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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: very tense moments there as you saw. things calmed down briefly after that confrontation. one of the parents had a message for the school board and the superintendent. >> take care of the school district and get her out there was if she is not going to help the scty. they need more security around the school to get the kids back to the school. >> i don't want to be insensitive. but it's true. it was a time to be in class. we cannot unless we're going to chain every student to his desk, they can leave and walk out. >> reporter: that school board member saying he has not seen any of those videos of the fights on campus. now, we're back out here live starting at 5:00 in just a few minutes here, there will be a regular school board meeting scheduled now that the superintendent's review has wrapped up. there are a lot of parents who are still out here tonight and
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we are expecting this will be a heated board meeting. we'll stay out here live in vallejo. christin ayers, kpix 5. firefighters quickly put out a brush fire that spread behind several antioch homes. chopper 5 flew over the area around wilbur and minaker drive. you can the blackened patch of land behind a business. the fire backed up to the homes. firefighters were on scene moving debris and spraying hot spots for some time. no word yet on how that fire started. in marin county, firefighters helped rescue a woman from the balcony of her burning apartment. flames broke out about 10:00 this morning at an apartment complex in kentfield. firefighters were quickly on the scene helping people escape. everyone got out okay. 12 units are uninhabitable. this afternoon investigators were back on the scene of an accident that left a teenaged jogger in critical condition. she was hit by a minivan on point san pedro road in san rafael. she had stepped into the
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roadway to avoid a downed tree. kpix 5's da lin with more. reporter: allen, police say the 17-year-old high school student has major injuries and isn't doing well. a minivan hit her in the number 2 lane the a tree blocking the sidewalk has since been removed. police say the young jogger had nowhere to go so she ran around the downed tree. when she got into the street, a minivan hit her. around 7:00, still light out, did the driver not see her? >> again, part of the investigation we're trying to piece all of that together and it's just not appropriate to comment on it. >> reporter: the impact was so severe, one of her shoes landed on the sidewalk. and her phone got tossed feet away. police say the driver stopped and cooperated with the investigators. >> the driver was evaluated and was not found to be under the influence at the time. >> reporter: and they are trying to see if speed was a
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factor. neighbors say the tree fell down sometime tuesday afternoon just a few hours before the accident. >> just extraordinarily unfortunate timing that the car passed at the moment that the jogger was in the street going around the tree. >> reporter: neighbors believe the downed tree was already dead and rotted at the root. some neighbors say they have been asking public works to remove the dead trees along point san pedro road for a while. >> it's difficult. i'm a parent. this would be my nightmare. um, my heart is breaking for her family. >> reporter: the city is extremely careful with this case because it could be a huge liability case. you can see this tree is on the sidewalk so and behind someone's fence so it appears this is -- this tree belongs to the city of san rafael. live in san rafael, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> we did try to find out from public works if it had received calls about that downed tree before the accident. the department director so far has not returned our calls
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a dangerous intersection in san francisco got a safety makeover today with the installation of new stop signs. northbound and southbound stop signs went up at san jose and lakeview avenues. crews repainted the crosswalk, as well. working just a couple of feet away from a growing memorial for 12-year-old andrew wu. the middle school student was killed last month at the same spot. he was trying to catch a train for school when he was hit by an suv and thrown into the path of an oncoming muni train. neighbors have complained about the safety in that area especially cars flying through that intersection. san francisco police are trying to crackdown on drivers not looking out for pedestrians. kpix 5's anne makovec says they didn't have to look too hard. reporter: anybody who has walked in any big city recently knows how harrowing it can be, even in a crosswalk. 20-year veteran police officer troy courtney has seen his share of danger. his assignment today -- >> couple close calls. >> reporter: -- walking across a crosswalk at sampson and
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green as a pedestrian decoy. >> make sure the distance with the cars coming into the intersection, presenting myself so they see me. >> reporter: anyone who doesn't stop is immediately cited. >> definitely a big supporter of that. >> reporter: because pedestrian danny tustin has already been hit by a car. >> i got a little tap. there's a little bit of like that. >> reporter: scary? >> a little bit, yeah. >> registration and license. >> reporter: in this joint sfpd-chp operation, officers are concentrating on speeding, red lights, stop signs, failure to yield for pedestrians, and illegal left turns. >> we can educate people that, you know, what they do is of consequence, then we're doing our jobs. >> reporter: it was like shooting fish in a barrel with citation after citation around the embarcadero and russian hill. >> sometimes i run out of resources. definitely they are doing good public service for the city. >> reporter: a city that has seen an increasing number of pedestrian deaths. >> there's just a lot of people
