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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 16, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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not steam to deter this motor signing -- did not seem to deter this motorcyclist. business owners were sweeping outstanding water. tiburon was flooded in the town hall when the marsh overflowed. today public works as clearing debris and cutting branches to prevent a repeat and then there are the hills. >> landslides are always a concern. our hillsides are saturated so we are keeping an eye on those. >> reporter: at least one home was slammed and damaged by mud. homeowners know the drill and try to prepare. for the second night in a row, public works, fire and police will be on standby ready to go in the middle of the night. >> the rain is going to come but we can prepare to some degree. >> reporter: all this rain in the middle of the drought puts us in an awkward position. no one wants to speak ill of these storms. >> we need the rain. i want to fill the reservoirs, not my house. >> that was ann notarangelo reporting there. all the rain has filled
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marin county's alpine lake to the brim. it's the first time the gates are opened in two years. the water district reports 4" of rain in the last 24 hours and more is on the way. this is marin's main water supply and is 135% above normal for this time of year. chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking the latest storm. paul. >> reporter: it makes you shake your head because one month ago today, we were begging for rainfall. we had not seen much so far in november. things have changed. here's a look at kpix 5 hi-def doppler. yet another round of evening heavy rainfall. this is for marin and napa and sonoma all the way down to monterey and santa cruz counties. right in between we find another soaker for you in san jose. it is pouring in woodside, san mateo, burlingame, foster city, union city.
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the entire area is raining. it's everywhere heavy rain. check the rainfall totals as percentage of average: >> san jose is 7 times the normal rainfall of normal rainfall in december. four times in san francisco and oakland not factoring the current rain. it is the wettest start to a december ever in the bay area. records go back to the year 1849. and if it did not rain one more drop for the rest of the month, this already would be the wettest month since december of 2005. we have not been this wet in a month in a decade and it's december 16. because of all of this the flood advisory is issued expiring at 8:30 tonight. north bay, flooded roads, flooded small streams, travel with caution. you already know that. we have more rain. there is an end in sight. we'll talk about when rain finally stops coming up. we'll see you then, thanks. the saturated ground from all
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this rain was not strong enough to hold this tree. south 280 south san francisco south of westboro boulevard was closed. the tree blocked three lanes this afternoon. highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains had the same thing around 4 a.m. a pine fell dragging down power lines near glenwood drive. all lanes were blocked for three hours. traffic was a mess. lafayette saw multiple trees down some splintered in half. others completely toppled over. cops had to direct traffic around deer hill road while crews cleared the tree. the red cross is extending its san mateo shelter until the end of the week because of all the storms. 52 people stayed here overnight on makeshift beds in the middle of the san mateo college gym. most of the people are from a mobile home park in belmont. several homes were red-tagged
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when rainwater flooded that park. the storm has disrupted travel for hundreds of people at sfo 48 flights canceled today. some flights are delayed more than 2 hours. no reports of delays at san jose or at oakland. a bad santa has robbed a bank in san francisco and it's how go the away that's making it so difficult to catch him. kpix 5's joe vazquez explains it's turned into a, where's waldo, game for police, joe. >> reporter: for all the children who may be watching, we want to make it clear this is not the real santa claus. this is a santa's helper gone really naughty. take a look at this video. these are photos, surveillance photos just released by the fbi san francisco office. there you see the suspect wearing a santa's outfit. his beard is ill fitting there so you can see the features of his face. this santa is a con. union square just after 1:00 saturday. police say a man dressed as santa claus walked into a bank in the 400 block of sutter
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street. the only bank here is a wells fargo. police say the robber hanked the teller the note. the teller gave the cash. then he left into this. [ screaming ] >> reporter: one of the largest gatherings of santa clauses in the country. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: an event called santacon. hundreds of people dressed as santa claus who then scattered throughout san francisco to drink and especially to be merry. an interesting getaway to sleigh the least. >> the suspect decided to take advantage of this event dressed as a santa and went to the bank and robbed it. >> reporter: if it seems like a movie plot, it actually has been. but it has happened in real life, too. here's the case in australia where a robber santa jumped the counter and cleaned out a register another in florida. there have been other costumes, too. darth vader, a nun, and, um, whatever this is supposed to be.
