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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 22, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> a pickup truck nearly goes over the edge after colliding with a utility truck on highway 4 and claiming the life of the teen behind the wheel good afternoon i am frank mallicoat. >> i am michelle griego. they are trying to figure out why it would have crossed into
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opposite lanes before the crash. it happened at 4:0 on highway 4 -- 4:00 -- 4:30 on highway 4overpass. it hit another truck before spinning out of control and flipping. it land on the side of the overpass dangling over the edge. the driver was killed in the crash but the 17-year-old female passenger survived. rescuers rushing to the scene were involved in another accident. >> one of the ambulance that is was on the way here was involved in a collision. as a result of that collision, we had to respond to that. >> one person was taken to the hospital after that crash. for the first time we are hearing from the family of a window washer who fell 11 stories off a building in san francisco and survive. pedro pere was nearly killed when he fell from the roof of a bidding at california montgomery crashed onto a moving car below a camry. he broke his arm fractured the pelvis and suffered brain trauma. and he is slowly recovering but
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the family is hoping for help to pay for medical bills. pedro's wife spoke through a translator this morning. >> whoa trued -- we truly need help with all the costs of the rehabilitation and truly with the needs of our family. >> pedro's accident is under investigation. you can head to the website for information on how to help. some parts of the bay area are under water today because of what's called a king tide. kpix5 ryan takeo is live with a look at a community hit hard. >> reporter: they are used to this and it's flooding again. but the rain is not to blame. this time, it's because of the king tide. today is the peak of the king tide, it's when the sun and moon align and produce a high tide. it created problems late this morning. the drivers had to plow through -- had to plow through standing water. highway 1 off 101 flooded so
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often there are choseed ?iensdz ridiculous. >> reporter: teresa mcdowell is used to this. >> it's not raining today and look at it. >> and we have to alter the routes some days. >> reporter: this montha floods forced ann matthews to change course. she arusted her time on the trail a-- adjusted her time on the trail according to mother nature and some areas getting 17 inches this month alone, she is used to editing the exercise. neighbors here know when the king tide is gone, the rain will eventually be back. along with more flood waters. in mill valley ryan takeo. >> we are not done with the king tide just yet. it will be back tomorrow for a map of the best places to see in action and the times that they will be the heist and lo -- highest and lowest go to our website. caltrans is done clearing a rockslide from highway 101 in southern marin county. rocks and boulders tumbled onto two southbound lanes around
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2:30 this morning on the waldo grade above sal leeto. they brought -- says leeto. it was -- sausalito. they wrought in -- brought in a bull discosser -- bulldozer and the lanes stayed closed throughout the week and reopened within the last half- hour. the uber driver accused of killing a 6-year-old gill plednot giddy etch face -- guilty e faces charges of vehicular manslaughter he ran her down when she was in crosswalk near the civic center last new year's eve. next court days is set for early february. police departments across the country are on alert today following the killings of two new york city police officers saturday afternoon. the tension is especially high in new york where the city's mayor has been the target of anger from police. marlie hall reports from brooklyn. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill de blasio visited the home of officer raphael ramos one of the two police men shot and killed on saturday.
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>> time for people to take stock of this moment. our first obligation is to respect the families in mourning. first obligation is to stand by them in every way we can. >> reporter: the mayor is trying to mend fences as he face disapproval from the police rank and file. they turned their backs on his saturday when he entered the hospital where officers ramos and wigan liu were taken. the head of the largest police union blasted de blasio. >> that blood on the hand starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor. >> reporter: the police officers were gunned down while sitting in their patrol cars at this intersection. several new york city law makers are now calling for bulletproof glass in all police cars. 28-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley opened fire and then shot himself after vowing he was going to attack police officers. in the wake of the shooting,
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police departments across the country are telling officers to wear their bulletproof vests and avoid making inflammatory remarks online. marlie hall cbs news brooklyn. police say brinsley shot his ex-girlfriend in the baltimore area before taking a bus to new york. she is expected to recover. the white house now considering taking action against north korea in the aftermath of a cyber attack on sony. it was the most devastating of its kind ever on an american company. the obama administration blames north korea and is considering putting it back on a list of countries that sponsor terrorism. the president says that the cyber attack was not an act of war. >> i think it was a act of cyber vandalism that was very costly and very expensive. we take it very seriously. we will respond proportionately as i said. >> sony says the movie called the interview that offend north korea will be released for free it will be available on the company's streaming service called crackle although sony has not said exactly when it
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will be available. a man is dead after an armed stand off with sheriff deputies in the sierra foothills. 7 hour ordeal began yesterday morning in the historic town of auburn in placer county. police spoped to several 911 -- responded to several 911 calls about shots fired. sheriff's department evaporateed the neighborhood as armed man in the house opened fire at deputies and nearby homes and at one point the house caught fire and investigators say the man fired hundreds of rounds before a deputy shot and killed him. no one else was seriously injured. and it started with a fight between a man and his girlfriend who managed to escape. tsa wants air travelers to be aware of what they are putting in their carry on bags and what is not allowed aboard planes. today a show and tell at the san jose international. collects of knives tsa confiscated. they say it's fine to put it in the checked baggage but can'tcarry them on the plane.