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trying to get places quickly and not paying attention. >> reporter: the penalty for a citation for failure to yield for a pedestrian in a crosswalk is $238 and a point on your license. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> today's operation was part of the city's vision zero campaign aimed at eliminating pedestrian deaths in the city. a steel worker's leg was crushed by a massive beam that fell from its cradle in vallejo. it happened around 11:00 this morning on mare island at xkt engineering. the worker was alert and conscious when he was taken to a trauma center. cal/osha is investigating. this just in. cbs news has confirmed the terror suspect shot and killed in boston had been plotting to behead conservative blogger pamela geller who made headlines when police thwarted an attack on a prophet mohammad cartoon contest that her organization was sponsoring in texas. joint terrorism task force
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members killed 26-year-old usaama rahim yesterday after they say he lunged at them with a large knife. tonight we have learned surveillance video reportedly refutes claims by his brother who is an oakland imam that rahim was shot in the back. the video has not been made public but police and prosecutors did share it with civic and religious leaders. they agree it refutes what the brother posted on social media. >> the video clearly shows the four or five officers backtracking away from the suspect as he is coming at them. >> what has been stated that the individual was shot in the back while he was on the cell phone talking to his father was false. >> meanwhile, a second suspect appeared in federal court in boston this afternoon. prosecutors say 24-year-old david wright conspired to conceal or destroy a smartphone belonging to rahim. usaama rahim's brother as i said ibrahim recently moved to the bay area and is imam of
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lighthouse mosque in oakland. we are told he has traveled to boston to be with his family. a pentagon goofup is worse than we first thought. we're talking about the number of accidental shipments involving live anthrax. defense officials say more than 50 such shipments were made in recent years. late last month, the pentagon admitted to mistakenly sending live samples to several labs. stanford received one. so far, no lab workers have gotten sick. >> these are possibly hundreds of different lots. so that's why i do believe the numbers may go up. >> the army's top general says the process of killing the anthrax might have failed. golden arches falling before our eyes. tonight big questions about the future of the iconic american brand. can mcdonald's' business survive in the bay area? >> it's the same kind of -- do whatever you can. >> at nba finals, 40 years in the making. but before the warriors hit the court, they face a sea of
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cameras. steph curry's big plans before game 1. >> and his daughter's. >> hey, beats speakers too hot to handle? it's a problem prompting
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mcdonald's golds en arches are vanishing from san francisco. several stores have closed in san francisco so far. the closures are signs of the real estate times. mike sugerman reports. >> we're the ones getting kicked out! not you! >> reporter: we know most americans can't afford to live in san francisco. turns out some american institutions can't afford it either. the mcdonald's on van ness avenue been here a long time. it's gone. the mcdonald's at 16th and mission another landmark of the neighborhood just closed this week. and word is that the one by the
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ballpark at townsend is going. >> someone else owns the land and building that person probably sees a better deal building condos, condos, condos. >> reporter: joe is the senior editor of san francisco magazine and has written about such issues over the years. what does it tell you that even mcdonald's can't afford to be in some parts of san francisco? >> there's almost no example you can come up with now that isn't too extreme of how expensive it is to live and do business in san francisco. >> reporter: san francisco's supersized real estate market is doing what city leaders have tried to do but failed. they banned free happy meals. they are suing the haight street franchise for use of drugs there. mcdonald's is having trouble nationwide. sales are down as people try to eat healthier. that doesn't seem to be the problem here so much. >> although mcdonald's is a wonderful villain it's less sociological and moreland use and real estate. >> reporter: the ballpark mcdonald's was previously a cafe where dirty harry once uttered his famous. >> go ahead, make my day.
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>> you can still see the now demolished 280 extension in the background. just part of san francisco's long history of change. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> and the plans are to build a hotel on the site of the mcdonald's at third and townsend. a building moratorium proposal in san francisco may be headed for the november ballot. that's after it was rejected by supervisors in the heated vote last night. if the moratorium is passed it would have stopped market rate housing developments in the mission district for 45 days. supporters wanted time to come up with a plan to buy land for affordable housing. now, they are considering the ballot. from bridge to art some of the steel from the old eastern span of the bay bridge is going to be creatively recycled. the oakland museum of california will get some those old pieces and then give them to select artists. the project will celebrate the bridge and its history. artists have until october 1 to apply. >> i like that.
