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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 11, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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coming down that sideways rain. and a lot of flights are cancelled so if you are heading out to the airport call ahead. >> that's a look at lucky drive over in corte madera. you can see the cars there on 101 spraying all kinds of water. it's a bit of a mess there. a lot of ponding as the north bay has taken the brunt of the storm so far. >> and let's take a live look out at san jose. you can see the camera moving in the wind there. rain is headed their way. >> and kpix 5 has live team coverage with everything you need to know to ride out the storm. roberta, you warned us about this. here we go. >> it doesn't seem as harried this morning. it's because of what elizabeth said. a lot of people took the message and are staying home. that makes all the world of difference out there right. that sideways rain we didn't see that last week. we just saw rainfall. the winds are out of the south, southeast at 26, gusts at 33 miles per hour in san jose. this is it.
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it's hi-def doppler radar lots of different shades on there, let me explain it. green light rain. yellow, moderate rain. orange, heavy rain. when we see the areas of purple or even red, that could be one inch of rainfall per hour moving into the bay area or even a thunderstorm. we don't see any of that in the forecast as of right now. just an outside chance. but right now take a look at this right here. you have been been slammed this morning. very hazardous around 101 and 131. all this has been sliding into the city of san francisco. we now have the moderate rainfall from the richmond district through san francisco also the neighborhood of the mission district and sunset district. we now have all this traversing into the eastern portion of our bay area. raindrops on the rooftops around orinda through berkeley heading into the piedmont area, as well. and in west oakland. we are seeing a void of precipitation around east palo alto. we just saw light rain showers there but it appears it is if it's lifting towards redwood city, san carlos and sfo.
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big picture, big storm. this is the core the center of the area of low pressure. and look at it very well defined. that wasn't the case just 24 hours ago. behind it when you see all these speckles, that's unstable air mass. that will trigger some scattered showers in our forecast on friday but this is the frontal boundary that's tapping into subtropical moisture. the fetch reaches back to the hawaiian islands. so it's very subtropical and mild out the door. currently 67 degrees at this hour in livermore. san jose is in the low 60s. the other side of the story happens to be the very gusty winds out the door this morning. we have been noting some sustained winds 36 redwood city, 30 in pleasanton tonight, 21 concord, 16 in novato. 37-mile-per-hour winds in san rafael, 24 in napa. all these winds will dial back this afternoon but until then, high wind warning in effect for damaging winds. meanwhile, wind gusts today in throughout the urban cities, 50
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miles per hour. 65 coastal areas. 80-mile-per-hour wind gusts mount tamalpais and also mount hamilton. looks like 9" of rain within 24 hours northern mountains and coastal range 2 to 4" around the urban areas. and one to three inches around the san jose area. in addition to that, we do have a flash flood watch in the bay area, some swells to 25 feet. we haven't been talking about when all this will be over. it is now sliding out of the north bay into the central valley. the worst weather around the peninsula in the east bay today between 6 a.m. and lunchtime and then in between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., the santa clara valley, the gustiest winds, the heaviest precipitation, as well. blizzard storm warning western plumas county winter storm warning high sierra. temperatures today if it makes a difference, gang, in the 60s. >> yeah. it's a moot point. it's all about the rain today. thanks, roberta. we're already seeing significant damage at this point.
