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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 12, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. we could be one step closer to answering the question, are we alone? for the first time in history, a spacecraft has landed on a comet and the possibilities of what we could learn from it are
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endless, incredible! good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. scientists defied the odds and landed a spacecraft on a comet traveling 84,000 miles an hour. >> it's not easy to even just send a spacecraft to another place in the solar system, let alone, um, land a small probe on a comet. >> cbs reporter charlie d'agata with the moment scientists at the european space agency realized history was made. >> whoo! >> reporter: scientists in germany celebrated the success of the decades-long dream. the rosetta space shift released a 220-pound lander that dropped for 7 hours before attaching to a comet. >> this is a big step for human civilization. >> reporter: it's the final stretch of a 4 billion-mile journey. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the european space agency had been chasing the comet since the launch of the rosetta in 2004. catching up to a comet traveling up to nearly 84,000 miles an hour meant using the
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gravity of the earth and mars as a slingshot building up speed by swinging around both planets before slinging off toward its target. it finally caught up to the comet in august and began looking for a place to land its probe. when it caught up to the comet they were expecting something about the shape of a potato. instead, they found this, which has been described as closer to a rubber duck. that made it even more important to find the exact landing location. this comet which is left over debris from the formation of the solar system is 2.5 miles wide and weighs 10 billion tons. scientists hope to take samples from the surface and possibly shed some light on how the solar system began. charlie d'agata, cbs news, germany. >> it takes more than 28 minutes for a command from scientists in darmstadt, germany to reach rosetta because the spaceship is more than 300 million miles from earth. the search is on for a driver who hit and killed a
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young teenager and then drove off. anne makovec is live at san leandro with more details. anne. >> reporter: and the balloon at the memorial that has been growing today here behind me says justice for ivan because the driver in this case still has not been caught. i'm at east14th and ashland avenue in san lorenzo and you can see the memorial. ivan had just begun his freshman year at san lorenzo high. >> too early, man. he didn't even get to live his life. >> reporter: it was just after 6 p.m. when 14-year-old ivan cruz was riding his scooter in this crosswalk straight into the path of an erratic driver being chased by sheriff's deputies. >> the car came right when the little boy was in the middle of the street. he got hit. and then he flew into the air. >> reporter: he landed about 10 yards away where a makeshift memorial is growing today. >> i knew him all my life. he was my brother.
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>> reporter: tony coelho still has unanswered text messages on his phone. >> i was like come on, please, man, i'm kind of shaken right now, bro. they are trying to say something. they're trying to say you're gone. where you at? text me. he wasn't texting me. >> reporter: as the reality sinks in, the investigation begins. the alameda county sheriff's office says two of its deputies were chasing the suspect vehicle in two separate cars after ivan was hit, the second car continued chasing the suspect but eventually lost him. the first deputy never saw the crash. >> in a pursuit you tend to get tunnel vision. you don't see a lot going on in the peripheral. you're watching the driver. >> reporter: family friend priscilla vazquez is now watching over her son one of ivan's best friends. >> i cannot explain to him that god has took him, such an angel. >> reporter: she says she got ivan this scooter for christmas. as for the suspect -- >> turn yourself in. that's it.
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you know? like -- >> reporter: so there's a joint investigation going on now between the california highway patrol and the alameda county shows office. as for the two deputies involved in this, they were told to go home for the night yesterday. but they are not being placed on administrative leave. frank? >> anne, any leads on a suspect respect at all? >> reporter: you know, they have not released any sort of real suspect description or even much about the car except for that it's a red sedan. i know deputies are reviewing surveillance tape from the area and the fact they haven't released any more information leads you to believe that it is possible that they could be hot on this guy's trail. live in san leandro, anne makovec, kpix 5. the alameda county food bank is getting a donation today. a big rig carrying tons of frozen turkeys tipped over this morning on an east bay off- ramp. the alcosta boulevard off-ramp was closed while the turkeys were quickly loaded on to another truck. the off-ramp is back open. and the frozen turkeys are now headed to the food bank. alameda health officials will inspect them to be sure they
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are okay to eat. new york city firefighters rescued two workers stuck on window washing scaffolding 69 stories above ground. the workers were dangling off one world trade center the nation's tallest skyscraper. firefighters had to cut through the glass and pull the window washers inside. police say a cable snapped causing one end of the scaffolding to drop. the workers were tethered to the apparatus and were not injured. it is back to court for suspects in a federal corruption case in san francisco. former state senator leland yee, raymond "shrimp boy" chow and former san francisco school board president keith jackson appeared in federal court this morning. they were all arrested in an fbi sweep back in march. today's court session is a status hearing only. a total of 29 suspects are accused of political corruption, money laundering, drug and gun sales and other crimes. y he e, chow and jackson are expected to request for separate trials. it's a final day of a nurse
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strike in northern california. 18,000 nurses with kaiser permanente said they want better training to treat ebola. kaiser officials say this is a pr stunt and that they are prepared for ebola. all of kaiser's hospitals are staying open. nearly 3,000 temporary nurses were brought in. rape victims already face a long recovery and california is one of several states where survivors say they are revictimmized with medical bills. victims in california who report their attack to police can seek reimbursement from a state fund but advocates say some survivors who choose not to report do receive medical bills related to the rape kit itself. federal law says victims should not be charged for rape kits but additional charges like hiv tests or e.r. fees are not covered. >> when you keep getting revictimmized, you know, once a month, you get a reminder in the mail, hey, you were raped, hey, this happened, you know, it's hard to move on. >> there have been at least two attempts to change federal law
