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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 3, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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searching through the night. so far no luck. anne makevoc, kpix 5. drunk and ungrateful, that's how the chp described a 20-year-old guy they rescued from stinson beach last night. he fell from some rocks. he hit his head. when officers got to him, he was drunk and combative until he passed out. he was taken to a hospital to get checked out. today water users served by the contra costa water district are facing a rate hike. it's all to help meet a drought mandate to cut overall use 28%. under the proposal, households that fail to cut back use from 350 gallons per day would see their bill rise about 10%. but households that reduce their water use by 28% would see their rates drop. the district will vote on the proposal today. julie watts is here to tell us that there is a smidge of rain coming our way. >> i would say smidge of a chance of rain. [overlapping speakers [ laughter ] >> we had this cutoff low coming in over the weekend.
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it comes in tomorrow, but over the weekend we might see a little wraparound moisture some spots could see some scattered showers. don't get too excited, folks. we are not talking a rain event but we're keeping our fingers crossed for a few sprinkles. right now we are dry for the next couple of days. right now pretty much in the 50s areawide. 49 in santa rosa, though. 54 san jose, 54 san francisco, 56 concord. as you can see, some high clouds out there a little bit of fog but not nearly as dense along the coast. we'll see areas of morning clouds and fog not nearly as dense though as yesterday. sun and clouds the story today. sunshine, pleasant temperatures, an afternoon breeze so cool to mild by the coast. that full forecast including that chance of showers coming up in just a bit. we hoping for a better commute this morning. it was busy yesterday. this morning so far looking good. westbound traffic very light for the commute leaving the maze heading for san francisco.
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chp reporting no major accidents locally. just remember there is that chp advisory in place for highway 99 in manteca. westbound 92, right here at the san mateo bridge, we are still in good shape no traffic delays for all of our local bridges including the golden gate where visibility is great this morning for all those drivers making the commute between marin and san francisco. 880 rolling well between oakland and the hayward area. in fact, those headlights you're looking at would be the southbound commute. that light traffic stays with you through oakland into hayward, fremont and milpitas. 580 though that's going to be slow from the 205 interchange approaching vasco road. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." guys? >> thank you, liza. a vote on selling land for an apartment tower in oakland is on hold. the developer wants to build a 24-story building with 300 units and offer most at the market rate on 12th street east of lake merritt but last night affordable housing advocates spoke out at a city council meeting then two councilmembers abstained and one voted no.
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the issue will still be on the agenda at the next meeting. the plan to temporarily halt high pricing housing projects in the mission has failed to get through the board of supervisors. the vote came late last night. it was 7-4 in favor of the moratorium, but it need the nine votes in order to pass. the proposal's intent was to prevent long-term residents from being priced out of the neighborhood. supporters are already working on a ballot measure. a bill for automatic voter registration has now advanced in sacramento. the assembly passed the proposal yesterday that would register people who get driver's licenses to vote unless they opt out. it's a response to low turnout in recent elections and it now goes to the senate. los angeles could become the latest city to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. the city council set to vote on that wage hike proposal today. it would require businesses with more than 25 employees to increase wages to $15 an hour by 2020. san francisco and oakland
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recently passed laws to raise their minimum wage over the next several years. the white house says it will work quickly to make sure the national security agency has the tools it needs to keep protecting the country. this comes after the u.s. senate voted to renew most of the surveillance programs put in place after the 9/11 attacks. more now from cbs news' mark albert. reporter: the national security agency is getting the green light to resume critical parts of its anti-terror surveillance program, with new limits. president obama signed the usa freedom act into law tuesday night thanking the senate via twitter for finally passing the measure. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: in the 67-32 vote they agreed to a law to allow wiretaps on suspects who frequently change cell phones. in six months, the national security agency will lose the power to collect and store phone records. but they can still gain access to the records held by private
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companies with a court order. >> we have to protect americans' privacy. we can do that and still keep us secure. >> reporter: kentucky senator mitch mcconnell says the usa freedom act is a step in the wrong direction. >> and it surely undermines american security by taking one more tool from our war fighters, in my view, at exactly the wrong time. >> reporter: the controversial surveillance program was first exposed by former nsa contractor edward snowden who maintains it is not effective at preventing terror attacks. >> if we don't reallocate our resources in a targeted way, we find that we're spending resources for no benefit in terms of it public safety. >> reporter: officials stay it could take at least several days to restart many of the anti-terror surveillance programs that expired. mark albert for cbs news, washington. the bay area family of a journalist detained in iran is pleading for his release. jason is originally from san francisco.
