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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 11, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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doppler where california is bracing for one of the strot storms in years... and it's here is a live look at hi- def doppler where northern california is bracing for one of the strongest storms in the year. it's thursday, december 11. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:01. thanks for joining us for this special edition of kpix 5 morning news. >> parts of the bay area are already getting hit with heavy rain and strong winds. >> and we have you covered this morning. anne makovec keeping an "eye on the storm" in the north bay, kiet do tracking flight cancellations at sfo. but we begin with roberta gonzales in the weather center. how are we looking right now, roberta? >> we are having very heavy rain and gusty winds across the northern portion of the bay area. good morning, everybody. we have our "eye on the storm" and we have our hi-def doppler radar, check this out right now. when you see the green that's light rainfall. yellow is moderate. the pockets of orange is a heavy downpour. we don't want to see any
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purple. that's usually thunderstorms or one inch of rain falling per hour. right now impacted highway 101 and 12, 116 coming out of the guerneville area towards graton this morning, north bay being hammered. this is very heavy rainfall. then it lightens up a bit towards tiburon. it's beginning to swing towards the san rafael, richmond bridge. no rain on the peninsula at this particular time. right lane in pacifica, half moon bay. we have some hit and miss scattered showers in the santa cruz mountains all this more of that subtropical moisture associated with the plume that's tapping into that subtropical moisture. this is the core of the head of this low pressure that's going to bang up against northern california. we are in store for a lot of heavy rain today. gusty winds and scattered showers into friday. it is so mild out the door right now.
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mid-60s. but it's the wind, that's the second part of this story, that's very problematic at this hour. now, this is actually information as it's coming in at this time. 36-mile-per-hour winds throughout the city of san francisco. 34 fremont. 26 pleasanton. check out vallejo at 34-mile- per-hour winds. 17 now in napa. as this front passes through the bay area on the back side of it, we'll start to see those winds dial back 10 to 20 miles per hour. but until then we have a high wind warning in effect definitely some damaging winds today knocking down trees and power lines. we can expect 40 to 50-mile-per- hour winds throughout the city today, in the hills 80-mile-per- hour winds. on top of that up to 9" of rain in the wettest spots of the north bay mountain areas. 4" around the peninsula. 2 to 4" in the urban areas, 1 to 3" in the south. 7" in the wettest locations of the santa cruz mountains. that's why we have a flash flood watch in effect for today on top of already sash rated soil. high surf advisory in effect,
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as well. meanwhile, the heaviest rain right now going on in the north bay until 9 a.m. in the central bay in the east bay 6 a.m. to high noon. santa cruz mountains, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. one to three p.m. in throughout the san jose area. your storm impact will be high as far as your flooding, wind and commute is concerned. frank and michelle? >> thank you. so far the north bay has been taking the brunt of the storm. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in novato and anne, what's the situation there? >> reporter: it has really started coming down here in novato. i'm at a shopping center off roland way. you can see some of the puddles forming here in the parking lot. they are only getting larger as the rain continues. here the city operations center the city emergency operations center rather opened at
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midnight. they will stay open throughout the storm. the marin county operations center opened yesterday after it was named the decade storm. emergency planners say they are most worried about this afternoon when high tide hits and last week there was a combination of heavy rains and high tide that caused severe flooding along highway one and near tam high school. so they are prepared for that to happen here once again. in fact, residents have been heeding the warning in the past 36 hours the city of novato gave out an unprecedented number of sandbags, 4,000, never did that before in such a short amount of time. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> we have seen significant damage at this point. this was just after midnight in petaluma. electric wires started arcing. the fire department says it's likely due to all the high winds overnight. there are a number of trees coming down this one on bodega avenue in west petaluma and
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watch out this will be happening throughout the day during the storm. >> two north bay rivers could be above their flood stages tomorrow. the russian river in guerneville could crest more than five feet above flood stage tomorrow afternoon. moderate flooding is expected there. the napa river is expected to overflow early it morning with minor flooding in the city of napa. sandbags are in place in east palo alto. the san francisquito creek is notorious for flooding during big storms. crews spent the day yesterday building a wall of sandbags to keep the water from swamping houses again. and the weather is creating havoc at bay area airports already this morning over 100 cancellations. >> kiet do joins us live from sfo and a lot of planes not getting off the ground today, right, kiet? >> absolutely. the rain is continuing to fall here. it's a very light misting still. travelers still bracing for the worst of the rain that's right on the doorsteps of sfo.
