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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and the working poor? that's what is before supervisors at san francisco city hall today whether or not to put a moratorium on luxury housing and like every other issue in san francisco, it's crazy inside. [ screaming ] >> reporter: with little else to do because they couldn't get inside, it was too crowded -- [ screaming ] >> reporter: -- supporters let off steam by marching around. opponents were more subdued before the meeting started. >> you have a responsibility to the poor people of this country. >> reporter: it was a crowd like city hall had not seen for years in what has become the city's hottest issue. >> this is the face of the mission! >> reporter: but maybe not anymore. >> the moratorium on new housing will have disastrous effects for the city of san francisco. >> reporter: he says it will increase the cost of what's left and won't help the middle class. >> the proposed moratorium won't prevent one eviction or
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prevent one affordable housing unit. >> reporter: people know it's not likely to happen anyway. >> i don't care if 1,000 people come here. the supervisor they gonna vote against the moratorium. >> reporter: vote counters would have to agree. . >> economics are complicated. living in the mission is complicated these days. >> i think everybody in this neighborhood is very interested in the vote because housing is a key issue. >> a lot of folks have been pushed out. a lot of people got evicted. >> when you ask them how many people do you know that still live on your block, that you lived with for the last 10 years, they say i'm the last one. we're losing the face of the mission. this is going to be another fillmore. >> absolutely. i think we're much more fragile here in this neighborhood because more working class. >> we can't afford the luxury
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housing that's starting to dominate the san francisco landscape. >> we call them luxury apartments because, you know, they are going for a million, for condo orr whatever. >> it's a pivotal moment for the mission. you can go one way or the other. >> burritos and tacos don't represent the entire culture. >> we're talking about people. we're talking about, you know, all working class folks in this neighborhood that make this neighborhood -- creates its culture. >> we don't want to see what we have destroyed, what we have here in the mission district is so special. it's precious and worth preserving. >> this neighborhood has always been welcoming to a lot of folks and it's about keeping people here not keeping people out. >> at the moment, you know, we're just trying to, how would i say it, shake off the pun thatch we just got. -- shake off the punch that we
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got. we got pretty drilled. >> reporter: not even the people we talked with for that story could agree with a moratorium is a good idea or not. the vote will come tonight. mike sugerman, kpix 5. a leader in oakland is demanding answers tonight after police in boston shot and killed his brother who was the focus of a federal terrorism investigation. investigators say usaama rahim pulled a knife on officers who approached him in this parking lot this morning. rahim had been under 24-hour surveillance for several weeks. investigators say he had known extremist views and was wanted for questioning about threats to law enforcement. rahim's brother is the imam at lighthouse mosque in oakland o joe vazquez reports. >> reporter: the imam moved to oakland from boston just a few months ago less than a year and has made quite an impact in this community and his assistant imam told us a short while ago that he is very
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broken up about his brother's death. >> the imam is traveling back to boston to be with his family. i believe once the family meets they will make a statement for the press. >> reporter: ibrahim rahim recently moved to oakland to take charge of the lighthouse mosque at 42nd and martin luther king. he is not speaking with reporters but said on social media today. he said while police say his brother was brandishing a military knife he said his brother was on the phone with his father at the time he was shot and he heard his father's last words, i can't breathe. is it your understanding that he was on the phone with his father when -- >> i don't want to discuss the specifics about what i heard and what i haven't heard. it just right now is probably more questions than answers. >> absolutely shocked if he was in any way, shape or form connected with any terroristic activity. >> reporter: while no one know him personally they say they are surprised that the feds claim that the imam's brother
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was involved in terrorism. mostly because they say ibrahim preaches so strongly against violence. >> at the end of the day, the koran says he will defend the religion. allah will defend the religion. let's work on our character and ourselves. let's work on loving one another. that's the kind of islam that imam ibrahim represents and what the lighthouse community is all about. >> reporter: the imam is on the way back to boston. now we expect to hear more from him and his family soon. [ sirens in the background ] >> reporter: in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix 5. the teen accused of stabbing a 9-year-old discovery bay boy to death says he is not guilty. 18-year-old william schultz entered that plea today. he is accused of killing his best friend's little brother jordan almgren in april. schultz told the "contra costa times" he wanted to see what it was like to take a life. schultz's family says he ha
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mental health issues. federal investigators are now trying to figure out what led to a deadly plane crash in livermore. the 75-year-old pilot was killed and reported engine problems before the crash near the livermore municipal airport. agencies are looking through the pile of debris. it will take days before the wreckage is moved to a storage facility. the coroner's office has not released the name of the pilot. five people are without a place to live after a multi- million dollar home went up in flames in the south bay. the fire broke out at 2:30 this morning along highway 9 in monte sereno. flames spread quickly through the two-story home. by the time firefighters got there are the second story was completely engulfed. and part of the roof had collapsed. no one was injured. but two cats are missing. police say this is the man behind a string of auto burglaries in palo alto.
