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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 19, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live look outside at the golden gate bridge where we are off to a wet start. it's just happened within the last half-hour. parts of the bay area getting a little bit of rain right now. >> i know. there's some water on those roads this. >> i love seeing it, too. the first in a series of storms now just moving onshore. today not a gigantic storm. but we are seeing the showers out there right now and if you are traveling outside, yeah, you're going to see some downpours from time to time. so be very, very careful out there on the roads. let's take a closer look now and you can see some of that, some yellow and orange and heavier rainfall making its way across san francisco and across the bay now. it's sliding in toward richmond and lafayette and looks like it's going to continue to roll through to novato and vallejo and you name it, you're going to see scattered showers continuing off and on especially through the morning hours and then tapering off in the afternoon. cloudy over san francisco right now. temperatures mild 50s into most parts although down to 49 degrees in santa rosa. this afternoon numbers cooler generally in the 60s outside. i think the rain tapers off
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into the afternoon. but don't worry, guys. we have another storm coming as early as tomorrow. so i'm excited about that. >> triple header. >> keep the rain coming. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and the rain started moving in here probably about a half-hour ago, as well. we have seen a few spinouts but nothing really major out there blocking lanes right now so the spinouts are just a reminder to take it slow, or use mass transit. just about 10 minutes ago we couldn't see rain at all across the richmond/san rafael bridge. but hi-def doppler is picking up rain in richmond and it's coming down at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. some drivers having to use windshield wipers there. westbound 580 still looks okay and they should have just cleared that overnight roadwork approaching the dublin interchange. i notice lawrence is wearing kind of a mini mock today. >> yes. it's a smaller storm. [overlapping speakers it is 5:01. three people were arrested for
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allegedly leading cops on a high-speed chase but that's not all. there was a toddler inside one of the cars. it started when police say katrina freeman, marquez trent and tiffany thurman robbed a safeway in castro valley. they took off with police following. the suv stopped to leather man out and took off again. she was arrested and told police her 2-year-old was still inside the car. police caught up with the other suspects at a home in oakland. the toddler by the way is okay. developing in ferguson, missouri, the city's mayor is warning people to expect the worst. the grand jury is expected to announce soon whether or not to charge a white officer for killing an unarmed black teenager. officer darren wilson shot 18- year-old michael brownback in august. police in oakland are also waiting for that grand jury's decision. anne makovec joins us this morning to tell us why. >> reporter: oakland has a history of civil rights protests and over the past two years some have been taken over
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by rogue groups bent on causing trouble son in advance of what could be a controversial grand jury decision in ferguson, mayor quan is calling on business owners to cover their windows and doors. many downtown oakland shops were vandalized when george zimmerman was exonerated. and we checked in with one store owner who was hoping people won't punish her with their frustrations again. >> as a business owner we're nervous. we don't know what to expect. >> reporter: mayor quan released an open letter calling on business owners to save recordings of criminal activity, cover exterior doors with a stale plate and leave their cash drawers empty. when the decision comes down, four buildings across oakland will function as so-called healing centers places for people to come to haven't their frustration rather than taking them out on the city. michelle? >> so, anne, what are police doing to prepare? >> reporter: they won't reveal strategies, but they will have all hands on deck. and the police chief has admitted that his officers were caught flat footed during the
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trayvon martin protest calling that an intelligence failure and that won't happen again. anne makovec, kpix 5. 5:04. today jews are returning to a jerusalem synagogue where five people were killed yesterday. a police officer was the fifth victim after the attack by two palestinian cousins, shot and killed by police. the other four were rabbis including three born here in the united states. one of them was rabbi coleman levine from southern california. >> beyond horrific as this is, common to live and die in the land in jerusalem in prayer, that's the way we would all want it to happen. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has ordered the demolition of the homes of the attackers. the san jose police officer charged with raping a woman while on duty is facing new allegations this morning. prosecutors say officer geoffrey graves raped a woman in a hotel room during a
