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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 1, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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friendly year-and-a-half-old pit bull. his owner called police. the man doesn't live here. he told police he had come to the property to check on his dogs and that's when he made the gruesome discovery. the next day cadaver dogs found more of the person's remains about 30 yards off the side of the road. bennett says the body was deteriorating but hadn't been there a long time. it's not clear how he or she died. this is a remote isolated area. >> at this point do you suspect foul play? >> we don't know. we'll find out during the autopsy hopefully. >> reporter: that's scheduled for tomorrow and they'll also compare the findings to missing persons cases. >> it's an area of transients. it could be an unfortunate person who died out there. >> reporter: bennett has been an officer a long time and has seen just about everything but even this is new for him. still he doesn't think it will remain a mystery too long.
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>> one neighbor told ann she heard the body had been there about a month. a fremont woman managed to escape a raging fire that completely destroyed her home. four of her pets were not so lucky. the fire reported about 6:00 this morning. the homeowner was able to climb out her bedroom window but she had to leave her pets behind. two dogs and two rabbits were later found dead inside. a cat is still missing. neighbors say the house went up fast. >> i woke up to the sound of an explosion. i went outside to see who it was. i saw my neighbor using the hose through her window, spraying the inside of her house and there were flames everywhere. >> that was an older home in a neighborhood full of thick overgrowth. so putting out the fire was a bit of a challenge. investigators are still looking in to a cause. another round of wet weather is barreling toward the bay area right now and these
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raindrops in dublin are just the beginning of a super soaker storm. paul deanno is tracking the radar. >> the radar will get more active later this evening and tonight. the next path of rainfall. the last few rounds have helped us out for the water. san jose now up to 88% of average rainfall for the year, 39% better than this time last year. hayward is up to 65% and significant improvement in san francisco where we're sitting at 75% of normal. biggest rainfall totals, mt. hamilton, mt. tam. los gatos. and best surprise would be san jose with 1 and a quarter inch rainfall. places looking for more rain, san mateo and palo alto. officially in san francisco just under 1 inch of rainfall. a few showers toward the evening commute, lifting up to solano and sonoma counties.
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that is not the big story. the big story is the big storm sitting offshore, powerful enough that we even carry the risk of a few thunderstorms tomorrow. rain increasing after midnight tonight. the morning and the evening commute will be pretty sloppy. rain heavy at times with isolated thunderstorms. basically everything we need to put another tiny dent in this drought and we've already done a few more. wait till you see how long the rain chance sticks around. that's coming up in a few minutes. the calm between the storms is giving work crews a chance to pick up the pieces from the weekend rain. in san francisco they've been busy since dawn cutting up fallen branches and trees. a 40-foot tree came crashing down in north beach and almost hit an apartment building. public works says certain trees that are top heavy are more likely to fall in wet weather but there is some red tape to cut through before they can trim them. >> we want to speed this up. if we see that it's an urgent emergency situation the tree could come down in 15 days or less. >> hundreds of older trees are
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susceptible. an arborist will sign off on tree removals. a big weekend for b.a.r.t.. the first major travel test for the extension to the oakland airport. phil matier tells us they have to pack the riders in to make a costly project profitable. >> or even just break even and pay it off. the real question is, is it going to last? here's the story. >> how was the ride? >> the ride was great. quick and easy but a little expensive, $8. >> very smooth. >> reporter: and b.a.r.t. is happy with the first big weekend numbers as well. >> it was more than we expected. we've seen about a 15% to 38% increase than what was typically seen on the bus from the year before. >> reporter: all good news. but the big question is even with a healthy start, will the
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new mega million bart in to oakland line be able to break over time? >> it does grow each year with inflation. >> reporter: in other words b.a.r.t. needs about 2,745 riders a day just to keep the line running in the black. >> not including the debt service. >> reporter: that debt service is the $484 million it costs to build the line in the first place. to pay that money back b.a.r.t. needs almost to double the rider ship to over 5,000 riders a day by 2030 or sooner. >> next year we're projecting it will grow by 500 riders. >> per day? >> yes. and each year we're projecting how much more, how much more. >> reporter: you pay whatever additional b.a.r.t. fare you need to get to your destination. while that may be a bargain for some, cabs and shuttles are still doing a brisk business. >> did you give any thought to
