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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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for selling illegal goods. >> lawmakers from both sides of the aisle will meet at the white house but the gop is already butting heads with the president on issues like immigration reform and healthcare. >> unable to stop, swerve, hit the van and then went to the ground. >> a chp officer is recovering from serious injuries after crashing his motorcycle yesterday. it happened on 680 near crow canyon road. authorities say a van swerved into his path to avoid hitting another vehicle. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. happy friday. it's 6:00. and we begin with a football story. texas wants one of our bay area football teams. kpix 5's anne makovec in the newsroom with reports of a group out of san antonio now wooing oakland raider officials later today. anne. >> reporter: the clock is ticking for the raiders. their lease at ends this
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season. and san antonio wants the team to move there. so san antonio's mayor is in the east bay today to make a pitch to raiders owner mark davis and other team top brass. they want the team to play at the alamodome at first in san antonio with the possibility of a new stadium there in the future. the raiders owner went to san antonio this summer to feel out the city as a possible new home and today this delegation from san antonio is expected to present results of an online survey about the possible move. >> there's going to be a small group of dedicated people that understand what nfl can do for a city and we'll give our best pitch. >> reporter: let's not forget the other plan in the works to keep the raiders in oakland. a san diego investor has indicated interest in funding a new stadium for the city to replace the current stadium. we are going to hear from him coming up in the next half- hour. the raiders would not confirm today's visit by san antonio
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leaders but mark davis has previously said he would like to keep the team in oakland. >> we hope he does. how about the a's new lease at the coliseum? does that play into the mix? >> reporter: it certainly complicates matters. the teams share that stadium, the raiders a's signed a 10- year lease. it's possible but there would be more politics at play. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. san francisco police worked through the night on a police shooting that put a suspect in the hospital. two plainclothes officers went to check on five suspicious people in potrero hill. they say one of the five pulled a gun and was shot when he wouldn't drop it. he is in critical condition. a san francisco raid is one of several in an international crackdown on underground websites selling illegal drugs. blake benthall was arrested as federal agents raided his home in the mission district. the fbi says benthall, who went by the online name defcon was
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running silk road 2.0 since last december. neighbors tell us more than 20 agents may have been involved in yesterday's raid. >> there are fbi agents and a van full of stuff and a lot of commotion. they were a quiet neighbor. i have been here for three years. >> besides the raid in san francisco, europe reports at least 16 other arrests in the crackdown on silk road 2.0 and similar websites. the original silk road was busted last october. ross ulbricht who was accused of running it was arrested at a san francisco public library and is now awaiting trial. you don't find these websiting by websites by checking google. gianna franco has the traffic report. >> metering lights are on so traffic is backed up on the bay
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bridge toll plaza. it's cycling though at nice speeds through the metering lights backed up to the 880 overcrossing so not quite the maze yet. this is pretty foggy this morning and chp has issued a fog advisory. the fog starts past the toll plaza and covers the bridge into san francisco. so use caution. foggy at the san mateo bridge. still okay about 14 to 15 minutes across that span. 280 foggy as well as highway 1 in pacifica. that thick fog settling in over the bay area and this morning, if you are headed out the door, just take some extra time. that fog is right down on the surface so visibilities down it an eighth of a mile even less in spots. out the door to mount diablo. you can see we have some clouds out there right now lingering into the valleys and just about where around the bay area this morning -- just about everywhere around the bay area this morning. it's going to burn off rapidly but dangerous driving right now
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out the door. this afternoon it's all about the sunshine. hazy sunshine at the bay, mid- to upper 70s in the valleys. 60s at the coast. 70s inside the bay. you can't see the bay bridge toll plaza this morning because of the thick fog so it's going to take time to break up but by mid-morning it should move out. temperatures are in the 40s and the 50s now. by the afternoon, we have a lot of sunshine. 74 degrees expected in san jose. 72 in napa. and into san francisco, should be about 70 degrees. complete look at your weekend forecast is coming up. a local political race too close to call on election night has been decided in the 17th state assembly district. david chiu is your winner after david campos conceded last night. both men are democrats. they are both on the board of supervisors in san francisco. chiu's margin of victory was less than 4%. the race for mayor of san jose is still undecided although sam liccardo has declared himself the winner. no one is saying why it's taking so long to count all the
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ballots in santa clara county. but as kpix 5's len ramirez reports, the registrar's head of information technology abruptly quit. the day before the election. >> reporter: he was a no show on election morning a key member of the staff. he supervises all the computers and, quote, all aspects of vote counting during an election according to the registrar of voters website. the key question is, what impact did his sudden absence have on the accuracy and the speed of the vote counting in the election? >> that has not affected us at all. >> reporter: the question has been raised that because this person was unhappy with the working conditions here, that he may have left behind some problems for people to fix. >> those may come to be seen.