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officers spotted 27-year-old andrew peacock in mountain view yesterday. they say when they approached him he rammed a patrol car with his vehicle and then took off. the officer was not hurt. he was later arrested. right now the oakland city council is talking about whether to accept a $4 million grant for fire protection. the money from fema would help cover the cost of removing non- native brush and eucalyptus trees from the east bay hills. the growth could be fuel if a wildfire gets started up there. the idea is to prevent what happened back in 1991. a firestorm killed 25 people and destroyed more than 3,000 homes. californians stepped up their game in conserving water in april. we decreased water use over all by 13.5% in april compared to bleak savings in march only 3.6% but we have a long way to got. the governor ordered mandatory cutbacks of 25%. as the drought worsens, so does
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its economic impact. this year, the cost of the drought grows by $500 million. that will bring the total to $2.7 billion. the uc-davis study says 2015 will be the worst for agriculture as farmers unplant more acres. not everyone is getting the message to save water. while the bay area has cut back overall about 20%, sacramento is down 24%, parts of southern california have only dialed back 9%. and the central valley town of siris has only managed a 1% savings. reporter lee martinez on why people there say they are getting a bad rap. >> reporter: they say the 1% cut back in april is an unfair assessment. they cut their waterway we'll be right back in 2010. siris water meter technician
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don't give out that many water waste citations anymore. >> we still have the ones that say they pay for their bill, they can use as much as they want but we always have the people that are going above and beyond trying to conserve. >> reporter: if most people are conserving why does the report show a poor result? >> the water board has one snapshot that shows 1%. calendar year we are at 3 to 4%. >> reporter: this year they need to reduce by 28%. but here's the problem. public works says the state is comparing its water reduction to water use in 2013. siris cut water drastically years before. >> we started our water concentration in 2010 like we were asked to. 2007 numbers is 262 gallons per person. so that's over 50% or 50% savings between then and 2014. >> reporter: siris won't shut off anyone's water to reach the conservation target. >> we didn't get to this number here being so flat without handing out a lot of citations
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and fines over the last couple of years. >> to prove it's still working on conservation city's public works department will give people water saving showerheads and hose nozzles for free. still ahead new details about an ex-49ers domestic violence case claims he was involved in a pattern of abuse for months. >> and creating amour even playing field in schools. the new tool for all students to get a leg up on a crucial test. >> and oracle arena gets ready to host the nba finals. we'll take you to the most expensive seats in the house. >> cleveland has lake erie. we got 'em beat here. we have the pacific ocean in san francisco bay. a lot of sunshine out there today in berkeley. you made it to the upper 60s. even the beach has sunshine. there's blue sky at ocean beach right now. we'll talk about your high temperatures and find out why hurricane season in the eastern pacific may impact our weather right here. that's next.
