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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 19, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PST

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tonight. the plume and bright orange glow in richmd could be s in sight freaked out a loft people across the bay area. the plume and bright orphan glow that could be seen for miles. this is what it looked like from the roof of our station 20 miles away chevron says it may look bad but it's not. >> but there's still lots of questions. first and foremost, why didn't chevron tell anybody this was going to happen? that's what our mark kelly went to find out. mark? >> reporter: you could see these flames for miles, many curious about what could be causing that flame, while others not believing chevron tonight that this is nothing to worry about. >> reporter: tweet after tweet after fiery tweet. a flare shooting out of the
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chevron refinery had everybody on the inch of their seat. >> there was a pretty big mushroom cloud. >> reporter: the flame could be seen for miles. >> we saw a cloud where the flames were coming up. >> reporter: chevron put out their own tweet, reading in part, flaming is part of refinery operations. >> reporter: should the community have been alerted? >> i think so. that's not a normal fire. >> reporter: chevron say it's protocol to give everyone a heads had up for big events, but the refinery says this flame is not a big event. they said low clouds and water vapor made it appear to the eye to be bigger than what it possibly was. chevron has some explaning to
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do. >> reporter: it had to scare pup. >> yeah, it made me nervous -- it had to scare you. >> yeah, it made me nervous. i took off that way like the last time this happened. >> reporter: this flaring has been going on and off fall night. chevron wouldn't talk to us on camera, but they did tweet a quote, and here it is. "there was some flaring to allow equipment depressuring." we'll have to wait and see. >> all right, mark. thank you. supervisor john joya, who's also on board of the air quality management district said, "these are hazardous materials and not something you want to be breathing. the question is determining if they're in a location dangerous to people." richmond police say the flaring
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could continue on and off tonight. we got a bit of a break in the rain, but don't get too used to it. paul says there's more on the way. >> this storm has its sights set on the morning commute. it is pouring in eureka, but it is coming. right through the heart of that morning commute, there it is, 7:00, it will be raining. lake oraville, northern california, it's up 13% in just 1 month. it's now 55% of average. how much water is that? there are 90 billion more gallons of water in lake oraville. we need 120 billion more just to get back to normal.
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we'll have your full forecast coming up. some questions about security in a bay area mall after what happened to a woman in a parking lot. andrea reports from livermore. >> reporter: in the shadow of high-end outlets is where the question of hillary duff. she stopped by the livermore premium outlet. at 12:15 within calls came flooding in at a woman lying on the asphalt with traumatic injuries to the back and side of her head. >> we can't say, yeah, that's an assault. we also can't say nothing happened. we just don't know. >> reporter: marchry was never conscious -- marjorie was never conscious again and died on
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tuesday. >> there's no area of that video of the parking lot. >> reporter: we asked about the lack of security cameras. the head of the mall says they're not commenting. >> reporter: the paragon parent company has hired security. in the main lots, there are only overheadlights in every other row. paragon wouldn't allow our cameras in their parking lot. on busy shopping days like thanksgiving when we were allowed to film, parking often spilled to other even darker- lit parking lots. >> we have no idea what happened. >> reporter: andrea borba, kpix 5. >> the only clue police have, they say, is a white sedan that sped away at the same time
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marjorie was discovered. people are calling for an officer to be fired for his threatening and provocative tweets. his supervisor says he will get what he deserves. >> this is troubling for us as an organization. it's not what we stand for. i can guarantee you that we are looking at this as we have been, proactively and aggressively to bring justice. >> 20 year veteran officer phillip white is on administrative leave as he tweeted his response to police brutality pro tests. he say, "threaten me or my family and i'll use my god- given and law-appointed right to kill you. also, if anybody feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the moo industries tonight, carrying my
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gun." more than 13,000 protesters delivered signatures to the police chief, demanding he fire officer white. oakland police want to find out if there's something sinister behind this. it's a noose hanging on a tree. sony has ordered the removal of all the billboard for the new industry the interview. sony pulled the plug on that comedy about a plot to kill knot korea's dictator after some hackers threatened movie theaters with violence. tonight, mike shu garman tells us that hack could be the most damaging attack ever. >> reporter: officials inside the obamaed a my strags are still wrestling over whether or when to -- administration are