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domestic disturbance call last year. she is now filing a lawsuit claiming the officer attacked another woman before and that the police department should have had a second officer with graves at all times. former model janice dickenson is now the third woman to accuse bill cosby of sexual assault. she says he drugged her and raped her in a lake tahoe hotel room in 1982. accusations of sexual assault started surfacing after a comic called 77-year-old cosby a rapist during a recent performance. it was apparently stress that led a south bay elections official to quit a day before this month's election. 50-year-old joseph le quit his job as a top technology official for the santa clara county registrar of voters. "mercury news" reports le says he resigned over stress and frustration with the job after working long hours the week prior to the election. the san francisco board of supervisors elected an interim president last night but it didn't come without
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controversy. katie tang will take over as president on december 4. supervisor david chiu is leaving the board for sacramento. some other bay area headlines now. shuttle drivers for facebook vote tomorrow whether to start a union. drivers rallied outside the menlo park headquarters. they complain of long hours and low pay and believe a union might help to change that. 5:06. surveillance video captures a car making a smashing entrance into a convenience store. what police suspect caused the crash. >> plus, it's a new app to help women with breast cancer. you're going to meet a bay area survivor who invented this new technology. >> and we are seeing the rain showing up around the bay area now. this is the first in a series of storms headed our way. details coming up next. >> and don't forget your umbrellas or your patience. we are already seeing some delays in the lower deck of the bay bridge. there's been an accident, a spinout eastbound 80 at treasure island. a car hit the wall. we'll have more reports on this
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plus the rest of your bay area busy drive to work coming up. we want we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. time is 5-- i'll have your complete st in just a few minutes.,,,,,,
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a suspected drunk driver is under arrest for this colli in storm clouds rolling in at pacifica pier. very wet as the rain has begun to fall. the crab boats just off the coastline there out there crabbing in the rain today. we have more rain as a series of storms is headed our way. details coming up. a suspected drunk driver is under arrest for this collision in southern california. he crashed into a liquor store in moreto valley. a 60-year-old man in the store was walking out right when it happened. and he was hit once and almost hit again when the driver tried to back out. the man was treated at the hospital and released. >> it's amazing more people aren't killed when that happens. a lot of time nobody is hurt and you're in a store and a car comes in. >> and you see by that video it happens so fast. >> yeah. hello? incredible. well a new app is helping women who are dealing with breast cancer. >> only on five, kiet do reports she started by telling her story. reporter: when barbara
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wilcox was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier in year, she bared it all by posting the photos on social media. and in the process, learned that sharing is good medicine. >> but it worked out okay so i wanted to let other women know that it would be okay for them. >> reporter: now she will get that chance with a new app called her story. it's a collection of short audio clips, stories recorded by veteran patients like barbara. the writer and former newspaper reporter made this reporting back in may when chemo made her hair fall out. >> it came out in big clumps so i went to a woman and had my head shaved. [ laughter ] >> why are you laughing? >> because it's so -- it seems so far in the past but it was only a few months ago. >> my decision to get reconstruction was real easy. >> reporter: founder and ceo bob quinn says the content is screened to make sure it's medically accurate. quinn says videos are too distracting and text alone was
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too boring. 44 second audio clips were just right. >> there's definitely a feeling when patients hear the spoken story, there's definitely an emotional connection that's really hard to achieve with text. >> reporter: the stories don't always have a happy ending. >> my friend peg was fighting her final fight with breast cancer. >> this was a downer i don't want to hear this. >> so that sad story is there if you want to hear it. >> exactly. >> reporter: and you don't want to hear it. >> not right now. >> reporter: her story is growing into a microcosm of life after cancer. hopefully there are more good days than bad and you get what you give. >> what i get back is a feeling of paying it forward and helping to create a community of survivors. >> reporter: her story is free and to encourage more contributors, for every recording they receive, they will make a $10 donation to breast cancer research. >> such a great idea and we all need support during tough times. so how does the app make money or does it? >> reporter: yes.
