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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 19, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> thousands of people are demanding the firing of a san jose police officer over his tweets about recent protests against police brutality. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. >> let's get a look at weather and traffic. >> we could tell it's friday. >> roberta, oh, my gosh, are we ready for the weekend? >> it's been such a tough week just to get through all the rain all the debris on the roadways just to commute into work. and we have more rain just in time for the morning commute. good morning, everyone. it's our hi-def doppler radar. it's kind of misleading because you see some blobs on the tv screen doesn't look very impressive but all my observations are reporting, light rain in the hayward area plus some winds out of the south and southeast at 12 gusts up to about 13, 15 miles per hour. right now we currently have temperatures in the 50s. we are looking out towards sfo where it is mostly cloudy.
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it's a bit wet. it will be wet throughout the day today from this area of low pressure that's coming to the bay area bring an inch of rain in the wettest locations of the highest elevations of the north bay mountains. temperatures mild in the 50s and in the low 60s. again those winds blowing 10 to 20 during the afternoon hours out of the south. here's your extended forecast. it calls for the rain to taper off very early on saturday morning leaving us with a dry weather pattern all the way through christmas. >> and we start the morning off with a traffic alert along the peninsula southbound 101 all lanes completely shut down south airport boulevard. they were diverting traffic off at grand. this is due to a two-car accident. they are having trouble moving the vehicles off the freeway. in the meantime use southbound 280 cut across the eastbound 380 if you are headed to sfo to catch an early flight. no word as to when lanes will re-open. bart a good alternate this morning if you are making your way along the peninsula commuting through there. >> there's going to be a lot of people on the way to the airport.
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>> kind of a mess. >> oh-oh. gianna, thanks. >> man. strange glow lit up the sky over richmond last night and catches the attention of people all over the bay area. calls were coming into our newsroom asking, what is this?! kpix 5's anne makovec is live in richmond this morning. and anne has the answer. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. apparently, it's called flaring. chevron says that it is a procedure that allows them to safely shut down a unit. they say there was no danger to the community. but a lot of people were concerned. take a look at some of the tweets that were sent out from neighbors last night. the huge flame could be seen for miles coming from this plant. chevron says it's not smoke but water vapor that was emitted. a lot of people that live around here though are skeptical. >> earlier we thought it was a fire and didn't hear sirens. it didn't seem normal. it was big. >> reporter: the whole scenario
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brought back memories of of the 2012 explosion at this plant 15,000 people went to the hospital complaining of breathing problems blamed on emissions from that fire. but chevron says last night was a safe and quote routine process. the company tweeted there was some visibility flaring to allow for equipment depressurizing. this is part of normal refinery operations. there is a local supervisor though who says there were some hazardous emissions last night. we'll hear from him coming up in the next half-hour. brian? >> do you know, anne, why a refinery has to depressurize and this flaring? >> reporter: in this event specifically, chevron isn't saying. it says that is due to commercial sensitivity of its operation. anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> new this morning, the military in pakistan says it's killed at least 77 insurgents since yesterday after a taliban massacre at a school. warplanes and ground forces
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have been attacking a northwestern tribal region called cyber near the afghan border close to the city where the school massacre happened killing more than 100 students. happening today san jose city crews head to the jungle for another round of cleaning. kpix 5's kiet do is live at the former homeless encampment. how's it going? >> reporter: you know, the intense two-week clean-up effort wraps up today. we have been covering this story for months now and the change out here is remarkable. at first glance you wouldn't recognize the place. for years it look like this, a shantytown filled with nearly 200 campsites with putrid garbage piled knee deep. but over the past two weeks, it all has been scraped down to the mud and hauled away to the dump. all told, crews collected about 400 tons of debris. that's triple the previous record. however, look closely in the mud and water and you'll still see signs that this was one of the largest homeless encampmentses in the country.