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new details in the domestic abuse case against former 49er ray mcdonald. kpix 5's devin fehely on the court documents that his ex- fiancee show a pattern of abuse. >> reporter: former 49er ray mcdonald ended up behind bars twice last week related to an alleged incident of domestic violence. now his ex-girlfriend and mother of his young child filed a restraining order. it doesn't paint a pretty picture of their relationship. she accuse mcdonald of a pattern of "verbal abuse and controlling behavior," which quickly escalated into "full attacks" that happened frequently. that behavior she says was on display last week when mcdonald, according to the paperwork, showed up at her apartment at 3 a.m. and, quoted, broke down my bedroom door by breaking the knob.
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she describes the former 49er as drunk. and the alleged attack would get even worse. while cradling their son in her arms, she writes, ray cornered us and verbally attacked me an intimidated me. he then got physical with me. the documents also shed new light on the mcdonald's previous domestic violence arrests alleging that he choked, dragged and put his knee in the stomach of his then pregnant girlfriend. no charges were ever filed because the victim refruited to cooperate with the investigation. and mcdonald claimed her injuries were result the restraining her after she attacked him. she said she was motivated to file the restraining order because she wants to raise their son in a, quote, safe consistent, healthy environment without abuse. mcdonald been in court on june 23 to face the allegations. devin fehely, kpix 5. >> 49ers fullback bruce miller pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charge against his former fiancee. it stems from an argument
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miller had with his then fiancee in march. police say miller grabbed her cell phone and threw it against a wall destroying it. as part of his sentence, miller has to attend a 16-week domestic violence course. he is also barred from any contact with the victim. a hotly debated high-rise project in oakland could finally move forward. tonight the city council will hear revised plans for the development near lake merritt. it now includes 30 affordable housing units funding with community programs and projects, courtesy of the developer. the new deal follows a contentious city council meeting last month. protestors shut it down before it could be discussed. they say the city shouldn't be selling the prime public land for market rate housing. a final vote is set for june of 16. california is considering raising the legal age for smoking. the state senate requires
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people to be 21 to buy cigarettes. right now you have to be 18 to buy them. anti-smoking advocates believe it would reduce premature deaths related to tobacco. the bill now goes to the assembly. silicon valley pioneer in online education just launched a new tool to help level the playing field for college hopefuls. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us high schoolers can now study for the s.a.t.s for free. >> reporter: for high school students looking ahead to college, stress is spelled with three letters, s.a.t. >> i had always heard about how scary it was and how kind of stressful it was to study up for it. >> reporter: not to mention expensive. some students' families spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on s.a.t. study guides, courses and private tutors, not everyone can afford that. now that may be a thing of the past. >> this is the page that students will see when they first come to official s.a.t.
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practice on chan academy. >> reporter: it's run joint buy by the khan academy and the college board which administrators the scholastic aptitude test. the partnership promises to produce the most authentic prep course available anywhere for free. >> in the past, you know, a student may have had to pay a lot to get access to a special test prep course but now, we have the best resources working with the folks who make the tests themselves out there for anyone. >> we're real excited that this gives students equal access to the resources to be successful. >> reporter: summit rainier high school in east san jose is one example of what s.a.t. prep courses can do. the small charter school has built s.a.t. practice into its curriculum and it's one of the reasons why each of its high school seniors has been accepted into a four- year college. parents hope success becomes the norm. >> i think these online courses are going to, you know, really give us a level playing field for some of our students in our
