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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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michelle griego. >> even scrooge gave bob cratchett day off, i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat. >> the wind has picked up in the bay area over the past day and that's knocked over trees on roads this one on lucas valley road near skywalker ranch. there is a downed tree and power lines down. that happened at 2 a.m. in daly city crews removed a large tree downed by violent winds on john daly boulevard. traffic is moving slowly there this morning. but it's christmas day at 4:30 so there's no traffic. let's check the weather forecast. >> brian? >> what? >> weather, please. >> oh, it's me today. okay, fine. i can do that, too! we had that briefly little rainstorm moved through the bay area today. let's see if we can see the morning commute, anne. there it is! ladies and gentlemen, the christmas morning commute. there it goes.
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>> looking good. >> northbound today. the numbers around the bay area it's 40 degrees chilly out there 48 in san francisco. 44 for san jose. 41 in santa rosa. here's what we're expecting today. it will be nice for christmas day. clear and chilly to start out with, a sunny cool afternoon. a little dry weather ahead with no rain in sight in the near future anyway. and temperatures highs today will be 59 degrees in santa rosa . santa wrapped up his journey delivering gifts. cbs news tara mergener has more on christmas celebrations around the world. [ church bells ] >> reporter: catholics around the world are celebrating the birth of jesus christ today. in bethlehem, thousands attended midnight mass inside the church of the nativity where jesus christ was born. at the vatican, pope francis celebrated with a traditional
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mass at st. peter's basilica where the crowd spills into the square. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: he said, god's message of peace is stronger than darkness and corruption. that is the message of christmas night. a message even some noncatholics want to hear. >> i think that he has inspired many, many people not only me, i think many, many other peoples, as well. >> reporter: that message spread some 2,000 miles to the ancient catholic community in iraq a short distance from isis front lines where hundreds packed a church to hear a letter from the pope urging them to stay strong. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in new york city, catholics gathered in st. patrick's cathedral. cardinal timothy dolan delivered the sermon calling for renewed faith in a city shaken by protests and the recent killing of two police officers. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> and the pope just wrapped up his traditional world view
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speech at st. peter's square. the u.s. postal service is closed of course for today's christmas holiday. for the most part, some postal workers will be on the job though today to deliver priority mail. regular postal service is set to resume tomorrow. they tied a record high when it get to 50 degrees at south lake tahoe yesterday but there's plenty of fresh snow in the sierra despite that. ian schwartz said it caused major problems people driving in the high country. >> reporter: it didn't snow a whole lot but when it did come down, it came down fast and there was a lot of drivers on i- 80 who weren't ready for it. it's beginning to look a lot like a traffic mess in the sierra. >> i was stuck for like an hour and a half and it was not moving hardly at all. >> reporter: sharon wanted a white christmas but not if it meant this. >> i was supposed to be there at 5:30 so i'm a little bit late. >> reporter: she wasn't alone. taillights were on 80 for miles like a strand of christmas
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lights. several wrecks brought traffic to a stop. people got out of their cars. >> we decided to stretch our legs feel the snow. so we're from orange county so we wanted to see the snow. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: others kept the christmas spirit strong even with nowhere to go. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: and while we can all complain about traffic, one woman is just happy to be alive. >> thanks to god. >> reporter: this person lost control of her car, drove the family to christmas in the snow. the car flipped several times before landing on the side of the road. >> when we -- my son said, we still alive, we still alive. >> wow. that was ian schwartz on 880. this morning 80 and 50 are open with no restrictions. chains are require on state route 88. critics of law enforcement will spend christmas in oakland. a "black lives matter" protest is scheduled for 5 p.m. today at frank ogawa plaza.
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>> "black lives matter"! "black lives matter"! >> this was in san francisco yesterday members of the lgbt community staging a protest against recent cases of deadly force by police. >> we have a demand for police accountability. police transparency, you know, to hold these police officers responsible for the murder and violence that they have committed on unarmed black and brown people. >> the protest briefly forced the closure of a u.s. 101 off- ramp near market street and octavia boulevard. and protests continue in the city of berkeley, missouri where a black man was shot and killed during a confrontation with police last night. protestors gathered at the gas station where the shooting happened on tuesday. for a short time they blocked traffic on the nearby freeway before returning to that gas station. and investigators say that shooting happened after the officer questioned antonio martin and another man about a theft at the station's convenience store. surveillance video shows martin pointing a gun at the officer before the officers fired three
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shots while stumbling backwards. according to the police the gun found on martin was loaded but hasn't been fired. investigators say martin spend a month in jail last year for theft and assault. worker at the cdc center in laboratory was exposed to ebola during a lab experiment. the technician came into contact with the small amount of the virus and right now, he shows no signs of infection. here's what the cdc director said yesterday. "i am troubled by this incident in our ebola research lab. i have directed that there be a full review of every aspect of the incident and that the cdc take all necessary measures." the food and drug administration has approved a new flu drug. the drug is called rapavab. it's a single dose drug delivered by iv. it's the first new antiviral treatment approved for the flu in 15 years. the movie than a conspired a cyberattack and international controversy opens today at a few hundred theaters nationwide. "the interview" will be shown in san jose, berkeley and several other bay area cities.
