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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 3, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ected? here's the story. the software glitch in the safety system that forced the cancellation of the opening of the new doyle drive tunnels last week has been fixed. >> fire is up protection, carbon monoxide and linear heat protectors but they are not functioning as they are designed to. >> reporter: with that they had to hit the brakes on only the final tunnels part of the new billion-dollar road that runs through the presidio national park to connect san francisco with the golden gate bridge. >> national fire protection codes that are requiring various sensors, and to evacuate the smoke in case of a fire and it's all run by computers run by a control room in the presidio. >> reporter: when the computer goes down -- >> we'll have it back up. >> reporter: what happened to the backup? >> the backup for the backup.
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>> reporter: randy with the metropolitan transportation commission says that from the $6.4 billion bay bridge to the new caldecott tunnel, higher standards and new technology doesn't come cheap. nor does it always work the first time out. people want bells and whistles and state-of-the-art and there are some issues. >> reporter: the cost? >> it's hard to determine. >> reporter: so new they begin the tests and the drills but the big question is when is the next three-day window to get the road open? >> that is coming soon. so there's a lot of people looking at the different weekends that are available. >> reporter: we know going into the summer there's a lot of weekend events that are scheduled that we don't want to interfere with. >> reporter: and think of some of those events coming up. the gay pride festival in san francisco. you have the 4th of july. coming up with the three-day weekend where traffic is light is not going to be easy. and it's also not going to be
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easy to find something on a holiday because there isn't one so that means there's a good chance this road is go to have to be closed down on a friday working day all day and that is going to have some people scrambling for a solution. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. new at 6:00 a preliminary report says the pipeline that spilled oil on the central california coast was badly corroded. investigators found the section that was damaged had worn way to a fraction of an inch. the report noted that corrosion repairs had been made to the pipeline back in 2012 near the break. last month it spilled more than 100,000 gallons of oil on to the coast. now, there's new effort tonight to keep that ruptured pipeline shut down. allen martin shows us why a bay area environmental group says the pipeline cannot legally re- open. explain it. >> reporter: that's what they say. it's a claim made today by the center for biological diversity.
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it's warning the federal government claiming the pipeline near goleta cannot be used again to pump oil without a legally required analysis of threats to california's environment and endangered wildlife. the center's oceans director says basically the pipeline should be treated as a brand- new crude oil project and the owner should not be allowed to just repair it and go back to business as usual. >> they need to do a complete environmental review of this pipeline break and the next one. pipelines are dangerous and they have a legal obligation to take a look at those impacts. >> reporter: the center for biological diversity says once a full analysis is done federal authorities will realize the pipeline should be shut done and if the safety administration doesn't comply with the endangered species act the center for biological diversity is prepared to say and that would be in addition to a local fisherman down there who monday did sue the owners
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of the pipeline claiming economic damages because he is prevented from his livelihood. >> i'm seeing this thing stretching out. angry parents in vallejo are going after the school board. they are upset with the superintendent saying she isn't protecting their children. there have been fights and bullying. parents showed us video after a special meeting this afternoon that the school board cut short. we are talking to a mother of max rusk, who was killed near vallejo high school last month. the board member says her son should have been in class. [ [ inaudible ] ] [yelling and simultaneous speakers ] >> a short time later we talked
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to another school board member who agreed with his colleague. >> i don't want to be insensitive. but it's true. it was a time to be in class. we cannot -- unless we're going to change every student to his desk, they can leave and walk out. >> the school board is holding another meeting right now. we are told parents were lining up well ahead of time to speak out about school safety. tragedy at one san francisco intersection prompted the installation of some new stop signs in the ingleside neighborhood. cars now have to stop northbound and southbound at san jose and lakeview avenues. crews also repainted the crosswalk there near the memorial for the middle school student who was killed here. last month, 12-year-old andrew wu was running to catch a train to school. he entered the intersection where the cars did not have to stop. wu was struck by the driver of an suv and thrown into the path
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of a muni train. neighbors' complaints about safety in the area prompted the city to act. our bay area headlines, a vallejo steel worker is in the hospital after a massive beam fell crushing his legs. it happened around 11:00 this morning on mare island at xkt engineering. cal/osha is investigating. a brush fire came close to several antioch homes this afternoon. it happened near wilbur and minaker drive. firefighters put out the fire quickly leaving the blackened patch of land behind. firefighters sprayed hot spots of the no word how it started. the north bay firefighters rescued a woman trapped on the balcony of her burning apartment. flames broke out at the apartment complex in kentfield. firefighters helped everyone get out safely. 12 units were declared unlivable. oakland schoolteachers voting now on a new contract deal to boost their pay by at least 8%. it took them a year and a half to reach that agreement with the district.