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nonetheless, as a result, the duty manager overnight is telling us that 142 flights have been canceled the latest number as of midnight. as the flights take off in the 6:00 hour here they expect that number to climb. also, they are thinking that the faa might institute what's called a ground delay program. that's to give the airplanes a bit more time to take off and land here at sfo. folks are sleeping here at the airport. we woke up one man whose flight was canceled on the way to seattle. [ inaudible ] >> i hope i make it to at least the first leg. >> reporter: this could be a common scene here at sfo as people sleep in the terminals trying to plot their next move and escape from sfo if you will if their flights are canceled. so back here live at the airport, this could have a significant impact, as well. you're looking at the first of
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what they say are 1,000 restaurant workers who are picketing and striking here at sfo. that he means 80% of the restaurants will be closed. if you are coming here getting stuck at the airport, bring a snack because there won't be -- a limited number of places to get something to eat here at the airport. live at sfo, kiet do, kpix 5. the great highway is closed between highway 35 and sloat boulevard. high winds are blowing sand on to the highway. time for traffic now. liz, you are a busy lady. >> it's really these winds that are causing some of the biggest issues and something that i don't remember seeing in a very long time if ever on the golden gate bridge, they are actually keeping a middle lane as a buffer lane for safety reasons. so typically there's four lanes in the southbound direction. this morning, there will only be three. and they say it's just because of the high winds. they want to make sure they have that extra lane in the middle in case the drivers swerve or the -- winds are intense on the bay bridge
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earlier this morning really had to have two hands on the steering wheel to really control your driving and make sure you stayed in one place. there's also a travel advisory for the richmond/san rafael bridge. i have heard the wind gusts are pretty strong across the span here, as well. they are advising trucks not to use the bridge at all. they say to use 37 instead or 101 as an alternate. there are reports of flooding blocking lanes up to 6" of standing water northbound 101 at lucky drive so be extra careful through marin county. but parts of the east bay and south bay and the peninsula getting hit with some gusty winds there, as well. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. daly city leaders telling drivers avoid parking on streets that flood in the city. there were no cars on 88th street by westlake park last night but there are plenty of signs warning about the flood danger there that very same area flooding in last week's storm. pacific gas & electric has crews working on power outages all over the bay area this
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morning. they were also busy before the storm trimming trees to prevent outages. extra crews were on the job and pg&e is warning people to be careful around power lines. >> if customers see trees coming into contact with lines, if there are concerns and most importantly if they see a line down, please assume that that line is energized, call 911. >> pg&e crews have been working all night as new outages keep getting reported. and several thousand customers are without power right now. and that storm has caused some power outages for thousands of people across the bay area. pg&e says about 1,000 customers without power up in the north bay now, 200 in the south bay. and over in the east bay there are about 2700 without power. the biggest outages are on the peninsula with 3,000 customers affected. so far, no problems for people in san francisco. and the kpix 5 weather app will help you get through this big storm the next couple of days. check conditions in your area, your neighborhood, get realtime radar, search "kpix" in the app store or google play.
