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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> this is the craziest [bleep]. i have never seen anything like this. >> terrorized near tahoe. two women try to fight off a bay area driver with a violent
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case of road rage and a wild past. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the night off. betty yu shows us how the ordeal escalated from 0 to 60. >> she is saying she is a cop. >> reporter: it is road rage on another level. the woman banging on the window claimed to be a cop flashing a badge from a senior care facility. when she didn't get what she wanted. >> she just hit our car! she is pushing us off the road. >> i can laugh at it now, because it was such a crazy experience. but in the moment, absolutely terrified. >> reporter: vanessa and her friend delaney says the drama began when the driver tailgated and cut them off. >> i flipped her off. >> reporter: she now says she regrets that move. >> we don't know what to do. >> she is in front of me! >> go! >> reporter: the wild rampage ended when the girls drove to
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an awaiting chp officer. today, 50-year-old deirdre orozco of santa clara pleaded not guilty to charges of assault, wreckless driving and false imprisonment. turns out she has truck before. she was in cuffs just last week for felony hit and run. >> i'm not surprised that she is in jail at all. >> reporter: her own landlord in santa clara says she lived in this home with a man and her two kids about three years ago before he had to evict her. >> she had temper. you know. i do my job. my job is collect my rent. if you don't pay the rent, you can't live in my place. >> reporter: deirdre orozco was a bail bonds agent in san jose. according to records. she had no authority to pull over anyone. the women are thankful no one was hurt. betty yu, kpix5. >> deirdre orozco is held on $250,000 bail. this is one of the most
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seen movie trailers ever. the interview, the movie that got north korea so upset and led to threats. in just a couple of days, you will be able to see not just the trailer but the entire movie after sony decided to release it not in all theaters but a few. andria borba is at one in berkeley tonight. >> reporter: they will start showing it here at the elmwood in berkeley christmas day and they will show it three times a day. chances are kim jong un wasn't berkeley's biggest fan. now that this theater is one of the handful showing the interview, his opinion is not likely to improve. after a week of back and forth international threats, sony will release the silly and fictional kim jong un assassination flick. the small venues and limited showing have meant a small supply and huge demand for
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tickets. >> i think our website was down. >> the theater has informed the berkeley pd about the plans to show the interview and will steeper security. >> nobody will know they are having it in this little theater. in la and hollywood. who is going to walk past this little theater and not show it unless some little guy will go tell them. >> reporter: with the will they or won't they sony release saga over, they were able to move onto criticize the content. >> i fully support no censorship in hollywood. i guess i wish that we would make better films. >> you make a stupid movie about this like it sounds foolish and seth rogan sounds like to me, i wish him well, but it sounds like a schmucky thing to do. >> reporter: and in an industry
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where there is no bad pr, this may have helped to boost ticket sales. >> it looks really funny. >> reporter: there is no business like show business. >> reporter: it will have a limited run here, but that could expand depending on how the box office sales go. andria borba, kpix5. >> as you can imagine, the stars of the movie are thrilled. james franco tweeted one word. victory. his costar seth rogan says the people have spoken and freedom has prevailed. if you want to watch the interview, you can go to we have a list of theaters showing it. there is still the big question. who hacked sony? the answer may not be solely north korea. a silicon valley cyber security firm says the data points to a woman who calls herself leona and a cyber security expert worked there until leaving the
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company this past may. this woman was in precisely the right position and had the technical background she would need to locate the specific servers compromised. >> there are certainly north korean fingerprints on this. but when we run all the leads to ground, they turn out to be decoys. >> other experts in cyber security are questioning the fbi's claim that north korea is solely to blame. the fbi is continuing its investigation. in the meantime, mum's the word from the feds regarding any possible involvement in the outage in north korea. the country was completely cut off from the outside world for nine-and-a-half hours yesterday. that has people wondering if it was part of a u.s. retaliation. former president george h. w. bush is in the hospital tomorrow. the 90-year-old was experiencing shortness of breath. he was taken to a houston hospital as a precaution.