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the deal includes a series of incremental pay increases and limits on student-teacher ratios. results are expected in about two hours. if the union approves this deal, the school board will then take its own vote. meanwhile, san francisco supervisors rejected a building moratorium proposal in the mission district after a heated vote last night. now it could get new life on the november ballot. supporters of the moratorium are considering pushing it as a ballot measure in order to come up with a plan for more affordable housing. city of oakland has accepted a $4 million fema grant to chop down those trees in the oakland hills for fire protection. the money will cover the cost of removing non-native brush and non-native eucalyptus trees. the goal is to prevent a repeat of the 1991 firestorm that killed 25 people and destroyed thousands of homes. five years ago a new service launched in san francisco that would forever change the way we get around.
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kpix 5's joe vazquez shows us uber has come a long way since then. joe. >> reporter: veronica, we're at uber headquarters on market street downtown san francisco where the ceo has just wrapped up remarks to his employees. they were reminiscing about five years ago when they started off with four people and a cramped tiny san francisco office. now they have 3,000 employees worldwide. they have a million rides a day globally. and the ceo says there's more to come. >> in the last five years, people from every corner of the world have said yes to this kind of future. yes to innovation over the status quo. yes to more jobs. yes to getting rid of traffic. and yes to cleaner air. and my hope for the next five years is very simple that thousands more cities, we're only 300 in, will allow the people who live there to make this same choice. >> reporter: uber started here
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in san francisco in 2010 with a revolutionary app that allows people to conveniently hail not a cab but a private driver. it quickly became successful, available now in 311 cities and 58 countries. >> business insider recently pointed out that it took facebook five years to get to a valuation of $15 billion. here uber is after five years valued privately at $50 billion. >> reporter: but uber has also had some serious public relations messes. an uber driver is accused of killing a kindergartner in a san francisco crosswalk. another is accused of hitting a passenger with a hammer. taxi drivers from several countries have angrily protested the encroachment on their market. >> they have had offices raided in several countries including china, france, the netherlands and south korea, many countries have banned the ridesharing app so while uber is growing quickly it's running into obstacles. >> reporter: uber is planning a new south of market headquarters to open as soon as
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the end of 2017. i should mention that when we were invited to this event today, we were under the impression there might be some announcement. no. i have to report to you there is no mention at all about this company going public despite the rumors. but some observers that we talked to today said you can expect that before they have their 10-year anniversary, an announcement like that is possible. reporting live, i'm joe vazquez, kpix 5. we are 24 hours away from the start of the nba finals. i'm wearing my gold. i'm wearing my gold. >> saw that. >> coming up, the frenzy beginning at oracle arena and the ticket dispute between the warriors and some of their fans. >> plus, proving it safe. caltrans shows us the test that it's putting the bay bridge under to make sure it's secure to drive on. >> very rarely can you actually see a weather change. but look at this. you see the winds coming from this direction then things change right here and now it's
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moving that way. northwest to southwest. means everything to us. it means a big change in our forecast for the next t
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a san mateo high school student's decision to use her yearbook quote to call out the school's dress code has gone viral. cloe cross issued an apology to go with her picture. she said story to students unable to graduate because they were too distracted by her midriff and failed their classes. she posted this picture on instagram where she censored her midsection and there was this photo. cross says she wanted to make a point that the dress code was sexist. >> you don't deserve to be blamed for other people's sexualizing your bodies. and no matter how many people say, like, well you're asking for the attention or, like, how