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he has been in prison in tehran for 316 days. iran accuses the "washington post" reporter of spying. his brother ali testified before the house foreign relations committee and was asked what he would say to iran's lead years what do they think they're accomplishing? what are they doing to their own image if them to join the community of nations, which is their stated goal? become more normalized. how do they think this helps them at all? >> the family says while in prison, he has been cheered up a bit by the success of his favorite team the golden state warriors. he is expected to be back in court on monday. today interpol put 6 men with ties to fifa on its "most wanted" list. the agency issued red notices for two former fifa officials and four executives on charges of racketeering and corruption. among those sought is former fifa vice president jack warner of trinidad. this stems from a scheme of
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alleged bribes for media rights around tournament locations. yesterday fifa's president said he would step down. a bay area theater is closing down. the owner has no choice but to shut the doors for good. >> skier's run down the alms takes a terrifying turn. the tragic rescue caught on camera. >> and here's something we haven't seen in a while the bridge at 5:07 a.m. as you can see fog not dense as it has been. what that means for your forecast coming up. >> and a welcome sight along the eastshore freeway. i-80 looking good in both directions. as we check out live pictures right here would be the westbound commute through berkeley approaching ashby, no problems here. but i'll give you a complete look at your "kc
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...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back a a beautiful shot this morning. a mixture of sun and clouds sums up the forecast today. i will have details in a bit. a french skier survived a terrifying ordeal in the alps. he was skiing normally but then the ground opened up under him and wedged him in this crevice. he then fell several feet deeper into the hole while
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continuing to scream for help. another group of skiers called for rescue and threw down a rope. he was pulled to safety about a half-hour later. wow. the coast guard is suspending nighttime beach cleanups in southern california beaches affected by tar balls and an oil spill. the reason it's spawning season for a certain fish over the next few nights and the coast guard doesn't want to disturb them. daytime clean-up continues along the coastline from santa barbara to orange counties. neighbors near the lawrence livermore laboratory get a chance to sound off about how they deal with hazardous waste. state officials want to get input as they work on a permit renewal for the lab's hazardous waste treatment facilities there. it would allow the lab to treat thousands of gas of hazardous waste. public meeting is 6:30 tonight at an elementary school in
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livermore. today is national running day. it's observed each year on the first wednesday in june. it's a chance for runners to reaffirm their passion for the healthy hobby and for beginners to join in on the fun. several races are being held across the country in celebration. you and liz wenger i think should go out on a couple mile run. >> not happening! [ laughter ] >> probably not. >> walking. >> brisk walking. >> okay, i can do that. >> not brisk. >> i did that when i was pregnant. lots of brisk walking. good morning, everybody. we are going to talk about the morning commute. traffic is moving along briskly leaving oakland heading into san francisco. it's wide open. we haven't had major issues here locally at least. we have that traffic advisory still in place for 99 in manteca. but here closer to home we're in good shape. no problems for any of our local bridges at this hour. westbound traffic still looking good leaving towards the
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dumbarton, good from fremont to menlo park. southbound traffic fine, going to san francisco, all roads hope no delays through downtown san francisco, of course it's so early yet, there's not too many people driving around san francisco city streets right now. 880 as it leaves the oakland area, you're looking fine. no major construction projects here through oakland. so 880 is looking good. there is roadwork though along 580 in both directions approaching grand. it will be in place until about 7:00 this morning. the rest of the commute is looking busy. right here five five you're going to expect a delay leaving -- right here 580 you're going to expect a delay leaving the 205 interchange approaching vasco road. bart delays, 10 minutes late leaving oakland to all destinations. once we get more information we'll pass it on but again ten- minute delays leaving oakland on bart. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to julie. thank you, liza. this morning, out the door, a
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mild start areawide. 50s in the area. let's check in with our weather watchers this morning. san leandro 55 degrees. this coming from keith rodriguez. and as you can see, just a few clouds there. we are seeing a mix of clear skies and clouds today. benicia this morning 55 degrees, as well. and we're checking in here with tim woods, clear skies for tim until benicia. throughout the day you are going to notice a mixture of sun and clouds. we have a weak trough overhead. that will bring changes. highs slightly below average for this time of the year. we'll see breezy conditions especially by the coast near the bay, as well. take a look at the next few days. some low clouds and some fog to start. afternoon sun and clouds the story later on today. breezy near the coast and the bay. highs today 60 half moon bay.
