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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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femall those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¡gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you.
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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> merry christmas turns to mayhem in oakland. protesters trash this christmas tree and bust out windows. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida and elizabeth cook have the night off.
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we have seen violent from test in oakland the last few weeks but none like this one tonight. protesters were out the destroy whatever they could as christin ayers shows us. >> reporter: there was very little peaceful about this protest. some marchers were hostile from the beginning. one protester lunged for our camera moments after the march began. when the group blocked an intersection near city hall tonight, this driver lashed out. >> they come from other areas and cause trouble. that is what is frustrating. some people come to do peaceful protests. he is not even from this area. >> reporter: within an hour, marchers were taking a detour through jack london square using rocks and skateboards to bash in 30 windows. some stealing bottles of
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liquor. >> the protests became violent. you can see they ripped the ornaments and the lights off of the christmas tree here in jack london square. >> reporter: decorative balls left strewn on the ground. the oakland police chief and a few helpers cleaned up. >> there are few officers out to deal with this? >> we are monitoring the crowd. >> reporter: we learned less than 40 oakland officers are on hand to deal with the demonstration despite the fact the protests have been in the works for days. >> we thought we had enough for tonight. >> reporter: tonight, officers took a hands off approach. trailing the crowd even as they caused havoc. christin ayers, kpix5. #notimeoff is trended on twitter. if it was to make police mobilize on christmas, it is quite successful.
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they are saying shutting down businesses sand freeways is one thing. destroys christmas trees is ludicrous. get it together. a sign honoring four oakland police officers is back where it belongs tonight. it is along eastbound 580 near the keller avenue bridge. the officers were killed in 2009 by a convicted phelonion parole. last week, vandals ripped it down and put a red x on it. investigators think it is all part of the recent antipolice protests. as bob orr shows us, they are going to great lengths to show how the officers handle themselves. >> reporter: on a neighborhood street in palo alto, officer zach pulls over a driver who ran a stop sign. this is the view recorded by his dash camera. but the rest of the video system recorded much more.
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in palo alto, every police officer has multiple cameras to proside a panoramic view. >> we have five cameras in every officer's patrol car that captures a 273-degree field of view around the car. >> this monitors your cameras. you can isolate the one you want to see? >> correct,. >> reporter: one camera points forward. two side cameras cover blind spots. a prisoner camera watches the backseat and there is the rear camera which recorded this collision in august. the system captures up to 40 hours of video which makes it possible for officers to go back in time. you literally might drive past something you don't see and go back and say that was important. >> absolutely. the primary purpose is nor us to preserve evidence we can use in court later. >> reporter: but the video is also about keeping tabs open how the officers interact with
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the public. >> accountability is a big part of it. this holds everybody accountable. >> we hire people for character and we want them to treat people with dignity and respect. and this should be kind of secondary to everything else. it is just another tool that we have that shows we doing the right thing. >> reporter: burns has already seen one effect. a drop in complaints against officers. with five cameras watching, chances are, the real story is being recorded. >> we get a lot of complaints from neighbors. >> reporter: as for the driver he pulled over, he got him a warning. bob orr, cbs news. you feeling the chill tonight? get ready for a frigid friday. we spotted people all bundled up in san francisco. go to paul and find out how cold it is going to get. >> 33 degrees in livermore tonight. it has been more than ten months, 323 days since we have been that cold. you have to go back to february 5 the last time that we hit 33
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degrees in livermore. it is one day late, but jack frost may be nipping at your nose away from the water. here is the reason why. the source of air has changed. gone is the air coming from the pacific ocean that brought us all the rainfall. now the air is coming from canada. more lows in the 30s tonight. wake up tomorrow morning 39 in novato. fremont, 37. pleasanton, 34. not the coldest weather we will see. there is a stronger push of ark t air coming. details on that coming in about ten minutes. >> thanks paul. tonight, the interview has become the hottest movie around. as andria borba tells us, it certainly has nothing to do with whether it is good or bad. >> your line is right there. thank you very much. >> reporter: christmas day movie going took a slightly serious turn at the elmwood theater in berkeley that came with a side of not popcorn but