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but as kpix 5's cate caugiran reports, many people saw it yesterday. >> you want us to assassinate the leader of north korea? >> yes. >> what?! reporter: jonathan cole wasted no time in downloading the film and had his friends over in his san francisco apartment to watch it. >> you don't have to worry about a government that's going to come take what we've built and tell us that we're not allowed to say what we feel. >> reporter: sony's deal with google and microsoft splashed it all over various platforms as well as on a dedicated website, in a statement, sony pictures's chairman said, it was essential for our studio to release this movie especially given the assault upon our business and our employees by those who wanted to stop free speech. >> we're in such uncharted territory. >> reporter: andrew is coeditor-in-chief of variety. >> we have never seen a movie that costs this much getting as much distribution online along with a sizable number of small
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theaters. it became really not a good move for sony to look as if they were trampling on the first amendment. >> this film has captured people's imagination not because of the content of the film but because of the current events that surround it. >> reporter: sony originally shelved the film when big name theaters wouldn't show it after hackers or guardians of peace made 9/11-style terrorism threats. so far law enforcement sources say there is no credible information to validate them. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> for details on how to watch "the interview" online and a list of bay area theaters showing the film, go to look for the link on the main page. not that long ago, former basketball star dennis rodman made headlines by visiting north korean leader kim jong- un. the normally opinionated rodman said he has no opinion about "the interview." the time is 4:38. a classic christmas tale gets an update but not by much. as the nutcracker celebrates its 70th anniversary in san francisco. we are going to take you behind
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the scenes. >> hey, what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. it's a tough christmas day r many people in the southern u-s... t ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is a tough christmas day for a lot of people in the southern united states trying to clean up after a deadly storm with devastating tornadoes. jericka duncan has the latest on the weather around the country. reporter: the tornado that hit columbia had winds that reached 165 miles per hour. it damaged more than 70 homes and businesses and knocked out power to thousands. mike and his wife sought shelter at this gas station as the twister barreled down on them. >> it blew this tank over on top of our vehicle. and it was shaking our car, our truck. thankfully, it didn't burst the fuel loose from the piping and thankfully it -- it could have
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been a lot worst but we're all alive. >> reporter: at a daycare in mississippi, 30 children were rushed to a nearby bank just before the tornado hit and ripped off the daycare center's roof. >> whoa! >> reporter: as the same storm system moved north, heavy rains and high winds are making conditions miserable for the 90 million people driving home for the holiday. air travel isn't any better. foggy weather and low clouds in the east have contributed to more than 300 cancellations and 2500 delays at the nation's airports. aaa estimates 70% of delays originate in new york and are creating a ripple effect throughout the country. thomas bosch is with the port authority of new york and new jersey. >> you know, we have three major commercial airports here, newark liberty, jfk and laguardia. and so traffic comes through our airports and to the extent that aircraft are delayed or efficiently handled, it affects travel throughout the country. >> reporter: on top of the
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weather, a record number of travelers hit the road and air. a 4% increase compared to last year. and that's being attributed to lower gas prices. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. >> and now at 4:43 on your christmas morning, merry christmas to you and thanks for coming by channel 5 this early thursday as we look from oakland through the twin suspension towers of the bay bridge and over toward the embarcadero center in san francisco. a clear day to start things out with. high pressure is building offshore and that's giving us pretty strong northerly winds over the bay area. that's cleared out the fog and it just looks like a sparkling start to christmas day. we get an extended dry break, too. there's not going to be much change in the pattern with cool weather over the bay area for the next few days. and no sign of rain all the way through the beginning of 2015. so we are going to dry it out for a while. clear and chilly morning. it will be on the breezy side today. sunny and cool this afternoon. and dry right through new
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year's. in terms of the numbers, well, not bad really. i mean, it is last week of december. so 58 degrees at palo alto. 58 for mountain view. same for fremont today. over by the shoreline, half moon bay hit 55. los gatos hit 56. in the east bay today we have clear skies to begin things with. 56 degrees at travis this afternoon. 57 at walnut creek. same for vallejo and for san ramon and danville. brentwood will be at 54 degrees. and then up in the north bay we'll see 58 degrees in san rafael, plenty of sun for santa rosa, 59 degrees. and 56 at bodega bay. here in the city, 59 and over in oakland, 59 degrees, as well. forecast no big changes 50s and 60s through the weekend a few more clouds coming in on sunday. next week and into the new year things look nice. we'll warm up next wednesday. in the meantime, a little bit of a bite in the air. anne? do you wait until absolutely the last minute to get your christmas gifts? we spoke to some shoppers at a walgreens in fremont at about 9:15 last night.