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to expand coverage beyond the rape kits. both failed to pass congress. but today, this morning, the manhattan district attorney announced $35 million in funding for rape kit testing nationwide. an email scam is making the rounds and it hacks into your passwords and credit card numbers. the email title warns of a child predator in your area. but it's a fake. and when opened, a malware program attacks your computer. it will search for your sensitive data like credit card information. information about sex offenders is listed online on the megan's law website. fema has disaster survivor assistance teams here in the bay area to help people who had losses from the napa earthquake. teams are canvassing affected areas in napa county and have set up shot near the main entrance of vallejo city hall. they will be there monday through friday. the goal in belvidere is to curb crime in the city. cameras will be installed in a couple of months and take
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pictures of everyone entering and leaving the city. it will cost $15,000. belvidere is the second city in the area to install those cameras bay bridge officials are trying to find a way to save millions offer a trail along the western span of the bridge. the bay area toll authority approved a contract up to $10 million to find a cheaper way to build the path. the current proposal for the path is $400 million to $500 million and people will be able to take the trail from san francisco to yerba buena island. the fbi's annual crime in the united states report ranks oakland as the most dangerous city in the bay area. oakland leads the state with a violent crime rate five times the california average. emeryville and east palo alto round out the top 3. in contrast the safest city is hillsborough with zero violent crimes, clayton and san ramon close behind, and nationally violent crime dropped by 4%. gas prices keep falling.
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but it hasn't stopped thieves from hit the pumps. the new gas-stealing scheme involving stolen credit cards and hidden tanks. >> and americans are stocking up on cleaning supplies now. the sharp increase in clorox sales with fear of ebola and flu season in full swing. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. the clouds on and off right now but more on the way. a storm is brewing. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this week...... oakland-based clorox saw a g the dow in record territory this week. today a down day but not by much, down by 12. clorox saw a jump in sales because of ebola and flu season. the company said sales of disinfectant wipes were up 20%
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last month. clorox says about half of u.s. homes use clorox disinfectant wipes and bleach. the fight for workers rights is on the steps of city hall. eric maher and david chiu sponsored workers bill of rights to help employees at chain stores and restaurants. prices at the pump could keep falling down. saudi arabia announced it's going to keep lowering the price of crude oil per barrel. the average price for gas in the bay area is $3.19. that's the lowest it's been in over five years. san francisco it's 3:37 a gallon on average and san jose $3.18 and if you shop in oakland for gas you will pay about $3.23 a gallon. thieves have a new way of ripping off gas stations and people. pump and dump, criminals
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install a fuel tank and siphon system into their cars and use stolen credit card information to buy hundreds of gallons of diesel and sell that fuel to truckers at a discount. officers say thieves are making millions of dollars a year doing the pump and dump. not good. all right. the weather? >> weather. >> a little chilly. we went for a walk. >> a little cool. feeling like the season but you may have noticed, did you look up? clouds moving on by, a little sunshine. >> i looked up a little bit. >> i know what you were looking at, shopping! [ laughter ] >> we have changes coming our way. a storm off the coastline not the biggest one we have ever seen but likely to bring rainfall a little later on. you can see that swirl of clouds off the coast bringing showers to the bay area starting this evening. in fact, i think in the north bay, going to see some of those showers moving in. we'll time that out for you in just a moment. maybe lingering showers early tomorrow morning and then we are going to start to clear out your skies by tomorrow afternoon. by the way, those storms they are picking up some waves along the coastline. strong rip currents there, too. so be careful towards the
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water's edge. otherwise the system not the strongest one we have seen but it will bring some showers into the evening tonight, just slowly making its way in our direction so the clouds on the increase in the afternoon. if you are plan to travel across the country especially in the midsection high temperatures today only 0 in denver. that's down from the previous forecast. 19 in minot. 9 degrees in billings and 29 degrees in topeka. so very cold temperatures there. we, on the other hand, are getting ready for the system to move in. by 8:00 some scattered showers develop mainly north of the golden gate bridge. and then overnight, more of that rain begins to move on through. i think it's going to be a quick mover so if you sleep in tomorrow you may miss the bulk of the storm system, scattered showers for the early part of the commute and partly cloudy skies toward the afternoon. rain amounts maybe a about a quarter to half inch, maybe in some of the wetter sports around the bay area, lesser in san jose. temperatures right now 67 in san jose, 64 in the napa valley and 63 degrees in san
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francisco. your sunset time 5:01. sunrise tomorrow 6:48. over the next few days nice to see the rain make a return to the bay area. leftover showers early tomorrow morning then dry weather returns on friday. probably saturday and sunday, a chance of showers now as we head in toward the middle of next week. yes, mr. mallicoat, may i help you? >> i just need you to say. what was the degree temperature in denver again? >> the big goose egg. >> i know you're telling me this because i'm going there tomorrow morning. i may have to cancel my flight. >> only going to be 12 degrees tomorrow. you will be nice. nice warmup tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> thank you. just a year or two ago, drones were a rare sighting. the pilotless aircraft were considered expensive and unique. the difference in the skies today. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers out there, send us your questions about their health and well-being. just email or on our facebook page, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. federal officials say they' getting almost dai ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we love orzo pasta especially with vegetables. now is a good time to have it with this beautiful zucchini and peppers. we cut up a zucchini.