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communities. len ramirez existence. >> it can be accessed through the khan academy website part of the college board's major revision to the s.a.t. changes to the test will take effect next march. warriors all-star klay thompson will play in game one of the finals this thursday. today doctors cleared him for action after he had a concussion during the western conference finals last week. tonight kpix 5's cate caugiran shows us how oracle arena in oakland is being transformed for the nba finals. >> reporter: oracle arena is getting gussied up for game one of the finals with banners and stickers on the pole pads making it official. game one is on our home turf. most of us will experience it from home or at a sports bar. but if you want to come here it will cost about $81,000 on ticketmaster for these courtside seats. and the view not too bad. for the fans who can afford it, it's quite a view being feet away from nba's greatest as
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this court becomes center stage for a warriors-cavaliers showdown thursday night. in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> wow. >> wow. the great sherry hu just walked into our studio. of course kpix 5 viewers remember sherry for years being part of our team here. and she always brought sunshine. >> and today is no different. >> there you go. >> it's amazing. temperatures didn't move that much but with sunshine, it just feels better. just feels warmer outside. san francisco mired in may where you saw about 8 minutes of sunshine. the first few days of june have been nice. highs today ocean beach even with the sunshine you only hit 59 but it was nice. hayward 66. san rafael 71. palo alto hit 74 today. walnut creek 77. the 80s up in the north bay along highway 29 beautiful saint helena. why am i taking you to the tropics? why are we talking about that? first off interesting this is the busiest start to a hurricane season in the east pacific ever. we have two hurricanes on june
6:20 pm
2! hurricane andres, hurricane blanca. blanca may impact cabo over the next couple of days. but often this tropical moisture will make its way through old mexico. sometimes it makes to it to arizona and new mexico. sometimes it makes it to california because this low pressure area will be sitting offshore. it's going to draw up some tropical moisture. if you are going to tahoe this weekend, the hurricane moisture all the way up into california will impact your outdoor plans. for yosemite, widespread thunderstorms friday, saturday, sunday and the chance that some of that tropical moisture will give us a minimal rain chance here in the bay area coming up on sunday. do not cancel any outdoor plans around here. but know that a rare june rain chance is in our forecast coming up on sunday. tomorrow, wednesday, 71 for san jose. vallejo 6. if you are hanging out in napa 73 tomorrow. couple degrees cooler in san francisco but you will have the afternoon sunshine morning fog and cloud cover afternoon sunshine a high of 61 in san francisco. 70s across the board inland. 60s near the bay. the interesting day will be sunday. will tropical moisture give us
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a june rain chance? >> yes. i'm going to go with yes. >> you go. >> i need go to cabo and find out what the weather is like. if it's going to get bad, probably need me down there to check it. our boss is right over there. you can ask him. >> i'm going to say no. [ laughter ] a bay area theater getting ready to roll final credits. why he has no choice but to shut the doors for good.
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it could soon be curtains for a century old san francisco movie theater. the four star theater on clements street is up for sale. it's listed at $2.8 million. but the sellers appear to be targeting developers not theater buffs. the real estate listing suggests the site would be ideal for condos. in the meantime the show may be over for an iconic cinema in
6:24 pm
the east bay. kpix 5's john ramos shows us rapidly rising rents may force it to lower its curtains. >> reporter: the marquee on the rheem theater in orinda lists the latest action film or comedy. but there's one more listing that most here consider a tragedy. the rheem will soon be closing. >> saturday morning we got an email and we opened it up and it was a 60% rent increase for the theater. >> reporter: built in the '50s, the rheem is not just another cinema. it has displays of movie memorabilia from campy films to blockbusters. there's a hollywood hall of fame. and as you ascend a red carpet to your theater, for two bucks more you can watch your film from the comfort of a sofa. last years the rheem was named the best independent movie house in the bay area. >> the sounds are different. the -- the -- you know, the smells are different. it's, you know, going to -- to a megaplex is just kind of
6:25 pm