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also, hazmat crews are still discovering piles of human waste that require special handling. the 68-acre site has come a long way but has a ways to go. >> we still have a lot of work to do. we had a successful clean-up process so far. but we are going to be working hard in here to continue the clean-up with activation by community volunteer groups like friends of los gatos creek and friends of coyote creek and we are going to try to continue to remediate damage done to the site. >> reporter: as for coyote creek, it's still a problem with debris in the water. that will take a special clean- up effort by the water district. crews will wrap up the major clean-up effort today. seeing how the rain goes today, they might come back tomorrow. >> you know, the contrast is just amazing. it's one of the richest places in the milky way galaxy in santa clara county yet you have these people who are homeless. have all of the former residents of the so-called jungle been able to find shelter? >> yeah. most of them have.
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so the latest numbers are that 150 people are now either in semi permanent housing or some kind of shelter. and 64 of them now have vouchers in hand. they are now actively looking for a place to live. we're live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. a woman was found badly hurt and unconscious in the parking lot of a livermore mall. and she later died. marjorie hiller man was found lying on the asphalt at the livermore premium outlets on december 9. the 61-year-old had traumatic injuries to the back and side of her head. >> we don't know if it was an assault. we haven't found anything thus far to point in any direction. we have no idea. >> police say there are no surveillance cameras in the area of the mall's parking lot which makes it difficult to figure out what happened. hillerman died from her injuries this week. she was from arizona and was in the bay area on business. well, the white house is thinking about a response to
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that crippling cyber attack on sony pictures. federal investigators are said to have traced the hack to north korea's government and north korean leader kim jong- un. they say they used malware to steal secrets and erase their computers. the white house has yet to officially assign blame. >> the appropriate response is something that is being carefully considered by members of the president's national security team. >> imagine the capability they have to disrupt other aspects of american life. >> many lawmakers on capitol hill are upset about all this. sony pictures was targeted as it got ready to release "the interview" a movie about the assassination of north korea's dictator. hackers made threats against movie-goers leading sony to scrap the release of the movie. sony removed all the billboards for the movie "the interview." these are workers taking one down in los angeles. new details on just how much damage a massive fire in
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downtown l.a. caused. this 7 story apartment building was destroyed by flames earlier this month. fire department says the total cost of damage is about 20 to $30 million. they say all the evidence points to arson. fortunately no one was injured. the fire was so intense, it set off sprinklers ruin thousands of holiday gift for seniors. nebraska and oklahoma want colorado's pot law declared unconstitutional. they filed a lawsuit with the supreme court claiming marijuana is being brought from colorado into neighboring states. pot seized in colorado highways increased from 2700 pounds in 2008 to nearly 3700 pounds last year. the weed was headed for at least 40 different states. a rare skin condition has made a nine-week-old placer county baby virtually up touchable. her skin is so fragile a rub can cause it to blister or tear
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off. it's a genetic skin condition. her parents spend nearly 2 hours every day wrapping kira's fingers individually so she doesn't hurt herself. >> i never would wish this upon anybody knowing that she is going to live a life of pain. >> we definitely keep praying that she will just be healed. >> the family is scheduled to meet with medical experts at stanford children's hospital today. doctors at the university of minnesota say they are trying to work on some kind of treatment. nine minutes after 5:00 now on your friday morning. declining gas prices across the country it's saving more people at the pump. but what drivers say is fueling a new headache as they hit the roads. >> plus the earthquake that shook napa in august was the strongest in 20 years. why experts say the next one to hit the area could cause more damage. >> from the kpix 5 weather center good morning everybody. we have a brand-new storm but that's some changes with it that you need to know about.