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as ridiculous as all of this is, it's very serious. >> and that is why the fbi and sfpd are working together to try to come up with some idea of how that guy disappeared into the crowd and who he may be. if recognize his photo, call one of those agencies. live in the newsroom, i'm joe vazquez. a san francisco startup company is using the highly popular dating site tinder to catch a thief. police say this woman has been robbing [ indiscernible ] headquarters south of market since last summer. build zoom created this tinder profile in hopes someone will recognize her. the caption reads, i rob offices in san francisco. this surveillance video shows the woman with an accomplice breaking into the business. the reward for identifying the woman is $5,000. developing news. slaughter at a pakistan school. tonight survivors are sharing horrifying stories of a terror
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attack that killed 145 people. taliban gunmen stormed the hallways shooting children and their teachers. [ siren ] >> reporter: one ambulance after another rushed terrorists victims to the hospital. police say 7 taliban gunmen scaled the walls of the military-run school screaming, god is great, and started killing children randomly. the siege lasted hours. pakistan's military killed the attackers in a gun battle. more than 130 children many of them between the ages of 12 and 16 did not survive. 10 staffers were also killed. survivors described chaos one student saying he used his school tie as a tourniquette after the terrorist shot him during a math test. another hid under a bench when an attacker called out, kill them. >> it's an act of horror. >> reporter: the u.n. secretary- general says going to school should not be an act of
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bravery. president obama called the attack heinous. and nobel peace prize winner malala yousefzai says she is heartbroken by the cold-blooded act of terror. the taliban tried to kill malala in 2012 because she refused to stop going to school. >> we stand with the people who are suffering from this. >> reporter: the taliban spokesman is claiming responsibility for the attack calling it revenge for a recent deadly offensive by the pakistani military. first the embarrassing emails. now the sony hacking takes a chilling turn. the threat against movie-goers around the country. >> someone wasn't paying attention to their safety information card. one airline passenger's excuse for using the inflatable slide. >> they know that they may not [ indiscernible ] why should they? >> the secret to saving online. how playing hard to get could get you better deals. ,,,,,,
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san jose bar plagued by violence. state alcohol regulators moved in and officially shut down a north san jose park plagued by violence. we reported on crimes at he will torahs ceo before. the most recent a shooting in october. neighbors tell us fights spilled into the streets hookers loiters out front and drugs were sold at el tarasco. state authorities posted a notice of suspension sign today. the liquor license is also suspended. san jose police have arrested four men suspected of robbing women all over the bay area. of their jewelry. this is one of those crimes caught on camera. they ripped the jewelry from necks in public places. the suspects would punch the victims until they could get away with the gold sometimes showing gun as a threat. the suspects range in age from 18 to 30 all of them are san jose residents.
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they have been booked on multiple counts of robbery. police are looking into whether there are other victims. a nearly two-day manhunt for a killer in pennsylvania came to an end this afternoon. police found the body of marine veteran bradley stone in a wooded area near philadelphia. authorities say he died of a self-inflicted stab wound after killing six people. investigators say stone went on a shooting raj page yesterday morning. he is suspected of killing his ex-wife and five relatives of hers following a custody dispute. the comedy "the interview" depicts a cia plot to kill north korean leader kim jong- un. a terrorist group is warning people to stay away from the theaters and leave their homes if they live nearby. homeland security says there's no credible evidence of an actual plot.