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there is no problem that we can't handle. >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix 5. it was awkward in oakland when the mayor-elect libby schaaf stood next to the woman whose job she took in tuesday's election. >> yes, we need to hire more police. but we need them to do better policing. we need to continue investing in successful intervention and prevention programs like cease- fire. >> schaaf says she will focus on bringing stability to the city of oakland. she complimented jean quan for her work as the mayor and at one point she tried to take quan's hand. quan pointed out she is still mayor until january. happening today, president obama will meet with 16 top ranking lawmakers to search for areas where they can compromise. yesterday, house speaker john boehner delivered a public warning to the president. don't use executive authority to pass comprehensive immigration reform. this week's election put republicans in control of the house and senate beginning with
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the new year. 6:07. the issue of same-sex marriage may be going back to the supreme court. appeals are expected after a federal appeals court in cincinnati upheld gay marriage bans in ohio, michigan, kentucky and tennessee. a month ago the supreme court turned away appeals from five states that wanted their same- sex marriage bans upheld. time now is 6:08. bay area home price seem absurd but the most expensive house for sale is further south. what you get for the low price of $195 million. >> here's a clue for you today. this door i can exit but i cannot come back in. "where's roberta?" as the news continues on kpix 5. >> if you are just about to head out, hold on a second! we have some fog out there, a very thick fog. we are going to talk about that and your weekend forecast coming up. >> and i'll update you on how that fog is affecting your morning drive. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to "kpix 5 this morning." a thick fog over the bay area is moving around a bit so you may find clearing in one spot and all of a sudden next to nothing down for visibility. so be careful. we'll have more on the weather and weekend forecast coming up. an uptick in violent crime in antioch. yesterday a gunman killed a man outside a "24 hour fitness." the shooter was in a car and fired several shots at the somersville towne centre. members of the victim's family showed up at the scene. the aunt says they have had 7 people murdered in their family. >> educating these kids about guns and how cruel other people is out here. law enforcements needs to do better. >> the victim is 32 and from
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pittsburg. police say the shooter drove away in a blue sedan. happening today, another protest against google. this morning, some demonstrators in san francisco plan to disrupt a charter bus for some of google's employees. the protestors not protesting the buses this time around. instead, they want to raise awarenes of the importance of supporting net neutrality and feel like google to do more to support the cause. it's friday and that means it's time to find out "where's roberta?" >> reporter: i'm in san jose. it's very foggy here this morning. we have a heavy drizzle. it really sets the stage for the winchester mystery house. let's go on a tour of this week's edition of "where's roberta?" >> reporter: it creeks, it rattles and it's world famous. we travel to the winchester mystery house in san jose to
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separate fact from fiction. >> she got married to the second president of the winchester repeating arms company. they were the manufacturers of the famous winchester rifle. >> reporter: legend has it sarah lost her baby daughter. 15 years later her husband died. grief-stricken, she visited a psychic in boston to told her -- >> she and her family and her fortune are haunted by the spirits of the people who got killed by the rifle. >> reporter: sarah winchester built 160 rooms here 13 bathrooms. tell me about this room. >> this is one of her 40 bedrooms she slept in. this is her main bedroom where she slept in the last years of her life because she was very sick and needed a nurse on duty all the time. >> reporter: what is this room we're walking into? >> this room is the $25,000 store room. and that is because at the time
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when mrs. winchester died in 1922, all the items that were stored in this room were valued at $25,000. this is also the room where sarah got trapped during the earthquake in 1906. and it took the servants hours to find her. since she was sleeping in a different room every night. [ bang ] >> reporter: i have to tell you guys, some people say she was insane. other people say that sarah winchester was brilliant. but i got to tell you this, at the height of the building of the house which is 7 stories tall, sarah winchester was the greatest employer in the santa clara valley. isn't that amazing? >> she had construction going on every day, so i can believe it. roberta, i love the winchester mystery house. frank has yet to go. he still has to go visit it. >> i grew up here never been. >> it's a little creepy but you actually spent the night in the house. what was it like? >> reporter: it was back in 1988. it was a dare by a san