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b.a.r.t.? >> i did. >> why are you going with a cab? >> the $6 was not a good deal for us. >> this goes straight to our door. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. can't quite deliver that kind of service. we took a look at the ridership numbers and the holiday weekend. two of the days they did gang buster business especially the day before thanksgiving. but three of the days they fell below that number, that 2700 number they're going to need to break even. so clearly they've got their work ahead of them because the holidays are over and it's going to be the regular flyers and drivers from now on. in oakland, phil matier, kpix 5. lawmakers were sworn in and got back to work today in sacramento. first on the agenda for republicans, trying to stop what they call a hidden gas tax. you may have seen or heard the ads warning california drivers. starting january 1st, prices could jump between 12 and 76 cents per gallon. that's because next year the state's cap and trade program will include a new carbon tax on
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gasoline and diesel for the first time. the air resources board denies we'll see a dramatic spike in prices but some lawmakers disagree. >> we really do believe the people of the state of california have essentially been misled. they do not understand and have not been fully informed by their leaders of the impact this is going to have. >> other bills introduced today include legislation to block the golden gate bridge district from imposing tolls on pedestrians and cyclists. another bridge would name the waldo tunnel after the late comedian, robin williams. rumors have been swirling about john harbaugh for a while now. tonight some of harbaugh's own comments are raising eye browse. kpix 5's len ramirez is live at the headquarters with that part of the story. >> head coach jim harbaugh has had a strange relationship with the 49ers' front office this season but that was taken to a
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new level after a tweet and a loss on thanksgiving night to the seattle seahawks. 49ers ceo jed york tweeted out apologizing to the faithful and saying the performance wasn't acceptable. interestingly about the only time harbaugh seemed at ease is when he was asked about his time as an oakland raiders assistant coach under al davis. >> some of the areas had a profound positive impact on my life. pretty well documented and i could elaborate more but we're competing against that team this week and we've got to prepare for that. >> what's interesting about that is that the raiders are frequently mentioned as a team interested in hiring harbaugh. if he's let go by the 49ers at the end of the season. of course all of this speculation could end very quickly if the 49ers make the playoffs and then go on a postseason winning
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streak. of course they've got to get by the raiders this sunday and the seattle seahawks in seattle. >> yeah, they're talking trades, they're talking giving up a draft pick, they're talking paying off his contract, firing him. it's going to be an interesting four weeks to say the least. >> they say winning always solves everything. we'll see if that happens here. >> len ramirez in santa clara tonight. don't let the wet weather fool you. tonight one of the bay area's biggest water providers says it's at a risk of running dry. and customers could pay the price on their next bill. >> and it's the biggest online shopping day of the year and this amazon robot army is ready. the carefully choreographed cyber ballet that gets your package to your door. >> sidewalk special. a bay area restaurant worker is caught on camera doing something pretty nasty to your dinner. ,,,,
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our food before we order ita restaurant? well take a look at this video. not we all wonder what really happens to our food before we order it at a restaurant? take a look at this video. not good. shows a restaurant worker slamming slabs of what looks like meat, frozen meat on a san francisco sidewalk. a passerby shot this river outside lucky river, a chinese restaurant in the city's sunnyside neighborhood. a city health inspector paid a visit to lucky river and told us the worker was trying to defrost that chunk of meat. he resigned after the video was made public. bay area water agencies are waiting for the next round of rain. they know every drop counts. as don ford tells us, it could also determine what shows up on your next water bill. >> reporter: the recent rain is a welcome sight that's helping bay area reservoirs. the lafayette reservoir is 1% higher.
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but every bit counts. every drop mat ters especially during the holidays. during the last four days during the thanksgiving holidays, they got an additional 200 million gallons of water. but then add customers consumed 500 million. the demand is carefully monitored here in the control room and they say water use is actually down 10%. >> essentially we've gone from half empty to half full. >> doesn't sound like a change. >> not really. we need a lot more rain this season. >> reporter: or they can buy the extra water they need from the federal government central valley project. >> brings in about 5 billion gallons of water through a federal contract we have. >> reporter: the district buys it but customers pay for it. the 14 % increase could be coming as early as next month. >> that seems reasonable if they have to purchase it. >> if that's what we have to do, that's what we have to do. i'll have to get my kids to use less water. >> how is that going? >> it's a day at a time.