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62 san francisco. 66 fremont. 73 livermore. 80 inland, 80 napa, 70 san rafael, 76 santa rosa. 79 antioch today. your extended forecast shows more of the same temperature- wise throughout the week. however, tomorrow that upper- level low drops in, that's going to increase cloud cover for us and then into the weekend wraparound moisture from the upper-level low could -- and i stress the word "could" -- bring us a chance of showers. not a big rain event, folks. we are talking more moisture in the atmosphere. might be a little muggy. temperatures cooler at the coast. the east bay may get a couple of stray showers saturday into sunday. fingers crossed. >> you hear that out there? the yards going yay! bring it on! >> a smidge of a channels. >> that's my meteorological term a smidge of a chance of a shower. you guys want to get away? >> love to. >> southwest has cheap tickets for sale. but only for the next couple of
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days. the airline is offering deeply discounted one way fares depending on the distance as little as $100. travel must take place between august 25 and december 16 this year and not on friday or sunday. tickets must be bought by the end of the day tomorrow. if you didn't catch it at cinequest in san jose, in february, you can see the documentary batkid begins today. the film follows miles scott as he experienced his make-a-wish dream by becoming a superhero for a day. special screenings are set for today at noon and 7 p.m. in san francisco at the embarcadero center cinemas. the film is due for more widespread release later this month. a century old movie house in san francisco may soon close for good. the four star theater on clements street is up for sale. it's listed at $2.8 million. but the sellers appear to be targeting developers, not theater buffs. the real estate listing suggests the site would be
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ideal for condos. 5:16 now. pinterest has a new strategy to make money by tapping into your urge to shop. the social network wants to transform its inspiration boards into online catalogs. san francisco-based company is adding a buyable pin basically a button that allows you to purchase products shared on the site. they launch later this month for iphone and ipad users. still to come, a new test may be the test to curing a common phobia. why this could be a game changer. >> and this morning, jill schlesinger has some tips for teens looking for a summer job. reporter: with the end of the school year upon us, it's time for high school kids to get busy and land a summer job. summer jobs can be more elusive after the recession but a survey predicts strong overall job growth this summer. 78% of employers said they expect to hire the same number of hourly summer employees or
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more compared to last year. hourly wages are expected to rise to an average of $11.52 this summer. that's up by $1 13 from a year ago. employment for those between 16 and 19 is currently at its highest nonsummer levels since 2009. the most common summer jobs for high school students include babysitters, camp counselors, tutors, lifeguards, retail associates and cashiers. summer internships are another option for students who prefer a more professional environment. a great resource is where you can narrow your search to highlight opportunities for high school students. here in the bay area, top internship positions are available in marketing and social media. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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we're looking at bart delays this morning because of equipment problems. 10 minutes delays from oakland to all destinations. no estimated time when they expect to be back on schedule. again, 10-minute delays through downtown oakland. the rest of the commute has been okay. no accidents on bay area freeways. altamont pass the usual slow traffic leaving the 205 interchange bound for vasco