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take a look. this was just after midnight in petaluma. electric lines were down likely due to the high winds all over the bay area today and there are a number of trees coming down. this one on bodega avenue in west petaluma. there was a tree down on eastbound 80 in pinole valley road. hundreds of schools closed today because of the bad weather. officials made the decision to close yesterday before the storm hit. they were worried about the timing of the storm and the damage it could cause. >> falling of trees, power lines and it's going to hit right during the time where students are either coming or going from schools. >> and we are updating the list of school closures on the bottom on your screen on the crawl. also go to our website as they come in. go to and click on the linger in the top of the page. well, so far the north bay has been taking the brunt of this big storm. kpix 5's anne makovec is
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braving the elements in novato this morning. >> reporter: it has been coming down steadily here in the north bay since about 3:00 this morning. and we are starting to see the spoils of that. some of the puddles here. i'm in a shopping center off of roland way and you can see the water is pooling and blowing right now. conditions are expected to get worse because this is the decade storm according to emergency planners. here in novato, it opened at midnight as did the marin county emergency operations center. the planners say they are most worried about this afternoon when high tide hits. last week it was a combination of rain and tides that caused severe flooding along 101 and near tam high school. back out here live in novato, looking at highway 101, beyond this shopping center, you can see traffic is moving smoothly. we also don't see a lot of cars
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on the road. an ihop behind me opened at 6 a.m., not a lot of customers because a lot of people appear to be heeding the warning, just stay home. let's check with elizabeth wenger with more information with you are headed out traffic- wise. elizabeth? >> reporter: thank you. i want to show you a live look at the bay bridge. it is so quiet this morning. rain is coming down. barely any traffic. it almost looks like a holiday. really slowing down or improving the commute i should say. there is a high wind advisory in effect though that's been in effect since early this morning for all of your bridges. so you're definitely going to feel it on the san francisco side of the span especially two hands on the steering wheel. gets tricky maneuvering with the gusty winds. we have a couple of mass transit notes. bart is on time. if you are planning on riding ferries, we have a couple of cancellations. oakland and alameda ferry service has been suspended due to the weather. the early boats have been
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canceled. after 7:30 they will reassess for later on in the commute. if you plan to ride cable cars and muni in san francisco, service is canceled for the day. we have a new accident eastbound 80 at pinole valley road cannot catch a break. we had an earlier traffic alert there for a while all lanes blocked after a big tree fell on a big rig. that's now clear. all lanes are open. but now there's been a new accident reported blocking one lane. just one lane closed now but there is a bit of a delay counter-commute. also seeing some slowdowns in hercules. there are a number of trees down around the bay area including in the oakland hills if you are traveling northbound highway 13. there is a downed tree. a very lipry golden gate bridge. -- slippery golden gate bridge. marin county the middle lane is a buffer lane for safety reasons this morning.
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three lanes open in the commute direction, two in the northbound. that's the latest "kcbs" drive to work. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. the great highway is closed between highway 35 and sloat boulevard. high winds are blowing sand on to the highway. and the weather is creating havoc at bay area airports. already this morning, there are well over 100 cancellations. yeah. let's check in with kiet do. he is standing by at sfo. a lot of stranded passengers, a lot of people sleeping there. and not getting a lot of food, either, we understand. right, kiet? we are staying under the awning at the ver gin america check-in counter but trying to stay dry as long as we can. you see the situation here, the airport is really gotten intense. the last 15 minutes or so, the rain has really started coming. so storm ageddon is here. the rain is coming in sideways. as a result the airport is telling us that 142 flights have been canceled the latest number as of midnight. now that we are in the 6:00 hour the bulk of flights are
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taking off and we are expecting that number to climb the rest of the morning. that's arrivals and departures. they may institute a ground delay to get them more time to take off and land this morning. we caught up with one group that was heading out to washington, d.c. for a field trip. they are trying to catch an 8:00 flight. >> nothing keeps our school down. >> reporter: just don't jinx it. >> i don't believe it's jinxing. are you superstitious? come on now. we're a school that values intellect, you know? and intellectual inquiry. that's where we're going to go do, go intellectually inquire about washington, d.c. and try to, like, um, examine united states culture from lots of different angles. these guys are so ready and so excited that, um, you know, they are not going to be held down, right? we're not going to be tardy. we don't do tardy at our school. [ laughter ] >> reporter: all righty. so those are the kids from a school in moraga trying to catch a flight to d.c. on a
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field trip at 8 a.m. the flight is not cancelled yet. if it is, big headaches for the families as they try to regroup and figure out what to do next as they wait it out here at the airport or do they take the kids and try to get a flight tomorrow? back here live at the airport, you're looking now at about a couple of dozen restaurant workers who are picketing and striking for higher wages at the airport. this is significant because if you are stuck here at the airport then four out of five restaurants will be shut down. there will be no food. so plan accordingly. if you are heading out to the airport give yourself some extra time. live at sfo kiet do, kpix 5. >> and pack your patience. okay, kiet, thanks. pg&e has crews working on power outages all around the bay area right now. there were also -- they were also busy during the storm and before the storm trimming trees. they have extra crews on the job. be careful around power lines. >> if customers see trees coming into contact with lines, if they see a line down, please
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assume that that line is energized and call 911. >> and the storm has taken an effect. so far thousands of customers are without power right now. the storm has caused power outages for thousands of people across the bay. pg&e says about 1,000 customers are without power in the north bay. more than 6,000 in the south bay. and in the east bay, there are about 2700 without power. the peninsula has about 3,000 customers affected. we are going to have much more on the storm in just a bit. despite all the preparations, the last few days, downed trees a big problem in the east bay. going to take you there live right after the break. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need.