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>> reporter: the board will vote on the hike next week. don ford, kpix 5. >> they're expected to pass the increase when they vote next thursday. >> we're finally going the other way on these reservoirs, lakes, streams, culverts around the east bay. i was driving around yesterday. they're starting to fill up. >> about 40 straight months we were working our way down. now finally we're working our way up. it's a long road. we're like mile 1 of a marathon. but at least we're running now instead of walking backward. here's a peek outdoors. likely the most rain-free day of the next several because there will not be a completely rain-free day till saturday. san leandro, 66. petaluma, 64. 63 degrees. couple showers out there. they're pretty much wrapped up but hanging around over top of vallejo and american canyon. we had showers for you in danville, san ramon, fremont.
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rainfall not likely till after midnight. we have another round of wet weather coming. this one is the strongest storm making the most direct hit on the bay area. this one is going to be a soaker for the entire state of california. i'm talking from the oregon california border down to mexico. everybody gets rainfall tomorrow. some of the heaviest rainfall will happen right here in the bay area especially north of the golden gate. we could see an additional inch ortwo inches of rain over the next 36 hours. we get more showers on the backside of the low and behind that we get another area of low pressure which will keep showers in our forecast until friday night. so the entire week we carry a chance of showers. timing it out for you. this will have an impact on your commute. if you're driving the next couple days it's going to be pretty slow. look at all the rain out there. from morgan hill and gilroy, 101. north of the golden gate we have showers as well. evening commute. still wet. throughout the night,
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still wet. wednesday morning's commute still wet. it won't rain all of the 36 hours but it will be raining more often than not for the next couple days as the storm moves in. it will be windy too and slight risk of a thunderstorm tomorrow. vallejo, 62. san francisco, 62. you probably won't be outside much tomorrow to enjoy temperatures in the 60s unless you're holding an umbrella. wednesday, showers. thursday, friday, a few more showers but more off than on. as we head toward the weekend we dry out on saturday and sunday but this is exactly what the doctor ordered. a prolonged wet period, couple inches of rainfall. it's not going to come anywhere close to ending the drought but we have to start somewhere. this is a really nice place to start. >> turning the corner. we're going the other way. that's good. >> we work our way up, you never know, next may we may be talking about something different. it's cyber monday. the biggest sales day of the year for amazon. last year shoppers
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ordered 426 items every second. that's a lot to handle. workers are getting a helping hand this year. >> reporter: at this fulfillment center in tracy, california more than 3,000 of them cruise the floor. >> little orange robot goes out and picks the right product of inventory and brings it back just at the right time for the person to pick the item out to go in the customer's shipment. >> reporter: the robot can lift up to 750 pounds. they have motion censors to detect objects and can travel between 3 and 4 miles per hour. amazon says the robot's small footprint allows it to squeeze in 50% more inventory in to the warehouse. they've also improved efficiency by 20%. the process starts when products arrive by the truck load. >> in this new generation fulfillment center, we have associates who are taking products off the carts and putting them on to the shelves that are moved by our kiva
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robots. >> reporter: when someone places an order, the robot brings it and items are sorted, packed, and shipped. when some worry about robots taking away jobs from humans, amazon insists that's not their intention. >> it's about helping people do their jobs, not replacing people. >> reporter: 10 of the 50 fulfillment centers in the united states have integrated the kiba robot. if you're shopping online this year, why not make amazon share a portion of the profits with your favorite charity. you can learn more at a famous and long lost letter that inspire the work of jack cowhack is found. some thought it was drawn from a house boat in sausalito but a woman recently found it while sorting from a box of old
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manuscripts. it was written from one bay area beatnik to another. >> they're calling it the holy grail of the beat generation. it's a letter from neil cassidy to jack karauac and inspired all the writers to write the way they did. the world thought it was lost. >> the letter is thought to influenced the musical writing style that made kerouac famous. it's that time of year again. college application season and tonight this bay area man guarantees he can get your kid in to the top school of their choice or your money back. >> and ahead at 6:30, hackers attack sony pictures leaking unreleased movies online. why the company thinks north korea may have had something to do with it. ,,,,
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for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train,
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a man who prom
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tonight bay area parents are whispering about a secret weapon. >> a man who promises he can get their kids in to the college of their choice. he's so confident, he offers a money back guarantee. >> reporter: imagine sacrificing sundays to bone up on english and science. these kids are to get in to the college of their dreams. >> it's my life goal to go to an ivy league school. >> need college to help you where you end up in the future. >> reporter: the road to higher education can be brutal. most students who apply to elite universities are rejected. >> it's so competitive right now trying to get in to any college. >> reporter: but this tutoring center claims to have a secret weapon. an exclusive algorithm, a formula. plug in a dozen formulas. the software crunches the odds. the results, a customized program that pin points exactly what you need to do to get in. >> we have a very active model.