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>> i bought this, um, kitchen setup my son loves playing in the kitchen. >> i bought chocolate and gifts so that's it. >> i always come every year last minute stocking stuffers, whatever i can find. >> and they didn't have a lot of options as far as stores being open. shoppers say they chose walgreens because it's open 24 hours. san francisco firefighters are spreading the holiday cheer. they are going to drive through the tenderloin today giving out toys and bikes to needy children. the special christmas delivery starts at 8 a.m. at fire station 1 on folsom street. just like it does every year, glide memorial in san francisco is serving thousands of christmas meals to the less fortunate. they expect to serve more than 5,000 people between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. 70 years ago the nutcracker made its u.s. debut in san francisco. and elizabeth cook shows us the christmas classic hasn't changed much except for a few
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tweaks here and there. reporter: the rooms at the san francisco ballet school are pulsating. >> i can't even explain it in words. it's kind of, um, overwhelming. >> reporter: opening night is just days away. >> of course we're all nervous. >> reporter: and everything must be on pointe. this is the nutcracker after all. >> forward, forward, there it is. >> reporter: it's an anniversary for the company's artistic director, as well. he put his own spin on the nutcracker 10 years ago and set it in 1915 san francisco during the pan-pacific exposition. >> it must have been a magic place to be for children. so i thought, why don't i set the nutcracker in this particular time? >> all of these sequins have been replaced. >> reporter: in honor of the anniversary, the set and the costumes got a bit of a revamp. >> 10 years of wear doing about
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75 performances in our season, includes a little dress rehearsal, puts a lot of wear on the costumes. this looks great. >> reporter: andria is head of women' wardrobe. >> three tutus were made from scratch. we rebeaded all the spanish both the women's and the men's. all the snowflakes got re- rhinestoned. >> reporter: this is one of the costumes for the snow queen made in new york. it took about 3.5 weeks to make. and over 20 people worked on it. it costs about $5,100. and check out this incredible detail. every sequin, every bead, sewn on by hand. and everything must be just as it was from the day the costume first made its debut. >> silly things like topaz rhinestones, we discovered don't exist anymore. so how do you find those? so a lot of it, it's two things. it's really getting to jazz up
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and refurbish, but it's also part treasure hunt on how to get those same supplies. >> reporter: it's that consistency that keeps audiences of all ages coming back year after year. >> the feedback i get from people in the audience, parents bringing their children or grandparents bringing their grandchildren, is this stableness that they know it's nutcracker, they know that doesn't change. >> reporter: in san francisco, elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> and the nutcracker runs through december 29. to see elizabeth's behind the scenes pictures, head to our facebook page. new details are coming out about the popular harry potter series. over the last couple of weeks, author j.k. rowling has been giving out new information, stories around personal insights. for one thing, she planned to introduce a vampire but decided instead to create professor
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snake. some fans aren't happy though about these new disclosures. >> she goes too far and sort of might ruin the magic of it. >> i don't think she should do it because i think it will ruin the whole thing. think it's ended. just finish it now. >> the latest from her is a new chanter revealing the funeral of a character killed at the end of the harry potter series. stock market is closed today. but business never sleeps. here's the latest from cbs news. reporter: facebook is facing a class action lawsuit. it accuses the social media giant of violating users' privacy by scanning the content of messages they send to other users for advertising purposes. facebook made a bid to dismiss the suit but a federal judge in california is allowing the case to go through. >> the markets are closed thursday for the christmas holiday. on wednesday, stocks finished mixed and relatively flat in a
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short trading day. the s&p 500 was down a fraction while the dow was up 6, which was enough for another record high finish. the nasdaq was up 8. >> if you have been getting more calls and alerts from your credit card company, the industry says there is a good reason for it. the ceo of the electronic transactions association tells moneywatch it's the result of credit card companies trying to protect customers from fraud. he says the holidays are a time when more cyber criminals are trying to breach retailers as we saw with target last year. >> that's your moneywatch. for more head to the markets will re-open tomorrow. time now 10 minutes before 5:00 on this christmas morning. it's one of the most popular meals on christmas. probably not what you would guess. the asian food getting extra orders for christmas. ,,
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san jose. it's all lit up.. on this christmas morning at 4:53, you can see the lights and christmas trees at valley fair mall in san jose lit up beautiful sight. remember the window washer who survived an 11 story fall in san francisco? well, a dog has outdone him. bob malcolm explains how a boston terrier survived a 15- story fall. reporter: fighting tears from his balcony bill recalls the frightening experience. >> just can't imagine a dog going through that kind of trauma. >> reporter: if they say cats have nine lives then bill's 13- year-old boston terrier sammy could certainly be considered to join his feline friends. >> he actually was -- got on the next balcony tried to come back. he has an eyesight issue. >> reporter: when that eyesight failed, there was nowhere to go but down. bill says what happened next was a miracle.