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francisco radio station. i was working whoer in san jose for a television -- working here in san jose for a television station. they dared me to sleep in the seance room on halloween night. i reported my weather live. then everybody left. i had a satellite radio. and it attracted the attention of larry king so he kept me company via satellite interviewing me but you know, mind runs away with you. you start thinking that you're seeing things, you hear a lot of sounds because this is a old house and it creeks all day and all night. i would never do it again. it was the craziest thing i have ever done for television, totally the craziest thing i have ever done. >> wow. >> we're glad you made it out safely. i know. the chandeliers could start -- >> there's all kinds of secret passageways doors that go nowhere. >> it's a little creepy. thank you, roberta. >> the have you been there? >> i think frank should do that. that's a fantastic idea.
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>> halloween was last week, thank you very much. i always end in santa cruz. hi, san jose, up 17 and over the him. [ laughter ] >> i have never been. >> come on, gianna. >> slumber party! we'll make it a field trip. if you are traveling on mass transit this morning or plan to, bart is experiencing some delays. about 10 to 15, 20-minute delays at union city in the fremont direction for a medical emergency. so hopefully they will clear that up quickly. golden gate ferries, caltrain, ace train right on time. freeways though a little trouble here due to the fog this morning. san mateo bridge limited visibility so far no accidents. speeds are looking good. it is "friday light" overall but again, lots of foggy conditions there. so be careful as you work your way between 101 and 880 this morning. bay bridge metering lights are on. you can see traffic is slow-and- go not backed up quite to the maze as of yet. a couple of brake lights coming off the eastshore freeway. but not too bad. carquinez bridge to the maze only 20 minutes on the weapons
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bound side of 80 this morning and there is a fog advisory for the bay bridge this morning. oakland 880 both directions looking good through that portion. superintendent of there, though, south 880 -- south of there, though, south 880 in hayward an accident in the center divider is causing a backup. more coming up. with the forecast, here's lawrence. all right. we have a lot of that thick fog out there really the big weather story this morning. if you are stepping out or just about to go, be very careful. you may head out and it may be clear and all of a sudden you have the fog. towards san jose, just outside the winchester mystery house we have that thick fog settling in right now. so we are seeing that outside. some of the visibility down to an eighth of a mile. be very careful. high pressure overhead and by the middle of the morning, that fog is going to lift. we are going to see a lot of sunshine. temperatures looking very nice in the afternoon. and it's going to be very mild. above average again and warmer toward the weekend. but starting to get a hint that we are going to see some changes toward the latter part of next week. starting out with fog, plenty of sunshine toward the
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afternoon. the rain line moving well to the north. air quality has been suffering. that ridge of high pressure not allowing for much mixing of the atmosphere so you get a lot of pollution and very hazy into the afternoon. temperatures around the state 70s into the central valley, 67 into monterey bay and 64 degrees as you head to lake tahoe. patchy fog this morning giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon. maybe a couple of lingering clouds out along the coastline but looking like we are headed toward a beautiful weekend. if you like sunshine and warm weather, you'll like this weekend. temperatures today mild. 74 san jose. 68 in pacifica. mid- to upper 70s in some of the interior valleys. and then inside the bay those numbers generally in the 60s and also the 70s. your sunrise time 642. sunset 5:05. next couple of days, sunshine and 80s on saturday and sunday in the warmest spots. cooling back down then maybe some rain returning thursday night into friday. you might think the most
6:20 am
expensive house for sale in america is here in the bay area but it is not. >> it's not. it's down south. a massive mediterranean style mansion in beverly hills sitting on 25 lush acres. inside there's a revolving dance floor, giant ballroom and into-foot screening room and a garage to park 27 cars and 50- foot screening room outside a vineyard. the asking price, a mere $195 million. >> is that all? >> i can't imagine the property tax on that place. >> no kidding. >> what a party. >> 195 million, wow. 6:20 up next, uc system launched an effort to reduce sex crimes but has it made campus safer? how new standards and training are affecting the college hook- up culture coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, what will it take to keep the panda in san francisco? we finally have a ballpark number and wait until you see the end of the sharks game last night. we'll drop the puck coming up. ,, ,,,,
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good morning, everyone. two-tenths of a second, that is what determined the sharks game last night against vancouver. the sharks undressed vancouver recently winning 10 of their last 11. second period, game tied at 2. heardle without a stick. vancouver 3-2 until the final seconds of the game. >> they score! >> the sharks have tied the game! >> determined there was no time on the clock, no goal! >> it was the right call. the puck not across the line when the clock hit 0. sharks lose by 2/10ths of a second.
