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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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i love thit's siracha.i burger. sluracha? no. si-rah-chah. siriracha. no. watch how i say it. si-rah-cha. that's not helping. bam! that's jack's new spicy sriracha burger comin' in all hot and melty with jalapeños and bacon! but the best part? it's not just sriracha sauce, it's creamy sri-rah... slur-rah cha... whatever it's called, it's awesome sauce.
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(vo)rescued.ed. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. in the bay area. good eve >> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> it is shaping up to be the coldest night of the year in the bay area. good evening, merry christmas. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida and elizabeth cook
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have the night off. you can see flags looking at the bay bridge in san francisco. christin ayers shows us what the wind has already done. >> reporter: in marin tonight, the wind toppled a massive tree. it came crashing down on lucas valley road near skywalker ranch and brought a tangling of power lines with it. a power pole snapped in half and wires were left scattered on the road. the marin county sheriff says the road will be shut down into christmas morning. the high winds in west marin ruffled trees off highway 1 near marshall and in daly city, crews, the aftermath was captured as crews took on fallen trees. no serious damage had been reported n. berkeley, christin ayers, kpix5. chief meteorologist paul deanno said winds are calming down, but you will still notice them tomorrow morning.
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paul? >> there was not that much rain with the front that moved through, but there was and still is a lot of rain. the peak wind gusts for 52 miles an hour in mount tam, 42 in mount diablo. 38 miles an hour in san jose and bay point. chrissy field and alameda 29 miles an hour wind gusts. we have the wind overnight tonight. we will have the wind once again tomorrow. so gusty winds especially in the higher elevations overnight. tonight will also be the coldest night of december as the cool canadian air moves in and christmas day, lit be sunny, but highs will struggle to leave the 50s . we will be running temperatures below normal coming up christmas day. and the coldest air is not here yet. coming up, details on how chilly we are going to get the next several nights. >> thank you paul. people looking for a white christmas saw a lot of red as in red taillights.
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a traffic mess in the sierra tonight. countless bay area drivers crawling up i-80 toward the summit. several car wrecks brought traffic to a complete stop leaving some to get out of their cars for a bit. >> decided to stretch our legs. we are from orange county. so we wanted to see the snow. >> the good news, snow boarders and skiers should have a beautiful day tomorrow. the airports were busy. at sfo, bat weather here but especially on the east coast reported two-hour delays. a plane full of people took off from sacramento for hawaii today. they got diverted to oakland because of a mechanical issuement that plane was in oakland two-and-a-half hours. mechanics fixed what needed to be fixed and tonight thigh are all in hawaii. >> thank goodness. you heard about the movie the interview for weeks now. tonight, you can watch it
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online. cate caugurian takestous one watch party where people wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. >> >> reporter: it is the night before christmas and the interview is out. >> you want us to assassinate the leader of north korea? what? >> reporter: you don't have to worry about a government taking what we built and tell us we are not allowed to say what we feel. >> reporter: it has been splashed all over online platforms and on a dedicated website called they said it was essential for the studio to release the studio given the assault upon our business and our employees who wanted to stop free speech. >> we are in uncharted territory. we have never seen a movie that
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cost this much getting as much description online along with a sizable number of small theaters. it became really not a good move for sony to look as if they were trampling on the first amendment. >> this film has captured people's imagination not because of the content of the film but because of the events surrounding it. >> reporter: 300 small theaters will be showing the film, many with additional security on hand. sony originally shelved the film when big theaters refused to show it after hackers threatened terroristic violence. cate caugurian, kpix5. >> for more details on how to watch the interview online, head to kpix5. by the way, dennis rodman who probably knows kim jong un better than any american says he has no opinion about the interview. and said he is promoting his
