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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 3, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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person over is still on the loose. kpix 5's anne makovec is in san francisco more on a chase that extended across the bay. >> reporter: that suspect will be charged with more than just robbery at this point. hitting and seriously injuring a pedestrian atth and mission in san francisco. it all happened around 10:30 last night. police spotted a bmw they thought they saw a robbery suspect inside and they began a chase and almost immediately that bmw hit a pedestrian. that person now in critical condition. the police chase continued then across the bay bridge. we caught part of it actually with our traffic cam. you can see the suspect bmw crossing on the right-hand side of your screen followed by patrol cars. this was shot from the oakland side of the bridge. and then police lost sight of that bmw somewhere around the 580 interchange. that was all at around 10:30 last night. and they have been searching
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through the night. anne makevoc, kpix 5. a plan to halt new construction of high-priced apartments and condos in san francisco's mission district failed a board of supervisors vote. the vote came late last night after 8 hours of debate. opponents say it would cause rents in the area to escalate even faster. supporters say the moratorium would prevent long-time residents from being priced out of the neighborhood. >> the fight that we have about housing is about money out of san francisco trying to purchase the city of san francisco with money from outside. that's nothing to do with housing. >> the supervisors voted 7-4 in favor of the moratorium. but it needed 9 yes votes in order to pass. supporters of the moratorium told the "san francisco chronicle" a ballot measure effort is already in the works. a vote on selling land for an apartment tower in oakland is off at least temporarily. a developer wants to build a 24 story building with 300 units
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offering most at market rate on 12th street east of lake merritt but last night affordable housing advocates spoke out at a city council meeting and then two the vote didn't pass. oakland adopted new security procedures for council meeting. this is after protestors chained themselves to a railing shut down a meeting last month. last night bags were searched at the only entrance inside the chambers. the upper gallery was shut down and people were not allowed to stand along the back wall. and people were not allowed to stand along the back wall. instead, they were ushered into overflow rooms. >> it looks like city wants to make this a permanent fixture recognizing that security has been lax and so they think it's appropriate to be consistent so i think you will see this going forward. >> some people who live in oakland are concerned the new measures could discourage public participation in the city council meetings. and muzzle free speech. today san francisco is installing stop signs at the intersection where a boy was killed by a muni train last
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month. they are going up in san jose and lakeview avenues. neighbors say the simple safety measure might have saved 12- year-old andrew wu's life. he was hit by a car and thrown into the path of an oncoming muni train last month. we are going to start the traffic report with an accident just in. it happened on the nimitz in the community direction and we are seeing delays now because of the problem southbound 880 just before whipple. traffic down to 28 miles per hour in the area with one lane blocked. the delays begin outside of the airport area approaching hassing highway 92. altamont pass delays backed up to the interchange about there is a continuous line of traffic heading to the bay bridge area. metering lights on the bay bridge backed up from west grand avenue but past the lights traffic picks up nicely
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heading across the bay bridge. bart still has delays this morning. they hope to have things back on track in 10 minutes but for right now expect 15-minute delays delays through oakland. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's julie. we start with a view from our mount vaca cam. this is a good perspective of what's going on this morning. a mixture of sun and clouds of clouds and fog but not nearly as dense or widespread as yesterday. temperatures out the door now in the 50s. 56 in concord. san francisco 54. cooler north in santa rosa. 48 degrees for you right now. here's a look at what to expect. as you head throughout your wednesday, areas of morning cloud and fog. sun and cloud mix later on today. so you will see some sunshine but we have high clouds moving in for the second half of the day. mild at the coast. i'll have the full forecast coming up. coast guard is suspending
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nighttime cleanups at southern california beaches affected by the tar balls and/spills. it's grunion season. they are spawning over the next few nights on the beaches and the coast guard doesn't want to disturb them. the clean-up will continue in other areas of the beach. los angeles will be the latest city to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. today the city council is set to vote on a wage hike proposal. it would require businesses with more than 25 employees to increase wages to $15 an hour by 2020. san francisco and oakland recently passed laws to raise the minimum wage over several years. people who live near the lawrence livermore lab have a chance to speak out about how the lab deals with hazardous waste. state officials want to get input as they work on a permit renewal for the lab's hazardous waste treatment facilities. it would allow the lab to treat and store more than 900,000
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gallons of hazardous waste. a public meeting is tonight. the white house stays will make sure the national security agency will quickly have what it needs to protect the country after the senate voted to renew most of the surveillance programs put in place after the 9/11 terror attacks. more now from cbs news' mark albert. reporter: the national security agency is getting the green light to resume critical parts of its anti-terror surveillance program, with new limits. president obama signed the usa freedom act into law tuesday night thanking the senate via twitter for finally passing the measure. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: in the 67-32 vote they agreed to a law to allow wiretaps on suspects who frequently change cell phones. in six months, the national security agency will lose the power to collect and store phone records. but they can still gain access to the records held by private companies with a court order. >> we have to protect americans' privacy. we can do that and still keep us secure.