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so how do they make money? well, her story is part of a larger family of apps that hospitals use to manage patient care, remind them to do things like not eat or do certain exercises before a surgery. hospitals pay for those apps and that allows her story to be provided free. we're live in san jose. kiet do, kpix 5. >> cool. >> i know, very good idea. 5:13 right now. let's get a check on the wet roads out there, elizabeth. >> okay. thanks. bay bridge it's really coming down now. windshield wipers are going and the westbound commute looks okay better than the eastbound commute so we can't say that very often. right now everything is clear into san francisco but there has been an accident on the lower deck eastbound 80 right before you reach treasure island. it was actually a taxicab that spun out, probably going too fast and hit the wall there. so again just some light delays right now. but we know at least one lane is blocked. so again it's a good reminder keep space between you and the car in front of you. give yourself some extra time
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or better yet, right mass transit. so far everything is on time. our wettest commute is parts of the north bay where it's coming down across the golden gate bridge. you can see cars making some splashes now heading into san francisco. there should be four southbound lanes open now in the commute direction. they had the lanes change trucks passing through around 4:30. so everything is quiet now. kind of cleared out there while we were doing our traffic report. but everything is moving at the limit in both directions for the most part. in sausalito we had a shot northbound 101, southbound 101 at spencer. everything is a little wet but still looking good. and if you are heading across the richmond/san rafael bridge, obviously some rain falling on our camera lens as you approach the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. no delays from marin county to richmond. westbound 580 overnight roadwork cleared in livermore. the only delays we are seeing are coming out of tracy. looks like to about north flynn and then everything clears out.
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so drive time is great. 16 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. we have seen a few spinouts out the door. obviously that one near treasure island on the lower deck of the bay bridge. for the most part we're good but things could be tricky later on. bart might be a great idea. at last check 38 bart trains were all running problem-free. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. okay, lawrence has his hi-def doppler checking the storms. storm number one coming onshore now scattered showers around the bay area and that can be dangerous. it's dry where you're at and all of a sudden there's a downpour. that's what we are seeing right now. some of the heavier downpours, sliding into parts of the north bay, it was raining fairly heavily into san francisco just a few minutes ago but you can see now it is moving a little bit further to the north up toward richmond where elizabeth was looking at the camera there, some showers also moving into novato, vallejo, it's coming your way into petaluma and napa. you had one band move through and another one is coming your way. so you get the idea those showers will continue on and off throughout the morning hours. then i think by the afternoon
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starting to taper off. here's what's interesting though. on the back side of this storm system, look at this little swirl, this little low coming right by the bay area. this may be just enough to continue to trigger those showers throughout the morning, maybe even an isolated thunderstorm. all right. so we head you out the door today. it's a little wet in spots this morning. i think tapering off into the afternoon. temperatures going to be cooler and then there's more rain on the way for tomorrow. another storm system headed our way. storm 1 is breaking down the ridge opening the storm door and here's storm 2 that will roll into the bay area about the middle of the day for tomorrow. if you're traveling around the state, be careful it's wet about of where you go. it's a fairly warm storm system so snow levels are very high so looking at rain into lake tahoe for today. showers continuing on and off throughout the morning hours. then heading home, just more widely scattered showers but really starting to diminish and then calming down overnight but only a brief break. here comes the next storm toward the middle of the day tomorrow rolling on through
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packing a punch moving through rapidly and quieting down. late friday into saturday, another storm moves in to make things wet into the weekend. so far .10" in the wettest spots near a half inch in the north bay mountains, tenth of an inch into san francisco and lesser into the south bay. not a gigantic storms but getting wet this morning temperatures in the 60s by the afternoon with some scattered light showers. tomorrow another storm rolls in a brief break on friday, then friday night into saturday a chance of some more rain on the way. if you would likeget your weather on the go, you can download our latest app for the apple and android. get your latest hour-by-hour forecast, your latest doppler radar, all the weather you need on the go, just go to your app store and search "kpix" and you'll be able to download and find it there. and, of course, these next few days you can probably use that. >> or listen to lawrence karnow. >> that might be a better idea. >> thank you. we have a little more on that wet weather now, don't we? >> yes, we do. roberta gonzales is in the