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he was hospitalized two years ago with bronchitis. he recovered after a couple of months. christmas came early for wall street. today, the dow jones closed above 18,000. for the first time ever. it was the best quarter in more than a decade. it closed at an eight-month low back in october. but has rallied ever since. it is the gift for drivers that keeps on giving. gas prices are falling. according to drivers in san francisco pay an average of 2.89 a gallon now. san jose, about 2.74. 2.73 in oakland. tonight, the feds are on the verge of lifting the ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood. that's the headline. but joe says it is not exactly what it seems. >> reporter: gay men have not been allowed to donate blood since 1983. that was back before blood was screened and people were in real danger of getting aids from a blood transfusion.
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today, the government recommended lifting that ban but there is a catch. today, the food and drug administration issued a formal recommendation that gay men could donate blood, but only if they rob stain from sex with another man during the previous 12 months. >> yeah. i mean, come on. let's be realistic here. everybody enjoys indulging and taking part in relations with their partners and lovers. >> reporter: at a street art performance by margaret cho tonight, we asked folk to weigh in on the fda's announcement. >> it is something. >> it is. >> it is much better than it was before. >> absolutely. it is a step in the right direction. >> it is classic homophobia. >> reporter: the year of abstinence is not based on science. tests can determine hiv within weeks of an infection. >> this is a continuing overreaction. gay and bisexual men should be able to donate blood.
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>> reporter: margaret cho put it more bluntly. >> it is rotten. there are rare blood types. i have a rare blood type so i understand the importance of give as part of the lgpt community, we are asked to rise above homophobia. we are getting sick of it. >> reporter: we learned scientists here in san francisco's work had a lot to do with the fda's recommendation. this is likely an intermediary step. the government didn't cant to scare the public with a sudden and complete lifting of the ban. >> it will be interesting the see what the numbers are like if more people start donating because of this. >> reporter: they are expecting tens of thousands more donations an along the way, they will do more tests perhaps you will see a complete lifting of the ban. >> thank you joe. a lab company will test the mold that forced the san jose fire department to close the fire station. crews moved equipment out of fire station 16 today. the tests will determine if the mold contamination is
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dangerous. the potential health issue was first discovered two years ago. >> we are very concerned over the fact that firefighters were being housed in an unsafe environment. >> tonight, no word on when the fire house will be up and running again. firefighters are working out of other stations. santa clara police say there is nothing wrong with what you are about to see. heavily armed officers raiding the home of a muslim man who worked as a custom agent at bay area airports. he was accused of having a stolen camera. this happened last february. police arrested the man, but the charges were later dropped. tonight, the council on american islamic relations is demanding an investigation, but police say they believe the man, a federal agent, may have been arm and so, they took recautions. how did 150 guns including ak47s get on commercial airplanes? it only took two men and a gun smuggling operation.
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saint video from atlanta's airport shows a man sneaking firearms in carry on bags. former delta employee mark henry slipped the bags to an airport worker who bypassed tsa screening. then the bags were given back to henry. henry boarded at least 20 flights to new york, but the gun sitting right next to passengers. >> this gun can shoot through a car door. can shoot through an apartment door. can shoot through a bullet proof vest. in november. mr. henry bought this gun on a delta commercial airliner to new york. >> investigators say those guns all ended up on the streets of brooklyn. trouble in the tarmac at new york's laguardia airplane today. a southwest and american airlines jet collided. they clipped wings. nobody was hurt. as you can imagine, passengers were a bit shaken up.