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>> reporter: kentucky senator mitch mcconnell says the usa freedom act is a step in the wrong direction. >> and it surely undermines american security by taking one more tool from our war fighters, in my view, at exactly the wrong time. >> reporter: the controversial surveillance program was first exposed by former nsa contractor edward snowden who maintains it is not effective at preventing terror attacks. >> if we don't reallocate our resources in a targeted way, we find that we're spending resources for no benefit in terms of it public safety. >> reporter: officials stay it could take at least several days to restart many of the anti-terror surveillance programs that expired. mark albert for cbs news, washington. it is becoming less likely that anyone else is alive from a cruise ship that sank in a river in china. today troops gathered on the banks of the yangtze river to take part in search efforts. the boat called the eastern star was traveling upstream when it was overturned on
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monday night in a cyclone. so far 14 people have been found alive and more than 400 are still unaccounted for. today, interpol put 6 men connected to fifa on its list of most wanted fugitives. the agency issued red notices for two former fifa officials and four executives on charges of racketeering and corruption. among those sought is former fifa vice president jack warner of trinidad. it all stems from a scheme of alleged bribes for media rights and tournament location. yesterday the fifa president said he will resign. a disturbing end to the school year in south san francisco. someone used tiles to create a large swastika on the football field at el camino high school. it was found monday morning and quickly removed by school staff. classes end for the summer last thursday. college bound students now have a new way to get help preparing for the s.a.t. tests. the new s.a.t. study program just went online. it's run jointly by the khan academy and the college board
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which administers the scholastic aptitude test. >> we are we really excited that this gives students equal access to the resources that they need to be successful because that's something we believe in too. >> the partnership promises to produce the most authentic prep course available anywhere and it's free. time now 6:09. we're learning more about a deadly plane crash just outside of livermore and the man at the controls. >> and the nba finals finally tipping off tomorrow night. we are going to show you how things are going at oracle arena as warriors prepare for the cavaliers in game 1. >> and morning clouds and fog not nearly as dense as we've seen lately. what that means for your afternoon highs coming up. >> we have backups growing at the bay bridge toll plaza. currently backed up from the foot of the maze. i'll have the latest on the bay bridge including information
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welcome back. time now 6:12. here's's live look at the bay bridge. sunrise over treasure island. a beautiful perspective of what to expect throughout the day a mixture of sun and clouds and mild temperatures. the full forecast is coming up. the pilot killed in the crash of a small plane near livermore has been identified. the alameda county coroner's bureau says 75-year-old michael seal of pleasanton died in the crash monday night. the plane had just taken off from livermore municipal airport. federal investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. a man shot and killed by terrorism investigators in boston is the younger brother of an east bay religious leader. ibrahim rahim is the imam at the lighthouse mosque in oakland. he flew to boston yesterday after his brother usaama died. police say usaama brandished a knife but ebrahim says on social media that usaama was
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shot in the back. >> imam is grieving and his family. >> unfortunately we shoot first and asks questions later. >> police suspected usaama rahim of trying to join isis. he was on the phone with his father when the shooting happened, reportedly. a notable sports event in cuba. the new york cosmos took on the cuban national team in havana. it was the first sports contest between the two countries since the president said back in december that diplomatic relations are being restored. tickets to the game cost only 4 cents. final scores cosmos 4, cuba 1. on the nba finals now, guard klay thompson has been cleared to play in tomorrow's game one against the cavaliers. thompson had a concussion after he was injured in a play-off game last week against the rockets taking a knee to the head. yesterday, he got the green light. he is all clear to play. he told reporters he feels great, too. game 1 warriors, cavaliers, tips off tomorrow in oakland at