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road. bay bridge toll plaza still steady a few more commuters out there but no major delays as of yet. the metering lights are off. you could certainly expect delays later this morning along the 280 extension and along the embarcadero. the giants are playing today at 12:45. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." guys? a historic soccer match in cuba. the new york cosmos took on the cuban national team in havana. it was the first sports contest between the two countries since president obama said in december a diplomatic relations are being restored. that relationship has lots of american sports teams wanting to compete in cuba. >> i think it's great that we have the chance to come here and play the cuban national team. the first sports team to come here in many years and hopefully many more will follow. >> tickets for the game cost only 4 cents. cuba is still fine-tuning its play but the island nation could soon be a force to be reckoned with in international
5:23 am
soccer. cosmos 4, cuba 1, the final. good morning, everybody. steph curry has had some amazing moments in his mvp season and perhaps a couple of times poor shot selection actually paid off. they say those moments are steph's being arrogant. >> he's a humble human being who has an arrogance about his game of when that you have type of confidence and fearlessness to take the shots that he does and make them, um, that's what i call arrogant. but it's a good arrogance. >> the pirates are coming and they want some booty. top of the third game tied at 2. pedro alvarez doubled down the left field line. two runs score, 4-2 pittsburgh. bottom of the inning, brandon crawford goes opposite field. that's a two-run home ruffin. that's his 8th of the year. he has 36 runs batted in and he leads the giants in that category. top of the 6th, it's 6-4 pirates and mccutcheon doubles down the right field line. polanco never stopped running
5:24 am
from first. here's the throw, he slides and is safe. giants lose 7-4. they have lost four straight games al kaline on the left checking out the a's in detroit. top of the 7th, oakland down 3- 0. runners at the corners. kinsler, no runner so the bases are loaded. how does he throw there? two batters later. zobrist gives the a's the lead with a grand slam to make it 5- 3 of the little kid caught it. he was happy and then cries realizing that ben zobrist who plays for the a's just hit a grand slam that landed in his glove. the a's win 5-3 and a fan who caught a grand slam ball is not happy. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. he will get over it! all right, dennis. thanks. back to the diamond for our play of the day. atlanta and arizona. diamondbacks with a spectacular
5:25 am
grab. look at that! sliding in the dirt. a couple of guys. i got it. i got it. not feeling really good but i got it. arizona beat the braves 7-6 thanks to your play of the day. time now is 5:25. california's smoking age is a step closer to going up. the impact business owners say the bill will have. >> and a suspected terrorist shot and killed by police. what a bay area relative is saying about him. >> reporter: and the man walking down the street is seriously injured in the middle of a police chase. coming up, we'll tell you where police lost track of that susp
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city supervisors vote on a move to halt the construction of pricy apartments in a san francisco neighborhood. >> new students preparing for college. the online study prep now available to them for free. >> and as you can see, fewer clouds and less fog than we saw yesterday what that means for your afternoon forecast coming up. >> delays growing at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have a complete look at "kcbs traffic" still ahead. >> good morning, it's wednesday, june 3. good to have you on board. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. a car being chased by police hits and seriously injures a pedestrian in san francisco. it cause critical injuries. kpix 5's anne makovec is in san francisco with more on the chase. reporter: the robbery suspect, the suspect who apparently hit this pedestrian, still at large this morning. it started around 10:30 here at 8th and mission last night where police began chasing robbery suspects in a blue bmw. almost immediately, the bmw hit a pedestrian and that person is now in critical condition.