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north bay with the umbrella out. hi, roberta. >> reporter: hi there, michelle. i began my morning commute in pleasanton and then i headed westerly and towards the city of san francisco. good 45 miles. the roadways were dry. once i got to san francisco, jumped in our news van, we headed due north. we headed over the golden gate bridge where the road is glistening from a little bit of light rain showers in that particular area. and keep very much in mind this morning with this kind of a light rainfall, it brings the oil very close to the surface so it makes the your stopping distance a bit slippery. give yourself some extra time. we're in novato and once we arrived here as soon as we did open up the car doors, bam, the light rain began to fall. and that's where we are this morning. in the northern portion of the bay area, our kpix 5 weather team consisting of lawrence karnow, paul deanno and myself, we all put our heads together and came up with about a half inch of rain expected in the wettest locations of the highest elevations of the north
5:19 am
bay, that's what we expect here today. not a major storm but the big headline is it's the first in a series of systems. the second one rolling in tomorrow late morning hours. the third one coming in on saturday. that will provide us with the most rainfall. now, keep in mind if you are heading to the high sierra as lawrence was mentioning this is a warm system. no snow expected until saturday. reporting from novato, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. chris hence worth is this year's sexiest man alive according to "people" magazine. the australian-born actor became a superstar after starring in the four movies. he is filming this year. he and his wife have twin sons. tune into kpix 5 on december 9 to watch the victoria secret fashion show. pop sensation ariana grande is performing so is that woman there, taylor swift. the show films in london this year for the first time and
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it's must-see tv. it starts at 10:00. it's 5:19. the bay area rolls out the red carpet for a new movie. but not everyone is amused by the premiere. why north korea calls it an act of war. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the first domino falls in bay area baseball free agency and it is not pablo sandoval. why the a's hope their new butler will help the offense coming up. >> e day happened in in this morning's jobs report steven greenberg looks at the industries seeing growth. >> reporter: the unemployment rate is a measure of last month's labor picture. california's employment development department conducted a survey which shed some light on future job opportunities for the next 8 years. overall employment in the state is expected to grow by more than 14% with the addition of nearly 2.4 million jobs. most of those jobs will be in four areas, education and healthcare, professional and business services, leisure and hospitality and retail trade. the population boom is also expected to create more than 200,000 new jobs in construction which should offset sizable job losses that
5:21 am
are expected to continue in manufacturing. the financial, insurance and computer industries will continue to create tens of thousands of new jobs. if the report is correct, the future of the job market is brighter especially for those people who have the right skills. i'm steve greenberg, kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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story good morning, everybody. when yoenis cespedes was traded to boston, the a's traded away their offense that cost them dearly down the stretch and into the play-offs. so yesterday, they did a little damage repair. according to multiple reports, the a's signed royals designated hitter billy butler for 3 years, $38 million. the 28-year-old his .271 with nine home runs, 66 runs batted in helping kansas city reach their first world series since 1985. butler was mostly at designated hitter for kc last season but played 37 games at first base. only 6200 in buffalo last night. sabres and sharks because of a huge snowstorm. sharks on the power play brett burt the game tied at one. but then just over a minute later, the sabres scored, it
5:25 am
was groznik who drew a shutout not last night. san jose finishes the seven- game road trip at 3-4. minnesota vikings runningback adrian peterson has been suspended indefinitely by the nfl and will miss the remainder of the season. peterson pleaded no contest to misdemeanor reckless assault of his 4-year-old son two weeks ago. he played in only one game this season before being charged. my guess is he will play in 2015 but not in minnesota. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day, we have college hoops. last eight seconds regulation manhattan, umass. here we go. >> trying to lob it to the budget. oh, what a play. manhattan! >> yeah. pretty sweet. the dunk sent the game into overtime but umass went on a run in joseph time and won 77- 68. but manhattan gets the play of the day honors. the jaspers taking it to ot.
5:26 am
your play of the day. nice dunk. 5:25. the world's tallest roller coaster is coming to the u.s. and it's full of loops, dives and spirals. details on where and when it will make its debut. >> police all over the country prepare for possible protests in anticipation of a grand jury decision in ferguson, missouri. next, why oakland is bracing for the worst. , ,,,, ♪ ♪
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your your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. e bay area city is efforts under way in missouri now to prepare for a grand jury decision in the death of michael brown. how one bay area city is also preparing for protests. >> plus, winter comes early in part of the country. the massive amount of snow
5:30 am
people in the northeast are waking up to this morning. >> and the first in a series of storms now moving onshore. we are seeing some heavy downpours now and more to come. we'll talk about it next. >> and we have wet roads in the bay area. spinouts both sides of the bay bridge. traffic is coming up. good morning. it's november 19, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:30. we are going to begin with a live look outside at the golden gate bridge where we're off to a bit of a wet start. parts of the bay area getting hit with a little shower this morning. as you can see a little bit of rain on the road there. roads are slick all over the place. our roberta gonzales is up in the north bay. >> giving us a look at the weather. hi, roberta. >> reporter: hi there, michelle and frank. you and lawrence said it perfectly. lawrence saying some areas having a heavy downpour at this time and other areas it's a fine mist. this system is a cold system that's moving into the bay area.