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this year along 2,000 guns have been found in carry ons around the country. >> we find 2,000 guns at apartments across the country and passengers tell -- at airports across the country and passengers tell us they forgot but we need tome to -- need them to look in the back because it's distracting our attention from the real threats. >> san jose international has dozens of unclaimed driver's licenses car keys. it's going to be a long day for ups workers. they expect to deliver 34 million packages today alone. the most in a test of the new automated sorting system which reroutes packages in the case of bad weather put in noise prevent a re-- put in place to prevent last year when package didn't get on time. procrastinators wait for the last-minute. >> maybe they want sunshine. that's the would be christmas
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gift that's -- one christmas gift that's coming up early. the forecast is after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ng up today short week of training on wall street because of the holiday. but that didn't stop the dow from bumping up a bit up 120 points. who the day shoppers this year waiting longer to finish buying up a the gifts. >> yeah they are apparently waiting for the best possible deals or procrastinateor. the weekend that just end is expected to seat record for spending. seat record for spending. for the -- set a record for spending. it could ellipse black friday at billion dollars. retail analyst thinks he knows why. >> more and more people feel if they wait until the last-minute they will save money and get
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better deals and to an extent they are right. >> it's forcing stores to offer deeper discounts. retailers face other challenges including labor unrest at west coast poured that delayed delivery of hot -- ports that delayed delivery of hot items and foot traffic is back. i think being on the mall at saturday because i'm procrastinateor but traffic was fine. >> it was not too bad. >> there was a lot. >> we going to have good weather to do this. >> yes. i haven't begun mine. >> no. >> christmas eve is wednesday. >> i have a list for you. >> really? >> do you? >> i can help. >> why go early. >> that's what i say wait until everything is picked thoroughly through and you get something no one expects. like the fog lingering around this morning it was supposed to have burned off but it has not listened. high top solano county looking over the low cloud layer is slow to burn off. and the coast is getting more sunshine than inland areas. right now we have got 68 concord and same for san
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francisco and san jose. 64 at santa rosa right now. and high pressure is around the bay area is finally beginning to build in. so low pressure out of the picture and you can see the storm track is now way up into the pacific northwest and before it gets to seattle. it is pretty much dying on the vine. so we are looking at increasing sunshine for the next couple days. before we get a little toonie chance of rain coming into the north bay on christmas eve. probably late christmas eve wouldn't amount to much but that is the only fly in the ointment. afternoon highs today going to be look at partly cloudy skies -- looking at partly cloudy skies but mostly sunny at the shoreline and readings will mostly for everybody be in the mid-60s today. so it's looking nice. futurecast shows in general in terms of high cloudiness there's a little through the night overnight hours that footprint of fog begins to form in the central valley and that can make for treacherous driving. heading down 99 or 5 to southern california, as we look over ocean beach the headlines
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this afternoon the high tides begin to ebb this afternoon it will be back again tomorrow and i think before noon. and then slowly increasing sun shine for the next couple days. christmas day, looks fair and mild as you will see in minute. heading out the bay air yacht fog in the central valley and -- area, the fog in the central valley. across the rest of the country very cold air spilling into the region between denver and the high plains. overnight lows tonight in the 50s and christmas looks nice. the extended forecast doesn't look bad. we are getting temperatures mostly in the 60s this week and a slight chance of a few showers coming into the bay area late on wednesday and aside from that, we will be looking at almost nothing but sun. you know every time the time of the season we are doing the food for bay area families in the bay area. and today, we have the orangeel volunteers -- orel -- or cal
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oracle volunteers. and you are from oracle. >> yeah i am. >> tell me how you raised this. >> this is a corporate donation from oracle. >> that's wonderful and i am sure that this probably comes in handy this time of year? >> it comes in extremely handy this time of year. alameda county county food bank serves 1 in 5 residents and a lot of the pool we serve live in -- people we serve are areas that are food deserts they don't have grocery stores or places for fresh food and this check is going to go directly to providing fresh produce farm fresh produce to those who need it most. >> that's distinguished from some of the and we love it all you note canned food and everything but this -- you know, the canned food and everything but did you target that to make sure it came from is it local farming communities and stuff like that. >> yes we have. >> okay. we really appreciate it. and the amount is. >> 30,000. >> very nice that's beautifully done thanks so much.
