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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 17, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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distractions for this organization and this football team that can no longer be top rated. >> reporter: there was a search warrant at his home last night after a woman claimed he raped her at his home the day before. neighbors said police arrived intact cal gear with assault rifles. it was the third time police were called to his home this year. in august, he was arrested for domestic violence against his pregnant fiancee. but the charges were later dropped when she refused to cooperate with police. mcdonald said then that he was falsely accused. >> you know, i know what kind of guy i was and what kind of, you know, upbringing i had and, you know, i respect women and, you know, i -- i -- i knew the truth would come out like i said i knew it would eventually come out. >> reporter: ray mcdonald's former 49er teammates stood by him during the earlier allegations. tonight at 6:00, we'll have more reaction from the clubhouse at 49ers headquarters and hear what the teammates have to say about his allegations now. live in san jose, len ramirez,
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kpix 5. >> we have posted a timeline of ray mcdonald's recent trouble with the law and the police response on you'll find it within our top story. tonight rain is threatening to mess up the commute for a second day in a row. check out the green and yellow on hi-def doppler. right now, heavy to moderate rain is coming down over the bay area. taking a live look now, rodeo beach in marin county, we sent our mobile weather unit to the coast to monitor the next round of rain and right now, right lane is falling as waves are crashing in. this is a popular surf spot. but no takers this afternoon as the waves are not coming in clean. this recent rain is being blamed for another north bay mud slide. crews closed tennessee valley road to clean it up. it will be closed until at least tomorrow. marin county declared a state of emergency because of storm damage estimated at a million dollars. the county can now ask the state and feds to help pay for
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the clean-up. kpix 5's da lin joins us live from los gatos where all this rain has caused damage but you can also see the benefits. da. >> reporter: yeah, liz. the south bay skies opened up about 40 minutes ago. you can see the light rain coming down, pretty cold, as well. and take a look at santa cruz mountains. the santa cruz mountains, gloomy skies headed toward this way moving in as we speak. some places are unable to pick up all this rain in such a short time. it wasn't raining when this massive tree came crashing down in santa clara this morning. but the ground is so saturated, the tree uprooted and collapsed on to an apartment. no one was injured. near fremont and niles canyon, chopper 5 captured small mud slides littering the roadways. they were quickly cleaned up. with the mud slide, the roof leaks come a contemporary fix we haven't seen in a while. mick cal recently put up --
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michael recently put up a tarp to protect his roof. >> we had a minor leak through a vent tap. >> reporter: while some dread the rain others say it's not enough. >> let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. that's all i got to say. ha ha! >> reporter: this man has been walking his dogs at lexington reservoir for 15 years. he said the water level is a big improvement compared to the summer. >> from what i saw it when it was at the lowest, it's a quantum leap from what it is now. >> reporter: runoff from recent storms is slowly replenish, the water supply. take the lexington reservoir for example. it's at 30% capacity. that's more than double the 13% it was at just a few weeks ago. you don't need water experts to tell you the bay area still needs a lot more rain and water to end the drought. just take a look at the water line on this tree. at one point, this reservoir was all the way up to this level. >> i hope people's mentality doesn't go back to wasting
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water. it's a precious resource. >> reporter: aside from the reservoir the south bay relies heavily on ground water. despite the recent storms the south bay is still 100,000-acre feet below normal when it comes to ground water. so even with this rain coming down, conservation is still the key. live in the south bay, i'm da lin, kpix 5. [ no microphone ] >> it is raining right now in los gatos in the entire bay area. tell you what, it's coming down in pretty good order again just in time for the evening commute for a third consecutive night. kpix 5 hi-def doppler tracking that rain again. look at the yellow. that's that steady soaking rainfall. perhaps not as intense not as widespread as yesterday but it's still there for everybody's drive home. it's you in richmond, south through oakland, to hayward. it's south city in san francisco, redwood city, los altos where we had some steady to heavy rainfall there. san jose it's raining for you again. fremont and livermore and