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good morning. welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." we're taking a look towards the golden gate bridge where we have wet pavement. we'll tally up the numbers and tell you how much rain to
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expect as the news continues. turns out the fault line that triggered the napa quake is longer than previously thought. researchers at uc-davis say it's about 45 miles long. that means it can produce an earthquake as strong as a magnitude 7. the quake that hit the napa fault in august was a 6. so a 7 would be about 30 times more powerful. nasa says that california needs about 11 trillion gallons of water to break the drought. and the situation is so dire, that number is unimaginable so i don't know why anybody would care to use it, the flooding that struck the state earlier this month barely made a dent. also hard to believe. most of the state is suffering in a category called exceptional drought the worst level. scientists think it will take years for california to completely recover. lower gasoline prices and a growing economy are fueling record traffic on california highways. new state figures show drivers traveled about 185 billion miles on highways in 12 months
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from 2013 to 2014. that's up almost five billion miles from the year before. it's the largest single year jump since 2003. a lot going on this morning and the road ahead big trouble by 380 and 101, gianna. >> yes, there is. in fact, i just got an update from chp. some better news to report. they have opened two lanes of the traffic alert. southbound 101 at south airport. at one point all lanes were completely shut down. the two left lanes have now been opened. that leaves the two right lanes completely closed until they mop up the road. there was a two-car crash. again no longer diverting traffic off at grand but the damage is done. traffic is backed up in the area. you can still use 280 over to 380 if you are heading to sfo as an alternate. no delays along 280 at this point. so that may be your best bet until they clear this mess completely off the road. we'll continue to keep you updated on this, of course bart will get you to sfo, as well. the rest of mass transit is right on time this morning. no delays for ace train. train 1 is a minute early. 880 both directions not a bad
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right. southbound 880 near the coliseum we do have reports of a broken-down vehicle in lanes but we can see traffic still moving nicely so not really causing any trouble this morning. northbound as you work your way through oakland headed toward the bay bridge traffic looks good through there. checking the bay bridge so far, so good no delays to report. metering lights are off. no backup there. clear across the span into san francisco. lower deck not showing any problems this morning. and the san mateo bridge a little windy but overall a nice ride in both directions between hayward and foster city. golden gate bridge continues to be a bright spot this morning. it's been an easy ride so far out of marin county. still about 14 minutes for your drive time from 580 down to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. northbound no problems. just a little bit of yellow popping up on our sensors now so speeds starting to slow just a bit through the altamont pass as you work your way out of tracy but again gets a little bit better through the livermore valley and improves once you hit 680. let's take a look at the forecast. here's roberta. we have had rain in our forecast measurable precipitation each and every
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day except for last sunday. if you want to go all the way back to thursday when we got hit by that monster storm. and more rain is in your forecast today. good morning, everybody. it's our hi-def doppler radar. doesn't look pretty ominous at this particular time. we do have some cells right there over the cloverdale area also clearlake. santa rosa is currently reporting some light rain and areas of fog and temperature right now the at 54 degrees. we do have 55 in oakland and san francisco. currently to the mid-50s at sfo and we'll keep a watch out for that for any possibility of airport delays. we have the rain over the bay area impacting the commute. showers this afternoon. futurecast shows the front as it moves through the bay area. producing heavy rain.
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south bay rain in the afternoon. we have a cell of heavy rainfall going into redwood city by 5:00. in the evening, if you have plans, grab an umbrella. we'll have hit-and-miss scattered showers. drying out begins as the ridge of high pressure begins to nudge into the bay area on saturday. across most urban areas we could see anywhere between .25" of rain and nearly a half an inch of rain but again heftier amounts in the highest elevations of the bay area. around the central portion of the state today if you have traveling plans we do have rain from the state capital all the way through merced, modesto, manteca into fresno. we have snow flurries in the offing in the greater lake tahoe area and rain in monterey
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bay throug carmel. south winds 10 to 15 miles per hour. average temperatures for the season. showers on saturday but high pressure builds in and we have sunny skies and it's going to be fun, lots of fun to head out to walnut creek on ice this weekend in the low 60s. hey, you want to go ahead and track the weather with us? it's really easy. super fun. all you have to do is get the cbs bay area weather app. you can check the area's conditions in your area. you can get realtime radar. i got to tell you, all you have to do is search "kpix" in the app store and download the app for iphone and android. and guys, i have to tell you, i hated this app months ago. i did! but we did modifications, we revamped it. i love it now. >> you didn't say that at the time. hi, everybody, i hate this app. [ laughter ] >> it gives great alerts. it's great. it's great -- now! >> we believe you. >> thank you. it is the end of and
