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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  December 22, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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website, >> brown: tonight, the mayor says, halt the protests. new york's bill deblasio tries to heal a rift with police as the city mourns two murdered officers. >> the assassination of these two officers was an attack on the city of new york, on every one of us, our values and democracy. >> brown: reports from don dahler and jerika duncan. we'll also speak with n.y.p.d. commissioner william bratton. t ic fisher on the powerful storms that could ruin holiday travel. who pulled the plug on north korea's internet? bob orr takes a look. and michelle miller on a transformation of high school dropouts after they got a second chance. >> i think that all of us got so much more out of it than expected. captioning sponsored by cbs
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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> brown: good evening, scott is off tonight. i'm james brown. this is our western edition. the mayor of america's largest city today called for a temporary halt to any police protests as the city mourns two murdered officers. officers wenjian liu and rafael ramos were ambushed saturday as they sat in their patrol car in brooklyn. fellow officers turned out in force to honor their fallen comrades the attack inflamed a growing rift in the city. police union leaders accused the mayor bill deblasio of siding with protestors. don dahler begins our coverage. >> reporter: this morning, new york mayor bill deblasio visited the families of the murdered officers. >> it's something you can never get used to, trying to console families who have lost so much. >> reporter: at a press conference, deblasio and police commissioner bill bratton faced a city divided. >> in this tragedy, maybe we find some way to move forward,
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that would be an appropriate way to honor the fallen officers and ormilies. noon the: saturday afternoon the officers were sitting in their patrol car working an overtime shift at a housing project when police say ismaaiyl brinsley walked up, took a shooter's stance and opened fire. the 28-year-old brooklyn native shown here before the shooting in surveillance video at a nearby mall, warned of his intention to shoot cops and post on instagram, saying "they take one of ours, let's take two of theirs" and "shoot the police." when the mayor visited the hospital where liu and ramos were declared dead, some officers turned their backs on him. >> there is blood on many hands tonight. >> reporter: police benevolent association precedence pat lynch went so far as to blame deblasio for the deaths. >> that blood on their hands starts on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor. >> reporter: the murders exposed a long, simmering tension between deblasio and the nypd. one of his first actions when
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elected was to end the controversial stop and frisk program. during recent protests, he said he had to warn his biracial son about dealing with police. >> is my child safe? and not just from some of the painful realities, crime and violence in some of our neighborhoods, but is he safe from the very people that want to have faith in as their protectors? >> brown: today the mayor denounced any violence and defended his support of both police and citizens' rights to protest. >> there are some people who say hateful things. they have no place in these protests. they're not what i'm talking about. excuse me. i'm talking about the vast majority of new yorkers like the vast majority of americans who believe in peaceful, democratic process. >> brown: commissioner bratton defended the bravery of his police department but said many of the angry voices against the mayor are playing politics. >> you point out to me one mayor
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who has not been battling with the police unions in the last 50 years. name one. >> brown: an online petition calling for deblasio's resignation has received over 60,000 signatures. james, the mayor asks all protests be held off until after e e officers' funerals. those are scheduled for this weekend. >> brown: don dahler in new york. thank you, don. the two officers were not cemaaiyl brinsley's only victims. on saturday, he shot and wounded an ex-girlfriend in baltimore and hopped the bus to new york where he later carried out the murders. jericka duncan tells us he was no stranger to trouble. >> reporter: ismaaiyl brinsley's criminal past went back more than a decade from august of 2004 to june of 2013, he was arrested in georgia at least 15 times for assault, shoplifting and grand larceny, he was also arrested four times in ohio in 2009, beginning in 2011, he arrved two years in prison for poiminal possession of a weapon.