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and we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,
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forecast in just a few minu this morning's storm is pacg winds strong enough to bring welcome back. we are covering the storm today. we are going to take a live look at novato where a lot of
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rain fell in the north bay a couple of inches so far. you can see it ponding on the roads and a lot of wind now before the storm comes into the bay area. san francisco, east bay, south bay, it's messy. >> you certainly want to be careful if you have to drive out this morning. if you can work from home, great. >> strong winds are bringing down trees on 80 in pinole where a tree came down in front of a big rig blocking three eastbound lanes. >> da lin has the latest from the scene just east of pinole. >> reporter: eastbound 80 all lanes are shut down now because of this tree. it's a eucalyptus tree that came down around 4:00. you can see a lot of tree
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branches and the trunk itself. it is on the side right now because caltrans workers moved fast. they chopped down the tree and moved it to the side. a lot of branches and debris in the eastbound direction, it will be shut down until 6 a.m. we'll pan back this week. these are all the headlights. those are all the traffic that's being diverted off pinole valley road. and once they are diverted off, they are going into the frontage road. you see that side right there, that's where they are being diverted and back on to the freeway past this downed tree. they are hoping to have this stretch of the freeway reopened all lanes reopened by 6:00. that's the hope for now. live here in pinole, i'm da lin, kpix 5. and a traffic alert obviously still in effect in
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that pinole valley road area. so as da just mentioned, all the eastbound lanes of interstate 80 approaching pinole valley road are closed to clean up the remaining debris. it's taking longer to clean up the tree. it was a big eucalyptus tree that fell on the top of a big rig. i haven't heard of major injuries but traffic is diverted. you can get back easily on the freeway. it's backed up for an exit. it is counter-commute so westbound 80 is free and clear not seeing any delays so far between hercules and pinole. here's a live look at the bay bridge. high wind advisory advisory in effect for all of your bridges. it's super gusty. two hands on the steering wheel. sometimes you can feel it because of the high wind advisories, sometimes you can't. this morning is differen. traffic is light.
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1 minutes between 880 and one -- 14 minutes between 880 and 101. no issues in the south bay, but not the case in marin county where we have our flooding reports approaching lucky drive all the lanes of northbound 101. it doesn't appear to be quite as bad so far this morning as the storm last week. but just a heads up, about 6" in all lanes. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge where they are keeping a center lane just as a median, a buffer zone for traffic only three lanes open in the southbound direction this morning for your morning drive. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." here are some safe driving tips for you. don't drive through flooded areas. and if your windshield wipers are on your headlights should also be on, too. it's also a good idea to fill up your car before the storm hits. and you should leave extra distance between your car and the next motorist. and apply brakes gently if you are slowing down. all right. that's a check of traffic. let's go to roberta with the forecast. let's get right to it. our hi-def doppler radar is picking up moderate to heavy
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downpours right now. the north bay being slammed. but i'm noticing a shift in all this as the front gradually slides south. we are picking up rain in san francisco. this is what it looks like as we zero in. you can see yellow, orange. that's moderate to heavy downpours. that's around 101 north or south, highway 121 or 116 in the northern portion of the bay area. then we slide across the golden gate bridge very treacherous at this hour! the moderate rainfall is entering the richmond district and the sunset district, as well. san francisco with light rain showers through the mission district. and then we start to pick up some hit and miss scattered showers moving into the peninsula. this is a big change over the past 15 minutes. scattered showers around the santa clara valley and also into the santa cruz mountains. east bay you're kind of bored with some activity right now. this is the big picture. this is the core. very well defined now hasn't been such in the past 24 hours. this plume is tapping into
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subtropical moisture all the way into the hawaiian islands. it's a pineapple express. very mild out the door right now. in fact, we have 67 degrees in livermore. san jose 62. upper 50s in santa rosa. but the other half of the story has to be the very gusty winds. these are sustained winds, 26 miles per hour in pleasanton, 36 berkeley, 32-mile-per-hour winds in redwood city. 31 santa rosa. 17 napa. wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour through many urban areas at this hour. that's why we have the high wind warning in effect for the damaging winds taking down trees and power lines. this gives you an idea in the city today peak wind gusts up to 50, 60 at the coast, half moon bay 55-mile-per-hour wind gusts. throughout the hills up to 80- mile-per-hour wind gusts in the mount diablo and mount tamalpais areas. 9" of rain in the north bay mountains. 7" in the santa cruz mountains. 2 to 4" in the urban areas.