5:30 am
the police chase continued across the bay bridge. we caught part of it with our traffic cam. the suspect hit a pedestrian. that person is in critical condition. that was at 10:30 last night. the chase continued across the bay bridge. you can see the bmw crossing on the right-hand side on your screen followed by patrol cars. this was shot from the oakland side of the bridge. police lost sight of that car at the 580 interchange. they have been looking for it ever since. so far no luck. three suspect or suspects are still on the lam. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. 5:30 a check of weather as we guess we could say we're approaching the weekend, right? we're getting close. you can see it out there. >> you can is. the week send in view. actually you can pretty much see the bridge and everything else this morning, too. clouds and fog not as dense as the last couple of days. temperatures similar but you
5:31 am
will notice less fog and fewer clouds out the door this morning. similar temperatures to the last couple of days. right now in the low to mid- 50s. pretty much areawide low to mid- 50s so a light sweater as you head out. as you can see, moving on throughout the day fewer and fewer clouds mostly sunny by the this afternoon. low 60s in san francisco later today. by this evening we keep those skies relatively clear. after sundown though we think those clouds will increase once debt. i have your full forecast and temperatures bay area-wide coming up in just a bit. but first traffic. still looking at bart delays. a 10-minute delay heading to oakland to all destinations because of an equipment problem on the bart tracks. we'll let you know once they start to get things back on schedule. expect 10-minute delays to and through downtown oakland. as we move on to the altamont
5:32 am
pass, that's always slow this morning. more than of the heavy stuff leaving the 205 interchange just to vasco road. it breaks loose and then slow through pleasanton. the bay bridge commute is more crowded. you can see those delays in the outside lanes. the inside fastrak lanes are doing fine but those outside lanes now slow from about the end of the east parking lot. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to frank. >> all right, liza. thanks. 5:32. hopes are fading for finding anyone else alive from a cruise ship that sank in a river in china. today troops gathered on the banks the yangtze river to take part in search efforts. the boat called the eastern star traveling upstream when it overturned on monday night in cyclone. 14 people have been found alive, 400 are still missing. the alameda county coroner has identified the pilot killed in a small plane crash near livermore. 75-year-old michael seal of pleasanton died in the crash
5:33 am
monday night shortly after taking off from livermore municipal airport. federal investigators are investigating. the woman that sought a restraining orders against former 49er ray mcdonald is providing some details now on his behavior. court documents she accuses mcdonald of a pattern of verbal abuse that often escalated into full attacks. says the last week mcdonald showed up drunk and cornered her and their infant son. mcdonald was arrested and made bail. two days later he was arrested again for violating a restraining order. and 49er fullback bruce mill pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charges. it stems from an argument he had with his then fiancee back in march. police say miller grabbed her cell phone, threw it against a wall destroying it. as part of the sentence, miller has to attend a 16-week domestic violence course. he is also barred from any contact with the victim. new security procedures are in effect for city council meetings in oakland. this after protestors chained themselves to a railing and shut down the meeting last
5:34 am
month. last night bags were searched at the only entrance. inside the chambers, the upper gallery was closed off and people were not allowed to stand along the back wall. instead, they were ushered into overflow rooms. >> looks like city hall wants to make this permanent recognizing that security has been lax. so they think it's appropriate to be consistent so you will see this going forward. >> some peoplewho live in oakland are concerned the new measure cost discourage public participation at city council meetings and muzzle free speech. san francisco supervisors voted down a plan to temporarily halt the building of high-priced apartments and condos in the mission district. the vote came last night after 8 hours of heated debate. opponents of the moratorium say it would cause rents in the area to escalate faster. and supporters say it would prevent long-time residents from being priced out of the
5:35 am
area. >> the fight is people trying to purchase the city of san francisco from outside. that's nothing to do with housing. >> the supervisors voted 7-4 in favor of the moratorium but it needed 9 votes in favor to pass. supporters of the moratorium telling the "san francisco chronicle" a ballot measure effort is under way. an oakland man's brother was shot and killed by police in boston during a terror investigation. ibrahim rahim is the imam at the lighthouse moss income oakland. he into to you boston -- mosque in oakland. he flew to boston yesterday after his brother died. police say usaama rahim brandished a knife but ibrahim claims on social media that usaama was shot in the back. >> ibrahim and his family are grieving. >> it's unfortunate that we seem to shoot first and ask questions later. >> usaama rahim was reportedly on the phone with his father when the shooting happened.