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by all accounts, there is no way sam should have survived to bark another day. >> just a little bit to the east of of this balcony is a pool and a hot tub and the dog actually went directly into the hot tub. >> reporter: right about then, this sign meant nothing. >> he hit the hot tub and started swimming to try to get out. he swam about three times found the stairs and pulled himself out. >> reporter: suffering from a cracked pelvis and broken ribs, this is a healthy sammy who is now recovering and after falling from one of the tallest residential buildings in sacramento -- >> i have actually seen him stand up and walk, um, it's just, um, it's amazing. >> wow. that's something. forbes has named adam sandler the most overpaid actor in hollywood for a second straight year. according to the magazine, sandler's movies bring in the lowest return on investment for every dollar he is paid. forbes said that sandler brought in $3.20 which by
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hollywood standards is low. johnny depp, ben stiller, tom hanks are also on that unhappy list. >> i'm surprised about tom hanks. >> i guess he is in some big budgets. here's something you don't see too often, the president of the united states wearing a tiara. >> he is brave enough to do it. here's a look. this photo taken in may as the president met with some girl scouts in washington for the annual white house science fair. the white house photographer decided to hold this photo, though, from the public as a special christmas surprise. here's a more current photo first lady michelle obama on the phone helping the volunteers at norad answering questions from children about the whereabouts of santa claus. 'tis the season to be jolly and stress-free. according to a new cnn poll, americans are experiencing their lowest levels of holiday stress in years. the poll suggests only 30% of the public says they are feeling a lot or some stress from everything they need to do
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to get ready for christmas a steep drop from the 86% of stressed out people in 2005. the internet has spoken and it says chinese food is 152% more popular on christmas day than it is at any other day of the year. that's according to the online food ordering site grub hub which features roughly 30,000 restaurants and more than 800 american cities. christmas day, christmas eve day and new year's day are the top three days for chinese food orders. it is 4:56. a blast of some chilly air and some pretty strong winds, here's a live look at the oakland airport. how this christmas is shaping up to be one cold day in the bay area. >> reporter: i'm christian hartnett in san francisco. santa may have delivered all his gifts, but some procrastinators have yet to buy theirs. i'll give you more on that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. in good morning, thanks for starting your christmas day with us. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney in for frank mallicoat and roberta and who is in for elizabeth wenger? >> we don't have much traffic to talk about today. that's the good news if you are heading out and also no rain to speak of, either. >> no. and barely any traffic. as you can see on the approach to the bay bridge there. it is a chilly start to christmas morning. 38 degrees at concord. oakland at 49. san francisco 48. santa rosa at 41 degrees right now. got a little bit of rain yesterday. that's it. as far as the eye can see, clear and chilly with a little bit of a breezy start. this afternoon sunny and cool. and then dry weather ahead all the way into 2015. we don't have any more rain coming in. today here's your forecast highs:
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celebrated with a tradition mass at saint peter's basilica.. spilled into the people around the world are celebrating christmas today. at the vatican pope francis celebrated with mass at st. peter's basilica where the trued spilled into the square. [ non-english language ] >> he said god's message of peace is stronger than darkness and corruption. that is the message of christmas night. >> in bethlehem, thousands attended midnight mass inside the church of the nativity at the site where jesus christ was born. >> and we are not the only ones working this christmas holiday. brian. some u.s. postal workers will be on the job today to deliver priority mail. regular postal service is set to resume tomorrow. some people still have not finished their christmas shopping yet this morning. kpix 5's christian hartnett is on powell street in san francisco where walgreens is open for business. [ laughter ] >> any takers,


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