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security. and movie goers found themselves out in the cold. every showing was sold out. some came for the comedy, others for free speech. >> i thought it was a good movie. we went for the principle and i wasn't expecting much. >> it had social commentary and was hilarious. >> reporter: the report was that it was ... >> what? >> reporter: folks in berkeley had more glowing praise. >> maybe a little tarantinoish. >> reporter: dennis rodman's bff would not be too happy with the film. >> i would love to laugh at kim jong un's expense. >> if i had no sense of humor, i would be insulted but any publicity is good publicity for him right now so just roll with it and laugh. >> reporter: now the interview is only released to about 300 theaters nationwide. but a lot of people have been wanting to come out and see it
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at the theater. they had to change their policy. it used to be cash only. now they are accepting credit cards because of the influx of people who want to see the film. in berkeley, andria borba, kpix5. >> and seth rogan made a special appearance at a midnight showing at a los angeles theater with a beer in hand. >> thank you. if it wasn't for theaters like this and people like you guys, this literally would not be [bleep] happening now. >> the crowd gave rogan and director evan goldburg a huge ovation. in hawaii, reporters caught up to a vacationing president obama. >> have you watched the interview? >> merry christmas to everybody. >> well for now, it appears the president more content with getting in a round of golf. to find out where to watch the interview this theaters, or download it at home, head to sony can't get off the naughty list of hacker groups.
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this latest cyber attack is affecting their video game console. gamers who unwrapped new game stations had to hold off using them because the system is down. the hacker group known as lizard squad is attacking them. they have attacked sony in the past. >> they kept it on the same steven screen that says trouble downloading. i always assume that is something i was doing wrong. >> tonight, microsoft x-box live is always having problems with unplayers unable to sign in. people in one san francisco neighborhood woke up to the smell of smoke. this house in potrero hill was caught fire. fearing that fire could spread to other homes, people sprung into action. >> i thought it was my house and i looked outside the twin does. and there was fire everywhere. my neighbor ran outside and started knocking on the doors to wake people up.
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>> firefighters managed to keep the fire from destroying other homes though one had some damage. the family who lives at the burned out home was out of town. they are grateful firefighters rescue their cats. usually, when you pull someone over for drunk driving, you find them behind the wheel, this time, the drunk person was in the trunk of the car. he went to the hospital and the driver went to jail. >> it used to be elf on the shelf. now it is drunk in the trunk? [ laughter ] he delivered a moving speech to the masses but someone else stole the show at the vatican today. tonight, the half naked protester that interrupted the pope's christmas celebration. >> when it got to around seven years old, i was like, let's do this. >> what does it take to go from tiny dancer to big time ballerina? one of the stars of san francisco's nutcracker lets us in on her secret to success. plus ...
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>> hello, i'm your nosey neighbor mike sugerman. aren't you curious what your neighbor's got for christmas this year? i am. so we went knocking on doors to find out. ,,,,,,,,,,
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make a plea for peace. "...(latin)" te >> pope francis used his second christmas address at the van can to make a plea for peace. [ speaking spanish ] >> tens of thousands of people packed saint peter's square to hear the pontiff pray for children and voice anguish for those killed at a pakistani school. all of a sudden a half naked woman grabbed the baby jesus from a nativity scene and yelled god is a woman before police led her away. so what did you get for
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christmas? we sent mike sugerman to unwrap the answer from people all over the bay area. >> reporter: drum roll please. daly city. san mateo county. let's go. let's go! this looks like a good one. [ knock at door ] >> how about i come in and look around? >> sure. >> really? >> reporter: what did you get for christmas? >> i got a helicopter and a soccer field. >> reporter: kick the ball. oh! [ laughter ] >> can't kick. >> reporter: all right. you just crawled in one night? [ laughter ] >> yes. >> reporter: firewood for christmas? >> firewood for christmas. >> reporter: it is like a lump of coal. >> it is nice to have an open fire on christmas day. it really makes the holidays. >> reporter: this is helping.