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dublin all getting in on the rain again. for the water year, not just the month of december, this is now all the way back from july 1, look at these numbers. san jose is double -- more than double your average rainfall for the water year. san francisco is almost double. and oakland is almost double. sitting at 194% of normal. this morning we did something we haven't done in nine years, double-digit rainfall in san francisco. officially 10.01 inches of rain and we still have almost half the month to go. first time that's happened since december of 2005 so it's raining outside. we are going to talk about a big shift in the weather pattern though that's coming up in a few minutes. all right, paul. we'll see you then, thanks. a stunning shift in u.s. foreign policy. the president taking steps to restore full diplomacy with cuba after a half century of icy relations with the communist nation. >> neither the american nor the cuban people are well served by a policy that took place before we were born. >> it comes after a year of
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secret discussions between the cold war enemies spurred by pope francis. the changes are sweeping. u.s. plans to open an embassy in havana, ease the travel and allow for more business between the two countries, a ban on tourist travel to cuba can only be lifted by congress. but the president has promised to work toward fully ending the economic embargo. for now, at least, licensed americans would be able to return to the states with cuban goods like their world famous cigars. the changes came with the abrupt release of american alan gross who had been in prison in cuba for five years. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison because he was trying to establish internet service connections in cuba. 65-year-old returned to the u.s. with his wife at his side. >> it was crucial to my survival knowing that i was not forgotten. >> gross released was part of a
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prisoner swap. the u.s. released three cubans jailed in florida for spying. in a phone call with cuban president raoul castro, president obama said that the communist country needs to end its abuse of citizens and allow freedom on the island. now, several key lawmakers have blasted the policy shift. republican senator marco rubio a cuban-american from florida says it will do nothing to further democracy. >> it is a victory for the oppressive cuban government but a serious setback for the repressed cuban people. the white house has conceded everything and gained little. >> the news was met with passionate reaction in miami's little havana neighborhood. some cuban exiles calling it a betrayal. they say a shift toward democracy in cuba should have happened first. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us, local cubans are hopeful today's move is at least a step in the right direction.
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>> reporter: at san jose's restaurant at a the [ non- english language ] tasted especially good. even better than usual. president obama's decision today leaves a very good taste in many mouths. >> i am really just so happy that it's time for those changes to start. >> reporter: she left cuba in 2008 after she married an american and says her homeland is pretty bleak. because of the embargo many of the things we take for granted aren't available. >> it was hard with the embargo for people from cuba to come to the united states and we cannot have any thing from the united states to cuba and either the free commercial because embargo so it's really bad. [ chanting ] >> reporter: it's a different story for many in miami's little havana where they say embargo's likely end won't do enough for the cuban people. >> no request for a democratic election. and that is what the embargo
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was supposed to do. >> reporter: in little havana three-quarter thought the embargo didn't work. >> i truly believe that the embargo and not having a good relationship with cuba has only hurt the cuban people. not the cuban government. >> reporter: which is why the embargo was put in place more than 5 decades ago. and there is a gap in ages for this issue. there are some cubans that still older cubans who have the land deed that they are holding and they are hoping to get their land back in cuba. there's a story that when the night before kennedy announced this, he told the secretary of state dean rusk, go out and buy every cuban cigar you can. of [ laughter ] >> he knew. >> well, he knew he was going to make the announcement. that's the story that's going around. maybe now we'll be getting more cuban cigars. >> the real ones. >> yeah. >> and that cuban coffee. >> cohiba! >> thank you, mike.
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it was supposed to be a comedy. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea? >> yes. >> what?! >> no one is laughing now. breaking new developments on the sony hacking, how terror threats brought down a major movie release. >> you have one drunk man and one terrified homeowner. the middle of the night mix-up that led to a painful hangover. >> over the years i have saved thousands of dollars by using the credit card benefits. >> the perks of plastic. you may not even realize all the different ways your credit card can save you money. ,, ,,,,,,
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ive hack attack new at 5:00, federal investigators say north koreans did it. they are the ones behind that massive hack attack on sony pictures. this as sony decides not to release the movie that sparked the cyber attack. kpix 5's veronica de la cruz joins us from the newsroom. veronica, the fallout it just keeps getting worse. >> reporter: that's right.