6:23 pm
>> reporter: steechb -- steven spent years on wall street as an analyst. now he places bets on students. he runs think tank learning, a chain of tutoring centers in california and china. the standard program costs $4,000 a year. but if your child's chance of getting in to a good college is risky, and you're willing to pay more, there's a money back guarantee. if you don't get in -- >> we'll give 100% of the money you paid back to you. >> reporter: the asking price, $10,000 to $60,000 a student. in very rare vip cases -- >> he was expelled from one high school already. >> reporter: the family paid him $700,000. >> we put our money where our mouth is. >> steven taught me a bunch of things. >> reporter: victor's parents paid $10,000 to guarantee the straight a student got in to cal. >> i was missing certain things like i didn't have that many internships. i didn't know how to position myself for business school.
6:24 pm
>> reporter: not everyone buys it. >> there is no algorithm. there is no magic equation. >> reporter: amy is director of admissions at uc berkeley. she said kids get in to elite schools like cal because they earn it and it's a good fit. her advice to prospective students -- >> be engaged. be authentic. >> reporter: however, this girl's dad wants to hedge his best. >> i can invest a little money. >> ma says since he started his money back guarantee he keeps on average 85% of the fee. coming up in our next half hour, bay area police on trial accused of stealing drugs from the evidence room to pad their own pockets. >> plus a major hollywood studio is trying to solve a real life mystery tonight. a massive cyber invasion and an angry dictator the main suspect. >> if you've ever dreamed of owning your own pirate ship, now here's your chance. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bay area cops.. accuse ing -- right out now at 6:30, a federal corruption case against a pair of bay area cops accused of
6:28 pm
running a drug ring right out of the evidence room. welcome back. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. the fate of the police officers is in the hands of the jury. elizabeth cook is in the news room and tells us the trial wrapped up in just the past hour. >> this all goes back to the surveillance video we first saw back in 2011. that was when the san francisco city attorney released this video of police officers making their way through an sro building taking property that was never accounted for. one of the officers implicated in this video was rinaldo vargas. he's since pled guilty and fired from the police force but he also accused two other officers of being in on a scheme to essentially rob drug dealers and collect stolen property through police informants. defense attorneys for those accused officers say vargas is the dirty cop and should not be trusted. >> the information, and the
6:29 pm
stress it was lots of information but not evidence that the government offered was essentially the testimony of vargas and cesar hernandez who has paid over $40,000 for his testimony. so i think at the end of the day the jury will do the right thing. they'll follow the law, find the government hasn't proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> two more officers charged in connection with the raids will go on trial early next year. as for the two officers now on trial, the jury will begin their deliberations tomorrow morning. tonight they're adding up the cost of violent protest in san francisco over the weekend and we're getting a graphic look at injuries to a police officer. police chief greg sur released bloody photos of injured officers. five cops were hurt, two of them seriously. windows were broken and damage was done at union square and in the mission district. the chief believes his officers handled it the best they could. >> this march, if it ever was a
6:30 pm
first amendment march, got hijacked by a criminal fringe element bent on destruction and criminal conduct. >> chief suhr says 70% of them were not san francisco residents. 16% of them were not even from california. people around the country walked out of schools and jobs to protest the ferguson shooting and other police violence. hundreds of people marched through the streets of new york city. there was a similar scene in washington, d.c. as demonstrators stopped traffic. similar protests were expected in 60 cities. here in the bay area a large group of students also walked out of classes at stanford. president obama met with civil rights and cabinet officials to talk about how police work with the public. the president says if any americans feel they cannot trust the police, it impacts all communities. >> that's a problem for all of us. it's not just a problem for some. it's not just a problem
6:31 pm
