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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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and then just turned around and walked away. [ laughter ] >> very cute. >> reporter: payne boasts she has stolen jewelry all over the world. she is even the subject of a documentary about her life of crime. and there's even talk halle berry will play her in a movie. here she was in 1999 after being arrested in denver. >> i didn't just steal jewelry. i had to learn the business. >> wily. she had a glint in her eye. >> reporter: gigi wanted to make sure word got out the thief who hit all over the world is now right here. >> she still looks somewhat frail. but i'll tell you she's as sharp as a tack. >> reporter: but is the word spreading? we are surprised by what we found out. we'll tell you about that tonight at 6:00. live in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> this happened just hours after payne was in jail overnight on monday. she is a warrant for her arrested, it didn't stick and she was let go. a man armed with a knife in oakland. cops arrive on the scene and
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the mother begs them not to open fire. they did. the man was hit three times in the confrontation on 88th avenue just before 10:00 this morning. kpix 5's da lin on why the man's family believes police mishandled this situation. >> reporter: we'll get to that in just a second but the man appears to be in surgery at this hour. in fact, a family is waiting across the street right now for an update. they say the police shot him three times in the upper body and say the shooting was excessive because the mother watched as an officer opened fire. an officer shot the man in the middle of 88th avenue. his clothes left on the ground after paramedics removed them to try to stop the bleeding. >> my cousin has severe bipolar disorder. >> reporter: family members say the man shot is 28-year-old cory pollard. [ inaudible ] >> they shot him three times. >> reporter: no one knows why he had the knife. a training officer and a rookie
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trainee were patrolling the street in the suv when they spotted pollard. >> subject has a knife in his right hand. he is refusing to drop the knife. >> reporter: he would don't know if he charged the officers. police say one officer opened fire but won't say if it was the veteran training officer or the rookie trainee. >> shots fired. subject down. still not complying. >> reporter: family members say pollard's mother was with him at the time and pleaded with officers to not shoot him. >> she saw the whole thing. no mother should have to witness that. >> reporter: the mother on the right is too upset to talk about the family says because the man is mentally ill, officers mishandled the situation. >> that's what you have tasers for. you don't have use violent force all the time. it's out of hand with oakland police. >> reporter: we don't know if man will survive his injuries. as for opd, they say it will take them some time to determine whether it was the rookie officer or the training
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officer whether it was the training officer or rookie trainee who opened fire. kpix 5's da lin. >> this is the second time bay area police shot a man with a knife this week. wednesday night san jose officers shot and killed a distraught man who had just left his ex-girlfriend's house. four san francisco officers will not be charged in the fatal shooting of a man armed with a taser gun. the d.a. says the police acted in self- defense when they opened fire on 28-year-old alex nieto last march. the officers say they believe he had a weapon when they approached him at bernal hill park. his death sparked protests. >> somebody pointing a gun at you at 30 yards away from you, you're not going to have time to think about mental health issues. you're going to be thinking whether you're going to be shot. >> the family refuses to meet with the district attorney. family supporters met outside court rallying against the decision. in the east bay, what could be a case of a burglary gone
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wrong. early this morning, hayward police found a body lying next to a u-haul truck. it was behind life chiropractic school. the school was closed but will re-open tomorrow. president obama on to the next part of his bay area visit raising money for democrats in san francisco. the president having dinner here. streets blocked off. but the price to get in starts at $10,000. it goes up to $32,000 for the vip package. earlier the president signed an executive order to prevent cyberattacks. the goal, get government and tech companies working together. kpix 5's devin fehely on the cyber security summit held at stanford. [ applause and cheers ]