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one of them said my plane just hit another plane and broke the wing. hash tag late for christmas. now you need to focus more on your footing. >> how an important tourist spot in san francisco is slipping away tonight. >> it is a personal thing. i don't like to be stolen from. >> and it is happening a lot lately. packages plucked right off people's porches. how one homeowner set out to catch a thief. ,,,,,,,,
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overnight in san jose. poli say: it may be the work of an arsonist. firefighters f ly >> three cars torched in two hours. it may very well be the work of an arsonist. firefighters found the first two cars fully engulfed near del mar high school around midnight. another set if on fire near
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yerba buina avenue. one bay area homeowner got so fed up with people stealing his packages, he tells our christin ayers he decided to teach them a lesson. >> i opened it from the back. >> reporter: the first package disappeared from brian's doorstep back in october. >> it never showed up. >> reporter: he thought it was just a mixup until it happened again with some christmas presents last week. >> two days after it was supposed to show up, just an empty cardboard box with the shipping addresses on there. we figured someone had stolen the stuff and left the box behind. >> reporter: brian feels violated. >> it is a personal thing. i don't like being stolen from. >> reporter: not just anybody would set up a booby trapped bait box to catch the thieves. >> so i set a bell up on this ledge here. and i moved this outside. closed the door. let me see here. leaned up against the door right that. >> reporter: then he set up surveillance cameras and look
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what he found. a thief in the act. >> he grabbed it and kept right ongoing. he got away with an empty box. >> reporter: here is where it gets good. brian decided to take his decoy box to the next level. thanks to his dog chance, this was not empty. >> reporter: i filled up the third box with dog crap. >> reporter: sure enough, the next day, this guy made off with the box. >> i wish i could have been there when they opened the box. >> reporter: brian turned the images over to vallejo police. he is done with decoys. it is time to go higher tech. >> we are definitely going to keep on eye on the porch. >> reporter: there have been no arrests so far and brian doesn't think he was specifically targeted. he says he thinks these guys were just opportunists. in vallejo, christin ayers, kpix5. a landslide at land's end has shut down a popular hiking and biking trail on san francisco's western edge.
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and we are learning the hillside above the ocean may not be done slipping. as sharon chin shows us, tonight, some people are actually ignoring the warnings to stay away. >> reporter: this section of coastal trail is closed off because of a 200-foot landslide. you can see how a 15-foot section of the path is caved in. two 60-foot cypress trees get to come down. it started slides at the popular tourist spot. park rangers put apgar kids and yellow tape. but we saw several bicyclists climb over anyway. >> i'm a big boy. i can figure out what is safe and what is not. there, that's not so bad. >> the small landslide. and it should be put up with tape. it should not be open for the public to walk. >> reporter: park rangers are concerned the landslide could slip further toppling trees across the trail.
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steven newton, a geologist at marin. >> if we get storms the next couple of weeks, the water will flow over the top of it. that is pretty bad. that causes erosion as the water is moving away. >> reporter: while the national park service decides what to do next, the section of lands end trail will stay closed through the weekend. in san francisco, sharon chin, kpix5. >> the lands end slide, the second big one this week. last week, it took caltrans workers using heavy equipment eight hours to clear mud, boulders and trees that fell on southbound 101 in sausalito. a killer winter storm is winding its way across the south. this is what is left after a tornado tore through columbia mississippi this afternoon. four people died and several more are hurt. thousands left without power. watches and warnings are in effect in parts of mississippi and louisiana and alabama as the storm moves through georgia and florida. so humans are not the only ones getting in the holiday
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spirit. a pair of otters were surprised with some colorful tasty christmas themed ice treats. they dragged them into the pool. because they melt faster that way. and what might look like frosting to you is the holiday favorite minced clam. you thought the figgy pudding was tough to swallow. >> delicious. >> they love it. >> not on our menu. >> even without the treats they are cute. >> those would have melted pretty quickly today. it was so warm, it did not feel like winter. we broke records area wide. a mild day. temperatures staying mild. let's take a look at the highs. all of the numbers there, you see with the asterisk, those are broken records. manta view, 69. 68 san jose. take a look at the image behind you, notice we are already starting to see the fog develop here at sfo. clear skies overhead. all of that is about to change. thanks to an approaching