for a particular community or a particular demographic. >> in the aftermath of the ferguson shooting, president obama is joining the call for police to wear small video cameras on their uniforms. the white house plan calls for 50,000 cameras at a cost of $75 million. the fbi says there are more than 700,000 police in the united states. additional money in the spending proposal would go toward improving police training and police department reform. the feds are investigating a massive hack at sony studios that resulted in a leak of five sony movies. why north korea might be to blame. >> reporter: sony pictures' upcoming comedy, the interview, apparently doesn't have the north korean leader laughing. >> kim jong un wants to do an interview with skylark? >> reporter: he's no fan at all. he's incensed by the
6:32 pm
movie's assassination plot. north korea has vowed merciless retaliation for its release, calling it an act of war. and now it may have fired the first rounds. over the last few days sony's brad pitt movie, fury, was leaked on the web. so was annie. >> it looks like this is going to continue to get bigger before it ends. >> reporter: last week hackers calling themselves guardians of peace hacked in to sony pictures computer system. when employees logged in, this is what they reportedly saw, forcing the company in to a system wide shut down. sony is investigating whether the hackers had tied to north korea. >> if i were sony i'd be prepared if they come out with the movie, the interview, on december 25th, to expect stronger attacks from north korea through their operatives around the globe.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: so far sony has only released this statement. the theft of sony pictures entertainment content is a criminal matter and we're working with law enforcement to address it. >> in the meantime we're told employees are having to do things the old fashioned way with pen and paper, even using cash at the cafeteria. and they've been informed it could be weeks before the systems are back up and running. >> hackers also reportedly threatened to link personal information of actors linked to sony films as well as sony financial data. still ahead, is there a hidden danger on that holiday gift giveing list? the toys responsible for the most toy-related injuries. ,,,,,,,,,,
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tag: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. we need your help to do more. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people. your holiday gift- giving l consumerwatch reporter julie
6:36 pm
watts on what parents should "ste a warning tonight about toys that might be on your holiday gift giving list. >> julie watts on what parents should steer clear of. >> consumer reports finds many potentially dangerous toys on store shelves and toy-related injuries are up 40% in the last two decades. the number 1 toy for injuries, toys kids ride. tricycles, wagons, and the cool new motor powered vehicles are responsible for more emergency visits than any other toy. it also issued its annual trouble in toy land report. these are some of the toys it found on store shelves. it's warning parents to be cautious of products with small parts or magnets. or loud toys that can damage a child's sensitive hearing and toys containing dangerous chemicals. >> some of the most dangerous hazards posed by toys are invisible. that's because they contain toxic substances like
6:37 pm
lead and chromium and chemicals like sallies. >> the group says a dora the explorer backpack had 200 times the acceptable level of balas. as many americans have been on a spending spree the past few days, charities want us to spend tomorrow giving back. it's giving tuesday. the tradition was created a couple years ago meant to inspire charitable giving in this season of spending. the trend has candidate the unselfie where folks are encouraged to encourage others to give by sharing how they gave. before you give, you might want to check out who you're giving to at charity navigator. this website rates charities on a scale of 1 to 4 stars. it also tells you how the charity uses the money it receives. you'll find links to that and local organizations participating in giving tuesday at coming up
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later this month, look for a story on gifts that give back. we're putting together a four-part gift giving guide to help folks later on this month. >> good ideas. attention girl scout cookie lovers. you'll soon be able to buy your samoas in cyber space. girl scouts of america launching a new program called digital cookie. it allows scouts to e-mail an invitation to customers who can then order online. the girl scouts will still sell cookies in person. the new online program will launch december 12th. the traditional cookie selling season begins in january. anybody want to buy a pirate ship? arrr. a guy in the bay area is selling one. wait till you see what's inside. >> we have rain. we've had rainfall. some of you are saying more. need some more. more is right there and it's heading in our direction. we'll talk about how much more and break it down region by region.