5:31 am
it's not really just how much rain we're going to get. that's not the headline. the headline is it is raining in the bay area. first off we take you to the golden gate bridge where it's a bit on the slippery side this morning as the roads are wet and that oil comes very close to the surface making your morning commute a little treacherous. then meanwhile we take you to pacifica where it has been spotty hit and miss scattered showers. in fact, this morning i began my commute in the eastern portion of the bay area inn pleasanton. it was a dry morning commute all the way into the city of san francisco. then once i jumped in the news van in san francisco and headed due north, it was scattered hit and miss light sprinkles and now it's a consistent light rainfall. in the north bay we expect the heaviest accumulation, a half inch of rain in the wettest locations of the highest elevations here in the north bay. today's system looks like light rainfall, same story again tomorrow and lawrence is
5:32 am
tracking that storm. the heaviest rainfall is expected on saturday. and again lawrence karnow, he is in his weather office all nice and dry tracking this system and he will have more for us coming up shortly. reporting from novato, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. check this out. big snowstorm gripping buffalo, new york right now. and it's being called one of the worst in recent history. remember this is buffalo. they are used to this. snow totals could top 6 feet at least four people are dead and the niagra university women's basketball team were rescued after being stuck on the bus for more than a day coming back from a game. 130 miles of highway in northern new york closed because of the snow. it's not even thanksgiving yet. >> it's amazing what a storm there but you were talking about a friend that's about 40 miles away and they have hardly seen anything. >> it's a little concerning because he looks out his window it's a dusting of snow but he knows 40 miles away --
5:33 am
>> that's what happens with the lake-effect snow. it picks up the moisture from the great lakes and dumps it. we on the other hand are seeing the first in a series of storms moving in. showers out there right now showing up on our hi-def doppler radar. some pockets of heavier downpours not a we'll lot in the south bay just yet. you can see a pretty good band making its way into the north bay also in toward vallejo. some of those showers continuing to rotate on through. some heavier downpours now toward napa and -- [ laughter ] ! just made up my own city. napa and yountville. we are going to see that rain on and off throughout the day in the morning especially in the morning hours. by the afternoon it tapers off temperatures in the 40s and 50s and 60s by the afternoon a little cooler outside. napaville, that doesn't sound too bad, liz! i think that could be a fun place, a new tourist attraction! [ laughter ] out the door, we have been seeing rain showers. i say drivers for the most part are paying attention on the roads. we are not seeing any major hot spots out the door.
5:34 am
that's not to say earlier -- we had some spinouts on the bay bridge one westbound, one eastbound. everything is clear now. bridge crews took care of them. now we are just see delays beginning to build in the cash lanes once again middle lanes fastrak users still fine so they haven't turned on the metering lights but again just be extra careful. all clear now end to end across the bay bridge. for the most part all green on our sensors. i just checked the chp reports and again we are not seeing any major accidents really nothing out there actually blocking lanes. here's a live look at car making splashes heading southbound across the golden gate bridge. and they do now have four southbound lanes open in the commute direction. that's the latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. developing in ferguson, missouri, tensions are high as the city awaits a grand jury's decision on whether to charge an officer for killing an unarmed teen. that's officer darren wilson who shot 18-year-old michael
5:35 am
brownback in august. ferguson's mayor warning authorities to prepare for the worst. and oakland city leaders are sounding the very same alarm. anne makovec in oakland actually downstairs in our newsroom now, keeping a close eye on what's happening in ferguson. >> reporter: oakland as now has a history of civil rights protests often starting off on point. but sometimes, descending into chaos when the sun goes down. >> i had to replace this one and i had to replace this one once before. >> reporter: you have to look closely inside dion's downtown oakland shoe store groupie to see the marks of past protests. >> this is something left over from the trayvon martin case here. >> reporter: splintered glass on her storefront window. >> you see here a little bit here? yeah purple spray-paint everywhere. >> reporter: the work she says of protestors who broke windows and set fires in the streets when george zimmerman was exonerated. now, dion wonders whether the same thing will happen when a grand jury in missouri makes a
