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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 5, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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i love thit's siracha.i burger. sluracha? no. si-rah-chah. siriracha. no. watch how i say it. si-rah-cha. that's not helping. bam! that's jack's new spicy sriracha burger comin' in all hot and melty with jalapeños and bacon! but the best part? it's not just sriracha sauce, it's creamy sri-rah... slur-rah cha... whatever it's called, it's awesome sauce. >> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, hundreds of protesters take over bay area streets chanting i can't breathe. >> now andria borba, these are the most aggressive protests we have seen this week. >> reporter: liz, ken, that's right. up until ten minutes ago, the
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protests extended into the west oakland bart station. all over the bay area and country tonight, people expecting holiday scenes were met with a different view. the tree lighting in jack london square came with a different christmas carol tonight. with protesters again showing up in force to voice their displeasure with the recent grand jury decisions in new york and missouri. as the group faced off with opd in the skirmish line. before briefly taking over i- 880 leading to a few arrests. in san francisco, protesters headed to powell and market street. marching into a bart station
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chanting. capped off with another symbolic die-in. now the 880 shutdown happened around 8:00 p.m., but the officers were able to clear the freeway in a few minutes. in the news room, andria borba, kpix5. >> more protests are planned over the weekend. don't put the umbrellas away just let. it was pouring in pleasant hill earlier tonight. paul, there is more headed our way? >> there is more in the short term and the long term. not as widespread and as intense as what we had earlier in the week, but more is on the way. a couple of hot spots like in napa. it is now lifting to the northeast heading to the central valley. we are drying out in vallejo. one shower intensified and quickly kind of fizzled out over the east bay hills but a few showers along alamo, walnut creek and highway 124 in lafayette. rainfall total ifs this
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particular system have reached about half of an inch. santa rosa, half an inch of rainfall, but the big cities, san francisco, oakland, san jose, all comeing in at less than one tenth of one inch. rain at times overnight tonight may be a few showers around sunrise tomorrow. the rain will average less than half of an inch of rain, but we will take everything. we are getting a little bit tonight. the big story is the pattern that keeps bringing these storms here, not to the north, not to the south, not over the pacific, all the storms are coming here. that is not changes so the question is what other storms are out there? the answer is there are two and one could be significant. we will talk about that coming up. a lot of businesses are hoping this doesn't happen again. water inches its way inside a salon earlier this week. by the end, it was about six inches deep. champagne salon and spa hopes to reopen this weekend if they
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can get everything cleaned none time. as you can see, they have their work cut out for them. a marin county man has a scary tale of survival tonight. he went to check out the creek in his backyard and ended up 15 feet down his embankment in novato. the bank beneath gary godwin gave way and he landed almost upside down among some boulders. >> the whole yard was ready to fall on me. if that had done, i would have died no question about that. i wouldn't have survive had. >> a specialized team used rope, ladders, and muscle to get godwin to safety. it wasn't easy. gary is about 6' 4" and 200 pounds. a little scraped up but otherwise okay. you can get up to date storm information on did you feel it? parts of the bay area got a jolt tonight. a lot of you facebooked and e-
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mailed us. magnitude 3.9 quake hit after 6:00 tonight centered near holster. it was felt near san jose. no damage or injuries reported. right now, millions of people in the philippines philippines are taking shelter ahead of a massive typhoon. the storm is expected to hit sunday and could be the strongest to hit the area this year. today, the storm was downgraded to typhoon from super typhoon, but it is still packing a violent punch expected to impact more than half the nation. they are supposed to uphold the law, but tonight, two veteran san francisco police officers have been convicted on corruption charges. officer edmond roblis five counts, ian erminger, five counts, they are accused of stealing from a federally