6:39 pm
sending their ride-sharing competitors a strong messag ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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opening pop-up stores around downto city of san jose is supporting small businesses this holiday season by opening popup stores around the downtown. the effort is meant to provide a big boost for local mom and pop shops by filling vacant retail spaces. six of the nine popups are in the hammer theater area. the popups will be open through january 15th. some bay area companies are sending their ridesharing competitors a strong message. not through protest but through their bumper stickers. i'll have that story tonight on bay
6:43 pm
area night beat on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12. if you're struggling with the hard to buy person on your holiday list and you have a boat load of cash, look no further. >> john ramos found something that's truly one of a kind. >> reporter: with today being cyber monday, we're all supposed to get out of the malls and do our christmas shopping online. even with the world at our fingertips, it still leaves the age old question. what to get somebody hat has everything. including a sense of adventure. i know. how about a pirate ship? and here it is, the sultana, an authentic replica of a ship that sailed in the 1700s. >> he'd work on it on weekends. he couldn't do -- get anything done because
6:44 pm
there was always a crowd. >> reporter: captain al finished the ship and started a nonprofit business in the 80s hosting kids' birthdays and private parties. he had a crew of about 40 volunteers and his daughter alice actually lived onboard until she was 6. >> kindergarten, i'm drawing a picture because our teacher tells us draw a picture of where you live. i draw a pirate ship. >> reporter: captain al moved to follow a job and the sultana has been sitting in the marina for 20 years. according to an ad on craigslist you can own it for $50,000. it does need work but the bones are good. there's been no shortage of inquiries from the bay buccaneers. >> a lot lot of people living their fantasies out there. >> reporter: but then again, it's not a fantasy if the pirate ship is real. >> looks like we've got a taker right here. paul? >> ken bastida. >> it would be okay but i've
6:45 pm
got to have some canon on boards or forget it. if i don't have those little doors that pop open and boom, not interested. >> you can't defend yourself, what good is a pirate ship, frankly. from being defended from other pirate ships out there. [ laughter ] we have a change coming up here, kind of a dry day today. rainfall coming back tomorrow so that pirate ship is going to be taking some water over the next 24 hours. here's a peek at san jose. that was a pleasant surprise for the entire south bay. you may receive another inch of rainfall tomorrow and wednesday. live neighborhood network shows you a couple spots which did receive rainfall today. at valley christian elementary school in dublin and also in angwin up to about a 5th of an inch of rainfall today. where's the rain right now? it is gone. it will not arrive until tomorrow morning. we had showers messing up the evening commute on 680 and 880 in the east bay. we've seen snow in tahoe. let's show you a picture
6:46 pm
up there. a little bit of snow. it's not much but it's more than bare ground and we've had some sierra snowfall. thankfully there was a lot more snow coming especially in the higher elevations. winter storm warning in effect through thursday morning. above 7,000 feet which is yes, a high snow level. we'll see a foot to two feet of snowfall. poor travel conditions. we will take it. back here in the bay area, what happens tomorrow? is there a flooding threat? minimal. it's more of the ponding on the roadways and parking lot. we call that urban flooding. is there a wind issue? yeah, higher elevations and also at the coast we're talking about a moderate risk there of wind damage with 30 or 40-mile-per-hour winds. the biggest impact will be on the commute. both the drive to and from work tomorrow. this guy is going to be impacting your weather because it's going to rain and going to rain a lot coming up tomorrow. low pressure approaching. notice all the moisture piling up ahead of it because we're tapping in to the tropics. not coming down from the gulf of alaska like a wimpy storm does. this one has got use with it. that juice will be heading toward the
6:47 pm
entire state of california. los angeles, rainfall. san diego, rainfall. mt. shasta, rain and mountain snow. it's the entire state getting precipitation tomorrow. even as the low begnss to move away wednesday, we still have showers. behind that there's another storm system albeit weaker. there will not be a mainly dry day till saturday. how much rainfall is going to fall where you are? if you live in the south bay, half an inch of rain by wednesday afternoon. santa cruz mountains another 2 to 4 inches of much needed rainfall there. that flows in to a lot of rivers and reservoirs. in the north bay, 1 to 3 inches of rainfall. san francisco, san mateo county, inch or two. in the east bay, you will receive up to an inch and a half of rainfall over the next couple of days. all very good news. we need the rain. more is coming. more will be here by sunrise tomorrow. soaking rain at times throughout the day. there's the risk of an isolated thunderstorm and there will be gusty winds.
6:48 pm
kind of a soggy december day. livermore your high tomorrow is 61 with rain for you. napa, 58. rain tapers off to showers on wednesday. scattered showers again on thursday. scattered showers on friday as well. it's not until the weekend that we finally clear out. temperatures will be in the mid 60s on saturday and sunday with partly to mostly sunny skies. the wettest day will be tomorrow. there's a lot going on in sports. dennis has it coming up next. ,,
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the holidays can be an especially difficult time.en, to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. we're for an opens you internet for all.sing. we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules.