5:36 am
decision about the michael brown case. >> as a business owner we're nervous because we don't know what to expect. >> reporter: mayor jean quan seemed to warn oaklanders to expect the worst calling on business owners in an open letter to save recordings of criminal activity, cover exterior doors with a steel plate and leave the cash drawer empty. the city is determined to be ready this time during the trayvon martin protest chief sean whent admitted his cops were caught flatfooted. >> but having that really largely is an intelligence failure. >> reporter: when the decision does come down four buildings in oakland will function as healing centers places where people can come to vent their frustrations rather than taking them out on the city. michelle? >> anne, it sounds like the city is actually expecting trouble. >> reporter: understatement. quan doesn't anticipate problems. she says she wants to raise awareness. she says it's not about alarming people but, rather, planning ahead. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. suspect in the hit-and-run
5:37 am
death of a 14-year-old san leandro boy will be back in court this morning. a judge denied bail for 34-year- old sonny anderson during a brief court appearance on tuesday. he is charged with killing ivan cruz during a high-speed chase last tuesday. anderson's long rap sheet includes beating an elderly woman in her home six years ago. she says the justice system failed her. >> this should have been taken care of a long time ago, put away and not let out. >> anderson was sentenced to three years for that crawl. he was out in less than two. -- for that crime. he was out in less than 2. in 199 he was charged with mutilating animals in a petting zoo. today jewish worshippers are returning to a jerusalem synagogue where five people were killed yesterday. a police officer became the fifth victim of the attack by two palestinian cousins. they were both shot and killed by police. the other four victims were rabbis including three born in the united states. one of them was rabbi kalman
5:38 am
levine, from southern california. >> beyond horrific as this is, for kalman to live and die in the land in jerusalem in prayer, that's the way we would all want it to happen. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has ordered the demolition of the attackers' homes. 5:38 now. the u.s. senate fell one vote short of passing a bill to build the controversial keystone xl pipeline. all 45 republicans voted yes, but louisiana's mary landrieu failed to get enough fellow democrats to support her bill. the pipeline would carry oil out of canada's tar sand pits to refineries in the u.s. the bill is expected to pass early next year when the gop takes control of the senate. happening today, the uc regents begin debate on a plan to raise tuition. the plan calls for raising tuition by up to 5% per year for the next five years. governor brown opposes the tuition hikes. his budget would add $142 million to the university's budget this year but only if uc
5:39 am
holds the line on tuition. there were protests against the proposed hikes yesterday at many uc campuses. stocks open in record territory again this morning. what else is new? jill wagner of joins us with all things business in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. yes, here on wall street the record highs just keep on piling up. pharmaceutical stocks really helped push the s&p to a new high. the dow was up 40 yesterday. that means it closed at a new record high. the nasdaq posted its first gain this week adding 31 points. an olive oil crisis could be on the way. italian farmers are warning that the price of olive oil could go up by about $3 a bottle this year. a wet summer and fruit fly invasion led to a disastrous harvest. and adding to bob marley's legacy, legalized marijuana products. the family of the late reggae star teamed up with a private
5:40 am
equity firm to build what's called the world's first global cannabis branch. in addition to selling marijuana, where legal, they also plan to sell pot infused lotions and accessories under the brand name marlie natural. frank and michelle? >> jill, the holidays are around the corner and we hear there's a gift for the woman who has everything. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. shoe designer christian louboutin has created a high- end nail polish -- nail polish -- that costs $675. it comes in a brand signature red shade. the bottle has 1500 crystals applied by hand and yes, in case you're keeping score, the nail polish is more expensive than some of louboutin's shoes. >> would you want that? come on. >> no. i mean, i'll take the shoes. >> you go to forever21 and get it for 2 bucks. >> nail polish is nail polish but yes, i'm with you jill. i'll take the shoes, as well.
