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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ of rain is moving into the y area.. just in time to messp orning commute. here we go again. tonight, a fresh round of rain is moving into the bay area just in time to mess up the monday morning commute. good evening.
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at this hour, rain is falling in the greater bay area. as we look live, we will not get a completely dry day until maybe thursday. i can see rain there as we are having a gander at the waterfront on bridge way. here is how it looks on the radar. showing rain off of the peninsula. well in advance of the cold front still well off shore. and still promising up to 4 inches of rain in the mountains within 36 hours. so, if it if you have not already, download the cbs bay area weather app. check the conditions in your area with realtime radar and you can send us your weather photos on, search kpix in the app store or google may and we will have a forecast for you shortly. >> they think they are prepared for flooding in san francisco. people near 17th new another round of rain was coming. they just left their sandbags out. the area flooded badly during the last storm a few days ago. a common problem in the area. one man says he has 3 feet of water in his home but he says
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whatever happens, happens. >> no, i don't care. no problem, come tomorrow, i don't know, i don't care. >> some businesses along the street also flooded. they are staying closed until things dry out. now one of the reasons for the flooding is the slope of the street. the drainage system can not keep up with the waterrism the rain will roll towards southern california. now, the round of rain coming in is still a welcomed sight for most. >> reporter: this was your living room at one point? >> yes. >> reporter: ron does not recognize his parent's home. rocks and boulders fill the living room after friday's intense rain triggered mudslides forth of los angeles. >> once i saw the rocks in there, i said oh, forget it, it is totaled. >> reporter: firecrews rescued his parents from their bed after an avalanche of debris
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slammed into their house and a dozen others. a foot of muck fills the floors. >> the rocks are almost the size of the houses. >> that is how much of the earth moved last night. >> reporter: it this area was left vulnerable after the wildfire scorched the hilled. >> nothing to hold in the ground. going to keep things from sliding and moving. the earth is going to move when the water hits it. when you have that large amount of water in a short period of time it is severely damaged. >> reporter: many here in southern california are still welcoming the next storm in the forecast. >> we sympathize with them but we need this rain. >> reporter: much of the swollen river will be converted into drinking water. until more rainfalls most of california will remain under extreme drought conditions. back to you. also tonight, we are hearing about the first storm- related death in california. the body of a missing 14-year-
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old boy, they think he was hit by a falling tree on thursday. a tense situation in sydney, australia this hour as many as 20 hostages are trapped inside a chocolate store. it is still unclear what the hostage takers want. but wendy gillette tells us there are signs that the takeover could be politically motivated. >> they are not moving. >> this is frightening and chilling. >> reporter: television footage shows people with their hands in the air near the windows of a coffee shop in central sydney. hundreds of armed police have the area surrounded. the officials say at least one armed man is inside, late sunday, three hostages ran from the store to safety. >> we are, at this hour, continuing to secure and make sure that we are doing all that we can to bring this to a peaceful outcome. >> a black flag has been spotted in the store with writing that says "there is no god but hol and a".
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>> we don't know if this is political lemotivated. >> areas around there are shutdown. >> just helicopters around everywhere at the moment and the streets are all blocked off. >> australians don't see this kind of activity? >> no, no, no. and it is the cafe, i good portion of sydney goes there for a cup of coffee regularly. >> reporter: australia has been on high alert for attacks. muslims returning from fighting in iraq and syria. wendy gillette, back to you. >> reporter: you can see -- >> you can see them crossing the room in front of the window. president barack obama has been notified, they are monitoring
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the situation. five hostages have been seen running from the cafe in the last 1 1/2 hours. claiming responsibility for three cardboard ethogy's. berkeley side reports the artists call the images an attempt to link past horrific events with the current movement against the police shootings and racial profiling, they published a tweet of this board notice of students spotted on campus stating "we apologize to black americans who felt further attacked by this work" campus police have not confirmed the artists claims and they still want to talk to whoever put them up. the father of a man shot and killed by a mother and father in ferguson, missouri is in the bay area tonight. michael brown senior spoke out during a special church service in san francisco -- michael brown, senior spoke out during a special church service in san francisco. >> he did not say much. he said he was tired so he spoke for less than a minute.