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we add in the orzo. it's a small grain pasta. don't overcook it. i like my pasta al dente. so quickly fold this in. a little pepper. there's already salt in here. seasoned as i warmed up the vegetables and the pasta was cooked in heavily salted water. >> a touch of dried oregano. >> thank you, bella. beautiful. time to eat. federal officials say they are getting almost daily reports of drones flying near airplanes and helicopters. the faa says it was getting almost no reports two years ago. but many of these reports are unconfirmed and could be a pilot mistake. u.s. and china making a major breakthrough on an agreement to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions. president obama china's president unveiled some new targets during the summit in beijing. the new goal, reduce emissions
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26 to 28% by 2025. that's compared to 2005 levels. earlier in his presidency, mr. obama pledged cutting emissions levels by 17% by the year 2020. poison is being pumped into a san francisco pond today all in an effort to kill an invasive fish there. biologists have tried to rid mountain lake of goldfish, bass and sturgeon for three years without success. the goal is to restore the ecosystem to make it a natural preserve. a 4.1 quake hit near the oregon-california border this morning. the u.s. geological survey said it struck around 6:45 a.m. it hit near the sheldon national wildlife refuge an area that's seen a swarm of earthquakes lately. we're still weeks away from black friday but bargain shoppers are already lining up in hopes getting their hands on the best dealings. >> wow! and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or a question, give us a call. our hotline, at 888-5-helps-u. volunteers are there right now.
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in today's jobs report, steven greenberg says the degetteing hired may be thinking small -- the key to getting hired may be thinking semiautomatic. reporter: the unsung heroes of our economy are the creators of small businesses. the founders of facebook and twitter get lots of attention. but it's the owners of companies with fewer than 500 workers that have generated two out of every three new jobs this century. they employ more than half of all private sector workers. in california, the latest figures show there are nearly 685,000 small businesses that employ more than 6.3 million workers. the job seekers tend to focus on a larger more well known companies. that's understandable. but targeting smaller businesses throughout the bay area can dramatically improve your chances of success. start by identifying 10 small businesses within commuting distance of your home. target the ones that may need someone with your skills. visit your local chamber of commerce website for a list of businesses in your area. approach the employers that are active in your community, advertising and sponsoring local events. they are likely the ones that are doing well and may soon be hiring. i'm steven greenberg, kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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graduate student thinks hisy was found in the san francio coast guard do new at noon the family of a missing stanford graduate student thinks his body was found if the san francisco bay. the coast guard pulled the body out of the bay near the golden gate bridge yesterday morning. today the family says they believe it's him because of the
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wallet and his clothing. dan went missing halloween night. coming up tonight at 5:00, the bay area fire chief makes $400,000 a year for a staff of just 20 firefighters. tonight community members try to stop him from getting a raise. those stories and more tonight at 5:00. plenty of people camp out for black friday deals hours before the stores open. but for two southern california women hours apparently just not enough. they are already staking their claims. best buy's first black friday customers say hello to victim and juanita. they started camping out at the store in riverside county a week ago. that's 22 days before the deals start. they have been doing it for years and this time they hope to get a tv. >> they look comfortable. >> they are not camping out. they're living there. >> no kidding. >> they have moved in. >> they should charge rent. >> they have relatives come in and take their place while they eat or shower or -- >> they should give them a
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free tv. >> they should. >> good pub. >> absolutely. >> hope it doesn't rain on them. >> how's the weather? >> we have a chance of showers this evening. not going to be a washout but plan on showers developing in the north bay. then overnight tonight, slowly working its way across the rest of the bay area tomorrow morning showers early on. sunshine by the afternoon. dry weather headed into the weekend. >> all right. not too bad. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. take care, everybody. we'll see you manana.
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>> wyatt: as soon as you're finished here, can you get those other dresses over to the square? >> will this work as a backup? >> hope: uh...yes. yeah. absolutely. great. thanks. >> wyatt: good morning, amsterdam. >> hope: good morning. i hope this weather holds up. >> wyatt: uh, nothing is gonna stop us from doing this photo shoot. >> hope: mm, famous last words. i can think of someone who might. >> wyatt: [ chuckles ] ivy will hold her own. >> hope: it's -- she's not a model. >> wyatt: but she'll have a professional model working with her. >> hope: i-i can't stand by and coach her through the whole thing. >> wyatt: hope... >> hope: okay, you're right. i'm letting it get personal. >> wyatt: this is huge. international pres


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