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6:00 at oracle arena. workers are putting the finishing touches on "roar- acle" arena forth game. kpix 5's cate caugiran gives us a little sneak peek. reporter: oracle arena is getting all gussied up for game one of the finals. new banners adorn the entrances, and inside, the freshly placed stickers on the pole pads make it official: game one is on our home turf. most us will experience it from home or at a sports bar. but if you want to come here, it will cost you about $81,000 on ticketmaster for these courtside seats. and the view, not too bad. for the fans who can afford it, it's quite a view, being a seat away from nba's greatest, as this court becomes center stage for a warriors-cavaliers showdown thursday night. in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> on the low end, game one ticket prices start at $626 on the warriors resale website, >> that's the low end. >> that's the low end. >> those are the nose bleed
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seats. >> probably. >> if there was a cheap seat. >> stay on my couch watching. >> sounds good me to. we have lots of stuff to talk about in traffic. we are going to talk about actually good news. good news first. westbound 80 wide open as it rolls through berkeley. you're looking at live pictures of traffic as it rolls past the ashby avenue exit. but take a look as you make that right hand curve. the berkeley emeryville curve towards the bay bridge toll plaza, this is what awaits you. very heavy traffic at the pay gates extending to the foot of the maze with the metering lights on. so expect those backups. once you pass the metering lights traffic does okay getting into downtown san francisco. heading for the hayward area there is an accident in the clearing stages. southbound 880 just before whipple looks like chp just pushed it off to the side but it is still causing delays for that southbound commute direction approaching and passing highway 92. so those are the slow areas. bay bridge toll plaza 880 as it
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rolls through the hayward area, also gummed up for the altamont pass. westbound 580 is going to be slow from the 205 interchange approaching airway. that's it. once you past airway traffic picks up approaching the dublin interchange. now, heading for the bart system, better news. they were struggling with delays. up to 20 minutes at one point because of earlier switching problems out of 19th street in oakland. they are back on time no delays for bart, caltrain, "ace" train or caltrain. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to julie. >> thank you, liza. really looking at a pretty nice start to your day. not nearly as many clouds or fog as we saw yesterday. take a look at your current temperatures. mild out the door temperatures ranging from the low to mid-50s pretty much areawide with the coolest spots up north, santa rosa, napa, at 48 degrees. satellite perspective shows weak trough overhead that's dominating the forecast right now. and what that means, well, slightly -- temperatures slightly below average for this
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time of year. this upper-level low that drops in tomorrow increases our cloud cover a bit and brings a slight chance of showers by the weekend. more on that in a bit. first today, some low clouds and fog to start although most of that is already dissipating. afternoon sunshine with some high clouds later in the day. and then breezy today near the coast and the bay. temperatures just a tad bit below those seasonal norms. sunrise today 5:49. sunset 8:27. and if you take a look at the highs throughout the bay area you will notice pretty pleasant and pretty close to seasonal norms. 60 in half moon bay today. 67 san francisco. 67 hayward. 73 the high in livermore. temperatures in the east bay topping out near 80 for the warmest locations as well as in the north bay. napa 80 degrees for you today. 76 santa rosa. 70 san raphael. 68 your high today in berkeley. your extended forecast shows temperature-wise more of the same not going to see a lot of fluctuation in temperatures. again staying near those sealsal norms. we increase cloud cover though
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for thursday and on into the weekend. once that low drops in we may see wraparound moisture that could present just a slight chance of showers. right now looking like primarily in the east bay saturday into sunday. we are going to keep our fingers crossed we get some sprinkles but for the most part a pretty pleasant weekend. >> all right, julie. thank you. a bay area woman walks into the path of a minivan after investigators
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good morning, everybody. steph curry has had some amazing moments in his mvp season and perhaps a couple of times poor shot selection actually paid off. head coach steve kerr says those moments are steph's being arrogant.