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am i supposed to help it? >> cross just graduated. she says she wanted to leave behind something meaningful and important. on the surface the numbers say there are a hiring surge going on in california and silicon valley. employment levels are reaching levels not seen since 2007. but getting a job might not be as simple as having a polished resume'. kpix 5's john ramos shows us why even some of the best candidates can't find a job. reporter: the headline is impressive. there are so many jobs in the bay area, that in the east bay they have actually set a new record. but don't tell that to dion albert who is walking the streets of berkeley with his resume' in hand. >> i go in there professionally suit and tie and at the end of the day it look like they just want to, um, just give me a runaround. >> reporter: at this job fair maria had been out of work for nearly a year. >> i'm very surprised. my background is in engineering. >> reporter: despite advanced education and experience, she has repeatedly been turned down
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simply because she hadn't done exactly the job she was applying for. >> them to bring 'em in, not have to train them, not have to pay for additional training and hit the ground running and that's just not possible. >> i can be super qualified and noting interviewed because i'm not even noticed. >> reporter: blind since birth this psychotherapist and career counselor karen rose knows what it's like to be disregarded for a job. she says something has changed about the expectations employers have for applicants. >> companies do want people to meet every one of their qualifications that they list and often, they are so specific that no one actually meets them. >> reporter: she says a college degree is valued only if the area of study precisely matches the job. and with the speed that technology is advancing, people's technical skills rapidly become obsolete. the fact is, a lot of people
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feel disconnected from today's rosie headlines. >> does the economy feel like it's recovering to you? >> honestly no. not to me. >> reporter: so if you are an employer who is wondering where all the qualified workers are, look around. they're right here. maybe it's your job to show them what you want them to do. in berkeley, john ramos, kpix 5. >> despite all the talk about qualifications, the career counselor says it still comes down to personality. employers tend to hire people they wouldn't mind spending every day with. tonight caltrans is taking us deep inside the bay bridge to prove those anchor rods securing it are safe. it released this video taken during the stress testing of more than 400 tower anchor rods on the new eastern span. the 406 tested, only 2 failed. those rods are being checked because they have been exposed to the same weather conditions blamed for cracks on the bridge bolts. how big of a deal are these nba finals? take a look at media day out at
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oracle arena. 1800 members of the media credentialed for the event. reporters got watch the warriors get in a light workout and then talk with some of the players. >> meantime, ticket prices for tomorrow night's game one is gone through the roof. and the warriors are making it clear there's only one place you should be buying or selling seats. new at 6:00 len ramirez on how that has led to a lawsuit. >> reporter: not just the hottest tickets in town warriors finals tickets are some of the priciest ever in the bay area. but as the warriors season ticketholder since 2004, daniel and his buddies say their finals tickets are not for sale. >> everybody has been asking, like, how much could you make for it? how much could you sell them for? it's, like, waited too long for this. no way we are selling. >> reporter: plenty of fans are selling their tickets on the secondary market on platforms like stubhub for prices as high as $12,000 for a courtside
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seat. but the warriors say fans risk buying bogus tickets that way and have asked season ticketholders to only sell through warriors partner ticketmaster. the warriors have allegedly threatened the buying privileges of season ticketholders if they sell through unauthorized resellers. he says he previously sold through ticketmaster because it's quick and easy but doesn't think the warriors should be able to dictate. >> i think that as a season ticketholder we all have the right to sell other tickets anywhere we want. >> reporter: that's an open question for a judge and jury. stubhub sued the warriors alleging they are trying to create a resale ticket monopoly. >> this case certainly is going to be the first of numerous cases that challenge what rights consumers have on secondary markets and i certainly expect that this would set some kind of precedent in one direction off another. >> reporter: it's a battle in a different kind of court and one that could affect how buyers and sellers come together not just for a basketball championship but all
