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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  December 24, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. breaking news this noon, a
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flight from honolulu diverted. it circled off the coast dumped fuel and it will land any minute. there is some kind of mechanical problem but it's not an emergency. chopper 5 is on the way to the scene. more information when we get it right here at noon. now to holiday shopping. if you are going to the mall good luck. it's christmas eve and people are still shopping. so much so, the macy's at san francisco's union square has been open around the clock and kpix 5's anne makovec is there live with the last-minute shopping update. anne, i bet it's nuts there. >> reporter: it's been steady here all morning but over the last couple of hours things have really picked up. the sidewalks are crowded and shoppers only have a few hours left. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the bells are ringing, the clock is ticking. >> last-minute christmas shopping on christmas eve. >> reporter: there's even snow falling in union square. but the heat is on. >> this is my last chance so it's today or never. >> reporter: why did you wait
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until the last minute? >> i don't know. >> procrastination, keep telling yourself you're going to do it, remember people at the last minute. >> reporter: some stores are on a nonstop shop-a-thon. kohl's has been open 24 hours a day since friday and will close at 6 p.m. tonight. >> just rushes of people and the aisles get crazy and it's just been insane. can't even, like, walk down the aisle without getting stopped by five customers. >> reporter: a group says 60% of shoppers polled said they were only buying deals this year. that compares with 40% last year. but at this point, shoppers are feeling less picky. you don't even care about the price? >> i don't care about the price. >> the problem is when i go out looking, i usually wind up getting something for me. >> reporter: but not everyone is in a race against the clock. >> not frantic. we planned ahead, didn't we? >> yes. >> reporter: others planned to do it this way. >> it's perfect.
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but the spirit of christmas, so christmas is here. so let's go for it. >> reporter: it looks like most stores are closing at 6 p.m. so you have about 6 hours left. >> thank you. how about you? have you completed your shopping? have you done a little reporter involvement jumped in there and bought a couple of things? >> reporter: i actually finished it off yesterday. that debunks the whole myth that last-minute shoppers are men. it's wrapped up. back to you. >> well done, anne makovec, completing her shopping, thank you. >> i don't know if that's true. i did last-minute shopping, as well. >> you just got here five minutes ago. >> i did. i did some shopping and i can't tell you what it is but we need to know the forecast. >> yeah. it's cloudy in the bay area today and a cold front that's on its way from the pacific northwest edged in over northern california where they have gotten some rain but it's just washing out as it heads toward the bay area.
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we'll get cooler and stronger winds. you can see widely scattered showers forecast if we even get that this afternoon. it's not going to amount to much. then behind that we'll get some clearing and distinctly cooler temperatures as that heads south and out of the bay area. so it might be wet. this is no big rain maker but it will put a bite in the air on this christmas eve. and tonight, as well. but tomorrow is looking good. we'll have the entire forecast for you in a few minutes. a landslide on the western edge of san francisco is expected to keep part of a popular walking and biking path of closed through the weekend. park rangers at lands end put up tape and barricades but some people aren't staying away. there was a cave-in near an oceanfront cliff. it could get bigger especially with more rain. protests are violent near ferguson, missouri overnight following another deadly shooting of an 18-year-old black man by a white cop. omar villafranca reports police
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say the teen pulled a gun on a cop and the incident is on video. >> reporter: surveillance video taken from a gas station shows the moments before an officer shot and killed an 18-year-old man. >> the individual produced a pistol with his arm straight out pointing at the officer from kind of across the hood of the police car. at that point, the officer produced his service weapon and fired what we think at this point is three shots. >> reporter: police say the officer was investigating a theft in berkeley missouri last night when he approached a man and his friend. the shooting sparked violent protests. police say several officers were hurt. a woman who identified herself as the victim's mother says, her son was trying to get his life back together. >> trying to get back in school and stuff to get back his job corps. >> reporter: the incident happened two miles from ferguson where officer darren wilson killed 18-year-old michael brown back in august
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touching off protests with some turning violent. things got heated at a news conference when the mayor tried to discussion the difference between the situations. >> call this what it is of a police officer has killed another year black man. >> truly, you don't believe that every person or every black that's killed is because of a white policeman?! >> reporter: the city and county are both investigating the shooting. omar villafranca, cbs news, dallas. >> police say the officer was supposed to wear a body camera but he didn't have it on. "black lives matter"! "black lives matter"! >> new at noon now hundreds came out in san francisco today to demand police accountability and transparency. the crowd marched through the castro and held a rally. members of the lgbt community say they helped organize the
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march to end racism and targeting blacks by police. >> it's been a call for marginalized communities to unite on such an issue and take a stand and wanting an immediate end to police brutality, police violence. >> protests like these are happening across the nation. they are in response to the recent deaths of two black men by white cops. you can now watch the movie "the interview" online. after much criticism, sony decided to release the movie and digital platforms, on google play, youtube movie, microsoft xbox and sony's website. this is the latest policy reversal concerning the film about a comedy to assassinate north korean leader kim jong- un. sony reversed an earlier decision to keep it out of theaters because of threats from computer hackers. kiet do reports you can find it here in the bay area. >> reporter: this is something that you will not see in a lot
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of places all across the country. a movie theater showing "the interview." chances are, kim jong-un already wasn't berkeley's biggest fan. now that tell wood is one of a -- that elmwood is one of a handful of theaters that will show "the interview" his opinion interlikely to improve. after a week of back and forth, sony will release the fictional kim jong-un assassination flick. >> think it's cool. it's kind of a statement i think for free spec. it's pretty cool in berkeley. >> reporter: the small venues and limited showings have meant a small supply and huge demand for tickets. >> i think our website was down at one point. >> reporter: elmwood's parent company isn't taking chances and has already informed berkeley pd about plans to show it and will step up security. >> no one is going to know it's here. it's l.a. and hollywood. wherever, you know? who is going to walk past this little theater?