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>> he's a humble human being who has an arrogance about his game of,that's what i mean, when you have that type of confidence and fearlessness to take the shots that he does and make them, um, that's what i call arrogant. but it's a good arrogance. >> the pirates are coming and they want some booty. top of the third game tied at 2. pedro alvarez doubled down the left field line. two runs score, 4-2 pittsburgh. bottom of the inning, brandon crawford goes opposite field. that's a two-run home ruffin. that's his 8th of the year. he has 36 runs batted in and he leads the giants in that category. top of the 6th, it's 6-4 pirates and mccutcheon doubles down the right field line. polanco never stopped running from first. here's the throw, he slides and is safe. giants lose 7-4. they have lost four straight games al kaline on the left checking out the a's in detroit. top of the 7th, oakland down 3- 0. runners at the corners. kinsler, no runner so the bases are loaded. how does he throw there? two batters later.
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zobrist gives the a's the lead with a grand slam to make it 5- 3 of the little kid caught it. where the ball is caught by a little kid at first. at first he was happy and they breaks into tears realizing that ben zobrist who plays for the a's just hit a grand slam that landed in his glove. the a's win 5-3 and a fan who caught a grand slam ball is not happy. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. doesn't tradition say he has to throw it back on to the field because it came the from the opponent? >> no, frank. >> i know. he's a kid. how about a great catch here? a little run boom! play of the day. atlanta and arizona. diamondbacks with a spectacular grab. look at that! arizona beat the braves 7-6 thanks to your play of the day. 6:24 right now. some bay area college students say they have come up with a
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better way to help people with deep seated psychological problems. >> what's -- -- ended with a pedestrian seriously injured. we'll tell you wh
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my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for 12 years. i have three kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. i'm there to do the safest job possible not only for them but everybody, myself included,
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that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e. it's a rewarding feeling. together, we're building a better california.
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state lawmakers approve a bold plan to drastically reduce smoking among young people. >> and a bay area woman hit by a minivan why investigators believe she put herself in danger. >> mostly clear skies and mild temperatures to start off the
6:29 am
day. your wednesday forecast coming up. >> and traffic at the san mateo bridge is looking good. it's getting to the san mateo bridge toll plaza where you'll see backups this morning. i'll explain with "kcbs traffic" still ahead. and good morning, everyone. wednesday is here. it's june 3. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:29. a car being chased by police hits and seriously injuries a pedestrian in san francisco. causing critical condition. kpix 5's anne makovec is in san francisco with more on the chase. >> reporter: the suspect still on the loose this morning. police have not been able to track this guy down. it started here at 8th and mission at around is he:30 last night. where police began chasing robbery suspects in a blue bmw. almost immediately, the bmw hit a pedestrian and that person is now in critical condition. the police chase continued across the bay bridge. we caught part of it with our traffic cam. you can see the bmw crossing on the right-hand side on your
6:30 am
screen followed by patrol cars. this was shot from the oakland side of the bridge. police lost sight of that car at the 580 interchange. they have been looking for it ever since. so far no luck. anne makevoc, kpix 5. a woman hospitalized after she was struck by a minivan in san rafael on point san pedro road near mannedderly road. it's believe the victim was forced to walk in the street because of a tree blocking the sidewalk. the woman went to the hospital with head injuries no update on her condition. dead and drought damaged trees are causing big concerns as fire season approaches. pg&e is now doing aerial surveys of forested areas looking for trees that could potentially fall on power lines. workers record each location by gps and then a ground crew arrives to trim the tree or cut
6:31 am
it down completely. today customers served by the contra costa water district are facing a rate hike all to help needed drought mandate to cut overall use 28%. under the proposal, households that fail to cut back use from 350 gallons per day would see their bill rise about 10%. but households that reduce their water use by 28% would see their rates drop. the district will vote on the proposal today. >> i'm staring into the weather center! and it's nice to see the sun over the bay at this hour. that hasn't happened a lot. >> this time yesterday we were talking june gloom, now sunshine. >> no kidding. mostly clear skies areawide. really off to a beautiful start today. temperature-wise we are looking at similar temperatures to yesterday. but i think you're going to like this forecast. isn't this a gorgeous view from our roof cam looking towards treasure island? looking at the sunrise above treasure island you see some clouds off in the distance. but really they are starting to mix out early this morning more locations seeing sunshine than we have seen lately. right now temperatures areawide in the low to mid-50s. coolest spots up north santa
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rosa now 48 degrees. taking it hour by hour throughout the day started off with some clouds early this morning. but we are making way for plenty of sunshine mostly sunny skies by later on this afternoon high in san francisco 62 degrees. we will see some high clouds moving in later today, breezy by the bay and along the coast. i'll have the full forecast and temperatures bay area-wide crutch. first a check of traffic. >> we are just getting -- we are just getting word of a new accident on the san mateo bridge. if you take this commute, delays west 92 right at the high-rise section. a two-car accident blocking the left lane it doesn't take much to back up this particular commute. expect backups near the high- rise section. this section right here that you're looking at is still moving okay but getting to the san mateo bridge toll plaza, you can expect delays. we had an earlier accident southbound 880 at whipple. just part of the reason why you see that red there. southbound 880 all lanes are open. but traffic is going to be slow from 238 passing highway 92 getting into union city.