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professional sporting events in the future. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. it all goes down tomorrow night. >> tomorrow. >> yeah. >> you have your blue tie on. i have my gold on. >> look at that. >> i have both. >> everybody is ready. >> i think we are ready. >> we should sleep like this tomorrow and come back in, in it tomorrow. >> it might be constricting. [ laughter ] >> just saying. sleeping in a tie? not recommended. at least not by this weather guy. we had highs today in the 80s. we made it to the eights today before the clouds came in. fairfield 82. rohnert park, campbell, concord the mid-70s. foster city first to see the cloud cover 64. pier one in san francisco 63 for high. you see outside right now it is not blue sky it is gray sky. sign that things change. the winds turn. it was a northwest wind this morning. we actually had some sunshine but now we have a southwest wind. a weak boundary moving through. upper level low pressure is on the way. that's the source of the cloud
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cover for today. and this southwest wind will keep us relatively chilly for the next couple of days. talked yesterday about the tropical moisture very active tropics, two hurricanes down off the coast of cabo. that will come to california but not to the bay area. if you heading to the mountains it has the potential to be quite stormy tomorrow and friday and saturday and sunday. every afternoon we are going to see some thunderstorms in our higher elevations. next week high pressure builds in. it's to our north. that's critical because winds go clockwise around high pressure. this may induce an east-to-west wind for the first time since april. a wind coming from land as opposed to the ocean may warm us up and we may see some of the warmest weather we have had in six weeks starting next monday. tomorrow concord 73. livermore 75. san jose 71. nobody should complain about those highs. it's the goldilocks forecast.
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not to hot, not too -- not too hot. not too cold. next week, maybe we are getting back to normal where we stay cool near the water but we begin to get toasty inland. so keep our fingers crossed for the sunday rain. >> we need it. >> we'll see the storm bubbling up over the sierra. >> thank you. getting kids focused on reading and ready for school, that's the goal of a new literacy initiative from the super bowl 50 host committee's 50 fund. this program is called the red zone. it will invest $700,000 in libraries and reading programs across the bay area. a quarter million of that comes from tux rush for literacy founded by oakland raiders defensive end justin tuck and his wife lauren. >> we all equate it to if you are building a house you start with the foundation not the ceiling and we felt that literacy was the foundation of
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education. >> the big game just 248 days away. kpix 5 of course the official media partner for super bowl. for more information and a lot of you want to know how to volunteer, they are going to need 5,000 volunteers for the super bowl, you can led to >> you're going to do that, right? you're going to be volunteering? >> i'll be working. [ laughter ] >> not volunteering. >> same difference. >> working. well, it is much worse than they first thought. coming up, where else the pentagon says it accidentally shipped live anthrax. >> plus, one of the rarest birds in the world poisoned. now it's relying on bay area my name is jose lopez. i'm a troubleman in san francisco. i've been with the company for 29 years.
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a troubleman restores and troubleshoots electrical issues, getting customers' power back on. we're 24/7, 365 days a year. i love my job. going up in the bucket and seeing all of san francisco, it's an exhilarating feeling. i was born and raised in san francisco. this is where i live and there's a sense of pride in providing great power to our customers. when i go out there and get their power back on, there's a great sense of satisfaction. together, we're building a better california.
