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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 23, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a lot of movie goers are happy that sony changes its mind to release the movie. they plan to be here on christmas day for the release. >> i think it is terrific and i'm proud of our livermore theater for showing it. >> how come? >> because i believe in free expression of speech and we shouldn't cave to anybody. >> it doesn't deter me personally from seeing the movie, but yeah, of course it is scary. any time you think your safety is at risk. >> reporter: because of the safety concern, there are some movie goers who told me earlier they are going to wait for the dvd release so they can watch it in the comfort of their open home. with the president even talking about this movie, it is publicity this movie cannot even buy. a lot of folks who didn't want to watch it before now want to see it in the theater. live here in livermore.
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back to you. i'm da lin. >> yeah, it wouldn't matter if the movie was any good or not. >> reporter: some critics say the movie wasn't up to their expectations, but we will see. >> doesn't matter. >> reporter: that is for the folks to judge. >> thanks da lin. well, sony's decision prompted excited reactions from james franco and seth rogan. the people have spoken. freedom has prepailed. sony didn't give up. the interview will be shown at theaters willing to play it christmas day. the u.s. government has not had much to say about a sweeping internet out rage in north korea. yesterday's outage completely cut off north korea's online access to the rest of the world. it came days after the fbi blamed the country for a devastating attack on sony pictures. it led them to initially pull
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the plug on the interview. the internet blackout has sparked speculation that it could have been the u.s. or china. the coroner's office has identified argual as the uc berkeley student who died. he fell downstairs and that alcohol may have been a factor in the accident. argwal died of blunt head trauma. do you recognize this man? he robbed a bank in el camino real. he was armed and demanded all the money. the teller handed him an envelope and he took off. san jose police believe they have a firebug on their hands after three cars went up in flames overnight. the first two incidents happened around midnight half a mile apart near dell mar high school. the third car was set on fire
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at 2:00 a.m. near yerba buina avenue. there is now a reward to solve the murder of david renzel who was found shot to death in huckleberry regional park. and mohammed monev is a bay area agent accused of being in possession of a stolen camera. police arrested him. they did not find that camera and the charges were eventually dropped. he says they used excessive force. santa clara police say they followed protocol for dealing with a federal agent. well, a gorgeous sunny day across the bay area, but we are still feeling the effects of
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storms. there was another landslide this morning at land's end on the western edge of san francisco. it is just the latest slide since rain returned. and as veronica de la cruz shows us, we might see a lot more of this depending on the weather. veronica? >> reporter: exactly liz. the problem is that we are not like seattle. our rain comes in very large servings and for the moment, the ground can't take much more. >> yeah. this is the pattern in california. we tend to get this fire hose effect for all the rain comes in a short time. >> reporter: over the past several weeks, the bay area has absorbed an incredible amount of rain. and the ground below us has to absorb and move that rain just like a sponge. >> water moving from one side of the sponge to the other. >> reporter: and like a sponge, the ground will change shape as it gains or loses moisture. >> i mean, i dries out and shrinks the soil. it has a lot of clay in it. it will actually shrink as it
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gets drier and expands sometimes greatly. >> reporter: another factor is the bay area geology. soil that gets unstable when it is saturated as we have seen on the highways and in tiburon. >> some of it is very consolidated and will hold up well. some of it holding up very easily. some spots will where others are not. >> the fix is good wetter and a chance for the ground to fix itself simply by drying out. >> but if we do get another storm like we had in the last two weeks, we could lose some houses for sure. >> reporter: something else, landslides often happen in unexpected placed and with very little warning like trees in a storm. you can have an old damaged tree that survives high winds while a perfectly healthy tree loses a limb. veronica de la cruz, kpix5.
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>> thanks veronica. package thieves on the prowl this holiday season have met their match at one bay area home. only on 5, christin ayers with the guy who turned from victim to vigilante of sorts. christin? >> reporter: that's right. as we all know, package thefts tend to rise this time of year, but what doe you do when you have been a repeat victim of package theft? well, one vallejo man set the perfect trap to catch a thief. >> i opened it from the pack. >> reporter: the first package appeared from brian's doorstep. back in october. >> it never showed up. >> reporter: he thought it was a mixup until it happened again with some christmas presents last week. >> it was just an empty cardboard box with the shipping address on it. >> reporter: brian says he felt violated. >> it is a personal thing. i don't like to get stolen from. >> reporter: not just anybody would set up a booby trapped
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bait box to catch the thieves. >> so i set the bell upright here on the ledge. then i moved this outside. closed the door. see here. lean up against the door right that. >> reporter: then he set up surveillance cameras and look what he found. a thief in the act. >> he grabbed it and kept ongoing. so he got away with an empty box. >> reporter: here is where it gets good. he decided to take his decoy box to the next level and thanks to his dog chance, this box was not empty. >> i filled up the third box with dog crap. >> reporter: sure enough, the next day, this guy made off with the box. >> i wish i could have been there when they opened up the box. >> reporter: brian turned the images over to vallejo police. he says he is done with decoys. it is time to go higher tech. >> reporter: we are going to keep an eye on the porch. with some upgraded security and
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higher definition cameras. >> reporter: there have been no arrests so far and brian said he doesn't think he was specifically targeted. he thinks these guys were just opportunists. >> maybe we should all do that. take a lesson right? [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, i would say with the dog stuff, yeah. yeah. i'm going to think that guy learned his lesson. >> i would hope so. thanks christin. mountain view police nabbed a package thief. this is what they said he had on him. police are looking to get the detour deliveries back to the people who ordered them and one holiday package thief developed the strategy, beat the delivery guy to the door and pretend he lived there. one person says the person sat on the front porch of his home waiting for the driver to walk up. the driver leaves the packages and the crook takes off with the goods. >> i wish that the driver had rung the doorbell or knocked on the door or something instead of taking this stranger's word for it that nobody was home.
