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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 12, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> right now, inspectors are knocking on people's doors telling them to leave immediately. tonight, the big storm has left a flood of problems. betty yu live for us in redwood city to show us what is going on. >> reporter: well veronica, i'm
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substantial doubting in it. all of this standing water here in lamar in the rc trailer park forced the city to red tag more than 100 mobile homes. they have opened up a shelter but the residents say the help arrived way too late. [ knock at door ] >> reporter: redwood city firefighters went door to door giving mandatory evacuation orders. >> they say we are not safe. >> reporter: the barera family is taking the city up on its offer to help, but many residents, especially those who spent the entire day pumping and bailing out the dirty water themselves are staying behind. >> we were drowning. nobody came in and said do you guys need help. and the water is gone. oh my god. everybody is here. why? that's so unfair. to me, that is bs. >> it came up to here. >> reporter: denise is not
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going anywhere either. she says her trailer is still livable and blames the city and lamar's owner and manager for the crisis. >> they could have given us more support and they did not give us the support. >> reporter: tonight, we track down the manager. she pointed the finger at the city for not maintaining the canal next to the park. >> i was right there yesterday. and i seen it pouring over the canal so hard that there was nothing to do. once that canal comes over, you are stuck. and we are in the middle. where do we pump to? you know, we can't pump anywhere. >> reporter: so, this sits between highway 101 and salt pond so every time it rains, they get slam. the city says that was not the case with this storm. it was just the nonstop rain that created the mess. city workers will be here tomorrow morning to pump out the rest of the water. live in redwood city, betty yu, kpix5. >> before we get to more bay
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area storm damage, look what the storm did in southern california. this is a tornado. a tornado in south la. debris flew in all directions. national weather service said it packed wins up to 85 miles an hour and tore off the roof of a duplex. damaged homes and cars. one woman saw a crash can swirling 30 feet in the air. back in the bay area now and union city. a 90-foot eucalpytus tree crashed onto an assisted facility this morning. two women were fast asleep when the tree crashed into their bedroom. we spoke to one woman who was 94 years old, mrs. stewartingly was afraid if i moved it would fall some more. i thought it was an earthquake
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that made it come toppling down on me. >> either of the women were injured. they cut through the debris and carried them out. and in san jose, it will be a while before this safeway store on capital expressway opens. the roof collapsed right into the produce section. customers and employees heard the roof creeing before it gave way. >> i would hope that they would check the conditions of the building before anybody went in there. maybe monthly. i know we do it at our facility. >> there were about 20 people inside when the roof collapsed. they all managed to get out of the way. tonight, we know why highway 1 is closed to muir woods. it didn't look like much on top, parts of it flooded and were covered with water. it was going on underneath that was the problem. caltrans took this picture, you can see much of the hillside eroded. crews have to build a retaining wall which could take months.
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in petaluma, the brewery is back open tonight after it got flooded but beer drinkers don't worry. all that equipment covered in water is meant to get wet so the ipaa won't be watered down. some workers took advantage of the flood. one decided to ride it out by grabbing a cold one and hopping on an inner tube. just east of there, the russian river is slowly dropping after it flooded. guerneville normally got the worst of it. it usually takes five days of rain to make the river flood. not yesterday. but it wasn't as fast as expected. local fire departments saw this as an opportunity to practice rescue drills. they headed out on the water at a state park in forestville. >> it is a little treacherous honestly. the water conditions are unlike what we have seen for a couple of years so we are utilizing the high water conditions and get some good quality training. >> while they are training, all the fire departments are on
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call in case they are needed. let get to paul deanno to see how we did with the rain. >> topping the list is guerneville. nine inches of rain. it dropped a month's worth of rain in one day in guerneville. almost as much in saint helena. fairfax, nearly half a foot. sunnyvale, santa clara county, five inches. not done yet, we are picking up a few scattered showers but they are heavier showers. five or ten minutes of a soaking rain stand possibility of small hail. they are hopping around half- moon bay. the flood advisory has been extend until 5:00 in the morning tomorrow. we are not done with the rain yet. there is plenty more in the seven day forecast coming up. >> here we go again. thanks paul. so we got a lot of rain. but wait until you see what one man did with all of it. he showed our reporter sharon chin. >> reporter: when eric
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mccrystal first showed us his water collection system in september, the eight 50-gallon barrels stood empty. >> we picked up five and a quarter inches here. >> reporter: but after eight hours of continuous rain here? >> it fill and overflowed very quickly. sand these are justified lines into the barrels back there. >> reporter: rainwater gushed into the filter, filled each of the barrels. >> that was empty the last time you were here. now it is all the way to the top. we are 100% full. >> reporter: he has 450 gallons of water. that will last a month. he says he will water this row of hedges and two dozen rose bushes. he says anyone can assemble a collection system like this. it cost $35 a barrel plus another $100 for pipes, spigots an other equipment.
