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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 15, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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in the bay area, first, we'll find out when it will stop. >> it started at 11:30 at my house. oh my god, it is coming earlier than what we forecasted. we knew it is coming and it is moving an advancement of their initial timing. what's up, what's happening? >> we did not expect all this so early. that's what's happening. look at all the different shade and the yellows and reds. usually i zip on into look at the hardest hit at this time. everybody is experiencing moderate to heavy rain. look at that 580 and 680 on corridor. we'll have airport delays and a good possibility. a flash flood watches is being issued and we'll be on top of that. rain is coming down and a
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couple of traffic alerts to watch for. south 680 and vargas. you can see the slow down now, it is slowing both directions. and actually my producer just gave me word that this traffic ale cleared. and of course, we are getting words of a new crash, this one is on the bay bridge right there by treasure island and it is a treacherous spot. it is all a little bit of pondering there on the road ways this morning. i checked and there is 27 accidents already. >> the rain is coming down and the wind is increasing. >> welcome to the bay area. >> thank you. >> well, anonymous artist collective says it is behind the
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placement of three card board effigies strung up in the campus. news website berkeley reports this is an attempt to link past abuses with current moving of police shooting and racial profiling. notice a student isted on campus. >> campus' police have not confirm the artist's claim and they want to talk with who ever put up those effigies. officers' controversial behavior on twitter. he posted this message on friday. by the way, if anyone feels they cannot breathe, i will be at the theater tonight, off duty and carrying my gun. he says he will kill anyone who threatens him or his father.
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>> san jose police department says they are revealing matter. the father of michael brown, the teenager killed by a police officer in ferguson missouri is in san francisco. michael brown senior made some remarks inside the church. . and brown senior says he's going city to city to talk about the issue. >> enough is enough. we got to stay strong together. >> [ applause ] >> the rally happened inside a church where do martin luther king junior once spoke. he will be at mission high school in san francisco this afternoon. aubrey andrews have not been heard from more than a week. her husband spoke out.
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>> edward andrews explain how the disappearance of his wife is impacting his 3-year-old son. >> he has no clue how their unborn child is doing. >> edward's wife is nine months pregnant and has been missing for eight days. >> the baby could come right now, today or tonight. >> the police are now putting out a call for help from the public. >> that's unusually a long time for a person to be gone without contacting their family members. >> officer justin brown says no foul play is expected, because andrews is nine months pregnant, they are concerned of the safety of the baby. >> that's another human life. we want to track her down as quickly as possible and find the location. >> police believe andrews could be staying with friends or family in los angeles. her husband saw her on saturday december 6th when she left her home. her husband says he knew she was upset and leaving the house for a bit but did
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not expect her to be gone this long without contacting family and friends. >> edward says she left nothing. >> kpix 5 news. >> police are looking on whether she maybe staying someone down there. the hard interrogation technique is not going away. john mccain is one of those against the technique. mccain is tortured as a pow in vietnam. when the cia interrogated al al-qaeda and 9/11, it violated the convention against torture. former president dick cheney is against the tactics. >> those who over saw the program says all the techniques used or approved, the justice
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department says there is not evidence evidence in the report to bring charges. today, the city council is expected to make its smoking ban tougher from lighting up within 25 feet from door ways to businesses. now, the council will take a proposal to extend the band to commercial areas and the standard shopping center. the beefed up band could also ban e-cigarettes. some members are still seeking amendments. the house passed the bill on thursday, president obama has indicated he will sign itment . today is an important day to enrollment for coverage of health insurance. everyone should look at their options because monthly premiums have changed since some plans are no longer available.
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5:06, a major mild stone, details this morning on how close the state is from rolling out an earthquake early warning system. >> and taking a check at the wet roads around bay area. here is a live look of the rain coming down right now in oakland. and we have a major traffic alert in fremont, we'll tell you your worst spots. it is coming up. >> you nailed it. the rain is coming down throw the bay area. we'll track this latest storm together as the news continues right here on kpix 5.