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the hacker group the guardians of peace is escalating the threats. the most recent was physical violence against movie-goers planning to see "the interview." the group posted a message online saying, the world will be full of fear. the movie is a comedy about an assassination plot against the leader of communist north korea. after major theater chains backed out of showing the movie, sony ultimately decided to pull its christmas day release. >> it baffles me that one of the most backwards countries in the world is able to have this kind of influence on one of the most powerful countries in the world. >> i think that a film like this should be shown even if there's, you know, a -- a -- a very slight chance that there might be some kind of bad repercussions. >> the guardians of peace cyber attack on sony began november 24. it released salaries of stars incriminating emails from sony executives, and 47,000 social security numbers. two former employees are already filing federal lawsuits
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against sony. we learned recently the computer code for the hack attack was written in korean. and federal investigators are expected to release more evidence in the near future. liz and ken? >> all right, veronica, thank you. well, 45 terrifying minutes of turbulence. >> i flown millions of miles. this is the worst ever. >> plates, glasses, even a beverage cart tossed around. new heart pounding video from inside the cabin. nkers and a >> a tradition that tugs at your heart every time. families get a christmas to remember thanks to some clunkers and a little elbow grease. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shot a drunk intruder... afr the man broke into the wrong house looking for an ex-girlfriend. a wild incident in benicia this morning:a homeowner shot a drunk intruder after the man broke into the wrong house looking for an ex-girlfriend. police say the suspect smashed a sliding glass door at the home of an elderly couple on panorama drive. it was about 4:30 a.m. the homeowner yelled at the 24- year-old, the intruder to leave. but he didn't listen. fearing for his safety, the homeowner shot the man in the leg. the suspect, um, named "true hatch" went to the hospital with non-life-threatening
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injuries. he was arrested on suspicion of trespassing and public intoxication. police say the homeowner won't face any charges and he did everything right in protecting his home. new video captures images of a lightning quick burglary at a peninsula computer store. it happened at the epc computer solutions store in belmont friday. in the less than a minute one of the burglars made off with thousands of dollars worth of laptops and electronics. the second suspect waited in the suv getaway car. it appears the crooks knew exactly what they were looking for. and san francisco police are searching for clues linking four suspicious car fires early this morning. they all happened within a couple of hours starting at about 4 a.m. in the noe valley and castro neighborhoods. there's a look at one of the cars completely gutted and charred from the flames. a big clue could come as investigators check for what was used to actually set the fires. real scare on an american airlines flight from south
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korea to texas. passengers holding on when the plane hit some terrifying turbulence. take a look. no fun. the shaking lasted for 45 minutes. flight 280 at the beginning of its journey to dallas when that rough turbulence caused chaos on board. meal carts overturned, drinks splashing up to the overhead luggage bins, belongings flying around everywhere. >> show me the bowl that hit your head. oy. >> all of a sudden, there's just this big drop and food and plates and everything started just flying all over the place. >> the pilot had to make an emergency landing in tokyo. 14 of the 255 people on board were hurt. several had to be taken to the hospital. no one, though, had life- threatening injuries. tonight the fed is promising to be patient about raising interest rates hinting they could hold near zero for another 6 months or more.
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wall street was thrilled. the dow surged 288 points on the announcement. the nasdaq added nearly 100. and the s&p 500 had one of its best days -- it had its best day of the year with a 40-point gain. an early christmas surprise today for five needy bay area families. >> one, two, three! pull it up! whoo! [ applause ] >> mike auto body in antioch gave each of them a rebuilt car. it's a tradition that the auto shop is proud to have kept up with for the past 14 years. >> what we're looking for are families that just need that extra little push. they're down on their luck. if you want somebody that is trying to help themselves help their families and help them better their lives -- >> we have done this story before. what a great idea, great guys. many of the families were overcome by the generosity. some cried, said they were thankful to finally have some
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reliable transportation. this warms my heart. this is amazing. there are people out there that care for the small people. we mean something to somebody. >> through the years, mike's auto body has donated more than 45 cars. gray cloudy skies hang low over the marin headlands. it's raining at rodeo beach right now. gray and rough waves are rolling in right now. paul deanno is here to tell us where the rain is right now. >> tell you what, it's here again. it's the timing. it is the evening commute. monday and tuesday and wednesday, folks are saying, can i just get a normal drive home? tomorrow. not tonight. it is raining outside. another slog across the bridge in marin county where it's raining right now. mid- to upper 40s. santa rosa 53. san bruno 54.