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we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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you're looking at live picts from lucky drive sa a lot of heavy rain in the north bay. these are live pictures of
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lucky drive in larkspur notorious for flooding a lot of ponding water there. santa rosa reporting several inches of rain so far strong winds and rain making conditions rough in the point reyes area, as well. rain in the bay area means a lot of snow up in the sierra. this system is expected to dump as much as 3 feet of snow. drivers in the mountains will face white-out conditions. caltrans has loaded up trucks with salt and plows on standby. reno is bracing for wind gusts of 70 miles per hour. we just heard a gust on mount lincoln of 133 miles per hour. >> that's in the sugar bowl area. right off highway 80. lake tahoe stay away from the lake, too, waves up to 7 feet high. in other news this morning, some business owners in the berkeley area spent the night not getting ready for the storm but cleaning up after
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protestors. streaming streaming. >> a group of about 170 demonstrators stormed wheeler hall on cal campus yesterday stopping a talk by a venture capitalist peter thiel. they stormed out after a few minutes chanting black lives matter. and check out the damage protestors did in emeryville. this is surveillance video from the 7-eleven. looters smashed their way into the store jumped the counter and stole whatever they could. across town, vandals also smashed windows at a hair salon, a bank of america and a cvs. those businesses boarded up late last night. police warn of more protests in the coming days. berkeley police say they have arrested 27 people during protests over the past few days and some protestors were arrested last night in oakland. 6:16. city of oakland website is online after a hack attack. the group "anonymous" says it took down oakland's website because of the recent protests. the police and the fire department sites were hit
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tuesday night. the city's website had an outage earlier but is back online now. "anonymous" says it targets oakland because police used tear gas on protestors. meanwhile, firefighters are mopping up after battling a fire in a commercial building in oakland this morning. you can see the flames shooting out of the windows on the first floor on international boulevard nerd fruitvale. that fire started -- near fruitvale. that fire started at 3:30 a.m. a short time ago 80 eastbound reopened in pinole. high winds downed a large tree forcing the closure of all eastbound lanes for nearly three hours. and crews were able to get the trunk and branches completely cleared just before 6:00 this morning. good news is the commute outside of highway 80 there for a while has been okay. >> i know. time actually surprised we haven't seen too many major accidents so far. there's just less people out there. everyone is really getting the message and staying home using mass transit.
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wind is a really big issue. i wanted to show you our camera right now. 880 in oakland is moving all around this morning. so traffic-wise it looks okay but you will want to slow down and this is how you really know there's far fewer people on the road. livermore valley is clear. when do you ever see light traffic at this time of the morning in the altamont pass and the livermore valley? no delay to the drive time even though there is a high wind advisory in effect for the altamont pass and all the bridges this morning. bay bridge is a little dicey this morning trying to come in. it was definitely two hands on the steering wheel kind of day. so they finally turned on the metering lights on bay bridge. at 6:08 they turned them off. so now we are seeing a delay mainly in the fastrak lanes. you can see it backed up maybe just to the first overcrossing. the roads are getting slippery and wet. earlier we saw some cars making some splashes. but most of the traffic trying to get into san francisco is on the span. with those high winds, we have noticed drivers are really slowing it down. you really need to.