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primed to trade jim harbaug. people are afraid to make predictions. i'm not. i make them all the time. half of them don't come true so it doesn't matter. if the 49ers lose to the raiders this weekend, harbaugh does not survive the season with the 49ers. >> wow, wow. are you going to go with that? you just said it publically. the raiders beat the kansas city chiefs in the last game at home so it could happen. midreports that the 49ers could be primed to trade jim harbaugh. the sharks were circling the water today in santa clara hoping to glean some information about the job status. >> really want my answer or are you just asking for your own pleasure? i think i have a recessive gene for worrying about my own future. >> the story, the game headlines once again when 49ers
6:52 pm
ceo jed york tweeted an apology to fans for the team's dud on thanksgiving. harbaugh did say he has unwavering support for his coaches but little else. >> my job is to get it right, move on without excuse and get it right. i want to get this right. we're going to attack it. we're going to get it right. we want to get it right this weekend. what i want is to attack this week, get it right. we're going to work hard to get it right. what we want to do is get it right this week. it's our job as players, coaches, to get it right. what i want to do, attack this week and get it right. that's our responsibility to get it right. >> okay, got to get it right. while his relationship with the front office may have gone cold, earlier reports of harbaugh losing his locker room, they dissipated. not one player has gone on record speaking against jim harbaugh. last night
6:53 pm
cornerback reiterated that response on game day. >> is the respect still there from everybody that you can see? >> yeah, in my opinion. i think coach harbaugh is a great coach. i love playing for him. he's active. you can go talk to him about anything. as far as my teammates go, i think they feel the same way. we never have a problem with coach harbaugh. nothing negative is ever being said. >> one of the teams interested is the raiders. 49ers play this sunday. if harbaugh is concerned his crossout rival will knock him out of playoff contention? >> [ laughter ] >> okay, we took that one out of context. definitely. but the raid ers are coming off a 52-0 loss to the rams. it's the second worst scrubbing. it happens. that's the second worst drubbing in franchise history. interim head coach tony sparano took the fall yet again. >> we all have to take responsibility. it starts with
6:54 pm
me. and we all got to take responsibility for it. so, embarrassing. >> 52-0 loss seems less significant in st. louis yesterday. before the game, five rams players came out of the tunnel with hands up don't shoot gestures as a way to show support for protesters nearby ferguson. the nfl said today they will not punish the players but the police department wants an apology. >> you can see how the police might say -- >> i'm not here for the police. i'm just here if people come together [ inaudible ] >> you didn't view it as picking sides? >> no, you want me to pick sides? did you pick sides? >> no , that's how some people are interpreting it. >> not at all. we just wanted to let the community know that we support them. >> and the rams went on to beat the raiders 52-0. if you forgot to put the brown sugar in your home made
6:55 pm
pumpkin pie and completely ruined the dessert, here's what you missed. colt mccoy gets away from a third man and then throws the touchdown. that's amazing. came in vain though as they lost to indianapolis. how about the magics and the suns? this is not traveling. green threw it back to himself off the boards. the bench loved it except one assistant. final seconds between george mason and manhattan. jaylen jenkins from 75 feet. does he get it? yes. look at that. pandemonium. tyler ennis leaps across the crease and scores the no-look backhander against the canadiens. scratch my back with a hack saw. texas quarterback ryan fitzpatrick lost his job, got it back. he threw six touchdowns yesterday. let's see. seven times six
6:56 pm
, that's 42 points. but that's not what had him fired up after the game. >> it's my son brady. say hi, brady. i want you to give brady two numbers from 90 to 99 in there and he's going to multiply them together for you. >> 93, 97. >> 9,021. >> can you look at your calculator, please? does that say 9,021? boom! [ laughter ] >> i think that kid's going to harvard. he's headed to the ivy league for sure. good stuff. ryan fitzpatrick, six touchdown passes so his son had no problem doing the pythagorean theorem equation either. >> latest on progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom."
6:57 pm
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: come on, let's go. win that money this time. let's go. good. thank y'all very much. thank you now. i appreciate you. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, from cross plains, tennessee, it's the thomas family. and from arlington, texas, it's the mckissic family. everybody's here--listen-- trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, stylish ford fusion hybrid right there.
7:00 pm
let's play "feud," everybody. give me j.e. give me kristin. >> let's go, buddy. steve: guys, here we go. top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 married women. many women are pear-shaped. what fruit is your husband shaped like? kristin. >> a hotdog. steve: a hotdog. >> i'm gonna go with banana. steve: a banana. >> play, play. >> we gonna play. steve: they gonna play. hey, carla. how you doing? >> hi. i'm good. steve: good. what do you do? >> i'm an educator. i'm a literacy coordinator. e:


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