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that's why we have a flash flood watch in effect today for the entire bay area. we have a high surf advisory some breakers up to 25 feet. rain picking up in the city between 6 a.m. and lunchtime, then slides into the santa clara valley. it's already impacting the santa cruz mountains but until 3 p.m. across the santa clara valley, as well. behind the frontal boundary we'll see moderate and light rainfall throughout the evening hours and you bet we do have that storm impact on the high side. blizzard storm in effect for the high sierra with over 3 feet of snow above 7,000 feet. a foot of snow at lake level. temperatures today remaining mild. the extended forecast does call for this scattered showers on your friday. dry day saturday, and more rain back in the forecast monday
5:21 am
through wednesday. but those will be just minor showers. nothing like what we're experiencing right now, up to 9" of rain in the high country in 24 hours. >> did i hear right you said sunshine? >> we'll have a peek of sunshine tomorrow afternoon so that will be rainbow weather. but we'll still have some scattered showers. sunshine this weekend. >> ski resorts are doing this, up at tahoe. >> borders are happy as well as skiers. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. once upon a time, steve kerr considered taking the knicks job over the warriors. new york is 4-20. the warriors are 19-2. a win last night [ indiscernible ] 18- 2 during the truman administration. rockets were riding a four-game win streak. they led by as many as 11 in the second. james harden at 34. all warriors in the fourth. they held houston as to 17 points. draymond green gave them the lead and the warriors win the game. harrison barnes, he had 20 points and 7 of 9 shooting. warriors win 105-93, their 14th consecutive win. no rookie coach in the history of the nba has gotten off to a faster start than steve kerr, who is you know 19-2. nfl, breaking news out of
5:25 am
49er headquarters in santa clara. >> extra, extra, read all about it! >> thought to be missing, colin kaepernick's smile returned today during his immediate -- yesterday, during his media availability. this is a change from previous weeks when his short answers and cold demeanor became national news. >> i think there's a different way to go about things. obviously, it's something that i take my job very seriously and when i go out there and and compete and i don't do well, i'm very hard on myself about it. so it's something that i have to be able to approach others differently with when i'm in those situations. >> smile's back, let's see if he can get his game back this weekend against seattle. i'm dennis o'donnell. stay dry. i'm kiet do live at sfo. the rain is causing big headaches on the road and in the air. we have a full wrap of your morning commute after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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date) i'm michelle look at high def doppler where cali of your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. the strong good morning, everyone. this is a live look at hi-def doppler where california is bracing for one of the strongest storms in years. and you can see it is zeroing in on the bay area. it is thursday, december 11. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. thanks for joining us for this special edition of kpix 5 morning news. and rain and lots of it is already coming down. and we have you covered bay area all morning long. >> anne makovec is in the north bay where it's already wet and messy. kiet do is standing by at sfo with the latest on travel delays. but first let's check with roberta in the weather center to see where the storm is now. >> we have our eye on the sky and "eye on the storm." good morning, everybody. calling off our hi-def doppler
5:30 am
radar, taking a look at the different shades of colors on your tv screen, we have green, that's light rain. we have yellow, that's moderate precipitation. and the orange is heavy downpours the north bay is slammed this morning since about 3:00. we have heavy downpours occurring around highway 12 also 121 and 37 for your morning commute. and all this is now gradually sliding south. chinatown and richmond district have moderate downpours. in the last 15, 20 minutes things are moving south. light to moderate rain on the peninsula. this is the big picture of the core of the center of the area of low pressure. the front is tapping into subtropical moisture, that fetch goes back to th hawaii. we have rain and showers in the
5:31 am
forecast today because of the subtropical nature of the front as it passes through. we have temperatures in the 60s. it is 67 degrees at this hour in livermore. the other side of the coin has been the very gusty winds. 33-mile-per-hour winds have been reported in oakland. 36 in san francisco. 34 in fremont and vallejo. we'll keep updating the winds because it's a key factor in the morning commute. damaging winds today, downed trees and power lines. we want to break it down for you throughout the city, the urban areas up to 50-mile-per- hour gusts expected. 65 along the coast today. 80 around mount diablo and mount tam. the futurecast suggests now, this is updated, to up 9" in the high elevations of the north bay mountains. 2 to 4" in the urban rain. that's a lot of rain in a short amount of time. that's why we have the flash floodwatch in effect for the entire bay area today. a high surf advisory.