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>> i don't think people should be afraid of going to the theater to see this movie. that achieves the goals terrorists set. they hurt our economy or people's ability to enjoy the holidays, they succeed. >> the group also released about 8,000 emails from the in box of sony entertainment's ceo michael linton. the hackers called the data dump the beginning of a christmas gift. let the competition begin. the bay area's olympic dreams rest on a big pitch today. the major development just a short time ago. >> california lottery changing things up with a new prize. it won't make you a millionaire but it may make your mouth water. ,, ,,
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20-24 olympic summer games. th is we have just learned the u.s. olympic committee will make a bid for the 2024 olympic summer games and that means the bay area is officially in the running. our own mike sugerman is in redwood city where the announcement was made in just the past hour. mike. >> reporter: that's right. that's news that the u.s. will make an olympic bid for 2024. two olympics ago they didn't make a bid because they didn't think they had a good chance. they met here today in redwood city and said they made the bid
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because they had all four presentations from the cities involved. that would be l.a., boston, washington and the bay area. strong bids they called them. a decision on a u.s. city will come early next year and a decision the final decision internationally 2.5 years. now, the u.s. committee thinks that the olympic people internationally want to come to it the u.s. in 2024. and, of course, bay area bidders think that they want to come here, as well. >> i think there is a feeling amongst the members that the games have been away from the united states for a long time. and summer 2024 is -- it is a time where we have an opportunity to host the games successfully. >> i think we did well. i think we did well. we -- we, um, got our message across. it was -- seemed to be well received. we feel very pleased and, um, we just have to take the next
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step. >> reporter: all right. a decision will come on the u.s. city in the next couple of months. and then they will bid against paris, rome, istanbul and a dozen other cities. a lot of cities drop out because of the cost. but the u.s. city said they will put a limit on how much anyone can spend, $5 billion down from $50 billion in sochi. in redwood city, mike sugerman, kpix 5. a federal jury in oakland ruled in favor of apple in a billion-dollar class action lawsuit over ipod pricing. plaintiffs argue the company was able to overcharge for the devices because their incompatible nature with other customers made it difficult to switch. the jurors decided for apple. steve jobs was the star witness in a video deposition taken before his death in 2011. talk about making a quit
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exit. an airline passenger couldn't wait for the plane to reach the terminal so he popped open the door, deployed the emergency shute while the plane was on the tarmac. look carefully, you can see the chute. it happened last night at an airport in china. when police confronted the man, he said he didn't realize it was an emergency exit. what's that? with a big handle on it? when asked why he opened the door his response was, to get off the plane quicker. [ laughter ] tonight is the first night of chanukah. take a live look right now. san francisco's union square just gorgeous outside it is the first candle on the giant menorah which will be lit soon. it's the festival of lights. it commemorates of rededication of the temple in jerusalem during the maccabee revolt in 165bc. >> we are keeping an "eye on the storm" with a live look in
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san jose tonight. looking southbound on highway 101, that's the mckee exit. the road is slick but you know what? traffic not too bad there. a lot of rainfall. we have had a ton of rainfall lately. >> it's unbelievable. >> pretty surprising the earlier numbers. the percentages of normal for december. >> normal rainfall for san jose, 7 times normal rainfall. perhaps too much rain in too short a period of time. we need a break on the rainfall. you're not getting it on the roads. between now and 7:00 it will continue to pour throughout the bay area. petaluma highway 101 pouring. interstate 80 toward the nut tree in fairfield pouring. highway 4, 680, 24, 580, 880, you name the highway, it is wet right now all around the bay area. one break is in the south bay where we're not seeing rainfall from palo alto south of san
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jose but trust me, we have plenty more coming and one heavy cell right now over the coast toward you in san mateo where the rain and wind will be picking up. many have been asking is this really putting a dent in the drought? the answer is yes. over the past month, shasta lake is up 12%. that's huge considering this is a month and a multi-year drought. folsom lake up 19%. over the past month lake oroville up 10%. we have a long way to go but we have made huge strides over the past couple of days. many of us have emailed what about the snowpack? these have been warm storms so not that much snow up there. we are still below normal but a winter weather advisories continues, the snow level is down to 4,000 feet and some of the higher peak will receive a new foot of snowfall by this time tomorrow. the tropical tap continues. we are going soaking heavy rain because we are pulling up tropical moisture giving us more rain for every storm and you have been playing that out the last couple of days trying