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for the first time the oakland zoo is treating a rare california concord to. kpix 5's don ford shows what it takes to get one of the largest
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birds on the continent back into the wild, the california condor. >> reporter: this is one of the rarest birds in the world. she is a california condor named miracle and she is not doing well. >> she is.ed. poisoned. lead poisoning. >> reporter: last week she was captured and discovered during a routine exam that lead levels in her blood were extremely high. there are many sources of lead in the wild but one theory is she may have eaten spent ammunition. >> say a hunter goes out makes a kill or thinks there's a kill made and the animal is wounded runs off and isn't found and the birds really good at finding those animals because that's their job. >> reporter: the oakland zoo has a new condor care facility. miracle is the first condor to be treated here. the california condor is a
6:26 pm
critically endangered species. in 1987, there were only 22 left in the wild. today that number is still only about 400. miracle's wing tag seen here shows she is number 38. >> we're giving her drugs that binds up that lead and allows her to excrete it. >> reporter: the doctors are being very careful with this beautiful bird. doctors here say that in about a week they will take another blood sample to see how she is doing. they hope to release this great condor one of the world's rarest birds back to the wild within the month. at the oakland zoo, don ford, kpix 5. police say a boston suspect, who he was targeting before he was shot and killed by officers. >> buckingham palace wants you to know the queen is okay.
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now at 6:30, new information in an alleged terror plot in boston. it involves a man with bay area ties. tonight, we know who he was targeting. welcome back. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida.
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the investigators say the terror suspect shot and killed by police in boston was actually plotting to behead the woman who organized a prophet mohammad cartoon contest in texas last month. pamela geller is a conservative activist and blogger who runs the american freedom defense initiative. she says she has had an army of security since police thwarted that attack. tonight, a second man is charged in connection with usaama rahim's alleged plot and danielle nottingham tells us claims made about rahim's death by his brother an oakland imam are now in question. >> reporter: 24-year-old david wright appeared in boston federal court wednesday. federal prosecutors say he conspired to conceal or destroy evidence a smartphone belonging to slain terror suspect 26-year- old usaama rahim. >> i would urge the government, the fbi, and law enforcement in investigating this case and
6:31 pm
related cases to be as transparent as possible. >> reporter: according to a criminal complaint, the two men spoke early tuesday morning. just two hours later, rahim was shot and killed by joint terrorism task force members after police say he lunged at them with a knife. police and prosecutors met with civic and religious leaders and showed them surveillance video of the shooting. >> the video clearly shows these four or five officers backtracking away from the suspect as he is coming at them. >> reporter: community leaders say the video directly refutes what rahim's brother and imam posted on social media. >> what has been stated that the individual was shot in the back while he was on the cell phone talking to his father was false. >> reporter: police intend to release the video to the public. but they want rahim's family to see it first. danielle nottingham, cbs news.
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>> usaama rahim's brother ibrahim recently moved to the bay area. he serves as imam of lighthouse mosque in oakland. we are told that he has traveled to boston to be with his family. meanwhile, david wright is being held pending a detention hearing this month. the complaint alleges the two men used the friday going on vacation to mean violent jihad. the pentagon's anthrax mistake is worse than first thought. the number of accidental shipments involving live anthrax could be 50 or even more in recent years. late last month the pentagon admitted it accidentally sent live spores to labs in nine states. but that number has continued to grow. th department of defense stays there were so many batches that it expects it to go up higher. a top general says the process of killing the anthrax might have failed. former fifa executive committee member chuck blazer told a federal judge he and others agreed to receive bribes
6:33 pm