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television era but there is promise for a new one. you probably know that last night comedian stephen colbert hosted the final episode of his comedy central talk show. >> ♪ we'll meet again don't know where, don't know when ♪ >> but he does know where and when. it was a star-studded set after nine years of comedy central he had some "a" list help on the final show. bill clinton, george lucas, charlie rose even big bird showed up. and they all sang colbert off the stage with the classic tune, we'll meet again. colbert covered his favorite topics on his last show. >> nathan, i know that this is an emotional night for a lot of you. so i want to start the show tonight with something a little more upbeat. syria. >> colbert takes over for david letterman next fall. he retires from the late show
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after 21 years. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the raiders scored a victory last night without even playing a game. and it was a bad news good news night for the warriors. we'll tip it off coming up. >> this morning, jill schlesinger has some holiday gift ideas for job seekers. >> reporter: are you looking for the perfect gift for someone on a job hunt? here are a few ideas that may be help: both younger seekers and seasoned workers returning to the job search can benefit from a consultation with a certified resume' writer. you can also give the gift of a premium or advanced subscription to job search sites. is ideal for the career changer. media bistro for those in creative media and sales or for freelancers. has nearly 50,000 full time positions in the bay area making it a sound investment. for those focusing on more conservative industries like business, accounting or finance, a wardrobe upgrade may be necessary. conversely if they are
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good morning, everybody. warriors center andrew bogut will be out indefinitely trying to recover from knee pain not great news for the warriors who want to make a run at teams like the thunder in the play- offs. only team hotter than steve kerr' warriors is scott brook's thunder riding a seven-game win streak. kevin durant with a career-high 30 points first half. the warriors would erase the 17- point deficit in the 2nd quarter. klay thompson pass to curry for two of his -- three of his 34 points. he also had nine assists. and end of the half durant drives steps on muir reese's foot. he came out of the foot with a sprained ainge come. that's one way to cool them off. but the thunder kept it close. russell west book and it's a
5:25 am
one-point thunder lead. the warriors retook the lead and barnes with the back breaking turnaround bucket and the warriors win, 114-109. on the ice niemi has never lost to the oilers as a member of the sharks. that streak didn't end last night. the rookie denison scores in the third period to tie it at 3 and then! 34 seconds later another rookie goodrow on the breakaway to give san jose the lead. the youth movement on full display last night for the sharks who have won eight of nine games. college volleyball final four stanford's first appearance since 2008 facing penn state in the semifinals. nittany lions dig it out but stanford freshman hit long. and penn state will face byu in the national championship just stanford's second loss of the season. don't forget, folks, we have saturday night football right here on the big 5. the 49ers and the chargers. we got a pre-game show, the "5th quarter," all nfl tomorrow night on channel 5. have a great weekend.
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5:25 right now. outrage spreads over sony's cancellation of the christmas film "the interview." how the white house is responding to the cyber attack on the movie company. >> he has his pick of "a" list movies but can't do public service. why a judge kicked brad pitt off out of jury duty. >> reporter: was it or was it not a danger to public safety? differing opinions on that this morning after a huge flame lit up the skies above richmond last night. we'll hear both sides right now. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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richmond... why chevron says there's no danger to pc safety. large fires lit up the sky from a refinery in richmond. why chevron says there is no
5:30 am
danger to public safety. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live at the jungle homeless encampment. the clean-up is wrapping up today and you wouldn't recognize the place anymore. >> it's been a soggy week and we have one more storm to go. how much rain to expect this time. >> if you are headed to sfo via 101, it's a bit of a backup. i'll tell you why. >> good morning, it's friday, december 19. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. >> a brilliant orange glow lights up the night sky over richmond. it could be seen for miles around and had people asking, what is this? it even had us wondering. so we checked out our roof camera last night. our station is about 20 miles away and this is what we saw. kpix 5's anne makovec is in richmond with some answers. >> reporter: all clear here at the refinery this morning. chevron says this was a process called flaring which allows it to safely shut down a unit.