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funded program. people are asking what took so long. >> reporter: the public defender said they were bullies who preyed on the poor and powerless and he wonders what conditions allowed the criminal activity among the cops to flourish might still be around here in the sfpd. five years after this surveillance video caught police officers committing a crime. two of them were found guilty. >> the department cooperated and the convictions were handed down. >> reporter: san francisco police chief insists these are isolated incidents. >> federal authority haves represented no evidence was found at the conduct of these officers, these few officers as alleged as an indicater of a systemic concern of the sfpd. >> why did it take so long? if there are checks and balances in place that are supposed to detect this kind of misconduct, why did it take
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years for this to surface? >> reporter: public defender jeff hadach brought this to the public. he says the system favors the officers. >> our clients were telling us there are these officers who are breaking the law. who are falsely arresting people. and those pleas fell on deaf ears. judges, prosecutors, the complaints did not act on these complaints. in fact, most of them were found to be merryless until we found video. it is hard to prosecute the police, as we found in the lack of indictment in ferguson and the eric garner case. san francisco is different, the feds stepped in right away. >> reporter: adachi says he wants to see more forms in the
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complaints office. >> the chief says he is going to ask for them to be fired immediately. right now, union city police want your help. finding this woman 52-year-old denise mally. police believe she may be at risk. she was last seen near kaiser and has a medical condition. new clues on why a 12-year- old boy near sacramento committed suicide. derek shore says the boy was bullied until he couldn't take it anymore. >> reporter: just 12 years old, ronin shimizu was said to have been the only boy on the folsom junior eagles team. he loved to cheer. >> because he was on the cheer team, people made fun of him. >> reporter: ronin shimizu committed suicide this week, friends suspect bullying. >> despite a lot of action from
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state lawmakers and school districts, bullying continues. >> reporter: tom is a licensed therapist who helps children being bullied. with so much attention being given to the problem of bullying, why does it continue? >> the problem is with intervention. anyone can have a policy on the shelf, but what going to be done if someone is chronically bullying? >> reporter: previous complaints by ronin shimizu's parents were handled properly, but they were reviewing the situation. they would not tell us how the complaints were handled. >> it was not a place i called enjoyable. >> reporter: today, this video surfaced on youtube. a teenager ernesto martinez paying homage to ronin saying he was bullied himself. >> i talked to my parents, the administration. they came in at least once a month to talk about them about what was going on and the administration didn't do anything. >> lawyers say there is no law against bullying here this
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california. it is free speech unless someone is being violent or threatening violence. san jose shut down the giant encampment, but the homeless are not gone. where they are hanging out tonight. >> it was an explosive story about a gang rape at a college fraternity. tonight, it might not have happened at all. >> and tonight, frosty gets a pardon. how this giant snow man melted a bay area mayor's heart.
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jungle... that huge homeless encampment. but tonight we found out >> san jose closed down the jungle, the huge homeless encampment but tonight, we found they just moved down the street. as len ramirez shows us, they are already causing problems for the neighbors. >> reporter: police surrounded a homeless man with weapons drawn.