6:25 am
okay. i had this exclusive interview here with larry baer and pablo sandoval during the post-season but the question is how much longer will giants ceo larry baer be able to hold on to his star third base man? sandoval's agent told the "chronicle" yesterday his client wants a six-year deal. a situation that puts all the other giants free agents on the back burner. >> we have told both peavy and vogelsong we need some time to sort things out. um, and again it goes back to pablo. so pablo is the only one we have engaged as far as an offer and movement forward in that fashion. >> there was a little bit of news. bruce bochy saying that tim lincecum goes back into the starting rotation in spring training and there beyond. hopefully it will stay that way. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. play of the day perhaps one of the strangest plays you will ever see in college volleyball. here's nebraska hosting purdue on wednesday night. watch.
6:26 am
the serve hit one nebraska >> using your head to keep it alive! >> how about that! that is going to fall for nebraska! >> one more time in slow motion. a nebraska play hit on the head and then off the leg and it goes back over and it just eventually led to a point for the cornhuskers who swept the boilermakers in three sets. crack staff searching deep for our play of the day on this friday. that's a good one. >> pretty good. 6:26 right now. a moment of privacy can be hard to come by these days. and that's especially true for one bay area community. how a high-tech peeping tom is making residents feel unsafe in their own homes. >> the city of san antonio wants the oakland raiders and the city is here to make its intentions known. oakland in the meantime says not so fast. both sides coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. the uc system has adopt new policies now in an effort to reduce sex crimes on campus. has it changed anything? >> the google barge, you may be surprised how far the company went to keep it secret. >> and speaking of clouds, a thick fog settling in over the bay area. when will it lift? will it lift for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have new troubles to report along 880 plus what the
6:31 am
fog is doing to the roads. thank you. good morning, everyone. it's friday. it's november 7. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:31. andrew spencer reports a former navy seal suggests the man may have put himself in danger by claiming to have killed osama bin laden. >> reporter: former navy seal robert o'neill now works as a motivational speaker but a former fellow seal says he wouldn't be close to him. >> whether he is the real shooter or not, he put a bull's eye on his back that is bigger than the bull's eye that osama bin laden had on his. >> reporter: national security analyst peter bergen doesn't think it likely that a jihadist would attack o'neill but says o'neill's claim of killing osama bin laden does create another problem. >> it's the issue of going being public about it and secondly, there are people who basically are undercutting his version of events. >> reporter: reportedly part of the seal team which conducted the raid on bin laden's compound, o'neill claims to have shot bin laden first in
6:32 am
the head killing him instantly. but sources tell bergen a point man winged bin laden before he was shot by two other seals robert o'neill and mark bissonnette, the subject of a criminal investigation over his published accounts of the raid. >> there was a day and age when the silent professional was the person who did the job and didn't look look for glory . now you have classified information being use for power by politicians and money for the guys who did it. >> reporter: on october 31 the navy vent a letter to seals warning of judicial consequence for those who break their silence for public notoriety or financial gain, they sent a letter to the seals. i'm and drew spencer reporting. some texans are visiting the bay area with their eyes on one of our nfl teams. anne makovec has more from the newsroom. she says san antonio is wooing
6:33 am