5:31 am
chevron insists there was no danger to the community. but it certainly caused allot of concern. check out the tweets from neighbors last night. the huge flame could be seen for miles. chevron says it's water vapor not smoke. some people are skeptical. >> we saw like a cloud where the flames were coming up and they were lighting up the clouds. we thought it was the stack like the regular stacks lighting up the clouds but it would flare up, go out and flare up. >> reporter: this was on people's minds last night the 2012 explosion at the refinery that sent 15,000 people to the hospital complaining of breathing problems. while chevron is assuring that last night's event was nothing like this, contra costa county supervisor john gioa said, quote, these are hazardous materials and something not -- not something you want to be breathing. the question is determining if
5:32 am
they are in a location that is dangerous to people. he is also on the air quality management board chevron says it has air quality sensors around its fence line and that those sensors showed no danger to the public. >> why was there no warning given. >> reporter: you know, chevron says it is protocol when there is a, quote, big event at the refinery to give warnings to the community. but they insist that this was not a big event. live in richmond, anne makevoc, kpix 5. all right. miss gonzalez, we have rain in south marin this morning and more on the way for today. a lot of this low-level moisture is not being detected on our radar so it's unimpressive so we have a brand storm making tracks towards the bay area. good morning. let's call on our hi-def doppler. we have a little bit of light green on the screen at this particular time. in fact, we do have some light rain falling in the clearlake area as well as in cloverdale, healdsburg, as well.
5:33 am
santa rosa is reporting light wind out of the south at 12 miles per hour and rain. see that batch over the open waters? that's going to be pushing onshore into petaluma within the next 20 to 30 minutes. we have mostly cloudy skies at sfo right now with an air temperature of 55. east wind at 6. we have east winds up to 12 miles per hour in san jose at 54 degrees. in the city it's in the mid- 50s. today you will need that umbrella. we have the rain moving in for the morning commute. we have it turning over to afternoon showers as we realize high temperatures in the 50s and 60s. we'll talk about the seven-day forecast next time around. gianna, wet roads! >> how about some good news? we are going to talk about the 101 freeway right now as you work your way through there. good news, they finally just canceled the traffic alert at one point all lanes completely shut down southbound 101 at south airport. they were diverting vehicles off the freeway but everything is now cleared and you can see just a little bit of yellow on our sensors there. so traffic is starting to improve as you work your way through there. no need to use 280. you will probably make it
5:34 am
through 101 to sfo with no problems right now. mass transit looking good ebart right on time this morning. -- bart right on time this morning. no problems on any mass transit. bay bridge stacked up quickly no word of stalled vehicles but look at that slow-and-go conditions. we'll look into that more coming up. police in oakland are investigating an ominous symbol to see if it has anything to do with the "black lives matter" protest. this was found hanging from a tree in frank ogawa plaza. it appears to be a noose. a journalist posted the picture on instagram. and it's similar to the "black lives matter" symbol displayed on the cal campus recently. we told you about effigies of black people hanging from nooses. a group of artists said they made them in order to give historical context to the marches for racial justice. bay area public defenders are joining the nationwide protests for racial justice wearing shirts that said "black
5:35 am
lives matter." they gathered on court how the steps in san francisco yesterday. the public defenders say they see the racial imbalance in the court system referring to the recent grand jury decision not to indict white police officers in the deaths of black men in ferguson, missouri and new york city. public defenders in oakland joined the stand. this was the scene outside the courthouse in oakland yesterday. a similar demonstration also took place this is martinez. happening today in san jose another round of clean-up at the jungle a former homeless encampment. kpix 5's keit do is there live with more on what's happening. >> reporter: the crews wrap up today after an intense two-week clean-up effort. fair to say that one of the saddest chapters in san jose history is finally coming to a close. for years it looked like this, a shantytown. more than 200 campsites with putrid garbage piled knee deep but over the past two weeks it's all been scraped down to the mud and hauled away to the dump. all told, crews collected about