sterile. >> reporter: but the rheem's owner says despite the bargain rent he has been paying for four years he can't afford such a large increase. and he thinks the landlord knows it. >> i mean, per square foot he could get a lot more if it was something else. but unfortunately, it's a movie theater. >> reporter: you suspect there might be development plan in the works? >> i don't know. it could be but it would be very difficult. >> reporter: and the town council may make it even more difficult. they recently passed an ordinance. >> that allows the council to nominate structures as a historical landmark as this is one potential candidate structure. >> reporter: such a designation could dramatically restrict what an owner could do with a property. in a town with only one theater most want to see the show go on, except maybe the man who owns the building. what he plans to do remains a mystery. until moraga, john ramos, kpix 5. >> councilman trotter is asking community members to come to the next meeting to search for
6:26 pm
a solution. but the theater's owner has been given 30 days to vacate and has already started moving his memorabilia collection. a new lifeline for people caught in the crossfire of war. a bay area man's plan to get them supplies and food without setting food in the danger zone. >> plus, outrage over a special perk for california senators. the service that
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it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. now at 6:30, they are war zones that few people dare to set foot in. now a bay area man has figured out a way to help the thousands caught in the crossfire. welcome back, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. it's often too dangerous to send supplies into war zones by ground or conventional aircraft. but with thousands of people left hungry or needing medical attention, only on "5" kpix 5's
6:30 pm
devin fehely with a story of a stanford student who came up with a solution. >> the humanitarian situation in syria is one of the worst in the world. >> reporter: and for the thousands caught in the crossfire of the country's bloody civil war, starvation can be as brutal a weapon as a bomb or bullet. >> a lot of innocent people trapped in the middle. >> reporter: martin jacobson is a a mission. >> i'm a c-17 cargo pilot in the air force so my job is to deliver stuff into conflict severance. >> reporter: but to reach people the pilot realized that sometimes big ideas take flight on the smallest of wings. >> propeller check -- aircraft -- release. >> people ask me why the u.s. can't do something that large aircraft can get shot down and it seemed to me there might be a way to use large numbers of small planes. >> reporter: he and a team of
6:31 pm
volunteers launched a pilot program exploring the use of drones to drop valuable items like medicine or water purifiers into war zones where it is simply too dangerous to send supplies by ground or conventional aircraft. >> most people are fundamentally looking for a way to make the world a better place. >> reporter: brandon is the project's director of engineering. he says the goal is for a single laptop to control a dozen or more drones, a swarm of small planes flying in help and hope to areas where both are in short supply. >> i have all these engineering tools from school in my background and it gives me a way to help people. >> reporter: his team is raising money to test the technology in the field this summer hoping to remove starvation from the arsenal of weapons with which the war in syria is waged. >> if someone is trying to starve out a neighborhood, we can flood that place with food, with medicine, and send a message that the world won't stand for that. >> reporter: on the stanford
6:32 pm
campus, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> jacobson's team raised about half of the $50,000 they need to launch the pilot project in the middle east this summer. they believe the technology could also be effective in disaster zones like nepal after an earthquake. a special perk enjoyed by california senators is sparking some outrage in sacramento. drivers are on standby during overnight hours in case of emergencies. the overnight part-time employees were hired in february. critics say it's all really to help the senators avoid duis and it's a waste of taxpayer money. >> there are taxicabs and uber and it sets up the expectation that legislators are going to be out there getting drunk. >> on top of this service, lawmakers get a daily allowance for transportation. one senator says it's $163 per day. california is another step
6:33 pm
closer to providing healthcare to undocumented children. it would allow children under 19 for low-income families to state funded medi-cal regardless of their legal status. no toll for a stroll on the golden gate bridge under a bill moving through the state legislature. it would prohibit pedestrian and bike tolls on state-owned bridges. that's something the golden gate bridge district had been considering to try to close a budget gap. the bill passed the assembly and heads to the full senate. rescuers in china are scrambling to free hundreds trapped inside a capsized cruise ship. emergency crews can hear them crying for him. they are below deck able to survive in an air pocket. it's been 36 hours since a tornado flipped it on the yangtze river. 458 passengers were on board. more than 3,000 people are