5:32 am
some of the swells up to 25 feet. all right. here's how we're playing it out. heavy rain in the north bay until 9 a.m. sliding towards the central bay as well as the eastern portion of our bay area. and then the santa clara valley you're already seeing some light rain showers with the heaviest between 1:00 and 3:00 today. the storm impact will be high on the flood and wind and rain as far as the commute. rain today and scattered rain showers friday. the storm has already dumped several inches of rain in the north bay and it's just getting started. >> anne makovec joins us live from novato with the very latest. hi, anne. >> reporter: it is really coming down this morning here in the north bay. i'm at a shopping center off roland way. some of the rain gathering in the large puddles in the parking lot and it's on the
5:33 am
move too because the wind is blowing. i'm here at an ihop restaurant where workers are starting to arrive. the commute hasn't been so bad yet here in the north bay. you can see highway 101 there off in the distance. but the novato emergency operations center has been activated. that happened at midnight tonight. the main john is to prioritize calls from the north zone to the south zone and figure out where they need to go first. it hasn't been quite a problem yet but again, the rain continues and the strong gustssty winds are expected, that's when the trouble should occur. they are thinking in the way of downed trees downed power lines being the main concern. live in novato, anne makovec, kpix 5. thank you very much, anne. with all this rain that means a lot of flights will be canceled. >> kiet do is at sfo right now
5:34 am
with the very latest. kiet. >> reporter: a steady rain continues to fall here at sfo as passengers brace for the brunt of that storm that's right on the doorstep of the airport. as a result, the airport has reported a cancellation of 142 flights that's both the arrivals and departures here at sfo. they are saying that the bulk of the flights start picking up in the 6:00 hour so the number of cancellations could start to climb in about 30 minutes or so. they are also saying that the faa may institute a ground delay program to give the airplanes more time to land and take off as the morning progresses. this could be a more common scene here at sfo as folks arrive at the airport to find that their flights are canceled. a lot of them are sleeping here at the airport this morning hoping to get on the next flight out of here. back here live, i want to show you something interesting that's developing at the airport, as well. restaurant workers are demanding higher wages and so up to 1,000 of them will be
5:35 am
picketing here. they have plastic wrap on their signs. this is significant because if you are stuck here at the airport, four out of five restaurants are represented by the union and they will be closed today. if you are coming to the airport and will be stuck here you might want to bring your own food to eat. so we'll monitor the situation but for now, 142 flights canceled at sfo. if you are wondering, no flight delays or cancellations due to the weather either at oakland or san jose. live at sfo, kiet do, kpix 5. >> but at sfo no flights, no food, no fun there. and if you live out in the ocean beach area, the great highway closed between highway 35 and sloat boulevard. high winds are blowing sand on to the highway happens all the time during big storms. let's check the highways in the bay area. we have seen a number of incidents especially trees down on some of the off-ramps. what we have also noticed is that traffic is way down. school is out for a lot of people but at this time of the morning, usually a lot earlier than this we always see delays
5:36 am
through the livermore valley and altamont pass and we are just not seeing anything so far. really quiet, 17 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. there is a high wind advisory for the altamont pass. so for those how have to hit the road just be advised there is a travel advisory for the richmond/san rafael bridge. trucks, big rigs, not advised to even use the richmond/san rafael bridge because they say it is so windy. it's a long way around but they are saying folks should use highway 37 instead. we are getting a bit of a flooding report on northbound 101 in our usual spot approaching lucky drive. the thing about 6" of standing water in the roadway covering all the northbound lanes so you can use the northbound lanes. cars are making big splashes passing the big puddle in the road. a mass transit note in san francisco, muni, cable car lines are not operating today. they are offering bus shuttles instead. but everything else mass transit bart if you want to ride that it would be a great idea for today no delay.
