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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 19, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> i'm brian hackney. frank mallicoat is off today. it's 4:29. >> it's showtime. >> we have some -- we have a lot going on. it was raining in marin. >> and this is the last storm of the workweek and the last storm for the next seven days. it's our hi-def doppler radar. you can see a little bit of return in the form of some light rain showers up the santa cruz mountains. currently we have temperatures in the 50s across the board. going up to a rainy day high today in the 50s even a few low 60s. the full forecast still straight ahead. and checking the roads, we start off with a major traffic trouble spot. chp has issued a traffic alert for southbound 101 at south airport all lanes shut down at this point. they are taking traffic off at grant. it is very slow-and-go as you work your way towards the scene. if you are heading to the airport for an early flight, it will mess up your drive this morning so we'll update you and let you know when lanes re- open. a strange glow in the sky over richmond catches the attention of people in the bay area. calls were coming into the
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newsroom asking what it is last night. we checked out our roof kamalas night. our station is about 20 miles away. and this is what we saw. it was coming from the chevron refinery. mark kelly reports the company had to explain after creating a buzz. >> reporter: a flare out of the chevron refinery had the area on the edge of its seat. >> it was a big mushroom clout from the refinery. >> reporter: from the bay bridge to el sobrante the flame could be seen for miles. >> we saw like a cloud where the flames were coming up and they were lighting up the clouds. >> reporter: trying to calm fears, chevron put out a tweet that read, flaring is part of refinery operations. >> the community deserves some sort of warning? >> there should be a warning.
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i thought it was a fire. >> reporter: chevron said its protocols do give everyone a heads up for big events. but the refinery says the flare is not a big event. chevron says it's the mix of low clouds and water vapor that made this flame appear to the eye bigger than it was. still, for people reminded of earlier fires at this refinery, chevron has some explaining to do. >> i was nervous. took off that way like the last time one happened. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix 5. >> chevron did respond on twitter saying there was some visible flaring to depressurize and it's part of normal operations. supervisor john gioa who is also on the board of the bay area air quality management district told the "contra costa times" that, quote, these are hazardous materials and not something that you want to be breathing. the question is determining if they are in a location that is dangerous to people." we just checked with richmond
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police. they say there has been no further flaring this morning. there's a silver lining to the rain. less of the state is now experiencing exceptional drought conditions. the area on the map in the darkest red. just over 32% of the state is affected this week. by comparison last week, it was 55%. the national drought mitigation center says the drought is now affecting 37 million californians. >> and counting them all, ladies and gentlemen this morning, is our roberta gonzales. >> you know, people are very interested in that it. i posted that on our kpix 5 facebook page and we had 30,000 hits. we have more rain coming. in fact, it's here right now according to our live hi-def doppler radar. good morning, everybody. take a look at the green on the screen. it has been raining overnight in throughout the north bay portions of marin county and i hit rain driving over the bay
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bridge westerly. current air temperatures in the 50s. the winds are breezy up to 12 miles per hour out of the south and it will remain breezy. today with our daytimes highs in the 50s and low 60s, a couple of degrees above average for this time of the year. we'll have rain and it won't taper off until the evening commute. a residual shower saturday morning, but then a dry afternoon on saturday. winter officially arrives on sunday and with it, a dry weather pattern each and every day through christmas. good morning, gianna. good morning, roberta. already a trouble spot to report this morning as you work your way on south 101. all lanes closed at south airport boulevard because of a two-car crash. reports from chp that those vehicles were speeding, about 100 miles per hour on the slick roads so huge problem. all lanes closed. they are diverting traffic off at grand. if you want to take 280 as an alternate to get around it.