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oakland 58. look at this again, 680, 280, 880, dumbarton bridge, heavy rain north to milpitas and newark toward fremont although we are seeing a little rainfall over san mateo county right now. there's plenty of rain that stretches up to santa rosa and livermore and dublin marin napa solano counties. we are soggy once again. won't be as much. won't be as long with the rain as it was yesterday. two to four inches of snowfall at 4,000 feet. travel with caution. we seem like we have rain every day. we have. today we have less of a tropical tap. notice the rain is coming down from the northwest rather than coming up from the south. less tropical moisture. the atmosphere is not as juicy. we won't see as much rainfall. most of us getting less than .25" of rainfall. that's a sign -- the first sign that the atmosphere is changing patterns over top of the bay area and northern california. as we have a ridge of high
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pressure building in. tonight, scattered showers. the heaviest rainfall will be between now and about 7 or 8:00. scattered showers overnight. then a ridge of high pressure begins to build in. it won't get here entirely. on friday your storm will pass to the north blocked by this ridge. we'll get light rainfall coming up on friday morning into friday afternoon. after that at least a week break. by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 tonight scattered showers which will continue overnight tonight. as we look at tomorrow, the morning commute will be dry but the roads will still be wet and here comes the last -- the last rain moving through beginning at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning on friday. so we have rain tonight, rain again on friday, rain in between. we'll find a mainly dry day tomorrow. so tomorrow's evening commute will be the first one this week without a soaking rainfall. highs tomorrow on a dry day, san jose 62 degrees. partly sunny skies in the afternoon. redwood city 61. fremont 62. 58 for walnut creek and
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antioch. 60 for pleasanto. mill valley 57. dry sonoma 58. lakeport high 51 in beautiful lake county. we are dry tomorrow, one more round of rainfall coming up on friday. can't believe i'm saying this but we need a break from the rain. saturday and sunday dry, a couple of days leading up to christmas next week dry. probably a week without rainfall but long-range prospects say the rain will likely come back after the new year. >> it will be nice to have a little break. >> we need it because of the flooding. the rain is welcome news. we want more but let's give a break in between. >> especially during the holidays when everybody is out on the roads. >> thank you. the credit card, a shopper's best friend this holiday season. the little known plastic perks that could lead to some big savings.
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benefits you may not even kw about. consumerwatch report most credit cards have perks like points or frequent flyer miles but there are other benefits you may not know about. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on so potentially
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priceless perks. >> reporter: kimberly rose is a savvy shopper who chooses her credit cards wisely. >> over the years i have saved thousands by using the credit card benefits. >> reporter: but she has cashed in on more than just points. for instance, when kimberly's phone broke after the warranty expired her american express card covered it after the warranty. mastercard has a similar warranty. it's one of many credit card perks that people don't use. >> most cardholders don't know the services an benefits that their -- that the card in their wallet or their digital walt hold. >> reporter: like price protection. an important perk during the holiday season. if you buy an item and find it cheaper somewhere else, some cards will reimburse you the difference. or if you miss a return deadline at the store, other cards allow to you shift them the item for a refund. >> we have cardholders that are actually in the store and call our call center to find out if that type of purchase is
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covered by the credit card. >> reporter: and then there are the travel perks. kimberly has two cards that double the money she gets if an airline loses her luggage, chase bank offers that reimbursement and pays for miess and hotels if your flight is delayed more than 12 hours. discover and citibank may even cover you for a canceled trip and if you travel by road discover and american express offer roadside assistance and american express even offers special discounts when buying a car from certain dealers. of course, it is important to read the fine print. that's how kimberly gets the most out of each card. >> how i select which card to use is based on what benefits i think i'll need. >> reporter: now some of these cards come with annual fees and you do need to be mindful of aprs. if you don't pay them off every month finance charges could outweigh any of the benefits. and for links to all of these cards with all these benefits, head to and click "links and numbers." we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, ♪
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new at 6:00 tonight: e bay area reactin services i'm kpix 5's veronica de la cruz veronica -- i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. the bay area reacting to the president's landmark decision to open the doors to cuba. some political leaders tell us why it's long overdue. and slick roads as more rain moves in. we're keeping an eye on the wet commute. it is all straight ahead at 6:00. ken, i'll see you then. >> thank you. and thanks for watching. the "cbs evening news" is next. of course, with the big story, scott pelley is live in havana, cuba, tonight. >> and remember the latest news
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and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight from havana, a seismic shift in u.s. foreign policy. >> i've instructed secretary kerry to immediately begin discussions with cuba to reestablish diplomatic relation tas have been severed since january of 1961. >> pelley: some cuban-americans rejoice while others are live -- livid. we have team of correspondents covering this historic day in u.s. foreign policy, including a story on how the pope helped the process. >> reporter: and i'm norah o'donnell here in new york. sony pulls "the interview" after hackers threaten terror attacks at theaters. bob orr has the latest. and he was mistaken for a waiter, she for a store employee. the first couple share


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