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and oracle bree we appreciate the help and thanks for coming by mike we hope it's turning out to be a pretty good year. if you want to know how to helpgo by and i know these two have. >> thank you. still ahead mounting bills the turning point for a teen who is imagining a full-time job with the classes. >> and we want to ensight pet lovers out there to -- insight pet lovers out there to send questions about-- invite pet lovers out there to send questions about your pet and we will have our pet expert give you answers every friday at noon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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parents. we to more than a third of our student rising above are growing up without parents. >> we are proin duesed to a bay area -- are introduced to a bay area teen who takes on adult responsibilities as he pursues his education. >> reporter: 17-year-old is on his own financially. no welfare. and his parents can't support him. he has been work at mcdonald's full-time since he was 15. >> it's scary because you know that at the end of the month, you have to have the money or to pay the rent because if you don't, you could get kicked out of the room. >> reporter: he and his sister
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rent a room in san rafael. together they scrape by. he and his sister were born here. but his family returned to guatemala his parents are farmers and poor. so when he was 11 they sent him back here to live with relatives. so he could get an education. that worked for a few years. but eventually he and his sister were out on their own. is it hard being away from your parents. >> it's really hard because i need someone to give me advice or support and maybe give you hug something to make you feel better. which is what i don't have. >> he has been functioning as an adult since he was 15 and living on his own with his sister supporting himself through working full-time. >> reporter: and going to school full-time. his reason for being here. he has lot of catching up to do with english and core classes but the hardest pardon part was the work. >> he described waking up at 4 or 5 a.m. to work on homework before
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school. and then going to school all day and trying to stay awake in class and then going right after school to mcdonald's. >> reporter: get home at 11 p.m. and usually too tired to study. >> it was really hard but i always tried my best to do everything i can. >> reporter: for years his two days off tuesday and thursday were the only days he could really concentrate on homework. >> i didn't have a computer at home. >> reporter: what did you do in. >> i would have to stay after school to finish my work and try to get it all done. >> reporter: a turning point for him was selected for students rising above. sra loaned him a computer and given him money so now he only works 3 full days. >> he has incredibly difficult circumstances and is rising above and is going to school and on track to go to college. >> reporter: his big goal is to be able to help his parents. >> this is like a great
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opportunity to succeed and be able to help them just how they have taught me. >> reporter: kpix5. >> and if you want to help go to to find out how to donate to students rising above. we will be right back but first in today's jobs report jill schlesinger shows us a career option here in the bay area. >> reporter: the health care industry is exploding. thanks to an aging population. according to the census beurre wrote population age 65 and older is -- bureau, the population ages 65 and older will explode to 92 million. those 85 and older are projected to more than tripel to 18.2 million or 4.3% of the population. the changing demographics means the demand for registered nurses is on the rise. the bureau of labor statistics projected a 19% growth in employment for register nurses from 2012 to 2022 compared to 11% average growth rate for all
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occupation. that is contributing to rising salaries for rns. median annual wage for registered nurses across the country is just under 69,000 dollars. but in the bay area, that number is 123,830 dollars. the number shows nurses can do good for others and also for themselves. i am jill schlesinger for kpix5. >> the bay area job market report is sponsored by university of phoenix. let's get to work. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a pair of pit bulls are so aggressive police in san eran dough tell people to shelter in place in a church. the attacks by the dogs have police looking for answers. that and more at 5. jim harbaugh could be out as the 49ers head coach within 49 of the finale next sunday. fox sports reports there's several possible ways to go. he has a year left on the contract and the 49ers could try to trade him for draft picks or fire him and pay him out that last year. the university of michigan reportedly offered harbaugh 49 34eu8ion to return to the wolverines he was the carterback in the 1980s. british important musician joe could beer died in his colorado home at the age of 70. could beer rose -- cocker rose to fame and corded -- consider recorded 40 albums and notably hits you are so beautiful unchain my heart and a little
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help with my friends i got to introduce him at a concert with stevie ray vaughn. >> i was in a suit and tie and i said i am the last guy you will see in a suit and tie today. and the show was fabulous. >> he was so great. you can leave your hat on. a good one. >> i will do. where we belong with jennifer warrens. >> yeah. >>et he will be missed. that's it for kxi -- kpix5 news at noon. >> that's it for today see you tomorrow. ,,
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>> caroline: what's going on? >> ivy: nothing. rick and i were just talking. >> caroline: not arguing? >> rick: [ chuckling ] no. just a difference of opinion. that's all. >> caroline: ivy, after our conversation earlier, you should have sent him straight home. >> rick: oh, it's no big deal, honey. it's something we had to set straight. >> caroline: see, i told you. nothing but work, work, work, work, work with this one. that's all my husband cares about. >> othello: so, rick comes here a lot? >> maya: mm-hmm. whenever he can. >> othello: to get away from his


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