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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> all bundled up on this frigid friday night in downtown san jose. christmas in the park packed with people wearing lots and lots of layers and lining up for a nice cup of hot chocolate, i'm juliette goodrich, ken and liz have the
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night off. let's get right to paul. >> the santa hats are helpful. we need the cover for our ears. it is in the 30s in places like napa and santa rosa, walnut creek and dublin. we are headed down near freezing. all the red you see, freeze warnings to the south and along the coastline to the north. for the sacramento river valley, a frost advisory is in effect. we don't get frost advisories after december 15 but we will. san jose three days ago 68 degrees. today, only a high of 57. overnight, it will only be two to six degrees cooler than what it was this morning. so widespread 30 to 35-degree temperatures away from the water. it will get colder as another surge of arctic air moves in. we will talk about how cold and how long and if there is any rainfall before the 2015 begins. that is coming up in a few
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minutes. >> thanks paul. christin ayers is hearing from people in oakland tonight who are fed up with antipolice protesters. it is one thing to protest your life to free speech, it is quite another to go on destructive rampage after destructive rampage. >> reporter: video on youtube shows a free for all christmas light. protesters ripping the lights and ornaments after the 30-foot tree in jack london square. children can be heard crying. one protester yelled at their parent. the video, disappointing even to people who support the movement. >> there are obviously a few rogues making a mess. i know it has been happening. that is too bad. >> reporter: we talked to supporters says the mayhem is destroying the message. >> it is about quality and the value of life. but why should they destroy trees and businesses? >> what does that have to do
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with destroying a tree? >> reporter: today business owners were left cleaning up the mess sweeping shards of glass left behind after vandals used rocks and skateboards to break 30 windows in jack london square. by nightfall, the windows were boarded up. the protesters did this time represents a new low. in a statement, i'm discussed that a small group of anarchists continues to vandalize our small businesses. people who live here told me they would like to see the city do more. >> nobody is stopping them. the police are at the sidelines stopping them. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix5. we saw a different approach in san francisco, a peaceful protest today, but andria borba tells us there was a dress code for white people. >> reporter: the occupy oakland
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protesters requested that white protesters did not wear the i can't breathe t-shirt. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: the phrase was different, but it was a different setting. the makeup of the participants. while chanting and putting up signs that say black lives matter, there were few if any black faces in the crowd. >> we came out as organizers in a mixed race group in solidarity with black lives matter and with the movement happening across this nation. >> reporter: protesters say the message and the goals? remain the same no matter what voice it is coming from. >> i think we need to speak out and have a real conversation about race and i think it probably makes us
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uncomfortable, but we should go there. >> reporter: like this woman who says silence is violence. >> reporter: until black lives truly matter, we can't say that all lives matter. san francisco police did not make any arrests. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. law enforcement officers in the bay area are in new york city tonight for the funeral of one of their own. a group from san francisco head out today to be among the hundreds of officers from around the country expected at the funeral of rafael ramos. ramos and his partner wenjian liu were ambushed last week in their patrol car. officers carried officer ramos' casket to the church in queens. hundreds stood in line around the block. most of them his brothers an sisters in blue. his commanding officers were
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among those paying his respects. >> he didn't deserve to tie the way he did. a police officer or a civilian, especially not a police officer. >> all these organizations should be out here right now. >> reporter: new york's mayor showed up toward the end. officers have been critical of him for not supporting his police department. we are getting our first look at the san francisco sheriff's deputy accused of attacking a hospital patient. 33-year-old michael loellin is accused of attacking a patient at the san francisco general hospital. lewelling's charges are said to be politically motivated. >> he shouldn't be charged with five felonies. there is no question the charging of the case in this matter is a product of the
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current climate. >> among those charges, perjury and filing a false police report. a coyote bit a man on the leg last night on star avenue in fremont. about an hour later, it bit a five-year-old boy on via oporto. it was taken to an animal shelter. the man and five-year-old are expected to be okay. and cate caugurian shows us what a mountain lion did on the peninsula. >> it was actually on the roof and then it crossed into a massive oak tree that we have. >> reporter: it was just after midnight when this hillsboro couple heard this noise on the roof. they were sure it wasn't santa claus. >> we heard the skirmish
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outside our home. >> reporter: it was a deer being kill by a mountain lion. they have never seen anything like this before. >> this tremendously worries me because both children as well as animals freely roam the area. >> it is a large community with a lot of families. a lot of kids and dogs. >> reporter: they are hoping their late night visitor won't be coming back. cate caugurian, kpix5. police and county animal control was spotted but they couldn't find the mountain lion. someone literally stole a part of christmas from a san jose family. the evergreen homeowner posted this video of a mailman delivering a package. 35 minutes later, the security cameras caught a man walking up the door bending down and leaving with the package. he then drives off in this white sedan. just a couple of hours ago, north korea fires back at the u.s. with racist comments. tonight, hear what the government called president