in exchange for their votes for the 1998 and 2010 world cup host nations. the admission came in 2013. but prosecutors just unsealed that transcript today. meanwhile, the fbi is pursuing a possible corruption case against former fifa president sepp blatter who resigned yesterday just days after u.s. authorities indicted several fifa officials on racketeering and money laundering charges. well, talk about a royal blunder. a bbc journalist is facing discipline tonight after falsely tweeting the queen elizabeth had died. it was actually a technical rehearsal for coverage of the queen's death. the 89-year-old monarch was coincidentally at the hospital but only for a routine check- up. san francisco's supersized real estate market is taking a bite out of another business. two mcdonald's franchises have closed now one set for closure another under attack by the
6:34 pm
city, not because of the food. it's because of the land the restaurants sit on. >> mcdonald's is all franchisees and someone he is owns the land and building and that person probably sees a better deal building condos condos condos. >> even with the closure of these handful of mcdonald's there are still about 20 in the city of san francisco. just not in the most valuable neighborhoods. google is defending the accident record of itself driving cars. the question came up during today's annual shareholder meeting. google founder says there have been 12 such accidents but the company says the cars were not at fault for any of them. he added that google has no plans to release the accident reports. he says this is to protect the privacy of the other drivers. fitbit expects its ipo to raise $450 million. in its original filing, fitbit came in with $100 million. the san francisco company makes
6:35 pm
wearable fitness tracking devices that are about the size of a watch. the devices can track a number of health statistics and estimate the number of calories a person has burned. tonight a school employee fired for giving students free lunches says she would do it again. she was fired after giving lunches to children who had no money. she admits she broke the law but she says she doesn't regret it. >> i had a first grader in front of me crying because she doesn't have enough lunch money. yes. i gave her lunch. >> do something different besides fire her. she is trying to help. >> the school says we provide hot meals to students the first three times they forget their lunch money around charge the parents' account. the fourth time we provide a cheese sandwich and milk but curry says that meal isn't sufficient and many times she has paid for lunches out of her own pocket.
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still ahead, backlash against a new hollywood movie. the issue some are taking with the mainly white cast. and
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not your normal extra credit. tonight a bay area teacher is being investigated for a provocative assignment. parents tell us it involves selfies and sex toys. i will have that story tonight on bay area nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. director cameron crow is responding to backlash against his new film aloha. it's set in hawaii but features a mostly white cast including emma stone who plays a character who is said to be a quarter hawaiian and quarter chinese. on his blog crow offered an apology with explanation saying this. >> the character was written to abe super proud of quarter hawaiian who was frustrated
6:39 pm
that by all outward appearances she looked nothing like one. a half chinese father is meant to show the surprising mix of cultures often prevalent in hawaii. still ahead, finding others to share her love of the outdoors. how this bay area woman is helping others enjoy nature and the piece that comes along with it. >> you will be hearing a lot of this phrase over the next couple of months. el nino. where are we right now? where are we heading? and will it help us get some rain in california? i'm going to explain this chart coming up in a few minutes. stick around. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, if it's june, it must be a swoon. >> line drive -- this is going to be a double play. >> a record fish weighs in for the catch of the day. >> and how do you know it's finally time to play basketball? >> what's your favorite dinosaur?
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tempers flaring in vallejo
6:43 pm
over school safety. parents say the superintendent needs to do more to protect students. there is a school board meeting now. authorities say the pipeline that spewed oil on the central california coast was badly corroded. the section that ruptured had worn away to a fraction of an inch. a bay area environmental group is now fighting to keep the pipeline closed forever under the endangered species act. the presidio parkway project linking san francisco with the golden gate bridge is back on track. we have learned a software glitch in the new doyle drive tunnel's fire suppression system has been fixed. but it's still unclear when they will open. this week's jefferson award winner lovers the outdoors but never seemed to find anyone else to looked like her out there, as well. sharon chin is here to tell us what she did about that. >> oakland native rue mapp created a nonprofit that cure what is she calls a nature deficit disorder among african- americans.