6:33 am
again we have that san mateo bridge accident slow traffic for 880. but great news for the north bay. we don't have any delays as of yet heading through marin county. just a brief delay for south 101 approaching petaluma boulevard south. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to frank. the woman who got a restraining order against ray mcdonald claims the ex-49ers' behavior was often violent. in court documents she accuses him of a pattern of verbal abuse that often escalated into full attacks. she says last week mcdonald showed up drunk and cornered her and their infant son. mcdonald was arrested and made bail and two days later arrested again for violating a restraining order. meanwhile, 48er fullback bruce miller pled no contest in response to a domestic violence charge. that stems from an argument miller had with his then fiancee back in march. police say miller grabbed her cell phone, threw it against a wall destroying it. as part of his sentence, miller has to attend a 16-week domestic violence course. he is also barred from any
6:34 am
contact with the victim. it could soon be against the law for anyone under the age of 21 to buy cigarettes. betty yu reports on the potential impact of the plan that's now passed the state senate. reporter: at uncle neo's smoke shop near san jose state cigars are their best sellers. that can change as the bill to raise the age for buying tobacco goes up to 21. >> i'm not opposed to it but it will hurt business. >> reporter: jeffrey wilson says up to 70% of his tobacco sales come from people under 21. >> considering that we're, like, located next to campus or our clientele mostly consists of students and stuff, so for us personally it will have a big effect. >> reporter: the bill has already gotten unanimous support from democrats and a few republican senators. if it actually does become a law, california would be one of the first states in the country to raise the legal age. >> they should probably raise it as high as they can. >> reporter: christian paez size he started smoking at 8
6:35 am
years old. by 18, he was going through four packs a day. >> i have been smoking my whole life and it's not good. >> reporter: this shop isn't getting too worried just yet. >> i think the tobacco companies are still going to overrule and continue to dominate the market. >> reporter: you think if this was a law around the time that you were 18, that it would have made a difference in your behavior? >> probably not. >> reporter: hawaii has already passed a similar bill. it is sitting before the governor there. also, lawmakers passed a bill to ban ecigarettes in public places. that will now also head to the assembly. in mountain view, betty yu, kpix 5. san francisco supervisors voted down a plan to temporarily halt the building of a high-priced apartments and condos in the mission neighborhood. the vote came last night after eight hours of heated debate. opponents of the moratorium say it would cause rents in the area to escalate even faster. supporters say it would prevent long-time residents from being priced out of the neighborhood.