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weather system. cold fronts sinking south throughout the day tomorrow. as it does, it will bring increasing clouds and shower chances. we will likely see scattered showers throughout the day. as the front passes through, increasing winds, gusty winds tomorrow afternoon. behind the front, cold air moving in. that is going to drop temperatures for christmas and beyond. let's time out the rain with future cast. grab an umbrella. starting out late morning early afternoon, scattered sures in the north bay making its way south. pretty quickly. and again, scattered, not widespread. by tomorrow evening, we will likely see the winds kicking up. that will be the big weather story. saturated soil. high winds, toppled trees. timing out the winds here at future cast, notice light for the morning hours. winds gusting upwards of 30 miles an hour in san francisco. 29 fremont. 22 livermore. by tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow evening. winter weather advisory in
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effect. if you are headed up to the high country, grab the chains. we will see snow levels around 4,000 feet. this is through most of the day tomorrow. as for your weather headlines, well, here is what you need to know. patchy dense fog in the morning. showers in the evening and we cool temperatures down. upper 50s to low 60s . your temperatures tomorrow. extended forecast showing temperatures dropping into the 50s for your highs thursday. overnight, 30s and 40s for christmas night. if you are looking for dry weather, we stay dry through what looks like new year's day. >> thank you julie. >> love it. well, a woman gets a classic car just in time for christmas. but it is not just any car. why she says it is like winning the lottery. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have her car back. an nkies >> whether it is fake or luck, a salinas woman is glad to have her car back. >> she is very happy and you will love her car. it was a 1967 mustang. it was linda's first car, but she barely got a chance to drive it. it was stolen in 1986 right after she bought it. but now, 28 days later she has
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it back after some good investigating by a chp officer. >> it is like winning the lottery. it happens to some people few and far between. for it to happen to me is amazing. >> reporter: linda says she is going to keep that car in a safe and secure place. her garage. >> good idea. i love those classic cars. ahead, we have a sports cast where birthday boy jim harbaugh's name is not mentioned. and what happened when the warriors ran into the ghosts of show time? it is like the 1980s lakers without the short shorts. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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...what kind of chance you .without kobe >> nba front and center. the warriors, what kind of chance would you get the lakers without colby bryant? steph curry. did they have it tonight. they brought gifts in the form of turnovers. ahead of nick young. all of us could have made this shot. that is how wide open he was. he had 19 turnovers. curry over to thompson. and the doves, they have 12 of 26 three pointers down a dozen.
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swaggy pete. that is his name coming with the big rebound. no one back on defense and no stopping wesley johnson. lakers up 17. the warriors benched it. cut it to eight. but jeremy lin applies the smack down. 115-105 the final score. college stanford men. ninth ranked texas. here is what they did about it. there were harm and fouls. pick it up in overtime. stanford up one. chase on randall bucket. randall 422. and here at the buzzer. demarcus holland shot it. stanford hoeds onto win this one 74-71 over the knight ranked long horns. i tell you what, the broncos
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was losing to cal poly. the mustangs made the tournament last year and they played like it. shipley had 11 points in the game. spread it around and won a final of 69-58. segway to the nfl probowl selections. they are out. three locals named as starters. moving beyond the nfl red ropes. line men. they got marcel reece. time for tuesday top five. number 5. check out ten-year- old lebron james jr. off balance shot and in. who does he think he is? lebron james? he is. and he is only ten! look at him behind the back number. yeah! number four. christian wood. third ranked arizona 71-67. nobody is going.
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number three. you like evan's name? you like that? how about this? yeah. that's for merrymont at number three. yeah, we go to number two. exlakeer great lonnie. a half court number, he still has it. he won 90,000 for charity. and at number one. andrew wiggins. it is a facial coming up. wiggins doing it against his former team. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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mom? dad? big uncle wayne? hot chocolate. green tea. uh, decaf, cuz. wow. i'm dying for an herbal tea. the all new keurig 2.0.
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