5:37 am
ferries and caltrains also so far look okay. we have been closely watching pinole since early this morning when a big eucalyptus tree fell on a big rig on the freeway. they opened one lane of eastbound 80 at pinole valley road so we are seeing some slight delays counter-commute. that's the eastbound direction. they hope to get more lanes open here very shortly. in the meantime, the westbound commute is also starting to get heavy between hercules and pinole. and we have a live picture of that downed tree in the road. you can see see what i'm talking about. looks like they have done a major clean-up within the last couple of hours. it was all over the road. no injuries in the accident. we'll let you know as soon as they clear all lanes. caltrans trues are hard at work right now. that's -- cal transgender crews are hard at work right now. that's your latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys [ indiscernible ] where the storm
5:38 am
is battering the marin county. >> wilson is on the phone with us. what are you looking at right now. >> rain! [ laughter ] >> of course. >> yes. >> i hope you can see this shot of -- i left san francisco around 2:30 this morning. it took me oh, gosh it took me at least 2.5 hours just to get up this direction. i would say after about 3:30 things really picked up speed. the winds gust are sustained. [ signal breakup ] >> what are some of the concerns up there? not a lot of people live there. but i imagine erosion on the
5:39 am
coast, that kind of thing, wilson? >> well, my goal today is to try to get over to the coastline when the sun comes up, to see the surf. it's been said to be pretty spectacular. so we'll see when the sun comes up we'll see that. for the moment. i'm just waiting on the roadway here -- [ signal breakup ] give you the shot. but things are relatively quiet. i came out [ indiscernible ] i would call it [ indiscernible ] minimal to moderate debris on the roadway. that was some time ago. i'm sure it's picked up. point reyes station -- [ indiscernible ] i would be surprised if this could -- [ signal breakup ] >> wilson, i'm sure the storm is not helping with your cell
5:40 am
phone signal too much. it's cutting in and out. but the shot is spectacular. actually you can see that rain coming in sideways. you really get a look at the rain and the wind. so wilson walker on the phone from point reyes, thanks so much for checking in with us this morning. we'll talk to you a little later. >> i hope you got some gortex and a lot of it. nice job. the storm is causing power outages for thousands of people across the bay, as well. >> pg&e says about 1,000 customers are without power in the north bay. 200 in the south bay. and in the east bay, there are about 2700 without power. the biggest outages though are on the peninsula with 3,000 customers affected and so far, no problems for people in san francisco. we can help you out today. the kpix 5 weather app will help you get through big storm. check the conditions in your area, get realtime radar as well in your neighborhood. search "kpix" in the app store or google play. and we'll will be right back with your continuing storm coverage. ,,,,
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it's already happened on interstate 80 in pinole this morning high winds are likely to knock down trees potentially blocking roads. on 880 at pinole a eucalyptus tree fell on a big rig blocking eastbound lanes. kpix 5's da lin reports with a chp officer with an update. >> reporter: that's right. actually there's some developing news. that chp officer just ran off to actually re-open the freeway here. they are opening one lane right now. as you can see, the left hand lane is open right now. they just opened this about less than a minute ago. you see the chp officer driving off here. here's the plan. they are going to try to re- open all three lanes here. that's because they just had a
5:44 am
caltrans sweeper clearing all the debris and the branches that were on the roadway. let's come back on to this side here. this is the tree right here on the side of the freeway on the shoulder right here. a large eucalyptus tree came down around the 3:00 hour. caltrans workers moved pretty fast. they chopped down a tree, cleared the branches and got everything back down on the shoulder. in fact, you can see caltrans workers basically trying to move as fast as possible again. the left-hand lane is now open. they are hoping to re-open all lanes here within the next five to 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. and that is good news for commuters. >> they are hoping to re-open all lanes here very shortly. we have been obviously waiting for some time. and now right before we got on air we are hearing about hopefully a smaller fender- bender but it's right there right around where da was standing. so maybe it's a little bit behind him. maybe you can't quite see it but it's in the eastbound lanes