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own movie which will show people what really goes on in north korea. and the lgbt community tonight are voicing their displeasure with police using deadly force. >> black lives matter! >> protesters marched up market street in san francisco this morning blocking traffic. the group placed a huge pink triangle in the intersection of market and octavia. this forced the closure of 101 off ramp for several minutes. the mayor of a saint louis suburb is asking for calm tonight after a white officer shot and killed an 18-year-old black man. this is what happened when 200 protesters showed up in the scene in berkeley, missouri. there were more demonstrations tonight adding fuel to an already tense situation. look how close berkeley is to ferguson. the two cities separated by two milesful police say you can see the teenager clearly in this
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surveillance video. an officer was responding to a call about a theft at a convenient store. when he went to question him, you see the teenager raise and point a gun at the officer. things got heated when the berkeley mayor held a news conference today. >> call it what it is. a police officer has killed another young black man. >> truly you don't believe that every person, every black that is killed is because of a white police officer? >> the mayor says this is much different than what happened in ferguson, there is no video of the deadly encounter between darren wilson and michael brown. tonight, a bay area elected official is making no apologies for using the n word during a public meeting. da lin tells us racism is not the only thing this official is accused of. >> where i am it is raining cats and dogs and little [bleep] babies. >> reporter: the elected
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director had no problems repeating the n word. the 88-year-old man says he grew up in a different era and uses the phrase to describe how hard it is raining. >> i don't know. it just comes out, you know. cats and dogs ands little [bleep] babies has been around as old as i am. >> it angers me. >> reporter: many voters are outraged. >> i think the guy should be fired. >> reporter: laython landis says he is not a racist. in fact, he is sorry. >> i apologize to those people who were offended when i said little [bleep] babies. >> reporter: and you keep using it again! >> well i just said it to you. but i shall not say it anymore. >> reporter: the sanitary district board wants him gone. they voted to censure him. they say the problems don't start with racism. >> sexist remarks to staff and others. and, it was simply becoming more and more of a pattern of behavior. >> reporter: landis admits to having one too many at a public
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convention. >> i was intoxicated but not drunk. and they made a big deal out of it. bs. >> reporter: he spent almost half of his lifetime on the board and refuses to resign. >> maybe it is time to step down and let the younger guys take over. >> reporter: no way, i will live to be 102 and shot by a jealous husband. >> reporter: a lot of neighbors will coming to his defense. they say he is not a racist. in san lorenzo, i'm da lin, kpix5. >> now the board president says they are looking at legal options to remove mr. landis. his term expires in 2016 but he is planning to run again. mistakes at the cdc in atlanta may have exposed a worker to the ebola virus.
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tonight, he is being monitored for it. the cdc says it happened during a lab experiment and the technician came into contact with a small amount of the virus. he is showing no signs of ebola. the cdc director said i'm troubled by this egg substantiate in our ebola research laboratory. i directed there be a full review of every aspect of the incident and that the cdc take all necessary measures. >> more than 100 convicts got a very nice christmas gift from the governor. a pardon. but do they deserve it? >> why governor brown changed his mind and told one guy he is not getting pardoned after all. >> here is one thing you didn't expect to see from all our recent rainfall. prehistoric fossils. ♪ [ music ] >> and a christmas classic gets an update, but not by much. as the nutcracker celebrates its 70th anniversary in san francisco, we will take you behind the scenes. ,,,,,,,,
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yanks it. that's what jerry brown >> one minute, the governor grants you clemency, the next, he yanks it away. that is what governor jerry brown did. one of the guys had been disciplined by financial regulators. more than 100 people received pardons. most of them for nonviolent drug crimes. 70 years ago today, the nutcracker made its debut in san francisco. elizabeth cook shows us it has not changed much except for a few tweaks here and there. >> reporter: the rooms of the san francisco ballet school are bull pulsating. >> i cannot explain it in words. >> reporter: opening day is days awayment this is the nutcracker. everything must be on point. >> we are going to ward. forward. there we go. >> reporter: it is the
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anniversary for the arttistic director as well. he put his own spin on the nutcracker ten years ago and set it in 1915 san francisco during the pan pacific exposition. >> it must have been a magic place to be for children so i thought why don't i set the nutcracker in this particular time? >> all of these see quinns have been replaced. >> reporter: it got a bit of a revamp. >> ten years of wear and tear doing 75 performances inclusive of dress rehearsal puts a lot of wear on the costumes. >> reporter: andrea peluse is head of the wardrobe. >> we had three tutus made completely from scratch. we had both the women's and the men's. all of the snow flakes got