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you can cut across 380 back to 101 if you are headed to sfo. we'll update you on that. golden gate bridge no cars. very quiet. no troubles to report there. san mateo bridge, no problems both directions. livermore police are trying to figure out how a woman died in the parking lot at a mall. marjorie heller man was found lying on the asphalt at the livermore outlets on december 9. she had traumatic injuries to the back and sides of her head. >> we can't look at her injuries and say oh, yeah that's an assault but you also can't say nothing happened. we -- we just don't know. we haven't found anything thus far to point one direction or the other. we have no idea. >> police say there are no surveillance cameras in this area of the mall parking lot which makes it happened to find out what happened. she died from her injuries this
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week. she was from arizona and was in the bay area on business. police in menlo park are on the lookout for four alleged robbery suspects who stole $18,000. the suspects were wearing masks when they entered the el rancho market tuesday night. they attacked a cashier and held another checker at gunpoint before stealing money. police are looking for leads. thousands of people are calling for a bay area officer to be fired over his threatening and provocative tweets. his boss says the officer will get what he deserves. >> believe me,this is very troubling for us as an organization. it is not -- it is not what we stand for. and i can guarantee you we are looking at this as we have been proactively and aggressively to bring justice. >> 20 year veteran officer phillip white is on paid administrative leave after tweeting his response to nationwide police brutality protests. as you have probably heard by now he said, threaten me or my
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family and i'll use my god given an law appointed right and duty to kill you #cops lives matter. by the bay if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter i'll be at movies tonight. >> more than 100 protestors delivered 13,000 signatures to the police chief demanding that he fire officer white. police in oakland are investigating an ominous symbol to see if it has anything to do with the "black lives matter" protests. this was found hanging from a tree in frank ogawa plaza. it appears to be a noose. a journalist posted this picture on instagram and this is similar to a "black lives matter" symbol displayed on the cal campus recently. you may remember us telling you about these effigies of black men and women hanging from nooses. a group of "artists" said they made them to give historical context. bay area public defenders join the protest nationwide wearing shirts that said "black
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lives matter." they gathered at the court in san francisco yesterday. they say they see the racial imbalance in the court system referring to the recent grand jury decisions not to indict white police officers in the deaths of black men in ferguson and new york. public defenders in oakland are also joining the stand. this was the scene outside the courthouse in oakland yesterday. a similar demonstration also took place in martinez. with plans to release the controversial film "the interview" now scrapped, government officials are weighing their response to the crippling cyber attack. susan mcginnis has the latest on the sony hack saga. reporter: companies around the world were now on high alert after a crippling cyber attack against sony. federal investigators are said to have traced the attack to north korea's government and leader kim jong-un but the white house has yet to officially assign blame. >> the appropriate response is something that is being carefully considered by members of the president's national security team. >> reporter: cbs sources say the hackers directed by north
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korea's cyber unit used aggressive data wiping malware to steal sony's corporate secrets and then erase the company's computer files. the hackers then escalated their threats against movie- goers leading sony to scrap its release. hollywood celebrities took to twitter to voice their disapproval. jimmy kimmel said it's an un- american act of cowardice. many lawmakers on capitol hill are outraged saying it sets a dangerous precedent for future attacks. >> imagine the capability they have to disrupt other aspects of american life. >> reporter: some have come to sony's defense. >> if there actually were any violence, the liability for sony and for the exhibiter for the theater owner would have been enormous. >> reporter: it's not clear what options the u.s. has to respond. north korea is already under heavy sanctions over its nuclear program. even if suspects are identified, they are well beyond the reach of the u.s. government. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. time now is 4:39.
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this is what a 6.0 earthquake did in napa. the new evidence that the next quake on the napa fault could be 30 times stronger. >> what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. the napa quake -- is a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lot longer than previously thought. researchers at u-c the fault line that triggered the napa quake is longer than thought. researchers at uc-davis say it's 45 miles long meaning it can produce an earthquake as strong as a 7.0. the quake that hit the napa fault in august was a magnitude 6. ergo, it is capable of producing a quake 30 times stronger. four months later the ground is still moving in napa. it happens all the time after a big quake actually. kpix 5's elizabeth cook has more on what scientists are calling and have always called the "afterslip." >> you may remember that we were the church that had the wall that separated. >> reporter: from churches to
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homes to businesses, rebuilding continues in napa. >> we just received on tuesday our status as a yellow-tagged building which is one of the reasons we can be in here and feel a little safer and more free to invite folks in like our news friends. >> reporter: but four months after the shaking stopped, people in napa are now learning that the quake never really stopped. it's something called "afterslip." >> "afterslip" is movement along a fault on the ground surface after the earthquake has occurred after the major slip occurred. >> reporter: yes, the south napa earthquake of august 24 is still happening just very, very slowly. >> if you were to watch the surface and you could put it in slow motion, you would just see the surface slowly move apart. >> reporter: that, of course, raises some serious concerns for anyone trying to rebuild including the city itself, which has to maintain