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>> the homeowners were apparently inside the house when it all happened. still ahead, two women veer for their lives after a driver goes ballistic on i-80. >> she just hit our car! she is pushing off the road. >> we will show you the trap officers set up for the driver consumed with road rage. >> there is a new bag that transtomorrows when you are done with it. >> and another beautiful day throughout the day. clear skies and mild temperatures. but, mild today, does not mean changes are not on the way. i'm julie watson with the forecast coming up. >> and a social experiment with a surprise ending. a homeless man given $100. you won't believe what he does with the money ,,,,,,
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behind bars for almost drivg another car off i- 80 in an braz >> a santa clara woman who was just let out of jail was put
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behind bars again after almost driving another car off the road. it was all caught on tape. >> she just hit our car! >> the two women filming the whole thing flipped off arrosco. she pulled in front of their car and stopped abruptly. at this point, the women were on the phone with 911. >> she is knocking on our window saying she is a cop. >> she did the whole zigzag with her flashessers on like a police officer would do. >> the women pulled off i-80 and arrosco followed. she is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and wreckless driving. you know shoppers will get millions of bags this holiday season and most will only get used once or twice. julie watts shows us a new kind of shopping bag that is not only reusable, it morphs into
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something else. >> reporter: customers don't just get a bag in berkeley, they get a rag. >> we have these new bags we are try out. >> reporter: while every bag can be reused, these new bags are designed to be repurposed as cleaning cloths. >> it is amazing they could do that. >> i think i will use this for my windows at home. >> reporter: they just started rolling off the production line a few weeks ago. bag manufacturer aaron grossman came up with the idea while using a soft face wipe. >> i wiped my face off with it and i looked like it and i thought if we could make this into a bag and form the bond or the seam, this would be a great idea to have a bag that is a rag. >> reporter: that is what they are called. bag rags. and half price books is one of the first places to hand them
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out. bookstore manager joshua lin says they fit in well with his philosophy. >> our whole business model is based on secondhand goods. >> reporter: but when it comes to bags, these aren't cheap. they cost the store 30 to 40 cents apiece, 15 times the price of a regular bag. only a dozen stores are willing to pay so far. but with more states and citing following suit, this rag bag business could soon be cleaning up. >> thank you very much. have a great day. >> half price books has been giving tout bags for free at the bay area stores. some stores have run out. and several major retailers have expressed interest in distributing the bags as well. >> and the bag can be used as a bag, then it can become a rag. wow. >> and matily, people are paying ten cents anyway. >> that is what i pay for a
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paper bag. ten cents. thanks. well, the recent drop in gas prices has been good news for shoppers this holiday season. triple a says gas prices have fallen for 89 straight days to a national average of 2.38 a gallon. a survey found 47% say low gas prices have saved them. and more than a third of those surveyed say they plan to use gas savings on holiday gifts. >> i just went and filled up my tank last night and there was a 30-dollar savings over six months ago. and i said i'm going to go to the mall and spend $30. >> half of those surveyed plan to pay a few bills with that money. in the bay area, gas prices are higher than the national average. the average price of gas in san francisco is 2.89. in san jose, it is averaging about 2.74 a gallon. and it is 2.73 in oakland.
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>> it is 2.32 today. dons of loaded guns flying on commercial airlines. why it took so many months to uncover the sophisticated operation. >> one good good is awarded by another good deed. what a panhandler did with $100 that paid off unexpectedly. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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them loaded... were smuggled aboard at least more than a dozen
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commercial flights from atl to new york. police say a >> more than 150 guns were smuggled over a dozen commercial flights from atlanta to new york. delta airlines employees took the bags into secure areas not screened by the tsa. investigators say a second man passed the guns to an employee and restrooms. the operation was busted after eight months when 18 guns were found on a flight to new york earlier this month. it is already a very merry christmas for wall street. stock markets are breaking records as strong reports of economic reports are driving a year in rally. the dow jones closed at an all- time high. the s&p also closed at a record high. christmas gifts are showing up a few days early in fresno county. one thought he would give back
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this holiday season and pick up the tab for severals. jose got a visit from the secret santa. >> when i see you folks buying children's clothes, and toys an things, i feel like, i would just like to do what i can to help them out. >> george says it is how he likes to give back every year and spread a little of that christmas cheer around. he spent thousands of dollars picking up the bill for more than 40 customers. >> wow. well, the holiday season is all about that. giving back. absolutely. well the weather cooperated for a lot of the last minute shoppers. >> yeah, unfortunately, we do have some changes on the horizon. especially for last minute shoppers headed out tomorrow. let's take a look outside right now. mind conditions starting out this evening. in fact, we topped out in the low 70s for some of the warmer spots today.
