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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 23, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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a big reversal from sony. terrorist threats went stop them from releasing the controversial movie "the interview" after all. but that doesn't mean it will be easy to go and see it.
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good afternoon everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live with the limited release now planned for christmas day. he's? san francisco. ryan? >> reporter: we're here outside the new mission theater here on the mission. now the alamo draft house a chain that owns this theater is one of the small chains that will now show "the interview" for its limited release. but a handful of cities across the country will be screening the movie starting thursday. dallas, atlanta, and a few other cities may be added. just a small fraction of what was supposed to be the entire country. last week sony scrapped the comedy about the fictional assassination of north korea's leader kim jong-un because national -- because national chains would not show the film due to security concerns. people we talked to say sony is doing a 180 after the backlash of canceling the release. >> yeah they're going to make more money off the controversy than the actual movie.
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>> i don't understand why the big theaters won't play it. i mean the movie was set to be released. we should be releasing it. >> reporter: in a statement, sony says it's working on another -- open other platforms to release the movie. the studio will release it on its own streaming service called crackle. and right after the announcement this morning, the limited -- the limited release that's going on on thursday seth rogen tweeted -- he's one of the stars of this movie -- the people have spoken. freedom has prevailed and sony didn't give up. the interview will be shown in theaters on christmas day. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. park rangers had to close hands and trail in san francisco today because of a landslide. about a quarter mile into the trail head, a tree stump started to slip yesterday and that led to a 200-foot long slide today taking down a couple of 60-foot cypress trees
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with it. there is concern that more of the hillside could give way. the trail is expected to stay closed until at least next week. a muslim man in santa clara says he was targeted by police. kpix 5's kiet do joining us live with what he's accusing the department of doing. kiet? >> reporter: word that muslim man is making some serious allegations against the department accusing them of retaliation and racism. the police department says they were just doing their jobs and following department procedures. mohammed monid is a custom agent and worksal bay area's three airports. back in february his uncle was accused of stealing a $400 dashboard camera. the owner claims the device eventually ended up in monid's possession. he claims they forced their way into his house without a warrant and questioned them about it. he didn't like the way the conversation was going and he stayed silent and then asked the officers to leave and
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eventuallydy that i had but then this surveillance video shows the police raid that went down six weeks later. they had a search warrant this time officers sewed up with their guns drawn and arrested monid. a team of officers armed with assault rifles kicked open the door and spent several hours searching the home. they did not find the dashboard camera and months later, the camera's owner dropped the charges. monid's lawyer says the raid was retaliation with an undertone of racism. >> it's that kind of raw police power that i see here that needs to be reigned in. >> this has been a pretty traumatic experience for our family. we've been a resident of santa clara for the past 20 years. and we were -- everybody was shocked. >> in this case the suspect was a federal law enforcement officer. believed to be armed. so knowing that, all officers took precautions in this case. >> reporter: santa clara police
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say they were just taking it safe because moneeb was a law enforcement officer and a federal agent. and he was uncooperative and he had a gun and he was a suspect in a theft case. as part of the agreement to drop the charges, the camera's owner asked that the value of the camera, $400, be donated to charity. right now moneeb is mulling over his options but at least he wants santa clara police to conduct an internal investigation. this is all catching the police department by surprise. right now they're saying they're thinking about it. live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. new at noon, the fda is planning to drop a lifetime ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men. the policy has been in effect for 31 years. new relaxed rules would allow donations if men who have not had -- from men who have not had gay sex within a year. it dates from materially years of the -- the early years of the aids crisis. an arson investigation is underway in san jose. firefighters found a car engulfed in flames inier be a
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venn that this morning. ashes and car parts are still visible there. earlier two other cars were found burning and one was at -- the other at -- . santa cruz county family who lost their loved one to listeria outbreak blames her death on caramel apples and they're suing safeway now where they bought the apples. the family's apple says shirlee frey ate the tainted apple around halloween and felt sick right after. she died early this month. one of five people killed with the same strain of listeria. >> nobody buys a package of wrapped caramel apples and expects to die from that. >> in a statement to kpix 5, safeway says -- items purchased at our stor no stores, brands or manufacturers are officially connected to the outbreak y.