the raiders. >> reporter: the city's mayor and other officials are in the bay area to pitch raiders owner mark davis and other top brass. they want the team to play at the alamodome in san antonio at first, with the possibility of a new stadium later. the raiders owner went to san antonio over the summer to feel out the city as a possible new home and today, this delegation from texas is expected to bring results of an online survey about that possible move. this visit comes as the city of oakland was forming its own plan to keep the raiders in the east bay. an investor from san diego has indicated he is on board to help fund a new stadium for the team as part of oakland's coliseum city plan to replace the current >> this is a very complex opportunity and to fulfill that opportunity will take some financial structuring and multiple sources of financing in addition to what we're bringing to the table. >> the raiders would not confirm today's visit by san
6:34 am
antonio leaders but davis has previously said he would like to keep the team in oakland. the clock is ticking. the raiders lease at ends this season. there's certainly a lot of posturing and politics in play. >> oakland's mayor quan was a big supporter of that coliseum city project. and now that she's a lame duck, how does that play out? >> libby schaaf is a big supporter of building new stadiums for both the raiders and the a's. in fact, she said just yesterday that she will fight like hell to keep the teams in town. so city hall's backing should remain strong. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> they moved once before. >> they did. >> can you imagine if they lose the warriors, they lose the a's and they lose the raiders? >> yeah. >> for oakland? that doesn't sound very good for the city of oakland. >> but you would still root for the raiders? >> they're not moving. we are not going to have to worry about it. they will build the new coliseum. around the bay area today we are going to see some
6:35 am
sunshine but boy, we have to get through that thick fog early on today. out at sfo, that fog is looking thick in spots. and delays, you bet, of over an hour because that fog just kind of wafting about out there. it will be clear one moment and then foggy. sunshine this afternoon, the middle of the morning that fog should lift. mid-70s inside the bay. mid- to upper 70s inland and then 60s along the coastline. cloudy over coit tower right now. the temperatures are in the 40s and the 50s. this afternoon, warming up very nicely. 72 in the napa valley. 74 santa rosa. 70 degrees in san francisco. trouble spots on 880 southbound at "a" street. we have an accident three cars involved in the center divide. you can see on our sensors there it's slow any way as you work your way through that southbound side of 880 foggy as well in those areas. foggy towards the san mateo bridge. in fact here's a live look at
6:36 am
the san mateo bridge. can't really see it too well this morning. no accidents. but again slow conditions across the span. elsewhere, now just north of hayward, we have reports of an accident an -- in oakland, southbound 880 at hegenberger. overturn vehicle on the roof in lanes. that will slow you down in oakland. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza, backed up to the maze. foggy conditions across the span. there is a fog advisory issued by chp this morning. no word on when it will clear. back to you. there's still no official winner in the tight race for mayor of san jose. although sam liccardo is certain he will be the one to replace termed out chuck reed. he leads dave cortese by 3%. cortese is not ready to concede yet because thousands of mail- in and provisional ballots have yet to be counted. another close race in silicon valley is the 17th
6:37 am
congressional district. incumbent mike honda leads fellow democrat ro khanna. his lead is more than 4%, but thousands of ballots still need to be counted in that race. three-vehicle accident sent a highway patrol officer to the hospital on interstate 680 in san ramon yesterday afternoon a during the commute hours. investigators said the driver of a van abruptly switched lanes to avoid hitting another car and hit the officer. the freeway shut down for a time so a medical helicopter could land in the northbound lanes to transport the injured chp officer. and there's developing news about another shooting investigation in san francisco. this one happened in the western addition just before the clock last night. police found a victim with several gunshot wounds. that person is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. another shooting victim went to the hospital and that victim died from his injuries. cal berkeley under intense pressure now to stop sexual assaults on campus. and the school is taking action.