5:41 am
jill wagner of, thank you. united nations has lots on its plate. they got ukraine going on now, syria and ebola. but north korea wants the u.n. now to take action against a seth rogen movie. elizabeth cook asked rogen if he is worried. >> i'm the agent lacy with central intelligence. >> reporter: in the interview, seth rogen and james franco portray a talk show producer and host recruited by the cia to kill kim jong-un. it's a comedy. >> preceding the interview you you will shake his hand with a fatal dose of. >> reporter: but north korea isn't laughing. it's calling the movie an act of war. and it's threatening, quote, merciless retaliation if feds don't step in to stop the film's release. they haven't. the film made its red carpet debut in the castro with plenty
5:42 am
of security on hand. rogen laughed it off. >> reporter: are you worried that there was north korean agents here in the castro? [ laughter ] >> it would be impressive if they were. it would be amazing. >> reporter: rogen said sony had certain imagery removed from the film to avoid the potential for a lawsuit. as for kim jong-un's potential reaction? >> i think once he sees the movie he might be less unhappy? or way more unhappy. who knows. >> reporter: but not terribly concerned about all the -- >> no. not concerned at all. >> that was elizabeth cook reporting. the interview opens nationwide on christmas day. >> despite the bluster, a spokesman for the north korean governor told british media the leader will probably see it. >> he might think it's funny. >> he is only about 30. right in his wheelhouse. it is 5:42. comedian tracy morgan on the road to recovery now after that
5:43 am
car crash in new jersey. the major injury he suffered from the accident. >> plus ready to rupture. water main breaks a common problem after the napa quake and crews can barely keep up. how the bad weather can make the problem even worse. ,,,, hey john, check it out. whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here.
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but the best part? it's not just sriracha sauce, it's creamy sri-rah... slur-rah cha... whatever it's called, it's awesome sauce. all that rain in the foreca has napa's water department welcome back. we are seeing showers showing up now as the first in a series of storms are moving onshore. more rain coming today and for the next few days. we'll talk about that coming up. all that rain in the forecast has napa's water department worried. august's earthquake has made the city's water system fragile. in the week following the quake, there were more than 120 water main breaks. and it really hasn't let up.
5:46 am
the system is averaging about one new leak every day. >> but the main thing is that we have been seeing breaks on our major transmission mains which affects water service. >> rain can shift the ground slightly which can cause new breaks in pipes. crews are out fixing the problem and fema says it will help pay for the repairs. 5:46. tracy morgan trying to recover from a severe brain injury he got in june when a walmart truck crashed into his limo. doctors aren't sure if he will recover from that accident. the comedian riding on the new jersey turnpike when the truck crashed into the limo. one person was killed. three others badly injured. the truck driver was speeding at the time of the crash. time now 5:46. let's check the roads. >> it could be worse. no major incidents. rain is causing some wet road and it is crowded over at the bay bridge. they turned on the metering
5:47 am
lights at 5:41. so yeah, the cash and fastrak lanes are filling in. we had a couple of earlier spinouts one in each direction across the bay bridge. bridge crews got them out quickly. no issue for the early-morning commute. southbound 101 just coming in in petaluma another report of a spinout, this one in the center divide. a few slowdowns just behind it. everything is find after that into novato. san mateo bridge almost looks dry. westbound 92 leaving hayward 12 minutes between 880 and 101. westbound 580 stacked up early out of tracy through the livermore valley. so the drive time is in the red now up to nearly a half-hour from the altamont pass and 680. i'll show you the sensors though. mainly yellow sensors. just kind of slow and go as you make your way past the 205/580 interchange. a little bit of a bottleneck there approaching vasco and sluggish out to 680 in the
5:48 am
dublin interchange. we saw rain earlier passing through the nimitz freeway by the oakland coliseum. 16 minutes northbound between 28 and the macarthur maze. we -- 238 and the macarthur maze. no incidents there. golden gate bridge raining there, drive time no problem between san rafael and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. lawrence says rain showers will continue to come down throughout the morning commute. so we are continuing to watch mass transit which might be a good option for some folks out there. bart is continuing to run on time, haven't had any issues all morning. in fact, more than 40 trains systemwide good to go. remember kcbs, our radio partner, when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740-am. with the forecast, here's lawrence. this is not a solid cold front. we see a huge line of rain, what we're seeing now are showers popping up around the bay area so you will be driving along, it will be dry and all of a sudden you run into heavy downpours so be very careful out on the roads this morning as a cold front slides into the
5:49 am
bay area. you can see the scattered showers now heaviest in parts of the north bay making your way along the 101. you're seeing heavier showers there toward vallejo just making its way to the north toward napa, another band moving into san francisco. more rain is coming into the santa cruz mountains toward san jose. we have more showers on tap for the bay area. it's going to be on and of especially throughout the morning and by the afternoon tapers off. look at this core of the low right behind the system right here. i think this may be the trigger to keep the showers going this morning. possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. all right. around the bay area today, it looks like by the afternoon, we'll sigh a mixture of sun and clouds. still a couple of lingering showers with cooler temperatures and then more rain on the way for tomorrow. here's the first storm moving in now and then the next one just setting itself up. this really the first storm opening the door and the neck one rolling in middle of the day tomorrow.