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unless there's some little guy here that's running around that's going to tell them. >> reporter: it's a similar situation in livermore. livermore 13 cinemas will have extra security and some restrictions on movie-goers. >> only purses, no backpacks, no shopping bags, no -- nothing of any sort of any type of bag that you would use for carrying anything around. and that's just for added security reasons. >> reporter: there will knob the an big marketing not be regular publicity for this. kiet do, kpix 5. >> go to to find more theaters to see "the interview." there is a link at the top of the main page. some of san francisco's finest spreading the spirit today. firefighters are helping children who might go without a toy on christmas. they are at a hotel in union square right now passing out toys. >> really important. there's a lot of working families that can't afford toys so this is their way of being
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able to provide toys for christmas. >> that toy drive runs until 8 p.m. tonight. a charity in san francisco is still accepting donations to help make christmas better for people in need. the st. anthony's curbside donation drive runs through 6:00 this evening. happening and socks are -- hams and socks are still needed. it's at golden gate avenue at jones street. blood is a good thing to give during the holidays. the red cross is holding blood drives today at two locations the doubletree by hilton hotel at the "pruneyard" in campbell and stoneridge shopping center in pleasanton. a random act of kindness just in time for christmas. see how one southern california man saved christmas for a small family. >> and parts of the south will spend christmas cleaning up from a round of violent storms. the damage left behind and where the wicked weather is now heading. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a lava flow heading toward a shopping center stopped adva some people on hawaii's big island call it the christmas miracle. a lava flow headed toward a shopping center stopped on monday. lava flows from kileaua volcano on the island but the front edge has hardened about 700 yards short of the shopping center. officials hope the lava will branch off in a different direction. >> the national weather service confirms at least two tornadoes touched down in louisiana and mississippi. four people were killed and dozens of others injured when the twister struck yesterday. these homes in louisiana, they were no match. in mississippi, the governor declared a state of emergency in two counties. >> like a third world around here. pretty much every business on the bypass was gone and sustained some kind of damage. >> right now, crews are scrambling to help survivors assess damage as they prepare for the next line of storms. that same storm system is
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expected to cause travel problems on the east coast in time for christmas tomorrow. breaking news. a flight diverted to oakland international. we'll show you this picture from the plane is circling off the coast. it should land anytime. there's a mechanical problem but says this is not an emergency. we do have chopper 5 on the way to the scene and between going to get you more information as the details start to come in. okay. let's get a check of weather now. a lot of people traveling. >> it won't be bad if you keep in in california along the shoreline. but you go inland there's snow in the mountains, there's really dense fog in the central valley, that always happens at this time of the year. parts of the bay area not going to be bad. we have this little cold front that's coming through. it's anemic. there's not a lot of rainfall.
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but we have some gusty winds with it. first, let's head out and look at the hi-def doppler. as you can see, the numbers right now concord 60, oakland 57. livermore 59. and san francisco 60. san jose has 54. santa rosa 53 degrees. santa rosa tipped a whopping .01" of rain in the last hour from the system that's coming up from low pressure that's way up over brush brush and on the time lapse you can see showers making their way into far northern california. for us we'll get maybe a few showers this afternoon. it won't amount to much if we get anything at all. but behind the front, we have some fairly strong north winds with gusts from 20 to 30 miles an hour as you can sees from this. so time lapse of the expected wind gust beginning at noon today and it picks up when the front comes through the brighter redder violent colors shows you where we have stronger winds. and you can see now this is wednesday, this is tonight at 11:00. 34-mile-per-hour wind gusts in san rafael so fairly windy with
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this but dry, too. high temperature forecast for today we are not going to do much better than just low 60s. san ramon today 63. pleasanton 62. livermore 62. here in the city, just 60 degrees. that's par for the course for this time of the year. 59 in santa rosa and in nap 60. vallejo 62. in the extended forecast, we are going to be looking at the sunrise and sunset. should be a beautiful sunrise when all this passes through. and then christmas looks nice. mostly sunny skies in the bay area. low 50s through the weekend when temperatures top out in the upper 40s. so chilly. but a lot of sunshine on the way for the bay area. you know, just like showbiz, you guys are bringing them in younger and younger all the time. [ laughter ] >> of course, this is the time of the year when we do for "food for bay area families."