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shall high sch cisco does it year-round ame design class it is a global program that help first graders to learn at the basic level. >> they do it year around with a special game designing class. michelle has today's cool school. >> jackson chen is describing a video game he and a partner is creating. >> and then after you find the map, it tries to get weapons to defeat the zombies. >> game design is part of a new
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two year program at marshal high school. it teaches seniors and juniors complete coding. >> computers are extremely powerful. you have to give them explicit instructions. you cannot tell the computer to make me a sandwich and expect a sandwich to appear, okay, you have to it to take out the bread or the butter. >> they use the basics moving characters around and use coding. >> they're not only learning coding but a chance of marketing and the psych ecology of the game. ology of the game. >> to make something that i actually
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like or to play, it is cool. >> the idea is getting these young people who love playing games, to love designing them and maybe one day making it their career. >> thinking how to build them and to be able to learn these kind of things, i feel motivated. >> why not, it is a passion and let them do it. i did a piece of coding a week ago. some of the kids have apps now in the store from the games they put together. bravo. >> so they might as well be the creator as well. >> you got three kids, and they go nuts on it. hey, you can e-mail your nominations for us at and we might come out and feature your school on our show. absolutely. new this morning, a new earthque
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warning system starting january 5st. 1st. a margin experts say will be crucial. so far government agencies haved access. the state receives congressional funding and a budget bill pass this weekend. the bay area getting hit more rain. kpix 5 live in the district where residents are ready for whatever the storm brings. there you are again. >> reporter: yeah, you know another week and another storm. we are live here at the corner of 17 and folsom. this is a spot that's known for flooding. residents and businesses at thin did not take away the stand sandbags from the last storm. the storm cannot keep up with the flow of water when the rain were heavy. last week, this location was hit with 3 feet of flooding and
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many locations had to shut down so they can dry out. redwood city, residents at a mobile home part also spent the weekend mopping up. they got swamped on friday. the flood waters are gone for now at least. people who legislative there tes the canal next door is the problem. they want the city to step into fix it. >> we should get together and other owners should get together with the city to build the fence here. the company does not flood anymore because they h cement. >> residents say they also have a problem with the drain systems. there is a couple of them and they are easily overwhelmed when there is a big storm. this storm is colder than last one and it is coming down pretty good here. it has been this way for a couple of hours now. no sign of flooding just yet . we are live in san francisco, kpix 5.
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my brother is a roofing contact over the east bay, i think he had 150 calls on thursday or friday. >> he cannot go out and fix everybody's and work through the weekend and monday comes and boom, you will get nail again. >> boom, we'll get nail on tuesday and friday as well. it is a busy week as far as as weather is concerned. i have this on my desk right now. let's get to our high doppler radar. good morning everyone. we are tracking right now, take a look at north bay from santa ros however, these however, these are the areas that's affected right now. also, financial district and richmond district and north beach and also china town, we pull on out, take a look at the bay bridge.
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it is smacked with moderate rainfalls at this hour. when you start to see colors orange and red, that's not good right right now. this is san jose, light to moderate rainfalls all the way dow to widow glenn. 880, you start to hear the heavier rain drops on the roof there. this is another major player. this is a scene at the golden gate bridge. you can look at the road ways with wet conditions. san francisco is at 51 degrees . winter out of the southeast, 10 to 20. look there carefully, could you see it side way of the rain showers. you need extra time for both commute. this is a cold front. we have a southwest flow. it is a little bit tropical in nature and as it
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continues to lift to the north, it is injecting out of the bay area as we speak. this is going to provide another couple inches of rain and throughout the bay area. perhaps, even more than that in the high elevations of the water locations of the north bay mountains and santa cruz mountains. we'll need that umbrella. okay, 24 hour rainfall totals ad over two inches in san rafael and back in nevada. and we are talking about maybe a 3/10 of an inch. we'll have real life temperatures into the 50s. slightly below average if not spot on for this time of the year. the extended forecast, there you have more rain on tuesday. a little bit light lingering showers on wednesday and a break on thursday. we can track all of these together.
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all you have to do is download our cbs bay area's app. you can search kpix and download the weather app. it is available on both iphones and android phones. i use it and i love it. we are seeing more accidents today than we saw on thursday with that powerful storm. this is more people on the road. this driver got caught in a puddle of water southbound 680 approaching canyon road and now two lanes are blocked. we are hearing an over turn accident there. of course, we'll continue to fow this traffic alert in fremont. this is not one but two big rigs on southbound 680 at vargas. the delays are getting worst instead of better. two lanes are blocked and back to sheridan right now and we are seeing delays in the northbound lanes as well.
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the flooding concern continues along 101. if you are coming through redwod city, number three lanes are flooded northbound. . otherwise, we also heard of some flooding coming in san mateo. here is a live look at golden gate bridge, the roads are wet and we see those windshield wipers going quite a bit. they're still reporting some pondering on the road ways there. bay bridge looks okay right now. the rain is coming down. they are looking to clear an accident as well westbound 80 near trash island. i will let you know if that changes. that's our traffic. back to you guys. gas prices are averaging well under $3 a gallon nationwide. triple-a says the national average is $2.