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no stores, brands or manufacturers are officially connected to the outbreak just yet. today a reward was raised to try and solve last month's murder in an east bay park. 60-year-old david runsell of oakland was robbed and killed two days before thanksgiving. as he hiked in the humming berry regional preserve in the oakland kills. park police put out sketches of two suspects people saw on the trail right before hearing gunshots. >> we are pleased to announce that we are increasing the reward from $10,000 to $25,000 for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the homicide. >> and that reward has been set at $25,000. san francisco is under orders to release the names of officers involved in a deadly shooting. 28-year-old alejandro nieto was killed by police back in march. four officers opened fire after
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they saw nieto pulled a taser, tail taught it was -- raiser, they thought it was a gun. the case led to a protest and a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of san francisco. names are to be released in connection with the suit and police withheld the officers' names because of a credible threat to their safety. >> the man responsible for setting more than a dozen fires in san jose last winter has pled guilty to arson. patrick brennan will receive a minimum of 38 years in prison after his arrest he admitted to setting 13 buildings on fire. among the fires he set was this one last january at a warehouse at north 28th and julian streets. brennan told police he used a lighter to ignite a paper bag and debris then placed them under the warehouse. the fire caused $5 million in damage. mayor of new york city called for a moment of silence today in an effort to calm tensions following the fatal shootings of two of their police officers. this morning the mayor bill de blasio and his wife went to a memorial in honor of those
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fallen officers. some in the force have accused him of siding with protesters against police and at the same time, questions persist about the suspect who took his own life. >> dollar bills, so we're checking very closely all of his relationships, what was his real life? we're very adept at that. we have some of the best detectives in the world. >> today's moment of silence was at 2:47 eastern time, the exact time that the officers were killed. last saturday. a funeral for one rafael ramos is planned for this coming saturday. some people in san francisco's bay view district are worried about potential health effects from the demolition of candlestick park. it was originally supposed to be piece by piece for the teardown but instead a developer now wants to do an implosion because it would be cheeper and cheap -- cheaper and quicker. neighborhood leaders and others say it could send toxic dust across the area. the price of conventional eggs is on the rise due in part to a state law that takes
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effect just next week. proposition 2 bars farmers if keeping chickens in overcrowded cages and now as farmers try to comply with the new law, they are passing on the costs to consumers. in only sores they are -- some stores they are actually cheaper by comparison at least temporarily. cars suvs and pickups are safer than ever before according to the insurance institute for highway safety. just released the top safety picks by the institute and nearly twice as many cars made the list compared to last year. 71 cars won top honors. gm and ford did the best among american models. but they fall behind international brands or all. toyota, honda and subaru lead the pack in crash worthiness cars. >> they're not putting in the front crash prevention systems as rapidly as these other manufacturers. >> the subaru outback and acura mdx were among 30 other cars that won top honors from the
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institute. they have optimum collision protection and automatic braking systems to help avoid crashes. we'll, well, after winning three world series ham chips in five years, the giants are taking their trophy on a little road trip. when the trophies will make the rounds here in the bay area. >> a noumenalling to bouncing off the walls. the new toy that will have kids climbing to the ceilings. >> boy after some chilly and cold weather lately we're approaching record highs in the bay area. as we overlook san francisco airport, boy look at the airport really clearing out. that's actually mount vaca. as well as the forecast coming up in a minute. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look at the big board.....up over 100 pts in record well, the dow jones industrial average trading above 18,000 points for the very first time. here's a live look at the big board. it was up over 100 points at one time but a 93 we'll take it. that's record territory and merry christmas indeed for investors. >> no kidding it's a's maizing.
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well three world series trophies in five years. >> yeah and the giants are giving their fans a little chance to check them all out. the trophies will be on tour in january and february. they're going to be in a number of bay area cities plus all over northern california. they're going to take them to arizona, nevada and oregon and they're even going to make a stop in the team's original home in new york city. well kids may soon be able to live out their dreams and become spiderman. students at stanford university have created paddles that help humans scale glass walls. they're called gecko gloves. the students already started to negotiate with toy companies. and i'm sure there'll be a billionaire very soon. >> i would try it. i wouldn't want my kids to try it. >> that looks like fun and your kids probably want you to try it as well. >> probably and have it not work. anyway it's looking beautiful outside as you managed to take a stroll in- between the morning and noon show? >> we did. >> it is gorgeous out there and we are approaching near record
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territory with temperatures welt in excess of the mid 60s today. as we gaze to san bruno mountain and san francisco airport right now concord's got 65 degrees. in the city the same. san jose is up to 66. and mountain vile right now at 68-degrees and in santa rosa it is 61. so we're looking for mostly sunny skies over the bay area today. but there's this little wrinkle in the atmosphere that's coming out of the gulf of alaska for tomorrow and that's going to introduce a chance of showers then the about the golden gate bridge bum it's you know -- this -- bridge but it's you know some uncertainty on how far south it will go. the winds will be picking up as well and it will be cooler tomorrow. the temperatures going to come down after today's unusually warm day. a few christmas eve showers will kind of mess things up for last-minute shoppers. but christmas day is still looking pretty good because high pressure bounces back a bit. and we'll be looking for temperatures not to rise dramatically on christmas day. but more sunshine on christmas just expect cooler weather tomorrow. cool enough in fact with the fast moving storm that they have winter storm watch posted
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out of the sierra and snow level will be down to 4,000 feet. and we're expecting three to six inches of new snow gusty winds with this too, and so play jacob marley, car rejames if you're going to the -- carrie james if you're going to the mountains. up north some rain and out in the mountains we'll get some snow. high temperature forecast 70 degrees at livermore and 69 in pleasanton. up at the north bay, well you know pretty much where we are for this time of the year. mid 70s -- mid 60s actually should do it. extended forecast, sunset tonight five minutes before 5:00 and sunrise tomorrow 7:23. the days are getting longer now and extended forecast we're looking for that chance of showers coming into the bay area on wednesday. and then as we head toward the weekend more sunshine. and temperatures will be back into the low 60s. 'tis the season for food for bay area families. and today we've got to my right -- let me see if i got this diana and ben drew.