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we have some very young fund collectors this time as well as -- [ laughter ] >> yes, we do. i'm suzette smith. >> you're from diablo valley montessori school. >> i'm maurice from the food bank. >> good to see you again. tell us how these little guys -- now, this is marisol and leandro? >> correct. >> tell us how they collected the funds. >> our school for the past 15 areas has been collecting coins. they take home little baggies and they look for coins under the couches, in their piggybanks, in their parents' pockets. >> as a kid i would go and buy a comic book but these guys have done something far more noble. how much did they come up with and by the way, this is the time we always ask for the drum roll, please. [ drum roll ] >> how much did you get? >> i'm just going to hold it up so we can see.
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$1,355! amazing, well done! >> thank you! [ laughter ] >> thank you. marisol, you did a great job. were you surprised by how much money you collected? >> no. [ laughter ] >> that's because they are so dedicated. you can give, too, ladies and gentlemen, by just going to nice job, you guys! $1,355 and larry, i know you can use the money. frank, michelle, back to you. >> brian, why would they be surprised? they worked hard! brought you to your knees by the way! some kindhearted police officers did something to save a day. coming up. tag: sooner or later, everyone needs a helping hand, or a helping paw! so mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train assistance dogs for wounded veterans. veteran: i live independently because of what all it provides for me.
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and it's huge! there's a lot of wounded, ill, and injured out there just like myself, who just maybe need a little bit of help. tag: you can lend a helping paw too. give at or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs-- helping dogs help people. right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin
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become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america.
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we have now now on the breaking news story at the top of the newscast. a flight from honolulu had to be diverted from oakland international airport. it's landed safely, now on the ground. >> there was a mechanical problem. the duty manager at oakland international airport told us that it wasn't an emergency. but they landed safely as you can see. and apparently, there's somebody underneath checking the engine, checking out the parts making sure everything is okay. as for those passengers on the plane, they are trying to find a flight for those passengers. >> you can imagine what they went through trying to get home for christmas or go on vacation and right now, glad to be just on the ground safely. >> yes. of course, we are going to give you more information as it
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comes on. you can always go to our website, to get more details. it is the season of giving. richmond city police officers are doing their part in a big way. check out how happy this you canster is on his brand-new -- this youngster is on his brand- new bike. that officer one of the few santas in the richmond pd. the boy's old bike was stolen and they couldn't find it so the officers bought him a brand- new ride. just in time for christmas. so great story there. and yet there's more. a young boy's wish list for santa lost at costco but it lands in some very giving hands. another feel good christmas story up next. >> and now it's time to check your bay area job market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. reporter: customer service representatives are a critical component to your shopping experience especially during the holiday season. whether it's help with a computer problem, questionable activity on your credit card or a gift that isn't the right size, customer service reps are on the front lines. the labor department projects employment in this profession to grow by 12.6% between 2012
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and 2022. that amounts to nearly 300,000 positions to be filled. in the bay area, customer service representatives earned an average of $42,700. that's higher than what receptionists earn and close to what administrative assistants take home. additionally, hr professionals say skills cultivated by customer service professionals such as listening, patience and problem solving, may lead to a position as a sales representative. those folks earn an average of $56,200 here in the bay area. the highest paid customer service professionals work in natural gas pipeline transport, railroad and aerospace manufacturing. customer service positions are a good way to gain entry into a variety of industries and sectors. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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knitted slippers. theives broke in to her home and ma off with the gifts -- that suppose to be for a 73-year-old woman in pittsburg lost 17 pearce of hand knitted slippers. -- 17 pairses of hand knitted slippers. this woman has a message for the thieves. those stories and more tonight at 5:00. southern california man went the extra mile to fulfill a child's christmas wish list and it was not a typical list about toys and gifts.
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it said things like bring peace and joy to the world. and just love. eric berrigan found the list on the ground. he was so impressed, that he posted it on social media to find the boy who wrote it and that led him to a pretty special kid named julian huey. >> very cool. >> i know. isn't that nice? not even asking for toys. >> santa is over the sudan right now in africa. working his way to the east coast. >> i'm giving him a path so he can make sure he gets all the other stops in. bye.
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>> john mccook: welcome to a special holiday episode of "the bold and the beautiful." today we're at union rescue mission in downtown los angeles. people interviewed are not actors, but rather guests of this extraordinary home for those in need. >> maya: we're ready to help. >> eric: you better be, because we're gonna serve like 4,000 meals here today. >> othello: wow. >> eric: yeah, it's gonna be very busy. we have to set up the tables and we're gonna break them down later. we're gonna serve the food, and we want to greet everyone, too. >> rick: great. how's andy and kitty? >> eric: reverend bales and kitty and chef darin -- they've been up all night deep-frying these turkeys. if they seem tired, it's because they are. now, look, don't forget. don't get so busy we don't say hello to people, right? af


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