6:44 pm
reporter: rue mapp shares her love of nature with her group "outdoor afro." >> beautiful lake merritt the site of the oldest wildlife sanctuary in the country. a lot of people don't even know that that's right here so close to home. >> reporter: rue grew up fishing and hunting at her parents' lake county ranch and she has loved the outdoors all her life. >> got a very powerful spotting scope. >> reporter: but as an adult she tried to find african- americans with the same passion. >> i found that i was the only one far too often. so i decided to do something about it. >> reporter: she started a blog seeking other outdoor enthusiasts and discovered -- >> people around the country say oh, me, too, me, too. >> the beach is my favorite location. >> reporter: so she founded "outdoor afro" in 2009 so african-americans could meet up through social media and enjoy nature together from birdwatching to camping. today there are 1800 bay area participants. >> a great blue herron right there. >> reporter: and rue has
6:45 pm
trained 30 members to lead 15 "outdoor afro" branches nationwide. >> they all have this fire in their belly to connect other people to nature. >> they take water in, in a big gulp. >> reporter: one of those leaders, naturalist clay anderson, says rue inspires them all. >> she brings an attitude of positivity of that is inbounded and we have only grown because of it. >> reporter: rue says the activities aren't just about connecting african-americans with the outdoors but also with their shared history. >> jamylle carter recalls one out be where participants pondered the legacy of poet maya angelou. >> it was so much more than just the hike and just nature. it was a way of honoring our ancestors. >> reporter: and the group took healing hikes after the ferguson riots pouring out their hearts under the redwoods. >> we did what african- americans have always known that we could do, and that is to lay down our burdens down by the riverside.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: so for connecting african-americans with the beauty and power of nature, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to rue mapp. "you don't have to have an afro to be an "outdoor afro"." she says everyone is well could people of other ethnicities joined in on the nature lesson when we were there. >> good to know. i was wondering about that. >> yeah. >> it was a lot of fun for everyone. >> sounds cool. thanks, sharon. >> for "outdoor afro"'s camping and hiking schedule we have a link at did you know that already right now, today, we are in an el nino we are talking about may happen during the wintertime of the we hope the el nino will be stronger which may bring rainfall here to california. three things i want to talk about this with el nino update chart. they look at the temperature deviation from formal in a three-month average kind of smoothing out the chart and right you know that, three-
6:47 pm
month average is six-tenths of a degree above normal in celsius which puts up above the threshold for el nino. so today officially we are in an el nino weather pattern. now, where are we specifically this week? throw out the three-month average. significantly higher. as of today we are already in a moderate el nino. getting up there. this one right here is the el nino of record. 1997/1998. very wet here and southern california. that was 2.3 degrees celsius warmer than average. notice kind of heading in that dreck. not a guarantee of anything but all signs are pointing not just to an el nino which we're in but a pattern conducive for wetter-than-average winter in california. no guarantees. it's looking more promising. outdoors now where temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. oakland 59 degrees. san francisco 57. boy did it get cloudy and windy this afternoon. all we did was change wind
6:48 pm
direction northwest to southwest and that made all the difference. bill moon a weather watcher reporting in at 63 degrees in orinda now. he is in the majority because many spots in the bay area have cooled out of the 70s and down to the 60s. brian in san ramon reporting cloudy skies and 61 there. overnight tonight we stay cloudy. lows will be in the 50s. oakland 52. napa 51. san jose 54. so what changed today? low pressure getting closer to us and the winds went from northwest to southwest flow. it is more humid. it's going to keep us cloudier in the mornings for the next couple of days. upper-level low pressure hanging off the coastline. the majority of the tropical moisture stays in the bay area. minimal rain chance for us in the bay area on sunday. next week the low is gone and high pressure builds in from the north with an offshore wind getting us toasty. we may be warm next week. low clouds and fog back tonight. that tiny shower chance coming
6:49 pm