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gets a little scary at some points especially on the san francisco side of the span. so once you get into the city along the skyway central freeway that looks okay. travel advisory still in effect for the richmond/san rafael bridge. in fact, chp says big rigs, trucks, high-profile vehicles, should stay off of the richmond/san rafael bridge. this is a tweet from them just a little earlier this morning. they said to use 37 or 101 as alternates. you can see the rain really starting to come down as well trying to get into marin county. so even when it's a little windy outside sometimes we have a great highway closure. well, there is one definitely in effect this morning as well between sloat and junipero serra. some closures for alameda harbor bay ferry service and alameda-oakland ferry, not running until at least 7:30 this morning and there is no cable car service in san francisco. that's "kcbs traffic." your forecast, here's roberta. >> elizabeth, i just now got record that we have three-hour 40-minute delays on some arriving flights at sfo and
6:20 am
this is the reason why. hi-def doppler radar picking up a powerful pacific storm that's now taking direct aim on the bay area. moderate rainfall now occurring around highway 12, 121 and 37. anywhere you travel around the northern portion of the bay area you have been slammed since about 3 a.m. all that is now sagging in a southerly direction impacting the bay bridge travel into chinatown and the city of san francisco as well as the mission district. we are traversing now over to the santa clara valley light raindrops on the rooftops around sunnyvale, willow glen and santa clara. we also have some light rain now in the palo alto area but look at the peninsula commute. wow! 380, 280, 101, anywhere from moderate to heavy downpours at this particular time all lifting out of half moon bay which has picked up some winds today up to 55 miles per hour. this is the big picture. this is the big storm we have been talking about ever since last friday. this is the core. this is the area of low pressure. the center is now clearly defined. behind it, a lot of unstable air mass that will give us
6:21 am
scattered showers on friday. right now the moisture is moving into the bay area in the north bay until 9:00 with the heaviest rain and gusty winds now sag into the central bay in the eastern portion of the bay area. heaviest precipitation between 9 a.m. and lunchtime and then this gradually sags into the santa clara valley as well with the heaviest precipitation. and the very gusty winds. temperatures because of all the subtropical moisture and air mass, 67 degrees at this hour in livermore. but the other side of the story happens to be the very gusty winds sustained winds 32 in oakland, 26 sfo, 26 out of the east-southeast in san jose. into the north bay 18-mile-per- hour winds, these winds begin to dial back on the back side of that frontal area that's now pushing into the san francisco area. but the winds they will be damaging. downed trees, downed power lines, that's why we have that high wind warning in effect and to give you an idea throughout just the urban areas, up to 50-
6:22 am
mile-an-hour gusts today. so we are planning it out like this. nine. nine inches of rain in the wettest locations. highest elevations north bay and the coastal range, two to four inches of rain across the bay area. that's why we have the flash flood watch in effect and we have to tell you, folks, we are expecting 2 inches of rain in san francisco. we have a blizzard warning in place for the plumas county area, high sierra 3 feet of snow above 7500 feet. 60s daytime high. rain tonight, scattered showers friday. dry saturday and sunday. but wait! a chance of rain late sunday leading us to showers on monday through wednesday. we have our "eye on the storm" and we'll be right back with the news as it continues after this. aking its way south -- this is ,,,,
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takes a little break from the storm for some sports. warriors looking for win number 19. james harden gives the lead. steph curry with the behind-the- back pass draymond green goes in and says i'm dunking and then klay thompson will follow suit with a nice little floater here. warriors, man are they hot, 105- 93 improve to 19-2 with their 14th straight win. steve kerr by the way the winningest coach ever to start an nba season as a rookie coach. today's play of the day, now washington wizards at the orlando magic, less than a second to play. washington's andre miller throws the inbounds lob to bradley beale and guess what,