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[ applause and cheers ] >> hello, stanford! >> reporter: to an audience that included students and company executives, he described a growing threat to the security of the economy. >> the very technologies that empower to us do great good can also be used to undermine us. >> reporter: the president said recent data breaches at big companies underscore the need for tighter cyber security. >> we all know what we need to do build stronger defenses and disrupt attack, we have to make cyberspace safer. we have to improve cooperation across the board. >> reporter: before leaving the state, the president signed a sweeping executive order that increased communication about cyber threats between companies as well as with the government. the plan technology analysts say would function as an early alert system for cyber attacks. >> my analogy for this is like a neighborhood watch. if i'm watching just my house i'm watching just my house. if i can get my neighbors' assistance we all live in the same neighborhood to all watch
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each other's houses as well, that's great. think of that in the industry. >> reporter: an industry learning the hard way how damaging and costly cyber attacks can be. >> several silicon valley's big names declined invitations to the summit. among them, facebook's mark zuckerberg, yahoo's marissa mayer, google's larry page and eric schmidt. it's reportedly because of a fight with the feds over data encryption. the tech companies want to protect consumers they say but that makes things harder for spies. a record day on wall street today. the s&p closed at an all-time high. that's good news for your 401(k). the dow closed over 18,000 very close to its record high. and the nasdaq is now at a level not seen since 2000. we asked kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks where the boost is coming from. >> reporter: that's rising oil prices, crude up a dollar 50 almost at $53 a barrel. that lifted the energy sector and as a result lifted the
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stock market higher. >> in recent weeks, the stock market has followed the rise and fall of crude oil. trapped at the bottom of a cliff for days. a woman's only hope, her will power and legs. >> i had to keep going step by step and i would stop and pray. >> the grueling climb that saved her life. >> a school bus out of control taking kids from a wild 15- minute ride. the quick thinking moves that finally brought it to a stop. >> there were portions of georgia and florida and louisiana that did not make it out of the 40s and 50s today. ocean beach, in san francisco, made it into the 70s. what the heck is going on? how long will it last? your forecast next. >> what the heck? plus, this judge has dealt with murderers and drug dealers. but nobody like this. the sassy 80-year-old who had the entire courtroom cracking up.
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a woman's will to survive is the reason she is alive tonight. she drove off a cliff waited three days before realizing sneaded to rescue herself. -- she needed to rescue herself. debbie lopez was driving north of hearst castle. she was putting out a cigarette when she swerved and plunged 150 feet down a cliff. she waited three days for help. then finally she worked up the strength to climb out of the windshield of the car. she realized the only way out was up. >> i knew if i went straight that up mountain, i could get out. i just had to keep going step by step and i would stop and just pray. >> lopez spent 24 hours working her way up. sometimes crawling along. she says she survived at first by drinking rainwater that had collected in the wheel well of her car. she says she kissed the ground when she finally made it to the highway. lanes are all clear on highway 24 after a big rig accident backed up traffic in
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pleasant hill this afternoon about 2:00. a flatbed truck collided with an suv. a kpix 5 staffer was driving by caught the scene on tape. both drivers had to be pulled from their vehicles. fire trucks, police cars, blocked a couple lanes. that was for two hours. no word on injuries. tonight we are seeing a deputy's desperate attempts to stop a runaway school bus. 11 minnesota students were on board for the terrifying 14- minute ride. the bus driver had a medical emergency and lost control going over 40 miles an hour. at one point, it swerved into a ditch tipped over and somehow made it back on to the road. the sheriff's deputy following behind it tried to warn oncoming traffic. >> you to, getting around the bus, you know, into the opposite lane to alert vehicles that were ahead of the bus, you know, that there was some problem, you know, on the roadway there to get them to, you know, get out of the way. >> one of the driver tried to
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avoid the head-on crash. the bus made it five miles before a state trooper used stop sticks to puncture the tires. the driver was hospitalize. the children ages 6 to 14 were shaken up but all expected to be okay. former baltimore ravens runningback ray rice is apologizing for a horrific domestic violence incident. this weekend marks one year since rice was caught on surveillance video knocking out his then fiancee in a casino elevator. the ravens have since cut ties with him. today he apologized to the city and his fans. he said, quote, to all the kids who looked up to me, i am truly sorry for letting you down. he then went on to say, there is no excuse for domestic violence and he apologize for the horrible mistake i made. getting stuck in traffic may mean more than just a bad mood. how red lights could be harmful to your health. >> and these thieves need to polish up their technique. the smash-and-grab that turned into a slip and slide.