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to drive in it. we all have. something is going to change starting tomorrow. we'll have showers wednesday but then a ridge of high pressure builds in. that's going to change the game for us for at least a week to 10 days. friday's storm mainly misses us up to the north. we'll get a little bit of rainfall but not that much. after that, there will be no storms between friday and christmas. so if you have been wanting a break at your house or business, if you have been getting flooded, we'll have a break by the end of the week. tonight stormy with thunderstorms. showers wednesday, chance of showers friday. after that we dry out significantly. if we didn't get another drop of wayne for the whole month it would be the wettest month in 10 years. mountain view 59. concord 58 tomorrow. scattered showers in san rafael 59 the high tomorrow. we are dry on thursday. scattered showers return on friday but nothing too heavy and then look what happens saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. i'll throw in christmas eve and christmas day. we will not only be dry we'll be sunny. who would have thought we would be asking for and request a break from th rain?
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>> a nice dent in the drought. >> thank you. the california lottery has a new prize foodies are going to love. the winner will get an 18 course meal at the french laundry wine country restaurant. it is a three star michelin rated restaurant owned by acclaimed chef thomas keller. entering the contest requires a little creativity. people have to take a photograph with a scratcher and write a caption about who they would dine with. tracking your every click, retailers follow your shopping habits to decide what you pay for things. how you can take advantage to score a better price. ♪[ music ]
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at their own game. >> reporter: like many working moms, tara does most of her shopping online. >> everything from clothing to household goods to vacuum cleaners. >> reporter: and while she is always looking for a good deal, she is generally loyal to just a handful of retailers and that could ultimately cost her. >> discounting if you're a loyal customer may not be something they are going to offer. >> reporter: mark johnson of loyalty 360 explains online retailers are collecting more data than ever before. and using it to differentiate between customers who are willing to pay full prize and discount shoppers. >> they know that they may not have to offer you that discount so why should they? >> reporter: and retailers are now tracking everything from your previous purchases to your searches on other sites to what you do on social media in an effort to understand what you value most. and while that may lead to targeted offers it can also lead to targeted pricing. >> having access to all this data will really help to determine what sort of discount if any that individual will receive. >> reporter: but there are ways
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to beat retailers at their own game. always look for promo codes and not just to get the discount. using them will send a message you value deals and lower prices. also, avoid impulse purchases. in fact, abandoning your online shopping cart just before you purchase may prompt retailers to send you a promo code as an incentive to come back and buy. and if all else fails, click contact us, and simply ask for a discount. advice tara is taking to heart. >> as a consumer, you don't want people giving you a higher price because they think you'll pay a higher price. >> reporter: not all companies have access to this kind of detailed data. but that will likely change as it becomes less expensive. and coming up at 6:00, we'll show you how you can actually make money while shopping online. >> shopping and making money? [ laughter ] >> could be the perfect job. >> wow. >> it could be. an expensive job but a job nonetheless. >> all about the promo code. all right. thanks, julie. 'tis the season to shop for
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that's new at 6:00. see you at 6:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> pelley: tonight >> pelley: tonight, the slaughter of innocence. the taliban storm a pakistani school, well over 100 children are killed. clarissa ward on what the terrorists are calling revenge. the hackers that struck sony pictures are now threatening theater-goers with the warning, "remember the 11th of september." bob orr reports. oil and gas prices fall again, a pon for u.s. auto makers, but it pushes russia into a financial crisis. reports from manuel bojorquez in houston and charlie d'agata in moscow. and mark phillips on a christmas miracle-- the legend of a battlefield that became a soccer field. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley


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