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definitely above average. now, temperatures in the 60s area wide. skies remain clear. all of that is about to change as we start to see high pressure diminish and the cold front approaching. as it moves in tomorrow, we are going to see shower chances beginning in the north bay and making their way south throughout the day. but the bigger story is not going to be a whole lot of rain. it is going to be breezy if not windy conditions passing behind the cold front. and cold air moving in dropping temperatures for christmas and beyond. take a look at future cast. we will time it out for you. dry for the morning commute. patchy fog for the morning hours. showers beginning a late morning in the north bay, scattered showers not heavy rainfall. we are talking a few tenths of north and a few one-hundredths further south tomorrow. but i think what you will notice in the afternoon hours are these. gusty winds, take a look at this. gusts upwards of 32 miles an hour. san francisco, concord, 34 in fremont. gusty winds with saturated soil could mean some more downed trees tomorrow. so be mindful of that.
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if you are headed over the mountains an through the woods, gather those chains and go to grandma's house. new snow, three to six inches. gusty winds up there as well. so here is a look at the weather headlines. over night tonight. mild for you. dense fog possible. afternoon, evening showers light and scattered showers tomorrow. and dry days with cool nights, christmas and beyond thanks to the cool air mass moving in. tomorrow, not going to drop temperatures too much too quickly. upper 50s to low 60s , but take a look at the extended forecast. highs likely topping out in the mid 50s . and then overnight hours could see temperatures dropping into the 30s and 40s overnight christmas night. one thing not there. showers. we likely will stay dry through these forecasts and as of right now, looks like we are staying dry through new year's day. so, dry, and still mild
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compared to average, but definitely cooler as we move on beyond christmas. >> all right. put in a little extra time in your commute. >> i think the morning commute will be dry, but the afternoon we could see some showers. >> the shopping will be done by then hopefully. >> oh, i don't know. what stores are open until midnight? [ laughter ] >> toys are. >> i was going to list them all for you. >> thanks for doing double duty today. >> any time guys. a person fed up with traffic decides to get to work in another way. see how this commuter slid past the traffic jam. ,,
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interstate in colorado... bt least one person is getting where they nee >> this is an interesting way to get where you need to go. traffic isn't moving on the interstate in colorado, but one person is going where they need to go. there is a cross country skier passing all the cars. blizzard conditions near loveland had cars moving at a
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snail's pace. when you give homeless people money, don't you wonder how they spend it? well josh followed a homeless man in la after giving him $100. he buzz shocked by the outcome. you see the homeless man goes into the liquor store. and you know what josh thought. but the man didn't buy alcohol. he bought food and he gave it to other homeless people. he caught up to the guy and gave him more money. it teaches us that people should not judge a book by its cover. it is usually not a happy experience when you get pulled over by the police. but state troops in west virginia are using traffic stops to spread holiday cheer. they are giving out $100 bills and they get big hugs. an anonymous donor funded that project. well now, for a look at what is ahead on the cbs news. >> hello allen martin and elizabeth cook.
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more on sony's stunning reversal to relets the interview. and we learn about whether or not north korea was really behind the sony hacking. and tornadoes are touching down in the south. that is coming on at the western edition of the cbs evening news right after kpix5 news. well, we have more in the jobs report. >> reporter: a career in the nonprofit sector may make sense. with 10.7 million employees, nonprofits are the third largest industry behind retail and manufacturing. according to the nonprofit employment trend survey, these are hiring again. 46% of the groups plan to create positions in the year ahead. but the nonprofit sector tends to rely on informal networks
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for identifying new talent. that means your best bet may be to launch a job search by researching a large local nonprofit. a good place to start in the bay area is the william and flora hewlett foundation or the david and lucille packard foundation. and the chronicle of philanthropy. one last tip. nonprofits are increasingly looking for employees who have business backgrounds to help them maximize profits. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix5. ,,,,,,,,
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controversy over >> i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix5 news room. new at 6:00 tonight. controversyover over the plan to demolish candlestick park. plus, they want to lift the lifetime ban on homosexuals donating broad. >> thanks for watching us at 5:00. cbs evening news is up next. >> and remember the latest news an weather is on our website, >> see you back here in 30. captions by:caption colorado,
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llc 800-775-7838 email: >> brown: tonight, tornadoes hammer the deep south. buildings are damaged, cars are flipped. meteorologist eric fisher says holiday travelers face even more rough weather. in a stunning reversal, "the interview" will be shown in rs. jericka duncan reports, while ben tracy investigates whether north korea really was behind the sony hack. >> this was a company that has essentially been nuked from the inside. >> brown: the u.s. economy shifts into overdrive thanks to tumbling gas prices. manuel bojorquez reports. >> ♪ a change will come >> brown: and anthony mason looks back at a civil rights anthem released 50 years ago elis week. >> it's the kind of song as a songwriter you want to write.


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