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it goes. that is your ballgame. washington wins it, 91-89 your play of the day. i'm kiet do live at sfo. the rain is coming down pretty good here. we have a full wrap of your morning commute lots of big headaches both on the road and in the air. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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pounde not only rain bu we are in the middle of a storm we haven't seen in years. you're taking a look at larkspur. that's lucky drive notorious for flooding. a lot of ponding. you see the cars going by on 101 in the background right there. . >> high winds in san jose, the heavy rain is expected in san
6:31 am
jose about noontime to 3 p.m. as roberta said. >> right now marin county north bay really getting pounded. good morning. good to have you with us on a very wet thursday, december 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:31. roberta has the forecast. >> official sun-up at 7:15 and at that time we'll get a good look and see what areas are flooding and what trees are down. good morning, everybody! we do have our "eye on the storm" and our eyes on hi-def doppler radar. green light rain. yellow, moderate. orange and red, pretty heavy downpours. purple, one inch of rain per hour expecting that in san francisco between 7 and 9 a.m. this morning, 2" of rain. a pocket of moderate rain to the north and east of yountville. anywhere around the north bay this morning has been hazardous travel. we have had anywhere up to 2" of rainfall in there since 3:00 this morning. look at the moderate rainfall. right now across the bay bridge as you enter san francisco from
6:32 am
alameda or oakland. wow, lots of rainfall there. peninsula being inundated, as well. you got the dumbo and the san mateo bridge, wow, that's changing, as well. moderate to heavy downpours on both bridges there and along the coast, half moon bay picked up 55-mile-per-hour winds. we continue to see the wind blow with this area of low pressure. taking a direct aim now on the state of california. you see the core is way back out over the waters. from now to 9 a.m. in the north bay is the heaviest rain, now sliding into the central and east bays, peninsula and south bay heaviest rainfall from about 9:00 until 3 p.m. heaviest around 1 p.m. this is what it looks look right now with our temperatures in the mid-60s. 67 degrees in livermore. winds are the story today. they have been blowing up to 35 miles per hour in san ramon. 39 in vallejo. that's why we have the high wind warning in effect for today. some of the gusts up to 50 throughout the urban areas. 80-mile-an-hour gusts in the
6:33 am
highest elevations. now, we can anticipate nine inches of rain today alone in the highest elevations of the north bay mountains. that's a lot of rain. 2 to 4" of rain throughout the bay area. frank and michelle? there are many schools in the bay area that decided to close because of the weather and you can see the updated list on our website at and click on the link at the top of the page. we have already seen some significant damage at this point. this was just after midnight in petaluma. electric wires were arcing due to the heavy winds. there are a number of trees coming down, this one on bodega avenue in west petaluma and watch out, scenes like this will be happening all day throughout the bay area. i'm kiet do live at sfo trying to stay drive at terminal two not working with the wind blowing in the rain sideways underneath us. this really intensified in the last 30 minutes. rain is coming down steadily
6:34 am
coming in sideways. the wind is steady and so this is causing a significant number of flight cancellations at sfo. the last number we heard and we're working to get an update but as of midnight they had 142 cancellations both in and outbound. and if this weather keeps up like it's forecasted to they will institute a flight delay program on the ground. that means flights will have more time to take off and land. we caught one a group of the sackland school out of moraga catching an 8 a.m. flight to d.c. with a field trim. good luck with that. >> i'm just glad we got to the airport. so far the into it is not canceled but they will let us know what happens. so far the flight is not canceled. >> reporter: a lot of folks sleeping at the airport getting here early to figure the next steps. will they stay here late? will they have to catch a flight tomorrow? we'll have to wait and see. this is an interesting development here at sfo.