5:36 am
president signed the freedom act last night after it was approved by the u.s. senate renewing most of the surveillance programs that were all put into place after the 9/11 attacks. but it does call for changes in six months. that's when the national security agency will no longer be able to collect and store phone records. but private companies will hold the information and the nsa can access them with a court order. it could soon be illegal for anyone under 21 in california to buy cigarettes. betty yu reports on the potential impact of the plan that now passed the state senate. reporter: at uncle neo's smoke shop near san jose state swishercy gas are their best sellers. that can change as the bill to raise the age for buying tobacco goes up to 21. >> i'm not opposed to it but it will hurt business. >> reporter: jeffrey wilson says up to 70% of his tobacco sales come from people under 21. >> considering that we're, like, located next to campus or our clientele mostly consists of students and stuff, so for
5:37 am
us personally it will have a big effect. >> reporter: the bill has already gotten unanimous support from democrats and a few republican senators. if it actually does become a law, california would be one of the first states in the country to raise the legal age. >> they should probably raise it as high as they can. >> reporter: christian paez says that he picked up the habit at 8 years old. by 18 he was going through four packs a day. >> i have been smoking my whole life and it's not good. >> reporter: this shop isn't getting too worried just yet. >> i think the tobacco companies are still going to overrule and continue to dominate the market. >> reporter: you think if this was a law around the time that were you 18, that it would have made a difference in your behavior? >> probably not. >> reporter: hawaii has already passed a similar bill. it is sitting before the governor there. also, lawmakers passed a bill to ban ecigarettes in public places. that will now also head to the assembly.
5:38 am
in mountain view, betty yu, kpix 5. the irs could have done more to defend against potential hackers, they admit. jill wagner of joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. we just learned some positive news on the jobs front of the the private sector added 201,000 jobs in may. that's about 30,000 more than april. we see how that impact the marks today. yesterday the dow was down 28, nasdaq down 6. the irs inspector general says the agency failed to implement dozens of security upgrades to its computer system and those are upgrades that could have made it tougher for hackers to steal tax information from 100,000 measures. like it or not, it is getting easier to buy things through social media. pinterest users will soon be able to buy items using a newbiable pin. you can see prize and specifics about the product. the new buyable pins launch
5:39 am
this month. instagram opening its feed to all advertisers. they can target users by age, interest, gender and other factors. instagram also says it's going to run test ads that will let users click on a link to buy the products directly. frank and michelle? >> all right. we hear chipotle is cooking up something new. what's the latest? > >> reporter: well, you could meet the new chorizo burrito a spicy sausage made with chicken and pork. chipotle rarely adds new items to its menu. they only do that when it's very unique. for now this trial run is only in kansas city. frank and michelle? >> that's all right. >> not in the bay area? we saw a picture of it. we want it! all right. jill wagner of, thank you. >> reporter: time for a road trip. >> to kc! here we come. thank you, jill. [ laughter ] still to come clint eastwood taking on a big project with a bay area connection. >> reporter: -- faster and
5:40 am
cheaper than it has ever been. we'll take a look at how the technology is being used to help people with phobias. we have a live report on how
5:41 am
5:42 am
time now 5:42. a live look at san jose this morning. a mix of clouds and a little bit of blue sky and kind of sums up our forecast for the day. i'll have your full wednesday forecast coming up. there's a no cost way now for college bound students to get help preparing for the s.a.t. tests. a new s.a.t. study program just went online and runs jointly by the khan academy and the college bound board which administers the scholastic aptitude test. >> we are excited that this gives students equal access to
5:43 am
the resources that they need to be successful because that's something we believe in, too. >> partnership promises to produce the most authentic prep course available anywhere and it's free. there's no denying we're all afraid of something. and now there's a new high-tech way of dealing with phobias. kiet do has the story from santa clara, something you'll see only on 5. reporter: here we go. even though i know i'm standing in the engineering department at santa clara university and even though my mind knows i'm safe with two feet on the ground, my eyes do not care. oh, my god. that's crazy. virtual reality is past its awkward teenager years and growing up fast. the going toles the are smaller and the graphic -- the going toles the are smaller and the graphic -- the goggles are smaller and the graphics are more realistic. now because of the low price it