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55 for a gallon of regular . oakland is $2. 88. as usual the average price in san francisco is a bit higher. his marriage proposal went horribly wrong. the man plans to pop the question but before he could do it, yeah, the truck, you see it there -- tipped over and that's it went despite the plan's spectacular failure and believe it or not, she said "yes". >> oh, thank god. >> coming up, the warriors win streak gets a tough pass in the big easy.
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and the jim harbaugh's incident yesterday. in seattle. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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malone was hired in june la year, after being an assistt coach to mark jackson with e warriors. although t the sacramento kings fired head coach maloney last night. the team's loss -- they have
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lost eight of their last ten games. tyron corbin will be elevated to assistant to interim head coach. good morning everyone, when the detroit lions won yesterday afternoon, that meant the 49ers had to win their game. jim harbaugh is meeting pete carroll for the last time as coach of 49ers. touchdown, san francisco, they led 7-3. third quarter, it is still 7-3. watch marshawn lynch walking ine end zone. the 49ers are eliminated now in with the 7-7 record. >> raiders are looking for their 7th straight win. kansas city wins 31-13, the raiders are 2-12.
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golden state is down one. zack curry misses it and the game goes in overtime. curry hits the 3 and made a huge lead at that time. extending their win streak to 16 games. great for the warriors. as for jim harbaugh, if you would like to vote, should the 49ers keep him or let him go,, cast your votes and we'll have the results tonight at 6:00. have a great day. how about your play of the day, we got dolphins, second quarter, ryan tannehill looking deep. he's going to make a ridiculous one and now he goes out of bound or did he? no touchdown but further review and considered the catch. he got the two feet in and making that great catch, oh, by the way, won the game with 41-13. but, not before the play of
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the day. >> it is 5:25,' tis to find diamonds in the christmas tree. live in san francisco, another week and another storm. just as we are drying off on the rain last week, here we are again. ,,,,,,,,,,
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for a missing california wo. who's due to give birth any. that's without a trace this morning. the frantic search for a missing california woman who's due to give birth any day. a gunman holding hostages in
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austria. how this could be related on the war on terror. >> we'll track the storm together with our live radar. >> we got traffic alerts for east bay. >> good morning to a busy morning, it is monday, december 15th. >> happy monday everyone, it is 5:30. it is going to be a wet start to the workweek. >> it is already is. bay area is getting hi with more torrential rains. seems like you have been there before, right? >> >> reporter: yeah, this is the fourth or fifth day of a storm coverage this year. anyway, complaining about the drought in the middle of the rainstorm is not a good idea. the good thing about this storm from last week is the folks are prepared for the worst. you can see a lot of them left
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their sandbags out from last week. getting ready for whatever what happens today, flooding here as been a common problem. one of the reasons for flooding is the slope of the street. the draining system cannot keep up with the flow of water. some businesses that flooded out just stayed close until things could dry out. one man was hit with three feet of flooding and another storm on the way. >> now, i don't care, no problem. if it comes tomorrow, now, i don't care. >> reporter: yeah, it is already here and coming down for a couple of hours now. residents at the mobile home park spent the weekend mopping up. they got swamped on friday and a lot of their homes were red tagged. flood waters are gone, the canal next door is the problem. also those storm drain could not keep up with the flood. back here here live in
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san francisco, it is coming down steadily now. we'll keep an eye at this situation here at 17 and folsom. if it gets worse in any part of the city we'll bring you the latest. now, we are live in san francisco, kpix 5. thank you, the rain will make its way to sou california where people are recovering from the storm. making it vulnerable from the storm because there are not many trees to stand up to all that mud and soil and it is flown in a number of neighborhoods. >> i was taking my dog out yesterday and it was beautiful and you see the greens, it was nice to see that. >> last week, it was dry and there was no creek and this week, a roaring creek.