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into the far turning. pinkie pie is ahead by two lengths. [ laughter ] >> these are big. you have big feet. >> reporter: you know what they say about a man with big feet. big socks. so what did you get? >> i got a dress. >> reporter: okay,. >> and she got a box. >> reporter: somebody who didn't like you got you that. >> my mother. [ laughter ] >> you want me to open that for you? >> reporter: yeah. >> all right. >> reporter: the next present is ear plugs. >> actually, he got me ear plugs. >> reporter: bye bye. >> bye bye. >> reporter: and bye bye for mike sugerman and all of us at kpix5. [ laughter ] >> mike is playing with toys i think. come on, let's admit it. not every present is a winner but some good news, you get a gift card, you don't like it,
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there are companies like wal- mart who will let you exchange that for cards for more than 200 retailers. here's the catch. depending on the brand, you may only get up to 97% of the card's value. >> there is always a catch huh? this is the 70th year of san francisco ballet's performance of the nutcracker. tonight, elizabeth cook introduces us to one ballerina to see what it takes to dance on such a prestigious stage. >> reporter: isabella had no doubt what she was going to be when she grew up. >> when i got to around seven years old, i was like let's do this. i'm going to do this. >> reporter: now at 18, isabella is a professional ballerina for the san francisco ballet. performing the nutcracker in the city where the holiday classic made its american debut back in 1944. >> when i can actually see bits and pieces of san francisco back in the day it is like wow, that is pretty amazing.
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>> reporter: and isabella is busy. >> i am doing the doll in first act. >> reporter: she had to learn five different roles. >> i always do a snow flake. waltz of the flowers. one of the flowers. and one of the spanish girls. >> reporter: she performs two roles per show and alternates with the other dancers. >> i will do a show of snow and flowers an i may do snow and spanish. it depends. we all switch out and to do as many different things as we can. >> reporter: but before she put on the costumes she had to put in the time. here. her day begins with a one hour and 15 minute warmup. >> we start off at the bar really simple and slow. as the class progresses, we get a constant building. >> reporter: then the real work
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begins. she rehearses more than six hours a day everyday. >> we all want to be as prepared as possible to give the best show we can get. >> reporter: isabella at mitts there are always a few butterflies. >> of course, we are all a little bit nervous. luckily, nutcracker comes back every year. >> one more time. >> reporter: in san francisco, elizabeth cook, kpix5. >> well, the nutcracker runs through december 29. to see her behind the scene pictures, head to our kpix5 facebook page. let's go behind the scenes for the weather. this is getting cold. >> do you have to do stretches for that? >> no. yes. wait. i do yoga. >> yeah. you do yoga. >> doesn't help with the forecasting though. i tried. you know. we got to go to that map. the numbers are smaller now. we are getting pretty chilly. look at the temperatures, 48 livermore. 44 santa rosa. 45 san jose. 40 in walnut creek. and 39 for you right now in
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fieldsburg. anywhere near the water you are still near. pretty close to freezing if not hitting it in fairfield, livermore, concord. san rosa 33. napa, 32. even san francisco, the coldest morning we had this year with 44 degrees as a morning temperature. at least this season. sunshine at redwood city tomorrow. it will be a cool day. high of 56. saturday, a high of 58 degrees. something changed. we went from wet, warm, humid, the seventh wettest december ever. now we are talking about air coming down from canada. you have to consider where the air is coming from. the source is whistler british columbia. we have cold air for snow making but it will be quite chilly. a big time change. we have a drier cooler air continuing to filter around a ridge of high pressure. that is not changing. the only change over the next week will be a stronger push of
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arctic air, the top of next week. if you think it is cold outside tonight, which it is. next monday, tuesday, wednesday, the final three mornings of 2014 will likely be even cold we some of you away from the water dropping below freezing. frost tonight is certainly possible. that is you in santa rosa and livermore. it may be frosty on your car if you park it outside. less wind tomorrow, but still kind of chilly. nights will be colder. now, as chilly as it feels, exactly where we should be. san jose 58. palo alto, 57. fremont, 58 degrees. upper 50s for you in walnut creek. antioch, chilly start. kentfield, 58. low 50s for you in lake county. extended forecast, we are sunny across the board all the way to new year's eve. look at the change next week. highs only in the low to mid 50s . we are getting chilly and we won't stay chilly. >> it was just a couple of days ago. it felt like spring or summer. it was amazing. >> like that. >> yeah,. >> hello winter. >> hello 2015. >> right.