5:36 am
400 tons of debris. that's triple the previous record. however, if you look closely in the mud and water you'll still see signs that this was one of the largest homeless encampments in the country. hazmat crews are still finding piles of human waste requiring special handling. they are putting up an 8-foot fence around the site that will make it difficult to get back inside. >> can you say with any confidence that it will not go back to the way it was? >> the city is committed to making sure that encampments like the one here at story road never occur again. >> reporter: as for coyote creek itself, that's a problem. we saw lots of debris in the water. that will take a special clean- up effort by the santa clara valley water district. crews will wrap up the major clean-up effort today depending on how the rains go they may get delayed and have to come back for at least one more day tomorrow. frank. >> it's not a huge round of rain coming in so maybe they can work around it. it do you have any idea how much this whole operation is
5:37 am
going to cost? >> reporter: yeah. so they have to weigh and then pay for all that garbage but right now the price tag is around $600,000. live in east san jose kiet do, kpix 5. >> federal investigators are said to have traced the sony hack to north korea's government and leader kim jong- un. cbs sources say the hackers used aggressive data wiping malware to steel sony's corporate secrets and erase the company's computer files. sony pictures was targeted as it got ready it release interend a movie about the -- to release "the interview" a movie about the proposed assassination of the north korea dictator. budget cuts enacted by congress could cause delays in tax refunds next year. congress cut the agency's budget by $350 million and the irs commissioner says as a result, fewer agents will be auditing returns. he estimated about half the people who call the irs for help won't get through. the state of new york is
5:38 am
telling big box stores to quit offering realistic looking toy guns. and the stock market continues to make dramatic gains. wendy gillette of joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, brian and michelle. wall street is flying high. the dow jones industrial average posted its biggest gain in three years yesterday up 421, extending a rally that began wednesday. the nasdaq finished up 104. walmart, amazon, kmart and sears are being told to stop selling toy guns that look like real ones. new york's attorney general sent letters telling the retailers to follow a state law meant to make sure fake firearms are not mistaken for the real thing. the toys are mainly sold online. walmart says the company will work with the ag. and sources tell righters that google is working on a version of android that will be built directly in cars. that means you could go online while you're in your car without even plugging into your
5:39 am
smartphone. it could be rolled out in a year. >> all right. wendy gillette,, have a great weekend. thank you. lots of people would love to spend hours with brad pitt except for the l.a. criminal courts. the hollywood "a" lister was dismissed from jury duty for being, quote, too, distracting. he was ready to engage in his civic duty and even reported to court but the court said his presence on a jury would take attention away from the trial. >> can't imagine why. 21 minutes before 6:00. a major milestone in transportation getting to l.a. from the bay area could soon take less than an hour. and you won't have to board a plane. the local businessman behind the project. >> plus a bay area man takes a wrong turn and his car is severely damaged. what he said steered him into a path of danger. >> this saturday watch the 49ers take on the chargers on our sister station -- on our sister station?
5:40 am
on kpix 5. >> our station actually. >> we have -- maybe it's our brother station. pre-game starts at 4:30. following the game "5th quarter" then at 9:00 our special california's green rush, all coming up this weekend. start a revolution a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee.
