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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 13, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. screaming their demands for change large demonstrations take place nationwide over what protestors are calling rampant racial injustice. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. brian hackney is off tonight. [ screaming ] >> a sea of demonstrators moved down pennsylvania avenue in washington, d.c. thousands of people carried banners and shouted slogans to protest the grand jury decisions not to indict the police officers who killed michael brown and eric garner. protestors also cried out against what they say is rampant racial injustice. thousands also marched and
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rallied in new york demanding more aggressive federal response to deaths caused by police. family members of people killed by new york city police are going back decades were among those in the huge crowd at washington square. 23 people were arrested for disorderly conduct during protests at the boston common and the massachusetts statehouse. otherwise, this demonstration against police brutality was mostly peaceful. several hundred people were there. there are protests in the bay area, as well. demonstrators today in oakland marched from college avenue down broadway to the alameda county courthouse near lake merritt. today's protest is marred by a dramatic distraction. kpix 5's joe vazquez in oakland with more on that. joe. reporter: and they are on the move. they have been walking back and forth from city hall to the courthouse and they are headed back that direction now. crowd of about 3,000. they have a strong message and today anyway they are hoping that they can get the message heard.
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[ screaming ] >> reporter: thousands gathered in oakland to show solidarity with marches nationwide. >> the message is, no justice no peace. the message is solidarity. the message is listen. >> reporter: but the protestors getting distracted this time by a bizarre sight. a cardboard effigy of a black body hanging on the uc-berkeley campus. there were two other effigies on campus today as well with historic references to past lynchings. they were apparently put up by demonstrators but with no clear explanation some find it confusing and offensive. >> we were very offended. we live in berkeley so when we seen it, it was very offensive but i had to think, you know, what -- what -- what message could they be trying to send? it's -- it's -- what's going on with the poe-lees in america is similar to jim crow days. it was the right message but just the wrong -- they put it the wrong way. >> reporter: the effigies are another example of the struggle
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for protestors to get their message across. night after night, small groups of masked protestors on the fringes who believe peaceful protest doesn't send a strong enough message begin to deviate from the crowd. they write graffiti and break windows. sometimes they loot. they have even turned on other peaceful demonstrators who were trying to stop the crimes. but the poignant points that "black lives matter" that relations between police and communities are important they continue to push through beyond the mass demonstrations. in washington, earlier this week a large group of congressional staffers put up their hands and masks on the capital steps. pro athletes including kobe bryant of the lakers have made their views clear before games. >> i mean, i feel like they are taking away from the actual issue, you know, we're here for the lives of these people that are being taken and that's what's important. they need to remember that's what it is and, you know, they
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need to show that more instead of oh, showing this is what happened people are vandalizing. that's not the only thing that's going on. >> reporter: as for those effigies on the campus of uc- berkeley, the university says it is going to investigate. the police say they are going to investigate it as a hate crime. clearly, they are confused as to exactly what that message means. and meanwhile, yes, the protests continue here in oakland and, yes, we have heard reports of two different windows being broken one a storefront another a driver who apparently these demonstrators got frustrated with this driver and smashed in his windshield. the majority of the demonstrators i have observed are peaceful and want peace but they are frustrated by these other distractions. >> joe vazquez in oakland, thank you. and new numbers on just how much the recent protests over police killings have cost oakland. $1.3million. that's how much the city spent on overtime for police officers
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as of last saturday. to monitor the thousands of people who marched through town. some trashed and looted stores. officers' days off and vacations have been canceled. and protestors also filled the streets of downtown san francisco today and some are not finished yet. kpix 5's christian hartnett is live at the civic center where a rally broke out during the past hour. christian. >> reporter: ann, the demonstrators have since left but earlier thousands gathered in front of city hall here after marching from embarcadero down market street for the "black lives matter" rally and what was seemingly a peaceful protest. now, they gathered at the steps people joining in on the chant calling for police accountability following the high-profile death of michael brown and eric garner. police weren't far away. they were at the front of the steps there forming a line just to keep watch on everyone but everything seemed to be fine. some protestors were thankful
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that there was no confrontations involving police during the protests today. that's after a number of protests around the bay area turned violent and destructive in the last couple of weeks. now, as the protest marched through market street earlier there were traffic delays around the civic center here and streets were blocked off. that is no longer the case right now. currently right now after the demonstrations left, a group of them moved towards union square area. they have -- we're hearing they have since moved at that point. at this point we haven't heard any reports of any problems. we'll give you more information as that comes in to us. for now i'm live in san francisco. christin ayers, kpix 5. there's a tentative settlement in the case of a woman found dead in an sf general hospital stairwell. lynne spalding's family will tentatively receive $3 million from san francisco and the university of california to settle a claim. the family says there was a systemic breakdown in hospital protocols for protecting
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patients. spalding disappeared in september of last year. her body was found 17 days later. the board of supervisors is expected to approve the city's end of the deal tuesday. bay area homes red-tagged. homeowners forced into a shelter. the finger-pointing going on at a flooded mobile home park. >> it's a big wedding day for tens of thousands of couples in the united states. why so many want to tie the knot today. okay buddy, what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted! okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you.