6:36 am
some state lawmakers want to make sure pedestrians won't have to pay to walk across toll bridges in california. the golden gate bridge district has been considering a pedestrian toll in an effort to close a budget gap. but the state assembly has passed a bill that would prevent such tolls. it now heads to the state senate. the oakland city council is expected to accept $4 million of federal grants for fire protection. the money from fema would help cover the cost of removing non- native brush and eucalyptus trees from the oakland hills. it's all potential fuel in the event of a wildfire. the idea is to prevent what happened in 1991 when a firestorm killed 25 people and destroyed more than 3,000 homes. 6:36. president obama promptly signed the usa freedom act last night after one a-- after it won approval from the u.s. senate. the law will renew most of the surveillance programs that were put into place after the 9/11
6:37 am
terror attacks but it does call for changes in six months. that's when the national security agency will lose the power to collect and store phone records. but private companies will hold the information and then the nsa will be able to get to it with a court order. >> we have to protect americans privacy. we can do that and still keep us secure. >> it surely undermines american security by taking one more tool from our war fighterrings, in my view, at exactly the wrong time. >> could take at least several days to restart many of the anti-terror surveillance programs that expired on monday. rescuers pluck a man off a north bay beach. he wasn't happy to get help. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live at santa clara university doing a story about virtual reality. it's smaller faster and cheaper than it has ever been and this morning we'll take a look
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bank. welcome back. time now 6:41. here's a look at your high temperatures throughout the day starting off in the south bay highs in the low 70s for the most part low to mid-70s. 74 campbell. 71 santa clara. 65 union city today. topping out near 80 degrees for the warmest spots in the east bay. 80 brentwood. 79 fairfield. 69 vallejo. cooler along the coast. breezy conditions. 59 in stinson beach. 58 daly city. 71 though petaluma and 80 degrees for folks in napa a bit farther to the north, 80s saint helena. ukiah 79. comcast giving us its customers a refund for an internet outage that happened a couple of days ago. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. it was a frustrating monday night for a lot of comcast
6:42 am
customers up and down the west coast. there are outages for several hours in many cities including the bay area. it was as a result of a hardware problem when they tried to route traffic around it and overwhelmed local serve he was. it says it's adding capacity to prevent it from happening again and in the meantime comcast will send $5 refunds to all of those customers affected. it could be hundreds of thousands. better news on the job market. private payroll tracker adp reports that hiring in may picked up from the month before a gain of 201,000 jobs. that compared to 169,000 in april which was the weakest month of hiring in about a year and a half. there comes two days ahead of the labor department's jobs report on friday. also, the trade deficit slimmed in april after a big rise in march due to the stronger dollar and lower oil prices impacting the u.s. energy sector it was down almost 20% in april to about
6:43 am
$40 billion. imports down, exports up. the market got off to a positive start this morning. looking good so far. the dow is up by more than 50 points. nasdaq is up 18. s&p is up by 4. frank and michelle, back to you. >> all right, jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. good to see you guys. jeff pegues is talking about the terror suspect shot and killed in boston. plus why thousands of hurricane sandy victims still don't have homes all this time later. and peter green will tell us about faster ways to board planes. the efforts to legalize a female sex pill. actress melissa maccarthy and a director. and i love this story, whether it pays to be a jerk at work. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. and frank, this is for you, frank, because michelle and i
6:44 am
have been discussing this. we often do. >> okay. >> why is it that there is a sex pill for men and nothing for women? >> you ask me the pot question a week or two ago. i don't know. that's why i'm going to watching "cbs this morning" to find out, by golly. but thanks for asking. >> by golly. >> have a good one. the bay area family of journalist detained in iran is pleading for his release now. jason rezaian is originally from san francisco. he has been in prison in tehran for 316 days. the iranians accuse the "washington post" reporter of spying. his brother ali testified before the house foreign relations committee and was asked what he would say to iran's leaders if he could. >> i think they would have to ask what do they think they're accomplishing? you know, what are they doing to their own image if they want to join the community of nations which is their stated
6:45 am
goal? become more normalized? how do they think that this helps them at all? >> family says while in prison, rezaian has been cleared up a bit because apparently, he is a bill golden state warriors fan and he is getting information on the team. rezaian is expected to be back in court on monday. don't be afraid of what we're about to show you. it's a new high-tech way of dealing with phobias. kiet do has the story from santa clara something you'll see only on "5". reporter: all right. here we go. even though i know i'm standing in the engineering department at santa clara university -- should i open my eyes now -- and even though my behind in knows i'm safe with two feet on the ground -- oh, wow -- my eyes do not care. >> oh, my god. that's crazy. >> reporter: virtual realities passed its awkward years and growing up fast. the goggles are smaller, the screens sensors and graphics are better than ever and most importantly, they're cheap. the oculus wrist test goggles were just $350. that has finally put vr within
6:46 am