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>> i went on youtube land are videos with directions on how to build it. >> reporter: but he can't save anymore. >> i tell my wife i need more barrels and she says absolutely not. >> reporter: his plea may not hold water but his storage building will. sharon chin, kpix5. >> some cities offer a $100 rebait to set up your own collection barrel. details on news links on we learned how much the protests in oakland have cost. $1.3million. that is how much the city spent on overtime for police officers as of last saturday to monitor the thousands of people who marched through town. some trashed and looted stores. officers days off and vacations have been canceled. in richmond, mark kelly shows us police officers there frustrated with something the
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police chief did mark? >> reporter: well veronica, it wasn't that the police chief took part in the protest. it is what he was wearing while doing it. take a look at this picture. the man in the middle. that is not your run of the mill protester. it is police chief chris magnus. >> it sends a terrible message. >> reporter: allison is the attorney for the richmond pd. officers are unhappy that out of all the outfits the chief could have worn, he chose his official uniform. >> so that disappointed the members of the police department that the chief felt comfortable violating the law in order to make a a political statement. >> reporter: according to the political code, chief magnus broke a law, no employee shall participate in political activities of any kind while in uniform. people in richmond are split. >> i can understand why there
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is a controversy. >> how does the photo change your feeling of him as the chief? >> i think it's cool. i like it. >> reporter: the second faux pas, the sign the chief carried. hash tag black lives matter has been the rallying cry against the grand jury decision in missouri and new york. >> the sign he is carrying is an issue? >> the fact he chose not to emphasize that all lives matter, concerns, and deeply disappoints members of the richmond police department. >> reporter: the chief responded in the chronicle today. when did it become a political act to acknowledge that black lives matter? for richmond, a community with more than its share of violence, some like the chief standing right alongside the people. >> i feel that it is showing some type of corm fort, you know, out here for the community. >> reporter: the chief has recently gotten a lot of credit here in richmond for in fact
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improving race relations between the police department and the community here. recently, the feds tapped chief magnus for a special panel. he is one of only seven people chosen nationwide to investigate any civil rights concerns in ferguson, missouri. live in richmond, mark kelly, kpix5. thank you mark. it has been open three weeks and tonight l are problems for bart's new connect tore the oakland airport. what brought the trains to a halt most of the day. and a major hollywood studio shuts down film production after a hack attack. plus, the san francisco's nutcracker has a new star. we will tell you about the 14- year-old oakland girl taking center stage.
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the dow tumbled 315 points y to end the >> good news at the pump is bad thus at wall street. the dow jones tumbled to end the worst week in three years. the nasdaq slid 54 points. the s&p closed down 33. analysts blamed plunging oil prices. bart's new connector to the oakland airport was supposed to get people out of their cars. not today. the trains weren't running for most of the day. christin ayers went to find out why. christin? >> reporter: yeah, for nearly 12 hours today, the oakland airport connector for bart was either delayed or completely shut down . less than three weeks after the ribbon was cut,
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it has already been a bumpy ride. >> we had heard that the trains weren't working and we would have to take one of the buses. >> i said it was broken and she said already? didn't it gist open? it seems like there's a lot of problems. >> reporter: the problem today, one train hit debris broken on the tracks after yesterday's storm. a few hours later, the only other train running break down leaving the track silent into the evening commute. >> it is not surprising it is experiencing problems early. >> reporter: last month when the connector was unveiled, bart said in a statement it is fast, frequent, and convenient. writer tim anders said it was none of those things today. >> it looks great, but it is a complicated system. >> reporter: that is not the only problem, the people mover is supposed to move 2700 people a day. that only 1% of bart's ridership. if delays like this persist, that number could drop further. tonight, even as the tram got back on track, trains that
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should have been running every five minutes took four times as long. but riders say it is early and at least for now, they are willing to wait for things to improve. >> and it has only been a month. so maybe they are working some kinks out. >> reporter: service is running flatly back in effect tonight. no problems we have heard of this evening but bart officials again still trying to troubleshoot exactly what went wrong with this second train that broke down. reporting live, christin ayers, kpix5. sony has been forced to suspend film shoots because of the recent cyber attack. guardians of peace are responsible for breaking into their computers and leaking films. sony cannot process payments forcing them to stop filming. north korea is expected to be behind the hack of the new
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movie about the plot to kill kim jong un. the nutcracker opened tonight. it has been performing since 1944. the story is the same, but elizabeth cook tells us the star is a local girl from oakland. >> reporter: 14-year-old girls can spend a lot of their time talking about boys or the latest justin bieber song. but audrey armacov has something else occupying her time. >> i can't explain it in words. it is kind of overwhelming a little bit. >> reporter: audrey is starring in the most famous ballet of all time. with the oldest ballet company in america. >> i was clala last year in my old school. their theater was only a little bigger than this studio. this is a big jump here. >> reporter: audrey began her career at the oakland ballet school at only four years old. it wasn't long before she decided she wanted to become a