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>> there you go, bear. >> you know, as soon as i get done with this, i am calling national service, we have a lot of pondering on the road ways. right now, this is what's causing the. ponding. >> it is raining and pouring. we have moderate rainfalls to light rainfalls. san jose back in the willow glenn area and cupertino and campbell, it is a nasty morning commute coming in. heading towards that 586 and corridor and pleasanton, light to moderate rain right now. we do have some heavy rainfalls right now around the bay bridge as well. we'll have high temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the winds will blow out of
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the southeast at 20 miles per hour. we'll have heavier rainfalls by tuesday afternoon. elizabeth, coming up later in te program, we'll tell you how much rain to expect. roberta mentions, the rain is coming down in some parts of the east bay. i want to show you the commute there. northbound 101 and lucky. you n watch the cars making good size splashes. drivers could get through but watch out for the rain. now, let's go out the paths. 205 and 580 down with a lot of rain. traffic down to a crawl. obviously, these are below 15 miles per hour. and you can see why. that's your latest kpix traffic, back to you guys. an non u.s. is claiming
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responsibles for three card board effigies. the artist calls the images an attempt to link past abuses with racial profiling and police shooting. the student spotted on camera, we apologize to black americans who felt further attack by this work. campus police have not confirm the artist claim and they still want to talk to whoever put up those effigies. officer phillip white posted this message on saturday. by the way, if anyone feels they cannot breathe or their lives matter, i will be at the movies tonight off duty, carrying my gun. he says he will kill anyone that threatens him and his family. san jose police department says they are reviewing that matter. the father of the teenager shot and killed by a police
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officer in ferguson missouri is in san francisco. he spoke out yesterday during a special church service. your christian is there. ♪ ♪ >> the third baptist church was filled with music and a standing room with crowds on sunday afternoon. it was filled with impassion calls for change. >> it is time and we are going to take this issue of policing. >> an issue that prompted rallies across the n including the bay area. >> the gathering drew comparisons to the civil rights rally in the 1960s doctor martin luther king junior once spoke inside this very church. [ applause ] >> this time, it was michael
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brown senior's turn. >> brown senior says he's going to city and city fighting and speaking out to police brutality. >> enough is enough, we got to stand strong together. [ applause ] >> christian hartnett, kpix 5. >> michael brown senior will be at mission high school this afternoon. aubrey andrews have not been heard from more than a week. she was upset at the time but he did not expect her to be gone for so long away with his son. right now a gunman is holding hostages at a cafe in sidney austria at a standoff that's been going on for 15
5:38 am
hours. police positioning outside of the cafe in central sidney. the number of remaining hostages is unclear. negotiators are talking with thn . at one hostages were seen holding up a flag resembles on terrorist. john mccain has been a vocal critic of the tactics. it violated the convention against torture. dick cheney defended the interre is what al-qaida did to 3000 americans on 99/11. federal government will remain up and running for another year. that's good news there. $1. 1 trillion spending bill is approved. members are seeking for amendmew
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. president obama has indicated he will sign it. 5:38 now. new discovery from the hack attack. hackers got their hands on. >> plus, you have been doing it all year with your friends and what twitter says of the top trend of 2014.
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december. according rapaport diamond new report well, there maybe an extra twinkle around your christmas tree. diamond sores this december. americans spend more than $6 bin during the final month of the year. all diamond sells sales happen this december. you see all the guys going , what's that and i need help.
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>> okay, lats walk you over here let's walk you over here to buy your diamonds. jill wagner of cbs joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: the market could rebound after its bi weekly loss for more than two years. on friday alone it is 215 points and the nasdaq has been down by 55 points on friday. one of the main reasons behind this is crude oil price are dropping. it has fallen 47% this year. it is down and sflie is upply is way up. the silver lining of this, drivers are enjoying the lowest gas prices in about four years. lower gas prices are helping shipping companies,
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fed sex says fedex says today is the biggest day ever. and hopefully avoiding what happened last year, major u.s. companies were overwhelmed with online orders and they could not deliver gifts on time for the holiday. thank you, juliet. speaking of the holidays, there is a no of what people do not want under the tree, one of them is a surprise. . >> reporter: liquor tops the list of this holiday season. they're all around the do not want list. if you do plan to buy alcohol, go for wine. the list of gifts that people don't want is flowers.
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i think diamonds everyone wants. >> jill, wagner, cbs money watch .com. thank you. new this morning, bill cosby is speaking publicly after a flood of allegations. he expects the black media to stay new ral in the mist of allegations. he also praised his wife who stood by him. he faces assaults from more than 2 dozen women. what's being leaked of the upcoming film and how the producers are responding. >> the cast of the next james bond film is being rolled out when sony is pronouncing of the hit. hackers have stolen the draft script.
5:45 am
in a statement posted on the official oo7 website, the producer is vowing to take all necessary steps against the thieves and against anyone who mak infringes use. the last bond movie "sky fall" earned $1. 1 billion and counting. the company has both reasons and means to apply the lawyer version of "license to kill". the script hack is part of in filtration. including embarrassing e-mails by executives lead to the public. the hackers are promising a christmas surprise. >> sony has no idea who they are.