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he had been estranged from his family for years. today his sister spoke. >> it had nothing to do with police retaliation. absolutely nothing to do with police retaliation. he was disturbed. the way he did this, it's horrifying. >> reporter: brinsley was originally from brooklyn. his mother said she feared her son, said he had a troubled childhood and was often violent. investigators found 119 items on his instagram account filled with self-despair and anti- government views. >> if you have emotional issues and you are constantly in and out of prison, clearly something is wrong. he should have been offered help. >> reporter: brinsley's family told investigators he tried to kill himself a year ago. saturday morning before he left baltimore, his ex-girlfriend told police she talked brinsley out of another suicide attempt.
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chief robert voice. >> he put the gun to his own head when he broke into her apartment and she talked him out re that and he later shot her before he left. w reporter: investigators are fficng to piece together what brinsley was doing in the two hours before the officers were killed. they believe he acted alone but want to know if he talked to anyone about his plans. they will also look into where brinsley was and who he communicated with in the ten days before the shooting. >> brown: jericka duncan, thank you very much. william bratton is new york city's police commissioner. first of all, let me offer condolences to the families of the slain officers. >> thank you. >> brown: commissioner, how would you describe the state of morale for the nypd? >> i think at this time, the morale is not good. there are so many pressures on them at this time, not just in new york, but american policing in general, that they're being confronted with a lot of challenges at this time. so you can understand why morale
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might not be as high as you might like it. >> brown: and challenge might be the operative word in terms of what's happening here in new york. nfrlier today, you said mayor bill deblasio has lost some of the confidence and trust of some of the officers in the rank and file. what's necessary for him to regain that confidence? >> first off, every new york mayor's had strained relations with the police force over the years. the mayor's experience is not unique. every mayor i've worked for has had strained relations in boston, l.a., it's part of the political terrain. we need to look beyond the morale to the performance of the officers, and this is a reflection of their professionalism, in that they're still out there working very hard, they're policing these demonstrations in the face of great adversity, they're malicing despite the horrific murders over the weekend, still going toward the danger, not bepping back. morale is something that's internalized and has not
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affected their performance, which is what you would ask. >> brown: with respect to moving forward, an apology, i know when the mayor went to the hospital to pay his respects to the two slain officers, some of the officers there were so upset they turned their backs on him when he passed by. is an apology offered by the mayor by the officers or to the officers by the mayor? >> that was a manifestation was due to the frustration of some of the officers. something i'm certainly not approving of. it will be part of the dialogue looking forward to find a common ground. i have been in the business a long time and these issues are not new, they're not unique to new york. i've dealt with them in every city i've worked in, los angeles, boston, and just is part of the business, if you will. >> brown: new york city police commissioner william bratton, thank you so much and the best going forward. >> thank you. >> brown: this is a brig travel week but some folks may be in ogugh weather for the holidays. eric fisher is our chief meteorologist in our cbs station
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in boston, wbz. atic, what can we expect? >> we're watching a storm that's bringing blizzard conditions in the rockies that moves east tomorrow. we'll be the watching southeast tuesday. a lot of heavy rain, thunderstorms developing here, especially the afternoon and the evening, and with this the threat of some severe weather. will be watching the i-10 corridor, new orleans eastward, could see a few tornadoes tomorrow, also a lot of heavy rainfall, flash flooding and treacherous travel across the southeast. as we head towards christmas day and night, a warm storm. the rain will go well north into canada, very wet across the east coast. some very gusty conditions, some over 35 miles per hour. to the west, a cold side, chicago toward detroit, a chance for snowfall here and gusty winds. that will be a story through wednesday and into christmas day itself. you will notice a few gusts, 30- 45-50 miles per hour, to the east coast. better than a blizzard but some