reach of very small teams like engineering undergrads paul thurston and bryce mariano. their big year end project had to have a social benefit. something that would help others. for these future videogame designers, treating fear of heights with virtual reality was a no brainer. >> you can very easily just put this camera on the moon, you can put it under water, you can do pretty much anything with it. >> very exciting. >> reporter: one of the faculty advisers suggested the students add a feature where a therapist could adjust the height in real time. >> so they can just choose what height to set on the buildings. >> reporter: sullivan says a powerful and affordable therapy like vr could change lives. >> so having equipment that you can keep right in your office where you can expose them to the feared object or situation, um, but not have to go anywhere to do it, i think, could be really exciting for treating phobias. >> the end goal would be to have a library of simulations
6:47 am
that a therapist could scroll through and choose. >> reporter: what would have taken big budget research teams months to do at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, two college students have done in a few weeks for a couple hundred bucks. so virtual reality is all grown up now? >> i think so. we are ready. >> reporter: so really fascinating to see how far this technology has come in a generation. and now the hope is that with these guys being done with this project, somebody will really pick it up, run with it and really develop it and make it accessible and affordable and help a lot of people in the process. back to you. >> well, lets talk about that, kiet. when can the average person get to use one of these. >> reporter: yeah. you know, oculus wrist the company that makes the goggles facebook bought them in march of last year and word is that we might see this on the consumer market by holiday of this year. so fingers crossed. we're live in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5.
6:48 am
>> there's not enough guys on this program. >> don't forget us, kiet. how's traffic? >> as we move on and talk about the san mateo bridge where there are big delays now, this is in the westbound direction. it's just a two-car fender- bender blocking the left lane. now, it's still on the high- rise section and it is causing a backup now. you can see all that traffic now west 92 is going to be heavy leaving the toll plaza all the way across the span and just to show you how bad the traffic is you can see all those sensors yellow for the length of the san mateo bridge. so for the time being you're going to want to use the dumbarton bridge instead as your alternate. you're going to be sitting in traffic for southbound 880. that's heavy from 238 approaching and passing the union city area. in the silicon valley, just heard from sky 3, north 101 slow from capitol expressway approaching tully and then
6:49 am
heavy again from 280 to trimble road. so expect those problems there. 280 approaching downtown san jose is also going to be a little sluggish and there are more folks now make the commute across the golden gate bridge. but the good news there are no brake lights so you're still moving well leaving southern marin approaching san francisco. heading towards the sunny bay bridge toll plaza, you can kind of see some of the traffic there westbound traffic still heavy from beyond the foot of the maze with those metering lights on. no delays this morning for eastbound 80 getting towards the lower deck and better news for the bart system. they were delayed. they are now back on time with all trains on time. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to julie. >> thank you. >> another woman. >> you are outnumbered, frank. [ laughter ] >> sorry. >> i think he likes it that way. >> he loves it. we're starting out with hazy view of the city this morning from atop the transamerica building and take a look at this. the fog now pushed back off the coast pretty much summing up our forecast this morning. plenty of sunshine with a mix
6:50 am
of clouds throughout the day today. current temperatures pretty much in the low to mid-50s areawide. the outlier a couple of temperatures in the 40s the upper 40s up north. in fact, let's take a look at some of our weather watcher readings. petaluma plenty of sunshine this morning and 48 degrees. let's go down to the peninsula. 55 degrees this from mickey bennett in san bruno. later on today you will see sunshine pretty much areawide. an onshore flow will increase breezes later today with temperatures below average for this time of the year. upper-level low dropping in tomorrow and with that we'll likely see increasing clouds even a chance of showers slight chance and scattered showers. but a chance nonetheless by saturday into sunday. for today what to expect? well, some low clouds and fog to start. afternoon sun with some high
6:51 am
clouds passing through later on today. and then breezy near the coast and by the bay and this will continue. high temperatures today just slightly below average for this time of the year. 58 pacifica. 69 vallejo. 79 fairfield today. your extended forecast shows temperatures not going to fluctuate a lot. highs topping out in the warmest locations near the 80- degree mark really through the extended forecast. however, we will see increasing clouds beginning tomorrow and again a slight chance of showers heading into the weekend. temperatures though remain just below those seasonal norms until next week. back to you guys. >> okay, thank you, julie. a bill for automatic voter registration has cleared a hurdle in sacramento. the assembly passed a proposal yesterday that would register people who get driver's licenses to vote unless they opt out. a response to low turnout in recent elections. it now goes to the senate. drunk and ungrateful. that's how the chp describes a 20-year-old man they rescued from stinson beach last night. fell from some rocks and hit
6:52 am
his head. when officers got to him, they say he was pretty drunk and combative until he passed out. doctors are looking after him in the hospital. a french skier had a frightening ordeal in the alps and survived. [ screaming ] . >> he was skiing normally but then the ground opened up under him and wedged him in a crevasse. he fell several feet deal deeper into the hole screaming for help. another group of skiers threw down a rope and called for a rescue. 30 minutes later he was rescued. it is 6:52 on this wednesday. two former fifa executives are now on interpol's "most wanted" list as the corruption investigation grows deeper. >> and a pedestrian is injured after a police chase. coming up we'll tell you where police lost track of the suspect.