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the north koreans denied involvement, sony bans reporter of the film premier this week in case they ask embarrassing questions. cbs news, rome. >> attack happens at the end of september. time for traffic from liz. >> yeah, it has been busy out there and a lot of little tie ups there. >> yeah, we have seen it. >> i think three dozen incidents this morning. people are surprise by how hard the rain is coming down and you may be surprise of how big the backups are now over the bay bridge. if you commute in san francisco everyday, you know that is super early because of an accident that's cleared on the shoulder now on treasure island. we are told that there is still a number of
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emergency vehicles out there right before you reach the tunnel. it is backup all the way into macarthur. you can see 580 is slow on 24. always out and looking through e incline and all the way out half the tunnel and past treasure island and it clears out a little bit heading into san francisco. a traffic alert remains in effect on fremont. early this morning, they have not been able to clear this rig. i know they are calling a number of crews and the delay is getting worse, you can see it is all jammed up on highway 84. that and you are seeing those major delays and lanes are blocked because of the big rigs. here is a look at those road ways. rains are coming down hard in bay areas. if you are heading through the
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peninsula, northbound 101 at third, reports blocking a couple of lanes and reports on 101 and near caesar chavez and san francisco. you can see how snowy it is out there on the interstate 880 and in the sierra. that's your latest. your high deft doppler is lighting all sorts of color. good morning everybody, the national weather service have not yet issued a flood watch. they have issued a hazardous state, basically saying take a look at that, it is bad outside. the bay area is being slammed all night from rain. there you have the break near nevada and mill
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valley, we have the heavy precipitation around the bay bridge and from walnut creek streaming in on 680 south and north and also san ramon and then you go further to the south, pleasanton with a lot of ponding on the road ways. take a look at the peninsula , i don't need to say much about that. it is pouring and raining hard. these are the temperatures currn the 40s and 50s. winds are out of the southeast at 10 to 20 and continues to be on tn breezy side throughout the morning afternoon. the rain will continue throughout the evening commute, we are going to be in and out of the rain all week long. this big view, this is the satellite radar. we have the core center, the air is way out of the pacific ocean. this is happening at the southwest flow at this time.
5:50 am
over the next 24 hours, the totals will tally up to over just about over 2 and a half inches. approaching an inch in san francisco and over 6/10 in hayward, this is a lot of rain and we have more heavier rain coming tuesday afternoon. 50s and 60s is our daytime highs for today. you are factoring that wind will feel a little bit on the raw side. rain turns over to showers this afternoon. we have showers and scattered tuesday morning and heavier rain on tuesday afternoon. a lingering possible on wednesday before we buy a little bit of a break on thursday. we have another storm read doiy to move in on friday. so again, we'll watch carefully before a flash flood watch to be issued. we have a lot of pondering on this road way. >> i think a lot of people waking up and surprise, they
5:51 am
knew this storm is coming. it is remarkable at this hour. >> especially in the middle of the night. >> thanks. twitter says 2014 has been the year of the selfie. the word has been mentioned in tweets 92 million times this year. that's a 5% increase. the most retweeted was a selfie of ellen degeneres of the night of the awards and among that is the tweet of "black life matters".
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good morning bay area, on this monday is as brand new workweek and a brand new storm that's slamming the bay area this morning. moderate downpours and we'll tell you the numbers and how much more rain to expect. >> i will show you some videos coming into the news room.
5:55 am
pictures taken moments ago of a big rig, actually, a couple of big rigs. it is causing a huge traffic jam this morning in the southbound lanes. we'll tell you about injuries and what it is doing to your morning commute. police is investigating a death of a man found shot in a parked car. an unresponsive man in the car pronounced dead on the scene and so far no arrest. 5:55 right now, airport workers meeting again today continuing of a new contract negotiating. . without a contract for more than 16 months. last week, more than 1000 workers walked out of a job for a strike. . walnut creek tightening its
5:56 am
ban on plastic bags. beginning thursday, restaurants will not be giving you plastic bags for take out. well, the state ban will extend to convenient stores and liquor stores until july 17th. congress has agreed on a trillion dollars spending plan to fund the government. how the compromise could make california a whole lot safer during major earthquakes. >> another storm is making its way through the bay area. the sandbags are out and folks are ready.
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and i'm frank mallicoat
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good morning to you, it is monday december 15th. >> good morning everyone, i am frank, it is 6:00. if you are waking up, the bay area is getting another round of much needed rain this morning. that's right off 101 right there. and apparently things are getting to start up for a couple of days here. we have seen some of the issues on the road this morning. two tractor trailers near fremont moments ago is blocking parts of i-80. let's kick it off with roberta with a look at the storm. >> take a look at our high doppler radar, it is lit up. you see the colors of yellow and orange. north bay was getting hammered all night l


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