6:38 am
from betty yu reports things are beginning to change. >> reporter: new parties, new encounters, and ne hookups. college guys are thinking twice before making a move. >> with the negative attention on campus now even just talking to a drunk girl could label you a sexual predator. >> reporter: this junior says the school is paying attention to sexual violence prevention and so is he. >> ruining the reputation, i don't want to ruin that of fraternity or ability to get a job. it's a fear that small slipups could ruin my life. >> we want to prepare you with the information, guidance and resources. >> reporter: new for freshmen this year a mandatory workshop on sexual violence. >> we don't want people to feel paranoid or anxious about relationships. but to have a heightened awareness. >> there's lots of ways to express yes. my favorite is, yes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and there's no getting around the new yes means yes law making california
6:39 am
the first state to define sexual consent as a conscious voluntary agreement. >> knowing how to ask and communicate with your partner, potential partner, and, um, making good decisions in terms of what you want to --what kind of activities you want to proceed with, i hope that does make that kind of change. >> reporter: some students say it's time for guys to grow up. >> in high school it was one thing to date someone but in college, it almost feels like it's a sport for guys which is really kind of scary sometimes. >> reporter: some students have noticed the change in behavior at parties. >> i see people being more respectful of both genders all the time. >> reporter: what does that mean to be more respectful? >> you know, less overt flirting, no blatant like slapping a girl on the ass, none of that anymore. >> there is a population that kind of takes it all as a joke. but i do feel there's a shift and there's a lot of pressure from other guys that you know say no, really, that's not cool or anything.
6:40 am
>> reporter: and for the few on campus who cross the line it will take more than sexual abuse education to change risky behavior. >> whatever video they watch is not going to change how they are going to act regardless because the guys who are acting like [ censored ] are going to stay [ censored ] and guys acting like gentlemen are going to stay gentlemen. >> that was betty yu reporting. uc-berkeley is one of 55 schools now under federal investigation for the way it handles sexual assault allegations by their students. a new record sheds light on why google gave up on the barge project. it was a mystery when it appeared last year on san francisco bay. google was so concerned about security it required the coast guard to sign a secrecy agreement. but according to emails obtained by the "wall street journal," the coast guard ultimately decided the barge was a safety hazard because of all the fuel stored on deck. the barge has been sitting idle since march in the port of
6:41 am
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introducing the all new chrysler 200. america's import. norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. time for a look at what's coming up on this friday morning on "cbs this morning." >> norah o'donnell joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, physicist in studio 57 with how a storm that started on the other side of the world could mean a deep freeze for 250 million americans. plus, bob schieffer is going to join us with a preview of his interviews with president obama and former president george w. bush. plus looking back at 60 years of "face the nation." and her fight against cancer is captivating the country. we were there for last night's emotional game as the young
6:45 am
daughter of an nfl player got a huge show of support. the story you don't want to miss p the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> such a sweet story. all right, norah, see you at 7:00, thanks. the nation's jobless rate is down. and that is welcome news for investors out there. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. always nice to have some decent news to end the week. we are getting that from the labor department continuing to see solid job gains in the economy. labor reporting the gain of 214,000 jobs in october. unemployment rate down to 5.8% lowest level since july of 2008. now, the job gain was a little under expectations but labor also revised the prior two months hire by combining 31,000 jobs. the under unemployment rate falling including part-time workers looking for thank you time work. big hang-up is wake growth. hourly wages up only 3 cents to
6:46 am
an average. $24.57 up only 2% over the past year. that's keeping in line with inflation but still not much going into people's pockets especially heading into the holiday season. lots of earnings news to consider. couple of bay area firms looking solid. san francisco social gamer zynga turned in solid results as did santa clara graphic chipmaker nvidia and their shares are higher on the news. market coming off consecutive record finishes for the s&p and the dow could be under pressure to do it again today, profit- taking early on. let's check the big board so far. that jobs report just not enough. dow now lower by just over 50 points. nasdaq down 13. s&p lower by 4. zynga shares up 10%, nvidia up a .5%. >> they needed that. >> it's been a tough share for zynga. they are down 40% this year so
6:47 am