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rerhinestoned. >> this is one of the costumes for the snow queen. it took three-and-a-half weeks to make and it cost $5,100. check out this incredible detail. every sequin, every bead sewn on by hand. >> reporter: and must be the way it was since the costume first made the debut. >> silly things like topaz rhinestones don't exist anymore. so how do you find those? it is really getting to jazz up and refurbish but it is also part treasure hunt on how to get those same supplies. >> reporter: it is that consistency that keeps audiences of all ages coming back year after year. >> the feedback again from people in the audience, parents bringing their children or grandparents bringing their
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grandchildren is this stableness that they know it is the nutcracker. they know that doesn't change. >> reporter: in san francisco, elizabeth cook, kpix5. >> and the nutcracker runs through december 29. to see liz's pictures behind the scenes, head to our facebook page. well santa is on his way to the bay area. the north american aerospace defense program, norad for short has been tracking his sleigh around the globe. he is dropping off gifts for good boy and girls. he has left salt lake city. he is going towards denver. and then of course, he will be coming west. we will keep an eye on santa. watch his progressful he has dropped over 6 billion gifts so far. >> my sons are so excited. >> are you one of the procrastinatorred who waited the last minute to get your gifts? well you are in the alone. we spoke to some shoppers at a walgreens in fremont at 9:15
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tonight. >> how about my kitchen set up i. my son loves playing in the kitchen. >> i bought chocolate. >> i come every year last minute. stocking stuffers. whatever i can find. shoppers tell us walgreens is open 24 hours, so why them. >> all right, this month, storms have led to quite a discovery. our betty yu on the prehistoric treasure-trove popped up on the coast. >> reporter: all that rain hitting the bluffs behind me exposed extremely rare fossils. in the last week alone, he found three of them on a public beach. giancarlo was stunned to find this shark similar to a great white. he believes it is as many as 12 million years old.
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>> this is very smooth and dull. this is water worn. this came from some place over the santa cruz mountains. the rain eroded it and it tumbled down and made its way. >> reporter: giancarlo is a marine biologist. he has been looking for fossils twice a month for the last 20 years. he only has three of these in his collection. all discovered in the last week. >> i definitely think this larger storm had something to do with this. >> reporter: he came across a 5,000-year-old bison tooth and a rib from a stellar sea cow. santa cruz county is a hot bed for fossils because the area was once a sea floor. in santa cruz, betty yu, kpix5. snowfall continues in the
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sierra overnight though our rainfall has moved out. the higher elevations of the sierra seeing additional snowfall and will likely see a new snowfall total of three to six inches. it will be a white christmas in the higher elevations of california and lake tahoe. even a few thunderstorms earlier today. it has not been cold so far this december. san francisco, the coldest night? 49 degrees. that is it. san jose, your coldest night, 43. santa rosa, 42. now that the front moves through, we are bringing down arctic air and it will be cold beginning tonight. you wake up on christmas morning in livermore, we will drop down to 37 tonight. concord, 39. santa rosa, 37. oakland, 44. so for the entire bay area, the coldest night of the month will be tonight until tomorrow night when it gets colder. it high pressure is building in more north, that is allowing the clock wise winds around the high pressure to drag down north canadian air. our air is not going to be
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coming from the pacific oceanful it will be chilly. afternoons will not hit 60 degrees for most of us and nights may be frosty away from the water for several nights. some of you down to the low to mid 30s . the immediate weather concern will be the wind which continues overnight tonight gusting 20 and 30 miles an hour an each tomorrow morning we will see the winds elevated until they relax christmas afternoon. we will see temperatures staying near or below normal. san jose, your average is 60. tomorrow's high, woman 58. christmas in union city, 57 degrees. blustery in san ramon. san francisco, 59. christmas at clear lake, 52 degrees. the mildest weather will be saturday and sunday with highs in the low 60s but a reenforcing push of cool air knocks us back down for the final few days of 2014. and that is your kpix5
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forecast. and you can check conditions in your area realtime radar by downloading the cbs bay area weather app. it is free in the app store. search kpix5. well, santa made a quick pit stop at a san francisco coffee shop earlier. >> how about the letter left behind that shocked many of the customers. that is next. a hot chocolate?