6:34 pm
helping with the rescue effort. big twist in world soccer corruption scandal. fifa president sepp blatter is stepping down days after he won re-election. he announced plans to resign saying that fifa needs a profound restructuring. the organization has been rocked by a criminal investigation. 14 officials are accused of accepting millions of dollars in bribes. president obama just signed a bill renewing the government's power to search your phone records after the senate passed the usa freedom act today. instead of the nsa collecting all phone records, the law requires phone companies to store them. the government can then obtain access by getting a warrant. some new information coming up tonight in the case of texas woman convicted of killing her millionaire husband last year. michelle williams originally said an intruder broke into their home killing her husband greg. prosecutors didn't buy it. but with no fingerprints and no dna, it was a tough case to prove. they offered michelle a plea
6:35 pm
deal and she says she took it to get back home with her daughter. just before the deal was to be finalized, she did an interview with "48 hours" > did you murder your husband, greg? >> no, i did not. >> every time i watch a client in an interview, i start to think, oh, man, we're really screwed. >> and tonight's "48 hours" special, temptation in texas, the new information suggesting that williams may have killed another man even before her husband was killed. that's coming up at 10:00 right here on kpix 5. until now, pinterest has been a place to browse and get ideas online but hide your wallet! how the site is about to help you spend your money with just a few clicks. >> plus, clint eastwood taking on a new
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bay area-based sunset
6:38 pm
magazine is moving its headquarters from menlo park to oakland. the new headquarters will be at 55 harrison street in jack london square. why the decision to move across the bay? the editor says the magazine wants to be where the action is. >> the city is really where you want to be. that's where the culture s that's where the restaurants are. and we are a magazine that covers all of the innovations in food and wine and garden and home. and we love being in the action. so this is what it's about for us. >> sunset magazine has been in menlo park since 1951. it opens its new oakland headquarters in december. tonight pinterest has a new strategy to make money by tapping into your urge to shop. the san francisco-based social network wants to transform its inspiration boards into online catalogs. it's adding a buyable pin basically a button that allows you to purchase products shared on the site. buyable peninsular launch this month for iphone and ipad users. clint eastwood has signed
6:39 pm
on to direct a new biopic about hero pilot and bay area native chesley sully sullenberger. it would "chronicle" the miraculous landing of u.s. flight 1549 on the hudson river in 2009. the film will be based on sullenberger's autobiography, highest duty. still ahead here at 6:00 not your typical helicopter tour. what crews are hoping to spot from above before it becomes a big problem in our drought. >> sunshine has returned to sausalito. we have lots of morning fog. the afternoon was glorious. you can see everything from sausalito, milder, too. we'll talk about rain chances and how much sunshine we'll continue to see. that's your seven-day forecast coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, cleveland isn't just fighting the warriors. they are fighting an image problem. >> i never heard anybody say i'm going to cleveland on vacation. [ laughter ] >> we have the latest news on klay thompson and he isn't the only one to take a fall.
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raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california.
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top stories tonight a terror suspect shot and killed by police in boston has ties to a bay area mosque. investigators say usaama rahim pulled a knife on officers who approached him this morning saying he was wanted for questions about threats to law enforcement. his brother is the imam at lighthouse mosque in oakland. we are told he is on the way to boston tonight. san francisco board of supervisors considering a moratorium on market rate housing in the mission district. emotions high ahead of a rally before the vote tonight. some say they are being priced out. californians are taking the drought more seriously. in april we decreased water use by 13.5%. that's compared to march where we only decreased 3.6%. we still have a long way to go to meet the mandatory 25% cut.