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he matched the description of a suspect seen with a shotgun inside the story road wal-mart. the same store where homeless people began camping in the parking lot after being evicted from the jungle. police found shotgun shells in his backpack and he was detained. >> i think this is maybe a little too intense. >> reporter: neighbors hope it is not a sign that crime is now on the increase. what has gone up, literally overnight, is the number of homeless people now on the streets. about two dozen camped in the wal-mart lot, but they were moved along by police. >> get out of the street. >> reporter: they just went across the street to a taco bell parking lot and strip mall. >> they were asked to leave last night. it is a cat and mouse game. asked to leave, come back. several other people went to other locations. you put a bunch of people on the street, you have nowhere to go, they are going to find a location. >> reporter: the city continued to clean out the 67-acre
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encampment hauling out trailers, trash, and hundreds of shopping carts. police arrested four people this morning who returned to the camp illegally. they were charged with trespassing, the city is playing hardball with people who may try to reestablish camps inside the jungle. >> it is an unsafe unstable place right now. we have work crews trying to clean up the hazardous materials there. we don't want people risking harm to themselves or others. >> reporter: the city removed 50 tons of trash and will return hundreds of tons more over the next two weeks. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. they are putting up a fence to keep the homeless from coming back to the original jungle. tonight, rolling stone magazine is apologizing for an article it published that generated worldwide headlines. it was about a woman who claimed she was sexually
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assaulted by sevenmen. allen martin on why they are backtracking. >> reporter: it was called a rape on campus. it detailed a woman named jackie who was thrown on a low glass table while men took turns raping her. as other outlets began to investigate, discrepancies began to emerge. jackie told rolling stone she was attacked while attending a date function with a guy she met working life guards at the pool. the chapter did not have a date function or social event during the weekend of september 28, 2012. today, rolling stones managing
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editor will dana said there now appear to be discrepancies in jackie's accounts and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced. some of the discrepancies may have come out sooner if they had reached out to her alleged attackers but they decided to honor her request not to contact any of the men in the attack. now they regret the decision. >> this is why people don't report. they are worried they are going to be seen as someone just making things up for attention. >> reporter: washington told the washington post she stands by her story. the president of uva says the school has a new focus on campus rape and today's developments must not alter this focus. allen martin, kpix5. tonight, sony has been hit by hackers again, only this time, hackers are threatening employees and their families. a group called guardians of
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peace is claiming responsibility. it says it released another massive file containing sony's financial information. but that has yet to be confirmed. employees also got an e-mail that read in part, all hope will leave you and sony pictures will collapse. the fbi is investigating. tonight, belmont police are looking for a man who problemmed provident credit union this afternoon dressed as a woman when he hit the union on el camino real this afternoon. police got there after the holdup, but the suspect got away on foot. the bay area is full of smartphones and smart cars for that matter, but what about smart bikes? tonight, cate caugurian shows us how a san francisco start-up is revolutionizing the world of e-bikes. >> reporter: bold headquarters inside this san francisco garage. >> maybe this should be a 10k
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resister. >> reporter: the founding members are members of a moped game. >> i liked this guy. he thought i was a weirdo. >> reporter: a weirdo with a vision. to create a smart bike mother nature would approve of. >> we were sick of the breaking down and the dependence on gas and mixing oil with the gas. >> reporter: a new idea clicked. a tesla for electric bikes. >> so we are not reinventing the wheel here. we are just rediscovering something we have always loved. >> reporter: with a unique lithium battery, the bike is keyless and smart. you activate it with a cell phone or a password. >> now we can integrate all of the ride data, your performance, your battery levels, your gps and navigation. >> one micro controller controlling the battery management system. >> reporter: one vision and two brains. the bolts motorbike was born. i gave it a test drive. this bike can go up to 15 miles
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on a single charge and take a listen. this is about as loud as it gets. and it is fast. it can get up to 35 miles an hour. >> living in the city, there is a problem with people getting from a to b. buses are slow, nobody likes to park their cars, traffic sucks, and we want to solve the problem of urban transportation. >> it is really pretty awesome. we wanted something to be a quality product, it is really fun to ride and it makes you cool. >> reporter: in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> it costs about $5,000. there is only one prototype so far, but the two founders plan on launches a kick starter campaign next year and they say there's already a lot of interest. >> looks like a lot of fun definitely. we are definitely keeping an eye on the rain in the bay area. it is scattered off and on around a lot of places. where is it now? >> it is not as widespread as earlier this week, but a lot of storms are going to come up
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short. we had scattered showers today. let's look at the time lapse from the radar, we are seeing activity north of the golden gate, but off to the south and west, there is more rain poised to move in after midnight. a couple of hot spots, there it is. it was marin county, napa county, sonoma county. now we look at a batch of rain moving from southwest to northeast. that will hit you in san mateo county. san francisco, and once again, marin. by tomorrow morning, some of you will receive up to half an inch of rainfall, very interesting. i went back to look. we started off december so soggy. six times out of the past 13 years, we have had more than seven inches of rain in the month of december. by far, over the past decade or so, december has been our wettest month and it certainly looks like we are going to do that again this december. we have a december football game that is a biggie for the bay area. the niners. there will be no rain saturday
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afternoon. we have a series of storms though. this is kind of interesting. this is a pattern i have not been able to show you since 2011 where storm after storm after tomorrow heads right here toward the bay area. very active pattern. we are getting the rainfall tonight. albeit, we are not getting much, but it is something, monday, there is another storm. the end of next week, there is another storm. we have a front moving throw night to give us rainfall. we get a break over the weekend as high pressure builds in, but it only hang out two days as opposed to two weeks. the rain arrives in the north bay sunday night. behind that, a soaking rainfall coming up next thursday. so the wet pattern is not going anywhere. south bay, up to half an inch of rain for you tomorrow morning. same story in the east bay. up toward mount tam, an inch- and-a-half of additional rainfall. we are cloudy. off andean rain tonight. showers lingering, then we dry out the rest of the weekend. highs tomorrow, mid 60s .