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infrastructure and issue permits for anyone doing construction. >> if the fault continues to slip, when do you repair it, how do you know when the repair is done? >> reporter: city leaders tell kpix 5 they are still trying to understand what "afterslip" means for their rebuilding efforts because no one is exactly sure how much more movement there will be and for how long. >> nothing is black and white except for the fact that we will have a large future quake in the bay area. >> reporter: so the ground continues to move with more shaking ahead. all the more reason to rebuild and reinforce. >> we were determined to do it based on the prior usgs information. the news that came out this week only adds to that case. >> and the city of napa as you just heard says it's reviewing the "afterslip" research. it will hold a public meeting in the coming weeks. all right. 4:44 right now. let's get another check on our weekend weather. very important forecast. >> very important all the way
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into next thursday. right? >> yes. >> christmas. now, um, brian, very -- i mean, just an incredible journallities, right? but you know i have to have my a game on when brian is in the house. >> well of course. >> yeah. because he is the king of weather, too. >> yes. >> and he secretly is judging. [ laughter ] >> well, let's get to it. it [ laughter ] >> there's no secret about it. we know he is judging. hi, everybody. good morning. let's take a look at our hi-def doppler radar and brian will agree we have very little going on right now except some scattered light rain showers but the rain will intensify as the morning goes on. so right there our live weather camera looking out towards sfo, the runways are wet. we will keep you on top of any possibility of airport delays. we are currently very mild into the 50s. winds have been blowing up to a good 12 miles per hour. will increase up to 20. some gusts up to 25 especially near the coast. the rain will continue to move in over the morning commute. the rain then transfers over to afternoon showers should begin to taper off towards the evening commute and then we have a drying out period over
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the weekend. here's our futurecast and you can see that we do have the light rain moving in. this is more of the frontal boundary. i believe the computer models are running a little ahead of time. i believe this will move in more towards the mid to end of the morning hours towards the lunch hour as far as the heaviest precipitation is concerned but it will continue to go south exit to the east and behind it we will pick up copius amounts of rainfall throughout the highest elevations of the north bay mountains. a linger showering this evening. and then towards tomorrow morning, this is your overnight hours. towards saturday morning we'll see a hit-and-miss stray shower before sun-up. the bulk of the day will be dry. let's crunch the numbers. up to about a half inch of rain in pleasanton. also in the city of san francisco. san jose, this has been the second wettest december on tap. and we are looking at another half inch of rain on top of that. now, as far as the statewide
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temperatures are concerned, 5 degrees with rain in -- 58 degrees with rain in sacramento. looking for snow flurries in lake tahoe today. meanwhile our numbers in the 50s and 60s. the winds again out of the south and southwest up to 20. the extended forecast calls for on saturday residual moisture early then we have sunday dry skies and winter arrives. on thursday, for christmas, we have nothing but sunshine. you want to track today's storm as well as your christmas forecast all you have to do is go to your particular download place and download the cbs bay area weather app. search "kpix" in the app store and download the app for iphone and android. check out the conditions and get realtime radar. it's really super easy to use for both iphone and android. i'm looking forward to some dry weather, roberta. all right. checking the roads right now, the slick surfaces bring problems for the freeways. we start off in the peninsula right now with a traffic alert.
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chp on scene as well as emergency crews of this accident. it is southbound 101 right at south airport. two cars involved. apparently they were traveling at a very high rate of speed. they got in an accident there and now you can see all lanes are blocked. they are taking traffic off at grand right now. they don't have an estimated time. they are hoping it won't take more than an hour to get everything cleared out of the road. in the meantime, this may really mess up your drive towards sfo this morning. so you can use southbound 280 and cut across to eastbound 380 heading to the airport this morning. that will get you around the mess because you can see we are seeing some delays. red conditions there that means slow-and-go conditions on the southbound side of 101 because of that accident. and again 280 is in the green so that will work better for you. you can always take bart sfo, as well. all trains are on time. caltrain ace no problems this morning. all right. the rest of the roadways not as bad as the peninsula. southbound 17 connecting over to highway 85 we had an early- morning accident involving a vehicle that went over the side. they cleared it out of lanes but there is some clean-up they have to do in the right lane of
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the connector road so that may slow you down a bit this morning. they are hoping to have that wrapped up shortly. golden gate bridge a little wet out there. but so far no delays out of marin county. we are looking good if you head into san francisco. south 101, 14 minutes from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge windy but nice in both directions. and the bay bridge off to a good start. 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze by way of the eastshore freeway. at the toll plaza no delays to report. in fact, fastrak users you're cruising right through across the upper deck into san francisco. and the altamont pass not seeing any yellow yet on our sensors. so that means we're clocking in some nice speeds westbound out of tracy. eastbound a little hiccup but overall nice towards 680 westbound and looks like highway 4 off to a good start, as well. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you. two alleged thieves are in jail after an elaborate shoplifting attempt at a florida walmart. investigators say two men