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professional ballerina. and this isn't an afterschool hobby. she has to be home schooled and trained at the san francisco academy seven hours a day and six to seven days a week. and that hard work has paid off. >> they ask me would you like to come for an audition for the role of clara? i said sure, why not? so i just went for it. i like to act a little bit. so it is fun to kind of let out the emotions for the role of clara. >> reporter: caught between a nutcracker and a rat king. >> i like to push myself as hard as i can. almost until i break. but not really. but i always want to stand out and be a good student and the best i can be. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix5. well, the san francisco ballet was the first american company to perform the full
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nutcracker back in 1944. and it is such a tradition. do you ever go see that? >> i can't say that i have. but it tells me it is time for christmas. every family has their traditions. mine is not to go to the nutcracker right? right? >> you got to change that one paul. >> now that you have kids, yes. the traditions do change. the tradition around here is carrying the umbrella. you forgot about your umbrella for three years. you didn't need it. now, just keep it in the trunk of your car. if you don't need it today, you may need it tomorrow. a couple of showers around. picked up by kpix5 high-def doppler passed over sfo. san mateo, a couple of showers may contain small hail, brief heavy rainfall. there aren't that many showers out there. but the ones that are out there may impact your friday night when you combine sunshine, a little bit of rainfall. down in santa clara, a little shot of a rainbowment driving down homestead avenue looks
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like cars were inside the glow. a lot of rainbows today with a mixture of sunshine and rain. if you are curious how much rain fell in san francisco, one of our fine viewers who is an engineer did a little math, came up with this number. 3.3billion gallons of water fell out of the sky just yesterday. just in san francisco. that is amazing. and we are still in the drought. overnight tonight, upper 30s for you in santa rosa, fairfield, 43 fremont. we have a departing area of low pressure, the soaking line of rain that got us for 12 hours yesterday is in utah right now. it high tailed it out of here and high pressure is building in. we need a break for a couple of days. though we want more rainfall, we need a break from the flooding we had and the high pressure will provide that tomorrow and sunday. it is hanging out for two days. we used to have high pressure for two months. now it is two days. we have a storm, another round of rainfall as soon as monday
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morning. so what to expect? showers moving out tonight. weekend will be dry. rain is back as early as monday morning. your saturday high, san francisco, 59 degrees. san jose, 59. a couple of degrees below average. a chilly start inland. san ramon, 58. 60 the high in sausalito. petaluma, 59 degrees. we are dry saturday and sunday. look at monday. the rain is back. look at tuesday and wednesday, still some showers. look at next friday. four out of five days next week carry a chance of rain. we thought, we hoped, we trayed we were turning a corner with the rainfall. looks like four straight wet weeks in a pro. >> you said $3.3 billion. >> i can't count them one by one. that's a lot of water. >> i wonder how much of that we were table to save? >> we have really good reservoir system here. the best in the world. but even that, we lose a lot of it. a lot of it becomes run off. >> you have to get the barrels
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paul. >> apparently so. >> all right,. >> thank you. >> well still ahead, talk about a grinch. how thieves got away with thousands of dollars of gifts meant for bay area families in need. ,,,, (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years.
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gifts were wrapped and reada >> a real life grinch stole christmas from dozens of bay area families. gifts were wrapped and ready at the concord salvation army donation center. a burglar cut through a chain link fence and busted a lock on a storm warning bin. they stole $4,000 worth of toys, clothes, and food meant for 14 families. gary gelfand has sports tonight. gary? >> we have a lot to talk about definitely. we have some cool stuff to talk about as far as adrian peterson and working the seahawks coach. it must be the holiday season because it was good news for harbaugh. and we have a bear of a top five for you tonight. the best plays and more coming right at you. sports is next. ,,,,,,
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waiter: yep. new gingerbread french toast and pumpkin pancakes. but they're only around for a limited time. girl: can i still get it if i'm on the naughty list? waiter, chuckling: i think you'll be fine. [bell rings] waitress: welcome to denny's! in seattle with a knee inju, and linebacker navorro bowm, who was activated this week, >> 49ers wide receiver steve johnson will miss the game with a knee injury. this could be the last faceoff between jim harbaugh and pete
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carroll. carroll called harbaugh a stud and harbaugh said a stud back at you. >> he is a great competitor, he's a great football coach. been in a lot of big games. >> he said you had some coaching magic. and that you are a stud. [ laughter ] >> did he? i feel the same way. the same way about him. yeah. [ laughter ] >> got to be the christmas spirit. all right, the vikings adrian peterson will not be back any time soon. his appeal to be reinstated to the nfl was denied. he was convicted of misdemeanor assault for striking his son with a wood switch. first quarter, rad, one of the top prospects in the country considering cal possibly got the dunk.
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they had 22 early. later in the quarter, ben simmons. strap yourself in. it is type for the top five. in at number five. lakers against the spurs. shot clock winding down, no problem for colby. as he gets that down. he needs nine more points to pass jordon third all time. number four, bishop odell's iran. as i mentioned earlier, denver on the ice. big teddy stole the show. they finally get on there. it is a teddy toss for charity. lakers up against the clock and the clutch from nick young. put la ahead for good in overtime. lakers getting that rare win in san antonio. and rookie andre robberson of
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the thunder with the jam. he gets a standing o from his teammate kd. there is another look there. and that is your top five. >> nice. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> david letterman is next. have a great weekend. >> see you! >> thanks for joining us. >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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