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here's a live look at the san mateo bridge right now. the nighttime drive is about to look a lot different. new l.e.d. lights are being installed on nearby towers. but as kpix 5's anne makovec reports, it's all about safety
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in the sky. >> reporter: there are 15 of these towers which are each about 75 feet from the san mateo bridge so you're going to see them next time you drive across the bridge at night. the solar-powered l.e.d. lights are being installed at the top of these towers which are taller than 200 feet. the purpose? to make sure pilots flying into and out of san francisco international airport don't run into them. pg&e workers are scaling these towers for the installation using a rope pulley system to deliver supplies and since they're working from a nearby barge, they have to pay close attention to the tide. >> we're under the crunch. we have to be ready to go weather we get here and get off when they tell us to get off the tower so we don't get stuck. >> reporter: that's one of several projects pg&e is working on all over the state installing lights on all of its electric transmission towers taller than 200 feet. pg&e has already installed lights on 10 of these towers. they have five left to go and they should be finished by the end of the month. near the san mateo bridge, anne
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makovec, kpix 5. >> structures built before 1960 like these towers are exempt from faa regulations on light. the pg&e is doing this voluntarily. not only can red lights be inconvenient, they may also be bad for your health. a new study found that when drivers are stopped at a light, they are being exposed to harmful pollutants from surrounding cars. the particles are known to cause heart and respiratory disease. the study published in "atmospheric environment" says the pollutants are 29 times more concentrated during heavy traffic. how to stop a thief? try polishing the floor. surveillance video from a jewelry store in england shows a car smashing through the front window but the robbers slip and slide like they are on ice, some falling as they smash the display cases. they cut their criminal activity short. smoke filled the store.
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they got away with some jewelry. there's the smoke. we don't know how much they got. an 80-year-old woman turned a courtroom into a comedy show during her bond hearing in florida. take a look. >> i got to tell you, you brightened my day, ma'am, all right? >> that's what the last guy said. and then he [ indiscernible ] >> how have i done as a judge today? so far how am i doing? >> not bad, but you could do better. [ laughter ] >> dolores was arrested on charges of resisting arrest and violating an injunction against her ex-husband. she had the judge and other inmates laughing out loud at her witty comments and at one point she even called the judge sweetheart. >> at least she didn't say, i'm here all week. she doesn't want to be. a big chill coming to levi's stadium and we are getting a look at the football field being transformed into a hockey rink. today we good inside to see how it's really beginning to take shape. the framework for the rink in place on that field there. the rink being installed for the nhl stadium series game.
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the sharks will play the l.a. kings a week from tomorrow. here's a drawing of what it's expected to look like when they finish it all up. there will be logos at each end of the ring for both teams. the nhl says the design on the edges of the ice meant to pay tribute to the topography unique northern california. boston can't seem to dig out from under the snow it has. another blizzard hits the city this weekend. a foot or more of snow is on the way with freezing temperatures and hurricane- force winds. boston is using four snow melters to deal with the record 6-foot snowfall the city has had in recent weeks. while the northeast is dealing with snow, we're looking at near record heat. but that's a big warning for bay area beach-goers this weekend. officials say there will be dangerous surf conditions, waves as high as 10 feet with strong rip occurrence and sneaker waves. the national weather service
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has issued a coastal hazard for the northern california beaches. if you didn't go today, taking the day off school or work, probably tomorrow, sunday, it's going to tempt you. >> it will. >> it's going to be so nice. you need to get outside s the house gets stuffy in the wintertime. the coldest spot in the bay area today was fairfax and you hit 65 degrees. five degrees above normal was the coldest. outside coit tower beautiful picture. just enough cirrus cloud cover to make the sky interesting. and something tells me that helicopter flying over met is likely tied to the president's visit to san francisco. he came from the sunshine. oakland 747 degrees right now the livermore, san francisco and san jose you're still at 70. san jose a record high today of 77. and santa rosa 7 degrees. our live neighborhood network fremont 81. gilroy 80.