6:44 pm
as the drought drags on the chances for a destructive wildfire will increase by the day. >> kpix 5's don ford takes to the skies to show us what crews are looking for to help keep the fire danger to a minimum. >> reporter: they are looking for trouble. and this special team hired by pg&e is flying low and slow overpower lines in the most remote parts of sonoma county. they are looking for one thing. >> anything dead that maybe within 100 feet of the power lines. >> reporter: dead trees. the drought is taking a tall toll on the forest and dead trees falling into power lines are a perfect fuel for forest fires. >> the drought is having an impact on trees, and we want to make sure we're addressing any concerns before they become a problem. >> reporter: from the air it's clear there are several trees like this one that are a danger. gps location is recorded and in
6:45 pm
a few days, a ground crew will trim or remove the tree. so far, they located nearly 80 trees of serious concern. the extra dry conditions have more than just pg&e worried. >> we are on tap here for an unprecedented fire season. >> reporter: the cal fire tanker base at the sonoma county base is on high alert. >> things are dry and there's bug kill out there. both from the drought and from the bark beetles. >> reporter: the attack tankers are fully loaded and fueled. new paint, new engines. ready for the inevitable call. even here on the normally cooler coast, it's dry. >> these are all -- >> reporter: this large area of dead trees may be a combination drought and bark beetles says the expert on board. either way, they are a fire concern. the good news is there are no power lines running through this bunch. pg&e has nearly a dozen crews flying across the state looking
6:46 pm
for drought stricken trees. pg&e says the goal is to have the entire system inspected within the month before the true heat of the summer sets in. in sonoma county, don ford, kpix 5. >> next week the helicopter crews will concentrate on mendocino and humboldt counties. it is fire season. we'll talk about a rain chance coming up in a couple of minutes but let's talk about how warm we got today using our friends the kpix 5 weather watchers. backyards right here to channel 5 to your backyard. dave napa 82 degrees with sunshine. it is sunny and warm in wine country today. but markedly cooler close to the water 65 degrees in san leandro with sunshine, keith rodriguez. it's amazing how you get sunshine but just proximity to water can drop you 20 degrees even though it's still sunny with the same sun angle. 75 right now robert sullivan reports in from redwood city. so we have 60s, 70s and 80s depending where you are. we also have that at our
6:47 pm
airport locations. santa rosa 80. san francisco 62. san bruno 62. livermore in the low 70s. low to mid-50s overnight tonight. sunrise about as early as we get is about 11 minutes before 6:00. that will be when the sun comes up tomorrow early risers get the worm and they will get the sunshine, too. the average high temperature in june where should we be for this month? livermore up to 84. so when we talk about the mid- 70s, that's about 10 degrees cooler than average. san jose average high 82. san francisco only 66 degrees. watching the tropics, this is now officially the earliest big start to a hurricane season ever in the eastern pacific because we already have two hurricanes. one is andres and one is blanca. blanca may be impacting cabo as soon as saturday and sunday as a strong tropical storm. wind and rain, they are still dealing with the last year and the year before. for us the onshore flow increases a bit on thursday as the southwest flow takes over.
6:48 pm
right now we have a northwest drier flow so we have been sunny the past couple of days but watch this low draw up some actual moisture. it will be stormy in yosemite. it's going to be stormy anywhere in the mountains anywhere in the sierra. pretty much every afternoon from thursday through sunday. if you plan to go hiking this will impact you. some moisture may make it to the bay area. we have put in a minimal rain chance for areas away from the water coming up on sunday. don't change your weekend plans but there may be a few late-day showers. afternoons will be sunny. mornings will be cloudy. and i'll call it mild but not warm. what's mild? how about 5 degrees below average? concord 76. you should be at 80. san jose 71. cupertino 68 for you tomorrow. san mateo 65. it's not cold. but certainly not warm. walnut creek 76 tomorrow with afternoon sunshine. brentwood, pleasanton, benicia, in the 70s. 60s for berkeley and sausalito. petaluma your high tomorrow 72. and even the warm spots up toward mendocino county ukiah
6:49 pm
only 77 degrees tomorrow. couple of degrees cooler but still pleasant afternoon sunshine thursday, friday, saturday. watch out for the thunder boomers in the mountains and a chance of a few showers inland coming up on sunday before we warm up next week. that is your kpix 5 forecast. >> don't forget to join paul tonight who will take you outside and more with the latest weather and stories at 10:00. we are going to tell you what is trending on the web and give you all the news you need in your two-minute mix. i'll see you for bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. we'll be right back.