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>> good idea. a gift that will change 18 strangers' lives. hear from the bay area man who is kicking off a rare kidney transplant chain. why he says the surgery is a no- brainer. >> just like the super bowl, the nba, they have their own media day. on the eve of the nba finals, the cavs and warriors meet the mics.
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reporters and forest from all over the world at oracle arena today. the nba finals to tip off tomorrow. dennis o'donnell joining us. >> crazy. >> great stuff. nuggets and nuggets of very significant information. >> never heard before. [ laughter ] >> exactly. the nba media day is a lot like super bowl media day. a lot of cameras, a lot of questions, but very few answers that actually mean anything. >> what's your favorite dinosaur? >> my favorite dinosaur? i would have to say the the raptor. >> reporter: things are loose on the warriors side. for steph curry he has his itinerary all set to help him relax on the eve of the nba finals. >> do whatever you can to get your mind right out. i'm going to get a haircut. i'm going to hang out at the pool at my house get some sun
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and then, um, get a good night's rest and be ready for tomorrow. >> this is what you have. you have eight days off for the warriors. nine days off for the cleveland cavaliers. that's a lot time to be detecting how the warriors are going to cover lebron and how lebron is going to cover curry, right? so you end up talking about dinosaurs and barney. >> can't believe that. >> there tough. >> who asked that question? [ laughter ] >> i love the response. he goes little kids like barney. he looked right at him when he said it. >> all right, dennis, thanks. we have a big sectionometer nba finals on our website, look for the yellow links up at the top of the page. well, one man from napa decided he would donate his kidney kicking off an 18-way transplant chain in san francisco. nine people are about to get kidney transplants thanks to reed moran haywood. it all started when he wanted to donate his kidney to a friend in need. he wasn't a match. but technology at ucsf and california pacific medical center helped line him up with
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someone that was a match. >> i had already started doing testing and it just seemed like, you know, i had gone so far with the process anyway that i just felt like it would be a shame not to continue with it so i decided to -- to donate to somebody that i don't know. >> the 18-way transplant chain starts tomorrow and will be completed on friday. facebook executive sheryl sandberg speaking out about live after her husband's death in a powerful letter. dave goldberg died suddenly last month in a treadmill accident while on vacation in mexico. after marking a traditional jewish mourning period, sandberg speaks candidly about her grief. she writes, i have lived 30 years in these 30 days. i am 30 years sadder. i feel like i am 30 years wiser. she goes on to say i think when tragedy occurs, it presents a choice. you can give in to the void our you can try to find -- or you can try to find meaning. i want to choose life and
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meaning. >> she says her husband's death has taught her to be better at expressing gratitude towards friends and family. her letter is online at she posted it on facebook. we are learning more about the woman mauled to death about a lion in south africa an editor for the tv sear series game of thrones. the 29-year-old catherine chappelle was in africa to raise money for organizations working against poaching. she won an emmy last year. she was mauled in a private wildlife park on monday. talk about a royal mistake. abbc journalist facing discipline after falsely tweeting that britain's queen elizabeth had died. greatly exaggerated. it was actually a technical rehearsal for coverage of the queen's eventual death. she was coincidentally at the hospital but only for a routine check-up. >> hm. apple is recalling more
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than 230,000 beats speakers after reports they overheat. the problem is being blamed on the battery. one person says it got so hot, the speakers burned a finger and another reported it damaged a desk. customers can ask for a refund through apple's website or get a store credit. a whale spotted venturing into the bay today. you might miss it if you blink. but maybe you can see it spouting. >> don't blink. >> was headed towards the golden gate. there it is. we found it. we saw it come up for air several times. >> always exciting. >> yeah. >> i have never been [ indiscernible ] not in a boat. >> try it in a kayak. >> makes me nervous. >> couple of clouds in the sky. today was opposite day. it's opposite day. because rather than clouds in the morning sunshine in the as of, why not do the opposite? >> why did it do that? >> let's have all the sunshine in the morning. and all the cloud cover in the afternoon. mother nature has been flipping the months. why don't we just start doing
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it with the days? we're cloudy outside right now and cool. livermore down to 65. couple of hours ago it was sunny and 75. not anymore. san francisco 59 with clouds. one spot that's mild is santa rosa 76 degrees. we will stay mostly cloudy overnight tonight. san jose low 54. napa 51. pacifica 51. i want to update you on this because i have a feeling this is going to be a significant story in weather and news over the next several months. it's an el nino update. i have a chart on television for you. you may have been wondering what's going on with el nino. we are in an el nino pattern. when this number gets above 0.5 we are in a weak el nino. 1.01 moderate el nino which this week not the three-month average this week we're already there. a moderate el nino. there are where we want to go for a lot of rain in the winter. that would be a very strong el
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nino. we are nowhere close to that but we are heading in that direction. as of this minute we are already in a weak el nino pattern with things looking like it's going to get stronger. doesn't mean much for the next couple of days. we have homes which sent in the cloud cover today and that's a sign that the winds are going to change tomorrow and for the next couple of days. southwest flow of air will keep the onshore flow going. right now the latest information says most of that tropical moisture stays in the sierra. numerous thunderstorms there only a tiny shower chance for us on sunday and next week, we are going to get warm as high pressure builds in from the north. perhaps an offshore or east wind may develop and warm you up away from the water to levels we haven't seen since april. so low clouds and fog come back tonight. tiny shower chance away from the water on sunday. otherwise we are dry. next week has the potential to be the warmest since late april. tomorrow san francisco 60. oakland 65. san jose 71. afternoon sunshine for napa and santa rosa your highs in the mid-70s. we'll stay in the 70s inland mid-60s near the bay.