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obama. >> also, bidding wars are not just for home buyers anymore. find out how bay area renters are feeling the squeeze. >> and they say the best things come in small packages. so what was in this envelope that brought a couple to tears? ,,,,,,,,
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cate cauguiran has late det. >> it is getting ugly. north korea is hurling racist insults at president obama. cate caugurian has the details. >> reporter: not only is the north korean calling president obama a monkey, they are blaming the u.s. for shutting down their internet. president obama "always go wreckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical rain forest." they claim he was behind the release of the sony movie the
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interview. they called the film illegal, disonnest, and reactionary. cate caugurian, kpix5. speaking of the interview, the first box numbers are in. the comedy grossed more than a million dollars yesterday. it played in 300 theaters, a fraction of what it would been in a wider release. it was the top seller on google play and youtube. and hack attacks just keep coming. play station gamers still can't get online tonight and the hackers are bragging about it but betty yu talked to gamers who aren't so impressed. >> reporter: scott hall couldn't wait to hook up his shiny new ps4. >> i was pretty excited. >> reporter: he wasn't expecting to see this. an error message when he tries to log onto the playstation network. >> if you want a day to make gamers most angry, you pick
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christmas to shut down their servers for the people who want to play. >> reporter: users everywhere experienced the same thing. and today, sony play station tweeted it is still working to restore full network services and thanked gamers for their patience. microsoft's x-box went down yesterday, but it is mostly back up and running. the hacker group the lizard squad took credit for the hack but the companies wouldn't confirm that. >> i shut off on me, i lost everything. it was a waste of time and i have to start over. >> reporter: brendon says the service is a waste of money. he pays $60 a year for the online subscription to x-box live. he had to settle for playing offline today. his family shelled out $400 for the console and bought this online exclusive game. >> my mother and brother both paid for it. they both work minimum wage.
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my family said is it broken? should we return it? but yeah, they were more disappointed than i was. >> reporter: the hacker groups claimed to have intended their attack on christmas night and this down time is the aftermath. there doesn't appear to be any connection between these attacks and the christmas day release of sony's film the interview. in san jose, betty yu, kpix5. stocks are on a roll. the dow jones gained more than 23 points closing above the 18,000 mark again. likely fueling that rally, word ha holiday sales may have hit $617 billion. shoppers packed valley fair mall in san jose today. some looking for good deals. others returning their gifts. today marked the second busiest shopping day of the year behind the saturday before christmas. >> i would say chaotic. >> it has been like human traffic highway. that is the only way i can
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describe it. you are constantly running into people. >> and tonight, think about this. the national retail foundation says return fraud could cost retailers $3.6 billion this season. well, these days, i bet a lot of people around here just wanted some affordable rent for christmas. because tonight, da lin shows us like home buyers, renters are now being forced into bidding wars. >> it is about 450 square feet next year. >> reporter: a humble living is how lee wells describes her live and work unit. all 1,000 square feet of it. it is an industrial part of berkeley, and next to the railroad. noise is constant. [ train whistle ] >> it is quite loud and they go 24 hours a day. i can still hear it through the ear plugs. >> reporter: so when her landlord raised the rent nearly 20% to $2,650, the working artist decided to move.
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>> supremely disappointed and anxious about what is next. >> reporter: a new neighbor who just moved from san francisco offered a couple of hundred dollars more than the asking rent, and that drove up rents at her complex. >> it definitely sounds crazy when you are offering above rent, but when it comes down to it, you need a place to live. it is definitely a case of desperation in this hot market now. >> reporter: overbidding renters first showed up about a year ago and they are getting more aggressive. >> advertisements for rents start a bidding war. bidding on the rent and then bringing cash in to pay a half year or a year's rent all at once. >> reporter: san francisco's tech boom is blamed for pushing young highly paid professionals to berkeley and driving up rents. >> when san francisco sees us, the bay area gets a cold. >> reporter: and city leaders say the housing crisis is changing the faceoff berkeley. >> i think our diversity is at
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stake. we are seeing major demographic changing. >> reporter: lee wells was priced out of san francisco two years ago, now, priced out of berkeley. she says her future the blurry. >> i don't know. maybe i'll rent some place, maybe i'll leave the area. i don't know. >> reporter: in berkeley, i'm da lin, kpix5. well, tonight, we are learning lee will work in a live work unit in emeryville next week. a san francisco man gave his parents a life-changing christmas gift. >> for both of you. >> only me and your daddy? >> oh. >> it has to be a nice one. [ laughter ]
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>> all right, let me explain. i just got chills. inside that envelope, a bank of america mortgage slip and a note saying this. your house is paid off. merry christmas, joe. and check out the checklist on the side. raising kids, college loans, now mortgage, all checked off. joe is a uc davis alumnus who made his fortune with video shop, the iphone app. his parents live in new york. i feel bad. i got to work on that one mom, i'm a uc davis alum too. just that reaction, you know? >> you can pay off my house. >> so deliver some news for us. it is chilly. it is. and it is going to get chillier. >> okay. >> coming up next week, we are going from chilly to cold. it will be cold around here. many of you below freezing next monday and tuesday. even tonight, look at santa rosa. you are up to 36 degrees.