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picked up up a carful of toys including a barbie car and house. video shows one suspect falling to the floor grabbing his check and apparently faking a heart attack. then his buddy takes off with all the toys, about $400 worth according to the local sheriff. >> we have seen diversions before. so it's not original. but it was pretty interesting. he didn't even like go down hard on the ground. >> deputies in the area have been working with department stores training loss prevention officers to watch for this type of stunt. both suspects are now charged with grand theft. may be one of the most impressive displays in the bay area if not california. [ lights and "star wars" music ] >> ladies and gentlemen, 100,000 lights set to the theme of "star wars." the man behind it is a professional music teacher. he says it's pretty much a year-
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round effort. >> it never ends. i usually take off february because in january you're taking them down but february taking off, by march i'm planning programming. by the time june happens -- >> believe it on, his neighbors are okay with the display because any money he raises from this particular light show goes to charity. it's now 9 minutes before 5:00 on your friday morning of a bay area guy takes a wrong turn. his car ends up like this. coming up, he says his gps made him do it. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. after a soggy week we made to friday. today more rain with
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temperatures in the 50s and 60s from daly city into san mateo and menlo park. santa clara valley temperatures normal for this time of the year. upper 50s and low 60s. winds 10 to 20 miles an hour with stronger gusts. san ramon 61. pleasant hill 58. mostly cloudy skies, scattered rain showers during the afternoon hours. we have the frontal boundary area moving in towards the lunch hour. that will be the heaviest rainfall in throughout the city of san francisco. a walnut creek man fed up with speeding drivers on the street has taken matters into his own hands. but neighbors say he went too far by putting up this sign near northgate high school. he was calling out the driver who hit his daughter and apparently drove away. walnut creek police say a man reported wednesday morning that a car might have, quote, slightly hit her. >> this seems a little extreme
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and it leads people to believe that some little girl was really hurt. and i find that a little over the top. >> the girl was not injured. a bay area driver says he was just following his gps when it nearly led him to his death. the navigation system told him to turn on to train tracks in atherton. and he got stuck right when a caltrain was barreling toward him. the driver got out of the car just in time. the front of the train is torched. there's not much left of his car. >> the gps told him to turn. and he turned. we have seen that before with people who have made mistakes using gps. you know, they don't have situational awareness. >> nobody aboard the train was hurt. officials say it was dark and rainy and so visibility was poor. cnet says for the most part, gps should be used as a "guide," not an accurate map. >> sometimes the maps haven't been updated so they don't have
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the streets you can actually turn on. sometimes the gps antenna is off in the car so it don't have the actual location of the car. >> the mapping companies can sometimes take a while to update their systems leading to problems like this. new details holiday shoppers may not find what they are looking for in stores and it's due it a labor dispute at west coast ports because of disagreements over contracts. longshoremen are working so they may be have a slowdown going. major shipping companies say cargo congestion has been building for months. angel island state park will be closed to the public this weekend. park crews will be working to clean up a waste water system overflow in the park. it was caused by last week's storms. officials say the overflow is treated water and there's no danger of it flowing into the bay. a huge flame lit up the sky above richmond last night and people who live around here say
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chevron needs to explain. we'll tell you what the company says about it this morning next. >> and the jungle homeless encampment clean-up is wrapping up today. i'm kiet do. we have a live look at before and after pictures. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we saw a cloud where the flames were coming up. >> some nervous moments for people living near the chevron refinery in richmond. flames and smoke were visible for miles during what chevron calls a depressurization process. residents were not given a heads hundred it was going to happen. >> kind of deal you get when you send your speech writer to negotiate with a tie rant. >> some members of congress are threatening to derail plans for better relations with the cuban government. president obama said wednesday the u.s. would open an embassy in havana. >> very troubling for us as an organization. it is not what we stand for.
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>> thousands of people are demanding the firing of a san jose police officer over his tweets about recent protests against police brutality. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. >> let's get a look at weather and traffic. >> we could tell it's friday. >> roberta, oh, my gosh, are we ready for the weekend? >> it's been such a tough week just to get through all the rain all the debris on the roadways just to commute into work. and we have more rain just in time for the morning commute. good morning, everyone. it's our hi-def doppler radar. it's kind of misleading because you see some blobs on the tv screen doesn't look very impressive but all my observations are reporting, light rain in the hayward area plus some winds out of the south and southeast at 12 gusts up to about 13, 15 miles per hour. right now we currently have temperatures in the 50s. we are looking out towards sfo where it is


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