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san jose 80. menlo park 79. average is 60. we'll be a couple of degrees below that for overnight lows. san francisco 54. fairfield 45. fremont 49. vallejo 48. we talk so much about what's going on back east. of course we talk so much about what's going on here. they are absolutely directly correlated. there is a huge ridge over top of us. there is a huge trough of low pressure on the other side. in between the two, air goes up and over the ridge. look where it's going up to canada really cold stuff and that cold stuff is sliding down all the way to florida and atlanta to new orleans. most of the country is having a horribly chilly winter. for us we have been 40 days in a row above average because it's like a traffic jam. if it's a traffic jam and the car in front of you is not moving, you are not moving either. cold is locked in place back east. that's the car in front of us. the high pressure is also locked in place. until what's in front of us moves this will not move. right now it looks like it's
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not going to for the next seven days. we'll be well above average until this time next week at a minimum because of the traffic jam in the atmosphere. tonight clear and mild. sunshine, warm this weekend. you probably knew that. next week, though, very minimal cooling. it will be very slow. it will take all weeking on there get out of the 70s. san jose tomorrow near another record 76. los gatos 78. walnut creek 73. antioch 71. pleasanton tri-valley 73. another day in the 70s in san francisco. three in a row in february. cloverdale 75. clearlake 76 degrees. extended forecast, two warmest days will be saturday and sunday valentine's day very warm. president's day just a couple of degrees cooler a few more on tuesday. you keep subtracting a few degrees, it will be thursday and friday. still 7 degrees above average. >> spectacular. >> yeah, that's our cooldown. we'll be several degrees as opposed to 20 degrees above
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average. >> thank you. thousands of people dealing with a new hurdle this tax season. consumerwatch on the form frustration that could
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it's the video of president obama that everyone is talking about. >> deadline for signing up for health insurance is february -- febru -- >> in the new buzzfeed clip, the president practices his speeches makes funny faces in the mirror and posts. the point is to get people to by this weekend. just over 24 hours, the video has racked up nearly 26 million views. catch the entire clip on our website, tens of thousands of people who buy their health insurance through "covered california" are getting an unpleasant surprise. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains filing taxes is going to be more
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taxing this year. >> the health plans -- >> reporter: stacy gets plenty of mail from "covered california." >> three letters in the same day. >> reporter: but the one tax form the agency was required to send her by february 2 hasn't arrived. >> after being on hold she said it was 1095a form was never sent. >> reporter: it's a problem for the width they do needs to file now. >> i need my tax refund. >> reporter: she is far from the only "covered california" enrollee with 1095 problems. about 100,000, or 12% of the forms generated by "covered california" have inaccuracies. >> we realize the data wasn't exactly same. >> reporter: "covered california" says dana howard says the problems are largely due to discrepancies between "covered california's" records and the insurance companies. information like dates of coverage, number of family members covered, and policy changes. >> there are some of these that are going to need reconciliation. >> reporter: but he says "covered california" sent them
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out anyway to beat the february 2 deadline. >> we did not want to hold up, um, sending out the, um, 1095, um, to everybody so that we can correct those that we did have. >> reporter: howard says corrected forms should be going out at the end of the month. but if those forms have additional errors, enrollees will have to file a dispute and wait another 60 days for a response putting them well past april 15th and in some cases resulting in fees and interest on taxes owed. so is "covered california" going to help these people to step up and pay for interest fees? >> we'll be able to look at the dispute form and get it um, completed and resolved as quickly as we possibly can. >> reporter: not quick enough for stacy who canceled her "covered california" policy. she says even if her form materializes the information will be wrong. >> i'm still getting letters from "covered california" that says welcome to "covered california," choose a plan. >> reporter: howard says her missing form is likely an
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isolated case. but in addition to the 100,000 with inaccurate forms many more will have to correct them because they under- or overestimated their income when they enrolled. remember, if you have a consumer problem give us a call 888-5-helps-u. >> thank you. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. >> reporter: the president weighed in today on the murders of three north carolina muslims. we learned a great deal more today about the arsenal that was possessed by the man that police say is responsible for their killings. also, another police officer has been charged with assaulting an innocent man. and when you see the videotape that we have, you'll understand why. >> and because it's friday, steve hartman will be here with us. but this time, he will be paying tribute to our bob simon. we'll have those stories tonight on the western edition of the "cbs evening news" right after the break.
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it's about being happy, healthy and well for many years to come. to learn more, visit raley's family of stores on youtube. i'm veronica de la cruz in the kpix 5 newsroom. here's what's new at 6:00 tonight. a prime example of the need for tighter cyber security. what's considered a smart home gets hacked into in just minutes. >> plus, hearts are always tied to valentine's day. turns out it may all be in your head. literally. scientists show us how you can see love on the brain. join us for those stories and more tonight at 6:00. >> i can blame it on love brain. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> i love that.
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>> love on the brain. >> see you in 30 minutes. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: >> pelley: tonight, dangerous cold, more snow for the northeast, and maybe a blizzard. the president weighs in on the murder of three north carolina muslims. an alabama police officer is charged with assaulting an innocent man. and steve hartman reveals his idol. >> reporter: i was hoping to steal his secrets. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this is our western edition. old man winter is showing how cold-hearted he can be. valentine's day will see some of the coldest temperatures of the year. the area that you see here in purple will have lows in the single digits. blizzard warnings are up for parts of new england, including boston,


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