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his message echoed all of the other speakers at the podium. where past historic speeches were given. [singing] >> reporter: the thirdtivity church was filled with music and a standing room only crowd on sunday afternoon. it was also filled with impassioned calls for change. >> so, here now. [indiscernible] >> reporter: an issue that prompted rallies across the nation including the bay area. >> you never seen the movement of people in the history of this country. >> reporter: the gathering drew comparisons to the civil rights rallies of the 1960s, doctor martin luther king junior spoke inside of this very church. [ applause ] this time it was
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michael brown, senior's turn. >> reporter: visibly tired brown senior says he is going city to city, standing up for his rights and speaking up against police brutality. >> enough is enough. we have to stand strong. >> that is it. >> together, thank you. plus. >> reporter: he will be in san francisco at least one more day. he will be at mission high school tomorrow afternoon. in the news room, kpix5. >> there were more protests in the bay area but not nearly as large as we have seen in the past few weeks, a group in san jose staged a die- in today. we caught up with them when they were getting their signs together. their protest is for all victims of police brutality. earlier members of group called code pink, many of them held the sign "black lives matter" and "i can't breathe" a dozen of them walked across the bridge in hopes to get attention of pedestrians and
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drivers. >> the more you are out on the streets giving your message that peace and justice matter for all people the more people that will see the message. the more people that can participate more opportunities they have. >> the protest ended with a rally on the san francisco side of the bridge. vanished without a trace. tonight, the frantic search for a missing california woman who is it due to give birth any day. plus, tracking holiday shoppers subconsciously. the high-tech way retailers are getting inside of your head, literal he. ,,
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-- literally ,,,,,,,,
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pregnant. aubrey andrews hasn't been heard from in me than a week. mojgan sherkat spoke to aubrey's husband tonight. 27:38 sot: i wouldn't want son to grow up without his through tears, edward andre explains how the disappearae of his wife is impacting th3 year old son. 27:06 sot: he said that, mommy's gone. bue has no clue, how their unbo child is doing. edward's rews is 9 months audrey andrews has been missing. >> reporter: through tears, he explains how the impact of the disappearance of his wife is impacting his 3-year-old son. >> he says mommy is gone. >> reporter: he has no chew how their unborn son is doing. she has been missing for eight days. >> the baby can come right now, today or it could come tonight roersz the sacramento police are putting out a call for help -- >> reporter: the sacramento police are putting out a call for help. >> this is an unusual time for her to be gone. >> reporter: officer brown says no foul play is suspected but because andrews is 9 months pregnant they are concerned for the safety of the unborn baby.
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>> another human life that we are talking about. so, we want to track her down as quickly as possible and find a location for her. >> reporter: the police believe she could be staying with friends or family in los angeles, her husband last saw her on saturday december 6th when she left their sacramento home. her husband says she knew she was upset and leaving the house for a bit but did not expect her to be gone this long without contacting family and friends. >> a lot to handle and take in. >> reporter: edward says she left with nothing but the cloths on her back, leaving behind her purse and her wallet. >> let us know you are safe somewhere. >> reporter: back to you. >> she has family and friends in southern california. the police are looking at if she might be with them. tonight, sony executives say a version of the screenplay for the latest james bond film is one of the thousands of documents hackerred stole in a massive cyberattack. their production company behind the film is worried anyone who has it may try to publish it.
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sony says production on that movie and another films is continuing despite the leak. they are promising more leaks around christmas time. >> this is not a problem for a company it is a global problem. >> we want to go kill. >> north korea has been widely accused of having a hand in the hacking over the up coming release "the interview" it depicts an attempt to assassinate north korea leader. they have denied involvement. if you need to take a trip to the post office be prepared for a long wait. it will be the busiest mailing day of the year. more than 600 million cards and packages are expected to be processed tomorrow of the post office will be open seven-days this coming week to handle the increased holiday load. fedex will work overtime as well. they are expected to move a 22.6 million packages tomorrow alone. that would be the single busiest day in the company's
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history. fedex says they said a lot of it comes from online shopping. it is easy for businesses to keep track of what we buy but it is a lot harder to tell why we buy. now, that is where the field of consumer neuroscience comes in. a new high-tech way for retailers to track shoppers subconsciously. catherine houser tried it out. >> wearing these fabulous glasses. >> they are fashionable. >> reporter: today i am part of a shopping experiment. >> you would be surprised how many companies are using it. >> how do i look? >> with a special camera connected to these glass >> and sensors on my fingers. >> those nerves come from the emotion centers of your brain. >> reporter: they are now ready to shop. >> i love this. >> reporter: as they broad through betsy jenny, scientists are tracking my eye movement and the electricity is my skin. >> what we are collecting here are things we are not good at
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articulating with words. >> things that you don't realize as a shopper that is going on. >> yes. >> reporter: it is called consumer neuroscience. companies are hiring people like dr. carl marcie at boston interscope research to get valuable shopper intel. >> if you can getted in of their head a little bit. >> we with are. >> reporter: in the seconds before we knowingly decide to buy our brains react and we don't realize it. with the right tools they can tap into the few seconds of subconscious and the professor says that information can sometimes give retailers a boost. >> if we present that in engaging in if a fun way people have a better experience, sometimes they but more. >> there is no buy button in the brain or manipulation, we are talking about using tools to create a better retail experience. >> moving a sale sign from ceiling to eye level. deciding which out fits to put on the man -- mannequin.