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ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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free coffee.. thanks to a st santa! someone left this letter at jackson street.. w >> customers at a san francisco starbucks got a christmas eve surprise. >> free coffee. someone left a letter saying the baristas use the gift cards for $400 to pay for people's drinks. let them know it is a gift from someone in canada who had a brother who loved this location and passed away in 2012. >> that is the best part, sharing love. what a great story. >> you got a good one? >> oh. wait until you see what i got for you. this eve of christmas. the best gift jim harbaugh got and the best bowl game outside the u.s. look what it brought! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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harbaugh >> it was the night before distance. here is what we saw. best yuletide gift given to jim harbaugh. >> i think favorite gift, i got
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sheets with all the nfl logos on them. had a matching comforter with all the logos on it as well. i got that. my brother got that. saying we got the same gift. we were probably six, seven, those are my sheets. >> today, frank gore was hardly ignored. he got the mark echelon award. a first for gore in his ten year career in that locker room. i tell you he is revered. ingly expect a lot of of frank. there is not much he can do
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that amazes me. 21 in the back field. central michigan, uphill battle. in this bowl game versus western kentucky trailed 41-14 in the bahamas. but look at him put a jump in his pajamas. jesse colgran gets a lateral for dion butler. lateral courtney williams. his tame mates scream run! save us! burning for a point. instead of going for a tie, they went for the win. the chippewas were done in. pass broken up. western kentucky survived 49- 48. central michigan deprived.
11:30 pm
fresno state, rice university. it is certainly a fact. you want rice with that? 69-yard play, mistake free game. no turnovers, no pick. rice won big, 30-6. >> wow. you are so talented vern. >> with that, merry christmas to all. >> absolutely. >> to all too good night. >> very nicely done. very nicely done. >> you like that? i'll come back a year from now and do it again. >> you need to do it like that every night. [ laughter ] >> wouldn't that be something? >> that is performance. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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norad's tracker -- it says santa and his reindeer weret seen flying over >> all right, quick update here on the big guy tonight. a live look at norad's tracker. santa and his reindeer were last seen flying over edmonton and he is headed for fort mcmurray in alberta canada. >> we are holding out hope he doesn't head for the north pole, you have to go down south and west. you need to hear his gps say recalculating. make a lilo turn. but he is making great time. really great time. >> amazing. >> maybe not efficient. but great time. >> very strange route tonight. thank you very much for joining us. have a very merry christmas. >> merry christmas. our next newscast, we will see you tomorrow morning at 4:30 and we are back here tomorrow night. >> happy holidays.
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>> enjoy it. >> captions by:caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: cbs and the catholic community foundation for eastern south dakota present: the 17th annual "christmas at the cathedral" joseph in sioux falls, south dakota. featuring tenor, scott piper, soprano marni raab, actor phil kappen and the christmas at the cathedral orchestra and choir under the direction of dan goeller. good evening and merry christmas! i'm bishop paul swain. on behalf of the 120,000 catholics in eastern south dakota, welcome to "christmas at the cathedral" our annual celebration of music and prayer from the cathedral of st. joseph in sioux falls. the theme for this year's program is "holy family," as we recall that night when love came down at christmas in the person of jesus christ.


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