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-- obama administration are still wrestling over what or when to accuse north korea of orchestrating the hack. investigators found similarities between the sony hack and the broadly-damaging 2013 cyber assault on south korean banks and broadcasters. sources say the digital fingerprints in both of those cases have been traced back to the north. the cyber attack on sony pictures is one of the most destructive ever directed against the u.s.-based company, and it was apparently launched as retribution for sony's film the interview. >> it was done with malicious intent, and they feel that needs an appropriate response from the united states. >> reporter: north korea is
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already under heavy sanctions for their nuclear program. >> reporter: and criminal charges are unlikely if they're even possible. >> in a statement, sony say, "we stand by our film makers and their right to free expression, but believe the safety of movie thit theaters and employee -- theaters and employees are more important." paramount-- some movie theaters also planned to screen this film, team america: world police, instead of the interview. but paramount pictures ordered them not to. scorpion on the loose. a bay area woman goes to the mall and finds this crawling out of a dress. >> this is what a 6.0 did, and
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>> this is what a 6.0 did, and new evidence of the ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the sleepless night. (cough). (baby crying). sorry. robitussin dm max nighttime's dual action liquid instantly soothes your throat and delivers fast, powerful cough relief. robitussin. don't suffer the coughequences. well, christmas came early. the dow had its biggest surn 3 do you have any money in the stock market? a 401k perhaps? if you do, christmas came early. doubt had its biggest -- the dow had its biggest surge in 3 years. traders are happy at the news the federal reserve will not raise interest rates any time soon.
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the dow up, gasoline down. gas prices dropped 2 cents today. the nationwide average, $2.48 a gallon, but slightly more here in the bay area. a bay area woman needed a new dress, so she went shopping. betty yu shows us she got more than e she went looking for. >> reporter: the scorpion has not been seen since it caused to in the jcpenney store. >> reporter: sandra hernandez thought she was alone when she walked inside one of these rooms. but after she pulled a red dress over her head and shoulders... >> i gave it a shake, and then the scorpion fell down to the floor. >> i went, oh my god, oh my god.
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>> reporter: she said the scorpion was about 3 inches long and full of personality. >> it charged at my boot with its tail up. i gave it a kick and kept it in the room glrp she called for help. the store manager tried to -- the room. >> reporter: she called for help. the store manager tried to trap it in a bag. sandra used to work at this jcpenney. she believes it come came from an out of the state shipment. >> i'm still started when i -- it came from an out of state shipment. >> i'm still startled when i think about it.
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>> sandra did not buy the dress. a bay area driver says he was just following his gps when it nearly led him to his death. the navigation station told him to turn onto some train tracks. the car then got stuck. >> the gps told him to turn and he turned. we've seen that before with people who've made mistakes using gps, and don't have situational awareness. >> no one aboard the train was hurt. officials say it was dark and rainy, so visibility was poor. cnet says a gps should be used as a guide, not an accurate map. >> sometimes the maps haven't been updated, so they don't have the streets you can
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actually turn on. sometimes the gps antenna is off in the car. >> the mapping companies can sometimes take a long time to update their systems. the next napa earthquake could be a lot worse than the one that hit in august. researchers at uc santa davis found the fault shrine 34 miles long and capable of producing a magnitude 7 quake. that's 32 times stronger than the magnitude 6 quake. and the quake actually never really stopped. it's called afterslip. >> afterslip is movement along the surface after the earthquake has occurred, after a major slip on the fault has occurred. >> reporter: the south napa earthquake of august 24 is still happening, just very,
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very slowly. >> if you were to watch the surface and you could put it in slow motion, you would see the surface slowly move apart. >> reporter: that raises serious concerns for anyone trying to rebuild, including the city itself, which has to maintain infrastructure and issue permits to anyone doing repairs. >> when do you repair it? >> reporter: city leaders say they're still trying to understand what afterslip means for their rebuilding, because no one for sure knows how long it will last or how much it will shift. >> scientists say the fault could move another 2 to 6 inches over the next 3 years.