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you will flirt with freezing. livermore to 42. proximity to water now warms you up. san francisco, 50 degrees. san bruno, 47. 35 for you in fremont. redwood city 35. vallejo, 39. haven't done the cold thing that much this fall and winter but we certainly are now. where did the rain go? first half of december we had double digit rainfall. the section half of december, i'm wrapping things up because it is not going to rain again, less than two inches. the rain is gone, but the cold is here. it is this ridge of high pressure doing two things. it is blocking any storms from getting here. look at this guy here. you can't go through high pressure. it has to go up around and down. what is making it here is around the ridge, we are seeing a flow of air coming from canada. no influence of the ocean now. we are not getting an on shore flow. we are getting a northerly wind. that will keep us chilly to
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cold. the next change i see is a strong area of low pressure to the east enhancing that flow coming from the north and enhancing the cold air and temperatures will drop to the upper 20s away from the water next monday and tuesday night. tonight, it will be frosty. in the north bay or east bay away from the water you will have frost on the car, grass, both. a few degrees milder over the weekend. we will likely get close to 60 saturday. but much colder next week. highs in the low 50s . san jose tomorrow, 58 degrees. you will get the sunshine, but it will be brisk. antioch tomorrow, 56 degrees. concord 55. san francisco, sunshine. chilly. 56 for you. novato 55. and cloverdale, your high on a saturday, 54 degrees. the weekend is going to be chilly with highs in the upper 50s to low 60s . next week, low 50s for highs and overnight lows will be in the upper 20s away from the water. so i say this a lot. but other parts of the country
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would say no big deal, but for us, pretty big deal. >> this is spring here in new jersey. where you are from. >> know what i mean? >> in april? yeah, they are asking for stuff like this. >> thank you paul. all right, well baby on board. two cops help a mom give birth in an unusual place. that is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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culture.. with a theme for day. today >> it is the first night of kwanzaa, the celebration of african culture. today's theme is unity. a woman was riding a subway train last night when her water broke. a couple of transit police officers rushed in and helped her deliver her son on the train. >> i have three kids. my wife is pregnant again. so it was just getting there and help. that is what we do. >> we delivered a baby for her. it is like her christmas present. it is also like a blessing and a present for myself. >> well surveillance video capture the whole thing. you can see an emf carrying the newborn through the car. and the two officers visited mom and baby in the hospital this morning. she is naming him chris as this
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christmas. and she says it seems like the right thing to do. how cool is that? right place right time right? >> very cool. >> those paramedics and the officers. >> it worked out just fine. >> so how will it all work out here locally for you know who? >> i don't know. we are trying to figure that out. we will find out. coming up in sports, we have the top five plays of the night, jim harbaugh, where is he going? sports is coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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might be over. and where ha >> two nights from now, jim harbaugh's coaching tenure with the 49ers may be over. and where he goes next might get a little clearer. according to multiple reports, michigan, his alma mater is in the bay area to court him. the regarders are planning to meet with harbaugh after the season ends. harbaugh addressed rumors not about his job but about an article he took out a ten-year- old kid in a bachelor party in a game of paint ball. >> there is some accuracy there, yes. it wasn't paint ball though.
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it is just another one of those half truths. or just a half truth. it was laser tag. >> yeah, at least think is in a good mood. that is good to see. before the raiders look for a new coach. tony sperano will try to finish the team long. oakland finishing sunday if denver looking for their first road win in 2014. the group stuck together and is having fun. >> you are always going to have fun when you are winning. it is not fun when you are losing. i think we have been good all year. that is why, you haven't seen people turn on each other. we have been practicing hardiments the guys are pushing each other. now, i wish it was like week four of the season. we are getting bet. >> time now for the friday night top five. here we go.
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in at number five, these two soccer players getting close. what does it have left? a lit little bit of a kiss. number four, down to dallas bowl. louisiana tech's craig taylor makes a diving catch. bulldogs beat illinois by the count of 35-18 if you are keeping score. saint peteringburg bowl. jalen samuels makes the grab. beat ucf34-27. minor league hockey. tyler taye. yeah. that's is way to do it. and into number one, english premier league. wayne rooney. yeah. over to manchester united winning the game by 3-1. that's your top five and that's your sports. >> i'm looking at the monitor and one of these things is not like the other. [ laughter ] do they work for
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the airlines? >> yes. >> we will be right back. >> we do. >> vegetarian? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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green." >> all right, before we go, chilly warmup. have some hot chocolate. >> chili sounds good. >> not eat chili. it is chilly out. >> by tomorrow morning, we will have lows in the upper 20s. >> sounds good.
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thanks for watching. david letterman is next. have a great weekend. bundle up! ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the world headquarters of cbs television, throughout the solar system and beyond, it's the late show with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, the vaccine for a medium of tedium, david letterman! captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( cheers and applause )


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