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concord, 63. a few ticks above average. fremont, 65. redwood city, 66. could be a morning shower toward the delta. pittsburgh, 64. 64 in san francisco tomorrow. san rafael, 63. santa rosa, 61. lake port, 59 degrees. we get a break much of the weekend. we get more rain on monday and my eye is looking to next thursday and friday. a lot of pieces of the puzzle for another couple of inches of rainfall. this is great. not just one, four, five, keep them coming. >> absolutely. >> it is great news. >> thanks paul. well, how does the old song go? there must have been some magic in frosty's hat. we will have that story next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he melted the heart of mayo the 30-foot tall snowman has moore's >> tonight, frosty has melted the heart of pleasantton's mayor. >> the 30-foot tall snow man we have been talking about has been a fixture at the johnny moore lot for years. it used to be at the fairgrounds but moved this
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year. the city of pleasanton threatened to fine them everyday until it was gone. tonight, the mayor e-mailed johnny and told them they are looking the other way for the holidays. frosty ask stay until the sun comes out. welcoming up in sports, harbaugh stands by his qb as he defends kaepernick. sports is next. ,,,, tag: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans.
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the holidays can be an especially difficult time.en, to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. game... but oregon provided >> with the weather an it being a workday, attendance was pretty low at the championship game. but oregon provided a record
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breaking show. it is the number two oregon against number seven arizona at levi stadium and quarterback marcus mariota continues to increase his draft stock. he rolls left, touchdown, oregon, and 50th snap of the half. and oregon, another play fake. as mariota sprints to the pylon. gets across the goal line. another touchdown for oregon and they are up by 20-0. mariota rolls right this time. and he finds darren carrington at the back of the end zone. he ran for three, a career high for the qb as oregon wins in a blow-out, 51-13. well colin kaepernick endured some off field criticism for his press conference wednesday. if you missed it, here are most of his answers. >> the latest, they are a good team. >> i was a packers fan.
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execute, play well. >> kaepernick and the media have never been good friends but at wednesday's press conference, cap used 87 words to answer 37 questions. jim harbaugh said his quarterback is just being honest with the answers. >> you get the raw honesty. he says it is the work. that is his approach. you want to be wordy, that is not who they are, that would be phony to be that, that would be passive aggressive. that would be somebody he is not. >> wouldn't want to be phony. time for the friday night top five. guam against australia. late on defensive rotation. take a look at this. he goes through the legs of the other guy to make that defense. south africa, practice your
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swing somewhere else. a baboon is in on the action. number three, kemba workwear the buzzer beater to down the slumping knicks. and number two, academics on hold for yale to defeat uconn with the buzzer beater. that is the first win over uconn in 28 years. and at number one, what would the night be without marcus mariota? we may see him across the bay next year. we will be back after this. ,,,,,,,,
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tag: mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. we need your help to do more. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people.
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the holidays can be an especially difficult time.en, to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train,
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>> letterman is next with tom selick. >> have a great weekend. take care. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart o ay, across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, your friendly neighborhood nattering nabob, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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