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nasty weather for christmas here. >> brown: i agree with that. thank you so very much, eric fisher in boston. rmw to the storm over the hacking attack on sony pictures. oe f.b.i. and president obama have blamed it on north korea. tonight, the north is having its own problems with the internet. bob orr has been looking into that. >> reporter: outages and connectivity problems have disrupted north korea's internet over the past few days and monday, the spotty network crashed raising speculation of an attack by hackers or a state- sponsored cyberunit. experts caution the outages could be traced to maintenance problems or a malfunction but the internet blackout came as north korea threatened broad new cyberattacks against u.s. targets including the pentagon and the white house. at the state department, the threats were dismissed and called on leader kim jong-un was helled on to take responsibility
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for the devastating attack on sony pictures. >> if they want to help here, they can admit culpability and compensate sony for damages they caused. >> brown: the white house promised a proportional response, measures including financial sanctions aimed and kim's regime or the re-listing of north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. over the weekend, president obama was careful to say the attack on sony was not an act of war. >> i think it was an act of cyber-vandalism that was very mistly and expensive. we take it very seriously. >> reporter: a senior administration official downplayed the possibility of a retaliatory cyber-strike. analyst jim lewis said trading shots in cyberspace with north korea is not a good option. >> we have a lot more to lose than they do. turning out the lights there, they do that every day. turning them out in new york and washington, there's real economic harm. >> reporter: intelligence officials have no comment on the north korean outage. meanwhile, the f.b.i. is working
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with other american media companies to improve cyber defenses at home. agents are privately sharing a series of flash alerts, james, with detailed specific information and addresses, malware codes and servers used in the attack. r> brown: bob orr in washington, thank you. shoppers packed the stores over the weekend. is that the boost retailers were hoping for? and we'll see the world as the astronauts see it when the "cbs evening news" continues. it's called a fashion blog, todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job? [ laughs ] you should've stuck to softball! i was so much better at softball than janice, dad. where's your wife, todd? vacation. discounts like homeowners', multi-policy -- i got a discount on this ham. i've got the meat sweats. this is good ham, diane. paperless discounts -- give it a rest, flo. all: yeah, flo, give it a rest.
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>> brown: if you did holiday shopping this past weekend you helped make retail history as sales broke records. but will that make up for a slow start to the season? >> reporter: the holiday shopping rush arrived at the dallas galleria over the weekend. shannon chandler, a manager at the swarovski jewelry store was happy to see it. last weekend was? >> phenomenal. we actually doubled what we did last year. >> reporter: analysts say holiday sales started off slowly this year but had a tremendous boost saturday and sunday. they made up the biggest two-day sales period ever, totaling $42 billion. but that's just a dent in the projected $617 billion analysts were hoping for this season. so far, sales of tvs, laptops and smartphones have driven the consumer electronics category up 6% over the last year. home improvement is up over 4%
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but clothing is struggling, up only 2.5%. >> it's not a terrible season, it's merely a lackluster season. >> reporter: retail analyst craig johnson predicts overall sales will grow by less than average because consumers are being cautious. five years ago, median household income was about $54,000. today, it's just under $52,000. >> as long as incomes are down, retails sales will be sluggish. >> reporter: well, the pre- christmas sales are only half the equation here, james. analysts say retailers are looking to the week of sales after the holiday to make up the rest of their profits. >> brown: anna, thank you. one gift keeps on giving. gasoline prices have now fallen for 88 straight days and that's a record. the average price of gas is now $2.39 a gallon, down 15 cents in the past week. and $1.31 since late april.
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>> brown: the intersectional space station just gave new meaning to the term home movie, the home is planet earth. the german astronaut put together a video of his time on board including whole cities aglow at night. the movie assembled for more than 12,000 individual images. the music world has lost one of its stars. joe cocker, the british singer with the raspy voice, died today. cocker will be remembered for his version of the beatles "with a little help from my friends" which he performed at woodstock. >> ♪ what would you do if i sang out of tune ♪
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♪ >> brown: paul mccartney called the performance mind-blowing. he died after a long battle with lung cancer. he was 70. next, they were dropouts headed for trouble. look at them now after getting a second chance. alright, so this tylenol arthritis lasts 8 hours but aleve can last 12 hours. and aleve is proven to work better on pain than tylenol arthritis. so why am i still thinking about this? how are ya? good. aleve. proven better on pain.