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>> thanks paul. how a social experiment with kind of a surprising ending. homeless man given $100. you won't believe what he does with that money. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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wborns in stocking >> wow, check out these bundles. what a merry christmas. how cute is that? a hospital in pittsburgh wrapped all the newborns in stockings and put stocking caps on their heads. a few hospitals in southern california took part in the christmas day tradition. >> and they got them to sleep all at the same time. >> i wonder if the red hat is a girl and the green hat is a boy. that is cute. this is quite a story this season, a homeless man with nothing to give caught giving all that he has. >> $100 here. >> oh, no way. >> yes, keep it. >> oh yes, $100. a prankster of sorts gave the guy $100 and secretly followed him an recorded him to see how he spent the cash. he left the liquor store with two full bags but no booze. he had bought food to feed other homeless people in a park in southern california. >> i feel like i owe you an apology. you went to a liquor store. >> you thought i was going to get smacked up drunk huh?
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>> i thought you were going to buy alcohol or something. >> yeah, but there are things money can't buy. i get a happiness out of what i'm doing. >> don't judge the book by the cover. the man didn't know the people he gave the food in. and someone set up a fund raising page to get this man back on his feet. already wracked up 90 grand. >> wow, pay it forward. very cool. >> i got nothing to top that. >> oh come on santa. >> i'll do my best. they settle in. got a year end top five plays of to 2014. how much can it hurt the warriors when andrew bogut is missing? they found out the second straight game. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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when the shots dont fall? .l of a sudden, the warriors 't score!!! >> nba up top. what happens when bogut is out and the shots don't fall? all of a sudden the warriors can't when. maybe spencer hawes scared them. nice ball movement. it is a fake jam. dubbed a nice start. but a three-point lead in the third. here is klay thompson. he is open. he had 15. warriors widen the lead to six.
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that is where it ended. tied at 59. here is the steal. no inside presence. deandre jordan mad the bang. got the clippers owner steve balmer's attention. and chris paul kept beating screens. look at the shot here. the lay in. yes. that ignited a 20-7 run. fourth quarter, a show for ex- warrior jamal crawford. warrior's lowest output of the season. back to back losses. 100-86 the final. the clips have beaten the warriors four straight times at home by double digits. lebron james. cleveland at miami. his return to south florida got teed up for hanging on the rim for the dunk. and his former back court mate dwayne wade.
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he won. quickly. top five, december 25 edition. top five plays bay area sports plays of 2014. see if you remember these. number 5, january. andre iguodala for the win. good if it goes. >> iguodala three! >> dubbed eight straight wins. number four, february. versus number 1 arizona. cal, justin tom. be a hero son! number 3. june, then out fielder yoenis cespedes. howie kendrick. number 2, october. travis ishikawa. and the giants win the pennant. the giants win. and in the world series, number 1. defensive play of game seven. joe panic. how did he get to it?
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the dive. and the giants third world series in the last five years. >> nice. >> very nice. >> defensive, he said he never practiced that play. but i don't know. >> i interviewed him after the game. >> these guys, elite athletes. >> i guess so. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our ne >> hope you had a great day. david letterman is next. >> hope it was a merry
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christmas for you. our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. we are back tomorrow night. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from broadway, the show business capital of the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, the jolly and the jovial, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause )


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