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me too.
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homes tonight. oc: "knocks on door" flooding from this recent storm has forced dozens of people out of their redwood city tonight. [ knock knock ] >> firefighters went door to door at the le mar trailer park telling residents they had to leave. a shelter is set up at san mateo city college. dozens of mobile homes are red- tagged and many people spent the day bailing water. some are wondering where was all the attention when they needed it the mo he is? >> last night, this morning, we were drowning. nobody came and stopped and said do you guys need help? now that the water is gone, oh, my god, everybody is here. why? that's so unfair. to me, that's bs and just a big sur cuss. >> we talked to the manage of the trailer park.
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she blamed the city for not maintaining the canal next to the park. in southern california, a wall of mud and rocks has forced people from more than a dozen homes. a hillside in camarillo springs gave way. the debris has come up to the roof on some of the houses as you can see. others had rocks and mud flow right through them out into the street. barriers with put up but did little to stop the debris from flowing down the hillside. just about all the homeowners were evacuated. no injuries. this was an area burned by fire last summer. and this week's storm delayed the launch of a rocket from vandenberg air force base but tonight it's successfully in space. last night's liftoff went without a hitch. the rocket is carrying a classified satellite into orbit. it's classified for national security reasons. and wedding bells are ringing all over the country today because of the unusual date. at least 20,000 couples are tying the knot because it's 12/13/14.
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today is the last consecutive calendar date this century. and many want to mark the occasion. a couple in kansas city, missouri, is taking the numbers plan even further. >> how great would it be to do the ceremony at 3:16 which is 15, 16 in military time and we said let's do the reception at 5:18, so it's kind of this numbered see subsequent event. >> again the nuptials today on 12/13/14 happened at 15:16 military time and the reception started at 17:18. there won't be a date and time line-up like this again for 89 years. san francisco's nutcracker has a new star player. we'll introduce you to the 14- year-old oakland girl taking center stage. >> i'm roberta gonzales in the kpix 5 weather center. and we are tracking yet another storm that's rolling into the bay area. we'll track it together as the news continues. but plus! this is a great time to
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nutcracker. but there is ent about this the san francisco ballet has begun this season's nutcracker. but there's something different about this year's performance. the story is the same but elizabeth cook tells us the star is a local girl from oakland. >> reporter: 14-year-old girls spend a lot of time talking
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about songs and boys. but audrey has something else occupying her time. >> i can't even explain it in words. it's overwhelming. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: audrey is starring in the most famous ballet of all time. with the oldest ballet company in america. >> last year the theater was only a little bit every bigger than this studio here. so this is a big jump. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: audrey began her career at the oakland ballet school at only 4 years old. it wasn't long before she decided she wanted to become a professional ballerina. this is not an after-school hobby. she has to be homeschooled and trained at the san francisco ballet academy 7 hours a day and 6 to 7 days a week. and that hard work has paid off. >> they asked me, would you like to come for audition for the role of claire? i was sure. why not?
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so i went for it. i like to act so it's fun to let out the emotions for -- as the role. >> i always like to push myself as hard as i can almost until i break. but not really. um, but i always want to stand out and be a good student and the best i can be. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> she is fun to watch even in rehearsal. of the san francisco ballet was the first american company to perform the full nutcracker back in 1944. how about some frozen fun today in sausalito? the bay area discovery museum brought in real snow from tahoe for children to play in. there's also an ice carving demonstration with a wintry sculpture on display. there are plenty of activities for the kids including one that lets them build their own snowy works of art. >> roberta is in tonight for
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brian. good to have you here. getting chilly, isn't it? >> wasn't that great the rain finally stopped in the bay area but the snow fell for the kids and those smiles were enormous and so was the turnout today for santacon 2014. check this out. this was over at washington square and if you don't know about santacon, well, let me just tell you it's a big fun time not only here in san francisco but in all major cities across the country. and you get hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people who just want to be jolly and dress up like santa claus and they go across the bay area and that's what happened today. they went to lombard street, washington square, the transamerica building. the beautiful scene at the embarcadero over 17,000 l.e.d. lights all lit up. it is christmastime in the bay area. it's the holiday season. and temperatures in the 50s, no winds. this is what you need to
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know. it is going to be dry tomorrow all the way through the evening hours. and then rain returns for monday morning commute. it is going to remain wet all the way through wednesday. approaching is a brand-new area of low pressure. notice the clouds continuing to fill in. in fact we are going to take a broader view of all this. you see the leading edge of this particular system here. the core of the center of the area of low pressure is well to the north. this is what we're dealing with. and there's one storm after another stacking up like planes at sfo ready to take aim on the bay area. so between now and through sunday into monday morning's commute, you can see the totals begin to stack up, as well. about .3" of rain in redwood city by lunch hour on monday. tuesday we'll talk about several inches around the bay area. generally speaking up to 3" of rain over the next couple of days so monday through tuesday. and the coastal valleys and one to two inches around the urban areas. temperatures across the state tomorrow not bad.