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dave, i'm sorry to interrupt... i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days, dads take nyquil. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. thanks veronica. >> brown: for nearly six months, we have followed a group of high school dropouts who got a second chance through a program run by the national guard in los angeles. they have endured academic, mental and physical challenges. tonight we end our series with their new beginning. here's michelle miller. >> let's go! get up! get up! >> reporter: this was the first day of challenge academy back in july. >> you better hurry up! let's go!
5:55 pm
>> reporter: these rebellious, unfocused dropouts got a wakeup ne t like none they'd ever had. s this day will be a long day! i told you it's coming. >> reporter: over the past 153 days, they have been torn down by discipline and built back up with praise. oo good job. i'm proud of you, kiddo, good job. >> reporter: we have followed all eight cadets through the academy. we saw francisco laso and his mother's emotional goodbye on intake day. >> oh, it breaks my heart but it's for the best. >> reporter: we saw melissa go from lagging behind to one of the top in the class. >> this is my mom. >> reporter: in a home visit with christa hopkins, we discovered the source of her pain. >> i don't want to end up like my mom. >> reporter: how many of you expected you would be changed people? >> i saw it as my parents screwed me over, they didn't raise me right, but it was totally my fault. i treated people like crap. i didn't think i would come in here being changed. i didn't think that i needed to.
5:56 pm
>> we didn't know exactly what tl were getting ourselves into and i think all of us got so much more out of it than expected. ou i'm going to miss you! >> reporter: as the cadets whared hugs and tears while uning up for graduation, in the stands, anxious parents were emotional, too. >> what would you say to her now? >> i will always be there for her, no matter what. that my life didn't begin till she came into this world. >> graduate, go forward and do great things! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> cadet angel lamaster. (cheering) >> cadet adaki stewart. (cheering)
5:57 pm
>> cadet melissa stewart. (cheering) ♪ >> cadet caesar jeremy (cheering) >> cadet tucker edwards (cheering) >> reporter: edward tucker's mother who has been in and out of his life since three wasn't there for family day but she made it to graduation, along with the grandmother who raised him. >> oh, i'm so proud of you! >> reporter: sergeant timothy edward and all the sergeants who use tough love to help turn these lives around said their goodbyes, too, with one final salute. (cheering) >> reporter: as a testament to
5:58 pm
the sunburst motto, dream, believe, achieve. >> success is out there waiting for you, all right? >> reporter: and one last word of motivation. >> the mission starts after graduation. that's when it starts. after graduation. >> reporter: it has been remarkable to see the transformation of these teens, but, j.b., it is not over yet. the next 12 months, each student has a mentor to guide them on their new journey. >> brown: michelle, thank you. you can see the series second chances on our web site you know what? a big welcome from us and congratulations. wow. well, that's the "cbs evening news" tonight. for scott pelley, i'm james brown. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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. live, from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix-5 news. protestors threatening to hijack christmas. tonight, we're uncovering the true cost of the demonstrations in dollars an danger. good evening, i'm allen martin. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. how the protests are detracting from oakland's ability to fight crime. >> reporter: they are depleting the efforts they tried to accomplish in the past year. it doesn't look like things will get better this holiday season. here is the story. >> it has been a challenge. >> reporter: in the past 30 days, there have been 18 big protests in oakland, one every two days. that means police officers have
6:00 pm
had all days canceled twelve times. >> we've not seen this go on for so long. >> and the incoming mayor says it is taking a toll. >> not just on these officers, but on public safety in general in the city. >> homicides are back on the rise and shootings were up 44% since the protests began. in part, police believe because cops who would be normally out on patrol are now being tied up with the demonstrations. >> but what i can tell you for sure is that when we have officers pulled away from their normal assignments it is difficult to get on top of the crime spikes, and in the criminal investigation division, some officers are pulled out and are not investigating cases. >> reporter: the council sees the impact every day. >> there are less cops in my district. >> no days off and 12-hour shifts take a toll on the officers themselves. >> they are tired. they want to have their day off. they want to not have to


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