5:44 am
can be bought by engineering undergrads. their year end project had to have a social benefit to help others. for these future videogame designers. treating fear of heights was a no brainer. >> you can put this camera on the moon under water or anything with it. >> reporter: exciting? >> yes, very exciting, yes. >> reporter: kiran sullivan is one of the faculty advisers who suggested the students add a feature where therapist cost adjust the height in real time. >> so they can just choose what height to set on the buildings. >> reporter: sullivan says a powerful and affordable therapy like vr could change lives. >> having equipment that you can keep right in your office where you can expose them to the feared object or situation, um, but not have to go anywhere to do it, i think, could be really exciting for treating phobias. >> the end goal would be to have a library of simulations that a therapist could scroll through and choose. >> reporter: what would have taken big budget research teams months to do at a cost of tens
5:45 am
of thousands of dollars, two college students have done in a few weeks for a couple hundred bucks. so virtual reality is all grown now? >> i think so. it's very much here already. the images are amazing now. we are ready. >> reporter: so it's really fascinating to see just how far the technology has come. also, good to see that this is moving away from games and entertainment and into healthcare. so now really it's interesting to see that these guys have taken it about as far as they can go and the hope is that other students will pick up on their work and take it further than that. maybe bring some of this therapy out and make it really affordable accessible to a lot of people. back to you. >> it could be a great tool, kiet. weather could consumers -- when could consumers expect to buy these? >> reporter: word on the street is that we'll see some of these in the hands of consumers by holiday of 2015. so we'll see. live in santa clara, kiet do,
5:46 am
kpix 5. >> i need one for spiders. [ laughter ] >> that's my big fear i would need one for that. >> she moves out of homes because of spiders! [ laughter ] >> don't like the house we're moving down the street. >> i'm with you! >> ask the landlord, he knows. [overlapping speakers >> i don't know how virtual reality is going to cure arachnophobia. >> i don't know, but i'll try anything. >> an image of one spider and then bump it up to 100 and see how your blood pressure does? >> we have a spider on the traffic cam. >> we'll see if he is on this morning as we begin with traffic. good morning, everybody. unfortunately, we are going to start off with bart delays this morning. the good news is that bart dispatch is telling us they have corrected the problem. it started off as switching problems at the 19th street station in oakland. looks like they have corrected those problems. and now they are looking at 10- to 15-minute residual delays through the oakland area. we'll let you know once some of those delays improve and they get back on schedule. now, the rest of the commute if
5:47 am
you plan on make the altamont pass drive westbound 580 is going to be slow for you the usual stuff from the 205 interchange approaching vasco road. so once you pass vasco you do okay just another pocket of slow traffic as you head through the pleasanton area. now we'll move on to the bay bridge commute where the metering lights are on and traffic is backed up from west grand avenue approaching the toll plaza. traffic okay across the bridge getting into san francisco. san francisco freeways looking awesome. so far, no big delays for 280, 101, i-80 even looking good towards the lower deck. here at the san mateo bridge westbound traffic still holding steady. we don't have any traffic delays yet for this particular bridge. dumbarton bridge also moving well. and heading for the golden gate, a clear commute this morning. yesterday, we had issues with visibility. not a problem this morning. and southbound traffic moving well leaving southern marin bound for san francisco. that's a look at traffic. now to julie. >> liza, you are a whiz!
5:48 am
wish we had a behind-the-scenes camera to show folks what you just did. her microphone fell off, fixed it and kept on going without missing a beat! i'm impressed! look at the top of your screen. it's clearing by the golden gate. this is a great perspective of what we're looking at this morning. some areas of clouds and fog others clear blue skies. so it really depends on where you are. later today we should all be seeing plenty of sunshine. temperatures as you head out the door in the 50s. low to mid-50s pretty much areawide, 56 concord, 55 now in livermore. as you look at the satellite perspective here's the weather story. weak trough overhead dominating the forecast right now. what this means for us, temperatures just slightly below seasonal norms although we are seeing that onshore flow increasing over the coming days. so breezy conditions today. this cutoff low going to drop in tomorrow. that's going to dominate the forecast for the latter half of the week into the weekend even bringing with it a slight, slight chance of some scattered showers.