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>> afterslip, scorpions, 401k actually going up in value, next thing you're going to tell me it will be sunny. it will be on sunday. we're getting there. some of in the north bay have had 16 inches of rain in the next 3 weeks. we need a break from the rain and we'll get one after tomorrow. we'll be there for sunrise. let's look to january. january through march is now forecast as a 75% chance, this is what noah said today, their new winter outlook. we'll be putting a luge dent in the drought. we will see rain in your backyard by sunrise tomorrow.
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we're getting the tail end of this front. it's more of an indirect hit, but it's still rain. tonight, mainly morning rainfall, most of the rain falls before lunchtime. and then high pressure builds in. got to go outside and do some sufficient in your yard? you will be able to. a ridge of might pressure will take the storm track and send it up to the north. one more chance of rainfall tonight into tomorrow. in the east play bai, san francisco and san mateo county, up to a half an inch of rain. we will be dry for a long time, including your entire weekend. concord tomorrow, 59, that is 3
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degrees above average. another round of rain for san jose. best pittsburgh 56, rain for, you rain in san rafael, rain in windsor. extended tboarks we try drive out. saturday, cloudy, a little sunnier on sunday. all of christmas week, sawnny and dry with highs in the 60s. one of the most popular christmas lights displays in the entire country is right there in the bay area. wait until you see it. i'll have it for you coming up. ,
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>> 100,000 lights set to the theme of star wars. the guy behind it is a music teacher that says it's a year- round effort. >> it never ends. i usually take off february, because january you're taking it down. in march, i'm planning and programming. >> he wrote the code for the whole thing. the neighbors are actually fine with it, because he raises money and gives it to charity. it was a cool sight, just standing there and clapping. >> how creative. the raiders scored a victory without playing a game. victory without playing a game. and it was a bad news/good news looking for one of these?
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as other cough liquids. so the only sounds you'll hear are the ones you want to hear. bianca! (cheering) delsym. silence is relief. and now for a limited time try delsym for free, with mail in rebate. warriors want to make a runt teams like the thunder in t playoffs.. andrew bogut will be out indefinitely, trying to recover from knee pain, not good news if they're trying to knock off the thunder. kevin durant made his first 4 shots to start the game. he had a career-high 30 points in the 1st half alone. the warriors would erase a 2nd half 17 point deficit. durant steps on maurice sprait's foot. he came off with a sprained
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ankle. the turn had a 1 point lead. 3 point warrior lead with 3 seconds to go, harrison barnes with the back-breaking bucket web and the warriors win. niemi has never lost as a member of the strikes. that streak did not end tonight. a rookie on a breakaway to give san jose the lead. the sharks have won 8 of 9. to college volleyball, final four, stanford's first appearance, taking on the nittany lions of penn state. the jaguars and titans squared off. 2 teams with 4 wins total in
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the toilet bowl. but some raiders fans were paying close attention. lots of excitement. the winner gets the inside draft to the overall pick. jacksonville wins 21-13. the titans are 2-13. what does it all mean? the raiders moved up to the 3rd overall pick. still with a shot at number 1. they finish with games against the bills and broncos. we told you about diablo valley football player ankwo income albert. he has a severe stuttering problem. >> i try not to let my speech hold me back. >> it turns out it does not. ankwon said he's signing to
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play next year. he was recruited by 16 schools, but the ohland native decided
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our next newscast is tomorr morning at 4-30. letterman is next with rosie o'donnell. >> and we leave you with that house in newark. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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