6:35 am
restaurant workers are picketing. that means restaurants will be closed for the next 48 hours. if you are stuck out here at the airport, you might want to plan accordingly and bring food. we are live at sfo. now let's go for a check on the roads with elizabeth wenger. unfortunately we have a new traffic alert to tell you about. it's out in the north bay. all lanes right now of northbound 101 are closed shut down due to flooding. this is out in windsor. it's the northbound laneof 101. delays are building. they are turning cars around. chp will continue to block all the northbound lanes until they can unplug the drains. the rain is really coming down hard across that stretch northbound 101 at arata. they are still offering the median lane as a buffer lane so three lanes open in the commute direction at the golden gate bridge. it won't slow you down because traffic is light. commuters are not driving or staying home if they can or
6:36 am
using mass transit. the bay bridge high wind advisory in effect for all the bridges. they turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge about a half-hour ago but obviously it's not causing a backup this morning at the bay bridge. you will notice those high winds though especially once you get into the city. so be extra careful if you are commuting. high wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. that glow you see on your screen on the right side of your screen that's caltrans warning of those high winds all across the span. you can feel it from hayward along the peninsula. so mass transit we have a couple of notes. first bart is systemwide on time no delay. and i'm hearing bart trains are light this morning. so you may be able to grab yourself a seat. if you are riding the ferries, however, there have been several cancellations this morning. for alameda harbor bay ferry service, alameda-oakland ferry service into san francisco. in fact, both directions. and right now vallejo ferry service kind of playing it by ear. right now all systems are go but that could change and no muni cable cars in san
6:37 am
francisco. no service. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. daly city leaders are telling drivers to avoid parking on streets that typically flood in their city. there were no cars on 88th street by westlake park last night. there are a lot of signs warning about flood danger. the area flooded during last week's storm. the bay area has been preparing for the storm. in san francisco, a lot of work has been done to keep this part of the mission from turning into a lake. the area was build on a lagoon and -- built on a lagoon and mission creek. when it rains, water flows downhill and pools. the neighborhood flooded five times in four years damaging homes, businesses and cars. yesterday workers put up floodgates and plugged up drains that are notorious for flooding. many residents plan to park in other neighborhoods during the storm. and thousands of people are waking up without power this morning. >> we have a representative from the power company. you have a lot of crews
6:38 am
company. tell us about the rough spots now. >> reporter: you know, as of right now, the peninsula we have about 3,000 customers out. and the east bay about 2700. north bay 1,000 and about 200 in the south bay at this time. not much impact in san francisco. but those are the most heavily impact areas the peninsula and the east bay at this time this morning. >> quite a bit of customers are affected, do not have power. when will it be back on? >> we don't have firm estimates for the area due to the number of outages and the current conditions. but we are doing everything we can to minimize outages during the storm. we have a plan to restore power safely and quickly as possible. we do have extra crews and resources working around the clock to respond to outages. we have also prestaged personnel and equipment in santa cruz and mendocino counties. so they can quickly respond to trouble in those areas, as
6:39 am
well. i know you guys cover the santa cruz mountains to an extent. not a whole lot of impact yet in those areas at this time. but as the storm passes through we'll dispatch people to the heavy damage areas to assist local crews. and we have also brought in contract crews, as well. so we are doing everything we can. we are prepared and we'll continue to respond to outages as they do occur. but again due to the number of outages and the conditions, we are unable to set a firm estimate at this time. >> jd guidi with pg&e talking about the thousands of outages around the bay area, hey, good luck to you and thanks so much for joining us. >> reporter: i would like to remind customers who may be listening this morning if they come across any power lines that are down not to come in contact with those lines. call 911 and pg&e. you can call us at 800-743- 5002. we also recommend that folks don't use candles in the event of an outage for lights,
6:40 am
battery powered flashlights or lights are recommended as of course the candles are a fire hazard. if you do have to use the candles, keep them away from, you know, your trees, any ignition source, anything that could light, drapes and children of course, as well. >> that is good advice, jd and, of course, everyone has a lot of people have cell phones so you can definitely use the light from your cell phone if you need to get around. thank you so much. we want to see what the weather looks like in your area. upload your photos and videos to send them our way or you can connect with us on twitter using the hashtag kpixtv. we'll be right back.
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in washington state... rough tides an we are not the only ones
6:44 am
experiencing severe weather. in washington state, rough tides and eroding beaches have already destroyed two homes this week. other homes are in danger of going over the edge. homeowners are trying to get everything out quickly. this area has lost some 150 homes because of eroding beaches since the settlement was built in the 1960s. and now to the sierra. this storm system is expected to dump as much as 3 feet of snow there. drivers headed to the mountains are warned they could face white-out conditions. caltrans says it has trucks loaded up with salt and an army of plows on standby. and reno is bracing itself for 70-mile-per-hour wind gusts. at lake tahoe, waves up to 7 feet high expected today. anne makovec joins us live. she is in the north bay. she is in downtown novato where the rain is falling steadily for hours now. and boy, aren't you a sight for sore eyes? look at you, anne.