up on sunday. and next week may be the warmest weather we have seen since april. tomorrow we are trending cool and cloudy. san jose 71. 7 degrees below average. we are looking at a high of only 69 in cupertino, a cloudy start in union city 66. 74 for san ramon. benicia 71. 60 for a high in san francisco. novato 73. clearlake 82. extended forecast 70s inland 60s at the bay. tiny shower chance sunday then bam we wam up back to the 80s starting monda
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the cavs had eight days off and the warriors had an eight- day break. when media day was held today at "roar-acle" you got a lot of this. >> what's your favorite dinosaur? >> my favorite dinosaur? raptor. velociraptor. >> mine is barney. >> barn? i? >> yeah. >> my kids like barney. >> reporter: things are look on the warriors's side. steph has his itinerary to help him reaction on the eve of the fines. >> i'm going to get a haircut,
6:53 pm
hang out at the pool at my house, get some sun and get a good night's rest and be ready for tomorrow. >> reporter: lebron james is making his sixth finals appearance the first year head coach has quickly learned how to handle the hoopla that comes with being around lebron james. >> what's it like being around him outside the court? get out of the way. [ laughter ] >> a lot of people want to touch him. a lot of people want to talk to him. and i just try to stay out of the line of fire. >> i do normal stuff i guess. i went to the movies last week at a regular movie theater. i went to go see, um, what's the movie with the girls and they be singing, uhm -- pitch perfect. it's unbelievable. [ laughter ] >> fat amy is awesome. [ laughter ] >> i love her wherever you are you're awesome. >> movie critic, too. and if the giants were a movie
6:54 pm
they would be called, "san andreas." they are looking shaky these days. >> shaky. >> but, of course, it's june, right? giants trying to avoid a sweep at the hands of the pirates. an uncomfortable start for tim hudson nailed in the leg by a comebacker. he stayed in the game. good thin he did. he got a faceful of padding a double for hudson to later scored. same score 5th inning. mercer hits one into the bleachers. he has two home runs this season. right? both have come in the series. hudson allowed two runs in 7 innings. he was great but the bullpen couldn't keep it off the scoreboard in the ninth. pittsburgh wins 5-2 and the giants have lost five straight games. you know, things always look funnier for the a's when the ace is on the mound. that would be sonny gray. he blew the fastball by miguel
6:55 pm
cabrera threw 8 shutout innings. top of the third josh redick hits a solo shot. th homer of the year. a's win 6-1. they have won 5 of the last 6. former a brandon moss hit hid 100th career home run last night but getting the ball back is going to be easier said than done. >> we hope the word ransom for $100 billion -- >> the ball landed in the indians bullpen so the cleveland relievers who might as well be dr. evil sent moss mayor wish list including any iphones, ipads and apple watches. [ non-english language ] at roland garros. serena williams would barely break a sweat in the quarterfinals match after dropping the first set in each of the last three matches she needed 65 minutes to beat sarah
6:56 pm
aratty in straight sets. she will face [ non-english language ] in the semifinals. on the men's side rafael nadal's reign is over. he was putty in the hands of novak djokovic. only the second lost ever in paris for nadal. snapped a 39-match winning streak at the french. that's a huge physical. >> a striper in missouri sets a new state record 65 pounds just four pounds shy of the world record. took him 45 minutes to haul that baby in. you think you can do better? >> that is not a fish. >> send it to --! we'll be you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh!
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show. thank y'all. thank you very much. i appreciate you now. thank you, everybody. well welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today, baby. from atlanta, georgia, it's the grier family. and from minnesota, folks, it's the hagermann family. everybody is here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new head-turning ford fusion hybrid, everybody. let's play "feud!" give me pete! give me kenny!
7:00 pm
>> ["family feud" theme plays] steve: hey fellas, here we go. we got the top 6 answers on the board. what does the new wife do when she knows the ex is stopping by? kenny. >> dress up real nice. steve: dress up real nice, yeah. >> what y'all want to do? we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. >> let's go, baby. steve: hey, stephanie, what does the new wife do when she knows the ex is stopping by? why is she coming by any damn way? i'm sorry. stephanie, what does the new wife do when she knows the ex is stopping by? >> i'm a flinch it up a little bit. if everybody is cordial maybe she fixes a nice meal. >> good answer. >> good answer, stephanie. >> good answer, wife. good answer. steve: what damn tv show is that?


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