5:50 am
around the state 50s with showers. and the computer models showing you the showers on and off this morning. the commute ride home not bad just some widely scattered showers then settling down and then the middle of the day on thursday, next storm system, then another brief break and they are more rain friday night into saturday. totals, .10" in the south bay but further north, heavier rain up to a half inch across the higher peaks. cooler temperatures in the 60s. sunrise 6:54. sunset 4:56. looking out over the next few days, nice to see the rain return. none of these huge storms but more showers on and off right through saturday. then catching a brief break on sunday and monday, but i think in the latter part of next week, we have more storms coming our way. so there you go. this is exciting because we are getting the first glimpse of how the world's tallest roller coaster will look. >> got to travel to see this.
5:51 am
it's called the skyscraper. it will tower some 535 feet above orlando when it debuts in 2017. it will have all the twists, turns and drops to thrill you. the sky scraper will be part of a $250 million entertainment complex known as the sky plex. it goes about a mile and they do hand out dramamine. >> they do not. >> they do not. >> looks fun. >> no. >> you wouldn't do that? i would do that. >> no. for the longest time the only roller coaster i had ever been on do you remember the little iner did at the oakland zoo in the kid -- the little dipper in the oakland zoo in the kiddie section? that was it. >> you have to expand your horizons. [ laughter ] >> on the ground. >> loves traffic though. 5:51. one bay area city is changing how you cross the street to make things safer, when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
pedestrian safety... here'st they look like... the paint lines are designed to allow people to safely cut across walnut creek released new diagonal crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety. looks confusing. the painted lines are designed to allow people to safely cut across the intersection to go
5:55 am
from side to side. the new crosswalks located at olympic boulevard and south main in walnut creek and olympic and locust streets, as well. could see some slow traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge tonight. caltrans is continuing its work on replacing expansion joints on the western sid of the span. far right lane of the upper deck will be closed from 8 p.m. tonight to 5 a.m. tomorrow morning . the work will continue for several weeks. uber is apologizing after one of its executives said the company should hire a team to dig up dirt on all its critics. uber's senior vice president emil michael made the comments at dinner party saying they should pay a million dollars to investigate the personal lives of journalists who criticize uber. uber's ceo said it shows a lack of leadership, lack of humanity
5:56 am
and departure from our values and ideals. no word on any discipline the vice president might face. it is 5:55. coming up next, another woman has accused bill cosby of sexual assault. what the former supermodel says happened inside a lake tahoe home. >> as the grand jury deliberates in ferguson, missouri, police all over the country prepare for possible protests. next, what the mayor of oakland is telling businesses to do. ,,,, at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity,
5:57 am
that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we're kind of nervous because we don't know what to expect. >> cities across the country are preparing for protests after a grand jury decides whether to indict a ferguson, missouri police officer in the death of an unarmed teen. oakland mayor jean quan is calling on businesses now to prepare for potential violence. >> so much snow, it's basically like a brick wall. >> six deaths are blamed on a huge storm dumping snow on the eastern half of the u.s. record low temperatures are adding to the misery, too.
6:00 am
snow totals could top 6 feet in buffalo, new york. >> a long time ago. >> bail was denied for the run death of a 14-year-old san leandro boy. 34-year-old sonny anderson is accused of hitting ivan cruz during a chase last week. anderson has a rap sheet dating back many years. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> oh, what a play ! your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy wednesday. a wet start to our day. some areas could see some heavy rain throughout the morning and the afternoon. lawrence is tracking the system on hi-def doppler radar. first let's kick it over to liz to see how the rain is affecting the commute. >> it is slick out the door. traffic across the golden gate bridge all morning long we have been watching cars make splashes coming into san francisco. now, we have been relatively hot spot-free u


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