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there's that tiny rain chance mainly inland on sunday. but look at next week. there's a change. we are getting warmer. 80s. [overlapping speakers >> whatever should happen just plan on the opposite. >> we are going to be watching el nino for the next -- >> so no rain on sunday? >> tiny chance away from the water. >> thank you. surprising news about one of the biggest data breaches in history. how you coul
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it was one of the biggest data breaches ever. the hack of anthem affected almost 80 million people. consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us why months later many people without anthem insurance are discovering that they are included in that group. >> reporter: he wasn't surprised when his wife an anthem customer was notified she was a victim of a hack. but he was shocked when he found out his information was compromised too because he was
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never notified and doesn't even have anthem insurance. >> i received absolutely nothing. >> reporter: he did have anthem coverage several years ago. so out of curiosity he contacted anthem and discovered the company keeps personal records for 10 years. >> it could certainly occur that people are not receiving specific notifications that they are victims. >> reporter: the identity theft resource center says breached companies are required by law to notify every possible victim, provided that company has their current address. >> it certainly is possible to be a victim and not realize it. >> reporter: and she says because files from several anthem affiliates were compromised too, millions of people who have never had anthem coverage to begin with may also be victims of the breach and not even know it. >> possible that they are not aware that they had coverage by anthem either because they were covered by somebody else or they were covered by a product that doesn't have the anthem name. >> reporter: it's estimated nearly 80 million people have been affected by the hack and anthem is offering free credit
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monitoring to all those victims. castillo was able to sign up for the monitoring even though anthem hasn't officially notified him that his information was compromised. but he is not taking any more chances. >> it's only a matter of time before i come up on the roulette wheel. >> reporter: anthem is offering two years of free credit monitoring for anyone affected by the hack. but you do need to provide some personal information to sign up. julie watts, kpix 5. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news" charlie rose in for scott pelley tonight in new york. >> reporter: here's the "cbs evening news." the boston terror probe expands. a look at the difficulty tracking homegrown terror. >> plus, former cia director general david petraeus on the international fight against isis. >> also, authorities unseal search warrants in the dc quadruple murder case. what they reveal about the investigation. >> and nearly one year after an accident severed her spine, we check in
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i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00, kpix 5 has learn the roadblock to a multi- million dollar construction project has been fixed. it all started with a software glitch. plus, it was already in terrible shape. new information about the pipeline that spilled tens of thousands of gallons of crude along the central coast. and the new bay area effort to keep it closed. join us for those stories tonight at 6:00. >> thank you, ken. we'll see you then.
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>> thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news" with charlie rose is next. we'll see >> rose: two terror suspects were allegedly plotting to carry out an isis-style beheading here in the united states. and tonight, former c.i.a. director david petraeus on the battle against isis. are we winning or losing? the washington mansion murders police put new focus on the man who delivered the ransom. we've learned the identity of the american mauled to death in a south african lion park. and-- >> you're just a normal person out here on the highway like everybody else. >> just like everybody else. >> reporter: not quite. amy van dyken on the road back. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening, scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. and this is our western edition. federal agents have broken up what they describe as a home-


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