5:45 am
of 80 right around that pinole valley road exit. so yeah, if it's not one thing, it's another. but hopefully they will get the tree out of the road shortly. in the meantime traffic was being diverted off the freeway off to pinole valley road. we have a couple of notes for you. first muni cable cars in san francisco are not operating today. they are offering bus shuttles instead. and we just heard that the alameda harbor and oakland ferry to south san francisco are not operating. they canceled their a.m. service. so just a heads up. bart, though, great option. everything is on time. we have had no issues with that so far in the morning commute. we have flooding northbound 101 at lucky drive. i will show you a live look at that in just a minute. here it is. great, thanks, mike. here's a live look right now at 101. actually cars can get through okay earlier chp saying there was about 6" of standing water in the roadway. maybe we can see cars go through, they are making a big splash. looks okay right now even
5:46 am
though flooding is obviously always an issue whenever it rains right around lucky drive. back to the bay bridge. it is better now. it is actually a better commute than we usually see at this time of the morning at 5:46. no metering lights. so the bottom line is there are fewer people on the road this morning. we usually see delays in the cash and fastrak lanes by this time. the only thing we have to deal with is a high wind advisory in effect for all the bridges bay bridge san mateo bridge which you're looking at live right now. we want you to be safe on the roads so here's some safe driving tips. be careful on the roads where the floodwaters have receded. the roads could be weakened of course by the rain. and if a power line falls on your car stay inside wait for a trained professional to help you. open a window just a little bit if you are caught in traffic. it will help you avoid
5:47 am
potential carbon monoxide poisoning. so be safe drive slow. that's the latest traffic. the forecast now here's roberta. i wish all storms were so predictable. this one before its size and magnitude has been spot on ever since even last friday's computer model. this is our hi-def doppler radar. good morning, everyone. you see lots of different shades of colors. again the green is light rain. the yellow is a more moderate precipitation falling. the orange is a heavy downpour. we have been picking up specks of purple, 1" of rain an hour and thunderstorms. that's a slight outside chance at this particular time. but boy, this storm is picking up a lot of real estate at this time. we are zipping toward the northern portion of the bay area that's been getting slammed, hammered since 3 a.m. we still see pockets of heavy downpours in between san rafael and mill valley so that's an awful morning commute along 101 if you are traversing into the city. and, in fact, golden gate bridge now with moderate downpours out over the bay waters as well into the richmond and sunset district even the mission district with
5:48 am
lots of raindrops on the rooftops at this hour. this is a great view of this powerful pacific storm. now the core of the center of the area of low pressure very well defined. back here behind it see all those specks? that's a lot of unstable air mass that will keep us in scattered showers for our friday. this is the frontal boundary that's slicing all the way back to the hawaiian islands tabbing into subtropical moisture a pineapple express so we are getting a lot of rain in a short amount of time. now, this system i have been noticing the past half-hour is playing it out like this. from the north gradually sliding to the south. 67 degrees at this hour in livermore. the other side of the story are the very gusty winds. right now we have some sustained winds in oakland being reported at 33. 25 at sfo. 34 in fremont. 30-mile-per-hour winds out of the southeast in san ramon, 17
5:49 am
now dialing back behind the frontal passage. we do have damaging winds likely today a high wind warning in effect all day long today. 80-mile-an-hour winds at mount tam and mount diablo. 55 to of urban areas. and we are expecting 9" of rain in the highest elevations of the north bay mountains. also the coastal range. a broad brush around our urban areas 2 to 4" of rain. and a short amount of. that's why the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch today throughout the evening hours. a high surf advisory is in place, as well. we have some swells up to 25 feet. anticipated. okay. here we go. this is your futurecast. the worst weather is occurring right now in the north bay up until 9:00 this morning.