6:45 am
[ laughter ] >> reporter: it's getting pretty bad out here right now. we just moved to this spot in downtown novato. and you can see from my boots here we're standing in about 5 inches of water. and this is the sidewalk. alongside me here is the roadway. crews have put up signs warning motorists that the road is flooded. but some cars still have been traveling through this roadway. obviously, pretty dangerous depending on how low your car is. that's a hardware store behind me. this is expected to continue over the next several hours. we are going to see a lot more flooding where this came from. not only in downtown but another isolated spot. i did speak to one of the people who commuted this morning. she came here to novato from american canyon, she says is normally takes her 30 minutes and today took her 45. >> a lot of water on the side so you need to be very careful
6:46 am
with it, while you're driving. and everybody was running slow. so i'm glad for it. >> reporter: it does seem like there are fewer people on the road because all the schools are closed. it's just the sort of pop-up spots that we're going to be seeing causing trouble i think throughout the rest of the day and then the concern of course is the wind. when you see the ground is saturated -- >> you're in a lake there. i understand that marin county was handing out sandbags but they ran out, right? looks like people could use them about now. >> reporter: a lot of people could. this hardware store behind me if you can see they do have sandbags there lined up against their door. they appear to be doing their job. but here in the city of novato alone, the office of emergency services says that they handed out an unprecedented number of sandbags over the past 36 hours, 4,000 sandbags. certainly this neighborhood
6:47 am
could use more. >> no kidding. and watching that rain coming down, it was for good reason they handed out so many. >> in that much water right now. >> not only the rain but the high winds are causing hazards including in the east bay. drivers are urged to use caution. kpix 5's da lin is at the richmond/san rafael bridge. >> da, looks like the wind there is pretty strong, as well. >> reporter: yeah. gusty winds and heavy, heavy downpour right now. in fact, it is so gusty right now, you can see the raindrops the -- rain going sideways as we speak. you're looking at the westbound direction of 80 going towards san rafael. you can see traffic moving very smoothly right now. that's because not a whole lot of cars at 6:45, looks like a lot of folks are either working from home or trying to avoid the roadways altogether. he you can see even the
6:48 am
flagpoles are having a hard time dealing with these gusty winds. you can see all that water that's coming down the storm drain here. that's the good news. the toll plaza workers here made sure to keep these storm drains clog free stow they don't have any flooding out here. by the way, there's a high wind advisory here at the richmond/san rafael bridge. the chp is working on cleaning things up. danica patrick, kpix 5. >> they don't teach this in journalism school, do they? >> not these elements. it's extremely difficult to
6:49 am
keep my eyes open right now. staring right into the raindrops. so, um, it is pretty tough out here. >> covering severe weather for many years. we know how you feel. >> the volume is way down as da said as well so we have not actually seen too many major accidents. we are seeing flooding coming in. all lanes of northbound 101 remain closed out in windsor due to flooding. and we're not going to re-open those northbound lanes until they can get the drains unclogged. we are talking about the arata lane exit. we are seeing some minor delays right now at the scene. looks like they are diverting traffic off to the freeway. right there before you reach the windsor exit. look at the winds blowing our 880 camera around in oakland. the roads are slick this morning. traffic -- the drive time looks okay but again, very gusty conditions this morning as you pass oakland airport. san mateo bridge we are starting to see a little bit of
6:50 am
a slowdown now as you approach the san mateo bridge toll plaza. there is a high wind advisory on all bridges. they have been in effect since early this morning. the bay bridge no wait at the toll plaza so a lot of people not heading into san francisco today. use mass transit if you can. it is starting to slow though once you get on the incline of the span. probably just the high winds kind of slowing down drivers. the metering lights are on but you could never tell. bart by the way is still a great option today. you can catch a seat. i'm hearing there's light traffic on bart systemwide on time but if you are planning on riding a ferry that may be a no go for you at least until 7:30. many alameda harbor bay ferry service runs, alameda-oakland ferry service runs have been canceled. again they are going to reevaluate after 7:30. see what the weather is like and we will definitely -- there will be no cable car service around san francisco. they are offering bus shuttles instead. that is your latest "kcbs" drive to work. roberta gonzales is tracking it all with her hi-def doppler.
