temperatures today, patchy fog, dense fog to start this morning, a little sunshine by the afternoon bringing temperatures to 73 in redwood city. 73 also into mountain view and into san jose, those temperatures a little bit warmer, 74 degrees and 78 in gilroy. into the east bay, should become mostly sunny this afternoon. patchy, dense fog this morning. 78 degrees in livermore. about 75 in san ramon. 757 in walnut creek, too. and 72 degrees in alameda. in the north bay not seeing the high clouds today but we are seeing some dense fog this morning. 70 and sunny this afternoon. into san francisco 70 degrees
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downtown. it's 4:53 on this friday. a gunman killed a man outside a "24 hour fitness" yesterday in antioch. the shooter was in a car and filed several shots at the somersville town center. family showed up. the aunt says they have had 7 people murdered in their family. >> educating these kids about guns and how cruel other people is out here, law enforcement needs to do better. >> the victim is 32-year-old from pittsburg. police say the shooter drove away in a blue sedan. the weather channel has a warning for people in marin county. it's considered the 17th worst place to own a home in the country. we asked john ramos to explain. >> reporter: when the weather channel website listed the worst places to own a home, most of them were no surprise. louisiana, check. oklahoma, check. but then you get to number 17.
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marin county, california. >> i get the distinct feeling that people who came up with this are people who have never visited marin county. [ laughter ] >> reporter: most people consider themselves lucky just to live here and pay a premium price to do it. but the weather channel says government data shows that marin county is a scary place. lots of trees mean high fire danger. there's a risk of earthquakes, even though the loma prieta quake caused very little damage here. and lots of creeks pose a threat of flooding. >> downtown san anselmo flooded a few years ago. that was our major disaster. >> reporter: realtor laura watts has no problem selling homes in marin and she says the connection to nature even with its inherent risks is the very reason people want to live here. >> the only negative is it's very expensive to live in marin county. >> reporter: because so many people want to move here. >> absolutely. so perhaps the author of that article is trying to buy in marin county and bring down
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housing prices. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but there are those who welcome the weather channel's dire warnings. >> i'd like to just keep those stats in place so we have less out-of-towners coming in. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in san rafael, john ramos, kpix 5. >> four other california counties, kern county, santa barbara, san diego and siskiyou counties, also made the weather channel's list for the same reasons. speaking of marin, visiting muir woods could soon cost you a few more dollars. right now it's $7 to take a walk among the redwoods at the marin county park. the national park service is considering raising it to $10 price and double the price of the an annual price from $20 to $40 to be used to make improvements. 4:56. a navy seal comes forward to say he is the one who killed osama bin laden. why his account of the raid is questionable. >> the oakland raiders are about to be wooed by the city of san antonio. coming up of the meeting planned for today and the push to move the team. ,, ,,,,
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there were at least 10, probably 20, maybe more than that, fbi agents. >> a san francisco man is accused of running an online marketplace for illegal goods. fbi says more than 100,000 people use blake benthall's website to buy things like drugs and fake passports. >> we have an obligation to change behavior in the senate. >> the president will try to find common ground with congressional leaders today. lawmakers from both sides will meet at the white house. but the gop is already butting heads with the president on issues like immigration and healthcare. >> stop, swerve, hit that and went to the ground. >> a chp officer is recovering from serious injuries after crashing his motorcycle yesterday. it happened on i-680 near crow canyon road. authorities say a van swerved into his path to avoid hitting another vehicle. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that
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matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado good morning. it's 5:00 and i hope you're ready for the weekend because we are! are we not? >> are we ready for the weekend already, guys? >> it's friday. >> i was ready on monday. [ laughter ] >> it's going to be a spectacular weekend although starting out today we have some very thick fog outside. check that out! right over the golden gate bridge, some of the visibilities down to less than a quarter of a mile so be very, very careful traveling around the bay area. looks like high pressure in control. that fog is going to slowly break up and lots of sunshine should be a beautiful afternoon lots of 70s out there in the bay and the valleys. 60s along the coastline. looks like we are going to see some spectacular weather but yeah, that fog has moved in over the bay. patchy in spots. so temperatures now in the 40s and 50s. this afternoon, though, enjoying some sunshine, maybe about 72 in the napa valley. 74 in san jose. and about 68 de


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