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baltimore these days. this't your ordinary blimp. good morning. it's friday, december 19. we have more rain in the forecast. how would you like to be aboard that right there? that's the princess liner. it is docked often the port of san francisco. boy, is it heading to mexico? looks like it. it's going to be sunny there. but more rain here. we have that forecast coming up. check out what's flying in the skies near baltimore these days. it's not your ordinary blimp. this aircraft belongs to the
5:43 am
u.s. army and its mission is to scan the eastern seaboards for cruise missiles and other airborne threats. there's a second blimp that is slated to launch for testing in the spring. price tag for the project $2.8 billion. some graduate students from ucla and around the world are working on a project that envisions traveling from l.a. to san francisco in a matter of matter of minutes. designers of the speed tube called a hyperloop say they can really make it happen. on top of pylons as they hover inside a low pressurized tube which can reach speeds of more than 750 miles an hour. the trip would take about 35 minutes and because it would rely strictly on solar power passengers would only pay about 30 bucks each. hyperloop's ceo says this could be reality in 10 years assuming the project gets $16 billion in funding. >> money can move mountains and they will have to move the
5:44 am
mountains at the southern end of the central valley to make anything happen. you want to do traffic now? >> sure. >> why not? i came in this morning so might, as well. checking the roads right now, if you are headed towards sfo, i have good news to report. that traffic alert is canceled all lanes are clear. it's sluggish but safe taking 101 on the southbound side. it was at south airport boulevard but all clear through there. 280 was a great alternate and that's free-flowing both directions so you can use 280 over to 380 if you want to. it might be easier. checking your roadways elsewhere, if you are headed out and about towards the bay bridge just a heads up this stacked up very quickly. my guess is the metering lights are now on. we are seeing those fastrak lanes slow down through there so you're backed up beyond 880 in this point not quite the maze. still an okay ride coming offer the eastshore freeway if you are headed to the bay bridge. that will take but 20 minutes this morning. once you get past the metering lights traffic is better heading into san francisco. dealing with slick surfaces 880 good both directions northbound
5:45 am
not showing problems now. southbound you get the "all clear" all the way through oakland into hayward and if you are headed towards the san mateo bridge things look good there, as well. i'll show you that in just a second. 680 both directions not a problem right now through walnut creek. highway 24 free-flowing both directions no delays in the caldecott tunnel and the san mateo bridge as promised westbound looking good no delays out of hayward towards foster city extra volume that's where those taillights are headed if you work your way towards the east bay out of the peninsula traffic moving along nicely there a 13-minute ride for that commute. south 101 status quo through the golden gate bridge. now, the altamont pass we are seeing a few brake lights westbound a little slow eases up towards north flynn and again slow coming out of tracy gets a little bit bogged down as well as you head towards the dublin interchange. once you hit 680 things are sluggish as well, 17 minutes westbound 580 altamont pass to 680 but again once you have to get on 680 traffic is good in both directions. antioch we are seeing a few brake lights westbound highway 4 improves quite a bit as you hit pittsburg no delays headed
5:46 am
towards the eastshore freeway via highway 4. and, of course, mass transit if you want to avoid the roads is right on time this morning. bart looking good and ace train no problems. let's check the forecast here's roberta. this next storm coming in is so powerful we have a high surf advisory for the north bay waters some swells up to 18 feet to 20. good morning, this storm however is not going to be as juicy as the recent storms. in fact we're expecting up to a full inch of rain in the wettest spots of the north bay mountains. we'll have hit-and-miss scattered showers around the cloverdale area lakeport just moving out of clearlake, as well. so far no reports of airport delays but most notably they check in after 6:00 with those
5:47 am
delays. temperatures otherwise in the 50s. san jose currently with a southeast wind at 12 miles per hour. so the rain moves in over the morning commute. then the heaviest rain turns on over to scattered showers during the afternoon hours. and then we will start to see a dry weather pattern beginning with saturday afternoon. all right. futurecast clearly illustrates the frontal boundary wants to bring the heaviest precipitation into the metropolitan area of san francisco by about 9:00 this morning. and then as it sweeps on out in a south and east direction, behind it, it filters on over to some widely scattered showers. we have heavy cells that could push through the san mateo coast towards the evening commute. then behind it again, for your friday evening hit-and-miss scattered showers all the way through the overnight house. and we cannot rule out the possibility of a residual shower early saturday morning before high pressure comes in and we enter a dry weather pattern through christmas.
5:48 am
nearly' half inch of rain -- nearly a half inch of rain expected in the 24 hours through the tri-valley and san francisco. that's a juicy total for san jose with already its second wettest december in history, the wettest in 1955. brian remembers that well. 50s across the state today and throughout the interior portion of the bay area. we have a couple of inches of snow expected about 7,000 feet in elevation and the greater lake tahoe area. 50s and 60s south winds 10 to 20 today. the extended forecast here you have it, it looks like we will be dry from saturday afternoon all the way through sunday. and we have wish officially arriving at 3:03 on sunday and brian is throwing a little winter party in the weather office so we invite you all. i'll bring the eggnog. >> i think 1955 is when they had the big yuba city flood. i have the newspaper headlines. it was a big deal back then.