6:51 am
>> i'm here in the kpix 5 weather center. what i have been noting in the past 15 minutes is while everybody has been getting punched by the very gusty winds this morning, i'm now noticing more widespread rain showers. this storm is now referring its ugly head over the bay area. in fact, hi-def doppler radar is indicating that we are picking up more moderate to heavy downpours. it was at first just the north bay being hounded with heavy rain and gusty winds. marinwood, san rafael, richmond, berkeley, highway 101 and traversing into the eastern portion of the bay area. it is very, very slow morning commute. look at the bay bridge now with moderate to heavy downpours all the by into chinatown. this is south san francisco three-hour 40-minute delays on some arriving flights due to the deer to year rating conditions there. we do have gusty winds associated with this rainfall that's now entering the san ramon area and that 580/680
6:52 am
corridor of the tri-valley. the unstable air mass will affect our weather tomorrow in the form of scattered showers. right now we're dealing with the frontal boundary line. this is slicing through the bay area right now. it's tapping into subtropical moisture. that fetch reaches all the way back to the hawaiian islands. so impacting now through 9 a.m., heavy winds and rain in the north bay now sliding into the central bay affecting us from 9 a.m. to lunchtime and south of the peninsula and south bay aulde -- all the way into 3 p.m. a lot of moderate to light rain that's the heaviest stuff and look at the numbers. currently 67 degrees in livermore. but the other side of the coin happens to be the gusty winds. 36 redwood city. 37-mile-per-hour winds these are sustained winds that have
6:53 am
been reported. 29 in fairfield. we'll be counting 9 inches of rain in the next 24 hours in the highest elevations of the north bay mountains and coastal range a brush of 2 to 4 inches across urban areas. we should see 2 inches. in addition to high surf advisories also in effect, a blizzard warning for the high sierra western plumas county. drew over the weekend. increasing clouds sunday night will lead to the potential of more rain showers on monday through wednesday. if you want to track today's storm, we have our "eye on the storm" and you can, too.
6:54 am
we'll continue our weather and traffic coverage and news in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:57 am
welcome back. we continue to track this morning's commute very busy out the door. this is the richmond/san rafael bridge. we still have a high wind advisory in effect. and if you drive truck, big rig, they are asking you to
6:58 am
stay off this bridge. they say to use 37 or 101 instead. we saw da lin by the richmond/san rafael bridge a little earlier and it was just gusting. you can barely talk the winds were so strong. we are seeing fewer cars on the road. livermore valley is actually relatively clear. so people are taking it -- the advice, they are getting message either riding mass transit or staying at home. there is a high wind advisory also in effect for the san mateo bridge. you can actually see that glow on your screen that's caltrans warning of the high winds. but you won't need that warning. you will feel it once you hit the road. bay bridge, actually very quiet at the toll plaza. even though we are seeing a little bit of slowing on the approach to the tunnel, and i think it's probably the gusty winds people are kind of, you know, getting scared and they have to hang on tight to the steering wheel. >> when we have our "eye on the storm," we have all hands on deck so we just heard from meteorologist paul deanno, he said a 46-mile-per-hour gust now in the richmond area all associated with that right
6:59 am
there on your hi-def doppler radar. also, 53-mile-per-hour wind gusts in san jose east of downtown. look at all of this precipitation before it was just centered around not the bay. we still have moderate to heavy rainfall there. going to be very interesting at sun-up at 7:15 to see the floodedout areas. in the city by the bay, the city of san francisco is becoming a bay itself. moderate to heavy rainfall there, 3 hours 40-minute delays on some arriving flights and now, the east bay is getting pounded. 580/680 corridor you have moderate rainfall in that particular area. right just in the richmond district around highway 12. >> we are staying here on "eye on the storm." >> we are going to stay on that. such a difference when the light starts to come out
7:00 am
because then you can see the rain and the wind. storm is zeroing in on the y area this morning... and it's expected to cause a mar mess.... good morning. it's thursday december, 11th i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat tha for joining us for this spe edition of kpix-5 morning n. good morning, everyone. >> what a storm. thank you for joining us for this special edition. the storm is here we have live team coverage of what you need to know to be prepared and be safe today. >> we're keeping an eye on the situation in the north bay. we have some cancellations we


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