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up to 70 degrees in fresno. otherwise we're talking 40s and 50s for overnight lows for the most part and your tomorrow daytime highs into the upper 50s and the low 60s. here's the extended forecast. we will be mostly cloudy on your sunday. we will have rain for the morning commute. lesser rain showers but it will be raining for the evening commute. then we'll have mostly cloudy skies on tuesday and wednesday. daily rain. mostly cloudy skies thursday and friday, sunshine saturday. we are going to keep our "eye on the storm" from the weather center. >> thank you. an upstate new york brewery has tapped into its holiday spirit. it's made a christmas tree out of beer kegs. there are 300 of them in the 23- foot-tall creation. it took three weeks 20 guys with apparently a lot of free time on their hands from a brewery to build it. for those who might think about stealing a keg to liven up a
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holiday party they are all empty. from beer to sports. >> perfect transition. gary gelfand in the house tonight. >> very big game tomorrow. seattle and 9ers. we'll check in with vern up there. we'll have a preview. and the warriors lost a shoe today. did they lose the game or extend their win streak to 15? more on this crazy play and the game coming up in sports. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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19 and 2 sound goods but 20- 2 sounds better. the warriors 14-game win streak would be tested on the three- game road trip that started today in dallas. monta ellis and the mavericks looking to stop the 14-game streak. golden state would have none of that. they came out firing. steph curry to thompson with the free. thompson had 25. final minute. quarter 36-18. curry flips it down to the corner and flicks it up for a three-pointer. golden state 39-18 after one. great passing. curry to draymond green for the lay-in. golden state up 25. what's wrong with the shoe? take a look again in the 3rd quarter, and, um, it's the shoe of mo spatz no technical. they are not going to call the t on chandler. warriors win 105-98, 15-9
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straight on the road. how about stanford? the band was rocking for the first game in two weeks hosting denver. second half pioneers leading 31- 29. cam griffin cut down the baseline for the dunk, denver up 4. stanford down 39-37 in the fourth. randall driving to the paint. leans back and gets the shot. free throw gave the cardinal a lead. they win 49-43, they are now 5- 2. saint mary's facing a tough test at creighton. a little over a minute left gaels down 2. brite used the glass right there. banks in the runner to tie at 61. brite led saint mary's with 22. this led to overtime. under 2 minutes left tied at 64. give it to pinot. he scored now low to give the gaels the lead. they win 71-67 in overtime. they cap the 24-game home win
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streak. the kentucky wildcats against north carolina. wildcats 43-32 late 1st quarter. harrison from the corner with the three to give kentucky a 14- point lead. second half now 74-62. uk. willie had 15. wildcats now a perfect 11-0. one college football great traditions army-navy. two flyovers not just one of the love that. choppers and the jets. xavier moss the punt is blocked. picked up and they run it back in. the knights led 7-0. cadets are jacked up. early in the 4th, quarterback keenan reynolds just get in. 17-7 navy, they win 17-10. midshipmen have now beaten army 13 straight games. the 49ers placed bowman on injured reserve today ending his season. he never recovered from injuries he suffered in seattle
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last january's nfc championship game. 9ers and seahawks play tomorrow in seattle and vern glenn is there with a preview. >> reporter: greetings from the great northwest where what kind of 49er team are we going to see in here tomorrow? the one which is crumbled in its six losses plus a few wins or one many have been waiting for, the double tight end power running machine that smashes you in the face first? regardless, it's moment of truth time. >> not uncharted territory. it's just we have a high standard and everyone else has a high standard for it. if you lose a few games, it's not a situation you want to be in. >> as my father-in-law says it's always darkest before the dawn. so this could be the first minutes of our finest hour. >> like i said do or die for us. we need a win. beating them we wouldn't have it any other way. >> 49ers better play the
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respect card. ten point underdogs to a team number one in total defense. >> they have been playing good football most of the year. anytime i have watched them just the same things a lot of talented guys and they fly around. play great team defense. and they make plays. >> now's the time to deliver. all odds are against them. and the last five games against the seahawks, the 49ers have totaled 4 touchdowns and 14 turnovers. in seattle, vern glenn, kpix 5 sports. gary, back to you in studio. all right. thanks a lot, vern. going to be a huge game, of course, you know, they can't seem to get past seattle. >> and they are at home. >> it will be great if they can turn it around. [overlapping speakers >> heisman coming up. we'll wait to see. that's at 6:00. >> look forward to that. that's it for us at 5:30. see you back here in half-hour. until then our news updates are always on good night. captions by: caption colorado
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>> axelrod: tonight, taking it >> axelrod: tonight, taking it to the streets. >> i can't breathe! >> axelrod: across the country, thousands march with a message. they're not against police, just excessive force. juliana goldman and jericka duncan report from the demonstrations in washington and new york. bigad shaban shows us the west coast cleanup as heavy rains, mud slides and even a twister caused major messes in southern california. hold the whole grains and pass the salt-- congress gets set to roll back rules for healthier school lunches. mark albert reports. and would a fish by any other name taste as sweet as carp? >> can i have another piece? >> axelrod: barry petersen on the name change designed to turn this bottom feeder into the catch of the day. >> i said, hey, if you can't beat them, eat them. captioning sponsored by cbs


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