much welcomed. >> thank you. residents who live in san jose in a high-rise are mighty upset about a high-tech peeping tom. >> as kiet do reports, someone is buzzing around their building with a camera-equipped drone. it's a story you'll see only on 5. >> reporter: she just moved into her tenth floor condo in downtown san jose but lately the million-dollar view is as beautiful as it is unnerving. an unwelcome visitor has taken to the sky. neighbors snapped a picture of this drone buzzing outside their windows. >> it was hovering like literally probably two feet from the window. >> reporter: it's been by three separate times in the last month at all hours of the day. a little creepy? >> yeah, a little bit. like, you know, at 10:30 at night it's not fun to have someone flying a drone up and down your building. >> it was kind of right here, um, right by the bird feeder. >> reporter: this neighbor saw it. david has now covered up his windows. >> for the last two weeks we
6:48 am
have had to really look over our shoulder and, you know, you never know if somebody is going to be looking in the window at you. >> reporter: drones buzzing buildings has been in the media this year. in vancouver, this drone was captured on video flying near a high-rise at night. >> the no way, dude! this thing is so epic! >> reporter: they are even a topic on comedy central's "south park" > taking off! >> he was right in the middle in this park. >> reporter: back in san jose when the guy kept coming back residents were ready with cameras and called police. when they tried to confront him he left on a skateboard. >> the guy was standing around here. >> reporter: san jose downtown residents association is pushing for a city ordinance to create a drone buffer zone around high-rise buildings. >> respect people's privacy. we don't like this. we do not feel comes when you are walking to your balcony and see a drone right in your face. >> reporter: councilmember sam liccardo says shaming the man might work just as well. >> i think the important thing
6:49 am
is simply to ensure that whoever this person is, they know that they are being watched and i think certainly media attention is good in that regard. >> reporter: so there is no drone-specific law in san jose. so san jose police say if they ever catch this guy, they will go after him with an ordinance that prohibits flying remote- controlled aircraft in a public park. that's what this thing is. so there you go. >> well, how does the faa factor into it? >> reporter: so the faa says anytime you fly a model aircraft or drone in this case within five miles of an airport, you have to let the airport know. mineta san jose is a mile away from here. chances are this guy is not letting the airport know what he is doing. and so that case he would be in violation of faa rules. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the keeping up with technology. okay, kiet, thanks. time for traffic. how are we doing? >> it's a little tough on this friday. not really "friday light" in
6:50 am
most spots especially on 880. we have had two separate incidents to report south 880 at "a" street is cleared but south 880 at hegenberger they may have changed that location to 65th because of an overturned vehicle. you can see the tweet from "kcbs traffic." it's slow-and-go on the ride shoulder causing a backup so heads up. here's a live look at conditions along 880. not too far from there. okay through here but again slows down once you hit that accident. checking conditions along 92, san mateo bridge, soupy foggy conditions through there. we are seeing a backup at the toll plaza there. in fact, brake lights, it's at a standstill there, westbound 92, 18 minutes between 880 and 101. again, use some caution as you work your way across the span there between 880 and 101 this morning. 101 itself through the peninsula slow as well for fog. westbound bay bridge looks like the fog is rolling in again. metering lights are on. you're backed up to the maze. fog advisory in effect for this portion. lawrence. >> that's kind. interesting thing with this
6:51 am
fog. it's right down on the surface. all of a sudden it may be clear for a moment. you get a little wind and that brings with it the fog rolling back into the area. so out the door we go. be very careful early on today over san francisco. you can see that fog in spots and it is right down on the surface. thin layer but very thick outside. visibilities down to a quarter mile and even less in some spots. high pressure overhead. because of that we are not seeing a whole lot of mixing in the atmosphere and that's why we are getting some fog and some of the pollution trapped in the atmosphere, as well. looks like by the afternoon though sunny skies and some very mild temperatures. what a gorgeous weekend it's going to be. if you like the sunshine, the warm weather, you're going to like this weekend. some of those temperatures pushing near 80 degrees over the weekend. today starting out with fog. the rain line staying to the north. that may change as we get into the later part of next week. pollution in the atmosphere so it's going to be hazy in the afternoon. 70s into the central valley, 64 lake tahoe. fog and low clouds should give
6:52 am
way to sunshine this afternoon. temperatures very mild. still running above average. some of the numbers into the 70s inland. south bay a lot of mid-70s. 60s at the coastline. east bay temperatures mid- to upper 70s. inside the bay 60s and some 70s. so out over the next couple of days, we are going to see plenty of sunshine. the weekend looks beautiful. and then things change as we head in toward the middle of next week. maybe we start talking about some rain just maybe. >> maybe. >> late thursday night and into friday. >> what a week ahead, huh? >> beautiful. >> should be very nice. get out there and enjoy. >> thank you. an nfl player's daughter battling cancer last night helped make a big donation. >> leah daughter of bengals devon still handed over a check worth more than $1.3 million in the fight against pediatric cancer. the 4-year-old is getting treatment for stage 4 cancer. her dad wore leah strong under his eyes and fans held signs and wore his jersey. leah's tumor was removed several weeks ago and doctors
6:53 am
say her chances of beating the cancer are 50/50. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can.