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just sort out which is which and you are? >> i'm larry slide. >> you're a familiar face and you're on the receiving end and tell us about the donation ends. you know, diana, you guys are from john muir health. how did you raise the money to help out this year? >> we're proud to contribute $25,000 donation on behalf of the physicians, nurses and employees and volunteers to the community produce program at the food bank of contra costa and is a lianas counties. it's a van that drives around the county and provides fresh fruits and vegetables. free of cost to the residents. >> and i would have to guess this is going -- i'm going to stroll over here. this is going to help out significantly especially with that sort of food and that sort of produce. >> absolutely, you know more than half the food that we distribute is fresh fruits and
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vegetables. this is going to make a significant difference. it's a get support. >> that's terrific and i'm going to do this backward because ordinarily we have the announcement of the amount with a drum roll please. and it is -- $25,000. thank you so much john muir health, we really appreciate you guys coming by. you can help too,, back after a break. thank you so much. that is great. all right, christmas crisis averted. thanks to a family who noticed packages flying past the windows, how a fedex truck almost stole christmas. >> and we want to invite all the pet lovers out there send us your questions about their health and well-being. just e-mail or check out the facebook page and we'll have our pet expert, dr. jill, she's in here every day -- actually on friday only at noontime right? we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well today we're going to talk about winter citrus, in particular we're going to look at the blood orange. now i absolutely love blood oranges, they look like regular oranges and they follow the same rule of them with picking them out. but very red inside and almost
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a raspberry under tone with flavor and it's absolutely fabulous. in the store like most citrus make sure it's heave for its -- heavy for its size and be nice and shiny coating. wash that wax off at home. and then of course when you bring it home store it on the counter and you want to be sure that it stays warm. put it in the fridge and it might dry out a little bit. when it comes to usage i love the oranges paired with a bitter green. the contrast in flavors is really something special and i'm stephanie tantillo with your tip of the day. a fedex fail. what a driver forgot to shut his truck and packages flew out on to a denver highway. >> but thanks to a good samaritan christmas was saved for a couple of lucky people anyway. check out how phil and his family trailing the fedex truck captured it on camera. package after package flying out onto the highway. >> it started first -- maybe we should pick them up and i thought if we picked them up we'd never be able to catch up to the driver. >> they got his attention and fedex says they collected all the fallen packages and
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delivered them safely i guess no glassware in there. but dickson found one more stray package on the road and took it to fedex himself. >> first here's jill schlesinger with more to today's bay area jobs report. if you've always wanted to work for an organization that's guided by a larger cause or goal, then a career in the nonprofit sector may make sense for you. in fact, with 10.7 million employees, nonprofits are the third largest industry behind retail and manufacturing. according to the 2014 nonprofit employment trend survey, these organizations are hiring again. 46% of the groups plan to create positions in the year ahead. but the nonprofit sector tends to rely on informal networks for identifying new talent. that means your best bet may be to launch a job search by researching a large local nonprofit. a good place to start in the
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bay area is the william and flora hulett foundation or the david and lucille pack hard foundation. also check out the chronicle of philanthropy. the site has a jobs page and a new to the nonprofit world section which is filled with news and expert advice for people who don't have a nonprofit background. one last tip. nonprofits are increasingly looking for employees who have business backgrounds to help them maximize profits, cut losses and remain sustainable. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a bay area man gets even with people steeling packages from his front porch. we'll show you his creative revenge tonight at 5:00. this video is making the rounds on social media with millions of views already. and you can see why. take a look an excited poodle and doggie day care spots his owner and can't contain the excitement. the poodle leaps up and down and does little salsa moves and dancessen its hind legs and there you go. >> that's everyday me coming into work. come on. >> that's too. have a great -- true. have a great afternoon. ,,,,
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[ "we wish you a merry christmas" plays ] >> maya: looks like someone's got the christmas spirit. >> pam: yeah. this has been in the forrester family for years. >> rick: let me guess. the necklace -- it actually lights up? >> pam: ta-da! >> rick: wow. now, that -- that is something. >> ivy: oh, battery-powered jewelry. you know, i think we might just have to add this into the, uh, the spring collection. >> pam: i think i probably should turn it off so the batteries don't run out. >> ivy: [ laughs ] >> maya: so, what is everyone doing for christmas? >> rick: my dad's having an open house. >> maya: am i invited? >> pam: um, don't you think that might be a little awkward?


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