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ware two days away from tip- off to the nba finals and the warriors coach was asked when klay thompson might pass his concussion test. >> hopefully before saturday. >> steve kerr got his wish because just a few hours later klay thompson has been cleared by the nba to play in game 1 on thursday night. you know the cleveland beat the bus on the way to finals. [ indiscernible ] hates the cavs and the city they play.
6:53 pm
>> you i like to? you think cleveland's cool? i never heard anybody say i'm going to cleveland on vacation. [ laughter ] >> what's so good about cleveland? >> ouch. now, if you ask iman shumpert no earthquakes will be at the top of his list. the cavs guard tweeted he wishes the entire finals could be played in cleveland after he saw the movie "san andreas"! the warriors response, nah, we're good. then again, shumpert is the same guy who once paid $6,000 for a pair of sneakers maybe thinking he could outrun the earthquake. he could buy a house in detroit for $6,000. a's and tigers start of a six- game swing. josh redick robbing miguel cabrera could can't believe it. a's down 3-1 in the 7th. ben zobrist rumored to be in trade talks, grand slam. oakland on top. 5 runs in the inning. cap i have a live update
6:54 pm
please? 5-3 in the bottom of the 9th. a's starting to heat up a little bit. roland garros, mon dieu! french open. federer headed home before the semifinals for the third year in a row after stanislaus wawrinka beat him in straight sets. wawrinka who is 2-16 all time against federer before today will be in the semifinals. the [ indiscernible ] kicks off this month in marin county. one runner has had a decade worth of highlights but it's the one low light she cannot escape. >> hey, leslie you got to run the gypsy and i thought, no, i'm not going to do that. it's too dangerous. >> reporter: leslie's intuition was probably right. of all the injuries that have piled up on the trails since 1905, none was documented better than hers. >> you didn't deal with injuries. people didn't have them. >> reporter: josh lerner was 12 when his mother fell down a
6:55 pm
hill close to the finish line at stinson beach. >> i was having my best time ever. i was close to the front of my -- the pack. tearing down the mountain. and some guy gave me a slight bump. >> reporter: a she suffered a broken ankle and needed 44 stitches to fix it. >> i looked at it and said that looks like a bummer, mom. [ laughter ] >> and i went home. >> reporter: but as it turns home, leslie's story picked up at home when the family opened up the marin ij the next morning and saw this. >> that photo is the bane of my existence. >> reporter: the pain from the reminder of the race that got away still exists. >> for years i would be running through the mountains as i still do and people would say, you're that person -- but they also remember the times that i came in ahead of them. >> as a kid, growing up here, i
6:56 pm
mean, you're a 49ers fan. what you're used to is the picture of montana on the sports page like, you know, arm cocked ready to go that's your image and then it's your mom. [ laughter ] >> my mom is on the sports page. >> reporter: she plans on running next year after a long layoff. josh is running for the first time. and he is doing it to win the coveted black shirt that his mom never quite managed to get. >> this is really for the next generation. however, i still want a black shirt. [ laughter ] >> the black shirts go to the top 35 finishers of the dipsea race later this month. what she does a a profession nonprofit to help incarcerated minors get back on their feet. >> all right. captions by: caption colorado this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? how y'all doing today? i thank you now. yeah, thank you very much everybody. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. boy, this is a good one today. returning for their fifth and final day with a total of $22,135, straight out of muncie, indiana, it's the siurek family. audience: [cheering] steve: and from ladson, south carolina, it's the manigault family. everybody's here trying
7:00 pm
to win their self a lot of cash, but today, remember this, if the siurek family wins this game today, they're going home in a brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid, folks. give me barry, give me deleta. let's go! ["family feud" theme plays] all right, here we go, guys. top 8 answers on the board. name something a man quickly learns not to argue about with his new wife. barry. >> uh...clothes. steve: clothes. >> money. steve: money. >> play! steve: they're gonna play. audience: [cheering] steve: carl, this is car day buddy. name something a man quickly learns not to argue about with his new wife. >> a car. >> good answer. steve: a car.


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