5:50 am
behind it moderate to light rainfall. south the city of san francisco, oakland, alameda, emeryville and sfo, we will have rain rates about an inch and more per hour. 2" between 7 to 9:00 this morning. the worst weather for the santa clara valley will occur from 9:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. 50-mile-an-hour gusts anticipated. we haven't talked about this yet. we have a winter storm warning and blizzard warning in effect for the western plumas area with up to 3 feet of snow above 7500 feet. about a foot at lake level. 60s across the board today. winds begin to dial back later this afternoon southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. scattered showers for your friday, maybe even some peeks of sunshine which would reveal a few rainbows across the area. we will have a dry day on saturday. clouding up on sunday. that will lead to more scattered rain showers on monday through wednesday. but that's a minor system especially when you want to compare it to this powerful pacific storm. >> i have a theory here. a lot of people are staying
5:51 am
home because they have to take care of children because they are out of school. hence the commute is lighter. [overlapping speakers >> i had a text message saying that merrill lynch is closed. >> caring about the employees. >> our boss said get to work. [ laughter ] >> early! >> that's true. in other news this morning, some business owners in the berkeley area spent the night not getting ready for the storm but cleaning up after protestors. [ chanting ] >> a group of about 170 demonstrators stormed wheeler hall on cal campus yesterday protesting a speaker. they stormed out after a few minutes chanting black lives matter. >> check out the damage
5:52 am
protestors did in emeryville. this is surveillance video from the 7-eleven. looters smashed into the store jumped the counter and ran off with whatever they could steal. across town, vandals also smashed windows at a hair salon, a bank of america and a cvs. businesses boarded up late last night. police warn of more protests in the coming days. and berkeley police say they have arrested 27 people during the protests over the past few days. and some protestors were arrested last night in oakland. 5:52. we are going to take a live look from lucky drive over at corte madera in marin county where the roads are mighty wet this morning. take it slow. we have complete team coverage of the big pacific storm pounding the bay area for the next couple of days. stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
for the storm... brandi childress vta media spokesperson ".we are making sure we have the valley transportation authority is ready after spending yesterday in full prep mode for the big storm. >> we are making sure we have enough fuel for our buses. we are making sure our sump pumps are in good working order our generators are in good working order just in case we have to go into that service recovery mode. >> the vta is warning riders to
5:56 am
prepare for longer commute times today. buses will have to slow down for the weather conditions out on the wet roads. the rain is coming down here in the north bay. i am live in novato with more on how emergency planners are preparing and what their biggest concern is this morning. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live at sfo. the rain is now here. it's causing big headaches both on the road and in the air. significant number of flight cancellations here at the airport. we have a full wrap of your morning commute coming up in a live report. , get free deliver, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. in and howling win good morning, everyone. a major storm battering the bay area right now. we're taking a live look out at sfo. and you can see that rain is
6:00 am
coming down that sideways rain. and a lot of flights are cancelled so if you are heading out to the airport call ahead. >> that's a look at lucky drive over in corte madera. you can see the cars there on 101 spraying all kinds of water. it's a bit of a mess there. a lot of ponding as the north bay has taken the brunt of the storm so far. >> and let's take a live look out at san jose. you can see the camera moving in the wind there. rain is headed their way. >> and kpix 5 has live team coverage with everything you need to know to ride out the storm. roberta, you warned us about this. here we go. >> it doesn't seem as harried this morning. it's because of what elizabeth said. a lot of people took the message and are staying home. that makes all the world of difference out there right. that sideways rain we didn't see that last week. we just saw rainfall. the winds are out of the south, southeast at 26, gusts at 33 miles per hour in san jose.


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