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>> a shopper comes in the store any way i usually look where they go. >> reporter: at betsy jenny one-on-one customer service is key. but others this could be the norm. >> the new playing field is our own subconscious. >> the research helped overhaul one of the iconic labels, campbell soup can, it features steam coming from the soup bowls because they found customers reacted favorably when the soup looked warm. tonight, having a look in downtown to the right of your screen in a minute you will be able to see, well, two restaurants, one is the trident. and our photographer is panning over bridge way and the waterfront shots down in downtown where you can see it
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has begun to rain. a similar sight is seen over the bay area tonight. here is why. you get a view. picking up all of the showers that just blossomed if in the last few hours in the bay area. you can see cells coming down in central san francisco, the east bay and then down along san francisco and to the peninsula. the santa cruz mountains could be picking up rain. now, series of simples coming through the bay area, plenty of wet the next few theys, cameras all fogged up on the bridge, the numbers, now, mostly in the 50s, low 50s at concord and oakland and livermore in san francisco, 55 degrees where it has been for the last five hours, san skwroes a55 degrees, san skwroes a50, out the door, wet, give yourself extra time tomorrow. this will not be a commute in the middle of -- san jose 55 degrees, san jose 50 out the
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door and wet, give yourself extra time tomorrow. this will not be a commute in the middle of a rainstorm. now, not a cold front moving over us just moisture coming from the south in advance of the cold front off shore. here you can see it popcorn- like cells. so it looks wet and just as we begin do dry out from this system in the early going on tuesday another one is on the heels of this. the storm is backing up on the pacific. not the scale of thursday but with the, you know, the ground already wet, everything runs off quickiely. not going to take much to spike the levels on the rivers in the bay area, the russian river swollen and the napa river and
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petaluma not going to get to flood stage. but this is mother nature, you need to be vigilant. low pressure system brings in another system on tuesday and wednesday. so, we don't really get much of a break. not going to be continuous. we don't get a break until thursday. we will go to partly cloudy conditions, after that, another system coming in on friday. a weak one on friday. the future cast for the next 36 hours, looking for up to 2 inches of rain in the north bay. more of that in the mountains, an inch at the bay and san francisco and the south bay. the mountains, three inches of rain in the next 24 hours, and they had much there. gamers wet on out there, too. expecting showers tonight, rain tomorrow, and more on tuesday and wednesday. we will finally go to partly cloudy conditions by thursday. give yourself extra time. one element that is missing from this, not going to get powerful winds,en winds out of the south to 30 miles an hour tomorrow. and, snow up -- not going to
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get powerful winds, there will be winds out of the south to 30 miles an hour tomorrow. and, snow up in the mountains, weekend, we will go to partly cloudy conditions, so, expect wet and we will have all of the latest from the morning news tomorrow, carry an umbrella, ann? when it comes to over the top marriage proposals, it this one missed the mark. a crane crashes the party as a man's carefully laid plans go wrong. for the first time in the jim har baugh era, the 49ers are -- jim harbaugh era the 49ers are not going to the mayoffs. >> you get beat -- playoffs. >> you get beat in every
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staeuplg -- every stage of the game that is what happens ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the 42-year old, 17-story building disappeared into a cloud of dust in seconds. the building wasn't safe for that is all it took in southeast michigan. a building disappeared into a cloud of dust. the building was not safe for
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remodeling, the developer brought it down. no plans for that sight. >> tonight, a man in the netherlands pulled off a marriage proposal that his fiancee will never forget for all of the wrong reasons, it ended with a crane crashing through her neighbor's roof, the plan planned to be hoisted into his girlfriend's backyard to pop the question. before he could do it, the truck holding the crane tipped over, despite the plans failure, nobody was hurt and believe it or not she said yes, of course she did, we'll be right back. ,,,,
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thousands of penguin couplee taking over. and there are lots of babies. the penguins are gathering here because there is less one of the world's cutest invasions. thousands of penguins are taking over. where there are penguin couples there are babies, there are fewer predators attacking them this year. one reason, might be climate change. happy holidays for the royal couple. the duke and duchess are offering up new photos of pwreupbs george for -- prince george. we have to stay tuned as we tell you about my coworkers national television appearance ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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so you could put a holiday twist on the build-your-own grand slam?


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