5:49 am
[ laughter ] it's time for an animal story. the l.a. zoo is showing off three newborn otters. those are the otters. and the baby giraffe named leo. leo was born on november 20 weighing in at 170 pounds. look and the those little otters. the otter pups showed up in september. caretakers say the giraffe's birth is important though because there are fewer than 80,000 giraffes left in the world. maybe one of the most impressive holiday displays in the bay area if not all of california. ♪[ music ] >> 100,000 lights set to the theme of "star wars." even though this song is from frozen. the man behind it is a professional music teacher and he says this is pretty much a year-round effort. >> it never he wants. i usually take off february because in january you're taking down, february take off by march i'm planning
5:50 am
programming. >> his neighbors are okay with the display because any money he raises goes to some charity. and we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back to "kpix 5 morning news." this is hi-def doppler radar, it's picking up the leading edge of moderate to heavy rainfall that will be pushing into the bay area. generally a quarter to about three-quarters of a inch of rain expected in the urban areas, an inch in the higher elevations. the weekend is coming up. business as usual at the bay bridge. metering lights are on so you're back up beyond 880 at this point still so far, so good on the approaches to the bay bridge. a walnut creek man fed up with speeding drivers on his street has taken matters into his own hands but he may have gone too far by putting up this sign near northgate high school. he was calling out the driver who hit his daughter and drove away. a man reported that a car might have slightly hit her. >> this seems extreme. and it leads people to believe that some little girl was really hurt. and i find that a little over the top. >> the girl by the way was not
5:54 am
injured. a bay area driver says the he was just following his gps and it nearly killed him. the navigation system told him to turn on to train tracks in atherton and he got stuck right when a caltrain was coming toward him. he got in time and the front of the train is torched and not much left of the vehicle. >> the gps told him to turn. and he turned. we have seen that before with people who made mistakes using gps and don't have situational awareness. >> no one aboard the train was hurt and officials say it was dark and rainy so visibility was poor. cnet says for the most part a gps should be used as a guide, not an accurate map. >> sometimes the maps haven't been updated so they don't have the streets you can actually turn on. sometimes the gps antenna is off in the car so it doesn't have the actual location of the
5:55 am
car. >> he says the mapping companies can sometimes take hey long time to update their systems leading to these kinds of problems. new details about holiday shoppers who might not find what they are looking for in all stores and it's all because of a labor dispute at west coast ports. dock workers and employers are far part in negotiating a new contract. longshoremen have continued to work though some managers say they are deliberately slowing their pace and major shipping companies say that cargo congestion has been building for months. >> angel island park will be closed this weekend end to clean up waste water that overflowed. it's treated water and there is no danger of it flowing into the bay. it's now about 4 minutes before 6:00. plummetting gas prices are a welcome sight for drivers but there is a downside. how much extra congestion comes along with the lower prices? >> reporter: a huge flame lit
5:56 am
up the skies above the bay area last night. and people who live around the richmond refinery say the company has more explaining to do. we'll hear what they have to say this morning next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
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we saw like a cloud where the flames were coming up. >> some nervous moments for people living near the chevron refinery in richmond. flames and smoke were visible for miles during what chevron calls a depressurization process. residents were not given a heads up it was going to happen. happen. >> kind of deal you get when you send your speech writer to negotiate with a tie rant. >> some members of congress are threatening to derail plans for better relations with the cuban government. president obama said wednesday the u.s. would open an embassy in havana. >> very troubling for us as an organization. it is not what we stand for. >> thousands of people are demanding the firing of a san jose police officer over his tweets about recent protests against police brutality.
6:00 am
from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. good morning,i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. frank's off today. an orange light in the night sky over richmond causes concern. calls were coming into our newsroom last night with people asking, what is this? kpix 5's anne makovec is live in richmond this morning with some answers. >> reporter: chevron says it is a process called flaring which allows them to safely shut down a unit. now, they won't say why they suddenly had to shut down that unit without warning. but they say there was no danger to the communities. there were some concerns in the community. some neighbors said the huge flames could be seen for miles. chevron says it's not smoke but water vapor


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