5:49 am
talk more about that in a bit. first what to expect today? low clouds and fog to start, afternoon sun and clouds, a mix of some high clouds with some sun. and then breezy near the coast and by the bay today keeping temperatures cooler along the coast and the bay. sunrise this morning 5:49. sunset tonight 8:27. temperatures slight buy below average for this time of the year. 62 san francisco. 69 redwood city. 73 livermore. warmest spots inland topping out near 80 degrees. 79 fairfield. 79 antioch. 69 novato. 76 today your high temperature in santa rosa. your extended forecast shows temperature-wise not a lot of fluctuation at least not inland. but tomorrow we'll see an increase in the cloud cover. and then as we advance on into the weekend, could see some wraparound moisture from that cutoff low. that could mean scattered showers very difficult to forecast where and when but we could see some moisture may feel muggy for those of us who don't see any showers.
5:50 am
so a little bit of everything in your forecast but basically summing up below seasonal norms. 50 years ago today a big accomplishment in u.s. space history. it was on june 3, 1965, major edward white became the first american astronaut to perform a spacewalk. he exited the gemini four capsule while in orbit and stepped out with only an 8-foot tether keeping him secure. a russian cosmonaut did the same thing three months earlier. clint eastwood will direct a film about chesley sully sullenberger the pilot famous for making an emergency landing on the hudson river in 2009. it will be eastwood's first project since "american sniper." sullenberger is a bay area native and the film will be based on his autobiography, highest duty. yesterday he described eastwood as a gifted storyteller. >> turned 85 just a couple of days ago. time now is 5:50. a car bursts into flames and it's all caught on camera.
5:51 am
why the man trapped inside the car had no idea it was
5:52 am
5:53 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
5:54 am
welcome back. here's a look at your game time forecast pirates versus giants today 12:45. game time forecast, partly cloudy, 63 degrees. and you will see a little bit of sunshine there. slow at the 280 extension. bart expects to have these delays cleared out in the next 20 minutes or so stemming from switching problems out the 19th street. as of this hour, 10- to 15- minute delays heading through the oakland area to all destinations. again, bart tells us they should have everybody back on time in about 20 minutes. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." >> get out, get out now! quick thinking officer risking his own life to pull a man from a burning car in south carolina. the officer says he didn't even notice someone was inside the car until he started putting out the flames. investigators say the man was drunk and had no idea the car was on fire. he is expected to be okay. there is an effort in the state capital to make sure pedestrian also not have to pay
5:55 am
to walk across toll bridges in california. the golden gate bridge district has been considering a pedestrian toll to close a budget gap. but the state assembly passed a bill to prevent such tolls. it now heads to the state senate. oakland city council worked late into last night to consider accepting a $4 million grant for fire protection. the money from fema would cover the cost of non-native brush and eucalyptus trees from the oakland hills. it's potential fuel in the event of a wildfire. it's to prevent what happened in 1991 when a firestorm killed 25 people and destroyed more than 3,000 homes. more people in california are saving water as this ongoing drought continues. californians decreased water use by 13.5% in april compared with the same month in 2013. that's compared with 3.6% in march. it's star far from the goal of 25%. dry conditions caused by the drought are causing major
5:56 am
concerns about the upcoming fire season. pg&e is doing aerial surveys of forested areas looking for dead trees that could potentially fall on power lines. workers record each location by gps and then a ground crew arrives to trim the tree or cut it down. 5:56. up next, six men with ties to fifa have been placed on an international "most wanted" list. the latest in the continuing corruption scandal. >> reporter: a police chase ends with a pedestrian seriously hurt and the suspects still on
5:57 am
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good morning, it's wednesday, june 3. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. a pedestrian is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries and the robbery suspect accused of running that
6:00 am
person over is still on the loose. kpix 5's anne makovec is in san francisco more on a chase that extended across the bay. >> reporter: that suspect will be charged with more than just robbery at this point. hitting and seriously injuring a pedestrian atth and mission in san francisco. it all happened around 10:30 last night. police spotted a bmw they thought they saw a robbery suspect inside and they began a chase and almost immediately that bmw hit a pedestrian. that person now in critical condition. the police chase continued then across the bay bridge. we caught part of it actually with our traffic cam. you can see the suspect bmw crossing on the right-hand side of your screen followed by patrol cars. this was shot from the oakland side of the bridge. and then police lost sight of that bmw somewhere around the 580 interchange. that was all at around 10:30 last night. an


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