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president obama meets with he white five things to know at the :55. president obama meets with congressional leaders at the white house today. the president is trying to find common ground with republicans. one area where they may be able to agree, president obama's request for $6 billion it fight ebola in west africa and the u.s. the man accused of abducting a woman in philadelphia has been extradited to virginia where he now faces charges of attempted murder and assault. delvin barnes also faces kidnapping charges for taking carlesha freeland-gaither against her will in philadelphia. authorities found them in maryland on wednesday. a federal appeals court upheld same-sex marriage bans
6:57 am
in michigan, ohio, tennessee and kentucky. justices said the issue should be decided by voters. since there is a split among the appeals court, the supreme court will most likely have to make a final decision. a man is in critical condition after he was shot by the san francisco police last night. officers say they approached a group of men acting suspiciously on connecticut street in potrero hill. police say one of the men then pulled a gun as the officer approached him. that officer shot him in the chest. a san francisco man is accused of running a multi- million dollar on like marketplace for legal good. blake benthall was arrested at home in the mission district. prosecutors say the website dubbed silk road 2.0 was used to distribute drugs and other illegal goods to more than 100,000 users. i'm anne makovec live in the newsroom. the oakland raiders are being wooed today by the city of san antonio. that city's mayor and other officials are in the east bay to make a pitch to raiders owner mark davis. they want the raiders to play
6:58 am
at the alamodome. davis visit san antonio over the summer to check things out and today the city is presenting results of an online survey about the possible move. >> there's going to be a semiautomatic group of dedicated people -- a small group of dedicated people who understand what an nfl team will do for the city. >> reporter: there is another plan to keep the raiders in oakland. a san diego investor has indicated interest in helping fund a new stadium here as part of observations's coliseum city plan. no comment from the raiders but they have previously said that he would like to keep the team in oakland. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. checking the roads right now if you can see them from all the fog this morning. that's the san mateo bridge. it is slow in some spots along the spanned especially westbound so drive time is inching up there. give yourself some extra time. bay bridge foggy. fog advisory in effect backed
6:59 am
up to the maze. slow-and-go off the eastshore freeway as well, northbound 101 through stay we are seeing some brake lights as well and foggy conditions through there. also, look at the golden gate bridge. foggy as well as you work your way out of marin county into san francisco. how long is it going to stick around, lawrence? >> i think it will begin to lift by the middle of the morning or so. over coit tower we have fog there as well but thick fog settling in. take extra trial to drive around. it's dangerous. some of the visibilities less than an 8th of a mile. delays at sfo this morning. the fog should lift and this afternoon we're talking sunshine, 70s inland, 60s and 70s inside the bay and 60s along the coastline. this weekend may be even warmer, plenty of sunshine, maybe some 80s and then late next week, things begin to change. back to normal temperatures and maybe some rain late thursday night into friday. >> maybe. >> just maybe. that's way out in the forecast especially for this time of year but looks like things will start to transition again. >> thank you. >> the weekend looks great. >> thank you. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is at 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is next.
7:00 am
have a great day and a great weekend, everybody! see you monday and at no. good morning, everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, november 7th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a super storm halfway across the world could plunge nearly 250 million americans into a deep freeze. the man who claims he killed osama bin laden breaks his code of silence. now his fellow navy s.e.a.l.s are breaking theirs. plus a little girl fighting cancer steals the show during "thursday night football." first we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> this is going to take over all of the eastern united states with some of the coldest air we've seen this year. >> millions of americans brace for a deep freeze.


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