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at five things to know at the :55. president obama had signed a usa freedom act into law restoring key parts of the pay the that expired this week. final approval was begin. the measure restores and reshapes most of the programs put in place in the patriot act after 9/11. a man shot and killed by police in boston yesterday was under surveillance by federal terrorism investigators at the time. officers approached usaama rahim for questioning when he came at them with a knife. he was under 24-hour surveillance for three weeks. interpol placed two former fifa executives and four marketing executives on an
6:57 am
international "most wanted" list. among them, jack warner. the north american soccer official is accused of taking $10 million in bribes before the 2010 world cup. yesterday the fifa president announce he will step down. warriors star klay thompson cleared to play in game one of the nba finals tomorrow. he was hit in the head and had a concussion last week in the conference finals against the rockets. he will make his return when the warriors and cavs tip off tomorrow night game one at oakland. oakland city council has delayed a vote on selling land for an apartment tower near lake merritt. the building would have 300 units most at market rates. affordable housing advocates have been fighting the development saying public lands should be used to benefit the public. i'm anne makovec live in san francisco, where a pedestrian is hit and seriously injured during a police chase and the suspect is still at large. it happened here at 8th and
6:58 am
mission at around 10:30 last night. police thought that they saw a man in a car who was wanted for a robbery. so they started chasing that car, a blue bmw, and that car hit a pedestrian. that pedestrian is now in critical condition. the police chase continued across the bay bridge. we caught part of it with our traffic cam. you can see the suspect bmw crossing on the right-hand side of your screen followed by patrol cars. this was shot from the oakland side of the bridge. police lost sighted of the suspect car near the 580 split. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. big time delays through the san mateo bridge where there's an accident that just has been cleared from lanes but the damage is done. you can see bumper-to-bumper. the length of the san mateo. use the dumbarton bridge instead. we have earlier problems also delaying traffic from south 880 through hayward. tough commute from hayward and very slow at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights remain on. traffic is still backed up from the foot of the maze.
6:59 am
there is also an overturn accident. counter-commute. but you can see it from the other side. so it's heavy through pinole. mostly sunny the story today with highs just slightly below our seasonal norms. 58 pacifica, breezy conditions there this afternoon. 52 san francisco. 69 in redwood city. down south san jose 71. 73 livermore. topping out near 80 for the warmest spots in the east bay. 79 high in fairfield. extended forecast, tomorrow that upper-level low drops in and we will see an increase in clouds. even a slight chance of showers saturday into sunday and by slight chance of showers i mean possibly going to see some wraparound moisture that could spark up a couple of showers maybe in the east bay. >> we'll see. >> at least we have something coming. >> we are hoping for it. >> all right.
7:00 am
>> all right. thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. >> enjoy your wednesday, folks. "cbs . good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, june 3, 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." a new arrest outside boston could be tied to a terror plot involving the beheading of a police officer. new detail this is morning on the lion attack that killed an american woman in south africa. she worked on big hollywood productions. the fda takes a third look at a pill to help women's sex drive. critics question its safety. others say discrimination is at play. but we begin with a look at today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. >> he was someone we were watching. >> the level of alarm brought us to que


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